General Information

Name: Keiko Tasanagi

Age: Six

Weight: 40 lbs

Height: 3'7

Eye Color: Gold

Blood Type: O+

DoB: June 23


As of Saga 1:

Keiko for the most part looks like a normal little girl. She favors her mother greatly but still has many features from her father. One thing that sticks out the most is her golden amber eyes, that is a hereditary trait in the Tasanagi family. However it is other things about her appearance that her mother tries to keep under wraps. When Keiko is upset or excited her guard goes down and she loses control over her more humanoid appearance. Usually resulting in her reverting to a more wolf like appearance. Small wolf ears popping up on the top of her head and  even at times looking like a puppy.

To help prevent making too much of a scene in public her mother usually makes sure Keiko wears some sort of hat when they are out in public. Also because Keiko has yet to get control over this part of her appearance, her mother home schools her instead of sending her to elementary school like her peers.


As of Saga 1:

Where Suzume was quiet and shy for most of her life especially as a child Keiko is vibrant and spunky. She is inquisitive and often times learns and understands things that a child much older still has yet to grasp. She is very in tune to people's emotions and often catches onto her mother's mood before Suzume has a chance to say anything. She loves reading especially the old comic books that were her father's and mother's when they were younger. She especially cherishes her father's because she never got the chance to meet him. As far as she knows her father died heroically saving the city like a super hero. In her mind that's sort of how she views him. It makes her sad sometimes to see other children her age with their fathers. Not that she doesn't have a father figure in her life her uncle Nik, who is now her step-father has been there her entire life. But it still hurts knowing that she won't be able to meet her real father. All around Keiko is a sweet little girl, who gets excited by the simplest of things wether it's butterflies or blowing bubbles. She's typically an easy going child that really doesn't give anyone any trouble.

Roleplay Allignment

To be determined.

Keiko is still young, so her alignment is still being developed by her life experiences. But to go by her personality as it is right now she goes between Lawful good and Neutral good with little hints of Chaotic good. Either way she's a good little person.


Occupation: Being adorable

Fighting Style

To be determined:

Base Style: ...

Flow of battle: ...

Keiko has yet to be trained to fight, but has the potential to become very powerful.

Chi Base (Optional)

To be Determined:

Who knows what a little training can do?

Chi Form

To be determined:

Once again this is something that she has yet to be trained in. But I have no doubt that she can be very powerful.

Weapon of Choice

Being cute as Hell. What more of a weapon does a little girl need.




Suzume Tasanagi -living-

Mother: Suzume Tasanagi

Keiko's world revolves around her mother she seeks comfort and love from her and Suzume is always there for her. However she always senses and underlying sadness from her mother that she really hasn't figured out yet.

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Kin Tasanagi -living-

Father: Kin Tasanagi

Keiko only knows what her mother has told her about her father. She thinks of him in a sort of super hero light. As of now she believes that he died saving Kasaihana City. Now that Kin is back perhaps a relationship can be established.

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Nik Tasanagi -living-

Step-father/Uncle: Nik Tasanagi

Keiko truly loves Nik like a father, he has been there since her birth. he makes her laugh and typically all she has to do is smile to get him to do whatever she wants. Even though it got a little confusing when he and her mother got married she still feels for Nik as a child would for their father. 


Motoshige Yasutake -Living-

Maternal Grandfather: 

Motoshige Yasutake

Over time the family has become distant from her grandpa Moto. She goes with her mother to visit him when she goes, but she feels distant from him when she's there. She senses that he is indifferent with her for some reason. And conversations are always strained between him and her mother. Keiko is pretty sure he just prefers to be alone.

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Keyth Tasanagi -living-

Paternal Grandfather:

Keyth Tasanagi

Keiko doesn't really have a big relationship with her grandpa Keyth. More so due to Nik's insistence on keeping his distance from his father in order to prove himself individually from the name Tasanagi. She has heard her mother speak with Nik about sending Keiko to the dojo to train with Keyth but it hasn't gotten any further than talk. She would like to know him better because the relationship with her mother's father is so strained.


Keiko is the daughter of Kin Tasanagi and Suzume Yasutake. The pair dated for quite sometime through high school, a realationship that was full of up's and downs. When Suzume was 17 she found out that she was pregnant, the pair tried to work together but in the end they seperated after Kin slept with another woman. Unfortunately after this the fight with Sector Olympus occured soon after Keiko's birth after this battle Kin was no where to be found and many thought him to be dead. Suzume raised Keiko herself for a while but always had the backup of Kin's older brother Nik. When Keiko was around 5 years old Suzume and Nik Tasanagi decided to get married, Keiko had to adjust because she had tought of Nik just as her uncle for so long. She loves him yes, but she still has a wanting to know her real father. Her mother had told her heroic stories of the things her father had done, and developing her own love of super heros from him and her mother. She thought of Kin in that light. Like her father she has inherited the Tasanagi Inu abilities but she has yet to get any control over them. Her trasfomations are sporadic and she can often change without even realizing it. Because of this her mother has been schooling her from home out of fear of what would happen if she transformed around her more atypical peers.This sort of upsets Keiko because she want's to go to school with the other children to school, and often times argues with her mother about it. As of now she's a pretty normal little girl.. with her own little quirks of course.

The Purple Saber

To be explained soon enough.

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