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Hanran "The Hound" Tetsu
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Kuroo Yurashi


June 23rd



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Hanran is noted to be a devilishly attractive young man. He's rather tall with a muscular but lean frame, encouraging the nickname "Tree" from his peers. Kuroo's features appear rather proactive or titillating at times, with narrowed eyes and small almost cat like pupils and a chiseled jawline most woman find him dreamy, though not all. His black hair is in what would be best described as 'bed-head' with fringe on his right side that partially covers his right eye. He takes offense to that as he does put effort into grooming himself. He has been noted to be rather muscular though due to his height and long arms he has a more slender appearance, even more so in clothing. His eyes are Yellow though sometimes he where a red contact on one eye simply because he thinks its bad ass. Its be said by others that Kuroo's eyes can almost hypnotize and if you stare at them for a long time, you feel like you can drown in them.


Hanran's one of those guys who has a sense of humor not matter what the situation is rather its a serious conversation or a life or death situation he always seems to crack a joke or two, though because of that people say that he never takes anything serious even though that's not the case as Hanran just try's to make moods lighter he's seen enough sadness and despair in his life. Hanran's rather outgoing and loves to be in the spot light when possible and he's rarely ever turns down an opportunity to go out and have fun or try new things, he's a die hard sports fan and plays them every Saturday he switches it up pretty often once right now he plays volleyball for fun though he likes football better. Eating would probably have to be one of his favorite things to do besides sleeping, he's also a bit of a work -o-alcoholic and pretty much works himself to the bone staying up late nights to finish something and when others say he should get some rest he uses the excuse that he doesn't sleep much anyway. He was once one of the most reckless and cruel people someone could meet though a lot of that changed after he met his now deceased girlfriend about three years ago and when his daughter (who is also currently deceased) was born he became well for lack of better words civilized though he did keep a lot of his old traits such as his foul mouth , temper, and his impulsiveness. Though with the both of them gone he started to turn back into his old self again though he catches himself every now and then. Hanran's Smart, He has a degree in mathematics and is quite the tactician for someone his age. He joined the Kasihana police force a few years back operating in district three for most of his career before recently being Transferred to District two as one of the led detectives. He's consider's himself a master of Persuasion he's confident in his skills and is extremely Cocky however it's been said that its also a part of his charm. The fact that he plays the guitar, violin, and Drums helps too. He smokes a lot and is almost never without a pack on him. Although Hanran seems to happy with his life the memories of his girlfriend and Daughter still haunt him sometimes. People say that can see the sadness in his eyes even when he smiling or cracking jokes.

Chaotic Good

A chaotic neutral character follows his or hers own whims. He/she is an individualist first and last. They will values their own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. They will attempt to avoid authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, he or she would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from himself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but his or her behavior is not totally random. They are inot as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it.

Chaotic neutral is the best alignment you can be because it represents true freedom from both society's restrictions and a do-gooder's zeal.

Chaotic neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it seeks to eliminate all authority, harmony, and order in society.

A list of Ten Commandments for a chaotic neutral religion may look like this:

1. You shall lie to promote your freedom.

2. You shall not kill the innocent.

3. You shall not murder unless necessary.

4. You shall help the needy.

5. You shall honor no authority above yourself.

6. You shall break the law in the pro suit of goodness.

7. You shall not betray others unless your life is in jeopardy.

8. You shall not aid enemies.

9. You shall pursue pleasure.

10. You shall promote unlimited freedom for yourself.


Kasaihana Police Department

 "We need to stop the mindless disregard for laws in our city! It is time we take a stand! Who's with me!?" - Datakin Hiro (2113)

The District 1 and 2 Police Department or The D.1.2. , is the primary police force in Kasaihana city. It plays an important role in YMRP as most of our protagonist, go undercover for the police to infiltrate the Yakuza, patrol the streets, or become a detective . The D.1.2. has a significant unified presence, with officers and patrol cars being a common sight within the District 1 and 2 areas, they are not to be taken lightly. These KPD dont go by the book and do what they have to in order to get by. If you join this faction you'll be feared by alot of Yakuza and vigilante who see you coming because they know your just as gritty as they are. You show no fear.

