The Wolf god

Keyo: 5 Years ago from today...

An organization knwon as 'Sector Olympus ' Challenged the world for the status of power. They wished to take the world for themselves, and seize it completely. Enslaving all mankind a select few stood up to face the evils before them, and soon enough they succeeded. One of the Agents within this organization known as Hades had attempted to low blow the heroes whom had stood up to the 'Gods' in attempts to take out there home known as Kasaihana city, he had been defeated and destroyed by two warriors known as Keyth Tasanagi and Densuke Ryoji before he had been truly able to. Hades form would have dispersed and his immense chi exploded all throughout the world. This had been the same time that the Heroes defeated the rest of Sector Olympus. With the power left over from these gods, it brought the world back to former restoration. Earth had once been broken, but with the defeat of Sector Olympus there raw chi coated the world over and restored all that had been damaged. Deserts coated over in sand due to Nuclear effect now had greenery, water flowed within the dead soil, and it had been granted life again. Kasaihana city had been saved, and the world cheered the heroes on, and proclaimed them as legends.

This is their story up to the present day. The year? 2177

4PM... Blue skies, sunny, 85 Degrees, October 13th, Friday...

( )

A young man had been driving on the roads that lead to the Utopia known as Kasaihana city. He wore a black jacket and his hair had been long and wavy. Underneath the black biker jacket had been a white shirt that hugged tightly to his torso. A black Bandanna on his head that flowed along with his hair in the wind as he rushed along the roads at the excessive speeds that he had been traveling on the chrome black bike. On his lower half, he wore a pair of blue jeans and dress shoes. On his hands he wore fingerless gloves and a pair of goggles on his face. However his golden orbs would still peer through the optic protectors with there ominous glow. His name? His name had been Kin Tasanagi. Son of Keyth Tasanagi. This had been the first time he had been home in over 5 and a half years. He pulled up to the gates of Kasaihana where he greeted the gaurds whom allowed him entry after he gave them the proper I.D. The black harley back roared its engines as he drove continuously through the towns of Kasaihana city. He had heard stories on how the city had changed, how it had evolved. He had been ready for this. He knew what was to come, after all the Faiths did give him the prophecy of what was to come, and what he needed to do. He hadnt shared the details with a single soul since. His destination had been his old apartment in District 1. It was family owned and his grandfather Keyome Tasanagi had given it to Kin after he had awoken from his coma. Two years prior after Kin's battle, he just never returned, he figured Suzume thought he had been dead. Keiko had to be at least six or seven by now.

Keyome had gone into a coma after the Battle at Yun Tower. He had just awoken a few years back, and had risen with avengance as he took hold of his PMC once again, leaving the Yakuza life to his son Keyth while he ventured to conquer other goals. Kin adored his grandfather even though he didnt always like his methods. Making his way into the old apartment he lifted up a photo of him and his brother Nik, and Sora. Tilting the photo to the right, he scanned the room to see that Nik had been living here at some point. Nik and Kin grew up together despite Nik being Kin's half brother, Keyth raised them both a bit after Kyoko went off to handle business, only to never return. Keyth always told Kin that she had never truly gotten over Keyomi getting hit by that car when they had only been six years of age. He always spoke on how it had driven her insane.

The Young Tasanagi stepped out of the lonesome apartment only to make his way to the rooftop as he stared out at the rest of the roaring city before him  "Home at last."

Keyo: Finally steppingout into the streets as he put his hands into his pockets, he'd take a deep breathe sliding his hands through his dark obsidan hair. Deciding that it needed to be tied up into a pony-tail so that it wouldnt get in his way any fruther then it had been. Kin made his way out into the streets as he pulled both of his hands into his pockets, the leather jacket giving off a light glow in the suns beaming stream of light that drowned the city out. Making his way over to a basketball court he'd see a few guys playing, watching for a bit before he stepped over with his arms crossed. " Hey guys? Sorry to interrupt your game. Do any of you guys have a minute? I used to be from here, but uh. Things have changed, the layout of the town. Could one of you guys maybe give me a few directions on where i need to go? " He said with that scruffy tone of his. Even his apperance looked... 'Wolfish' with those elf like pointy ears, those golden piercing eyes, sharp canine teeth and wild unkempt hair and scraggles of hair on his chin. He had a cigeratte in his mouth, the rose bud of the cancer stick burning slowly as smoke fumed from its tip as he waited paitently form a response.

Keyo: ( )

Kin would have waited around for a few moments before he finally made his way elsewhere. " Well... that didnt work out like i intended..." Kin said to himself as he pulled off to the right of the street. Passing by a few vendors here and there with both of his hands deep within the dark obsidan locks of his hair. "... I wonder if i should contact dad and the others... maybe I should wait around a bit..." As Kin stopped on a dime he would have turned his head to the digital news stand where a young man had been passing out the hologram news paper data onto peoples cell phones for 1 dollar. Kin took one, and as he did he opened up his phone to scan over the hologram." Yani Farhan runs for presidental election for his second run... Vote Yani Farhan. " Kin read out loud before he rubbed the back of his neck shaking his head. " This guy... what a pain in the ass..." Kin said putting his phone away and walking down the end of the road where he heard a women shriek. " GIVE ME MY FUCKING PURSE! " She said before she was bashed across the jaw and knocked to the floor. " Shut up Bitch! " The Mugger said before he pulled off his right foot and began his dash down the street. A few cops watched and began to laugh before Kin grunted and rushed over to the police officers. " Your just gonna stand there!? " He said jerking them up by there shirts and lifting them up into the air.

" Fine then.... " Kin said looking back at the mugger as he rushed down the alleyway knocking over trash cans. " You know what dont worry about it. Because Im back now..." The Cops looked at each other terrified as Kin dropped them both onto the ground. "... Kin Tasanagi has returned..." He said pulling the hood over his head as he shfited into his half-wolf form and blasted through the alleyway. Running at a full 35MPH. He'd kick off the wall dodging the trash cans that the theif had left for him. However as he kicked off, he'd spin his body in a hard twist and hit the other building opposite to the one he'd just kicked off from running along the brick wall on all fours before he blasted off of it and pulled his right leg back, cocking it back as if it had been a gun of some sort. ' THAWMM. The Impact of the speeding kick that landed into the back of the theifs neck would have sent his body into a throbbing frenzy before he fell down to his knees and his eyes turned into a solid white. His body hitting the ground with a light thud before Kin landed next to his sleeping form. Grabbing the mugger and the womens purse he walked over to the victim, tossing her- her bag. "... Im sorry about that Ma'am..." Kin said as he walked over to the cop car, tossing the mugger into the back seat and then getting in the back seat with him. " Take us to the police department... I wanna speak with the Chief..." He said to the cops who looked just as confused as they did when he first directed his attention towards them, soon enough they got into the car as well, driving off into town.


On a building in the middle of the city had been a women. Cloaked in black, her clothing rapidly moving into the wind and her piercing red eyes glowed under the dark depths of her hood. In her hand... had been a ring. A Pink one, that glowed with illuiminating lights. " He has returned..." She said as he cloak continued its flow. " Ah... so this world.... is a parallel after all..." She said watching Kin from afar. " He's... happy here...isnt he..." She said smiling before she looked back at the ring. "... I wish to keep it this way. " She says before staring up at the sky. " But the Book of Wolves needs its Prophet. His adventures... are just now beginning... " She said finally before her body dispersed with the wind.

[10/14/2015 11:22:23 PM] Keyo: ( )" Were here..." Said the cops as they pulled the perp out and Kin followed behind. His thick hair pulled up into a pony tail. Some cops had been infront of the police station and had turned there heads to see The return of The Super Cop..." Is that... "said one of the police officers before he cut himself off. His voice catching itself within his throat as he scanned over the leather jacket wearing Tasanagi. Kin's light stuble on his chin made him look older than what he had been. With his head tilted up high he took a deep breathe as he pulled his head up to scan to the tops of the building. His piercing gold eyes scanning over the full exterior of the towering police station. " Kin? " Said a familiar voice. Turning his head to see whom had approached him. It had been none other then Kin's bestfriend. Taco! Taco, his real name being Leonardo Gonatolis, is form a mafia that been long serving under the Kagemaru clan, even after there destruction. H'11 in height, he weight's about 130 pounds. He has shady blonde hair, and a pair of bright green eyes. At age 16 Taco had dropped out of school despite being how smart he is. He takes most of his time in creating things for Cyborgs and the likes, doing these things on the low for some serious cash. He was the leader of the Keeg Club, and had been for about 6 years, untill Kin fainlly defeated him in a game of Live fight when he was only 16 himself. Taco, now works for Kin though he'd never say it openly. Doing whatever Kin asks of him as long as it doesnt make him look " uncool." Taco wishes to be the best cybernetic's mechanic there ever was. After Kin's disapperance after the Sector Games, and after Taco had barely survived the battle with Deus after Ginji took an attack for him, killing Ginji in his stead. Taco has dedacded his life to using his intellgence to help others. He's the KPD's head cybernetics expert and is one of the leading forseince scienticst on the force as of now.

( )

" Taco!? HAHAHAH long time no see man! " Kin said rushing over to greet his friend, dapping each other up kin proceeded to then pull him in for a large bear hug! " HEY HEY HEY HEY! " Taco said struggling in Kin's herculine grip as he cringed and seized before kin finally let him go. Kin's a calm natured intellectual. Keeping to himself most of the time but can be very social if need be. A Natural born leader, and a warrior as well. He believes in a good fight, a challanging one. And he belives in being strong, and that the weak will either fall, or adapt. Kin is kind hearted, and opens his heart and mind to anyone whom may be interested but... he does have a beast in him. A mysterious one which makes his personality shift from time to time. Showing scoipathic behavior every once and awhile. He's serious and dark toned, but knows how to have a good time when its time to. You can find kin mostly at his favorite bar over in District 2, own by his dads Yakuza, getting drinks every now and then. " So... after five years, you finally show your face again huh. What's the catch." Taco said crossing his arms as he stared Kin down with that grueling scowl of his. " Ive uh... been busy, after the games. I had to come to terms with alot that was told to me. " He said rubbing the back of his neck. " But... im here now. And that's all that matters. " " Well, things have changed. The New Cheif will want to know your here if your looking for a job. Come on... Follow me."

( )

Kin did just that, following slowly behind his friend, getting strange stares as he continued to progress through the station. The odd stares sizing him up with every turn he took. Once and soon enough they had made it into the cheifs office. Knocking on the door the cheif had been waiting half dressed, her long blonde hair draping over her top and her legs pulled up. A few news reporters had been in the room interviewing her all googly eyed when Kin and Taco both entered the room. " Hm.." She said turning her head over to see Kin Tasanagi in the flesh, her blue eyes locking onto his golden orbs. " Ahhhhh so the rumors are true, you are back..." " Rumors? Ive only been back for three hours or so.." " Word travels around here wolf. Especially to me. Come... take a seat right here. Lets talk. " Her large breast bounced a bit as she shifted down from her desk and into her seat, pulling her right leg over the left and pulling her danty hands into each other before she tilted her head towards the door signaling the reporters to leave. " So, what brings you back here... to my city..."

The Spider Queen

[10/7/2015 12:06:17 AM] Sailor Neptune: ( )  Deep within the city limits a small shop stood. In an Old Japanese Style it just seemed out of place within the modern city. To the normal passerby they'd might never think of going in the place, but despite it's outlandish appearance, it was quite popular. Both with the general public, and criminals who visited the shop for darker means. The shop was really an herb shop, that was run off an estate. The owner sells incense, scented oils, natural cures/beauty products and flowers. People question what she is, because her self made products often work above and beyond. The shop itself wasn't dangerous however the woman inside; Syl was. The petite woman was never seen by anyone again since the Sector Games. After the games she'd established her shop and cut off all ties with the outside world, offering her plants to the public to help them with their health and beauty problems, but as far as anyone knew, 'Syl' was dead, nobody knew who this mystery plant woman was. All her speaking was done through a 'familiar,' a plant construct Syl herself had grown. It was a small but strong creature that spoke for Syl and handled all the customers at her guidance. Currently it was sweeping the floor of the shop, while a figure moved behind a curtained off section at the back of the shop. The gossamer curtains only showing an outline of a figure that was hard to shape out, all that could really be seen was long strands of hair and what looked to be the shape of a kimono. This figure settled down on a couch and watched the small plant work. It was holding the broom with thin vines as it tidied the shop.

The shop itself was dark, many plants and various knicknacks were neatly set up on shelves, the plants giving off unique smells and was lit by a few candles about the store, but it's real lighting came from the small spiders that were floating about the area. Small white glowing spiders were lazily floating to and fro across the shop sending shadows and soft lighting all over. The sound of the small plant was the only thing heard for a while until someone came in, causing the wind-chimes by the door to twinkle. The small plant looked up as a old woman came in hunched over and her face in pain. Syl's eyes wandered to the man that walked in, he had on sun glasses and a suit. He looked around the shop for a second before noticing the small creature, who bounced over to him. "Mistress is done with your order!" It squeaked as it dropped the broom and rolled across the floor. "Wait here! I'll go get it!" It sang as it rolled under the curtain Syl was behind. There was a shuffling of fabric as the tiny beet rolled back to the hands feet and held it up to him, a small glass vial. He bent over and took the vial and held it to the light. The liquid inside was tinged pink, he nodded and slipped it inside his jacket before bowing deeply and leaving. Syl's figure lay back across the couch as the small plant returned to work.

Syl: ( ) Syl's plant continued to sweep the shop, straightening up anything that was amiss. It wasn't soon before Syl herself finally stood up and pulled the curtain back from revealing herself. ( Her half lidded eyes gazed around her shop disinterested, she sighed and moved to a corner of the shop where she kept her incense, her small plant minion bouncing around her ankles. She selected a vanilla scented one and headed to the door of her shop. Siding it slowly open she not only let a cool breeze in but she let her scents out, causing the immediate area to smell fragrant and earthly. She turned and left the door to her shop ajar, allowing it to air out as the air inside had gotten stuffy and hot. Heading back into the shop she walked over to her Shamisen and settled her self down on the mat next to it. Picking it up she strummed it lightly, like a feudal Japanese portrait she looked elegant in her power pink kimono, and the obi which looked like butterfly wings. She began to play the instrument quickly, the heavy notes filling the shop. ( ) Her black hair pooled around her as she played it, her fingers flying across the strings, the small plant like being rolling around on the floor in-front of her. Once she stopped playing she blinked and closes her crimson eyes, and sighed. Resting the instrument on her lap she turned her face toward the breeze that was coming into the shop.

The Furea - Fight over New Nexus

[10/7/2015 1:23:10 AM] Nova Furea: -::- The invasion of the Zodiac twelve- Fuukimitsu, Renka, Yojimbo, Yamatori, Renji, Yuno, Yatogi, batsu, hannya, Bahamut, Karu, Reaver. "Are you ready?? we have an important assignment tonight failure will not be tolerated, we need a tech analysis of the operation, Batsu give me a run down." Using quick fleeting motions the one known as Batsu perched high atop a nearby ledge, the thirteen members would be located on one of the highest corporate buildings in all of New Nexus, looking out over the horizon the Moonlit night concealed grim intentions. "Well Boss Senator Kruz is still at the intended location two buildings away" the middle aged man held a smile unaware of the murderous crew that observed his every move. "Can I fillet him and Drench myself in his blood?! You know how blood me gets me going." A feminine "Guffaw" fell From Renkas lush lips and the rest of the Group chuckled. A hand was raised silencing his men "this is no time for jokes. This man is seen as a hero in the eyes of these fools do any of you know why?" the twelve assassin's shook their heads in unison falling to silence. "I'll tell you why because his lies are his shield and he creates fabrications of hope and stability on those lies. this man is bathed in Blood and its on that fountain of blood that he's made his empire. Violence breeds more violence blood begets Blood this man will die this day for the sake of the greater good." the twelve members of the Zodiac saluted their leader places their forearms over their chest while making a closed fist. "Even if we should fall, even if we should perish, we shall leave this world less forsaken than whence we came in our goal is to spread equality at the cost of even our own lives, even our own self image we'll die martyrs before forsaking that belief we are legion, we are the Zodiac Twelve!" Nova nodded in response to their resolve raising his hand he signaled for them to move, in unison they were upon the next building making dextrous motions they flowed as if one with water until they were directly atop the targets building. Nova stood tall following their motions his right foot pushing off the side of the building his thighs pumping him forward at ludicrous speeds hitting the concrete traversing terrain at speeds well over forty-five miles he would be upon the building the other assassin's found placement upon. Nova looked into the building. Senator Kruz was having a conversation with some other congressmen, he seemed happy, a scornful malice passed over Novas expression because his knew these fleeting moments would be the senators last, Nova  with a snap of his fingers signaled to the other members of his set, they vanished from view and began the operation, "dismantle the security, and reroute all cameras away from the entry point, have it done in less than ten minutes. "SIR!" Nova folded his arms across his chest and waited, within five minutes the murmurings of hundred of civilians could be heard and the power was cut, an added bonus apparently, creating a closed fist with his right hand he thrusted it downward towards the glass that formed the top of the building a loud crash! was heard as Nova began to rapidly descend into the building, hushed murmurs turned to panic as hundreds of blue collar men and women began to scramble all over the building like ants, pieces of paper were strewn to and fro upon the ground "This is sufficient." grabbing the piece of mail off the floor Nova began pouring his chi into the object, it became much more rigid and stiff, and the edges flattened giving it a much more blade like property. Using the crowd as cover Nova zig-zagged to and fro between people his eyes adjusting to the cover of darkness he began to look a sift through the identities until he found Senator Kruz, the senator hid well under cover of darkness but Novas perceptions were strong, and he found the man about thirty feet away running for a nearby door, Nova was quick to oblige his retreat his right foot pushing his body forward causing him to close in on him at dangerous paces, with a motion faster than the untrained eye could follow, he flicked this mail in the senators direction, the sharpened piece of paper cutting through air resistance at an insane rate was upon the senator bofore he could even open the door he was standing near, a groan was heard and then was followed by the sound of dead weight hitting the floor, the man was decapitated, the cut was clean and Novas chi began to burn the letter covering his tracks, Nova touched the wired transceiver that was attached to the left side of his head. "Clean kill, team move to extraction." within minutes a helicopter landed on the helipad atop the building Nova jumped from pillar to pillar making his ascent into the hole he had created only minutes before the flickerings of various shadows could be seen and made out as Nova sat within the helicopter, Batsu jumped in the cockpit pushing various buttons and mapping auto pilot controls, the other eleven members hung from the helicopter, take-off imminent Nova nodded waiting for the other members to grab onto the aircraft. Nova radioed in once more "Mission accomplished I want reports on the news and police investigations on this matter, this information is dire to pace of our operations."

