Alex Iyazawa: ( )In the sparing arena located within the training lab, Alex was training his best to get even stronger, to be the strongest host of the Carnage cell. Yet some of the side effects were still running through his blood as he still heard voices speak to him every now in then followed by the paranoid feeling that he was being followed or watched, the watched part was true though the following part he could not understand. ‘He should have died….. You should have killed that bastard, ate him, your weak, Weak….. WEAK!!!’ A single voice roared through Alex’s skull as his anger spiked, he slammed his fist right through the head of his robotic training foe. “SHUT UP!” Alex yelled as his anger was growing, the knuckles of his right hand stuck out from the back of the robots core processor, his hand still burnt from grabbing the sword. “I am tired of hearing your voices, just shut the fuck up you bloody bastards for one minute so I can FIGHT!” The combat robots now only three remained, standing there ground as they gazing at him with green optics and saw he was talking to himself, though they had no thought nor voice so as to what they thought was nothing even of any importance as they were just machines that were toys to him, they locked onto Alex like birds of prey, only Alex in this case was the prey. Alex had set these bots on the highest setting possible, a point of where they had to kill and destroy the target and once the voice in Alex’s head had ceased its talking he got in a readied stance, in a way that he could guard all areas around him leaving very little opening for the machines to attack, though they were still going to as it was programed in there cosmotronic brain. One stood before him, five feet away, each of them did only one was in front of him while the other two stood at him from the sides, if he had not destroyed the fourth one he would have been surrounded.  Alex saw the bot before him come at him with a running start as it leaped into the air to perform an airborne kick; the robots were made of extremely durable metal. Punches, kicks, bullets, and even swords were to hit these things they would still try to get up and finish out there order. The kick that was aimed for Alex was aimed for his lower jaw, not only if the foot connected would it dislocate the jaw but the force and power would let alone send him flying, just as he was getting ready to block he glimpsed of to the right and saw the next one going for an underarm punch for the right side of Alex’s ribcage, with the sheer speed and force upon impact, Alex would suffer two to three broken ribs, Alex’s was fast yet not fast enough and not only wanted to extend the power of his strength without the drug’s effect but wanted to increase his speed in order to take on foes that were just as fast or even faster than he was. Alex used his right arm and guarded against the attacker to his right while he arched his head back as far as it would go, he felt the bottom of the robots foot scuff his chin, the feeling as if he had a rug burn, though the last attacker he had no time to stop as he felt the blunt force of another leg as it slammed into his stomach from the left side, Alex was preoccupied with the first two that he had forgotten there was still a third bot to fight, he slide backwards falling to one knee as he winced his left eye shut, he coughed up his own saliva to the floor as that kick was firm, strong and close to killing someone, if Alex was not normal like a human that kick would have surely knocked him out if not killed him. “You boys are quite the challenge I will give you that.” He said with his head lowered and his face covered by his hair, the bots could not see it for they were not up close and personal yet but Alex had a devilishly wicked grin that grew on his face, one of his eyes nearly turned black but went into remission and his eye went back to normal, strange acts have been happening ever since the first injection went into his system.  Alex stood up and cocked his head to the right and that cracking sound of branches could be heard as the bones in his neck cracked, he did it once again only this time to the left and grinned. “You guys are fun, though if this is all you got then well, I am done.” Alex charged in like a roaring locomotive he ran past the one that tried to kick him in the face after it landed on its feet, Alex’s right arm hooked around the robots mechanical neck and tightened his grip around the neck as he was squeezing it, the pressure continued to build in the neck area and soon with enough gripping pressure in the vice he had, the head just popped off the shoulders and black blood rained from the exposed area that was once his head, along with sparks as wire touched other wire, without the head  the body fell out from his reach and landed to the ground with a clank, only small jolts of moving mechanics before it ended. “Two down, only two to go.” The optics of the remaining bots turned from green to bright crimson, just like the kids colored irises. Alex continued his path of destruction as he did not want either of them to attack, he was arm’s length of grabbing the one that kicked him in the gut, Alex jumped from the ground in a pounce like motion and landed on the bots torso, before it could react he grabbed the bot by both his wrists and began standing up pulling on both arms as he was trying to tear them off, and if robots could not feel pain, this one sure was as it was trying to raise its right leg high enough to kick Alex in the back only with the reach it had it began kicking him right in the ass, Alex blushed a little from this rude embarrassment and growled as he used full force of his strength and tore both arms off, how was it that this kid was able to tear durable robotic limbs off like he was, how was he able to do what he was doing. Could this have been something the carnage cell awoken in him, giving him more strength then he thought he already had. The black oil or life energy of the bot was leaking out from the areas that it’s once left and right arms were and at the rate it was going the bots kicking slowly ceased and the optics went dark. Alex was covered in grease and grime from the bots fluids. “It’s only you, you cheeky twat.” Alex smiled as he stood there and watched the bot charge at him, its left arm was pulled back and the tension in the joints could be seen as the arm started to shake, the attack in this was sure to be devastating though Alex saw some kind of weird imitation of his attack and liked how this was going, he two followed in the same path as the bots, when both fist collided some bones in Alex’s hand had shattered though for the robot, its entire left arm was obliterated from the single attack, not only that but the bot from the initial force was thrown into a wall with such force that it had its limbs exploded from the sockets leaving only the head functional. 'See, now where was this power before, huh?' "Shut the fuck up!" Alex yelled as he held onto his own head wishing for that annoying voice to stop.

