General Information

Name: Keyth Tasanagi

Age: 47

Weight: 260

Height: 6'5

Eye Color: Golden

Blood Type: Cursed

DoB: 5/25/2140 something


Keyth looks like a pretty stocky youngman with a nice build. He's very muscular but lean at the same time. When he grows his hair out, it's wild and thick like a lions mane though when he has it cut it's short and spiked out due to its unkempt style. He has trouble keeping his hair under control. There for he doesnt anymore. Keyth does groom himself often dispite what others think of him. He was taught better than that. He has a large 'X' shaped scar on his right cheek from his battle with Zetsui Ryukiri leaving it upon his face. And like every Tasanagi. Keyths eyes shimmer with a bright gold color, that when in the dark has a glowing tint. However over time Keyth has trimmed his wild mane like hair and dresses alot more professionally to fit his Yakuza standing. But when he's at the Iron Fist Club Dojo he wears his signature martial gear.


IN THE START OF THINGS::Keyth is... brash, loud, obnxious, angry, and fierce. Something like a wild animal who just made his way through the wilderness and is now stuck in civilzation as we know it. When he was truly never ready to be. A Sexual Deviant off the boot. He can be known as a horn dog, his hormones fluxing rapdily all the time due to him living in the wild for so long. Thus making him not quite adapted to the mass aray of women throughout the city. For such a long period of his life he only knew his mother, and aunts, and sisters. So when Keyth is around other, and 'New' women, he can be a bit unbareable, But to be honest, he doesnt know any better.It's been noted that when someone touches Keyth's sword he tends to lose his sanity, quickly attempting to destory anything in his path untill he has his hands on his blade again.

Over time, Keyth has simmered down but only slightly. Acting a bit more proud due to him having follwoers at one point. His arrogance and hot-headedness go hand and hand as he charges into any everything head first. His will to never back down honestly makes him a worthy opponent. Even whe he's down to his last breathes of life. Keyth will keep fighting dispite this being so. He believes in friendship, and survival. And that Friendship is a key tactic to survival itself. He'd lay down his life for those he cares about with no quesion. By doing this Keyths personality changed slightly still goofy, brash and headstrong as ever. But his blood lusted rage had been settled. However Keyth will sometimes override the drug, forcing his rage to show face despite it being active. Claymore and Densuke have access to these Enzymes at all times and decrease, and increase them at will.

During Ark 9. Keyth has shown alot of growth after everything he's been through. Mostly towards his father and now his discovery of having children. Keyth has been hit with responsiblity. Having to back alot of his childish antites to the side, and focus on what's real. Keyth's chaotic nature has simmerd, if only by a bit, but his lust for women is as prominet as before. Though he's been trying his very best to be faithful to his current girl-friend, Kyoko. And even though she says he's a good father,  he questions himself often, thinking if he's going to be a good enough dad because he's never seen what a real dad was like. His focus on the Yakuza at this point of his life is elsewhere. Even though he's been told on multiple occasions that he is Heir  of the Kagemaru chairmenship. He ignores it, rather letting someone  else have the burden. Though he does miss his Arasumaru band of misfits... he wishes that after his family is set. He could maybe venture off back into the Arasumaru, so he could have his friends back again. Missing his times with Densuke, Claymore, And the others.

As of Ark 13. Keyth is pretty much the same, though he has growed up quite a bit. He's still hot headed, though he isnt as stupid as he used to be. Percaution still isnt his forte, but he has learned how to adpat to situations almost instantly because of it. Keyth is showing a level of maturity now, escpically around his children, and with michiko as well. Who should be given thanks because if not for her the growth wouldnt have taken itself to this level.

As of DOW Saga 3

Growing up, Keyth was brash hot headed and easily angered. Fighting was what he lived and died for. He didnt start to slow down until he had children. But it wasnt until Kyoko left him, and Keyomi his daughter and twin to Kin, died due to a speeding car striking the young child dead. This matured Keyth heavily, where he became callous and cold natured, but not completely. Amongst his students he is kind and warm hearted. To his enemies Keyth shows little to no remorse at all.

