( ) Kevin would’ve been laying on the couch in a white pair of boxer briefs. His leg cocked up over the back of the couch and his other leg hanging off of it as his tail rested along the rest of the couch. His head turned, he snored the morning away with one hand holding the file to his chest and the other behind his head. He’d been up literally next to all night reading over the files. Him and Ayame started reading over them together…but he blew her off and told her that she could read them tomorrow. That girl is poison…still…her body was as sweet as necter. Kevin couldn’t help but…lay there and dream of her curves. How her ass switched back and forth when she walked. How her breast bounced seemingly one command. Kevin smiled in his sleep and as he did his cock size began to rise. Thinking of how her shirt was ripped right down the middle last night made him twitch his hips slightly as he layed there. Her perked breast…the beead of sweat that ran down them…sweet shit…Kevin would’ve let out a low groan thinking about those cream colored thighs oh my GOD!

Kevin shot up out of his sleep and huffed an puffed a bit. He was sweating beads, wiping his forehead and flicking it elsewhere. He brought his knees to his chest, still thinking about ayame but suddenly feeling good…a nice release…only to look down and see he’d nutted on himself. A wet dream looks like it. Kevin had a face of disappointment looking down and murmuring to himself. “This is what I’ve become with my life. The great web strider, nutting to the dreams of a woman…I need to get laid.” Kevin thought as he stood up, heading to the bathroom to clean up and release the rest of himself into the toilet. Coming out now dressed in a pair of black sweats, with a black wife beater, he’d yawn a bit, sloshing his tail back and forth.  “Guess I’ll wake up my partner…I don’t hear any sex going on…should be safe.” Kevin would’ve stood outside of her door, and using his tail he’d knock on Ayame and Jack’s room door. Jack was sleeping like a rock no pun intended, and more than likely Ayame would’ve been the first one to wake up. If she was, Kevin would’ve spoke from out side of her door. “Ayame. Get your ass up, I’ve got a friend we’ve got to visit today. Plus I need you to make me some coffee.” Kevin scratched his chin waiting for her to answer the door…he couldn’t help but stand pretty close to the door so when she opened it they’d be face to face. A way to start the morning…she fucked with him hard last night, but now…kevin decided he’d have no qualms, fucking with her back. Being petty was something he was an expert in. if she answered the door, Kevin would raise his brows and wave at her with his tail, lowered golden hues glowing in the morning sunlight. “Morning pretty.”

Ayame had spent some of the night up with Kevin to read over the files but he was stubborn about her getting some rest and letting him do most of the reading. The only problem was she couldn't sleep...thinking about just how far she wouldve taken that teasing...watching him get all riled up just by her alone. Did she really have that much effect on him? She was much more confident than the old her back in the day and was behaving more like her concieted self but even she had doubts...about how Kevin really felt. Ever since inviting him to her home it'd been even harder to get the man out of her thoughts.

Restless fingers even traced around her aching warmth at remembering their closeness. He had been frustrated and upset with her...but it was still something she enjoyed as it made him come close to her even while he tried to resist. Soft fingers were disappearing one by one between thick thighs as a strong shiver rips through her and her ass lightly lifts off the broken mattress while Rockslide slept soundly beside her...she couldn't help herself! Kevin still made her insides hot and bothered...part of her wanted to go right out there and jump his bones while he slept on the couch but no! She couldn't give in....he needed to be punished...after a couple more sinful pumps of her fingers she brings herself to a climax, biting back the urge to call out his name and finally caught up on some sleep...

The next morning Ayame rolled off the bed and stretched out toned arms while red hair settled around her shoulders without the need for much brushing. She was a bit hungry and without a word as to not disturb Jack she slides on web strider stockings and an over sized white shirt that fell down both shoulders and had a web strider symbol in the shape of a heart. What? Don't judge her it was really nice fashionable colors and she liked it! She didn't bother wearing pants, the stocking socks coming up to only her knees while the shirt reached low enough to barely cover round ample ass cheeks. Opening the door to go see if Kevin was awake, she hadn't heard him knock or softly call out to her from the closet where she had gotten dressed, she takes one big step forward only to be met with the male right in her face and her breasts pressing up against his torso. It was so sudden she on instinct placed her hands on his chest and was mid step, blinking up at him as their nose barely touched. Purple hues blink in confusion before a blush appears on her face as he looks at her so smoothly. "Wh-what are you doing?!" She said in a hushed annoyed tone before shoving him back and shutting the door after making sure Rockslide was still soundly sleeping.

Putting her attention back on Kevin she noticed just how...handsome he was in such casual clothing with exposed muscular arms and that fit stomach hiding underneath a tight wife beater! She had to clear her throat to stop from staring, flipping her hair over her shoulder and walking past him to get to the file. "Come on, I'll go make you some still take it with a lot of cream and sugar right?" She said, not forgetting how he liked to drink his coffee in the morning even after all this time.

"Wh-what are you doing?!" Kevin felt himself shoved…rather hard. Kevin touched his chest with his finger with a raised brow. “Man…she’s gotten strong. I used to just shrug that off, but she moved me a few feet. Not bad.” He waited to see if she was going to come back out and she shut the door, before clearing her throat and offering to make him that coffee after all. ‘Of course. If it doesn’t taste like Syrup, then there’s no need in me drinking it. “ Kevin strolled around the kitchen looking around. Place sure was organized. For such a rough fuck, she sure liked to clean things up. Kevin trailed his finger along the counter top, his tail casually waving from left to right. “Well in anycase. I’ve got a friend I’m gonna contact here in a minute. Keep in mind I know you’ve never met this guy but uh…he’s kind of dull. Just a bit. Try not to stare at him to hard.” Kevin would’ve found himself a few feet away from her while she would’ve been making the coffe…making him raise a brow. “Are you…are you wearing my merchandise? Not that it DOESN’T…fit you…all to well….” Kevin swallowed hard raising his brows and then lowering them trying  not to stare at her ass….by any means. Trying is best not to say some shit to hit on her in her own home, but hell..that was easier said than done dammit. ‘he’s the uh black dusk. Pretty sure you’ve heard of him once or twice. He works alone all the time but he’s a good pal. We both don’t like having higher ups over us so we clique pretty easily. “ Kevin would’ve found himself now standing beside Ayame…rather close. His tail, mere inches from her backside…trailing down her spine as he could’ve just…brushed it down her body but he was trying not to. Damn this was hard.

“So…” kevin scarched his nose, looking away awkwardly, with his lips in a puckered fashion. In that typical animated Kevin Chan fashion, as he spoke to Ayame with the face he was making it was almost laughable.

“What uh. What brought you and old buddy together? You guys meet on a mission or…some hero speed dating thing or something…seems like you guys are going pretty strong. “ Kevin stayed in the spot beside her, his hands in his pockets, as his tail trailed over the outline of her body. Weather she noticed it or not, he’d simply stand there waiting for his coffee and making small talk. The first civil conversation they’d had since…ever. “You seem happy now adays and that’s good. Really good. Though the teasing is…much.”

The red head started making a hot pot of coffee all the while Kevin followed in behind her and started talking about a 'friend' of his coming over to pay them a visit and shed some more light on the situation...the name of the hero was familiar though she couldn't recall if she'd seen him once before or not. Purple hues focus on the tast at hand as she gives him a slow nod to show she was paying attention. "Fine by me..." The strong smell of caffine would start to fill the kitchen up as the machine did its job just as Kevin asked if she was wearing web strider merchandise before continuing on briefly of his contact. To this she merely looked to the side cooly and huffed. "I have no problem with Web strider...I think hes brave and strong...noble with a heart of gold. Hes my favorite hero...but Kevin chan on the other hand is a jerk. I think very differently on the two..." She said with a teasing smirk.

Looking beside her she'd take note of Kevins sudden closeness and another red tint hit her cheeks as she watched him closely. "Hm...all kidding aside, I think it fits nicely on me. I have web strider panties too..." She said with an alluring purr just as the coffee machine beeps to let them know its done. He tries to make the conversation light and she laughs softly at his awkwardness, adding cream and sugar to the mug. "I met Jack on a rescue mission with Red the time I was seeing Ruby. You know the guy who can shoot laser beams out of his eyes? Turns out he was cheating on me..." Stiring the now light brown mixture with a small spoon she stares in to its contents with a relaxed expression.

"Ah what can I say I sure know how to pick them don't I? Seem to have trouble finding a guy thats worth my time anymore...Jacks different. And yeah I am pretty happy..." She slides the cup to him, their fingers brushing ever so lightly before she turns to face him and smirks again. "Teasing is a bit much huh? Maybe you're right...then again..." She dipped her finger into the hot liquid though it didnt bother her in the slightest as she then slurped it past plump lips to taste. "mmm just right." There was a bit of creamy coffee at the corners of her mouth but she laps it up and winks at him. "Whats wrong, Kevin? Don't tell me I....get to you?" She stepped up closer to him, placing a hand on either side of the counter to block him off from moving away. "Not the chantastic lover...all the ladies youve had and youre getting all bothered by me? Nooooo." There was a condesending tone to her as she gave him a mocking and sexual smirk while their bodies were pressed up into the other once more.

Ayame realized she'd been enjoying the closeness too much as she reaches behind him to grab for the creamer and moved out of his reach to turn and place it back in the fridge, bendin over to place it in the bottom shelf as her shirt rose up to expose more of her bitable full ass and then some....

 "I have no problem with Web strider...I think hes brave and strong...noble with a heart of gold. Hes my favorite hero...but Kevin chan on the other hand is a jerk. I think very differently on the two..." Kevin was silent at this statement. It almost made him feel some type of way. Was he really such a different person? A different persona? Then again, what could he say? The way he treated Ayame when she first got here, of course she’d have this opinon of him. Kevin couldn’t shake the thought of knowing how bad he fucked up something that could’ve been THIS good.  "Hm...all kidding aside, I think it fits nicely on me. I have web strider panties too..." Kevin laughed fakely. “Heh heh, oooooooooof course you would have my face plastered on your cunt.’ Kevin looked lamely to the side, still trying to keep himself as civil as possible around her. Watching her finish up the coffee with ease and whip it up nicely, just the way he liked it.  Kevin sighs through his nostrils, and listens as to how she and Jack met. They met while on a mission with the Dawn eh? Legitness, Kevin thought to himself. When she slide him the cup, their fingers berifly brushed against each other but it wasn’t for a very long instance at all. Kevin hovered his hand near the cup about to pick it up but Ayame’s speech patterns changed…oh no. that tone of voice in her began to change once again.

She dipped her finger into his coffee and slurped on it, licking some of the cream from the corner of her lip. Kevin’s eyes slanted as he watched her…teasing him again. Like this was a game. Kevin picked the cup up, keeping his clenched fist in his pocket. Oooo the things he could do to her. The things he wanted to put her through…and even put inside of her. Good god almighty. “What’s wrong, Kevin? Don't tell me I....get to you?" When she placed an arm beside him, sort of cornering him in the counter area, Kevin kept sipping on his coffee, the taste treating him pretty well…but the closeness of their bodies? Not so much. He didn’t even answer her question, no way was he about to give her power over him. Poor kevin had no idea, she’d already had everything she needed to mess with him… "Not the chantastic lover...all the ladies you’ve had and you’re getting all bothered by me? Nooooo." Kevin released the coffee cup from his lips and sighed as he let it down. When she took the creamer and went to place it in the fridge….she bent over…all the way over…placing her thick…ass…in the air…Kevin could practically smell how wet she was. Kevin sat the cup down. “…….”