Homura stood silently up above the sparing arena, looking down as she watched Alex training. She was not pleased with what she was seeing, but excused her disappointment with the fact that the boy was still in training. He needed to be stronger. Perhaps she was growing soft without her partner. It had been three days since he had disappeared and it was an ever growing concern that was heavy on her mind. With no news of him from the others or any contact from him. Was he hurt? Is he hiding? Did someone have him locked away somewhere? The suspense had her mind in a frantic state though she would not show it, at least to no one but her lover. Her eyes studied their little experiment as she liked to call him, his movements quick but sloppy as he had left himself open to attack, resulting in a few broken ribs possibly. She frowned at this, her brows pulling down in distaste. A faulty pet. He had potential but it seemed wasted almost, though she was persistant in making him perfect, perfect like her partner, like her. Perhaps even an army next if they had dared. But without Jericho she almost seemed lost.

Deep in the tombs were Jericho had been resurrected had laid the host of the One winged dragon Jericho himself, he held wrappings around his eyes it's been five days since he been brought back after he recruited Takeo and Alex he needed to heal his body his sight had been giving out on him. : Awaken my boy we have so much to do in such little time... : The hard raspy voice of the Ourobous whispered in Jericho's head, He laid resting on the soft sheets he knew he couldn't open his eyes so he only responded with " Shut up Im moving on my own paste lets us not remember Im the host I control you, You follow what I say! " Hearing his him the Dragon had roared heavily before sending high volts through Jeri body restraining him to even blink. : You weak child.. You may be my host but you are no were near of controlling my full power yet! Now get up: (  Just as Jeri was gonna respond the sounds of his Uncle interrupted his thoughts " Are you awake??" Slowly leaning forward off the bed Jeri would rest his hands on his knee's facing his uncle Suran with his head wrappings ( Untitled117.jpg <- How he looked) : Yes Uncle.. What is it?: " It seems Homura has sent an search party seeing you didn't tell her where you were..  I think you should head upstairs to the upper levels and show your face. " Jeri signed ripping his wrappings off " Alright.. Uncle go and find Akashi and tell him to go to the upper levels it should be a surprise seeing him after all this time." Jerichio said before walking towards the stairs he was only wearing his Gi pants he roamed the halls shirtless and shoe less he looked like he just came out of the battlefield. Walking through a set of double doors he would walk inside the training room Alex was in seeing him Jeri eyes peaked up he was surprise to see him training, but not allowing that to distract him his head would raise towards Homura's location he gazed at her from across the arena his aura was much different much colder since his return, just sensing him would give chills down anyone spines.