( Previously Employed in District Three though he was Reassigned to District Two )

Your the military force, trained in District 3, all you know is military life, you've had the best combat training, taught multiple languages. District 3 has a program when they recruit people from outside of D3 but its rare, most are born into this faction. Training you into the best solider you can be. You'll fight terrorism and high level criminals around the city, a good D3KPD wont leave signs of his work, most wont even know you leave district 3 at all.

Fighting Style

Partial Mixed Martial Arts/ Specializes in Sambo/ Street Fighting

Notable Skills

Persuasion: Hanran is a very skilled speaker and can easily when people over with his words alone. He's capable of
Tumblr mdrx82Vj0p1rq8kulo2 540
changing the minds of some of the most stubborn and willful people in the world into believing the words that comes from his mouth. He's is also very good at altering the level of education he speaks with so that people with a lower level of English can understand him. He has been said to possess an almost irresistible charm at times and a very dominating personality that sometimes simply forces those around him to follow him even if he was not doing so intentionally, its also been noted that he has an uncanny knack for leading and inspiring some of those around him. while he is good he can't persuade everyone

Tactician: Hanran's extremely tactical and being as such can create strategies and plans several steps ahead of most to the point where it feels like he can see into the future. He's capable of coming up with elaborate and complex plans and strategies and use them in not just in battle but anything he chooses weather or its a simple game of chess or playing sports. However, while he is a very good tactician he needs to have gone up against his opponent at least once or would have needed to watch them for periods of time, or research them before coming up with accuracy tactics to use against them. His sometimes uncontrollable impulsiveness also leads him to make rash decision which most of the time jeopardizes his plans or causes them to fail, tho in rare cases this actually is a good thing.

Formal Education: Hanran has studied different degrees in fields such as forensic science, Criminology, Criminologists, and Sociology Perspective, which happens to be one of Hanran best subject's. He is said to be one of the few people in the world who has a "Sociological imagination" which really just translates to being able to think outside of the box and see things from different perspectives. He has also studied in Anthropology, Sexual Selection, and Psychopathology otherwise known as the study or mental illness or disorder. Although he doesn't have a formal degree or education in those fields, they were simply pass times.

Profiling: Hanran is also very adept at a Skill known as "Profiling" a skill which records and analysis's another psychological and behavior characteristics in order to create a accurate assessment or prediction of their capabilities or to create a baseline for said person.

Hand to Hand Combat: Hanran is a very adept Hand to Hand Combatant even though he lacks a lot of formal training aside from Russian military Sambo which he learned at the academy. He skill comes from his years worthy experience in street fighting. He has been said to be a natural when it comes to fighting since the first time he entered training at the academy. He demonstrated a very skillful ability defend himself from heavy blows as well as create opening in his opponents in order to deal a game changing blow to his opponent or one that ends the fight early. However, for all the praise he got, he has a illogical habit of purposely taking a beating so that his opponent thinks they have him on the ropes and try to finish the fight quickly. His logic was they relax their guard more and go on the offensive leaving them unusually open to devastating counter attacks. His only saving grace with this illogical tactic is that he does this to opponents that have strong defensive skills that he can't overwhelm.

Misdirection: Hanran is very skilled at misdirection or Sleight of hand, capable of directing others attention away from himself and drawing it to another making him very skilled at stealth tactic's, not only that but he is very good with his hands capable of reaching into someone's pocket removing an object from said pocket without the other party even realizing it or even removing a watch from someone's wrist.

Mental Illness == Hanran suffer from Dissociative identity disorder, formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder, is a condition wherein a person's identity is fragmented into two or more distinct personality states. People with this rare condition are often victims of severe abuse. His illness is a result of the trauma cause late in his Childhood though he hasn't been officially diagnose with this issue, due to the rarity of this switch however when it does happen Hanran experiences dramatic changes and goes by the name Kuroo. His trigger from this change is extreme abuse rather psychical or emotional. Not much is known about Hanran's alter ego mainly due to the rarity or his emergence.

Chi Form


Chi Base (Optional)


Weapon of Choice

Anything really but Typically prefers Guns.


