It's been an decade since the Tokumei no overthrew the black Parade, an organization created by Max Serizawa, by calling himself the voice of the voiceless. It was a time when Max grew tried of the Yakuza running the business within the city poorly he felt he could do a better job by controlling his own gang. Soon recuting two major members of the faithful group known as Trinity. Akashi Testu and Takeo Kaminari, with their knowledge together they believed "People were born narutaly evil and must have an strong central government to control them. Their plan at the time was to whip out the business in the city by and from the ashes of the what will be lost rebuild and start over an new world era. Their first target had been Ayperos Akiyama Max who is now known as Jericho washed the world of their hero in Black Parade taking over the business which had later helped him become Mayor. Now a couple years later as Jericho returns from Africa after his hostile takeover he brings with him a Gem stone which he keeps around his neck. Untold about this power this stone brings some would say a dark curse has been laid upon Jericho. Tragic events happening throughout New Nexus Florida from dark military ops to demonic creatures lurking the area. Without any questions answered could the jem Jericho hold end his regin?


Saga 4 Episode 36: Views

Saga 4 Episode 38: Takers

Saga 4 Episode 39: Evil intentions

Saga 4 Episode 40: Retribution

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