Roleplay Allignment

Chaotic Neutral


Chairman/Oyabun of the Kagemaru Syndicate

Fighting Style

Is a master Practioner of his Self proclamied style. Thunderous Paw

Chi Base (Optional)

Physical: Physical is the ability to use aura to increase the natural abilities of an object or one's own body.Therefore,Physical chi users are able to greatly increase their physical attack and defense and are best suited for close-ranged melee combat. Physical chi usage is the most balanced category, allowing users to spread themselves evenly between offense and defense and become very strong using only simple abilities. One of the examples of more complex Enhancement abilities include enhancing one's healing factor. (out of battle)

Mental: Mental chi is the ability that focuses on brain activity and perception.  It dictates the thought process, often reaching higher enlightments, new thoughts, even patterns, and stratigies that may have seemed impossible to comprehend or do before. Such a thing can allow the brain to be comprehensive of ones surroundings, and focus ones senses, and preform complex theories and unlock storage in the brain that was never previously avalible. this change is not permanant, and is onlly a temporary burst for a prolonged chi time period.

Alteration: An affinity for Alteration means a person can change the properties of their chi to mimic something else.Similar to projecting ones chi, but different, things created via Alteration are pure chi.Alteration  is often mistaken with Conjuring things due to their similarities. A simple way of thinking about it would be that Alteration  allows your chi to mimic properties of a substance, whereas conjuring something allows you to change your aura into actual substances. Alterators can copy the properties of REAL things.

Destruction: Destruction chi deals with external chi release that allows the chi practioner to fully utlize the art of destroying or disrupting matter with their chi. This equats to hitting structures of large sizes and taking them down, blowing down walls with a single kick, and if proper outside ignition is used, casuing explosive and devestating forces to spread outwards for a wider range of effect. This is flexible, as it can be shrunken and applied martialy, allowing a skinny person of frail stature to one shot a heavyweight wrestler with one chop. This method of chi manipulation is effective but the most tiring of the five, often requiring high reserves of chi, and draining even more so than that.

King of the beast

The King of the beast

Keyth possess a deadly power that enables him to be the "ultimate killing machines". Forced to kill at a [1] young age, he has grown quite numb to the concept of death. He has pure instincts to kill with any means and the most effective way possible, Keyth will use anything at hand to do so and have no mental problems either before, during or after the deed. He is in short, a cold and merciless killer. He can also give off a murderous aura, inducing fear into his opponents. With Keyths many years of tracking and hunting with his tribe and [2] his blood thirsty Onihoruda Physology. He possesses high predatory instincts, allowing him to become a master of hunting and tracking.With this ability he can discern numerous factors of a situation that make him a master of pursuit and capture. This includes what move a foe will make, where he is headed (if he is in the foe’s proximity, or knows the foe fairly well), as well as how to effectively cause a foe to play right into one’s hands in combat/pursuit. Keyth is also able to tap into primal, unstoppable rage that allows him to perform in vastly increased capacity, taking and inflicting damage that he wouldn't in his normal state. In some cases, the user's mind descends so far into the feral rage that mentally, they are little more than animals. But the bulk of this Perk, would be the Anger Empowerment. In which Keyth is strengthened by anger, rage, and hatred.  Whether that be his own or that of those around them, His persona changes when he gets into this angered

mode. Losing his funny happy go lucky perverted and goofy self. Exchanging it for a  cold outlook on life can that is converted into power whether it be physical strength, accelerated healing or other abilities they he may possess. But last and final, Keyth can use/imitate animal powers. Something that Zetsui forced him to. Pushing him to be an animal so they would fight on equal ground. He can run like an ostrich, swing like a monkey, sprint like a cheetah, move like a cat,  track like a dog, constrict like a snake, and so on.

