One Hell Of a Night


10:30 Pm, Saturday October 5th

“its funny how no matter how hard you try to climb out from the bottom of the barrel there’s always something holding your ankle, pulling you back down to the bottom.” Detective Yukashi Sanada was driving down the mean streets of District 1 on his way to a crime scene he’d just gotten a call from not too long ago. From the phone call he received it seemed it was a double homicide. Although the details on the crime wasn’t very clear Sanada knew it was going to be a long night. Yukashi sighed as he took a pull from his lit cigarette listening to the soothing sound of jazz from his car’s radio. From down the street he quickly saw the police lights flashing and ambulances, two of them. Pulling up to the side of a squad car he turned his car off pushing the door open letting his left foot leave out the car then pushing the rest of his body out closing the door behind him. Yukashi surveyed the area first taking a look at everything he saw. The area was a rather poor neighborhood a ghetto most would call it. The neighborhood looked to be a mixture of mostly minorities ranging from Latino, African-American, and some Asian at least that’s what he got from the large crowd standing behind the yellow tape. Yukashi heard the faint words of the crowd. “It’s a damn shame really.” “Always in this fucking neighborhood.” “I bet she did it.” Off to the side would be a girl crying her eyes out covered by a blanket sitting on the back of an ambulance as paramedics offered her aid.

Yukashi pulled one last puff from his cancer stick before taking it out his mouth then dropping it to the ground a small flicker of fire let out as it impacted with the concrete ground. Before walking off he stepped on the cigarette putting it out completely then bending down a bit to get pass the yellow tape that read *”Crime Scene”* Immediately he was met by a female police officer with long blonde hair whose body was nicely complimented by her uniform that would most likely seem too tight for her but of course no one would complain especially not Yukashi. He smirked a bit to her as she questioned him. “You must be Detective Sanada…I’m Lt. Officer Scott nice to meet you I’ve heard stories.” Yukashi nodded to the female Law enforcer then replied to her words. “Knowing my track record they ain’t all good.” He chuckled a bit. “Mind telling me just what the hell happened here?” “Well, see…” Officer Scott began. “Seems a double homicide and a potential victim if the cops hadn’t showed up. That girl over there crying her eyes out is the two victim’s daughter.” Yukashi nodded as he started to walk inside the house. “Any names? Lt.” “Ah yes, well the first victim name is a Johnathan Steel and the second one is his wife Lisa Steel their daughter Daisy’s over there crying her eyes out.” Yukashi nodded as he listened in. “Neighbors next door said that they heard someone pull in then an argument after that it got quiet. Couple minutes later they said they saw a black van pull off and the door was wide open. Couple seconds after that and they heard the daughter screaming.” Finally stepping in the house and Yukashi’s first sight was the door it seemed to be broken in like someone kicked it down. Next he saw the dead body of the husband laying on the stairs under a cover placed by the paramedics. Shaking his head Yukashi bent his knees squatting down next to the body. “Poor guy.” He pulled the tarp back seeing the back of the skull looking completely caved in. “This ain’t even the worst part. Wait till’ ya see the wife.” The female officer said as Yukashi continued surveying the body. ”Whoever hit him had to be someone with great strength and force…or just plain didn’t like the guy.” Yukashi turned to Officer Scott then looked towards the top of the stairs. “Just this way Detective.” The female officer led him towards the other body. As Yukashi followed he saw holes in the wall and a piece of the railing from the stairs was broken indicating that there was a struggle.

Once the two got to the bedroom door Yukashi already knew that this crime scene was about to get way darker than already. A small puddle of blood trailed from under the door into the hallway. The detective pushed open the door only to see the woman hanging by the neck onto a ceiling fan. All Yukashi could do was stare and look at the scene. The wife was cut from her neck down to her waist all her entrails were sitting below on the ground. Yukashi heard every single drip of blood hit the floor. It was truly a gruesome scene something straight out of a horror movie. He stepped inside the room if the house didn’t smell like death before then it surely did now. He surveyed the room he kept his cool, it seemed as though nothing could shake the young detective he’s seen so much as it was. It was clear to him that this some a sign or was it a means to revenge. “This looks almost too personal…” He looked back to Officer Scott. “I want to speak to the daughter.” He started to walk out of the house thinking of questions he could ask her.