Homura's eyes bored almost in the direction of Alex's training. Her expression slightly irritated as she stood there with her arms crossed over her chest. It had seemed the more the boy pushed himself, the more he improved, a small improvement but one nonetheless. It was only until she had seen the doors leading to the hallway open up to reveal Jericho that her disposition had changed almost drastically. Her hands dropping to her sides as she took a step foreward to get a better look. He had looked like he had been through hell and back, shirtless and shoeless. She sighed in relief that he had finally come back to her. Finding it still upsetting that the search party she had sent came back with no word of him yet here he was in the flesh. A slight shiver had settled into her body as he raised his head to meet her worried gaze. Her cheeks flushing a slight red on her pale complexion. Her hard exterior always seemed to melt because of him. She opened her mouth to say something but had grown silent, knowing that he would soon tell her what had happened to explain his disappearance.

Alex stood there covered in grime as he stood over dismantled robots, they seemed very expensive yet they shattered like glass before him. He ran both his hands over his face trying to wipe the dark oils off his face and out of his hair, so far it was unsuccessful as all it did was jell his hair back, his glaring red eyes peeled to a set of doors opening, only to see it was the man who he pledged to become the abomination he had turned into. He saw into his gaze and smirked as if Jericho’s fear bounced off him like water on a balloon. “That supposed to do something?” He looked over to the woman who seemed to be trying to get his attention or try and mount him before Alex. “It’s bad enough I gotta do all the training though could you get the heated hawkeye outta hear, maybe even come up with a drug to make the voice in me head shut up?” Alex smiled and then got an earful from what seemed like a man coming from inside his head. ‘You idiot, quit chatting and kill them, crush them both with your bare hands!’ Alex covered one the left side of his face with his left hand, only exposing a half grin from his right side as his right eye went completely black. “Shut up you annoying twat!!!” Alex exclaimed from his voice and the black went into remission with his eye returning to its clear color of white. From both Jericho and the females point of view it would seem he was talking to himself or going mad. “You see, your little virus, serum or whatever you wanna call it has a few bugs, like that girl said yesterday. Now this is not a few as more of one bug making me go bonkers.” Alex said as he sat down on the torso of a dismantled robot. “Oh…. Sorry bout the toys, though they could have been built a bit more sturdier for a fight.” Alex looked to the female and then chuckled. “For some reason deary, I get the strangest feeling that your going to kill me at somepoint, if not that you must have it out for me cause you look utterly bored watching me.” Alex looked at her as he took in a whiff of the air and his eyes both left and right went black like the eyes of a shark. “I can smell something off of you and it is not really nice.” Before he exhaled and his eyes went back to humanoid hues they once were like before.

Prometheus sat in his room with an expressionless face and tears rolling off his cheeks due to his masters disappearance, He distracted himself by playing video games on his phone in the darkness of the cold room. His ears perked to hear who was talking in the other room when to his suprise he heard the voice of Jericho his master and sparring partner. He gritted his teeth and shot himself off of his bed swinging the door open and snatching the sword which sat by it. He sprinted down the halls tripping over his foot a couple times while wiping the tears off of his face, as his hair covered his eyes. He stopped himself by powersliding infront of the arena door, He quickly tackled the doors open and sprinted towards Jericho interupting his conversation, before stopping when he got close. He Clenched his jaw as tears fell down his cheeks, He lifted the sash from around his shoulder and felt to one knee presenting the sword to Jericho with his head down to the floor. "I will kill you if you ever play dead again" He says in an upset tone. "I'm so happy to see you again although I may not show it... master..."

Jeri watched Homura walk over to him she grew silent just right when he was gonna make his remark his thoughts where interpreted by Prometheus who rushed to his aid, It's been five years since they seen each other last time they spoke Jeri had left his sword in his possession till he returned. As he raised the sword to him Jericho hesaited at first before grabbing it he knew his powers would fully restore to their Max something he did not want at the moment he needed to heal his wounds. " Keep it for now.. When I want it I'll take it.." Jeri said before placing his hand on the head of Prometheus his eyes shifting to Homura now " Were's that fire attitude I love so much?" He attempted to give a small smirk but it soon faded he was still hurt from the healing process Jeri knew in the back of his mind that he needed to rest but his own will and pride was keeping him away from it. " Promethus stand up.. I assume you've grown since we last met " Seconds later a squad of Serizawa force members would walk inside the room surrounding Jeri " :Sir! We have located the Prisoner Were ready to move out on your word!: His eye winched as he responsed " We move out no..Agh." He winched in pain from his body he knew this was a chance of a lifetime he needed to move out now " Homura ready the plane. Alex, Promethus get suited up were going on a little trip.."