[10/7/2015 4:44:43 AM] Chaotic-Jester: It was another day in the city in Kasaihana. Suno  was strolling about the streets of the city in his usual getup: A pair of baggy, red, basketball shorts, and a loose, black, t-shirt. He ran his fingers through his dark colored hair as he looked up at the sun setting his eyes lit up with excitement as he thought about what was to take place today. "What's a good day without my trusty Spalding?" He questioned himself as he strolled up the street dribbling the ball with a control level only seen by streets legends. In awe, the other civilians of the town watched him handle the ball wondering if he was going to be a star, if he'd be the next great thing. "Yo, Su, you down for a pick up game?" A random kid on the court called out to him. Suno finally reached his destination, the basketball court that was soon to make him a legend of the streets. "Always, bro." Suno stepped up to the court and had been ready to play since he started his journey there. "So who's captain???" Suno's eyes searched about, looking for someone he deemed a worthy opponent for the team he was gonna be a part of. "You're that Furea fag, right?" a boy from the half court line called while making his way over to the side line bench where the others had gathered. "You got not talent, just like the rest of your family. So I'll play you. Your team versus mine." Suno smirked at the kid's challenge; by himself he's practically a team of NBA stars in one. "I don't know you, but you have totally fucked yourself today, sir." He took three of his closest friends as well as a new kid and the game began. It was slow and a losing battle, not for lack of skill, but fairness. A legend was in the process of being made and that legend was Suno Furea. Out of ninety-nine basket ball games he'd played on this court he'd never lost a single one and today was gonna be the one hundredth win. The score was bad and worsening with each play that was made. "Feed me the ball, guys." Suno took off down the court like a bat outta hell. Once he was passed the ball his eyes grew cold, a type of cold that's usually seen in movies. The entire team knew these cold eyes as they had been looking down on them for years now. Suno, ball in tow was over the half-court line and was in a neutral position, dribbling the ball between his legs while watching the defenders line up to box him in. "You boys never learn... One against four is an easy win for me." Eyes on the court lit up with all sorts of emotions as they watched Suno pushed forward; the course being driven with his right hand. Defender one reached in for the ball coming in from the left to snatch the ball out of its natural flow, but missed. His eyes widened as he noticed that his balance was thrown off with how hard he reached in, but what made him the most upset was that the ball was sent through his legs with ease. Defenders two and three boxed out Suno while four eased up from behind, a snatch and steal play of you will; this was to be expected of them though. It was a play that he was hit with a few weeks before. "GOTCHA!!" The fourth defender screamed as he came from behind Suno's right where the ball was still bouncing about. "Too predictable!" he knew he'd come from the right, so he bounced the ball with his left hand as well as shifted his body to the left pivoting off his left foot. This caused defender four to take out defender two. Defender three bodied up against him, chest to back as a means to try and contain him. It was enough though. "I got you now." Defender three tried to rip Suno of the ball as four did, but failed immediately as he shifted his body back to his original position, pretending to fake to the right, but instead of actually breaking holding his position. Defender three went with his guy instinct and followed through with what should have happened, but when he noticed that the ball had not moved and nor did its handler he tried to rush back. It was too late for him though, his ankles gave and he dropped forward. A quick dip and sway motion Suno sank the first bucket of many in order to seize his one hundredth victory on the court. Of course after the game had ended a new face showed up. His name was Karu.

The back of his jersey read that so it was assumed to be his name. "Mind if I join in?" He asked, but to Suno it seemed more like a "Wanna see some cool shit happen??" "Go for it!" Suno responded this way putting him on his team and dropping in of his tired players. "Give him the ball." Suno didn't put randoms on his teams often cause they were usually awkward, but this one seemed different, more distinguished. Karu ran through breaking the ankles of his defenders as Suno did before. After the game they had a talk. "Good shit out there, Karu!" He smiled at him with a look given to the few he actually a knowledged on the court which was a very small pool of people. "Man I totally crushed those guy's, right, right? Yeah, I know I'm awesome!" Karu responded back with almost all the arrogance of the world. "You sound like my cousin, Nova.." He eyed him with a cocked eyebrow of approval. "Well, I am your brother...." At that point Suno's eyes widened with excitement. "You lived with momma, right?! How is she!?" Karu's eyes lowered at the question. He didn't wanna tell the truth but it's all he had in that moment of time. "She's gone.. Her health wasn't the best...." The pearlescent blue eyes became a nearly black sight at the news. "I see.. Welp, might as well head back home." Karu was confused as to what just happened. "I move forward, man. I do it quickly." A faint smile tugged on his still broken up face. "Follow me." They Ran back to the Furean estate and ran into Lucian. "Lucian, this is my brother Karu. He'll be living here with us as well, okay. Also, Nova should be in the Zodiac room. You should go talk to him, maybe he can get you into a family trade." With that Suno went to his room. "Lucian assign him a living quarter and help him unpack, please." Those were his last words before disappearing for the night.  It had been a week since his brother moved in, since he'd been to the Zodiac room to see Nova. He sent him there to get a trade, but he didn't know what trade he took up. Hopefully it wasn't the one that the family is infamous for. If so he could get into a world that should be avoided by him at all cost. "I swear if Nova gets him killed from trying to play Batman I'm a whoop his ass." His final thoughts over the breakfast Lucian made for him, which was his favorite, buttered toast with a steak and scrambled eggs. After breakfast he went to his classes. Although he was there he couldn't help but wonder about his brother and where he was or what he'd been up to that would allow him to be absent for so long just after meeting Nova.

"SIR!" Nova looked out the window after hearing their response and he sighed, today was just another day" -::- The Zodiac Twelve is a forced to be reckoned with -::-

Eye of Calamity: What appeared to be a young man just about the right age to enter senior year was carrying nothing more than a small bag of clothes with roughly three days worth of outfits and two pairs of custom shoes, his wallet and the clothes on his back. His tan skin appeared smooth to the touch, his hair which was dyed a dark navy blue was short and neatly combed through swayed in a subtle breeze while he made his way through Kasaihana city. The clothes he was currently wearing is a blue jersey and baggy black soft denim jeans with custom slip on basketball shoes made in a gothic style. The shoes are black with blue trim with a single buckle and strap around the ankle with a D ring hanging on the exterior. He appeared a bit of a goth since he was wearing a white smooth leather collar with three O rings set to be symmetrical around his neck there's one on the left and right of his collar and obviously one in front of the center of his throat which has a length of two feet small chain hanging from it. Based on what was not concealed by his clothes the young man had a very toned figure and was of athletic slim build, he was five foot eight inches and couldn't weigh more than one hundred sixty-five pounds. Every so often he'd look around to the street signs as it was his first time in the city and he was clearly lost, but as time passed he had forgotten about his destination (The Furea house which was actually located in New Nexus.) and instead had been completely taken in by a basketball court with other individuals playing. It was obvious by the jersey he was currently wearing with his own name embroidered on the back "Karu" that he played a mean game of basketball himself so it didn't take long before he approached the court placing down his bags and asking to jump in. Just after being accepted he put in two small ear buds playing a song that just synched with the core of his soul he listened to it all the time. Religiously so but it also sharpened his focus when playing street-ball which was his one true hobbie, it was the one thing that let him blow off steam and he felt that the talent he had for it was gods gift to him.

"Mind if I join in?"

Just as the game started another player passed him the ball on the opposite side of the court where he was met with a mark for man to man defense, he was just a nobody playing among a normal group so he felt he had to impress and earn his way into their social network to play another time. He went from a slow dribble to rapidly pounding the ball against the court he took three steps back and said "Here I come!" before breaking into a sprint his body rapidly accelerated forward the man blocked his path with a solid defense but it didn't matter Karu's body jerked backward with a spin and juked swiftly around the man's left side easily slipping past his mark while the other players were mentally at a loss for the phenominal moves he put on display they stood still in awe (the other team) and despite his height the young man sprung into the air jamming the orange ball through the chain netting of the rim. A few hours went by and the team he had joined was actually captained by his half brother that he had come to live with; they didn't even acknowledge each other at first as neither of them met till this very day. The only reason they even had come to introduce themselves was because they had played so well together they were making plans to do so more often once Karu became situated. Before leaving the court lead by his half brother he stood there for a moment pulling a nail-file from his pocket smoothing down each nail obsessively before wiping the light blue powder from the file. The powder was from the metallic blue paint on his finger nails. He once again would pick up his bag of clothes looking to his half brother speaking with a bit of an arrogant tone in his voice and a smirk on his face "man I totally crushed those guys right, right? Yeah I know I'm awesome!". The game was easy enough for the two of them alone excluding the other three on their team, they had plenty of energy so they took off running toward what would soon be his new home.

The journey that brought the young man to his relatives in Kasaihana was official business his dying mother told him to make something of himself; that he was a smart boy who could achieve anything if he put his mind to it. His order of business in the city of Kasaihana was to work under his cousin. He didn't realize his mother had been dying but it soon became evident on one evening roughly three days before his arrival into the city when lying in bed she called Karu to her side. Her voice trembling as tears rolled down pale cheeks she looked to her son with a look of regret. "Hikaru you are a Furea you are destined for great things; my dear son I have only one regret and that is I couldn't watch over you when you achieve those things. I am not long for this world so please seek your cousin and brother. Suno and Nova make sure to remember everything I've taught you." She kissed her son on his forehead for the last time; later that night she passed from the world in her sleep. The next morning Karu's journey began by taking the pass into Kasaihana from his mother's dresser and basically walking from outside the city coming from a small town off in the middle of nowhere.

10/7/2015 11:07:19 PM] Calamari':  A little over a week has come to pass and Karu had already completed his first assignment as a Zodiac member, from the day he last saw his mother to the current day he went through a large transformation. He had become an entirely different person, from recent success in his mission and the way him and Lumiere took down a team of basketball players with ease he gained alot of confidence. Adding this on to his already existing arrogance from being the ace of his last school's basketball team he felt untouchable. It was now the following Saturday; Karu was only just walking through the gate of Kasaihana High a few students were there for activities and a couple teachers and the principal were there to observe the students as well as handle the sign up procedure for Karu. Dressed in his usual attire not really caring for the dress code the closest thing he did to adhere to the formal dress code was wearing a loose fitting black dress shirt over his jersey which he still left unbuttoned, his rebellious attitude once again stemmed from his ego. He handed over an envelope containing the sign-sign up sheet for the basketball club it was only a half hour after reading his application that he was to be tested by the captain. The captain was a giant compared to Karu who was only 5'8 towering over him at 6'10 "Come on shrimpy our line up is full if you wanna make it onto the team let alone the main roster you're gonna have to show your stuff." said the captain in a low deep tone. Karu looked up at him feeling the pressure behind his words and seeing the fire in his eyes Karu knew they were gonna play one on one, the captain lead him down a long hall south of the main lobby and took a right where he pushed open two large metal doors revealing a massive gymnasium having two basketball courts and still plenty of room for more sport activities.

The captain went into the locker room to change into the teams uniform a black and red jersey with matching shorts, he came back and stood at the half court line ready to play. Karu shifted his shoulders back pressing his shoulder-blades closer to the center of his back the dress shirt sliding down his arms falling to the ground but once again he had to claim his right as the ace of the team just as he did in his previous school. One of the other club members tossed a basketball to the captain who was kind enough to wait for Karu to stand five feet behind the half court line with a grin on his face mumbling under his breath "In this world winning is everything and there is nobody that can oppose me." It was game on Karu's form slumped forward in an unorthodox stance his fingertips hanging just below his knees ready to take off in an instant, the captain tossed him the ball and rushed forward he was quite fast for a big guy Karu whipped his right arm out after dropping the ball in front of himself the captain chuckled thinking this new guy was a complete rooky and before his hand could reach the ball it was already gone. Pivoting on his right foot Karu had palmed the ball with his left hand pushing the ball forward to the right the ball moving between the captains legs at the same time as Karu spinning around the captains own left meeting the rising ball with his right hand rapidly dribbling the ball crossing it between his own legs to meet it again with his left hand that began dribbling the ball behind his back. The captain grew angry as the junior mocked him to his face and stepped back so he had a better defensive stance to take him on and Karu waiting for him to do so rushed forward just as the captain shifted his weight back his left arm motioned vertically behind his back tossing the ball over the captains head. The basketball having the most presence on the court instantly grabbed his attention and set the captain off balance since his feet were already in the middle of shifting backward he sprung back a second time in a two-part sequence of short hops but he still couldn't match Karu's agility who had already caught up to the ball which from the captains hops was now falling practically in his lap. Pushing off the ground with his right foot Karu sprang to the captain's right Karu's right hand swiped at the ball his fingers spread as wide as they could be and is hand curved he took firm grasp of the ball while his body was lunging to the side stealing the ball right from the captain's face. It was a one sided match someone like the captain who played a orthodox style of organized basketball was completely thrown off by Karu's unorthodox style and rhythm but even so the captain broke into a sprint back toward the net trying to cut him off. They were back and forth up and down from the paint to the half court the two sweating profusely from the high-paced play but the captain was a sore loser as he was left with zero points to fifteen it was a first of twenty so he figure'd he'd teach the junior a lesson calling in two more club members. It was once again winner ball the captain threw Karu the ball for what would be the last time but this time he was pressured and couldn't break past them so easily  the three worked well together and covered each other perfectly. Karu had finally warmed up he was a extremely passionate for the sport and was even more talented than he were passionate. His eyes narrowed his sharp concentration and drive for victory he'd reached the usual human limitation of eighty percent of their capabilities. He stepped back drawing in the first of the captain's lackeys performing a rapid spin on his left foot which was further back before darting forward in a near unstoppable drive, the most the lackey could do was widen his stance just as Karu was about to pass him but it was for not since he lowered into a haunched running position slipping under his slightly raised right arm. The second lackey was awaiting him at the three point line but he too would be crushed by Karu performing a turnaround feint at full speed, he stopped right on the three point line seeing the captain in the paint waiting to shut him down. Drawing back all the way to the half court line again just to prepare for his last maneuver he ran at top speed from the center of the court round to the left side of the court in a wide sweeping arc on the court "thud-d-d-d-d-d-d" like a jackhammer the ball kept bouncing at a fast pace to match his stride it was at the free throw line that he leaped into the air performing a lane-up, the captain jumped attempting to block what he thought was a dunk but with Karu's sharpened sense of concentration he could see the block in his mind and adapted by hurling the ball as hard as he could in a bee-line straight into the basket.