Of course he cannot transform into animals, but this power only enables the user to mimic animalistic traits while still in their original form. Keyth can mimic multiple animals at once. After his fighting with Zetsui, Keyth is possess a skill that is capable of performing the art of assassination better than the average killer, he's able to dispatch his victims without as so much as a struggle. The ways to do this range from something complex and high-finesse like mastery in stealth, strategically planned scenarios and highly disciplined martial arts to something simple-yet-effective like brute strength and raw speed to overwhelm the targets. Keyths finger tips have all sharpend to a point. Allowing him to scale builidings alot easier when he's out and about. So basically it'd only make since if he is able to demonstrate a savage aptitude for the ways of the claw. He is able to wield claws with great proficiency in brute power and close quarter combat. When it comes to wielding different weapons, the claws are the closest to hand to hand combat. He also has an particularly strong bite, either because of sharp teeth, strong jaw-muscles, unusual jaw-structure (mandibles of insects) or some other reason. Exactly what he can bite depends of the jaw-strength, resilience of their teeth/bite-surface and their shape. Keyths teeth are abnormally sharp and can deliver a deadly bite.The user possesses a mind which can processes the world in the most efficient manner. They are able to find solutions to any of a civilization's problems that the user faces. Place the user near a fridge and they will consume what will keep him alive and most likely stay in top physical form. Place the user in a court room and they will develop the intellect to win a trial. He Also possesses a completely unpredictable nature, rendering him immune to users of Combat Perception, Body Language Analysis and Adoptive Muscle Memory. Keyth possesses incredibly extensive knowledge and skill in many types and ways of stealth tactics, enabling him to easily slip in and out of areas undetected. His abilities in all manners of stealth are so refined he appear as mere illusions to those who have been lucky to spot the user. With this ability he can move throughout even the most guarded of areas and act in true discretion.


These work in similar of the Enzymes in his body. It is not nanomachine that enhances capabilites so therefore does not have a physical boost so it does not mess around with his chi in any case. If Keyth did get something to boost his attributes then it would erdicate his chi completely of all usage. It isnt something that he can do on his free will. Much like the enzymes they only work when someone is in control of it.

"Here in my home, above the bed you were resting in, there is a machine. It creates powerful bursts of electrical energy, enough that would normally send someone’s heart into a fatal rhythm, and eventually kill them or fry their organs. But for me, and now you, it charges the nanites in the body and allows them to work in hyperdrive. Throughout the night I gave you electroshock therapy to charge them up over and over, allowing them to regenerate your organs and heal the other wounds taken in combat…” -Michiko Akasawa


Raging Hadou Kusei

After Keyth over came the Oni completely in the shinto realm. Onigami had truly became one with himself, irdicating the last remnants of the curse that Okami left on his family name. Keyth was now free of the demons hold. [3] And now after finally understanding what Dark Hadou is. He has a massive control over his inner chi and hadou and when in his barbaric like state, and raged enough Keyths body errupts with massive power. Its called the Raging Hadou Kusei. He created this during his time in the Yami Realm. Based off the Orginal Hadou Kusei or 'Surge Awakening'. It has the same similar properties, but with its own twist. Made personalized for his own preset. For Keyth, he uses it for his will to survive, and to fight for his loved ones.Using his anger as a powerful weapon instead of a crutch. Due to his Keyth now being an Oni in human form. The very aspects of his Oni form show even in the real world. Making Horns protrude from his head.

  • Strength Increase: This surge of power focuses on the physical aspects of chi rahter than projetiles as such the physical body of the user has its aspects pushed beyond what regular human limits are capple of. The energy can render a mans fist with the ability to dent or smash any object that isn't equivelent to his own force or pressure like stone, metals, etc. This is completly dependent on the user however, the more trained the body, the futher said limit can be increased. As far as actual lifting, sterngth willl be well in the over 2 tons area, but again this ability adds to a persons already viable stats, not gives them a set limit.
  • Higtned Relexes; The user possess an extraordinary reflexes that does not uses their reflexes for defense and to retreat but uses reflexes to attack and counter. The user may use judgment along with reflexes, allowing them to dodge attacks even in a weakened condition. Because the muscles of the users fight without the use of his brain, this allow the user to strategize. Since body moves on reflex and not reactions, feints and illusionary techniques are useless against the user.
  • Speed Increase: User can perform a burst of speed that allows the user to move so fast it appears as if they have teleported, many users can sustain only short dashes. In most cases the user is able to maneuver at the high speeds accurately and does not cause any shock or disturbance to the surface they stop on. Could be difficult to use, for the movement would be so fast they cannot be seen. For the movement would be so fast all one would be unable to see anything of the world except one big blur. But someone could be able to see while moving that fast, they would simply have  to train to able to see while traveling so fast that they vanish for a moment. The person's body could adjust with these powers, allowing the person to use these powers safely. This speed is also accorded to combat speed as well, enabling the user to throw blows as blurrs, and it appears as multiple hands instead of just regular thrown punches.
  •  Anger Empowerment: Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. through anger, rage, hatred, and vengeance whether their own or others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the elements or even slow or stop aging.
  • Basuto: Basuto or "Bursting" is a means of using the technique of transforming but only for short[4]