He took  a few steps as if he was going into another direction, but then suddenly Ayame would’ve felt a powerful grip on the back of her neck. Kevin’s right hand gripping the right side of her neck, shoving her face against the now closed refrigerator door.  His tail slithering up her slender body…beneath her shirt, and between her breast, looping around her right one, before the rest of his tail rested on the left side of her face. His tail lightly squeezed her tit, as Kevin’s body pressed against the back of hers. Her ass now feeling the fullness of his downward facing buldge resting right in the crack. Kevin’s opposite arm wrapped around her waist, as he rested his head on her shoulder, and using his tail to push her head and turn it in his direction so she’d be looking at him from behind. He spoke in a whisper, as his breath pushed against her skin. Smelling like creamed coffee…”I’m sick…and tired…of you walking around here…half dressed. “ he started speaking sensually through gritted teeth, remembering she liked when he did that. “I’m tired of being it because deep down. “ his golden hues met her purple ones in a dominating gaze. “Deep down you miss how I touch you…?” his tail slide down her cheek lightly, before he slide her bottoms to the side, and slipping his own sweat pants down…he’d waste no time, sliding his full sized fleshy member inside of her moist cunt. His fleshy extension deep inside of her on the very first thrust, as he pulled her body back against him, leaning in to give her a messy kiss on her lips to prevent from crying out…When she’d calmed down, he’d start slithering his hips against hers sensually, as he whispered into her ear…”Say it…say my name, like you used to all that time ago…” his tongue would’ve slipped from his lips lapping up the side of her neck, as his cock made slow but deep strides in and out of the groove of her pussy…

This had to be a dream! She had to be in another wet dream as Kevin filled her insides with cock, as shaky hands held on to the fridge to the best of her ability while purple eyes almost rolled to the back of her head from the pressure of his hips alone...he wasn't going fast but oh fuck was he hitting it deep as if making up for the lack of speed with cervix ramming pumps. He'd barely even started but she was ready to climax right then and there! The hurried rushed feeling of it all, how they both tried not to make too much noise and the desperate need to just get rough and loud, that dragon cunt leaked sweet nectar around his cock as she goes to cry out.

She was interrupted however by Kevins long tail, forcing itself down her throat as sharp eyes widen and her gag reflex comes on full force, choking around the thick furry extension of him as tears pricked the corners of her eyes and she watches him with a needy expression. "Mmnmff!" Those lips pressed close to her ear with a low rumbling voice and it made her smile around the tail currently being deep throated. "mnnm...mnn!" Complying to what he wanted she happily agreed and let out all sorts of erotic noises that were indeed muffled by his tail as saliva would pool out from corners of her lips, drenching it while her tongue made sensual massages.

More more more!! She wanted more but a quick alert broke her out of that sexual haze. "Abort!!" The tail flies out of her mouth and it causes her to cough harshly while Kevin pulls himself out of her and she almost falls to her knees, gripping the fridge for dear life as a drunken smile was still plastered on her face. "Wh-what...??" Kevin was gone in a blink of an eye! She could hear Rock slide waking up and someone opening the balcony door. With a huff she straightens herslef out and lowers the over sized shirt, fixing her bottoms and stockings. Quickly grabbing a paper towel she cleaned her face up and even soaked up her juices that dribbled down to the floor! Swiftly tossing it in the trash she meets face to face with Rockslide and she throws a cheery smile his way. "Morning baby!" She made her way out of the kitchen so he couldn't smell any type of sex and kisses his lips softly as the two were still in the living room long enough to spot Leon entering. "Sorry for the intrusion." "No it's okay we were expecting you." She said while waiting for Kevin to come out of the bathroom...she'd have to congratulate him on the flawless flip out of their situation but it wasn't over....

Leon starts the meeting and Ayame listened closely to him with a hand on her hip and a frown to her features. So she was right to be worried last night...Kasiahanna was going to get pressured in to passing it or else more people would die. This had to tie in with Strider being framed somehow it was all just too close together to not be connected...Jacob would have to be informed at once so he could stay up to date with current events in regards to the war. Rockslide is outed and it really would just be her and Kevin with Leon in the background for aid. She puts her hand on Jacks arm to help him relax and gives him a reassuring smile. "Hey you still got an important job here for Jacob. I promise we can handle it okay?" "Ayame." After assuring Rock slide she made her way over to Leon and nodded as shes handed a watch. Inspecting it with dragon like curiosity she turns it on and makes sure it works still somewhat alluded her but she'd gotten the jist of it.

"Got it, I'll get ready now so we can head out." She accepted her directions and as the male leaves, Kevin makes a comment on how he wishes he were that cool. With a lame expression she makes her way to the bedroom. "As if, that guys a league all his own." She mocked him playfully. A while later she was ready to go in her outfit.

The outfit was a red tight breathable kevlar and nomex micro fiber mesh that hugged her inch of her leaving nothing exposed though shapely hips were only outlined harder now along with her round bust that were covered with black material and a golden shape of a fierce dragon with its wings sprouted out. Her shoes were long golden boots that came up to her thighs, a silky sash around her waist and long gloves that ended at her elbows to match with the boots adorning her feet. Her long fiery auburn hair would be left alone as it rested behind powerful shoulders. She didn't bother with a mask, uncaring of who knew her identity considering she was still believed to be 'registered' thanks to being fairly new to the game. She'd used it to her advantage and the two readied for the mission! Exiting her apartment and hitting the roof tops to go further into the city to see what they could find out...and hopefully as a team.

"So one senator is dead...Leons right if we dont act fast theres going to be a pattern, who evers been framing you is working on a whole bigger picture. You just happen to be the unlucky one..." She looked to him for a moment as her wings were gliding in the air to keep her in the sky close by the web slinging hero.

"So one senator is dead...Leons right if we dont act fast theres going to be a pattern, who evers been framing you is working on a whole bigger picture. You just happen to be the unlucky one..." Kevin heard her speaking as he kept web slinging from left to right. Letting himself hit the end of an arch, before letting go of the web cutting  a couple of backflips, before shooting out another one and latching onto it while conversating. “Hm? That’s right. I am the unlucky one. I’m only targeted as a media distraction. I might joke like I have fans, but media has a power over people even I can’t explain from time to time. Ah well…let’s go to this first guy. Names…” Kevin checked his HUD. “Senator Jamal Fleming. Huh. Sounds vaguely familiar…” Kevin shrugged this off and he and ayame would’ve made their way to what looked a really expensive country club in the middle of town. It stood about 10 stories high with a gold like coloration. Kevin perched himself on the rooftop, trying to think of only the mission and not the amazing sex he was going to have right there in that very kitchen.

“Alright says here he spends most of his time by the…pool side, sketching pictures. Well this sucks, this guys going to be out in the open and it’s only 3 in the afternoon. The smartest thing to do….” Kevin thought to himself for a minute and as he did, his chi spiked oddly for a second before returning to normal. “We need bait. Maybe we could…use him to see if one of the  killer would come for him? Hmm…no cause that wouldn’t make sense. If we know their hang out spots he has to, too. Gaaah I am not meant for this thinking stuff. ‘


Kevin and Ayame would’ve gotten a call from Leon. “We’ve got a problem. Aprently another one of the senator’s has been invited by Jamal, to come hang out. This is the next target spot, he’ll have two in one go. Secrure that perimeter and do not let anyone suspicious get through their by any means. Scatter a mile out and page me of any odd activities.” Kevin stood up as he saw the limo pulling up to the club, and he cursed. “Damn…Ayame stay sharp. This guy’s gonna strike here, he has to. No one would miss this opportunity too.” Kevin would’ve looked to his right. “I’m gonna scatter this way, and you scatter that way. Your tracking abilities are better than mine so maybe you’ll spot something before I do.” Kevin would’ve darted off across the rooftop, slinging a web and swinging in that direction around to another side of the club! Leon securing the air, Ayame would have to scatter to her own side to beware of anything suspicious!

Meanwhile in the country club, a waiter would’ve approached Jamal as he sat there sketching. “Would you like anything to drink sir?” “Hm?” Jamal answered. “No but thank you. I’m waiting on a friend.” “Not a problem. Please.” The waiter would’ve patted Jamal on the shoulder. As his hand moved, there was a brief red flash, before it disappeared, and the pale skinned waiter began to back off. “Ring if you need anything.”

*If Ayame saw the waiter who did this, she wouldn’t notice the red flash but she would notice the direction that the other waiters go to take their empty dishes. Yet this fellow was going in the complete opposite direction of the other ones. Did this stick out like a sore thumb? Maybe not, but there sure was a mighty thick and attractive purple haired woman lounging in the lunge chair a few spaces down from Jamal. How would Ayame approach the situation? Would she even tell the others or try to play hero by her lonesome?*

Kevin was right...the media was having a field day with Web striders case, hero or terrorist? Just because he lived in america didn't mean he was from here even though he was born here but the world didn't know that and with the news feeding out lies and rumors without checking the facts it was growing worse...the hysteria and paranoia. Ayame didn't like it one bit..."Lets go to this first guy....Senator Flemming." Kevin mentions it sounds familiar but Ayame hadn't heard of him before but he was the first on their list to protect so with a great urgency they continues through the city.

Wings vanish as they land close to the country club where the senator would be...or at least one of them as she crosses her arms and watches with narrowed pupils though they shifted for a moment to gaze at Web strider...she couldn't help the light smile at being next to him in costume, working beside him at long last! Pettiness and revenge aside she did want to impress him so he could see she had become a decent hero! The smile soon fades when she remembers what went down in the kitchen...he just took her from behind, ill tempered about being teased so much and maybe she had been rather cruel with her intentions but she couldn't help herself! She enjoyed seeing him fighting his own personal was the steps needed so maybe one day she could actually forgive him....

"Alright says here he spends most of his time by the…pool side, sketching pictures. Well this sucks, this guys going to be out in the open and it’s only 3 in the afternoon." Striders voice brought her back and she rose a brow at him to hear out what he thought would be best but he was having trouble leading and she merely scoffed. "Smooth." She mocked playfully as Leon would make himself known through their intercom and speak on the trouble headed their way of another senator coming to visit. Kevin tells her to spread out and she nods, falling off the edge and slowing her speed thanks to the flames shooting out softly from her feet as she gets a closer look from the perimeter only to spot the waiter engaging with Senator Flemming and then head in an odd pupils shift around the surrounding before speaking into the watch calmly. "I think I've got something...suspicious out of place activity coming from the waiter. No one else is outside but a female, distinctive purple hair on the far side of the senator. I'm going to tail the waiter, Strider keep a sharp look out." With that being said Spite fire shifted through the walkway at a safe distance from the waiter, not needing to be so close as she could track him down by his heat signature alone, narrowing purple hues to see if he was packing any 'heat' so to speak, if anything was giving off heat radiation of any kind she could see it.