The three club members didn't even bother to play the rest of the game they conceded forced to acknowledge the junior's place on the team. Karu walking off the court disappointed in their lack of fighting spirit picked up his shirt using it like a towel wiping the sweat from his face and neck before tossing it in the trash. "As I've said victory is everything and there's nobody who can oppose me." What was overwhelming spirit and desire to win had been replaced by a sense of boredom. "Oh! By the way don't forget to send my jersey, size medium and do so by monday." Karu kicked open the metal doors which opened both ways he was walking at a leisurely pace making his way back home he didn't even realize that he his new pair of headphone's on the whole time he had been reading everyone's lips and drowning them out with a song he had on repeat. The day wasn't over on his way home he'd make sure to stop by a small shop he'd spotted a few times it looked like a sports shop, taking the left over money he had from his trip he went and purchased a pair of twenty pound ankle weights(each weighing that much) and put them on to continue the rest of his day. He was training to have his body get accustom to the extra weight so he could move even faster and jump higher in due time; taking the long way since he was now a bit familiar with the routes home he wanted to stop by a shrine to pray for further success in his life but something looked weird at the gate a pair of Kitsune statues at the gate like a set of guardians and at their front paws a pair of red gems the size of golf balls. Thinking it was a gift for his prayers he took the two gems and placed his hands in his pockets proceeding on his way home. Finally arriving back at the Furea house he went to take a shower to relieve the stress built through the day and get clean but much to his amazement the red gems were gone he looked thoroughly threw his pants but nothing; he thought to himself "Shit!" but while relaxing under the hot water he rubbed his arms, feeling something weird like a smoothe surface he looked to his arms noticing there was a red shining surface the size of a small marble on the underside of his wrists. Unable to keep his composure he freaked out "What the fuck!" covered in soap suds and dripping water along the floor he ran with nothing more than a towel around his waist thankfully covering everything making his way to the Zodiac room yelling his cousin's name. "Nova! I took these fucking gems from the shrine..." he began to explain everything as he slipped on the way into the room sliding along the floor. "Now look the damn things look to be in my arm what the hell do I do!?" (Unknown to characters before getting examined by a specialist the gems are actually Hoshi no Tama)

Serizawa: Inside the building with Senator Kruz was none other than the Mayor of New Nexus himself Jericho Serizawa, he was invited to this meeting to speak about the new idea's of the city but the thing was Jericho had other plans he could be plotting against Leon right now. One of his Idea's was to kill Kruz himself and frame Leon to bring him back to the light again it's been a while since Jericho seen Leon it gotten pretty boring without Bat ears flying around. " I would like to thank you all for coming Senator Kruz wished to have the meeting in my home and who would I be...*Lights offf*" Once the lights flicked off everyone panicked well everyone but Jericho he was well protected not like he needed it. He had his 10 of his level 10 soldiers surrounding him who were unseen due to their Cloaking Device also known as the Invisibility System] and Active Camouflage, This is an advanced piece of theirtechnology that is able to render the user invisible, or nearly invisible, to the naked eye, as well as many forms of electronic scanning. The Cloaking Device warps light around the user's body in such a fashion that surfaces behind the creature are visible through the Persons body. The effect is not perfect, often leaving a visible silhouette similar to heat haze, but in certain environments (and when the Person remains motionless) it can effectively help them to hide in plain sight. " Release the Roaches and get the others I can sense something up.." Jericho said as one of his guards would go to get the others, he would turn to see the Senator running off. " Heh.. For once im not causing this..." His eyes would soon shift towards a stranger zig zagging through the crowd aiming towards the Senator he is able to see so clear due to his control over of the darkness, before Nova would even reach the radius of the Mayor Jericho would snap his fingers ( Still in the time frame of you running) And once Max would snap his fingers would attempt to use one of his favorite moves Absolute Darkness, The user is able to create a field of absolute impenetrable darkness that completely negates sight. Aiming to blind Nova in the darkness unless his eyes could produce night vision but during this motion if Nova stopped running or not Jericho would then attempt to make the very ground Nova stepped on become sharp Tendrills created and formed from the shadows undeath his foot meaning each time his foot created an shadow he would receive a 12 inch tendril through his foot.

[5:18:32 AM | Edited 5:19:33 AM] Nova Furea: -::- Formation Zantetsuken, Combination Vajra -::- Nova scoffed at the attempts to thwart his assassination on senator Kruz A minor inconvenience, Nova Noticed something very peculiar about the ground with which he stood upon, it seemed more lucid almost contaminated with a form of energy which he could not understand, as He waved between the crowds of people, he would then jump upon the back of a nearby civilian walking upon his shoulders it was in this moment Nova used the scattering masses as a foot stool of shorts, even if something should happen with the ground they may indeed make excellent meat shields, he continued his advance upon senator kruz, an unknown force hindered vision he of course knew full well how to get around in even the steepest darkness his assassination training gave him a sight beyond that of the average man and even though the attempt was made to completely mitigate his vision he could still make out mishappened shapes though the outlines were all he really needed. "fukkimitsu, formation zantetsuken...." as if with the very winds themselves Fukkimitsu, karu, and Batsu dropped from the ceiling, immediately they began running upon the side of the building walls, each running is adjacent corresponding patterens, as they ran they held within their hands large oil flasks using the momentum from each other they created a propeller effect eventually dousing the whole room in oil, A stipulation to an ability that creates complete darkness is that No one except those who live in shadow are granted any sight Nova took this into account the entire room Now doused in this oil one could say that the smell was indistinguishable, it was at this moment Nova spoke aloud. "Batsu fry the ventilation system....." "But boss that's highly dangerous if I destroy the circuitry right now with all that oil in that room it will..." "Listen Batsu, I knew full well the risk of formation zantetsuken now do what I tell you. "yes Sir" within a manner of seconds the smell of burnt wires filled the air the sparks hit the ground conducting beautifully with the oil that now filled the room, Nova jumped from a pedestrians shoulders onto a nearby balcony pulling himself up he watched as flames almost instantly engulfed the room, "We have visual on the target team senator kruz is on fire and apparently has attempted to use the oil soaked ground to put himself out... he wont live much longer. during the midst of all this Nova noted another individual which looked to be the mayor of new nexus, presumed to be alone it was apparent that this was a façade as the cloaked guards were dancing around in pain from the surrounding heat, Nova touched the comm-link once more. "Zodiac twelve Combination Vajra. The three Zodiac members who were near the surrounding walls generating air current with their momentum to keep the flames at bay from themselves jumped into the air, it was in this moment the ceiling exploded as if an oni itself had opened a rift in time and space, at that moment each member of the zodiac threw twelve paper bombs a piece, these paper bombs attached to kunai landed all over the giant counsel room area, awaiting detonation at even the slightest lick of flames it was in this moment Nova witnessed senator kruz be engulfed in fire and brimstone. "kill comfirmed, not as clean as I would have liked it but it will do." "what do we do about the mayor??" "Leave him batsu.... I doubt he will make it out of here alive, Zodiac Scatter!" Nova during that moment Dove out of a near-by window plummeting a few feet to the building right next to the embassy building The Zodiac members having hung onto the ceiling with ropes pulled themselves up into the rafters disappearing and evacuating the building using the same hidden passages they had entered with, the glass and the fall harmed Nova a moderate bit but nothing serious enough to stop movement, it was here Nova reveled in his work, "be engulfed in the flames of my ideals Mayor Jericho" -::- Zodiac twelve report to extraction -::-

Jackass: ( ) " Hmph" Jericho would stand in place watching Nova's men paint the walls with Oil and before they even set it off Jericho would be right behind Nova as he would leap out the window but instead of taking Nova's route Jericho had other plans. Opening his hands Jericho allowed his Jaganshi's Blade to appear and right before the building would explode Jericho would phase through the wall towards Nova's left side. ( How is he able to do this?) Jericho is able to transform his body completely into shadows. Users transformed form can be either anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of shadow, In this state Jerichio is able to become Intangibility, were he can move through objects and ignore most physical effects in their way, exact means how this is done vary between slipping partially into other dimensions, being able to make their own atoms move between other atoms, being non-physical being of energy, vibrating their molecules into a new quantum frequency, etc. Regardless the user is able to ignore most attacks, physical dangers and gravity.(In a battle Jericho is able to perform this four times)) If Jericho caught Nova from surprise or not he would still attempt to send six furious slashes towards Nova 2 alternating left/right straight slashes 2 backwards slashes, a standard and reverse axe slash. This was happening as Nova was in mid air,  If any of these attacks landed Nova would receive an 4 inch cut due to how big the sword is, But Jericho knew Nova could throw anything at him so he was ready for anything. [2:01:24 AM] Nova Furea: -::- The death of Jericho Serizawa -::- Since Nova was already out of the window, and the person in question Jericho was quite literally in the middle of the room which was doused in flames prior to this incident it was safe to assume from his response that he had no true viable means of defending against what was to come, the paper bombs that were thrown that were clearly ignored would detonate at this point creating a simultaneous explosion 144 times over in a condensed space, the magnitude of said impact in a condensed room would generate a level of heat similar to a small nuclear reactor heating itself to the point of systematic melt-down, Jericho due to his placement in the room could not have logically followed Nova out of the building due to his own placement which was near senator kruz who was in the middle of the room, Nova who had run past moments before also ran off the backs of nearby civillians, this in turn gave him the leverage he needed to get up to the afore-mentioned balcony, since Jericho serizawa made no mention of using any form of elevation to follow him this was not applicable, the male in question could indeed have used an ability to save himself from this demise if he had prepped properly however with no form of preparation for any powers that had been used, including this final ability it would be the nail in Jerichos coffin as he could only be logically over exerted at this point meaning he would not have the power to use an ability. Nova who had left the building moments before stood upon the opposite building complex and watched as concrete heated up to the point of looking like cracked porcelain, the building creating FWOOOM as the flames from the room sucked in upon themselves and imploded inside the room, this sudden force of inward motion would cause the support to the building to collapse in on itself not only all but destroying any and everything that inhabited the insides of this building complex, but would serve to completely level the building, whatever would not be burned to death would certainly at this point be crushed due to average building upon full collapse with gravity exerting at least 2.2 Gigatons of force, Novas eyes widened at the gruesome scene as he logically deduced in the moment that not only had senator kruz died in the explosion but Jericho serizawa as well, No one man could have survived such a situation and at this point Nova even doubted if the pick up crews would find any bodies. "well... Mission complete zodiac, I tried to avoid a news report but seems this will not go without incident.... Back to the furea estate." "YES SIR!" -::- ...... really tried to avoid that sorry bro -::- [5:02:45 AM] Chaotic-Jester: It had been a long day at school for Suno. He was an exceptional student seeing seeing how he was aiming to get picked up by a Division one school for basket. It hadn't been that much if a dream, but it was something that kept him going and allowed him to stay on task. "Alright, man, so your brother has some skill." Suno, who was in the back of the school with a group of cheer leaders smirked at the news. "He's my big brother I knew he'd make the team. He'll be my second in command on this team..." The kid, who as tow years above Suno, laughed it off as a bad joke seeing that Suno was only a freshman and was talking as if he was the deciding factor of the team's season. "What did you just say, Fresh meat???" Suno's eyes darkened as he slowly turned around from the girls that he was currently killing time with before he left for home. He faced the Junior with an eerie demenor. "I said he'll be second in command on my team. Problem?" The Junior who was 6'6" was as pale as a ghost but had the build of the perfect center. To his coach's knowledge he was the perfect center, but he had made a deathly mistake this day. "You talking big for a newbie! TIME FOR ME TO PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE!" The Junior took huge strides sprinting towards him as he yelled out in rage for his attitude. This was something Suno figured would happen eventually and he dealt with it in a manner that was both non-lethal and degrading at the same time. The dark eyes only grew darker as the second passed and his blood began to boil in a way that made him feel as if his rage was a flame that was meant to melt away people who stood in the way of his goals. "ARE YOU A FUCKING IDIOT?!?!" Suno returned his call and followed in the same steps as he, breaking off into a dead sprint he charged the boy, but something was off. Suno's body began to catch fire in a dark blue blaze, without even realizing this he kicked off a nearby trashcan that began to melt after he'd left its surface with a leap that was high enough in the air to be completely above the one that chose to cause him trouble. "Sleep.." After the epic jump with and an aura of fire covering him he swung out his right leg sine he jumped off his left and began a violent spin which did connect to the junior's chin. "The f-...." Those were his last words as he dropped to his knees and then lost conciousness. "Is something burning?" Suno's eyes went back to their neutral pale blue state as he turned back to the girls he'd been giving his attention to in the first place, but in an awkward fashion they all shrieked and threw water at him till he was drenched and the flames that had actually began to eat at his clothing were subsided. "I take it I was on fire..." The captain of the cheer team laughed at him. "In more ways than one, Su." His face lit up a bit at the statement; he felt at a lost cause she was definitely hinting at something else, but he didn't know what. In his mind he cursed being a younger guy, but this is what made hitting on the upper class cheerleaders worth it. "Well... You're on fire yourself.." He looked down after the girls began to giggle at him. "I'm just gonna head home now." In his mind Suno couldn't believe how he fucked that up, at least that what he thought. -c- [5:19:57 AM] Chaotic-Jester: "Wait, I was just on fire..." His eyes widened at how something so weird and anatomically imposible just happened. He was ablaze and no bodily harm came to him! He was scared, down right terrified. He ran home at full speed and busted though the door in a way that would alarm anyone present in the home. "Anyo-.." At that time Karu had been yelling for Nova which alarmed Suno even more. He took off to the Zodiac moving as if he were a breeze hopping off funiture and counter tops alike to quickly scale the stairway to get to the upper parts of the estate where the Zodiac room was located which was where the sound of his brother's voice was seemingly coming from. "Karu, you okay?" After hearing the explanation his eyes widened again and all that was on his mind was burning away his fear in order to be strong for his brother who was also panicking, but then another problem arose. "Bro, you smell that?" Suno's body cause ablaze yet again, but unlike the aura that was summoned when he knocked out the Junior it was more violent. "THE FUCK!?!?!?!" Suno in shock looked at his body as it began to flare up with heat, but it didn't scorch him, but it did begin to make its way along the floors they were standing on. "Help... Please..." he looked at his brother with eyes that looked as if death was literally next to him, their color now paler than that of a ghost. He dropped to his knees, hopping that the flames wouldn't do any bodily harm to his family or home; with that thought the flames stayed in a localized position, only being near him. He wasn't paying attention to what the flames were actually doing but it should be noted that the flames looked more decorative than actually threatening with the way they sat atop the floor without actually damaging it.

Calamari': -Enter Lucian the butler-

Seeing as Karu and Lumiere were in the midst of essentially obtaining or realizing their hidden potential/powers Lucian could sense it while he was attending to his usual duties such as cleaning the Furea house. While working the two young masters of the house were making quite the ruckus so much so that Lucian could hardly focus on his work so he decided to move toward the Zodiac room to see at least what was going on, it was upon his arrival that he'd notice the most obvious of things being Lumiere being on fire or more properly noted that he was surrounded by flames. The more unusual of the two would be his elder brother Karu who had an interesting force located in his wrists but since it hadn't manifested yet Lucian would take care of Suno first. He spoke with elegance in a low tone that was neither surprised or bothered in the slightest showing he was quite used to this type of thing "Silence the both of you, I shall explain everything and assist you in your problems." the first measure he took to assist Suno was snapping his fingers in front of his face to gather his attention and then lowering his flattened hand to the ground slowly like he was training a dog. The reason behind this was to give a visual command to relax and settle in place which was soon followed by a verbal command "Picture a candle in your mind and blow it out. This is your latent ability so it is you who controls it not it that controls you." turning to Karu who was in a state of panic for far less reason than Suno; Lucian flicked him in the forehead to penalize him for yelling. "Silence boy, this is your fault for taking things from a shrine. Now for you it won't be as simple fore you must harness the power of a different being to obtain your gift I suggest you meditate and attempt to communicate with the creatures of those gems. Seek their forgiveness and have them become your allies." Lucian drove his left hand palm first into his forehead knocking Karu back a few feet with a jerk of his head. "Go put on some clothes you fool!"

Karu rubbed his head making his way back to his room to get some clothes like he was told his mind elsewhere trying to mentally settle on the fact that he had more than one creature to gain power from. He couldn't understand how to do that so he went back downstairs only to find Lucian standing in the Zodiac room already holding a small card with a shinto firewheel emblem stamped on the back. "Take this young master and your brother to the facility known as Purgatory. They will train you in the ways to harness your abilities and more specifically help you Karu to become a more worthy man of the Zodiac Twelve." Karu swiped the card from Lucian a bit annoyed by the implied statement that he wasn't worthy of such a title to be among the Zodiac. It didn't matter though he grabbed a spare set of his usual outfit before yelling for his brother "Yo! Get your shit together we got training to do!" Karu headed out the door with his hands in his pockets knowing full well his younger brother wasn't one to sit and do nothing he knew that his brother would be right behind him in a matter of seconds.

-About an hour later-

With a loud sigh Karu stopped who knows where in the middle of New Nexus turning to look at his younger brother who was in town much longer than him. He mumbled grumpily "where the fuck is this..." he pointed at the card more specifically at the top right corner where the address (25th street) Karu wasn't sure where to go and was starting to feel a tingling sensation in his wrists. He was gradually losing strength in his hands so much so that he dropped the card in front of his brother, he leaned down to pick it up but fumbled with it for a couple seconds before he regained proper feeling in his hands and putting it in his pocket.

[7:31:51 PM] Chaotic-Jester: Lucian's voice didn't hit him at first, but the snapping of his fingers were more than enough to get his attention. After listening to his words he did exactly as he was told, visualizing a candle. The candle in his mind was literally himself covered in flames wanting nothing more than to see the entirety of the world bathed in flames. Suno, had a goal and this false representation of himself daughter to stand in the way of what he hoped to achieve; this made him nothing less than another foe and for that he had to go. His eyes darkened and the flames subsided. He came back to the reality of the world. When he came to his brother had been told to go put on clothes in a very harsh, manner, but understandable since Lucian was just doing his job. Suno had went to put on a fresh set of clothes since his current ones had damages from the fire that he had caused earlier. After changing his clothes he saw that Lucian gave Karu a card for some training facility. After that he was called by Karu. "I'm down for the cause!" When Karu began to head out Sunowasn't far behind. -c-

Chaotic-Jester: As the two brothers headed out into the city he noticed how his brother had began to fumble with the card, but didn't say anything. When Karu asked him where they were heading he responded with a chuckle. "Around this corner, man." After reaching their destination he looked at the giant dojo in awe, thoughts of the history and a lot of other factors rushing to his mind in rapid succession. "Welcome to Purgatory. How may we help you?" A man wearing a training gi that was black came to the gates with a smile wondering what the two boys were doing in such a rough part of the city alone. "We wish to train here. Word is that this is the best around... Me and my brother wanna know for ourselves.. Ya' know?" He smirked at the man, but it soon dropped as the guy turned his back to them.  "Follow me then, boys. We'll make you into killers." He disappeared into the facility  Suno, behind Karu followed him into the space.