Allies: KDP


His Brother

Criminal Organization ie Gangs, Yakuza clan...etc


A Life Of Lies

Hanran had a rather interesting up bringing to say the least he wasn't wealthy or poor and his parents were your everyday typical parents, they weren't perfect no were near close but they did what they could and almost always supported him, his life was alright at least that's what it seemed like to him but behind his all so perfect life his parents keep a dark secret the fact was they we're so far into dept one that they couldn't get out of but they pretended that they're life was OK for the sake of their child however that ruse could only last so long well they're ruse actually lasted 10 years in fact, they moved a whole lot and though his name was Hanran they often changed his name when they put him in school and what not, though the dept wasn't the only problem and they weren't only in dept to banks and things of that sort but also some illegal things loan sharks were looking for them as well as some more dangerous and unsavory people its a wonder they was even able to hide from them for so long with so many looking but again the dept was just one problem his dad always abuses his mother if its not physical then its mental and his mother began to drink heavily and she drank more and more each day and even when things got bad they both put a smile on their faces when it came to him then one day after school Hanran came home and both his parents hugged him and told him they wished they could have done more for him and how much they loved him and after that very day things went bad worst than anything he had ever been exposed to in his life even nightmares seem to be heaven in comparison. That same night he slept both his parents holding him on either side, and to be honest that was the happiest sleep he ever gotten, though the nights sleep was good waking up not so much when he awoke it wasn't to the sounds of birds chirping but instead it was the sound of his bedroom door being kicked up and both his parents being dragged out of bed four men in cheap black suits and the other two and black leather jackets one man held his father while the other two beat him while the fourth one began to beat on his mother, Hanran quickly began to burst into tears before flying from his bed and jumping onto the taller males back beating the guy in the head with a small metal hot wheel car. The male easily slung him off his back and on to the floor calling him a little shit before kicking him in the face, sending little Hanran across the room almost. His mother just like her son jumped on the male trying to stop him from going at her son again though, he shrugged her off just as easily and back handed her in the face. One of the other males stopped beating his father and walked over to his mother. The two of them kicking her while she laid on the ground and then reaching down and began pulling and tearing at her clothing. His mother screaming for them to stop while his father yelled and tried to fight off the other two men and seemed to succeed in slipping away, that is till one of the men unload on him with the blunt end of a pistol knocking him back to the ground, all while the other two drug his mother outside the room by her legs while she kicked and clawed screaming still. She gripped onto the door desperately fighting. One of the men punched her in the face and it must her dazed her since her by the way her hands melted from the door frame. They drug her out the room like a sack of potato's and little Hanran couldn't do anything but watch as he laid dazed on the floor. What felt like forever had passed before he heard the sounds of heavy footsteps clicking along the ground and above him he saw a males who soon after stomped him in the face knocking him out cold. Hours passed before he woke up his vision still somewhat blurred, when it finally cleared the first thing he saw was his dad hanging upside down from the stair well by his feet in front of him. One of the men in suits beating his dad repeatedly with a baseball bat like a pinata. Hanran start to rush the guy or so he though he would. The