*When the outside was clear, someone else would’ve walked out there to greet senator fleming. It would’ve been senator Collins, and the two shook hands for moment. Collins took a seat beside fleming and they looked like they were conversing about something…Collins looked over to the purple haired woman with raised brows*

“Hey there, pretty. You come here often, I don’t often see you around this club.” The pretty purple haired woman lowered her sunglasses for a moment before her eyes flashed pink. When they did, the two senator’s eyes also flashed pink and they’d have  stopped speaking to one another. The purple hair woman then stood up and began walking thick hips to the iniside of the hotel…

( )Kevin himself would’ve stuck to the side of the hotel wall pearing inside of a window. He heard noises…knocks from multiple doors. Kevin furrowed his brow breaking into one of the windows and looking at the man and woman in here. “What’s going on?” “We don’t know! Someone’s locked our door from the outside!” the woman struggled to open the door and kevin walked over to it tearing it off the hinges. He then stepped out side and heard EVERYONE knocking at their doors! People were trapped inside of their own rooms! “The heck?” Kevin looked to see the doors had been welded shut…being on the top floor the man and woman came out to see what was going on and Kevin turned to them. “I’m gonna work on getting these doors open. You two hea-“ Kevin’s eyes widned however as his strider sense began tingling. Kevin would’ve leapt forward towards the man and woman, pinning them down to the ground and as he did a giant baby grand piano would’ve flown right past their faces, heading towards the end wall of the hallway and falling to the ground. Kevin stood up, and looked back. “You!” It was Black Strider! He’d stand in the hallway with his hands pulling out of his jacket pockets, holding two desert eagle pistols, black in color and aiming to shoot kevin and the hostages!

Kevin stood up and began waving a shield of webbing around his right and left hands, holding them apart as the bullets impacted the web and stuck inside of it, not able to penetrate the thick fibers! “Get back in the room! I’ll come back for you! Go!” Kevin yelled as the couple rushed back into their room. Kevin stuck the web shield he made over their vacant doorway and turned back to look at the black strider. “So you’re my number one fan huh? Sorry pal I’m already up to my neck in groupies.” Black Strider started running towards Kevin firing bullet after bullet! Kevin ran at him as well, flipping, cartwheeling and dancing around the bullets as they left the barrel before he and black strider met in the middle! Kevin’s hands locked on his as he held him in place. “Give it up and the worst you’ll get is jail time buddy!” Black strider knee’d kevin in the gut, before turning his body to roundhouse kick him in the neck, his foot pinning him against the wall, as he’d attempt to put two bullets in kevin’s skull with both guns! Kevin webbed the barrels of the guns and spread his arms to disarm black strider before grabbing his foot and throwing a wing chun elbow to black strider’s knee cap! A loud “CRACK” heard as he bent the man’s leg backwards before jump kicking him in the chest!

Black Strider recovered, only to reveal another pistol from his trench coat, and he aimed at Kevin but something left his other hand as well. A small black container the size of a can of soda. “NO!”  Black Strider shot a bullet at the grenade and Kevin shouted, as the ran towards the grenade! He knew it’d take out almost everyone on this floor…and Black Strider knew it too. Kevin leapt up and curled his body around the grenade before suddenly BOOM!!!!!  The hallway filled with smoke and the walls were smeered  bit blacker. Kevin lay on the ground holding his stomach. That portion of his outfit was ripped to shreds, but his stomach just had some first degree burns and a bit of charring but it didn’t even draw the slightest bit of blood. Kevin knows no other aptitudes for using his chi other than physical means. Thus he pours all of his chi ability into physical chi, but kevin has always noted of a frequent side effect of doing this. Every time he uses physical chi in prolonged period  he does it, his muscles shred and rip apart, only reform back together not as bigger fibers, but as more fibers. Kevin's chi which has a physical property can only be channeled in that way, physically. Each time he uses it, his muscles are flexing, and contracting, basically he's working them out every time he so much as fights or uses it heavily. This has caused Kevin to have 3x the muscle fibers of a regular human being, giving him incredibly tough muscles, and bones, to support said muscles, only adding to his durability. His physical ability is at a heightened state, as one would expect from a physical chi user, so much so to the point where if he flexed his muscles at the time, a heavyweight boxer would break their wrist trying to punch him in the face. His body is basically the equivalent to enhanced durability, which aids him in his crime fighting career seeing as how he takes one hell of a beating.

“Damn……ngh!” Kevin would’ve pulled himself up and turned towards the hole in the wall. He’d call leon via his strider sense. “Dusk!” “I’m on it.” Leon would’ve hovered the plane beside the hole and stepped out of it. He’d pull out what looked like a black stick, which was really a high power magent. He’d hold it out and pull all of the doors in that hallway off their hinges and let them fall forward. After doing that he’d attach an emergency rope ladder to the ledge. “Single file everyone. Let’s get out of here.”

*Elsewhere near ayame’s location, if she’d followed the purple haired girl, she to would’ve heard the explosion go off. However she’d also be able to see the purple haired girl making the two sneator’s kneel before her as she placed her hands on their heads. A strange pink glow emitted from them as she seemed to be absorbing some kind of energy from them? The main priority was to protect the senator’s but…was Kevin okay? Was he GOING to be okay?*

Spite fire continued through the pathway until a loud explosion sounded off!! "Strider!" She yells to the intercom but there was nothing back. Suddenly she hears both Dusk and Strider talking and she lets out a relieved sigh...whatever was happening she needed to be there to back them up! But fate had other plans instead....The purple haired female appeared in front of the kneeling senators who'd been acting strangely but now Ayame was beginning to see!

The new threat was controlling the senators and doing something to them! Strider would be fine on his own for now she needed to do her duty to this city!! "Woah there chicka thats enough!" Ayame wasn't the kind to make any puns....she liked to keep it to the point and with powerful arms she sends a blast of hot wind through the woman to break her hold on the men! Rushing over now with the element of surprise she uses Southern Dragon style  sliding to a stop with thick legs seperated with one going far behind the other, knees slightly bent and arms raised high with flowing motions!

Without a moment to waste hard pointed fingers attempt at doing a quick swipe to the womans right arm right below the armpit  with a precise blow that felt like the clamping jaw of an actual dragon bite! It'd sink into the flesh and force the muscles to contract and spasm with the nerves skyrocketing in pain! With one arm assaulting the purple haired female the other one would send an elbow right for the womans jugular, her right foot sliding between the females legs to slide in closer and leave little room for an opening on herself as the hard angled bone tries to connect to the trachea of the enemy to send their head snapping in a rubber band effect and close her throat in on itself from the trauma, the reinforced elbow could snap a trachea in two but she was only trying to subdue the woman!!

Madam Psyon would be uninterrupted with her plans of placing the senators under her control long enough to suck their energy out from their bodies that was until a fiery red head appeared and started causing the woman trouble. The sudden gust of broiling hot air blowing right to the older female makes her screech in annoyance and discomfort, breaking the hold on the men and taking a couple of steps back to regain her compuser, creating a construct of purple glowing daggers all 8 circling her back as she glares and moves to send them toward Spite fire but she was already on the move sending a 2 hit combo to Madam Pyson as the female threw up a counter only to barely block the elbow to the throat as it rocks her and she blinks back the pain while choking before sending out three daggers to impale the red head from above but Ayame was much faster, a dragon tail exposing itself from behind to grab on to the first dagger and using it as a shield from the other two, swipping the 'blade' to discontinue the trajectory of the weapons all the while Ayames free hands would attempt at several palm strikes to the females torso to push her further away from the room! Madam Psyon creates a shield with her mind though the strikes from the dragoons palms were pushing a large amount of energy and hell bent on at least sending the woman flying! Pyson catches herself while lifting off the ground only a foot or two and glowing purple eyes would narrow. "ENOUGH!" She angered quickly and sent the rest of her daggers right for Spite fire who had successfully sent the woman at least five feet away, giving her enough time to react! The glowing daggers all swhipped right for the senators in a precise fashion with incredible inhuman speed! At this point dragoon wings sprout out to turn in time shroud itself over the men who were still struggling on their knees all the while the daggers pierce themselves in to the large wing...or attempted to as the tips would sound like they'd just made contact with a hard metal! Sparks even flew as the weapons were bouncing right off , the scales on Ayame were rather shiny and showed off just what had protected her and the men as she turns now to face her and stand in front of the men with a nasty scowl on her face. "I was thinking the same thing....who are you?!" She got back in to a stance but the female was not having it as she began to lift the furniture in the room with full intention of putting this red head down!


( ) Kevin would’ve been running through the halls, looking every which way he could for black strider but finding him was becoming difficult. “Where is that DAMN imposter! Bet he doesn’t even look half as good as me!” Kevin looked around until his strider sense kicked in, and he’d turn around, turning his head just enough to avoid a combat knife thrown a him! The knife flew and stuck itself into a wall and the moment kevin turned around again, Black stider was already on him, engaging him in physical combat! Black Strider, began to alternate his right left legs throwing a series of roundhouse kicks, towards Kevin’s ribs! Kevin took steps back, swinging his arms backwards as if he was back stroking in a pool. While odd it did it’s job as Kevin blocked each kick sucesffully only to then attempt, a power hit! Throwing his palm forward while his opposite hand rested by his side, he’d lash it out trying to impact his opponent!

Black Strider simply folded his arms across his face in an “x” like shape, and leaned his body forward, dodging the reach of Kevin’s arm and untwisting his own arms, lashing them out and hitting Kevin in both of his ears with the backs of his hands! THWAM!  Kevin’s hearing was shot as all he’d heard was a ringing noise and he saw only white. “Gah! This is a kill move!” Kevin thought to himself aloud and he was right. Black Strider reared his fist back, twisting it as he did, so the curled fingers would be facing the ceiling before he’d attempt to throw it back out towards Kevin’s throat. However Kevin lashed his right hand up to catch his opponents wrist! Black Strider’s expression didn’t change but Kevin smirked. “Thank you Strider Sense!” Kevin would’ve took a step back, launching his right leg up, hitting black strider with two ascending kicks! One in the gut and the other aimed for the forehead! Both of them connecting and cuasing black strider to  wince before kevin would’ve placed his calf on the back of black strider’s neck, and looped his foot underneath his right arm in a grapple like mannor before leaping and letting his body drop, only to roll black striders body over his and cause him to flip and slam himself on his back side!

Kevin kicked himself up from this and so did black strider. Kevin came in with a one two, left right combination, but strider weaved both attacks. “Woosh, whoosh’

before blocking a few more suprisnigly hard punches, only to launch a side kick towards Kevin’s head! Kevin put both of his arms up to block the kick and he was ready to counter attack until the strength of the kick is what caught him off guard as it sent his body barreling through 2 of the guest rooms, before he’d land on the ground in a tumble, his back hitting an ac unit!

“Dammit!” Kevin saw black strider running towards him now, with two knives, one in each hand! “As much as I want to catch you and bring you in I have to make sure those senators are okay!” Kevin would’ve waited until the very last second where black strider attempted to ram his knives into kevin’s skull before he’d lean to his right, spinning out of the way and letting the knives stick into the wall! As this happened, he’d launch a right handed web line right on to black strider’s shoulder, before circling around him, only to then latch a web onto the ceiling with his left hand pulling himself up and into the air, before he’d begin wrapping up black strider in some kind of cacoon! Going as far as to crawl on the man’s body and add additional patches of it!