Homura had narrowed her eyes as Alex spoke ill of her, whether he was serious or not she did not care. It was defintely obvious something was off in that head of his, perhaps several lose screw that needed to be jammed into place, or rather put in there place. "As much as it would pleasure me to put an end to your foolish desrespect to your superiors. You might be of use.......someday. I've been waiting for a while now, whats a few more decades. ", she snapped back at Alex, her eyes glowing faintly as a warning though she knew he was a bit to thick to know what was good for him. Her eyes sharpened, her softened expression hardeneing once more to well....her usual self. She scoffed at his comment about her scent, though he was one to talk, smelling strongly of oil and rust. She turned face from Alex and looked to her Lover"Distracted by a novice lunatic who spends as much time arguing with himself as he does training", she grinned back at him, missing that mischevious smirk of his. She moved to Jericho's side before looking to the rest of the force members and back at him, nodding"Alright". She saw that he had been hurt, worried but knew that he wasn't one to lick his paw like an injured animal but rather lash out like the mighty beast she knew him to be. She was ready to aid him in whatever that was needed to be done.

Alex glared at Jericho as he ignored him and so badly he wanted to protest however when he was about to he was as some boy with a sword entered the room and not shortly after him entering so did a task force as it surrounded Jericho ranting about that they found some prisoner. ‘Makes you wonder who the prisoner is huh? Makes you wanna see if you can take him on, see if he is strong huh? A challenge has been presented to us, take it, Take it, TAKE THE CHALLENGE!!!’ Alex as of yesterday has been trying to act slightly normal, a hard task as he hears a voice or at time a set of voices yell at him, telling him to do things or try to make him go nuts so that they can take control. “Please do shut up, you annoying wanker, I do not take orders from you.” Alex said in a soft calm tone, to the task force and everyone one around him if they heard would see him only to talk to himself, a bit unusual a bit crazy. When he was presented with the orders to follow he had no choice in a say and agreed though that was when he spoke. “I would suit up, though your scientists before proceeding with experiment took my equipment. I was hoping someone would so kindly fetch me my things from wherever they took them.” Alex wanted to go shower though it seemed they did not have time for that, and it seemed fine since he loved bathing in the victims his kills, it seemed the Carnage cell had changed a few things about Alex that were never shown before the virus had injected in him. He looked towards the woman who spoke to him. “Just because you created me, does not mean I have to show kindness. All I want now since that shit was injected into me is to kill and get stronger, for the time being I am okay with it. As of now I am a machine bent on killing under orders, but as of living I am sure I will outlive you.” Alex chuckled as he was not taking this seriously nor her gaze of fear, his mind right now was thinking of what to eat when they get back, should it be steak, sushi or just candy and cake. Alex pondered the thought as he stopped speaking and then zoned out, he came back to them all and laughed like Joker from batman before he cocked his head. “But you may be right about something for now; I am crazy, a bit bonkers if you would. And I argue with myself because of the drugs side effect, or in some cause a bug. If someone made a drug to help stop that, I wouldn’t have to deal with this problem.” Alex looked at her with blackend hues as his blood boiled from this girls mouth, though he knew not to kill someone unless told to, which was when he calmed himself down and his eyes reverted to normal.