guy who stomped him out had tied the boy by his legs and hands so he laid there on the cold floor. Slightly to his left was his mother who was laid across the kitchen table with her legs up and a male in between them thrusting into her with pure unadulterated savagery. Hanran at the time didn't know what was happening to his mother but he did know it wasn't a good thing, another male then walked up in front of his face blowing smoke into little Hanran's face, kneeling down to his level "you see this kid this is what happens when you don't pay what you owe don't think of us badly kid blame you fucking shitty as parents. Your dads a fucking piss water pussy that doesn't know when to stop burrowing money and your mother there, she's just a whore of a woman with bad taste in men" the male said blowing smoke in his face again, Hanran face twisted up to the point he looked as it he was snarling and he mustarder up the biggest luggie he could and propelled a nice sized spit ball right on the mans cheek which was mixed in with dried blood and head butted the fuck outta him though it didn't do much damage. It was something he saw in the movies he and his dad used to watch. The other men started laughing hysterically as the little boy put on a show for them. The man then smile and tapped Kuroo on his cheek"your a brave kid" the male then dragged Hanran's body over to where his mother was. At this point she gave up fighting till the man placed Hanran face right over hers, his mother looking him directly in the eye while the man violated her, the dread of her face was unbearable and as if something snapped in her she came to life violently trying to fight the guy off her " Hell yeah it was starting to get bored fucking you like that." She struggled all while begging for him to stop only to be held down again and plowed in front of her son's eyes and the man leaning down in front of Hanran's face once again"like i said its not personally kid" the man then stood up an pulled out a gun from his side and shot her directly in the chest four times and as if he timed it, the man finished just as the four bang went off. Hanran had ran out of tears there was simply no more left in him he wanted to cry out and yell more but he had no more tears and his throat went dry from all the screaming, and the nightmare didn't stop there they dragged him over in front of his dad who was hanging upside down and beating to the point of no recognition, his father though he was barely able to see, he looked at his child and smiled or at least tried to though his face was so swollen that you really couldn't even tell. His father then began apologize to him repeating it over and over tears falling from his head and without warning one of the men walked over pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed it into his father neck and ripped it open, though instead of candy pouring out. The act sent blood everywhere including on to Hanran's face. Hanran seemed dead he was alive but it was as if everything went black to him and something snapped in his head and the kind and sweet loving child he once was died along with his parents that night in a gruesome murder scene, leaving nothing left but a empty shell of what once was himself. The Man then stepped in front of Hanran and knelt down in front of him and said"I won't kill you simply because if we kill you we won't get our money back so your gonna work for us and once you pay back your dept you'll be free to go but till then we own you got it kid" Hanran said nothing did nothing just sat there and the male stood up rubbing the back of his head "Well now i think we went and broke the kid". Another male untied him and grabbed him by his hair and drug him across the blood stained floor right pass his father head and out the door tossing him into a van and driving off leaving the house that once Hanran saw as a home, nothing more than a nightmare, for months and months cops investigated the case but never was able to link the murder to anyone and the one suspect they found, they didn't have the evidence to make a case against him so he got to walk free.