Even after this, Kevin would’ve leapt off of black strider’s body and landed in a squat only to start shooting even more web lines at him and attaching them to various parts of the wall! While doing so he’d try and contact ayame. “How’re things on your end Spite Fire?! Are the senator’s safe?!”

Depending on her answer, kevin would watch Black Strider struggle to move and stay in place. “Don’t bother buddy, you won’t be getting out of that for another hour. Leon I’ve got a pick up, the Black Strider is in custody. “ “I’m on my way.” Leon would’ve maneuvered the plane and begun flying towards his location. Kevin would’ve darted out of the hallway speaking to Ayame again. “Toss the senator’s into the air! I’ll catch them from there and get them to safety!”

*The Plan was clear! All ayame had to do was toss the senator’s high enough into the air for kevin to take hold of them and she’d be in the clear! The senator’s would’ve been safe! And Black Strider subdued!..*

[12:02:33 AM] Devastation: A giant sofa was thrown Ayames way but she wouldn't allow herself to be dettered by house hold items and with a sharp blow of flames it burns right through the couch and flies in two different directions, Madam Psyon taking that split second to appear before her with an animated scimitar shaped construct! The curved blade was about the length of Ayames arm though she would not panic under the attack of a weapon even one of the mind. Psyon with skillful swordmanship makes for a clean quick slice from above the womans head! The energy sharp enough to cut through the dragoon skull like butter!! Skillful hands would shoot up to catch the blade mid strike but Psyon would not allow herself to falter as she only added more weight into the blow to assure this blade would meet with the red heads scalp!! The loud clap of her hands catching the weapon was like lightning cracking down and though Psyon was a master of telekenesis outmatched by none so far, Ayame would not give in either, toned arms flexing in resistance to the womans weapon and then finally with a quick tilt of her head the blade slips through and slices into the heros forehead! The Madam expected large contents of blood to come spraying out but no such thing happened!

Instead there was a highly annoyed and in pain Spite fire with scales reflecting off the energy sword. Dragoon skulls were one of the most dense material known to Earths world, one would have better luck cracking a mountain open than a dragons noggin. Narrowed eyes focus on the opening now as the woman stared in shock, Ayames palms reaching up to seperate her hold on both hands of the weapon and throwing the womans arms apart! The scimitar begins to fall before being caught by the dragon tail and then thrown across the room in a perfect toss as it pierces the wall and stays there erect! Spite fire however couldn't have cared less as she prepared for her next combination of attacks though the woman would attempt at throwing her own moves in there but she wasn't as advanced with hand to hand like the dragoon was, catching the ladys failed left kick upwards just as Strider spoke in to her ear. “How’re things on your end Spite Fire?! Are the senator’s safe?!” "Geh give me a second!" She'd respond back quickly as the enemies leg is caught by her right arm, hugging it to her ribs as her body turned to face the extended limb and send her left elbow sinking into the thigh with a cracking smash! Feet were planted firmly on the ground so she could keep moving in perfect motion as the same assaulting elbow changes angles to now rest in a horizontal fashion, moving her arm close to her own chest to cock it before its sent soaring right into the womans torso in a gut wrenching blow! Madame Psyon coughs out spit from the trauma to her intestines as Spite fire releases the ladys leg long enough to send a declinig punch right for the upper thigh to fully take away the feeling in that leg and immobilize her! Psyon was reeling with pain and tried to shake it off and react! Counter, block anything at this point but the immense pain radiating from the womans blows were all too real even with the nano machines boosting up her strength!

Spite fire finishes the remaining combo with a staight shot right fisted upper cut, striking the woman right under her chin as the head snaps back with a fierce 'CRACK' and she bites down hard on her teeth! "GYAK!" In the middle of her bodys reaction Spite fire used the same fully extended upwards arm to bend and expose the elbow and bring it plumetting back downwards into her chest!!

The blow sends the woman flying back first into the ground with her legs still up in the air as she goes sliding through cement floor before friction finally stops her and she ceases with a pained grunt. With the tendons completely torn in her thighs, a bruised up stomach and inflicted organs, a broken collar bone and whatever else one might find wrong with her, she didn't seem like she'd be getting up. The lady looked tough enough but when it came to hand to hand, it didn't much seem like her forte and Ayame wasn't the foe to go toe to toe with in regards to martial arts.

The dragoon goes back to a resting stance and lets out a slow breath before finally answering. "Yeah they're fine." He orderered her to toss them up in to the air outside and with a roll of her eyes she would turn to the two frightened men and lift them up by their shirts, their weight didn't bother her in the slightest as winds sprouted out and she took off! Or...she would have as a force hugged her ankle tightly and kept her from moving! With an annoyed glare she looked over her shoulder only to see Madam Psyon getting up and using her telekenisis to stop her from flying off!

Without wanting the men to be in any more danger then they already were Ayame shoots out a ball of flames to the cieling to leave an impressive hole big enough to fit the two men. "Here you go!" Without another second she'd send both men flying up like rag dolls with quick throws of the womans strong arms all the while she gets dragged back into the room with the crazy purple haired female in a loud crash!! The hard cement floor welcoming her body with a kiss of straight solid impact! Slowly lifting her body up she shakes her head and looks over her shoulder to watch the woman struggling to get up. "You little bitch! Do you know WHO I AM?!" Wide eyes would glow brighter and a giant group of daggers would form all around her about 50 all together!!

Spite fire turned on her knees to face the woman and with narrowed dangerous purple hues of her own she would murmur in a deadly fashion. "Do you know what I am?" The woman stares in anger before letting out a battle cry and sending the daggers all for the smoking red head.......


The Black Strider would have been caught up in the REAL Striders webbings seemingly captured at long last! But today was the villains lucky day...With a short period of time before Black Dusk would appear, a sultry white haired menace would make herself known....Jinx. The tight latex wearing cat burglar would make her way from out of the shadows with a sensual sway of hips and in no way trying to show off, the heiress merely walked like that from years of being groomed. "My my my....a spider caught in a web how poetic. Or is it ironic? Perhaps maybe a symbolism to show just how far these web of lies is going to get you..." In all honesty perhaps Jinx simply enjoyed hearing herself talk as she snickered and with quick lines of wire made from her special material, Striders webs are demolished by the sharp weapon going every which way until ripped enough for the vilain to break free. Jinx had been secretly working for the same employer as the black paid REALLY good money and it was all she honestly cared for. The sound of the Black Dusk creeping closer AND the loud explosion of something off in the distance makes Jinx gesture to the nearest exit. "Age before beauty."


[12:02:54 AM] Devastation: Back with Spite Fire the smoke would clear up from that unfortunate turn of events as the energy constructs would have clashed with the large explosive fire of Ayame as if a small bomb went off in their area and the wall on the other side of the room was blown clean off!! Debris would fly every wich way as Ayame sucked in the smoke with ease every single bit that once shrouded the room vanished into her lungs! Exhaling through flaring nostrils she doesn't see the woman anywhere and narrows her eyes. "Dammit...she got away." Gazing down at her arm she sees a large gash from a dagger that managed to strike her as blood trickled down her arm, and the costume that wasn't ripped open. Hoping Strider had gotten the senators to safety she would leave the room to head back to the pool area and rub the back of her neck. "Spite fire reporting in. The female escaped...Are the senators okay?" [-e-]


[12:46:52 AM] OG Trevor Lockhart: Kevin making his way through the barren hallways, running at at least  100mph thanks to his physical chi, would’ve been breathing like an Olympic sprinter as he darted through them. Picking up on Ayame’s location he’d come to another hole in the wall, coming to a sliding stop before he fell straight over. He’d look around. “The hell is she. The radar says she’s here.” Kevin felt a hot chi from all the way over here. “Must be her. Hope she’s doing alri-“ that’s when he saw a giant fireball blow a hole directly in the rooft. Kevin swallowed hard for a  second. “Yuuuuup she is just fine. Kevin ran backwards a few steps, before he took off once again with powerful leg muscles, squatting down before lunging into the air! His arms outstretched infront of him, as the two sneator’s flew up into the air! Kevin would’ve shot two webs from his wrist, before flipping and catching both of the senator’s under his arms! As he did this, he and the senator’s would’ve both landed in a net, Kevin made in the nick of time with the web shots. “Leon how’s that pick up going?”

Leon would’ve been investigating the room that Black Strider was SUPPOSED to be in. however he was gone. Leon would’ve been squatting down on the ground, looking at the sliced webbing. “Not very good…someone cut right through your webbing, like butter mind you, and freed him.” Leon picked up some of the webbing. “From the looks of it it was cut from the outside. An alley perhaps, another player we don’t know about.” Leon stood back up, the eye socket’s of his cowl scanning the area around him, putting together an almost complete holographic recollection of the room. “I can see the struggle between strider and Kevin.” Leon saw the knife marks in the walls. He also saw the various web strands hanging from the walls. “The restraints themselves were cut to.” Leon then looked to the ground. “No foot prints…and no residu of the cutting weapon. Means they either took it with them, or it’s energy based. One of the two.” Leon’s eyes narrowed for a second as he squted down and picked up something uniquie. A single hair, so blonde it was almost white. “I’ve lost the perp but I’ve got some DNA on my side…” Leon’s cowl in conjunction with his watch was able to effortlessly scan the DNA and get a match for it, reading the name and everyting of the recipient. “Christina Price…” “Who?” Kevin and Ayame would’ve been able to hear Leon’s entire anaylsis.

“Christina Price. I was at a party her father through not to long ago, in my civilian status. Very wealthy family, one of the most so in this entire city.” Leon tucked the hair in a plastic wrap and stuffed it back into his bag. “It’s not the strider, but it is a clue. The police will be on their way soon. I’m sending the plane your way. Load up the senators and meet me at the address I’m about to give you.  There will be a coffee shop across from a lawfirm. Go in there and ask for a cup of water with three ice cubes. The rest will be handled from there.”

Had Ayame made it over to where Kevin was she’d see Kevin loading up the senators. “Where are you taking us?” Jamal asked. “I demand to know!” “Ahhhhhhhhh  calm down. We have some questions to ask you. Considering we just saved your lives, that’s the least you can do.” With them loaded up, Kevin would’ve hopped up on top of the plane and helping ayame up if she needed it as the plane made it’s way to the requested location. Leon on the other hand, opted to stay behind for a second, walking the hallways and analyzing every bit of the battle that ensued here between Kevin and strider loking for more clues.

As the plane flew towards the coffee shop, Ayame and Kevin would’ve had a moment alone with no pressure to talk should they choose to. Kevin had a very serious look on his face, you could almost see it thorugh the mask itself. He had his legs folded, and his arms as well, seemingly staring into the space of nothingness. This entire shindig put them at about 4:40 in the afternoon by this time.

[1:16:24 AM] Devastation: Ayame watched Strider with the two senators and hears Leons report...someone cut through Striders webs?! So the black strider escaped too just seemed like a failed assassination attempt but these were some pretty heavy hitters they were dealing with. That purple haired had the ability to control and create things with her mind alone. This 'Black strider' character had to be the one setting Kevin up and the third player? Well she didn't know who Christina Price was but it didn't matter they'd find their answers soon enough...the most important thing right now was to make sure the senators got out of here safe and sound.