Calamari': -Lucian's Excursion- As the two young masters Lumiere and his elder brother Karu were out to go hone their talents, the Lord Nova was out of contact more than likely busy dealing with some form of business as usual. Lucian has a variety of skills making him an exceptional butler; he on the otherhand was a bit different than most always seeking to bring the Furea house ever higher so it was the most exquisite treat to find out on the evening news that Jericho Serizawa himself had been blown away along with Senator Kruz. Before the news had even left the clip of the building aflame Lucian had already been briskly walking to the door letting down his usual tied up hair, instead of wearing his usual vest and dress shirt he was dressed in a straight white suit with a red tie. It was evident he was going out for his own nefarious purpose's as he left the Furea house in district 2 making his way for New Nexus. It wasn't long after departure that he rented a luxury limousine but it was just a matter of time until he would arrive in New Nexus with a sour face of utter disappointment. Within a few hours he was already making his way toward the local news station to begin the first step of his plans as by this time the talk of the city was the death of their dear mayor he announced in the lobby that he had an announcement to make regarding the future of New Nexus although skeptical a few people in charge came to talk with him in private regarding what he had to say; they briefly walked into a separate room to discuss the matter and returned to the lobby.


Something must have gone astray as the people came from the room in a bit of a daze and were suddenly announcing that Sir Cuza would feature in the morning news. Completely astonished the receptionist stood up with a shrill voice "Oh my gawd! Like seriously?" before the woman even said another word she was fired by a old man who participated in the private conversation. Lucian clapped his hands like royalty to their servants swiftly being served some tea before he went to a local hotel. Morning had come faster than anticipated and Lucian's usual callous expression had taken a twisted grin he was finally to make his move and grant his master with faithful service, taking his sweet time he'd return to the news station making his way to the set placing his long red hair over his left shoulder prepared for his announcement on the mid morning news. The cameraman counted down "3...2.." a motion of his index finger with a silent 1 and it began "Greetings fair citizens of this most wonderful city as you have all heard our beloved mayor fell victim to a strange occurance not so long ago, but fret not as I shall remedy this city of the upcoming chaos." Lucian said with a grin his voice was soft spoken but stern his expression and tone made it evident that he spoke the truth. He continued on bringing his right hand above the desk gathering just enough ki to create the visual presence of a red and black vortex swirling counter-clockwise in the palm of his hand "The Zodiac Twelve shall split this wonderful city into twelve sections, housing costs shall be decreased. Taxes lowered my dear people even crime rate shall be greatly reduced under their watch. Rejoice as they shall make this city prosper! Long live Furea!" the men and women watching on set had almost no sense of life in their eyes as they stared blankly into Lucian's hand as did the cameraman. This broadcast throughout all of what was currently known as New Nexus the masses as they observed the broadcast would come under a hypnotic effect of sorts the illusion cast over their minds by the dubious butler that they would continue their daily lives under the pretense that the announcement was fact not just a strange rumor. Clearly not every citizen would watch the announcement but among the many social media networks this would travel like wildfire turning it more or less into a fact as the majority of society within New Nexus would come to accept this.

-Birth of Helios City-

A few weeks had past and Lucian was back to his usual duties of cleaning answering the door from time to time with the coming and going of the Lord and young Masters of the house, their new home in what was now known as Helios City (formerly known as New Nexus). It was a typical day as Karu was found once again meditating for a few hours before school to communicate with the creatures of the gems; some progress was to be expected of course but not much they were a defiant mischevious type of creature that believed they were above Karu and had him do them favors such as going to local shrines to clean the floors by hand. Doing so mostly during the evenings after school having picked up some training tips from the training facility Purgatory he wore a total of sixty pounds worth of weights between weighted clothing and ankle weights/wrist weights he was constantly working to improve his stamina and agility by performing his usual tasks with said additional weight. The Zodiac Twelve had already been stationed throughout the city in their quadrants labeled one through twelve; just as the announcement said all had come to be truth.

Bleeding Cheeries

Kai: High and proud sat the mid afternoon sun, big and bright and round and yellow in the skies above. It's rays brushed warmly along the fallen line of autumn leaves that crunched beneath the feet of the many in the over crowded downtown area of Kasaihana City. The occasional breeze crisply swished its way over the area and through each of the three districts that individualy helped the city to form it's foundation. They couldn't be more lively if they tried to.  The sidewalks sprung to life with idle chatter and occasional swearing of pedestrians. The streets were filled, jam packed with ignoramous drivers that sat bumper to bumper and boisterous horns honking up a storm. Not to mention, it was about time for everyone to be getting off of work, traffic would be even more disasterous in the next fifteen minutes to half an hour. It was Friday, afterall. The end of the work week, start of the weekend ! It was getting about that time, oh that special time, where everyone ripped off their work clothes and prepared themselves for a night of bumping, grinding, drinking, wining and dining. Movers and shakers were known to run themselves rampant all over the town after the sun gave way and crashed behind the horizon. The nightlife scene in this town . . . Well, it holds much to be seen. Let's just say that. However, it was still early in the afternoon. Everyone still had on their business countanances, professional attire, and seemed to be carrying themselves in their right minds.  These things have been made known here over the course of time in the adult hours in Kasaihana. People stepped lively through the streets, all of them passing through. Although, among all of the establishments in downtown District 2, there sat the well renowned Poison Apple, the most visited restaraunt, nightclub, and bar for blocks on end. It's tall glass revolving doors stood motionless at the current moment, however and were not due to spin open for the next few hours. The building consisted of two stories; the lower, which harbored the club itself. And then there was the upper story and in the upper level was where the owner and her only child resided. The Poison Apple was not just a place of work, but it was also a home.

Who is the owner of this up and coming establishment you ask ? Well, she is none other than Asami Tachibana. But this is just her given name, here in the city of Kasaihana you are enclined to make a name for yourself. Especially if you are going to make it in this line of work. However, most call her by her stage name, the numbingly lusturous Snow White. Her long dark hair cascaded down her back as she stepped off of the elevator. With one step into the room, she was able to change the atmosphere. Just one step ! Her eyes bled in pools of blue violet, with long lashes lining them. The color of blood stained her lips and flushed her cheeks. Curves rounded her body, her form draped in a sensuous black dress. Lace elegantly webbed its way over the low v neck that stretched abover her naval, covering the smooth carmel skin of her bust. Lust incarnant. She was quite the woman. Asami's heels clicked in rhthym on the sleak black marble flooring of the restraunt. She made her way over to the employees who were checking the food, supplies, and stocking the alcohol. The dozen workers looked up to see their employer and all greeted her with a smile.

" Good day, Madame. " The head waiter gave her a respectful nod. " What brings you downstairs so early ? "

" Oh nothing, I was just up and moving, thought I'd check in on things down here. Did the shipment come in today ? " Asami crossed her arms beneath her protruding bossom, a smile graced her lips as she looked upon the man.

" Uh . . . Yes Ma'am, Madame Tachibana. Everything arrived here smoothly. "To which the poor  man, even with all his might, couldn't resist a lingering peek at the woman's ample bust. He swallowed a shameful lump in his throat and shook his mind clear of the impure thoughts that attempted to take root. " It has all been taken care of and put up safely. "

In that moment, the familiar dinging of the elevator doors rang open behind of her. The sound caught the Asami's attention and she quickly turned her head towards it. Stepping off of the elevator was a younger woman. Her lengthy dark cherry hair crinckled in thick unruly curls, bouncing with each foot forward. Thick dark red lashes bat over her soft lavender irises as her eyes scanned over the room. Cheeks filled with the warmth of a dark rose and her bright red lips to match. A loosely fit mint netted sweater sat over a thin crop top that hugged a bit too snuggly over her figure. Her short length dark denim overalls snapped and fitted to the plump form of her backside. Her timberland boots clunked against the floor. Now, the name of this bright blooming rose was Kaiuri Tachibana. However, she two had a stage name. Blossom Red. And no question about it, her beauty borderline rivaled that of Asami's. But what did you expect ? Like mother, like daughter. Beauty ran in the family, obviously. And when these two were in a room together . . . The very sight would knock anyone, male OR female on their ass. K.O. Quite the pair.

Asami nodded to the man, " Good deal. That wine is our gold mine, take care of it. " She stepped slowly, a knowing smirk playing at the corners of her mouth. " Now then, if you will please excuse me . . . I will be right back with you all in a second. " The woman turned away and headed towards her daughter.

" Hey Momma, what's up ? " Kaiuri smiled as her mother strut towards her. The young 21 year old folded her arms behind her back. She looked up at her mother, the woman stood slightly taller than her child at a height of 5"7'. And here was the stout redhead, her standing at about 5"3'. " I was just about to head out into town for a few. "

" Oh ? Well I do hope you're sense of time won't escape you. " Asami brought a hand to rest on her hip as she stared at her daughter. " It IS Friday, remember that. You're set to perform tonight. Don't lose track of time like you did last week. " She held her gaze. In the past Kaiuri had questionable attendance on performing nights. Asami had been trying to reign her in, but it seemed to be to no avail. Which is a darn shame considering that Friday nights are one of their biggest times of the week and Kaiuri is the main draw on these nights alone. Asami parted her lips and gave a calming sigh. " Look, I'm not trying to lay into you, but you should know the drill by now. Get it together. I mean it. " Hell, she was even paying her !

" I . . . " Kaiuri's words stunted. Her eyes lowered momentarily to the ground and she gave a short nod in acknowledgment. " Yes, Momma. " She felt Asami's fingers guide her chin upwards and Kaiuri was greeted with a loving smile. She gladly returned it. " Alright, you have my word. I'm leaving now, see you in a little while. "

Her mom nodded before heading back over to the employees, by this time more of the workers came flocking in to prepare the place for later tonight. Some bustled past Kaiuri, all trying to clock in and get started. She paid the no mind. And with that, the vexing cherry haired woman stepped out into the autumn Kasaihana air. The warmth from the sun beat down on her honeycomb skin. She sighed at the feeling. Lifting her eyes upwards she would embrace the noisy sounds of the city. Hello to you, Kasaihana.

Kai~: The fair autumn air ran smoothly over her warm honey skin. The mid afternoon sun still sat high and unashamed in the great blue sky. There was an occasional breeze that blew in with a chill. The vivacious dark skinned red head spared a look over her shoulder, peeking back at the giant glass revolving doors. A sly smile, like red silk, slid it's way over her lips. " Sorry, Momma. I'll be back later, I promise. " Her lips parted releasing the words in barely, but a whisper. And before she turned her head back around, her feet were already scurrying down the front steps of the club. Her rulely red curls bounced behind her all the while. She was eager to roam the streets of downtown. She always was. In fact, her mother rarely let her go anywhere without supervision. For some reason, Asami always had a couple employees follow her daughter around. Broad daylight. After dusk. Pitch black night. No matter the time. Her bright lavender eyes scanned over the crowd as she slipped into it. As she tossed a quick look back behind her, Kaiuri immediately plucked out the knuckle heads who were sent out on the task. Her bulging bust rose and fell as she huffed a frustrated sigh. And at the sight of the minimum wage paid goons. They looked like newbies. Which means, Kaiuri could easily lose them. The corners of her lips curled upwards in a mischievous smile, " Looks like fresh meat. Time to lose 'em, " And with that, she made haste through the bustling crowd.

( ) " Hey ! Miss, wait ! " Called out one of the young men. He and his companion both shared a distressed look before charging though the growing crowd of people in pursuit of the troublesome girl. They struggled in attempts to squeeze into the flock of people. Kaiuri bobbed and weaved her way past the common people. Her feet barely even touching the ground as she slipped, slid, and spun past everyone of different sizes, shapes, and ages. She was a pro at running away from prying and watchful eyes. She had to be. Around the age of 16 she began to wise up about the overbearing surveillance. Kaiuri had been in  this practice, seven years in progress. The men both were becoming frustrated with themselves. She could hear them tossing insults and spitting curse words into the air. " Man, you lost her ? " She heard one of them huffed. The other one spun around to look at his colleague and coworker, " I lost her ? What about you ? Lazy ass, " They both bickered back and forth to one another a they continued to search for what was already out of sight at this point. A giggle began to bubble its way up from the back of her throat. It was a comical thing to watch. Hilarious !

Kaiuri ducked her head suddenly before doubling back into a nearby music shop. She quickly ran over to one of the sample CD players and snapped on a pair of headphones. Her eyes peered off to the side of her, watching carefully to see when the  two morons would pass by the front entrance of the record shop. She blended in as best she could, wanting to be a wall flower within the store's walls. When the dumbling duo stumbled pass the shop's entrance, Kaiuri pulled the headphones from her ears. She lowered the bulky things around her neck and just gave a silent giggle. It was just so funny. She was losing the bastards faster than usual.

" Is momma not picking up on the hint yet ? " Kaiuri shook her head as she put the headphones back on their hook and walked over to the checkout desk. Her timberland boots clunking against the hard floor. Her eyes lit up at the sight of a familiar face. He was stocking the shelves for the exclusives behind the counter. " Wow, I didn't know bums were allowed to run freely in Kasaihana. " Kaiuri crossed her arms beneath her protruding bossom and leaned forwads on the checkout counter, her eyes squiting playfully.

The young clerk stopped for a moment upon hearing Kaiuri's voice. Setting down the new shipment of music, he spun around to face her. His hazel eyes looking at her from beneath the shadow of his red headband and slightly tanned skin. He had shoulder length messy bleach blond hair, tall and slender and dressed in casual chill. He scoff before puffing his cig and sent a smirk her way, " They started allowing ' bums ' in Kasaihana, " He squinted down at her. " Around the same time bitches were given permission to roam freely. " The two of them stared at each other quietly, frowns contorting their faces. But then, the silence became too much for the other to bare and before they knew it, the empty shop became filled with laughter.

( ) Kaiuri's face lit up with a smile, her pearly white teeth brimming happily, " Watch you up to, Montee ? " Her long red velvet hair began pooling over her shoulders as she spoke. She couldn't help, but smile at the sight of her long time childhood friend. the two of them had really run a muck through the city street when they were younger, making trouble wherever the went. Now it was weird. The both of them having to be responsible adults and ish . . . Ehw. A smile broke open across Montee's face as he spun back around to go back to stocking up the exclusive's shelves. He was always an odd ball. Though as time progressed and age took a hold on him, he grew to be less of one. He's still awkward, but in a cute kind of way. Kaiuri shook her head slowly and sighed. Montee turned back to look at her and laughed, " You on the run again, Little Red ? " Kaiuri nodded slowly at the sounds of her nickname, the two of them just chatted it up. She told him about the new goons that her mom had hired. " Hopeless Newbies " She had called him. Montee couldn't help, but smile as she told him how she had managed to break free from their overbearing supervision. The two of them just stood there talking and killing time. He knew the deal. He knew the situation. He got it. He was her best friend after all.

A couple hours had passed. Kaiuri hopped her behind on top of the checkout counter and groaned while staring up at the posters lining the walls. " Man, I gotta work tonight. " She tossed her head back with her nose pointed upwards to the ceiling. Montee glanced up at the retro looking clock on the wall, " Wait, speaking of tonight, " He paused and looked at her. She gave him a look back. " Don't you have to be dressed and ready for set, in the next thirty minutes ? " Montee's voice trailed off. Kaiuri quickly spun her head around to look at the clock. Shit ! Kaiuri cursed herself and slid her bum off the counter. She gripped hold of Montee's red headband and yanked it over his eyes. He grunted, " Hey ! What gives, Little Red ? " Kaiuri was already heading out the door, her legs pumping out the door. " Sorry, Montee, gotta go ! " And with that, Kaiuri rounded the corner and sped out of the store.

Kai~: ( ) Kaiuri burst out into the busy streets of downtown Kasaihana. The black night had emerged. The stars were scattered. And the city was lit up with blaring lights. Oh yea, it was time for the Friday night fun and bad decisions. Kaiuri managed to fumble through the crowd. She made her way pass poorly dressed sluts and classless men. She looked frantically into the alleyway behind the Poison Apple. She set her sights on the back door, heavy and bolted in. Grabbing hold of the handle, the cool steal chilled her palm. Kaiuri opened it and ran inside. The door closed with a heavy clunk. A sigh of relief seeped from between her lips. However, when she opened her eyes she froze.

" Didn't I say to be back on time, miss thing ? " Her mother's voice dripped with mild anger and conviction. The red headed doll made a rather pouting like expression, she knew she had been caught. Asami shook her head, her silken red hair falling all over her shoulders. Her hair was a tad brighter in shade than her daughter's. Asami made her way over to her, a satin purple dress in her possession. " Here, put this on and doll up your face, " Asami sighed, her dark red dress hugging to her curves and glittering with the smallest ray of light. " I'll buy you ten minutes, but that's it. " The lustrous woman shook her head before sashaying away and up the stairs to the backstage area. Kaiuri bit her lower lip and looked down at her feet sheepishly. She hated when her mom looked at her the way she did. Oh well, no matter it was go time. Kaiuri ran to the nearest changing room and began her transformation.