    What happens in a usual Batsuo usage (Kaoken)

burst of time insrtead of spanning it for long periods of time. For example in a situation of complete and total danger, one could use this burst into the transformation and quickly utilize the speed and escape the situation using blarring speed or increased sterngth,and then return to a normal state. However once this would be done 6 times, it would have a 6 post recharge time should the battle drag out that long

Calming Hadou Kussei

Similar to the orginal, this Hadou Kusei is based around Keyth using his anger and control it. Directing it towards something and using it as an ehanced focus. It's no different than the orignal Hadou Kussei or Keyths Raging Hadou Kussei. But it allows him to calm down enough to make battle strategy. Keyths anger creates a massive relay of receptor electrical waves flowing through his head, so his physical body within the Calming Hadou Kussei doesnt change, but his brain speed does. Things will appear in slow motion to him through his perception not because of time has slowed or he is faster than them. He is simply analyzing the situatiion in hopes of an outcome. This is best used against highly intelligent opponents. This Kussei is still quite physically dominant, it just uses most of its power within its brain, and because of that. The user is just as physically dominant in this on than the raging one.


The user can create strategies and plans several steps ahead of the opponent seeming like the user can see into the future.The user is able to elaborate complex plans and strategies and apply them in not just in battle but any other activity that involves cunning intellect.E.g Strategic games. Most of the users of this ability are very analytical and can understand or anticipate the enemies moves.

Weapon of Choice


- The Yamisuki. It looks like a European saber blade mounted into a Chinese crossguard and handle with perhaps a middle eastern or Indian (from India) pommel. The scabbard looks similar to the

WWII Japanese gunto. The Yamisuki has an odd tie with Keyths body that hasn't been cracked yet. Able to speak with it, it seems to have a mind of its own. Keyth can teleport it to himself where ever he may be even use it without actually welding it allowing it to fight along side him rather than always having to actually wield it.

A blade that's connected to the Tasanagi line by blood. Any whom are in the family can weild it. It comes to the user on thought alone. It is an Onihourda in blade form, able to trap any Oni or demonic spirit within itself to make it even stronger. It can slay all forms of evil, if one has evil intent then it can hender the opposer helpless to it's might.

Zetsui Form

The Yamisuki can take on the soul of Zetsui Ryukiri, breaking into three Katanas which the wielder can use with swift destructive force.

Keyth Form

After Keyth used it for so long it can take the shape of his soul as well. Turning into a crimson red blade that allows the user to dish out devstating sword slashes that can cut people with the heat of the sun, allowing it to melt through almost anything.


Any that oppose the Kagemaru Clan and his family


Keyth grew up in the wilderness with his mother and siblings. Knowing nothing but the ways of the wild and how to hunt and fight. The way his mothers made Keyth live growing up, was that being strong was all and everything. At times his mother would make the 'pack' abondon Keyth in the middle of the night forcing him to find the rest of his family, catch up, and regroup with them before he starved to death in the wilderness. She showed him tough love and thats all he knows. Growing up as a fighter with the strength of a wilderbeast. Whenever his mother would send him out into the city of Kasaihana she'd place him within the Jr. Matches of the GMAF and other fight tournaments just like his father. He got the name 'The Red Demon of the Wilds' as he got older due to his devilish ways of combat during these tournaments. It was only when he was 13 years old that his mother finally set him out into the city, stating that he should have a real life there, and that he should seek out his father. His mother never told him who his father was and all his life, Keyth grew up not even knowing of his fathers exsistance until later on in his life.

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