Leon tells them to board the senators up and head for a coffee shop and go in with some code word. Taking Striders hand she mounts up on the plane as well and soon enough they would be off!! Brushing red bangs out of her eyes she takes the time to watch Kevin from the corner of curious hues. "So..." She would begin, noting just how intrance he was with his own thoughts. "A shame about that black strider getting away. We'll get him next time I'm sure of it..." She said trying to reassure him as any good partner would. "In the meantime...I didn't do half bad with that mind control chick. You should've seen me! And the Senators didn't get a scratch on em! Pretty impressive right?" She'd nudge him in the ribs gently just in case he was still feeling sore from his battle not too long ago. In all honesty she just wanted his approval...a compliment or a pat on the back something! Anything to let her know he takes back those things he said about her not being fit to be a hero to begin with....

Maybe it wasn't the time or place to talk about it but if not here waiting to get to a coffee shop with auto pilot engaged and the two just sitting around then when?? Not to mention they still hadn't brought up the whole kitchen incident and to Kevins silence Ayame too goes silent with a sigh and a frown to the side. "I'm just as much a hero as you or anybody is in Heros inc..." Old wounds hadn't healed up it seemed as his words from years ago were still very much bothering her.

[1:41:24 AM] OG Trevor Lockhart: Kevin still lost in thought about losing the guy who’d been framing him all of this time. It pissed him off and made him upset at the same time. Kevin didn’t have much of anything in his life, no scratch that, he DIDN’T have anything worth while in his life BESIDES this hero thing. This was his lively hood, what he’d go down in history for. What he’d be rembered for…to have his name being run through the dirt by some two bit jerk made him made to the core of his stomach. Ayame tried to get his attention by assuring him that they’d get him next time. “your darn right we will. I’m gnna knock that imposters block right off of his head.”

"In the meantime...I didn't do half bad with that mind control chick. You should've seen me! And the Senators didn't get a scratch on em! Pretty impressive right?" Kevin rolled his eyes looking lamely to the side uttering under his breathe. “Here we go…”  "I'm just as much a hero as you or anybody is in Heros inc..." Kevin waved his hands sarcastically. “Ooooh let me guess, because you threw on a costume, beat up a super chick and let me save a few people, you were impressive right? Quck tip: instead of seeking my approval , you should’ve been focusing on the task at hand. We’re heroes, vigilantes. We don’t have time to look good for other people.” Kevin looked away from her. “It’s about getting the job done. That’s why I never wanted you in this gig to begin with. Your selfish and to self centered. It’s gotten worse ever since your tits grew 2 or 3 sizes.” Kevin flicked his nose with his thumb. He was clearly in a foul mood and under a lot of stress, but Kevin wasn’t about bringing up old shit, and he certainly wasn’t in the mood to hear any of it now.

Elsewehre, Black Strider and Jinx would’ve been in a back alleyway. Black strider finally stopped running before looking around to make sure there were no on lookers as he reached into his trench coat. “Good job back there. I knew hiring you on was a good idea.” He pulled out a manila envelope filled with 5,000 Tanz and handed it to Jinx. “Keep by my trail for now.” Black Strider pulled out what looked like a cellphone. The cellphone had a map on it with a glowing red dot that flashed, while moving across the screen. “Here. Follow that.” Black Strider handed her the device and shot a web from his wrist. “Head there and tell me everything you observe. When it’s time to detonate I’ll let you know ahead of time.” Black Strider would’ve pulled himself up and started web slinging through the skyscrapes, taking a detour before heading back to where the heroes were going..

Ayame would wait to see what Kevin would say but it wasn't nice in the slighest nor was it very encouraging as she watched him before narrowing her eyes. "You know damn well thats not what I meant I was just asking--" But he wouldn't have it with the vigilante in a foul mood his words cut deep and she merely growls to herself and ignores him the rest of the trip! "Youre such a jerk..." It was all she could say as the plane continuined on. There was no use of trying to impress him, he'd just insulted the crap out of her and the words rang in her head. Self centered huh?" She'd gaze down at her tits in annoyance...did he really think that of her? With a soft sigh from her nose she just sits there with a silent expression.

And back with Black Strider, Jinx finished their sprint away from the crime scene as she lightly caught her breath. "Good job back there." He began grabbing the females attention who was purring happily. "Aww thank you. I feel so appreciated..." She mocked as he hands the woman a letter full of money that made blue hues sparkle with interest. He wanted her to stay close behind and keep an eyeout for him which she'd had no problem doing before and now with the motivation of money she would make sure to keep a thorough lock on her employer until he needed her again. Accepting the cell phone from him she gazes down to watch the coordinates flashing on repeat alerting her of the closeness of this place she was being ordered to go next. "Yeah alright." She nodded in agreement before watching him disappear as Web strider does, using the webbing.

Meanwhile back with Spitefire and Web Strider the red head had cooled down a bit and though she wasn't about to try talking about what they had TRIED talking about she'd merely point to the obvious coordinates beeping. "We're approaching the coffee shop..." With a bummed out expression she continues to keep her eyes on the sky and just wait for their landing so they could proceed with the mission and get to the bottom of everything. Hopefully their team work wouldn’t be too bad as the two heroes had fought their own fight separately but this time going in together again she wasn't too sure Kevin even wanted her here....but this was bigger than him, bigger than both of work was needed in something like this but did he understand that?

“Yes, yes we are.” Kevin replied as the jet landed on top of the coffee shop. When it did, Kevin would’ve hopped off, taking the men out and walking them all down the rooftop entrance and leading them all into the coffee shop. It was….barren. empty. There was literally one person working there, and he was behind the bar like area with different coffee dispensers that had god knows how many flavors in each of them Kevin contemplated getting a cup but he honestly wasn’t in any kind of mood for one. He’d look around and shrug “I guess we just…pick a table.” Kevin would’ve chosen the corner table, since that’s where all of the cool kids sit. It had four seats, so Ayame and the senator’s could arrange themselves how they wanted. Kevin would’ve tapped his forehead. “What was that…damned password again….ummm. OH! Mr.Coffee guy! Let me have a glass of water! With three ice cubes!”

The bartender who was a rather older looking fellow would’ve looked up from what he was doing only to look back at kevin and nod. “Coming right up.” The bartender seemingly glided across the bar area, pushing a button under the counter. As he did this the building itself would’ve flashed blue for a second, as a blue net would’ve highlighted around it before disappearing just that quick.  Meaning if Jinx did follow them to this location, not only would the blip that was on her radar disappear, but she’d have no idea where these guys could’ve even. As a matter of fact, when she’d have peaked into the coffee shop window, she’d see a bunch of casual people or “holograms’ drinking coffee and having a good time.  There would’ve been absolutely nothing out of the ordinary going on that would arouse any suspicion.

Once the all saw what was going on, Leon would’ve come down from the ceiling, and the inside of the coffee shop would’ve begun switching and transforming around. The tables were swapped and flipped with computers, weapons cases, maps, and all sorts of electronic gear, all of it state of the art of course.  Leon would’ve approached the two senators speaking. “Evening gentlemen. I had some questions I’d like for you to answer for me and my colleagues. “ Senator Elliot would’ve folded his arms. “I’ll have you no, this is all kinds of illegal! This is kidnapping! You guys do this all the time! Y-you just have no shame do you!” Senator jamal looked over at Senator Elliot and stared lamely. “Put a sock in it. They’re doing fine by me as far as I’m concerned.  How can we help?” “All I need to know is two things. Number one.” Leon started. “Why were you two meeting today?” Jamal blinked. “Oh because we wanted to discuss the registration act. More were supposed to come but they never showed.” “I see.” Leon spoke. “Next question. The senator that recently died…was he against or for the registration act?” Elliot interrupted. “He was against it, as is Jamal. I on the other hand support it whole heartedly.”

Leon nodded to this notion as well. “Thank you gentlemen.” A burst of gas would’ve emitted from their coffee mugs and the two men would’ve been knocked out instantly. Leon would’ve stepped into the center of the room before a shower curtain drapped and suspsended itself over him momentarily. “So what’s the layout?” Kevin propped his feet up and asked. Leon responsded. “It’s complicated. My first guess is the black strider is only attacking those who’re against the act. To dwindle the numbers down and get the act passed. This works, but it contradicts itself as to the fact that if all the senator’s had met, not all of them are against it. That and they went after the both of them when they both had differing onpinons. Black Strider’s pattern is weird…but we don’t’ have to worry about that. I found Christina Price’s DNA at the scene.  I’ll be giving her a visit later. There’s going to be a very high society part happening pretty soon, and we’ll go in undercover. If their in league, she’ll know some things about him and his operation. At least who he plans to strike next that is.” Kevin nodded to this notion. Leon would’ve stepped from the curtain now in a causal tom ford, business suit, black in color with a navy blue tie and white dress shirt. Ayame might be surprised to see who the man behind the mask was. Turns out it was her brother in law. Leon would’ve fixed his tie up with both hands walking over to Ayame, and holding his hand out offering a handshake to her. “I’m sorry I had to reveal this to you under such stressful cirumstances Miss Ayame. “ if she accepted his hand shake, Leon would gently take her hand and lean forward a little bit, as if bowing to her. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Xiaofang is truly blessed with such extravagant looking women.” Leon would’ve given her hand a light peck in a gentlmenly mannor, and Kevin would’ve huffed loudly. “Okay, okay anyway! When is this party going down huh?” Leon released her hand picking up his brief case. “Tomorrow night. I notice after an attempt the enemy stops trying for the day, so we should have some more time to prepare. I have a lawfirm to run, and my son is almost done with his after school soccer practice. I will see you both then. Keep your com lines open for my call.” As leon began to walk out, the place fixed itself back u into a coffee shop look as he walked out the door and across the busy traffic, heading to Ryoji & Gray Lawfirm

Kevin  would’ve stood up and looked around. He’d then see a two packages on the table and a note attached to them.

“I managed to snatch a pair of each of your clothing from your home. Leave this building in civilian attire to defuse anymore suspicion.”-Leon.

Kevin looked at his outfit. A pair of blue sweatpants and a black shirt, with some black sneakers. (you can say what he picked out for Ayame XD) Kevin slipped on his clothes over his hero outfit finding it the most convenient. He then looked over to Ayame, not…really sure if they were on speaking terms. He’d attempt it but she might still hold that grudge against him from his snoody comment earlier. “So you’ve gotten…a lot stronger since last time we saw each other. Since when could you, sprout wings and stuff?” Kevin would ask, as they left the shop and began walking back towards Ayame’s apartment. It was  a pretty lengthy walk, so they’d have time to talk about whatever should they chose to use it that way.


Ayame waited for the jet to land and as they did she hopped out of the plane and helped Kevin take out the senators and lead them inside all the while keeping a watchful eye out for any enemies. The coffee shop itself was empty...all besides the server at the counter and as the red head took a seat beside one of the senators while Kevin did the same she just stayed silent through the whole ordeal. It's not like her mind wasn't in the game, of course it was but she didn't feel the need to really communicate, simply listen.