Prometheus lifted his head lightly, And stood up staring at Jericho. He wiped a tear from his eye and gave a stern look towards him after being asked to suit up for a mission. "I haven't trained master.I haven't done anything since you've been gone." He turned towards the Arena doors as he clenched his fist around the swords scabbard. I'm going to eat. I haven't eaten in a while I'll get suited later. He walked over to the door and stood there for a moment slightly looking back at everyone in the arena before his Tails ripped from his spine smashing through the floor sending him on his way in high speed. He held the sword firmly and wore it over his shoulder as he leaped from wall to wall towards the kitchen area. He dropped from the walls and landed infront of the doors opening them. Approaching his own cabinet and taking his food from there and eating them quickly, before making his way to the fitting room, He located his armour and put it on (>His armour: He trained his abilities alittle before he got his final call to go meanwhile he trained on some maniquins in the dressing room.

Just as everyone disbanded to get ready Jericho would leave before asking Homura to follow him to his quarters, once they where inside he would close the door behind him as he begun to get ready for the mission. " Homura Im going to need you to take the lead.. here on this mission my powers hasn't return to 100% You seem the only one at the moment to lead the team. Were going after a female that goes by the name of Imariani Kaine she's very important to us her blood contains an special healing pool she able to heal any wounds of another person in under seconds." As he was soon ready in his battle gear  which was a dark blue-grey robe with grey lining and a fur collar, and a tattered grey-blue cape emblazoned with his personal emblem: a mandala comprised of nine reddish-brown circles of varying sizes atop a larger green-grey circle, beneath which he wears no shirt, finger less opera-length black gloves wrapped in studded red-brown leather straps, baggy black pants, and red-brown sandals. " What do you say?" Jeri would ask awaiting for her response if she would accpect his offer to lead Jeri would grab on to her smiling liking the idea of her taking the lead this time, but deep down this was Jeri testing Homura he knew how great her power was it was she was still getting use to her powers maybe a little push will create an spark. As he was dressed he would ring everyone's com giving them the order to meet him on the Helicopter, Once everyone would appear before him in front of the Heli Jeri would began to speak " Swayer rock is an high guarded Prison for people with gifted abilities, our Job is to retrieve Imariani Kaine this is an important mission so I hope you everyone been training since I was gone because your gonna need every bit of training you ever had..... Any Questions?... No Alright lets move out!" Jeri would step inside the Heli getting and window speak as everyone would step inside the Pliot would began to take off towards Swayers rock. The Heli was pretty big just for them(  <-- How it looked) As the Heli would take off Jeri would begin to yawn before nodding off.

As usual Akashi sat alone in his room, the his room was always dark and the only source of lighting had been a small candle in the corner of the room which illuminated a chess table sitting in the corner of the room. Akashi though always in his room could always tell what was going on within the building he was always aware of movement and peoples activities he never stopped watching learning planning, it was just how he was he always had to guess you could say he had OCD to a degree. While he sat up he could see Alex training in the arena even though he wasn't physically there watching he could also see Humora standing there watching he assumed, though his train of thought was interrupted by a presence at his door"what" Akashi would say and he'd hear a dude tell him to come to the upper floor and Akashi would get up from his seat and go to the upper levels as asked. Seeing Jericho and the others there though he didn't say or do anything he just stood there and watched and listened  and soon they were off on another mission Akashi stepping inside the Heli