On stage, Asami began to speak, " Good evening everyone and welcome to the Poison Apple. " Her words dripped effortlessly from her dark red lips, like honey. Smooth and sweet. The stage light flattered all of her rounding curves, Asami  spared a smile to the applauding audience, " I just want to take this time to make you all at home. Enjoy yourselves, cozy up to your dates, dance a little, drink a little, let loose and have some questionable fun. " Asami gave a low and alluring laugh into the microphone. The crowd laughed along with her. She was a natural with the public. Meanwhile backstage, Kaiuri emerged from inside of the dressing room. The smooth purple fabric of the dress her mother had given her hung low and brushed her ankles. Its neckline was daring -- her entire chest was nearly exposed for all to see. Her massive breasts bounced lively, almost overflowing and threatened to spring from their bonds. The warm ember skin of her plump thigh dared to peek from behind the revealing high cut slit that ran up from the bottom of her dress right below her hip. She sported some black 6 inch heels as well. Her lips painted red and cheeks flushed with ruby. Thick long lashes batting as she walked up the stairs to main backstage. Her wide hips swayed naturally and her heels clicked on each step. She was truly the epitome of beauty. One of the stage crew handed her a mic, Kaiuri smiled thanking them. When Asami caught sight of her daughter, she broke out into a smile. " Ladies and gentlemen. Without further ado, I give you what you've all been waiting for. The young, the gorgeous, and dazzling ruby herself . . . Blossom Red ! "

( ) With each piano key that was lightly struck, Kaiuri's heels clicked in tempo. Her form still remained shrouded in the darkness that the heft stage curtain provided. Lips gently parting to form the notes to her song. She was careful. As her form soon came to light as she stepped slowly to the rhythm of the piano. The audience applause picked up at the sight of her. Breath taking. Awe inspiring. Kaiuri made her way over to the pianist, her fingers caressing lightly over the piano. She hopped up, planting her round bottom on the slick surface of the grand instrument. She shamelessly uncrossed her legs and let her dress slide up to reveal the warm glaze tone of her upper thigh. Then she crossed them once again. Red hair, rosy cheeks, ruby lips, red red red. All you saw was red. All you'd want was red. All you craved was red . . . Blossom Red. With each moment her voice grew to boom, with each roll of her tongue the crowd grew more restless. Lust, rage, power, desire, pure fire. The crowd grew greedy and demanding. Everyone taking to the floor to dance the night away. All eyes and hears, minds and hearts, mouths and hands burning with need as Kaiuri's voice echoed through the lobby of the Poison Apple. Off to the right, backstage the stage, was Asami. The proud mother nodded in approval of her daughter's talent. She was proud of the effect that the young woman was having on such a large audience. Asami smiled. This was the reason her daughter was the top draw to the club. She knew that she herself was the queen. Snow White. Beautiful and vexing. Asami knew she would always be the one and only classic, but Kaiuri . . . Kaiuri was her young and youthful Blossom Red. And the common people always love it when someone young and fresh is there to shake things up. Her mother's eyes scanned the crowed and she couldn't help but notice a few men. All dressed to the nines. White suits and red ties . . . All wearing shades to boot. Strange. Who wears shades at night ? Asami wondered. They looked slightly familiar as well, but she soon lost interest and shifted focus back to her lovely daughter. Kaiuri looked wonderful in the spotlight. Back then and even now. Asami couldn't help, but feel a joyful pride  stir within her.

( ) Meanwhile...

 The males in the white suits whom had entered Kaiuri's mothers establishment would then pull out a series of Assualt rifles and begin to shoot the place up from the depths of their trench coats! Citizens began to scream out as the white suited assasins began there hellish onslaught on the masses. Blood shed errupting from every corner of the room as multiple of people were gunned down! " Get the girl! " Said the bald suited man whom appeared to be the leader of the squad before he reloaded the gun. The girl he had been refering to however had been none other then Kaiuri. The other 6 men nodded there heads and then proceeded to chase after Kaiuri with guns in hand!

GameMaster: How would Kaiuri react to this however... would she run, or would she stay to be captured and possibly gunned down by the white suited assassians, a back door had been present to her right, and there was a chance she could make it through the front door if she was fast enough to escape incoming gunfire that they would have sent her way once and if she decided to run. Choices Choices...

] Kohaipuuuuu~: ( ) The piano, the mellow atmosphere, the audience's enthusiasm, everything melded together in a huge melting pot. Kaiuri's voice filled the room, lifting burdens of the day from the common people's shoulders. Everyone and their mother had no cares in the world at that very moment. All were dancing, drinking, chatting, laughing. Her voice was left echoing vibrantly throughout the first floor of the Poison Apple lobby. All was going well. But suddenly, bursts of gunfire flared. The blasts at high volume hung limply in the air. The stout red head put a pause on her words. Kaiuri looked out at the crowd in horror as blood began to shed. Countless men in white suits openly killing all of the valued guests. Red, red, red. All you saw was red . . . Blood. Bodies toppling over, everyone scattered across the floor like roaches under light. Chilling screams of fear and trembling assaulted her ears. What the hell !  she thought to herself while evading any on coming bullets that pierced through the air in her general direction. Quickly, she ran for cover behind the stage curtains to her right. Kaiuri spared a glance over towards her mother. Asami was also standing behind the curtains on the opposite side of the stage. In the wake a male voice thundered above the relentless gun shots, " Get the girl ! " Kaiuri tensed up at the words being belted out. His voice managed to be clear and not be drowned out by all the screams and desperate cries for help that would never come. Both mother and daughter shared a horrified stare, the two women stood in blatant confusion. These thugs had put everyone on high alert.

On the other side of the stage, Asami stood. There was no way in HELL that they were going to snatch up her baby girl. Her fiery violet eyes dared to sneak a peek at the formally dressed goons who lit up her self made business like a child's first Christmas tree. No way. Asami grit her teeth. " Raj, Tybalt. " The grown vixen hissed the names of her most trusted vassals, " Gather everyone who is still standing and arm them. Tell the privileged staff that we're on high alert, operation

Death Parade. I don't think this is just some random hold up . . . " Asami slanted her eyes at the bastards who continued to destroy her hard earned work. Raj, ( ) standing at a big beefy build of 6'3" and shock dark hair, simply tossed his blazer to the side and put the operation into effect, " Yes, Boss. " And right behind him was his pal, Tybalt. ( ) He stood at a higher 6'5" and black messy hair cut. With a final puff of his cig and a smirk on his lip, he peered at Asami through lenses of red, " Yes, Madam Asami. " The two shared a knowing look and then turned their heads over to Kaiuri. Tybalt's eyes widened, " What about, Lady Kaiuri ? " Asami looked over to Kaiuri then back to her henchmen, " Oh, I got my baby. You just focus on the damn task at hand. " Asami ripped the skirt clean off her dress, exposing the thick long creamy skin of her legs. The battle bourn mother, strutted off something fierce across the stage with open fire. If any men had made it to the stage at this point, she would be fending them off. Asami's plan was to buy time enough for her daughter to make away out the back alley doorway and into the night. Meanwhile, Raj and Tybalt did as instructed and went to gather the other workers. You see, the Poison Apple was more than a simple night club. Yes, it was classy, yes it was elegant, yes it was modern. It had reputation, like its owner. However, everyone who was affiliated with this particular establishment . . . Were not what they seemed to be, but lets save that for a later date.

Kaiuri just backed away further into the darkness of backstage. Guns and bullets blazed the club still. She wanted out. She had to get out, but she couldn't  just leave her mother behind. Kaiuri's attention caught onto Asami, who was stomping across the stage. In heels and all. The woman looked unphased. Asami cast a look over in Kaiuri's direction, her mother's hand swatting her away. She was gesturing to the back door. Kaiuri shook her head slowly . . . No. " Momma -- " She started to say and move forwards, but Asami wasn't having it today. " NO, DON'T WORRY ABOUT US HERE ! GO, NOW ! " Asami hollered damn near at the top of her lungs, her voice booming above the excess noise. Kaiuri hesitated for a moment. She was at a loss, but . . . The young woman nodded to her superior, " Yes momma . . . " she spoke all, but a whisper. And with that, the ebony beauty sprinted down the backstage steps, flung open the back door, and fled into the dark of night not sure if she would ever return to the home she once knew.

The Honey Badger

Suzume Tasanagi: The past several years since the defeat of Sector Olympus, had been peaceful for the most part. Suzume had made it her purpose to try to give the best life she could for her daughter. She didn't want her daughter to live in a world where they were constantly trying to run from someone or something. They found a nice house, that had quite a bit of land around it and even though they were in District 2 they still felt like they lived out in the country. After the battle Suzume had been devastated with no sign of Kin everyone assumed he was dead. Even when she protested the fact people had just told her she was crazy and to move on. Well except for Nik, she guessed that was what sort of brought them together. Now granted it was a long process, Suzume had to admit she spent along time grieving over Kin, even now it still pained her to think that some their last words to each other were that of anger. But eventually she came to terms with her grief and there was Nik. He'd been by her side for nearly four years patiently waiting for her to finally see that what she was looking for had been in front of her the whole time. They were married, that was almost a year ago and Suzume finally felt like she could be happy.((

The sounds of laughter, came in through the open doors like the cool fall breeze. Suzume sat at a computer in front of her she was going over what she was going to teach Keiko the next day. She knew it would be hard work home schooling her daughter but sometimes it was a bit overwhelming trying to make sure she kept up with the city's requirements. However it was a needed struggle at least until Keiko was old enough to control her transformations. It's times like these she wished that Kin was around to explain things that she couldn't. Nik did his best but he was often very busy on jobs and not around either. Suzume sighed, and decided to give her aching head a break, pushing her chair back from the desk she stood up and stretched. She turned when she heard the sounds of little feet coming into the house. "Mommy are you done yet?" (( She looked down at her daughter and smiled she was getting so big, it felt like just yesterday she was just a baby.

The six year old looked up with hopeful eyes. "Yeah I think I'm ready for a break. What have you been up to, sounded like your were having lots of fun?" The little girl's eyes sparkled, "Yeah I was gathering up the leaves into a HUGE, pile and then jumping into it. That's when I saw a rabbit mommy! So I started chasing it and and it got away but I know where it lives now!" In the little girl's excitement of telling the tale, she lost control over keeping her humanoid form. (( This happened often when Keiko became excited or upset. Now normally Suzume wasn't worried about it, when it was just her and Keiko the little girl would often run around the house with little wolf ears and a tail. However with all the windows and doors open it would be easy for anyone walking up to see and the last thing they needed was some nosy neighbor starting trouble. "Keiko, your ears honey, remember if you want to go to school with all the other kids. You have to try harder to keep your ears and tail under control." The little girl stopped now realizing that she'd forgot again, "Oops, right!" Keiko tossed her hair a bit, the little black ears on the top of her head disappearing again. Suzume put her hand on the top of the little girl's head ruffling her hair, her daughter looked up and gave her a  toothy grin. Well except for the two front teeth missing. "You know what, how about I help you make a really big pile of leaves to jump in and we can talk about what you want to dress as for Halloween?" The little girl cheered, as mother and daughter stepped out into the front yard of their District 2 home.

[10/7/2015 12:37:46 PM] Keyo: ( ) The sound of guns clicking and claking could be heard around the corner of a building. A young man stood with the clique, he had dark spikey hair and slightly tanned skin. With a pair of bright golden glowing eyes. " Nik, you ready to do this shit? We've been planning this heist for like two weeks. " " I know, I know. Shut the fuck up alright? I gotta get my baby  some new shoes. And little Keiko's been bugging me for two weeks about some stupid Thunder Girl action figure. " " Dont talk like that. You know you love that kid, she made you soft. " Nik would have scoffed before he took out his phone and smiled at the image of Keiko on it. " She is my lovebug after all... her face could make any man go weak. Look at her precious face! " " Not Now Nik... lets focus. " " Your right, Jeff, John keep the truck running. Me and Laurens are coming in hard. " Nik said pulling the Ski-Mask over his face as he cocked back his assulat shot-gun and a shell popped out. " Lets rock..." Nik said before he pulled to the right of the building. And Kicked open the back door. The Gaurds turned quickly in attempts to ready themselves for the intruders but NIk and Laurens had been ready and they emptied there guns into The gaurds killing them as there bodies hit the ground with hard thuds. Blood leaking from there torsos. They pulled there bodies over to a corner and then began hacking into the Security systems. Laurens fingers rapidly tapping at the keyboard before he put a flash drive into the side of the hard-drive, wiping it and placing there program instead which lopped yesterdays film continously. Laurnes would then proceeded to cleaning up the scene of any traces of blood. Nik nodded as he hid in a closet in a room. The guards for the next shift had come in at that very moment, seeing the room empty and the back door open one of them procceded to close it. However soon after Nik and Laurens both exited there hiding places wearing guard uniforms as they nonchalntly passed the current gaurds.

The Tanaka's

[10/7/2015 5:45:30 PM] It's Lit!: ( It was a pretty normal Friday afternoon in the city. Mostly everyone was either getting ready to be on their way home from work and school so traffic seemed a bit one way. Driving down the busy streets of the city heading towards district 1 was an all red Chevrolet Camaro speeding down the street. (  The sun’s rays shined off the glossy red paint job. Driving this car was none other than Lee Tanaka. Lee was a pretty ordinary man he lived on the wealthier side of Kasaihana with his two kids and wife. Lee wearing a casual black suit with his white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the top showing a bit of his muscular build. His forehead was wrapped in a white bandage with his jet black hair hanging over. ( Lee was known in the government under his code name Blood Wolf. Under Blood Wolf Lee has taken several mission from both Government officials and Heroes Inc, though his methods about doing his missions were unorthodox he for the most part got the job done. Coming up on the District 1 Middle School Lee swerved around the corner. “SKRRRRRRRRRRR SKRRRRRRRRR” The students and teachers who were in the way quickly jumped out the way and ran for their lives. “FUCK OUT THE WAY!” Lee would say as he hung his head out the window looking back at them all while driving the car not looking where he was going. By the grace of those holy Lee was able to park in the handicap parking spot where an elderly woman was going to park until Lee cut her off. Turning the car off Lee pulled out a handicap tag from his glove compartment and placed it on the dashboard. “Hmm, expired two years ago.” Shrugging Lee pushed open his door stepping out of his car and closing it behind him. Lee sighed a bit as he made his way inside the school heading to the main office.

 A lady sat at the front desk. “Hey sugar tits, uh I got an appointment with the Principle about my son Nicholas Tanaka.” The secretary was a bit shocked at Lee’s word almost bringing herself to slap him until the principle himself walked in. “Ah Mr.Tanaka…” “That’s the name.” Lee said interrupting him then allowing him to continue. “Step this way Nicholas just inside my office.” The principle lead Lee in the room seeing the white haired 10 year old sitting in the corner with a pout on his face. Lee stepped inside the room taking a seat behind the principle’s table. “So, what my son do now?” Lee asked as he sent a side glare off to his son. Nicholas was a pretty disobedient child getting into plenty trouble with both the law and school administrators. Clearing his throat the principle looked at Lee with a stern face. “Well you see Nicholas here isn’t a bad child at all, matter fact Nick is one of our brightest students. The only problem is his temper and attitude.” The principle paused for a bit to sigh. “Just the today he kicked down his teacher’s door just for giving him an F on a test and then proceeded to beat on a fellow classmate. The school is starting to wonder if we’ll be able to keep him in our building. Some of even saying take him to a more alternative school not just for our safety but for Nicholas’ academic safety.” Lee sat there listening in on the man as he told him about his son’s doing around the school and what not. “Nicholas is on out of school suspension for a whole week for his behavior.” Lee sighed as he heard his son’s punishment for his behavior. “Well thanks for your time…” Said Lee as he got up from his seat and glared at Nicholas with sharp eyes. “C’mon Nicky.” “Okay dad.” The two walked out the building towards the car. “You know your mom is gonna have a field day once she hears about this right?” All Nicholas could do was nod his head and continue walking to the car. Once in the car Lee turned to his son. “Up for a little sparring?” Lee said with a smirk on his head only to be met with his son’s own smirk. “Alright!” With that Lee would start up the car pulling out of the parking space and driving back onto the main road hitting the freeway.

The Ryoji's

[10/7/2015 9:18:51 PM] Jamal: ( )The years have been pretty good for the brown haired, red eyed Yakuza boss. Here he sit, Connor Ryoji, the self proclaimed king of district one, sitting on a lounge chair in the local strip club. He’d had some time to kill before he made his daily runs…so he decided to kill in a way most guys would. Looking at tits and ass. However Connor wasn’t exactly checking the women out so much as waiting for a couple of guys to come by this way but it was better than sitting around looking for them. rather than wearing some official Yakuza clothing he sported a brown v neck shirt underneath a black blazer and some matching blue jeans. His beat up timberlands resting on his feet and he’d had a pair of sunglasses on for no good reason. Watching the women of the neighborhood strip and accept ones and cash from the sleezeballs that roam around here. Connor wasn’t against prostitution or strippers for that matter. Gotta get it how you live. That being said though, Connor made sure to keep a lot of crime in district one down to a minimum, especially the small section he owned which he called “Ryoville.” Connor tilted his head back unimpressed by the selection and more so waiting for the people he was looking for to come in this direction. Finally his eyes glimpse out of the window to see 3 high school kids passing by it, as if they were sneaking by it. Connor tilted his sunglasses down and spoke. “Got em.”