The Time That Followed

Two and a half years had past since the murder of his family and since that time the cops gave up on the case as they had no leads or evidence and the ones they did have didn't stick so the case went cold. Little Hanran was now 12 years old and the two years to Hanran went by in the blink of an eye. He had no feelings towards anything anymore what ever happened just happened it was as if someone took the boys heart and mind and erased it he didn't talk, he didn't react to getting beaten not even a single tear or yell even when they kicked and stomped on him, they had him do all types of things from drug dealing, child sweat shops, murders, cleaning up murders, hiding bodies, even chopping them up and putting them in bags, they had him torture people, even kids his age and little Hanran just obeyed like robot with no words. No remorse. No emotions. After a few more months past approaching the end of the year, he got different assignments than the normal sometimes he had to go to strange places with strange women they usually took him to their house behind closed doors, Little Hanran apparently had been a very handsome looking kid and caught the attention of some of the worlds more unsavory people who don't like to spend their late nights alone and perfers the company of children. There was one woman who asked for him daily and each time it was something different. The first time she simply kissed him and swirled her tongue around in his mouth the taste of cigarettes and old alcohol filled his mouth and when he didn't kiss back she got mad and slapped him before forcefully removing his clothing and then hers, she then grabbed him by his genitals rather roughly and pulling down ward till he went to his knees and she then stuffed his face in between her legs and told him to stick his tongue out, and like a good robot he did as he was told as always, and soon she began grinding against his face smothering him to the point it was hard to breathe. After what seemed like forever, she made a loud yelling like noise as she reached her climax and pushed him away from her and on to the floor, his face looking like someone splashed him with a bucket of piss water. The woman looked at him for a few moment waiting to see if he'd react though he just laid there, right where she pushed him with no reaction. Which caused her to send him back, calling him broken. Though not long afterwards she continued to call for him over and over and each time things went different sometimes she tied his hands, sometimes she tied him up completely and each time was more intense, soon she began to try to please him, the first time she simply rubbed him playing with his member like a shake weight till his face turned red and he let out a small moan and released all over her hand. Hanran never seen the woman make such a delighted face in all the trips over to her place. However even after all that Hanran's still just stood like like a doll. The next few times she used her mouth swallowing everything, other times she used her feet and other weird parts of her body including between her legs but the boy never did anything he moved where ever she put him and did whatever she said. Eventually the woman told the boy one day that he would be in control and that he could do anything he wanted to her though he didn't respond he just sat there and she placed her hand on his cheek and placed the boys head onto her chest and told him it was okay and that he had freewill for the day and that he could let everything out on her pussy tonight, and when he heard those words it was like a small, but steady feeling came through and his being and his hand twitched, yeah that was all that happened but it moved because he told it to not because someone else told him to do it, he moved it, and from then on the woman would try to get him to do things and told him he had options and that he didn't have to stay with those bad people and she asked if he would like to stay with her and each time he never responded and each time she saw him she asked. One fateful day he nodded his head. The woman smiled and said okay before tying him up again like usual and proceeded with the normal tasks she does to him, though when they came to get him she told them that he ran away, the men didn't buy it and pushed past the woman to see the boy laying naked on the bed sleeping, and once again Hanran found himself waking up to the sounds of things breaking and the sounds of screaming as they began to hit the woman for lying to them and this time when Hanran awoke, it wasn't fear that hit him it was weird he didn't know what this feeling was but it burned through every inch of him and for a while he just sat and watched though the feeling kept growing and growing and suddenly he moved , he actually crawled out of the bed and walked to the kitchen though the men paid him no attention. Hanran to them was nothing but a pet who does nothing but follows orders, once in the kitchen Hanran grabbed a knife and walked back toward the room where he walked up behind the man though, he just stood there for a minute before grabbing the males jacket and tugged slightly and when the male stopped and turned to look at who it was, it surprised not only him but the other two as well and the man turned to face him completely about to hit him, but the blow never came the male just stood there frozen in position. The of two looked at each other before moving towards their buddy who suddenly fall backward to the floor like a sack of bricks. Hanran stabbed the male directly in the belly button pushing the blade completely into the mans body. Hanran had also pulled the mans gun from his waist line in the process and aimed at the other two men who hesitated in shocked before trying to reach for their gun only to be shot multiple times and slumping to the floor. Hanran killing all three of them before they even knew what happened, Hanran dropped the gun to the floor and just stood there, the woman still scared and trembling at first but Hanran just stood there and the woman slowly moved toward him weary that he might hurt her but when he still didn't move she grabbing him and hugged him tightly and for the first time in two years Hanran began crying. Soon after the boy calmed down the woman grabbed her things and she put him in the car that the men arrived in and drove off and she dropped the boy off at her sisters place far away from his hometown and explained the story to her, not all of it of course. Her family didn't seem to know that she was a pedophile and overall fucked up in the head as well as a junkie. She begged her sister to take him and her sister agreed and the woman came over to him and hugged him told him he'd be alright with her sister and left him there. He never saw the woman again.

The Shell starts to peel away:

The woman's sister name was apparently Mai she lived with her husband who was an African man named Zimbe and their daughter Haru. The woman shortly after her sister left looked to the Hanran and knelled down to his height and asked him his name though he didn't respond and she gave him an awkward smile before reaching for his hand taking hold of it and walking towards the house Hanran following behind like a small puppy. Once inside she took him to her bathroom and asked him if he could bath himself and when he didn't respond she smiled slightly and began to strip him of his clothing and much to her surprise the boy was hard as a rock, his body probably just reacting to the "training her sister put him through. The woman clearly didn't know how to react to this type of situation though continued anyway and gave him a bath wiping a mixture of dirt and blood from his body and hair, Scar riddled his small frame and she almost started crying as she washed him. She placed his clothes in the washer and told him to put a towel around himself till they were done and he did as he was told and since she never told him to do anything else he stood there in a towel by the bathroom not to long later. The sound of the front door opening was heard echoing through the house soon followed by the sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs and suddenly the bathroom door flung open and a black haired girl came bursting through at the same time she was removing her pants and when she round the corner she stopped mid stride to see a tall strange boy standing there looking back at her , she was bent over slightly holding on to the sides of her blue jeans by her knees in pink underwear with a white tank top, the girl looked as if she had seen a ghost and next thing he and her both knew her panties began to change color as the front part turned a darker shade of pink and suddenly a golden colored liquid began to flow from them going down her legs and on to the floor after a moment or two the girl screamed and rushed to get out the bathroom falling out of the door to hear her mothers voice coming from down the stair "Haru whats wrong" her mother said rushing to the base of the steps, she then yelled again and pointed at the bathroom and her mother stopped and thought about it for a second and suddenly she began to laugh her daughter looked at her confused for a moment and then got mad though before she could say anything her mother ran from the steps, disappearing for a moment and came back up and walked into the bathroom and tossed the clothing to Kuroo and told him to put them on and come out which he did. The mother then explained the story to her daughter and started laughing again at the fact that she pee'd on herself, though of course the girl didn't find it amusing at all. Later that night the father came home and was told the story though unlike her he wasn't so to thrilled to help the boy saying that he didn't want some strange kid who arrived covered in blood around her and his daughter and soon the two of them began to argue in the kitchen both of them yelling at each other, a small figure walking around the corner, it was Hanran who stood there looking at them. He didn't say a word he just watched them argue and when they finally noticed him they both turned to look at him just standing there he didn't move or say anything he just stood there and they both looked at each other confuse and Mai finally spoke saying that it was okay and that he can go back and sit down on the couch and for the third time Hanran showed some signs of will as he began to leave but stopped as if he wanted to make sure and then walked away and sat onto the couch as he was told and afterwards the yelling stopped. Mai must have convinced her husband to let him stay since they didn't put him out. The Next few months Mai spent her time trying to see how to make Hanran well for lack of better words human again instead of some mindless pet though was making little progress, he at least actually spoke now, she tried to get him to go play with the other kids at parks though he often just stood there and watched the other kids play and when the other kids did interact with him they dared him to climb to the top of the slide and jump off of it face first and he did exactly that though luckily Mai was paying attention and ended up catching him before he hit the ground and when she yelled at him and asked him why he did it he responded with they told him too, So Mai decided not to take him to the park anymore and instead she asked her daughter to play with him at home instead. Haru was against it at first, still holding a grudge against him for their awkward first meeting, but Mai bribed her with a new barbie doll so she agreed. The next day after Haru came from school she ran up the stairs and tossed her stuff down in her room and was about to play dolls though she remembered that her mother asked her to play with Kuroo so she ran out of her room and went to look for Hanran at his usual spot on the couch, but he wasn't there which freaked her out a bit. She roamed about the house but couldn't find him so she started calling out his name and she didn't get a response so she went to look outside in the back yard and looked out the screen window to see Hanran tossing a football forward and then running to try and catch it. Haru face then lit up as it was first time Hanran had tried to go play. Haru busted out the screen doors and ran over to him hugging, Hanran just stood there looking at her with no emotion on his face as usually.

Kuroo: What are you doing

Haru: Huh? what do you mean i'm giving you a h-huh wait you just spoke

Kuroo: let me go already

Haru would have began to hug him even tighter to the point that she knocked him off balance causing them both to fall and Hanran wanted to complain though when he looked at Haru's face smiling like that he felt his heart skip a beat and started to beat faster and all he could do was lay there looking at her smile, his cheeks turning red a bit. Hanran managed to slide himself from underneath her and to his feet looking at her on the ground telling her to go away before walking back into the house leaving her laying there smiling. While Haru again was reluctant to hang with Hanran for the second time, as the weeks past she got more comfortable with Hanran and generally more interested in him but more so with him in general not anything like a crush but a small portion of the boy Hanran used to be seemed to come out when ever they played or when ever she played with him, Hanran on the other hand always seemed to try and run away from her though she'd eventually catch him and before anyone really noticed Hanran had been living with them for a half a year and everyone seemed to be used to him there though occasionally they forget about him being there, and with the school year starting up Mai decided to enroll him in school.

to be continued

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