-- The Hunting Season Arc starts with the awakening of Jericho Serizawa after his late death due to an explosion the Serizawa was able to rise again thanks to his Uncle Suran who read the words from the book of the living. But as this Serizawa was in the Pits of the Underworld he was left to suffer in darkness due to no ruler his brother had killed Anubis leaving nothing left of the underworld, From his curiosity Jericho had found an ancient beast who devoured half his soul right as Jericho was brought back to gain his free ticket from the Underworld. Accepting the fact Jericho knew the only way he was going to make this goal an reality he was going to have to take Anubis staff, which was sent to the far side of the world after the sector games. Recreating the Sins Jericho will know go out his way to gain the staff but what he doesnt know is there will be ย an army awaiting for him and his friends will they be able to successed? Come find out or Pay attettion to the Hunting Season ark to find out :).

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