Moments later Connor would’ve exited the strip club and began walking with his hands in his pockets. The high schoolers would’ve made their way to a back alley and began leaning against the wall talking amongst themselves. “You think he’ll find us here?” one asked. “Pft of course not. There’s no way, I know my way around district 1 better than anyone else in school. We’ll be fine.” The other high schooler with glasses would’ve adjusted them a bit before clearing his throat. “if you say so. I’m still pretty skeptical about this myself.”

( )“Oh you very well should be.” A famlier voice turned their attention as Connor would’ve flipped over the line of metal trashcans and landed on the ground, hands still in pockets mind you, and sunglasse son for everyone to see! “How many times have I told you punks to stop skipping school. I’m doing all I can to make this district better and I’ve got little punk asses like you running around here making me look bad.” The high schoolers took a step back, until one of them shook their fist at Connor. “You know what?! You’re not the boss of us! And I’m sick of you bullying us, you’re no older than we are!” Connor shrugged. “Old enough. You’r just juniors, you guys aren’t grown for shit.” The angry school kid took hold of a crowbar on the ground. “DON’T DO IT JEFF!” “YOU KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT!” his two friends tried to warn him but jeff was so consumed with fear and rage he charged connor with the crowbar. He swung it with full force towards Connor’s head and when it made impact the crowbar…bent. In a perfect curl. “Yeah you like that? It’s called being a badass.” Connor would’ve lifted his right leg to h is chest and boot kicked the high schooler in his stomach! Sending his body skidding across the ground stomach first to his friends! He had vomited his entire stride there and Connor would’ve let his leg hover in the air, dusting his pants leg off. “Go to school. Get an education. Graduate and go do something with your lives. Next time I catch you playing hookie, it’s boots to asses for everyone. GO.” The high schoolers took hold of their unconscious and sick friend, running past Connor and heading for school as instructed. Connor lifted his sunglasses over his head and folded his arms. “To think I used to be like that. Except I was still cool.” Connor got a call on his cellphone and he’d answer it, putting the phone to his ear. “Hm? What’s up Yu-Yu…..oh…….again huh. You see I told you to just let me hit you in the stomach one time but nooooo you wanted to have the damn boy. I’ll be there in a bit.” Connor would’ve hung up the phone, his brow furrowing in irritation. “Can’t believe this….for crying out loud. Can’t a guy have a day to run his business without his kid getting in the way.” Connor decided to make his way downtown, walking fast, faces past and he’d be homebound to his mini paradise, “Ryoville.”

Jamal: ( ) His hands in his pockets, Connor proceeded to take a leisurely stroll down the streets of district one, specifically Winston Drive and Willow Street. As he walked by, he’d see a couple of cops roll by, but he paid them no mind. He never did, never cared for them. Though he knew his brother would’ve scolded him for his devil may care attitude, Connor had bigger problems to worry about. Like running a Yakuza, micromanaging the shit out of god knows how many blocks he claimed precedence over and raising a kid. A KID! Connor wasn’t very fond of the little brat, even though it was of his own seed. Connor didn’t like kids, never gave two fucks about them. However he couldn’t deny the connection he had to the little thing as a father. Continuing his walk, he’d take his right hand and begin digging for gold in his nose. The pattern took place as he dug the finger tip around the deepest crevices of his nose, reaching for the parts he could afford to until an apparition appeared beside him. One only he himself could see. “You still have that rather disgusting habit. Have some decency to do it in private would you please?” The apparition that walked beside Connor was the spiritual remains of his Oni, Washi, the Omnimath of Knowledge. He was a tall and lean figure, who had favored the human form of spiked blonde hair, with a red trench like coat, and orange sunglasses.  As an apparition he can only be seen by other Onihoruda or Oni’s. Even high level chi users will not be able to see this image unless they have an oni, a frequent staple of the oni trait.


Oni Washi or also known as the Omnimath Oni, was a great and powerful oni, who was revered for his innate knowledge of...well everything. Washi was obsessed with knowledge, in fact so much so he had a lust and craving for it. During his creation, he also originally took the form of a man, more notably a scholar, but quite a selfish one. He sought out knowledge,  knowledge that some were meant to know and some that mere mortals shouldn't have dabbled in. this mattered not to him, and one day he was found studying the ancient shrines of the gods, putting together complex algorithms and formulas, that would allow him to also become a deity on the same level as them, and obtain knowledge that spanned the very cosmos. Amatarasu was aware of this...and admired it as well. As such he greeted the scholar and cursed him with the form of a bird fused with a beast, who's job was to do nothing but gather and seek out endless amounts of knowledge until the end of his days. This job was odd for an oni, who's initiative was combat, however Washi was more of a mentalist. As the years progressed, it was Oni Washi who inspired Tsun Zu to write The Art Of War, and he also played a key hand in creating the aceint war strategies that were made famous by Rome and Greece. The influence spread MUCH further during the wars of America’s which created guerilla warfare. Washi's knowledge continued to grow, and grow, until he'd gain t he title omnimath which didn't sit well with everyone. Omoi, was not happy that someone else, more so an oni of all things was starting to gain more knowledge the he, the actual god of knowledge. As such, Omoi concocted a 1,000 year plan that would permanently seal Washi like the rest of his brothers and sisters. He lured washi into a trap, sprained word of knowledge that spoke of a legendary Tengu artifact that was said to be able to change the directions and tides of the sea. Washi did not want this artifact outright, but wanted to document it for future purposes. The artifact was an orb, and when oni began to study it the orb started the glow and split apart, until it unleashed a bright light! The light consumed Oni Washi and sent him plummeting into the body of a new born baby boy. that was the fall of Oni Washi. HIs specialty isn't combat, but knowledge and observation. Washi is -c-

[2:08:03 PM] Jamal: heavily observant, and rarely misses the smallest of any form of detail what so ever. He doesn’t hate humans nor look down upon them. On the contrary, he admires them as they are never set in stone, and are ever changing. Like an infamous source of information that even to this day he's still struggling to learn and comprehend.  As such he takes  in notable sources of information, his quick eyes allowing him to read books in seconds, and has a high perceptive rate that makes most oni's jealous at times. HIs demeanor is calm, and he is rarely agitated, always trying to keep a clear mind, but when enraged, his mind only accelerates faster speeding his thought processes and obtaining a tranquil fury unmatched.

“Puh-lease. I’ll dig for gold all I feel like it. Who’s honestly gonna care? Yumi’s not here to stop me so eh.” Connor would’ve flicked a booger off of his finger and let the booger stick to the window of a ground cars front windshield. Connor would’ve stuffed his hands in his pockets once again. “Sometimes I kind of wish I would’ve clocked Yumi in the gut when I had the chance…I don’t like that kid.” “I adore little Cade. He’s the spitting image of you but with Yumi’s hair. That and that fire manipulation he’s got going on. “ Connor shrugged. “Whatever. I’m 22 dude, way to young to be tied down.” Connor would’ve continued walking until his eyes would’ve turned to look towards what was an incoming basketball. Connor held his right hand up palming the ball and catching it, before looking at the kids who threw it. “Hey Mr.Ryoji! You gonna play a game with us today?” Connor chuckled. “Not today kiddos. Got work to do. Catch me on a good day.” Connor would’ve tossed them the ball back and nodded. He felt connected to this district, not just because he grew up here, but because he was one of the ones who grew up the wrong way here. Gangs, street fights, riots, and life or death situations. Connor had the life of a delinquent but that doesn’t mean he supports it. Tis why the Shinpaku Federation donates money to fund and build a community college soon to be completed. Long as financial aid covers it, which if it doesn’t Connor will come out of pocket, just to make sure these kids and young adults stay the course. Him on the other hand, he’d worry about maintaining district 1, even though he didn’t own all of it, he very well wanted to as he felt he’d be the right one to protect it and carry that weight.

A car would’ve pulled up beside him, a black Honda Civic . Cars now a days could fly and hover traffic was a thing, but the roads stayed open simply because some people just don’t like change. The car stopped beside him and the window lowered, and a familiar ebony face would’ve made it’s way to look at him. “Well if it aint the little Yakuza that could.” Connor flicked his nose with his thumb and smirked. “Hello to you to claymore.”

Calm cool and collected. He's a funny guy with an odd sense of humor. Claymore likes to joke a lot when things get tough to ease the situation. Also he has the biggest thing for women smaller than him. If she's shorter than him, he goes nuts ( Which are most women.) Due to his fear of Amazon women.  Claymore keeps a bald head and sunglasses on his person. “Well in any case. I’ve got some news for you…that I think you might be interested in.” “What’s up? Is it more about the territories around here? The hotels I have on lock and some auto shops. Working on the dojo and stuff. “ “It’s about your mother. Amy. She was murdered Connor.” Connor furrowed his brow and narrowed his eyes. “…This isn’t some kind of -c-

[2:08:05 PM] Jamal: joke is it? You’re the one who gave me the last letter she wrote to me.” “I was because I was the one who found it. Hop in the car, I’ll show you what I’m talking about.” Connor looked to Washi and he nodded. “Could be worth the look.” Washi would’ve dispersed back into Connor’s body and Connor would’ve hopped into the passenger’s seat and the two of them would’ve begun driving off towards Claymores house.-e-

The Headless King

Jeremy: -Danchou woke to the sound of his alarm, which blared at 7am every morning. He swung his legs out of bed, his back aching slightly. He heard a knock on the door and a voice call through it- "Danchou, today's the day! Are you awake?" -Danchou briefly considered throwing the owner of the voice through a wall, then decided it would be best if he did not beat his son. Drago had been very kind to him over the years and proved more than a little useful at that. Danchou grasped his nearby cane, walked to the door and opened it, scowling at his beaming assistant. Drago was a nondescript man in his fifties with small spectacles, black hair with a balding hairline, and sallow cheeks. He was also Danchou's adopted son. Danchou walked past him, growling- "Why wouldn't I wake up on time when I have been doing so for the past 50 years? And on today of all days. Hells bells, boy, I didn't drop you on your head as a kid, you have a brain, use it." -Drago laughed; Danchou was nervous, this crankiness was his way of showing it. The two lived in a two story condo on the outskirts of KasaiHana city. Drago was brilliant like his father; he was an accomplished neurosurgeon  until 10 years ago, then he retired. From there, he started working as a private doctor. Nowadays, most of his work came from the different research and development facilities around KasaiHana, including Yun Corp. Danchou did not work. Once, he controlled half of KasaiHana, but that ended sixty years ago. Danchou lost the love of his life and his passion. He went into hiding and let the world believe him dead. A year after Danchou's "retirement", he came across Drago in the streets. More specifically, young Drago was huddled over the body of his dead brother, who had been gunned down by the police in a confrontation. Danchou felt connected to the boy, so he took him in. At first, he taught Drago the basics of combat, eager to groom him as an heir to a (former) crime boss, but he had an epiphany. He would give the boy a normal life outside of the underworld, so that he wouldn't end up like his adopted father. Danchou was a strict parent and even more strict teacher, but through it all, he loved the boy, as Drago did him. Danchou's bedroom was downstairs while Drago's was upstairs; Danchou's knees pained him if he took the stairs. The two made their way to the guest bedroom, which was closed and locked with six different locks, one of them a retinal scanner lock. Danchou started undoing the security measures while Drago spoke- "Your cover has been established. ID, birth certificate, social security number, passports. From this day forth, you'll be known as Daizan Kumiliharo. Sorry Dad, I couldn't get the name of your choosing." -As the door opened, the old man turned to his son and smiled, a rare thing for him- 'You did just fine, my son. How about the deal with the principal of KasaiHana High? Has he agreed to our terms?" -Drago began fidgeting- "Well, Dad, that's complicated… See, he's a martial artist. I did mention your name. He laughed at it, saying that you were dead and even if you weren't, he'd break your aged ass like a twig."

[12:40:48 AM] Jeremy: -Danchou tilted his head, then turned to the room and flipped on the lights. Every square inch of the room was filled with tech, some of it biotech. To the left were various organs contained in culture fluid in jars. Above them was a giant computer screen that held schematics of some kind. To the right was a chair with a helmet attached and all kinds of wires and tubes sticking out of it. Against the far wall of the room, bolted to the wall with metal cuffs was…. Danchou. At least, a much younger version of him. It looked to be in its late twenties; its midriff was bare and insanely musclar. It bore scars all over its torso, or at least scar-like markings. On its cheek was Danchou's infamous cross-scar. The elder Danchou touched his own scar, then made his way to the chair, sitting with some difficulty. Drago gently lowered the helmet over Danchou's head, then began to hook up wires and tubes, saying- "The fluid you drank had to settle for 24 hours, which is why we had to wait from yesterday morning." -Danchou waved a hand- "I know this. Just get on with it" -Once Drago was done hooking his father up to the machine, he walked to the large computer screen and tapped it; it was a touch-screen monitor. On half of the monitor, different frequencies and wavelengths were displayed. Drago tapped it again and Danchou felt a jolt in his cranium. The monitor now said "DOWNLOADING".  The two waited silently until the download was complete, then Drago went to the helmet and pressed a button on the side. Out of the helmet came a small device that looked like a jump drive. Once this was retrieved, Drago set about removing the helmet- "Dad, its not too late if you want to back out…. -He lifted the helmet and saw Danchou glaring at him. His head throbbed with pain but he ignored it and continued glaring. Despite this, Drago continued, unhooking all of the tubes and wires.- "Dad, this has never been done before. I know that you were an innovator once before, but we're talking about something completely different here, this could change the world" -Danchou grinned at that and pushed himself out of the chair, gripping his cane heavily- "Already did that once before. My calculations are never wrong and we have spent thirty years on this. Tech stolen from Yun Corp, the police station, the hospitals, millions spent in bribery, forging documents, investments. Drago, I will NOT squander away all that we have worked for! Plug in the brain scan and upload it." -Drago sighed heavily. The chair was meant to take a "scan" of one's brain and convert it into a digital copy. The technique alone could have made Danchou a billionaire once more, but he had his sights set high. The chair had only taken Danchou 5 years, but the android…. The younger version of Danchou in the room was created using nanomachines, Danchou's original Z Serum and dark energy drawing from Satsu No Hado. It was a mix of demonic energies and science. Danchou's greatest creation. He'd started work on it at the age of 34…. He was 88 now. In theory, the brain scan that Drago took of his father could be "uploaded" into the android…. Effectively making a second Danchou. It would have his personality, his feelings…. His rage. He wouldn't succumb to age and he'd be much more powerful than he was when he was at his peak. Danchou had designed the android to be able to adapt and grow; even he didn't know its full potential. He supposed he would know soon enough. Drago plugged the drive into the side of the android's neck, which had a port. He tapped the screen  again and the upload began… slowly. On the screen, images flashed by in rapid sequence. Danchou's memories. The elder Danchou coughed and sat down in the chair again, he saw enough of those in his dreams. Drago, however, was transfixed. There was still much about his father that he didn't even know, so he took this opportunity to find out as much as he could. At last, the upload was complete.