Suddenly a flash of blue caught her attention and the attention of Jinx who'd just landed on a roof top across the street from the coffee shop. "Mmm?" She laid out on her stomach, her breasts pressing on the edge of the building as she watched from a seemed normal aside from the strange blue aura that just went on by but no one else noticed it. The people inside were drinking coffee or talking to one another...narrowed hues gazed down at the tracking device and it was still beeping but what for? "I followed the coordinates, Blackie hun. But there doesn't seem to be anything worth observing..." She began speaking into her ear piece but she stayed put all the same with curious attention.

Ayame shifts her gaze over to Black Dusk who'd finally joined their party while the whole shop changed into what she assumed to be a lair of sorts for the masked hero. He begins to question the Senators and she listens in with a calm expression all the while placing a leg over the other and leaning back in her seat to watch the man do his job. Appearently one of them was opposed to the act while the other was all for it but that hadn't stopped the purple haired female from trying to kill them both regardless of whos side they were on in regards to the act. It made Ayame wonder even harder but she stayed put and just let the conversation continue though she peeked a glance at Web Strider before sighing softly. The men were soon knocked out and at this point Spite fire got up from her seat to stretch while a shower curtain dropped down to hide the Black Dusk from their view. Curious as to who was under the mask she stood there with a slight tilt as he continued on with his theory of what exactly might be going on. He mentions how they'd need to go under cover for a high society party and to this her ears perk up and she smirks a bit at the chance of doing more in depth hero work. Stuff like this got her hyped!

When the curtain is drawn back she looks up...only to see Leon!! "Leon Ryoji??" She asked him with wide eyes but the man only comes up to her and takes her hand with an apology.  “I’m sorry I had to reveal this to you under such stressful cirumstances Miss Ayame. “ Kissing the knuckles softly and then complimenting her family beauty actually makes the girl blush and look away shyly. "Oh well th-thank you, Mr. Ryoji." Kevin didn't seem too delighted about their official meeting and interrupts them making Ayame shoot him an annoyed glare. Smiling back at Leon as he explains when the party is she murmurs under her breath. "Why couldn't my sister get with this one?"

Leon leaves them both and she turns to the case with clothes in it for herself....the thought of Leon being in her drawer actually makes the girl blush harder and she laughs softly at the fact she just might have a slight crush. Throwing on a white tight shirt and a light jacket with jeans and boots she fixes her hair up and stuffs her hands in the pockets as she makes her way out of the coffee shop with Kevin. His voice surprised her a bit as she turns her head to see what he was saying. “So you’ve gotten…a lot stronger since last time we saw each other." Was he serious right now? Her nose curled in slight distaste as she rolled her eyes and tried walking faster now. "My chi channels were all messed up since I came to Earth. After an incident they opened up and I was able to mature like how I was supposed to. My powers and my body caught up with me and this is what you see before you. But I guess I shouldnt let my tits growing 2 or 3 sizes bigger get to my head." With that being said Ayame doesn't say anything else not really in the mood to get into an arguement with him.

Jinx meanwhile had laid there long enough, watching a couple leave the shop and though her senses were trying to tell her something she merely curled her lips into a smirk. "Hmm...." Without another word she stands from her spot and turns to see what else Black Strider needed of her.

"My chi channels were all messed up since I came to Earth. After an incident they opened up and I was able to mature like how I was supposed to. My powers and my body caught up with me and this is what you see before you. But I guess I shouldnt let my tits growing 2 or 3 sizes bigger get to my head." Kevin would’ve rolled his eyes as she began to pick up the pace a bit. However she was shorter than him so his walking stride wasn’t needed to be changed much as he could’ve kept up with her had he really wanted to. Kevin looked lamely to the side before speaking as they kept making their way back. The sun was almost fully down and some stars could’ve been seen at this point in time. “Hold the fuck up.” Kevin would’ve whipped his tail around her arm before turning her around to look at him. “You’ve got some nerve you know that? You know what you’re right you SHOULDN’T let growing your tits or a bodacious body get to your head. And if you do, cool beans!” Kevin gestured with his hands. “But it’s not going to get in the way of this job, or us for that…” Keivn caught what he was ABOUT to say. “Just stop being big headed! God your so fucking stubborn, this is why we didn’t date! You don’t listen to anything I say cause you THINK you know it all.” Kevin would’ve moved past her shaking hs head and grumbling under his breathe about her attitude. “Like this whole fire thing you do! Ever head of damage control?!?! You know how many people you could INJURE compared to how man you could SAVE?! Look at Yumi! She’d rather break your spine in two before throwing a fire ball cause she at least understands what that shit can do to people!”

They'd continue to walk on home getting rather close and she was happy about it too. She honestly didn't want to talk to him anymore tonight...working with him today and showing him what she could do, she thought he'd lighten up but it only got worse and they were right back to where they started! She was stupid for thinking he'd be any different...Suddenly his tail grabs on to her arm and stops her which she does and merely stares ahead without a word, listening to what he had to say...and it only made her angry. “You’ve got some nerve you know that? You know what you’re right you SHOULDN’T let growing your tits or a bodacious body get to your head. And if you do, cool beans!” Turning her head slightly to look over her shoulder she doesn't say a word, simply allowing him to get it all out. When he says the reason they didn't date was because she was so big headed and stubborn, her eyes widen with a hurt gaze and her fist started curling dangerously tight.... "Shut up..." But it was a soft murmur and he kept on going.

"Look at Yumi! She’d rather break your spine in two before throwing a fire ball cause she at least understands what that shit can do to people!” Hearing him say her sisters name again...feeling like he was comparing them once more she finally loses it and snaps!! Her feet move as she turns her body with her right fist aimed right for his nose! It was such a quick shot seemingly out of nowhere a clean jab right to his face with bare knuckles attempting to break his nose in!! "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Hit or miss the ill tempered female would begin to assault Kevin with a rage in her eyes that almost covered the pain. "All you do is insult me! Telling me whats wrong with me! Comparing me to my SISTER! Shut up shut up SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!" A thick left leg shoots forward to go inbetween his own so she could come in closer to him and close the space with swift hands reaching up to do a fierce combo on him! Her right arm sending a palm thrust to his chin before her left comes out to protect her exposed area now with her arm lifted and ribs left defensless. That left arm goes horizontal to her body to attempt to slam her forearm in to his stomach it'd feel like a canon going in to his gut and if the chin strike had hit or missed she'd continue on using her right hand to try and hug the back of his neck and bring his head forward to meet with her right knee in a further face breaking impact which would be close enough thanks to her positioning! "We DIDNT date because youre too busy FUCKING OTHER WOMEN!"

After Kevin finished saying what he’d had to say, he didn’t really see it coming….until it came. Ayame turned around and popped him one good time in the nose! Breaking it on impact and casuing Kevin’s head to whip backwards for a moment before he brought it back forward and held his with his hands. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" “WHAT! WHAT THE FUCK!?!” Kevin spoke through muffled hands. His nose was bleeding pretty damn good, he could definitely feel that dragon hard skin coming into play when she’d struck him like that.  Kevin was about to try and talk to the girl but she’d slide her foot between his legs and Kevin knew then and there, it was at that very moment, he’d fucked up. She came in fiercely but Kevin was trying to stop his nose from bleeding all over the place! “I couldn’t even dodge the shit cause I don’t recognize her as a threat!” Kevin saw the palm coming, and he would’ve leaned his body to the left to avoid her palm strike! Having to play the close quarters game was a challenge unless you were a master at Wing Chun. Realizing he’d just have to let his nose bleed or she’d beat the shit out of him, Kevin sighed while fighting and proceeded to defend himself!

When she’d have gone fore the forearm to his stomach, Kevin would’ve brought his left hand in a downwards slanted angle so his forearm would’ve met with her forearm, and when she went to grab the back of his neck, Kevin would’ve furrowed his brows a bit, as he’d literally mimic her actions, wrapping his own arms around the back of her neck, bringing them face to face, but rather than leave his feet stationary, he’d wrap his right leg around HER right leg, so the heel of his foot was beside hers. In this defensive attempt, his leg would’ve stopped her from bringing her knee anywhere near him. He’d stalemated their positioning so he could talk to this woman!  "We DIDNT date because youre too busy FUCKING OTHER WOMEN!" “I’ll admit that! I’m man enough to! But this isn’t about that! This is about you being to hard headed to DO this kind of job! I didn’t want you hurting anyone! Your power combined with your attitude is a dangerous kind of thing! You have NO idea what youre doing and that damned pride won’t let you admit that! I kicked you out because you DIDN’T! LISTEN AYAME! JUST LIKE NOW!” Kevin was a rather strong individual but even if he did want to fight back or use his strength in this instance..he couldn’t. hell he wouldn’t he didn’t want to hurt her, and part of him wasn’t even sure he could as they’d both be standing there locked in a dual muy thai clench with one another.

The blow to the nose had made it but the rest of her moves hadn't with Kevin reacting quickly as she figured but it wouldn't slow her down in the slightest. She was excited to see first blood, the dragoon barbarian in her awakening with a sick snarl and lips turned to a fiercsome frown. Purple hues watched closely to his body movements with his arms hugging the back of her neck and his right leg wrapping around hers to stop the knee. With her left arm still free and her right arm keeping him pulled forward just as she too was, the left reaches under inbetween Kevins arms where there was space and knocked her forearm in to his to raise it up and off of her neck! While she did that her right leg that had been stopped would plant itself hard to the floor and support her bodys weight so the left leg could make its move!

The left leg takes a step back before shooting forward with a striking knee upwards to his now exposed ribs on the right side where she'd knocked his forearm upwards to leave that opening!! She'd still kept her right hand on his neck to help keep him down so she could try and land the multiple blows to his ribs with the knee, hardened by dragon scales and dense bone. "WHO wants to listen to a guy they care about repeatedly tell you whats wrong with you?!?! OF COURSE I didn't LISTEN! You had nothing of value to say that didn't cut me DEEP!" Ayame knew attacking him would solve nothing, that seeing first blood wouldn't make the pain go away or change him even! But she needed to fight him! To hit him! To make him shut up and see!! Words hadn't worked this was all she had left!

( )Kevin watched as she used her arm to break free of his hold and the moment she did he could see the look in her eyes. It sent a shiver down his spine, Kevin had never seen her so was kind of hot sure, but still! This was serious! When his hand was released! Keivn’s hand whipped back, and he felt her solidify her footing’s posistioining! Kevin knew she was going for something strong, something fierce! He could feel it in his ribs with his strider sense, and woudn’t you know it she’d shot a knee to his open side of his left ribs! Kevin’s eyes widened for a second! “Tch! Ngh!” Kevin felt the FUCK outta that kick! Her dragon scales didn’t make it any easier to take! These blows HURT more than that grendade did and that’s saying something! Kevin tightened his muscles before each of her impacts to dry and dull the pain! He ‘d lower his arm every few strikes, but if he left it there to long, she might break the damn thing! "WHO wants to listen to a guy they care about repeatedly tell you whats wrong with you?!?! OF COURSE I didn't LISTEN! You had nothing of value to say that didn't cut me DEEP!" “Look!” He cringed at another hit! He wanted to talk but she was way past the point of that. Cuttting her deep what was she talking about! “You have! Tch! To much! Power-“ In the middle of saying that however kevin had a bit of a vivid memory. A memory of one of his dearest friends, “the one who got away” as he liked to call her: Jayla Walker.


