Cho Kiriyu is a typical asian raised kid, living in the south side of district 1. He lived with his parents in a happy japanese style home, until one day his father left, and never came back for undisclosed reasons. He resented this, but he did learn and study marital arts with both of his parents. Martial arts became a passion of his, but it was his only outlet. He was never good at making friends or very socialble, and honestly perfers solidtude. In school he was an outsider, often picked on and riddiculed for being different but he never fought, only kept his calm and let the mouthes run. Life took a turn for him on on faithful night when he was bitten and he became a Wolfblood. From that day on his life only seemed to get more and more complicated as he felt he was loosing his sense of direction almost. He felt uneasy...and then his death came. Cho for the first time experienced death and it altered his perception of life as a whole. He took more risk and started down a darker path until an incident made him not only understand his purpose in life but to himself. Cho understood that the best of people had amotive, a reason they get ouf of bed every day and go back to the jobs that they may disgust. Cho became a cop, the youngest on the KPF and has gained a passion for it. He even messed around and became the president of a country! Now set with a goal in life he wants to mature into the king he was never meant to be, along the way seeking to change the corrupt ways of his home city and his newly owned country. Follow the adventures of the Teen Wolf!

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