Jeremy: Drago had time to breathe a sigh of relief before the power went out. Not only did the condo's power go out, but a third of KasaiHana city would find themselves without power. Drago panicked and called- "Father? Where are you, its dark!" "Here, son!" -Danchou replied… both of them. The android had opened its eyes. While they perfectly resembled Danchou's, they glowed, illuminating the room. The android turned to look at the elder Danchou, who was transfixed.- "Goodness, have I gotten this decrepit?" -The android said. Drago protectively went to the elder Danchou's side- "Well, Father, it worked, but won't it be weird having two of y- "His sentence was cut off as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. The android had moved fast and was standing behind Drago, a fist raised. He caught his son as he fell, the man was merely unconscious. The android then looked to the elder, who nodded- "Do it" -He'd barely finished before the android had punched through his chest, killing him instantly. Danchou removed his bloody hand and looked at the dead old man in the chair- "Rest in peace, Danchou. Let me take care of things from here" -He said. He left the room and walked down the hallway  to his room. Once there, he went to his closet and started shuffling through. In it was an old black three-piece suit. It looked like it hadn't been touched in years. The android dropped his pants and began re-dressing, putting the suit on. He put on a tie as well, as well as some leather gloves that were in the suit pocket. He then crouched and reached under the bed, withdrawing a long case and a device with a big red button on it. He opened the case and withdrew a sheathed katana. Gingerly, he stuck it into a hidden pocket in the pants specifically designed to hold the sword. He then walked back to the "testing" room, leaned down, and lifted Drago like he was a newborn. He slung him over his shoulder, then left the condo. Once he'd gotten a good distance away, he pressed the big red button on the device. Long ago, Danchou had rigged the condo with explosives "just in case". Those explosives detonated, creating a massive explosion. A fireball landed two feet away from Danchou, who was unfazed. His next stop would be KasaiHana high school, to meet with the principal. Snap him like a twig eh? It wasn't a bad idea, once Danchou thought about it a little bit.-

[9:01:24 PM] Jeremy: -Once Danchou reached the city, he rethought his course of action. He had to get Drago somewhere safe and he was pretty sure he couldn't leave him on the steps of the high school. He was carrying him piggyback style now. He drew a lot of looks, but seemed like people were distracted by something else. He saw a total of twelve police cruisers go by, but they were headed in the opposite direction of his former condo. He did see three and two firetrucks go screaming by in the direction of the inferno on the town outskirts. He drew a look from one cop in particular, but he wasn't stopped, which was a good thing. Danchou would rather avoid a confrontation with the police, at least for now. The android remembered an old safe house that he used several times to keep an eye on the police station, an apartment. The complex was right across the street and considered one of the safest in KasaiHana; Danchou decided to bring Drago there. The walk there was long but uneventful and Danchou soon found himself walking up the steps to the apartment. He fished in a pocket and drew out a key, then unlocked the door and let himself in. It was a studio apartment that contained furnishings, a TV, and a desktop computer. The TV and computer were somewhat outdated, Danchou hadn't been here in 10 years, though he'd hired people to keep it maintained, so there was no dust, mold, or vermin inside. Danchou walked to the apartment's only bed and lay his son on it- "I'll be back Drago." -He said to his unconscious son. He thought for a moment, then walked to the tiny kitchen and reached into a cupboard. From it, he withdrew a six-shooter revolver (Danchou had a penchant for antiques). The thing was massive, considered a hand-cannon, and was extremely illegal for citizen use. He wondered briefly what the police would think about all the mods done to the gun, then walked to Drago and put the weapon beside him. Better safe than sorry, though he couldn't imagine who would be looking for him. Danchou left the apartment, but the school wasn't his destination just yet. He'd heard of a sort of herbalist who sometimes dealt with things that weren't strictly legal. He didn't know specifics, but he did know the location of her shop. On Danchou's person were six vials of the original Z human serum. There were so many variants out now that the serum was obsolete. Danchou intended to change that. Again, his walk was uneventful, aside from one minor incident. An old man that looked to be in his 90s stopped to stare at him. The man looked like he'd break just from Danchou touching him. Danchou smirked at him and the old man started screeching- "Demon! It walks among us! The end of days, they are here!" -He drew attention from a lot of people  and Danchou hurried away, hearing the old man call after him- "Fiend from Hell! Leave us alone! You aren't welcome here!" -Well, it seemed like at least one person recognized this face. From there, he made his way to the herbalist's shop. It was kind of dingy for his tastes, though he had expensive tastes. He pushed the door open and walked inside, calling- "Hello? Anyone here?"

Syl: ( ) Syl looked up from her Shamisen and eyed the man who'd just came in. Her slitted snake eyes eyes dilating slightly, she'd jerk her head toward the small plant like thing that was previously cleaning up. Though he'd probably think it was extremely rude of her she'd merely turn lower her head back to her instrument and continue plucking the strings. "Welcome!" it squeaked at him, before it used its long roots to push it self up to be at eye level at him. As Syl continued to play, it would show him to a table in the center of the shop. "Mistress doesn't talk so I talk for her!" it squeaked again. The actual Syl got up and moved to sit on the side of the table that was further away from the door, folding her legs under self and crossing at the ankles. Mentioning for Danchou to sit in front of her across the table. She raised her eyes to stare at him, as the small plant familiar settled into her lap. She cupped her hands around it as it's vines moved from her lap across the table picking up various dried tea leaves. Once the clamor was over it hopped out of Syl's lap onto the table and rolled across to Danchou. "My Mistress wishes to know your name, why you are here, and would you like tea?" It didn't let him answer the last part as it rolled away to get a tea kettle. As it filled with the container with water Syl continued to stare at him, her obi in the shape of butterfly wings were moving with her breath. ( ) She watched as the familar took the water kettle from the sink and over to her, Syl took it from the familiar who curled up in Syl's abandoned cushion and looked at Danchou. "Okay now. Why are you here?" The cheery little root-looking creature asked him as it's vines retreated into its body and it sat on the cushion, its ruby eyes staring up at the large man, while Syl remained standing by the kettle as the fire heated it up. If Danchou saw Syl standing by the fire she'd have her hand on her face smiling amusedly, her eyes slight narrowed as the mute shop keeper wondered what he was here for.

[10/15/2015 10:14:49 PM] Jeremy: -Danchou looked at the woman, or more specifically, her eyes. He lifted an eyebrow when she turned away from him, but turned his attention to the plant thing when it squeaked at him. He smirked and spoke- "A mute, hm? And you're her way of compensating. As long as it gets the point across, I suppose." -He took a seat at the table opposite of Syl. The squeaky plant was annoying, but he had to put up with it for now, at least until he got what he wanted. He folded his hands and put them upon the table. He put his hands up slightly, warning the plant-creature not to get near him.- "Name's Daizan, why don't you tell me your name? As to why I'm here, I'm looking for certain plants. I'm looking for hemlock, seeds of a jequirity plant, pinyang and aconite. And no, that's quite alright, I do not drink… tea -He raised a hand and shook his head. He looked over at Syl by the fire and thought about what would happen if the little plant-familiar consumed the Z serum. He'd never tested its effect of plantlife before.-

Syl: The small plant rolled back across the table and sat back in Syl's empty cushion. It's vines flew out of it body as it began to grab a cup, and squish tea leaves. Syl took the kettle off the fire and walked back over to her spot picking up the small plant and placing it back in her lap. As she heard his shopping list the plant thing spoke up again as the one called 'Daizan' finished his list. Syl's eyebrow raised and it spoke up again as Syl busied herself with making her own tea, Jasmine with some vanilla. "My Mistress' name is Syl, and as for your list...she wishes to know why you want such dangerous plants, as you are of her normal customers." Syl kept her eyes cast downward but that didn't mean she wasn't paying attention. She held the tea in her hand as the small plant spoke, she sipped it and it continued talking. "Stuff like that is dangerous and expensive." it squeaked at him. Syl finished sipping her tea and placed it on the table, she got up and walked over to an empty flowerpot. It only held moist dirt. She looked at the one named Daizan, and within a few seconds a hemlock plant had sprouted. In a few minutes it was fully grown, Syl looked at Daizan as  she reached her hand out to the plant and it moved- leaned towards her and began to snake up her arm. The small plant rolled to Daizan;s side and rolled around wildly. "Mistress wont give it to you unless you tell us what it's forrr~!" It sang to him. Syl's gaze drifted from Daizan back to the plant as she coaxed it to grow larger than a hemlock plant should've ever naturally been.

[11:33:03 AM] Jeremy: -Danchou watched Syl's control over the plant. To make hemlock grow so rapidly and so large…. It seemed the girl had control over plantlife. It made sense, Danchou knew from the start that she was no ordinary herbalist. He was prepared for the following question from the little plant-thing. He couldn't very well tell this stranger about his true intentions for the substances he asked for, but he had a cover story in place for that.- "Well met, Syl. My intentions for these dangerous plants is obviously to poison someone. More specifically, the chief of police. He's gunning for my son for crimes you don't need to know about. I intend to poison him and make him promise to drop the case. If he does, I will cure him. No need to inform me of the curatives for hemlock, jequirity, pinyang, or aconite. I know how to make them, I just need the plants. Seeds, in the jequirity's case. You may refuse of course and I will leave like this conversation never happened" -Which wasn't true. She could give up his fake name, after all, which was in public record. Danchou's silver katana was still tucked away in his suit, he would strike her down without the slightest hesitation. He watched Syl's face carefully to discern what her reaction would be.

Syl:  Syl moved away from the hemlock plant, as she listened. She moved to a bunch of pots that were in use but not bursting with plants she grew the Jequirity, Pinyang and Aconite. Syl holding the hemlock in her bare hands began harvesting the rest of the plants. She returned to the table and sat back down, she placed the seeds into the leaves and folded all the plants into a a small square. As per her custom she called down one of the small spiders that were floating around her shop, the small arachnids filled with bio-luminescence floated down on the back of her palm. The small glowing white spider crawled across her hand and weaved a single strand of silk onto the leaves. Then both her and the spider began to work in a rapid tandem motion. Her rapidly flipping the leaves over, just as fast as the spider spun it. Soon enough it was wrapped neatly within the silk. The small spider floated off and re-joined the hundreds of others floating around. Placing it on the table she raised her eyes to him and looked him over. Soon the silence was broken by the little plant-familiar piping up. "She says, that if you should get caught with this that you are not to implicate her." Syl palced her hands over the silken package and left them on top of it. "She also said this is not free. So there is a matter of your payment." She said tilting her head to the side smiling mischievously, her face said playfulness but her snake-like eyes had narrowed into small black slits.

Jeremy: -Danchou studied the plants carefully as Syl worked. He watched her summon a spider; watched it work. He started assessing Syl. Her proficiency with poisons would be masterful and he had a feeling that those spiders could do more than help around the shop. Nevertheless, he was no longer human, had no biology to speak of. Toxins wouldn't do a thing to him. Neither would illness. That rendered one threat null and void. He wondered if Syl would be especially susceptible to fire. Perhaps she had a safeguard in place for that, but it required further research. Danchou's left eye twinkled for the merest second as it took a scan of her face. He had a feeling he would need to remember it. As she worked, he reached into his suit jacket and started pulling out stacks of cash. He'd brought along exactly how much he thought he needed (for he knew the price of these poisonous plants). He started laying stacks on the table, so that by the time Syl and the plant thing returned to him, half of the table was covered with stacks of bills. Danchou had always had an abundance of money, it was of little concern to him. He levelled a look at Syl- "Of course I know that these plants are not free. This should be more than enough to cover my expenses and to buy your silence. If anyone should ask about a man named "Daizen", you know nothing, understood? Now, you run a business. Covert is my modus operandi, you need not worry about me mentioning your name. As a businessman myself, let me offer you some advice. Expand your shop. Hire some people to manage your plants. Your hands will be…. Cleaner that way." -He winked and stood- "Unless you have something further for me, I believe this concludes our transaction" -He moved to collect the plants. -

[10/17/2015 12:51:38 PM] BoiBoi and BosBos: Daizan spoke as Syl continued to look at him "Of course I know that these plants are not free. This should be more than enough to cover my expenses and to buy your silence. If anyone should ask about a man named "Daizen", you know nothing, understood? Now, you run a business. Covert is my modus operandi, you need not worry about me mentioning your name. As a businessman myself, let me offer you some advice. Expand your shop. Hire some people to manage your plants. Your hands will be…. Cleaner that way. Unless you have something further for me, I believe this concludes our transaction" She shook her head no, but inwardly she laughed, she never intended to go gobal with her compant, at least not yet. As for hiring people to distribute her plants she refused to because nobody but her knew how to handle them well enough. Syl let Daizen collect the plants and as the same time he took the plants she took the money, or more so... her plant familiar took it. The small thing wrapped it tendrils around the mounts of cash and retreated back into the depths of the shop. Syl stood up and dusted herself off, midway through she stopped as another person entered her shop. She looked up to signal them to hold on a minute but as soon as  she caught a look as the yellow eyes she stopped. Kin, and someone else. The person whom let her out of the asylum. Syl's eyes widened slightly as she ran her fingers through her hair, As the small plant-familiar returned out her gaze remained steady and concentrated on Kin and the person with him. She only broke her stare to bend over to scoop up the small being. It wound it's vines gently around her neck and it also looked at Kin. Then as it had been doing before it spoke for her, but litterally speaking for Syl, as in saying what she was instead of acting in her stead. "So you're the plant lady." She nodded once and the plant thing spoke up. "Kin... it's been a long time." she said first then Kin spoke  " I promise ill come back later to play catch up with you, But I was wondering... if you could help me and my 'partner ' out with a case if you have the time for it." Syl nodded and signaled at the man, "After he is done, I will close." She  let the plant familiar hop down and wait by the door so it could be closed and locked as soon as Daizan left.

[10/17/2015 1:14:18 PM] Jeremy: -Danchou tucked his purchases under one arm and turned away from Syl. He was about to leave when he saw two KPD officers enter the shop. Almost instantly, Danchou's left eye twinkled again as it took scans of both of the officers' faces. His eyes locked with Kin's as the officer narrowed his eyes at him. Danchou offered him a condescending smirk and moved, shuffling past them- "Excuse me, officers. I was just leaving." -He left the shop and started pacing down the sidewalk once more. It seemed this Syl girl was on familiar terms with the officers, or at least, one of them. He'd have to look into that later, but he had a job to do right now. He headed back to his safehouse apartment, where he found Drago awake and watching the news. Danchou turned his head to the TV briefly. Something about a senator. Wordlessly and without looking at him, Drago reached down beside him, grasped several files, and held them up to Danchou, who took them. The android walked to the door and stopped, as if about to say something, then shook his head and departed…. At KasaiHana High, school had long since been let out. The principal was in his office, going over some of the students' records. His head was bowed; he almost didn't notice a man slipping into his office. Without lifting his head, he spoke- "Can't see you without an appointment, sorry. If you're here to try to talk to me about lifting your kid's suspension, its already been document, can't do a thing." -He heard a plop as something landed on his desk. Now he looked up at his visitor, a tall, large man with long black hair and a cross-shaped scar on his cheek. He looked down at the file that the visitor had put on his desk and opened it slowly. After reading it for several minutes, he closed it, then leapt to his feet- "T-This is some mistake. I've been the principal of this school for 10 years! Not once have I had a reprimand. How dare you come in here an-" -The visitor cut him off, speaking smoothly- "That is the superintendent's seal, is it not?" -The principal swallowed hard and nodded. The visitor continued, his expression blank- "My son did tell you what would happen if you chose not to cooperate with our plan" -The principal gave him a confused look, then put two and two together. He paled- "Y-You're Danchou? Aren't you supposed to be fucking old?" -Danchou smiled- "I exercise and follow a strict diet" -The principal was silent for a moment, then said angrily- "I refuse to hand my school over to a gangster!" -He leapt over his desk and aimed a kick at Danchou. The android easily sidestepped.- "Ah, I remember. Drago said you were a martial artist." -The principal punched Danchou in the face, then cried out as several fingers broke against the android's face. Danchou grasped the man by the neck and kicked him in the chest, hard. He heard a crunching sound and the man bent over. Danchou kept his grip on the principal's neck, then grasped him by the leg and hoisted him over his head- "Shame your career as a martial artist must come to an end." -He kneeled and slammed the principal against his neck. He heard the man's back break. Danchou had done it in such a way that the man wouldn't die, but he'd never walk again. Of course, that'd only be if he lived through the next part. He tossed the man like a ragdoll through the window behind his desk, glass shattering and flying everywhere. They were three stories up and the principal's car was directly below; the former principal landed on it, caving the roof in. Blood trailed from his fingertips. His eyes were open and aware for a brief moment before they glazed over forever. Danchou looked down at the corpse as people started crowding all around. Some looked up at the window but by the time they did, Danchou was gone.-

 The Good the Bad and the Brooding - Good Cop / Better Cop

Druggie: As the day drew on Yukashi Sanada was driving down the freeway heading in the direction of the Kasaihana Police Department. Yukashi was well known person inside the department. Most of his cases were the cases no else could handle or stomach. He wasn’t a perfect cop but he did get the job done and unlike some of the fellow KPD officers in the city he wasn’t crooked but he was strong believer in tough love. Yukashi took most of his cases that were located deep in District 1; he had a personal vendetta to help clean up the streets anyway he could seeing as how D1 was very close to his heart. Coming off from the freeway Yukashi saw that his gas was almost on E he knew it was time for a fill up. “Damn classics…” Yukashi rode in a classic all Black Ford Mustang that he tried his best to keep in tip-top shape. Pulling into the gas station Yukashi parked his car next to an open pump turning off his car then stepping out. Before however he grabbed his silver drinking flask which contained hard liquor out his glove compartment then exited the car closing the door behind him.

Taking a couple swigs from his flask Yukashi tucked it safely inside his inner suit pocket. As he walked inside the store looked at the store keep who looked to be Middle Eastern. “Sup.” He nodded to him before walking towards the back of the store. As he walked he would hear the door to the store open followed by a manly voice. “OPEN THE FUCKING REGISTER OR I’LL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT!” By this time Yukashi was in the back of the store away from the perpetrator’s line of sight only one who knew he was in there was the clerk. Yukashi let out a soft sigh taking out his flask drinking it before closing it and putting it back in his pocket. Yukashi walked down the aisle making a bit of noise getting the man’s attention. Next thing he knew was the gun was pointing his direction and the masked man yelling. “I’ll pull this fucking trigger!” Yukashi could tell by all the shaking the man was doing he was fibbing, but no one truly knows what someone will do. “Calm down calm down…I’ll put my hands up.” Yukashi moving at quick speeds would reach to his sides gripping his fully loaded Jericho 941 pistol pointing it at the man’s hand firing off a shot before the gun man was able to react. The bullet was able to hit the man’s hand making him drop the gun and causing him to fall to the floor holding his hand in pain. Yukashi holstered his pistol then looked at the Clerk as he looked like he was about to go for the phone. “Don’t worry I’m KPD.” He pulled his badge out from his pocket showing it to the clerk. Walking up to the gun man Yukashi pulled off his ski-mask showing him to be a young man probably in his teens. “You know you’re under arrest right?” He smirked then took a look at his hand seeing the bullet only grazed him. “It’s a scratch you’ll live.” He picked the boy up by his collar taking out a pair of handcuffs out his back pocket then cuffing the kid. “Uh 20 on pump 6 please.” Yukashi looked at the clerk. “No this one is on the house.” Giving a smirk the Detective nodded then proceeded to push the boy out the store and towards his car.

