User with this ability either is or can transform into a Kitsune, a fox-spirit, whom usually gain their powers by living long and keep growing stronger as they age: The more tails a Kitsune has (They may have as many as nine) the older, wiser, and powerful they are. They are often considered tricksters, with motives that vary from mischief to malevolence, but some act as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and even wives.


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§  Canine Physiology

§  Enhanced Bite

§  Enhanced Durability

§  Enhanced Endurance

§  Enhanced Senses

§  Enhanced Hearing

§  Enhanced Smell

§  Night Vision

§  Enhanced Speed

§  Enhanced Stamina

§  Enhanced Strength

§  Predator Instinct

§  Claw Retraction

§  Decelerated Aging

§  Fox-fire Manipulation

§  Illusion Manipulation

§  Enhanced Intelligence

§  Temperature Regulation

§  Human Disguise


Kitsune are a type of yokai (Demon) fox who are believed to possess superior intelligence, long life, and magical powers. The word 'Kitusne' is often translated as fox-spiri, however this does not mean Kitsune are ghosts. The word spirit is used to reflect a state of knowledge or enlightenment, all long-lived foxes gain new abilities.

There are thee types of Kitsune, each different from one to the next.

The Myobu

Moybu are considered among the kitsunes as the good and loyal of foxes.

In kitsune lore they are in services to the goddes Inari, god/goddess of fertility, rice, tea, sake, and foxes of all kind. To simply put it they are the 'Guardian' of the kitsune race. Although during cetin circumstances, they my choose the path of the worrior or the path of the wanderer, Myobu act as Guardians to the many different shrines to Inari, its followers and priests.  Myobu are affiliated with the good in the world and in myth are under the element of light or the celestial element because they follow inari.

Myobu, while typically colored white can also be any other color even black, however white Myobu are said to be the "Purest" of the Kitsune.

The Nogitsune

Nogitsune are the neutral among the kitsune race and are known as 'Pedestrian' of kitsune. They value freedom and are cunning overall. They often help random people simply because they wish too and often times they will terrorize others because they are simply bored. and are sometimes called 'Disgraced' kitsune.

In myth Nogitsune are not affiliated with either Inari or malicious intent. Generally they they a Myobu who was punished by Inari.

Nogitsune are depicted with brown or even red fur as those are common nogitsune traits.

The Reiko

Among all the Kitsune, Reiko are known as 'Evil Genius' of the race, these foxes indulge in there darker desiers and live only to appease themsleves. Reiko also retain a natural curiosity and the wish for amusement as the others of its kind. Reiko are often also described as hostile if not vindictive to people and while they bear no grudge against the Myobu, the Reiko and Myobu kitsune do not get along well.

In myth Reiko carry a natural hatred for Inari as they were never granted with more than one tail and had to follow the darker ways of the kitsune and often if not always have malicious intent.

Reiko are depicted as among all foxes with black fur.

Tail Manifestation 

In Kitsune Mythology, Kitsune are depicted as having more than one tail. The most commomly depicted are one-tails, five-tails, and nin-tails. For most kitsune, the number of tails shown is usually one. This can be for a number of reasons, though, including the idea that kitsune could be in a human or fox, possessing it, or may have been born in a mortal body. In either case, why would the kitsune sprout more tails?

Some legends say a kitsune gains a tail every hundred or throusand years. Another tale sats that a kitsune gains all nine tails when they reach nine-hundred years old. When a kitsune becomes a nine-tail fox, their fur becomes often silver, white, or gold. This isn't a strong and fast rule, but it's what is seen most often.

Kitsune myth also states that kitsune do not ask for extra tails. Instead they are simply rewarded for theri actions, or punished. Some kitsune train under others, hoping to gain wisdom and favour with their tearchers, some take quests or go on journerys, to gain wisdom or power, hoping to find ways to gain in prestige and rank among the other kitsune, or with Inari.

However this is in myth, in reality it differs from the three types of kitsune.

Myobu do good deeds and often help others usually grants them there tails yet in selfishness and malicious or bad intent each tail they will start to lose and would be more if not harder to obtain.

Nogitsune need only gain there tails through natural training, however there training takes longer than then the others and often there training will need to extend to often gain there tails.

Reiko are depicted as the cannibalistic of the kitsune as they feed off the heart and liver of mortal man and are said to even eat their own kind and others to gain there tails.

In myth kitsune gain tails every hundered or thousand years, the lore has been pasted as ture only in a sense as new ways to obtain tails have shown, the Myobu need to obtain one tails for every thousand good deeds they do and for every Reiko every thousand hearts and livers they consume they grow theres, however this does not effect the Nogitsune as they gain tails through normal means of training.

Tails Hiearcy

The tails ranking system for Kitsune can mean a number of things however to the Kitsune, the number of tails show thier prestige, skill, knowledge, a show of power, and rank.

In lore a kitsune loses a tail for each time they die as they are said to contain extra souls of themselves.

One-tails - Ichibi. A single tailed Kitsune, has no acutal power and is the lowest of the hiearcy system and is considered newborns or younglings among the kitsune.

Two-tails - Nibi. A two tailed Kitsune, the level above Ichibi and is considered the first of the three ascension stages. The second tail marks a kitsune's path of element. and are considered Runts of the litter.

Three-tails - Sanbi. A three tailed Kitsune, before Yonbi and are considered in there path of mastering the element they choose in learning. And are still gaining there maturity. 

Four-tails - Yonbi. A four tailed Kitsune, are able to take hold and have mastered there element and gain the ability of illusion, so as to avoid hunters from killing the tailed beasts, and are considered full-matured.

Five-tails - Gobi. At five tails a Kitsune is considered past maturaty and on the way of becoming a Kyuubi. 

Six-tails - Rokubi. At six tails a kitsune's illusions gain the power to enter reality for a brief period of time. For example a Rokubi created an illusion of a waterfall, then it could make that water exist in reality instead of simply an illusion until the power fades. and is the first stage of  ascension and becoming a Kyuubi. In myth these are the stages of becoming immortal.

Seven-tails Shichibi. At seven tails, Kitsune gain stronger bodies making external damage often useless if not very effective and marking their second stage in Kyuubi ascension.

Eight-tails - Hachibi. This stage is the simply refines all abilities up to this point and stores the power and life energy of the Kitsune in the final steps of reaching Kyuubi.

Nine-tails -Kyuubi. The final "ascension" stage, upon reaching the ninth tail a kitsune is gifted with complete control over there powers, and in myth marks there immortality as they are known as Demi-god Kitsune and are considered alpha of the kitsune race.

Ten-tails - Juubi. Is said to be the very last ascension stage, however no one knows how to obtain the tenth tail as it gives the kitsune the status of a god and is put on par with power and ranking as Inari, and holds the title as 'God of all foxes'.

Forms of the Kitsune

Kitsune by far in text only obtain three forms, Kitsune form, Half-human Kitsune, and Human form

Kitsune form

Half-Kitsune humans

Human form