He didn’t seem to find her pun too funny but she just smiles sweetly as he gives her some advice before telling her not to give out too much collateral damage. At this she turned and looked at the damage she did cause and became a little bummed out, recollecting what had happened to Herbert. She’d learned his name of course and made sure he was alright before leaving him in the hospital…his companion Milisa gave her a rather dangerous aura and told her to leave which she did but she wanted to see him again to see how he was doing. “Yeah…I’ve…been having a bit of trouble with that lately.” She rubbed her arm, trying not to let it get to her as he asked who the villain was and she answered calmly, sort of distracted. “Oh, that’s Muck. Just another omega gene mutant with a vendetta against how the world treated him when he was normal. Funny thing is he use to be a successful sculptor and then he turned and everyone feared him. We just play the roles we’re given.” That last line was a bit drifted as she watches the frozen monster getting taken out by KPD as they made quick work of the situation, closing the park off for the day. She snapped out of it and blushed when he asks if shes part of Heros Inc “Hah I wish that’d be pretty amazing but I’m not part of Heros Inc just kind of soloing it.” She tries not to show how much being so close to him in a non battle setting was making her act like a total fan girl. “Well I’m just gonna go this way ahaha!” She goes to move but winces in pain, reaching for her side only to feel a wetness between torn gloves. Pulling back she notices red and laughs a little, feeling a bit sheepish for being seen like this. “I’ve had a pretty tough week heh. Blizzard got me pretty good on the side with her icicles and then green menace decided to come out and play and then Muck over here got me in my stitches.” The wound had opened up again as she reaches for a towel that laid out by the tables, placing it on her ribs. The bleeding wasn’t anything life threatening, just annoying. She knew he had to leave but she had a day off…well from her regular jobs and she looked to him, blue eyes lighting up with their usual happiness as she tries to brush off her frustrations. “Thanks for coming to my rescue, you’re really great.” She takes a seat on the chair not destroyed in the chaos and tries to relax, sort of trying to make it seem like she was okay and the towel currently wasn’t drenching in blood. As sweet and clutzy as the blonde was, she still had some pride! There was no way she could allow Web Strider to see her like this…she was still soaking wet from the pool, her outfit was a bit torn, she was bleeding and he’d just told her to try not to destroy city property next time. All in all, it hadn’t been such a good day off and Miss Avalanche knew this as she gazed away from him, hoping he’d say his good bye and leave.

Kevin caught a slight wiff of sadness in her voice, which contradicted the tad bit of bubblieness he could get from her earlier. It seemed so somber in origin, but he woudn’t question it that much unless he just absolutely had to. For the time being, he at least wanted to get the information she had on the guy she’d just taken out, so he could record it and send it to Leon’s computer. Leon gave him a tad bit of leigh way with it, so he could help Leon assemble his very own rogues gallery. Leon said it was a work in progress idea, but maybe it would show fruit and promise, if he’d kept it up that is. “Oh, that’s Muck. Just another omega gene mutant with a vendetta against how the world treated him when he was normal. Funny thing is he use to be a successful sculptor and then he turned and everyone feared him. We just play the roles we’re given.” This made Kevin look off to the side awkwardly. She seemed to be having…a pretty rough time. Granted, Kevin knew there was a city to save and a million other things he could be doing at this very moment in time, but at the same time his better nature appealead and he felt like he needed to hear her out, at least somewhat. “This…is kinda true. I mean me personally I’ve always kinda thought we got to pick our own roles. It’s what makes the difference between a worker and a loser.” Kevin would shrug, but keep hearing her out. Kevin looked down though as he’d have seen a spot of blood trickle down from the betweens of her finger as she gripped her side. “Oh shit, are you okay?” she explains how she had a tough week,and judging by the villians she was naming, they must’ve been pretty up there to get a girl like this all riled  up. For all her faults, Miss Avalanche probably had one of the most effective powersets kevin had ever seen,a nd with good guidance she could become a great asset or a great threat, depending on how she did things. “Thanks for coming to my rescue, you’re really great.” Kevin watched her sit down, and placing his hands on his hips, about to take the credit, he realized he really didn’t do didly jack shit. If anything she may have even figured that out on her own if she’d played her own cards right. But none the less, he had an ego as the strider, and gladly took the complement. “Heh, why thank you. I was pretty badass out there, but it’s a team effort deary. You did just as much as me. I just moved out of the way of stuff and looked cool while doing it.” Kevin would begin swinging his arms up and down all the while making a construct with his webbing that took the form of a chair. He’d pull it up infront of miss avalance, and sit down. He’d hold his hands out, and speak. “Lift your arm up. My web fluid is a non toxic adhesive, so it’ll keep the wound sealed for about a couple of hours. I’ve been practicing with ah…mystical stuffs and I can kinda get the feel you’re a physical chi user. So if you concentrate really really hard, you’ll heal up a tad faster than usual.” Kevin would’ve squired her womb with some fluid, making sure it was through and then stopping to life his mask up just a bit so she could see he was smiling. “There we go. All better? Who said Vigilantes can’t help each other out right?” Kevin would lean forward a bit, his arms resting on his knees as he looked at Miss Avalance. She was quite the pretty girl, and so skilled. Kevin had a thing for women with skills. The cops were starting to show up, but they wouldn’t bother the heroes. They’d be more focused on cleaning up and taking care of the injured. Kevin would speak again. “So, your power. I’ve always been curious. What exactly is it? I’ll tell you mines if you tell me yours. I mean that’s if you have time for conversation. I can see you’ve been having it rough lately with the massive amount of villainy increase. Sometimes Heroes need to vent to y’know?” Kevin would’ve reached a hand up and if she let him, he’d pat her leg in a friendly mannor, though the amount of thigh he felt, felt raaaaather nice.

The blonde watches him make a chair before relaxing further in hers as he reaches over to offer his medic serves which she just stares dreamily at him, removing the towel and letting him do his thing. “Wow you’re really talented…” One could hear the sweet sigh in her tone before she realized what she was doing and cleared her throat, looking in front of her with a blush. “Th-thank you.” She was a physical chi user but she was having trouble with her chi training but a healing factor would come in a lot of handy considering her lovely profession. When he was done she just sat there awkwardly, not really sure what to say…this was strange for her. As Miss Avalanche she didn’t have too much confidence when it came to the opposite sex which was so strange considering when she is Jayla she has no problem getting numbers and usually it’s the other way around for all heroes but for her? She loved herself, took pride in the woman she was outside the suit…but her fear of her powers, fighting along side other much more experienced heros and messing up all the time it took its toll on the vigilante when she fought crime. “So your power…I’ve always been curious.” She finally turns to him and tilts her head as he asks what exactly she could do. Flashing him a friendly smile she simply shrugs her shoulders non chalant like answered with ease. “I can manipulate seismic shock waves. I got my power the night my father was put in the hospital…you might not remember but that mini earth quake that took down the small casino that one slimey snake owned? Cobra was his name…I caused that.” She recalls on that night and almost killing herself in the process. “I don’t know why I can do what I do but I can…I still struggle with it too. I’m afraid I might accidentally kill someone. I mean out of all the powers in the world I could have been blessed with….I get the power to destroy. It’s a curse honestly.” She turns bright red when she realizes she was now venting and also she noticed his hand on her thigh which wasn’t helping the situation as she smiled shyly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to lay that on you hah…” But it helped a lot being able to talk to someone about this, hell not even her father knew what she was really up to. “I love being a hero. I enjoy helping people and putting my life on the line to do what’s right. But sometimes…” She sees Herbert getting hurt in her mind and she sighs again. “I feel like I do more bad than good.” The hero in training needed some guidance this was true…her heart was in the right place but she doubted herself and feared her potential. There was an obvious tone of guilt, proving she had indeed already injured someone while playing hero.

“I can manipulate seismic shock waves. I got my power the night my father was put in the hospital…you might not remember but that mini earth quake that took down the small casino that one slimy snake owned? Cobra was his name…I caused that.” Kevin tapped his chin as when he himself was but a child he did recall an incident like that coming to fruition, but he never much paid it any attention, iin fact if she’d never brought it up he probably would’ve forgotten all about it. “Ahhhh I do recall. That was…you? Damn.” Kevin would’ve folded his arms. ‘She’s definitely one of the ones I want to keep on my good side. Yeesh. Supers now a days, get scarier and scarier.” He thought to himself but another name rung in his head form an earlier hero escapade he’d had. “Cobra..” Kevin said aloud. He remembered Red Dawn telling him about a man named cobra. He’s still around? Still running organizations or something o the sort? Kevin wasn’t going to give him the time of day since he’d thought nothing more of him being a run of the mill gangster, but now it appeared he had some power, and some beef to go along with it. She continues to speak, about how she didn’t mean to let out that out. “It’s nothing I don’t hear from citizens.” Kevin remarked, nodding and urging for her to continue. “I love being a hero. I enjoy helping people and putting my life on the line to do what’s right. But sometimes… I feel like I do more bad than good.” “Tough tities Avalanche.” Kevin would’ve stood up and placed his hands on his hips. “Let me tell ya something. Don’t. blame. Yourself. You have a job to do, you’re a vigilante. Are people going to get hurt in the midst of some of your escapades and adventures? Yes. Yes they are. But don’t let that guilt weight you down, or you’ll never be able to do your job right.” Kevin would lean over, and get in her face a tad bit, waving a finger at her. “If you’ve hurt someone, which I can more than imagine you have by your display today, it’s time to learn from your mistakes, and try not to repeat it by any means. You don’t have time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself. That’s not what real heroes do, but that’s okay!” Kevin would clap his hands together, and stand up straight again. “Today I’m enrolling you in the web strider program of how to be a better hero.  You’ll be starting out tagging along with me on alllllllll my missions. First, you shall give me your phone number! Well a private link number so I won’t find out your identity, BUT. I need some way to keep in contact with you.  So you can show up for all my lessons. But get up and we’ll start today!” Kevin would offer her a hand, and help her stand up. ‘I’m going to give you 3 things!” Kevin would hold up three fingers, and point to each one of them. “I’m going to give you confidence! Skill! And……uhm….stage presence and better puns!” Kevin would wrap his arm around her and lean forward a bit, walking her forward, and leaving out of the pool area. “Step one. Physical capability. See you’re one of those heroes, round the block that have powers, and use them very well. Now don’t get me wrong! Having that kind of power is GREAT! But you have to think. If your power doesn’t work, then what? Then what? You have to know how to FIGHT! “ Kevin would stop and place his hands on her shoulders. “You’ve heard of the black dusk? Let me tell ya. He’s one of the scariest motherfuckers on the planet! And he doesn’t even have powers. Why? Because he doesn’t HAVE POWERS! He  has nothing to rely on but his gear, gadgets, and skill which makes people like him dangerous because 9 times out of 10 they will always excel in skill over you. Where you excel in power, they’ll excel in everything else. So you need to me like ME and fix that gap!” Kevin would stand them in the middle of the street, and grab her by the waist. If she let him, he’d sling a web and pull him and Miss Avalanche along, until they reached the top of a 7 story building and landed swiftly. “Look at me? At the end of the day you know what i do? I shoot webs, crawl on walls, and have a sixth sense that lets me kind get the heads up on things. Literally. I can navigate this city with my eyes closed. So today…’re going to do the same thing.” Kevin would take out a handkerchief and hand it to Miss Avalanche. “Here. Tie this around your eyes. We’re going to run this entire city block no…the next 3 city blocks blind folded! If you beat me to the….hot dog stand three blocks off! You’ll have gained a new sense of how to use your ability. Rely on your senses, but do NOT let them be you’re entire basis of attack!”