Once Yukashi got to the girl he took a knee next to her. “Hey how ya doing I’m Detective Sanada and I’m going to find the guys who did this to ya parents.” The girl looked up to him with tears in her eyes the sight of distraught. “Tell me Daisy did your mom or dad know anyone who was mad at them or angry enough to hurt them?” Daisy wiped the tears from her face then replied to Yukashi’s question. “My dad owed a lot of money to a man named Tank…” Yukashi nodded listening to the girl’s words as she continued to talk. “Tank always showed up out of nowhere asking my dad if he had his money and he always harassed my mom touching on her behind my dad’s back.” “Do you know where we could find, Tank, Daisy? I wanna ask him some questions.” Daisy nodded and proceeded to give him directions on this Tank’s location all the while Officer Scott was behind him writing down everything in her notepad. “Thank you Daisy you’ve been a great help.” He gave her a warm smile then got up looking at a policeman who was about to escort her to witness protection. “Make sure she stays safe and taken care of.” The policeman nodded and Yukashi started walking towards his car. Following behind him was Officer Scott looking at her notepad. “You’re going there aren’t you?” “Yup.” Yukashi bent down to go under the yellow tape and letting Officer Scott a chance to go under. “Well I’m coming with you.” “No you’re not.” “Yes I am you need back up.” “No I don’t” The back and forth was getting the two nowhere as Yukashi finally got to his car unlocking the doors and getting in the driver seat only to have Officer Scott sit next to him in the passenger’s seat. “Go back to the department and put an APB out on this guy.” Yukashi said looking at her with a stern face. “I can do all that with a phone call you’re not going in there alone we know little to nothing about this guy and you could get hurt. With a sigh Yukashi started the car up backing out of the crime scene. As he backed up he watched paramedics start to get the bodies out of the house and into the ambulances. Once Daisy saw her dead parent’s body bags she burst out in tears as the crowd just watched silently. It was a pretty sad sight to say the least. Once out the two headed for the main street traffic was pretty backed up to say the least.

Stuck in Traffic 

“What’s your name Scott…” Yukashi kept his eyes on the road as he drove down the street. “Diana Scott…I already know yours Yukashi.” He kept a straight face as they cruised. “So, you’ve read up on my file.” “Yup, every bit of it…Says you go through partners like there’s no tomorrow.” “Something like that.” Yukashi chuckled a bit, it was true that he couldn’t hold down a partner no one could handle his reckless acts nor his personality. “Do me a favor, reach in that glove compartment and pass me my pills.” The Officer Scott looked at Yukashi before opening the small compartment on the dashboard, reaching inside and taking out a case of pills. She passed the pills to him which he grabbed once they came to a red light. “Thanks” He took down three pills before placing them in his pocket. “Keeps me level headed…” “I bet, with all those problems it’s a wonder why you’re still on the force.” “Probably because I get the job done…hell I don’t know.” He looked at Diana. “What made you want to become a cop?” Yukashi said with his eyebrow raised a bit. “I come from a family of cops, my dad, his dad before him, and so on and so forth. Seeing as how he didn’t get a son he could at least get a cop.” Nodding and went back to driving Yukashi listened to her speak. “I’m guess you two don’t have the healthiest of relationships.” “It’s getting better…at first he hated me…resented me if anything. One I joined the force It seemed like our relationship seemed to get back on the right path.” As the conversation ensued Officer Scott would tap Yukashi’s shoulder. “Here we are.” The place was an old warehouse with the sign ‘Quick & Loans’ on the front of it. “Let’s go speak with Mr.Tank.” Yukashi said as he grabbed his Jericho 941 from under his chair and checked to see if it was loaded. “Back up on the way?” He looked at the female. “You ready?” She nodded her head with exiting her side of the car along with Yukashi doing the same thing.

All things fall apart. 