Opening the back door to his car Yukashi pushed the kid inside. “You move and I’ll use you for target practice…” He waited for the boy to nod then closing the door Yukashi proceeded to fill up his car. Finally back behind his wheel Yukashi made his way to the Police Department. After what seemed like a couple minutes of driving Yukashi finally pulled up to the station. “Alright we’ve reached our destination.” He chuckled a bit before turning off the car and exiting his side closing the door behind him. Opening the young kid’s door Yukashi grabbed him by the arm pulling him out the car closing the door behind him. Pushing the front door of the prescient. “Hey mind if you guys deal with him? I’ll file the paper work later.” He looked at an officer handing him the young kid watching him being taking to another part of the department. Yawning a bit Yukashi made his way to his office. “Hey if any of you guys see Kin Tasanagi tell him I’m in my office.”

[4:48:49 PM] Keyo: Kin tasanagi stood there infront of the chief, watching as the seductive mistress pulled her full thick legs over one another and her large breast bounce playfully within her white dress shirt as she made herself accustomed to the seat she had been sitting in. Her blue hues trailing over Kin's form before a single dimple on the right side of her face indented and she gave off a healthy and smeering smile. " So, I see your back in town. I bet your father would be relived. " " I havent told him yet. " " You should, he got his dojo back up and running. Its in Downtwon D-1, off the coast near the sandy beach. You know. I bet he'd be thrilled to know your back. But, were getting besides the point, you were a police prodigy. And your legend on these streets. And to the world. You and the others are damn near celeberties in the eyes of the public after the Sector Games. Lee Tanaka went on to go into special forces. Syl is famous for her floral products not just in the city but majority of the world. Despite her not going corportaly with her business. Connor owns a small town, known as Ryoville. He's a politician now. Isnt that funny. I havent gotten word on The one known as Yumi. Everyone has went full on celeb, and have been making this world of ours... a better place. Everyone... but you. You went missing for 5 years, left your soon to be wife and daughter and allowed another man to pick up your sorry slack. " The Cheif said taking a hit of her cigeratte. This statement made Taco slide his hands through his hair with an ' Ouch ' look on his face. Kin however had been silent. Dead silent. " So what brings you back here, in Kasaihana city of all places. " " Ive come to use the skills ive learned to help this city. And to guide it further into the light. " " Sorry to break it to you Tasanagi. But Super cops? Arent needed anymore. The Ravens, handle everything the KPD cant, and they do a damned good job. " " You mean... Yani Farhans gaurd dogs. Ive read there files. They've taken out whole faclites filled with hundreths of innocent people to kill one mass murdering terrorist. " " Yes, they did, but even so. This terrorist had nothing to lose he would have denoated his other 15 bombs and killed thousands. Whats a few hundreds to a lot of thousands. " "... Thats not the way cheif. " Kin retorted back. She took another hit of her cigeratte and blew the smoke in his direction before she crossed her arms. " You want back in on the force? Fine but I have a deal. Lets see how badly you want back in. There's a guy, who's been using a certain poison to take out his victims. A very unique poison that has been said to only be found within the poison glands of the most dangerous and venomus spiders on the globe. However it doesnt have a paticular trace. Im tasking you to investigate. And... you only have 24 hours to do it. " She said smirking. Kin tilted his head up. " Fine, ill take Taco along with me. We'll get the Job done. " " No, that won't be necessary. Mr.Gonatolis has other things he needs to attend to. Yukashi. The Guys call him ' Yu ' Around here. That's who your with. Im sure he'd be pleased to be tasked with you being his new partner. " " I can almost smell your sarcasm ma'am. " " Good.. now go. Your wasting time. " Kin scowled at her before he looked back at Taco whom simply shrugged and allowed Kin to leave the room. Closing the door behind him he looked down the hall and he'd spotted Yukashi's office. He slide his hands into his pockets within his denium jeans. The pony tail on his head swaying back and forth. And his leather jacket still hugging tightly onto his form as he walked straight to the door. Knocking on it before allowing himself in. " ... Officer Yu. Thats what these guys call you right. " Kin said with his hands still embedded deep into his pocket space. " The Cheif, has tasked me and you together as partners. But its a conditional thing. You see... Im not quite on the Force yet. She's given me a test. I have 24 hours to find some poison killer. " Kin said holding up the paper she had given him before he left the room. " He goes by the Alias Purple smoke. I hear he's been using posion to murder his victims all throughout the city. So to prove my worth, which to be honest i think ive done ten times over.... She's tasked me with doing this. And she's making you my partner. So... Im uh, hoping we can come to a consenus and work together. What uh... what do you say? "

[7:19:37 PM] Druggie: Entering his office Yukashi let out a slight sigh before taking his drinking flask and sipping on some of his liquor. At times it felt this was the only peace and quiet Yukashi could ever get. He came here to look at old files, new files, closed cases, and ones he kept for memorial purposes. He opened his window then taking out a cigarette placing it in his mouth as he took out a gold zippo lighter from his pocket firing up his cancer stick. Yukashi took a long drag from the cigarette before blowing out smoke from his nose. Taking a seat behind his desk Yukashi looked over the files from his last case with the Steel family and his suspect Tank. “How the hell did he just take all those bullets…” Yukashi had the most annoyed of all faces. Sighing a bit he picked his feet up on his desk and took another drag from his cigarette looking up at the ceiling. Pulling on his tie Yukashi heard a knock on his door. “It’s open…” He looked at the door open. "... Officer Yu. That’s what these guys call you right. “Nodding Yukashi looked at the man walk in. “And you’re Kin Tasanagi.” “The Chief, has tasked me and you together as partners. But its a conditional thing. You see... I’m not quite on the Force yet. She's given me a test. I have 24 hours to find some poison killer." Raising his eyebrow he looked at the paper Kin had in his hand.  " He goes by the Alias Purple smoke. I hear he's been using poison to murder his victims all throughout the city. So to prove my worth, which to be honest i think I’ve done ten times over.... She's tasked me with doing this. And she's making you my partner. So... Im uh, hoping we can come to a consensus and work together. What uh... what do you say?” Sighing a bit Yukashi got up from his seat and walked over to Kin dashing the rest of his cigarette in an ashtray. “I’m not gonna bother arguing with the chief so I guess I’ll deal with you for a day…also I know your history Tasanagi you’re a hero around here. But you’ve been gone for 5 years and I’ve been here to pick up the slack. Let’s just hope you’re not too rusty.” Yu said holding his hand out to Kin awaiting for him to shake his hand. Regardless if he did or didn’t Yukashi would continue talking. “Alright any evidence? Witnesses? Maybe even a possible pattern of crime scenes what’s this guy M.O?” Yukashi put his hands inside his pockets as he looked at Yukashi with a questioning face.

Kin: ( )

" RIGHT! " " HUYA!( Group of teens shout together) " "LEFT" " HUYA!( Group of teens shout together)" The teens trained relentlessly. Despite this being a Yakuza owned dojo, the locals respected it. And the Sensei of this Dojo had been very well acclamied by the people of district 1. He was even labled a hero in some form. His name had been Keyth Tasanagi, head master of the Dojo/school Known as ' The Iron Fist Club ' and Owner of the Yakuza clan known as The Kagemaru. A well renowkn Yakuza of worldy worth.

he Kagemaru clan, or their street name Shadow Dogs, is known for there brutal ways in combat and there high stamina. Mixing there Martial arts from Japanese and Chinese culture to become brutal martial artist that take no heed to there opponents well being. Kind natured, and known to get right down to business. Most of the male members are known to be very lustful with vulgar behaviors and persona's towards women but never to the point of highly disrespecting them.. Mostly known to be highly skillful gunmen and swords men. They are in charge of taking care the schools inside of Kasaihana city, They use the street fighting system of Kasaihana, where they hold a fighting tournament every week to raise money. They also help with debts, helping to protect people from loan-sharks. The Kagemaru clan has grown to be very powerful.

Created in 2090 when the Slave revolt happened, the kagemaru is the biggest yakuza family, accounting for 50% of all yakuza in Kasaihana city, with more than 500,000 members divided into 700 clans. Despite more than one decade of police repression, the Kagemaru has continued to grow. From its headquarters in District 1, it directs criminal activities throughout Kasaihana city. It is also involved in operations in Asia and Russia. Keyome Tasanagi, also known as Madd Dog, or Shadow Wolf is the Kagemaru's current oyabun/Chairman. He follows an expansionist policy, and has increased operations in Districts 1, and 2. (which has not traditionally been the territory of the Kagemaru)The Kagemaru family is successful to the point where its name has become synonymous with Kasaihana organized crime in many parts of America. Many Other ethnics groups from around the world who do not know the name "Yakuza" would know the name "Kagemaru", which is frequently portrayed in gangster films

This is how things had been at a time. However once Keyomes foundations had increased in the PMC busniess he gave the world known powerhouse clan to his son. Whom then accepted it proudly. Keyth Tasanagi was the father of three. Sora Tasanagi, Kin Tasanagi and Nikuro Tasanagi but he just goes by Nik. In his early years he was just a known GMAF fighter, but later on he progressed into the gang life, following after his own fathers foot-steps. Now a days however he has his son Sora look over the clan, and its fundings while he heads the Dojo most of the time. Keyth stood with both hands behind his back watching over the students with a light smile on his face before they finally went there seperate way for todays training. Some of the kids lived in the Dojo, and went to school here , while some had families to go back to. Keyth also has an Orphanage that was connected to the Dojo, the kids whom didnt get adopted could choose to live at Keyths Dojo, or go into the foster care system. Most kids went with Keyths Dojo. Where he kept them up on the up most princapals in life, and taught them how to fight to protect themselves, and not hurt others. He'd often tell them stories of The Demon King, and how he fought for 400 years as the ruling king over the world of Darkness, battling with fercious Oni. Little did the children know that he had been talking about himself. Keyth stood with his arms crossed as he scanned over the sea from the back of the Dojo. His clothing blowing in the wind. Around his neck had been a heart neckalace that blowed in the sea's wind. Moving just enough so someone would be able to see the words ' Michiko ' tattooed on his collarbone. "... Somethings... come to Kasaihana. " Keyth said turning his head up to the sea. " Can you feel it Michiko? I can... your trying to tell me something... arent you. " He said grabbing onto the necklace and taking a deep breathe as the wind continued to blow through his clothing before he took a deep breathe. Allowing an Image of them together to blurr itself into his mind.

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Kin retorted his hand back when Yukashi went to shake his and he cocked his brow. " Sorry, Im not your friend yet. " Kin said crossing his arms. " Lets just get this over with. " Kin said scowling at Yukashi before he smirked and finally did actually shake his hand. " Just kidding. I'd never be some brooding emo bad boy type. I love human interaction. I dont think there's a signal incantation of me ever so melonchalytisticly broodful. " Kin said looking over at the reader before smirking and raising a brow." Here she is. " Kin said refering to his motorcycle that had been at his apartment, he had Yukashi follow him down the street to get it. " Dont worry, dont worry. Check it out. " Kin said hitting a button on the side of the futuristic bike, and a passenger side of the bike sprung out. It was a one-seater with a turrent gun up front. " Her names the Howling Wolf. I built her myself back when I was training under some guys out in the Jungles. " Kin said cracking his knuckles and pulling on his fingerless gloves and reving the bike up as he tied his headband around his forehead so his hair could drape down his shoulders. " I think... I have an idea whom may be the manufacter of this poison. She said Syl , has her own floral store in town. Thats gonna be our first lead. If anyone knows about poisons. It'd be her. Maybe then we could find a trace. " Kin said rubbing his chin before he pulled his goggles back onto his face and reved the bike. " Come on guy. We dont got much time..." Once and if Yukashi would have hopped onto the futurstic bike on the passnenger side Kin would have taken off into town.

Druggie: Once the two exchanged hand shakes Yukashi chuckled at his joke. "You've got a sense of humor, I like that...I'm gonna enjoy it die away." He smirked as he continued to listen to him. Another seeming joke spouted from his mouth as he looked at the wall smirking and rising his eyebrow. "Who the hell are you talking to?" Yukashi followed Kin outside walking to his motorcycle. Yukashi already with a lit cigarette listened to Kin boast about his ride then out of no where a side car for the bike popped out. "Who the fuck you think we are? Birdman and Pigeon Boy? I'll ride my own shut." Yukashi stood and listened to Kin about the whole lead they had on the Purple Assassin. "That world famous plant lady? Alright...I'm taking my car." With that Yukashi took off to his own ride hopping in and following behind Kin towards Syl's floral shop.

Keyo: ( )Kin stood dumbfounded once Yukashi ignored his offer. And said he'd drive his own car. The Reluctant Kin scowled before he flicked his nose and tilted his head up, mounting over the bike some more he'd finally hit the accleration and both men made there drive down to the floral shop. The city lights coated over Kin as he watched the sun slowly decent. Only 21 hours left now. He continued his ride and soon enough within 12 minutes, they had reached there destination after Kin got some directions from his AI system known as LUNA, he stole the AI from his Uncle Hiro Lionshearts database awhile ago. " Were here..." He said cutting the car off and pulling off the bike with both of his hands clenched tightly. " I suppose I should go first. " Kin said with both of his hands in his pockets. He opened the doors to the shop slowly, the creaking noise would echo all throughout the depths of the store, and if Syl took a glance over to the door she'd see the duo. Kin and Yukashi standing slightly side by side. " Syl..." Kin said stepping forward with a scowl on his face before it shifted into a smile. " Long time no see. " Kin and Syl's relationship was a strange one. Back during his time with the KPD during his early days, he was tasked to go into Kasaihana aslyum for crowd control. However what proved to be an easy job, was actually a trechours setup. Kin didnt waste much time in trying to unfoil the plot that the evil Mr.Blight had up his sleeve. Foiling his plans in the end and saving the aslyum and the citizens of Kasaihana city. But on this journey he had help, alot but , mostly from one of the In-mates. Syl had been one of them, Kin released her and she assited him and fought by his side throughout the ordeal. For about a year in a half Kin took care of her, until a few months before the sector games they went there seperate ways. This is the first time he's seen her as well in almost 5 whole years. Turning his head over to the male in the room his eyes slanted. ' Could he be the assassian? ' Kin said to himself within his thoughts before he walked over to the both of them. " I promise ill come back later to play catch up with you. " Kin said nodding . " But I was wondering... if you could help me and my 'partner ' out with a case if you have the time for it. " Kin said sliding his hands into his pockets as he waited for her response.

[10/17/2015 12:44:47 PM] Druggie: The ride sure didn't take long as the two KPD officers rode off into the city leaving the department. Yukashi followed Kin the whole ride but that didn't mean he didn't know how to get to the shop. Once parked Yukashi took out his drinking flask and took a last sip of it as it seemed to be running out. "Damn gotta get a refill later." He felt the burn of the alcohol hit his throat but at this point of his drinking life it was just minor as he's grown accustomed to it. Yukashi hopped out the car closing the door behind him and pressing the lock button on his keys. Walking up to Kin. "Age before beauty. " Yukashi chuckled as he watched Kin enter the shop and immediately following behind him. He looked around the shop seeing many of the exotic plants Syl had around. Typically this wasn't Yukashi's cup of liquor but he had to admire the beauty of the plants. He looked off to Syl. "So you're the plant lady." Yukashi made a note of the other man in the store he'd not seen before. Yukashi kept his hands inside of his pocket as he looked at Kin talk to Syl.

[10/18/2015 1:08:43 PM] Keyo: Kin turned his head over to the right as he watched the man exit as he and his partner entered. " Hm..." Kin said to himself as he made his way into the shop further on. He leaned over the counter of the shop where he then began to speak on a level so only the other two could hear. " There's a guy on the streets using a heavy toxin, its killing people within minutes. All the KPD teams have been able to do his break down the chemical make up of the poison so that a system could be made out of its orginal compound. I was hoping... that maybe you could help us decypher it. Your the only person I know who can. " Kin said handing her the vial sample that they got back from the KPD.

How Would Syl react? She did have the ability to assist in Kin's investigation. But would she is the question. Syl had two options here. She could either help them break down the chemical makeup, and exaimne the base compound of the poison to discover that it was made from something known as ' Yellow cake ' a necular sedative that is made and produced out of the ' Blake Coats Corp. ' This would give Kin and Yukashi there lead. OR! She could lie, and tell them that the poison compound comes from some Voodoo practioner who uses the venom of snakes and spiders within the voodoo artist ritual. The Voodoo practioner has been making several threats towards Syl's busniess as of recently, and she works right down the road. Due to Syl's busniess its caused a staggering decline in the voodoo artist work. Syl SHOULD know by doing this her busniess competetor may be taken out of the picture, but by lying to the officers it may leave a bad result for her later on and an angry Kin may return for more questions with more violent methods