“Tough titties.” Hearing this, Jayla quickly looks up in confusion, giving him a head tilt. “Wh-what??” “Let me tell ya something. Don’t blame yourself.” He stands in front of her and gives her a rather stern talking but she just watches with wide eyes, watching him in admiration as he tells her what for. His words, were a bit rough but they held so much truth she couldn’t help the bright smile as she looked up to her hero. He leans in closer to wave a finger at her and to this she blushed lightly but her smile doesn’t fade as she stays where she was, laughing a little. “Today I’m enrolling you in the web strider program of how to be a better hero!!” She blinks, watching him get all hyped up which only made her hyped up as well as she curls her hands into fists. “R-right!! I accept!” He was correct…feeling sorry for yourself never solved a thing. If Jayla could be this confident bad ass then why shouldn’t Miss Avalanche be as well?? “You’ll be tagging along with me on aaaallll my missions as well.” To this her smile turns into a gape as she points at him. “A-all of them?!”

::Flashback End::

Kevin took in the thought that it wasn’t like he couldn’t have helped Ayame. Reached out to her like he did for Jayla. Tried to rather. She’s chosen…a different path. But the situation is exactly the same. A girl stuck in a place she doesn’t know. With an unimaginable power, that if left unchecked or ungudided could be the end of everything and everyone she knows . Kevin wasn’t there to help Jayla stray to the right path…but he’d had that chance with Ayame and he blew it. No…no he hasn’t blown it. There’s still time. It’s never too late! Kevin knew though he couldn’t get through to Ayame with her this mad, and while Kevin doesn’t get mad himself very often he was tired of being her punching bag at this point. She’d hit him over and over and he couldn’t get through to her with words anymore. Kevin’s eyes glowed a bit. With the sun now set almost, and little orange being left in the sky, Kevin’s hues focused on hers with a dead stare! Kevin let his arm go from her, and when she came in with the next knee, Kevin dipped his entire body down in quick fashion! As he did her knee would’ve passed by his head, and using his quick martial speed and positioning, he’d loop his left  arm around her right leg and his right arm around her left leg, and using that signature Kevin chan strength he’d lift her in the air, over his head, and run forward a few steps, shouting at the top of his lungs “WOULD YOU STOP! HITTING ME FOR FIVE SECONDS!!” Kevin out of blind anger and aggravation slammed ayame on her back with a double leg take down!

The impact would’ve slammed both the back of her skull and the bend of her spine into the cement literally making a body print of her and lodging her in a few inches deep! Kevin would’ve landed atop of her, with his head and body now hovering over hers. Kevin knew she was going to keep being stubborn so he did…put some umph into that slam. Not enough to severely hurt her, but the blow to the back of the head would at least rattle her brain a bit to calm her down and the slam to the spine would’ve kept her happy self still just long enough for Kevin to linger over her, and look into here eyes, panting a bit. His rib’s were killing him…but he spoke to her his voice starting out loud and getting softer as his sentence completed himself. “I DON’T WANT You…to get hurt. Ayame.” He closed his eyes for a second, to let his forehead fall atop of hers. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” Kevin let out another breathe. It was shakey almost…like he was fighting tears. “I’m sorry I didn’t take the time to show you how to do things. I’m sorry I pushed you away. I’m sorry I was a terrible boyfriend. I’m sorry I overlooked you. I’m sorry I was selfish, I’m sorry I’m a shitty, SHITTY person.” He brought one of his hands up, to slide a finger down her cheek. “But if something…ANYTHING ever happened to you because of me I…” he’d drop his fist onto the ground lightly beside her. “I don’t have the right to come back into your life after all this time trying to be the man I should’ve been for you all that time ago…I can’t change the past. But if you let me…I can give us a not so crappy future.” Kevin played with her hair lightly. The people on the streets were little in number, but they’d mostly been empty for the night. Keivn and Ayame laying on the ground, with only each other to talk to. Being no more than a few feet from the entrance to her apartment complex..


Though her knee strikes were hitting constantly he still had the nerve to tell her she had too much power. Smoke shot out from her nostrils as she flared them and glared deeply, not intent on slowing down or showing mercy as she continued trying to break everyone of his ribs but a moment or so later his own hues lock with hers and he reacts back! Her knee raises and it leaves her open for an offensive manuver! The man grabs her by both legs, lifting her right up! Ayame, surprised by such a tactic is not fast enough to react as they jump into the air only for the girl to be slammed in to the asphalt!! Her hardened back took in most of the impact, the scales absorbing the blow as to not break her spine or neck though the pain made her wince and clench her teeth. "Gyk!!" With her body sunken in to the body shaped crater she goes to send an elbow up to his temple even if she was disoriented she was also persistent but stops midway as he starts yelling at her somemore!

These words however were different from the rest. The words made her heart skip a beat and a confused yet hopeful expression grace her features as she stares in shock. "wh-what...??" she murmured as if she hadn't heard him correctly. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.” He continued on and she lowered her arm, not saying anything and allowing him to keep going with her lips forming a thin line. He apologized....for honestly everything. For all that hurt her in the past...for what he did wrong and all the things said. Admitting he could have helped her instead of pushing her away....tears pricked the corner of her eyes as anger turned into sadness and she sniffles with their foreheads lightly pressed together and Kevin’s finger touching her cheek so gently. She'd missed his touch greatly... "I..." She began softly as if unsure of what to say but she knew full well. "I'm sorry....too. I didn't make it easy. I'm spiteful at heart I...I was just tired of being hurt and I wanted you to feel it too...I'm nasty like that but you're still here even if you were an ass you didn't run away because of how Ive been acting. I'm sorry...I am big headed and self centered." They could admit that about themselves it seemed. But was it enough to fix what was broken?

Purple hues watched up at Kevin lifting her hand up to gently touch his face...or so thats what it was looking like until she attempted a quick jab to his already broken nose if only to get the last hit though hit or miss she soon made up for it by taking the back of his head and kissing him deeply! Both arms wrap around his neck to pull him in close and deepen their lips together with an almost desperate need, pouring her emotions in to this kiss in hopes he'd understand just how she felt....or maybe so she could understand how she felt herself at this point. Did she love Kevin? Enough to....move forward from this? Could she? Could she forgive him for his cold ways and the women? She didn't know right now but what she did know was that she didn't wanna act like this anymore...

There weren’t any words to be said between the two o fthem. They looked at each other for a moment as she touched his face lightly. When she went to punch him, Kevin would’ve taken her hand, and shoved it into the side of her face, raising his brows, as if looking to discipline a dog. “You hit me again, I might not be so nice.” He pushed his lips to hers for a single slow moment and it was…nice. Just sitting here outside of the apartment complex. The nighttime completely setting in so the two of them would’ve been covered in a blanket of stars. Kevin tilted his head a little bit to the right, moving his hands to hold her hips and arch her back slightly causing their bodies to press together a little bit more.  Kevin would’ve pulled his lips away from hers, wiping his nose, and sniffling a bit. “By the way I’m not crying. When I dropped you I got dirt in my eye. Sorry about that” Kevin would’ve stood himself up, helping her up a bit if she was willing to take the offer. “Come on. Let’s get you inside before your boyfriend comes out here and kicks my ass.” Kevin would’ve smiled as they walked up to the door, and stood in front of it. Kevin would’ve stopped her though before they went in, looking back at her. “Think I could get…one more? Before we kinda go in and pretend this isn’t a thing?’ If she obliged Kevin would’ve leaned into to kiss her before “WHAM!!!!!!” the kiss would’ve been an empty one as Kevin’s body would’ve been skyrocketed across the street and into the wall! His body imprinting itself into the cement as he gritted his teeth retching in pain. “Yup! Ribs! Broken!”

When Ayame opened her eyes, she’d see Jack standing there in a pair of sweats and no shirt huffing and puffing his rocky chest outwards. He’d crack his neck from side to side. “I knew this was a bad idea. I FUCKING knew it! I’d seen you eyeing her from across the room. The way you looked at her…even the way she looked at you sometimes. Well I’m not having that anymore!!!” Rockslide, took a few steps forward into the middle of the road, putting his rocky dukes up. “COME ON CHAN! Be the MAN you pretend to be!!!” Kevin pulled himself off of the wall and shook his head a couple of times. He quickly healed his ribs back to normal, concentrating his chi before slapping his face a couple of times. “I’ve been waiting on this day since yo uppity ass came into town. Come pebble-sama!” Kevin and Rockslide both squared off in the middle of the street! Kevin taking his Wing Chun pose, and Jack punching the air a couple of times, as they both slowly began to inch towards each other…Rockslide vs Web Strider. Who even wins that match up???

Ayame welcomed his lips further even with his mild threat of hitting him again as she smiled into the kiss and then it ends...he lifts himself up while purple hues blink hazily and stare up at him...the sun was now fully gone and it was night time. Just like that...he helps her up and she accepts his hand while being pulled close and walking closer to the complex. He says he wasn't crying but she just laughs softly, wiping at her own eyes and agreeing with him. "Same here...the dust and stuff..." He stops her from going inside though he even said it was time before Rockslide catches them but...he wanted one more kiss. Part of her was happy he'd even asked of such a thing! It was sweet and made her stomach flutter with butterflies though the other part felt like she was giving in too easily....still though. Turning to face him she smiles and blushes lightly, before standing there and closing her eyes, waiting for him to kiss her.

It never came though...the sudden gust of wind picks up and her eyes snap open only to see Kevin being punched across the street and Rock slide standing in his spot with an angered expression. She gasps in surprise, placing a hand up to her lips. "Ja-jack!!" He must've caught them in the act! Turning her head to make sure Kevin was okay she sees him pulling himself out of the wall and she goes to stop Rockslide when he starts walking over. "No wait Jack stop it!" “COME ON CHAN! Be the MAN you pretend to be!!!” He wasn't listening no sir he wasn't having it! Ayame didn't know what to do! Should we step in and try and stop them?! Hoping Kevin would have more sense (though lets be honest...) she looks to see what he'd do!“I’ve been waiting on this day since yo uppity ass came into town. Come pebble-sama!” She hung her head slightly as if somehow surprised that would be his reaction.

The two heros wouldn't listen to Ayame and she knew this was a matter of pride between men so she would sigh and cross her arms with a frown. This wasn't going to end well...for all three of them. The men take their respective fighting stance while the red head looks carefully around to make sure no citizens would get hurt but by the look of windows and doors slamming and cars stopping on a dime only to turn around...the good people of Kasiahanna knew a meta fight when they saw one. Purple hues landed on Kevin with a worried expression....this was her fault. Or at least partially but she could feel the guilt in her stomach and the hurt in Jacks eyes....She'd just let this play out.

To Be Continued.....