As he holstered his pistol Yukashi walked up to the front door knocking on it heavily. “This is the Kasaihana Police Department!” He waited for what seemed like a couple minutes. “Stay here Diana I’ll go around back.” As he walked around towards the back of the warehouse Yukashi noticed footprints on the ground they looked fresh. Yukashi started to follow the prints to a back door that was slightly opened. Pulling out his pistol Yukashi leaned against the door slowly pushing it open aiming his gun ready to fire at whatever was waiting for him. All he got was a dark corridor. In the background soon as he walked in he heard lightning pick up outside and a harsh rainfall. Immediately Yukashi heard the faint sound of music playing down the long hallway. ( He kept his grip on the pistol ready to fire at any moment’s notice.  All that was heard to him was the music getting a bit louder and clearer and the frequent sounds of lightning accompanied by the rainfall. He peered behind each door checking to see what was behind them. Each roomed was covered in blood in the middle would be a small table and on the walls were different tools all rusted with blood stains on them. This was obviously the work of something very evil. Yukashi was rarely phased by anything it took a hell of a lot to send him shaking but this was by far the most fucked up place he’s been. Once he got closer to the music he saw a door with light protruding from under it. Taking in a deep breath then exhaling and pushing the door open. “Hands where I can see…them…” Yukashi was surprised to see what he was looking at. There stood Tank covered in the blood of his victims. (

Tank was a rather large and hulking man. He stood about 6 ft 7 with rippling muscles. Tank was truly an above average specimen. Yukashi looked at the wall and it had pictures of different women mutilated and hung. One picture was Lisa Steel and Tank licking the blood of her body. Keeping his pistol focused on Tank Yukashi stared him down. “You’re coming with me Tank.” “Don’t you see the art…” Tank would’ve slowly turned around to face the detective. “This is my masterpiece.” “This is disgusting…” Yukashi interrupted. “Is it really disgusting detective?” Yukashi tilted his head and trained his sights on Tank’s head. “You’re sick Tank, let me get you some help.” “NO!” Tank stomped the ground and started to grow angry. “NO ONE WILL TAKE ME AWAY FROM MY ART!” Tank started charged at Yukashi with great force and speed. Firing off two shots Yukashi missed one but grazed Tank with the second one. Before he could pull the trigger for a third shot he was bashed by Tank’s shoulder tossing him to the wall. “Argh!” Meanwhile finally finding a way inside was Officer Scott standing on a catwalk on the upper level of the warehouse looking down at the ground seeing Tank and Yukashi. “DETECTIVE SANADA!” She pulled her pistol out and started firing shots out at Tank. The brute was struck three times by the bullets causing him to stumble to the ground before quickly turning to the officer. Tank roared at her before leaping up in the air grabbing onto the catwalk. It seemed like his muscles was growing by the second the bullet wounds would only close up as his sheer weight was enough to cause the catwalk to fall down along with Officer Scott. Yukashi picked himself off the ground and saw what was happening. “DIANA!” Yukashi was too late to catch Officer Scott. She fell down to the ground along with the catwalk crushing down on her body and the sharp debris penetrating her skin. Tank survived the fall however getting up and beating on his chest. Yukashi began firing off several shots at Tank hitting him square in the chest only to have him grow angrier and charged at Yukashi yet again; this time he was ready. Yukashi moved off to the side causing Tank to slam in barrels full of highly flammable gas. The  sheer force of the impact was strong enough to cause an explosion setting fire to the warehouse. ( Yukashi saw the destruction seeing Tank laid in the debris seemingly unconscious. Turning around he would run towards Officer Scott’s location. “Diana!” He started pulling debris off of her only to see a steel rod impaled in her mid-section.  “I…I don’t think imma make it Detective…”  “Shh” Before walking out Yukashi looked back at Tank’s body only to see him disappear this meant that he was still at large. He managed to pick her up walking outside into the rain. Once outside Yukashi was meant by KPD, paramedics, and fire-fighters. “Get this girl some help!” Once the paramedics got a hold of Diana he would look back to the burning warehouse taking out a cigarette and lighting it he took a pull from it blowing out some smoke through his nose. As the rain seemed to stop he slowly began walking back to his car as the fire fighters raced to put out the fire Yukashi was left in his thoughts. “Where the hell did Tank go…how the hell did he take all those bullets.” Something was going on in Kasaihana and he was going to get to the bottom of it.