Introducing the sequel to the critically acllaimed saga The Beast Within Stars & Stripes. The same young, now police officer for the KPD, Cho Kiriyu is back in action but this time the stakes are higher, the risk are bigger, and the villains are off shore! Cho's life as  cop takes a pretty raddical turn as he's deemed to wreckless for the job! With his job in danger, a man from district 3 changes his life, offering him a lead as an undercover cop. Going toe to toe with the Mother Bear russian mafia! Things take a terrible turn however when events lead Cho to...Russia? The homeland of the enemy he is to hunt? How will he fare in a land that is far from his own? Will he overcome the trials like last time? or will the ungodly and inhuman behavior of the new age russian country destroy his innocence once and for all and breed a new type of killer?

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