Alex was a little slow on timing as he had missed both chances to talk to Jericho, it pissed him off though what he could not get out of his mind was what exactly was that child who had that sword was. First time he saw something like that dart off as it did to go get ready. Speaking of ready, Alex went to go get suited up, his sea-foam green hair was darkened from the oil and rust of his foes though it did not matter to him, he wore a black tail-coat like hoody with dark grey fur like trimming around the hood while the inside of the hood and coat were a dark red, the hoody looked like a formal style of clothing if it were not for the hoody, the last thing that were realized were the two snake eye designs on both the top of the left and right side of the hood, under the jacket was black long-sleeved shirt, incasing his hands were a pair of black leather gloves and around the middle, index and thumb of the right hand were armor rings with a sharpened claw at each ends  finger, around his waist he wore a pair of black jeans with a belt hanging off one side of his hip while the other dangled from out the loop, over the buckle of the belt was a skull design and lastly incased around his feet were black running shoes, the laces were dark red just like the inner lining of his coat, with a blood spatter effect around the shoes. All Alex was missing was his items and his prized weapon which he cherished most, Malice. He wanted his things back and he was going to ask Jericho for his things when he made it onto the Helicopter, he put his hood over and started to run for the rondevu, though when he got there his eyes widened as when he thought chopper he thought he meant a little whirlybird and not a big ass machine like the one he saw, he had no words to say as the next thing he wanted to do was find Jericho. He boarded the ship and began searching for where he was, though when he did find him he walked up to him and spoke in a calm tone as he was being told to kill everyone on the ship by the voice in his head as he ignored it. “Jericho, ah sir…” Alex felt odd addressing him like this but what better way than to ask for your things back then being formal about it. “I am suited up.” To this Alex normally looked this way even if he was in a fight; he needed of nothing more than to have loose clothing covering him than heavy dead weight. “When I came here and did the experiment, my stuff was taking from me by your scientist lackies, before I slaughtered and ate them. I was hoping to have my things back so I can be fully ready for combat, after all…. Bare fist alone will get boring and I do wish to, hack something if you understand what I mean.” Alex said with a light grin as after the time Jericho was gone but in that time of his absence Alex’s eyes more a less his pupils have narrowed to that of what resembled snakes only thing that had not changed were his irises that still glimmered with crimson as his hair was still greased back by of the robots. “Oh in short time I had forgot to shower.” He sighed as he stood there.

Prometheus had the sweat from his training drip down infront of his eyes from his hair. He panted heavily before he heard Jericho call for everyone to hop aboard. He marched out of the room and disappeared right after his first step. Darting down the halls towards the Heli platform. He heard a loud machine engine outside and sighed "Compensating for something?" He out onto the heli carrier and entered through the roof into the break room. Ignoring everyone he pulled out his phone and began playing his video games "I'm here" He said agrevated by the size of the ship, as he headed for the cargo bay so that he could Isolate himself from everything. He made his way through the overly long corridor and opened the cargo bay door and leaping into a suitable confined space that he could sit in inbetween a box of munition. He also took the liberty to connect his bluetooth to the airships Announcement system, And played his favorite song as he made himself comfortable.

" Alright lets set out!" Yelled the Pilot as the Helicarrier set off to Black rock, Jericho still looking out the window would turn to Alex who had walked up to him asking about his " gear " pointing to the closet in the other side of the closet Jericho would say " Every weapon we have is in that section of the Helicarrier before we land make sure you vist that room if you want your weapons."// Looking around the Helicarrier at the so called team the Empress Homura would eye everyone she was kinda exicted to lead the team for this mission to break out one of the inmaits. Walking over to the center of the room she would pull out an her phone and just pressing three buttons an large 4D image would appear in the center of the room. " It seems where going to be heading into Black rock sooner than expected seeing from this diagram Jericho gave me Black rock State Penitentiary is also known as the high lands is where insane criminals such as Stone Fist Jackson, The Hunter, The Ticker,and various henchmen, mobsters, and mafia bosses are incarcerated when captured. It's broken down into 5 wings. A wing -  Where all the lowly criminals are B Wing - Gaurd barracks C Wing - Where the Insane patients inmates are also cafteria hall D Wing - Where the Triad inmates are E Wing - Where the street gang inmates are." As she was explaining Jericho would eye Promotheus giving him and signal to leave the room with him if he had done so Jericho would of walked out saying " I have another matter to attend to Akashi would you follow me.." If Akashi and Promethus would follow Jericho would lead them into an smaller office inside the Helicarrier. Once the door was closed behind him he would began to speak " I have a more larger job for us to do Akashi." Jericho would say passing him a file if he would open it he would see the name of Rob Creed posted all over in each file pictures of him fighting  and other containing things about the Creed family in general. " We need to purse Rob Creed him on your side will further our chances AKashi. " His eyes would soon look down to Promethus before he said " Im going to need you to lead us there while me and Akashi handle the rest." //- Back to Homura, Alex and Takeo -// " " We will be heading down into Wing A threw the medical vault, and once we get there our prize should be there waiting for us."

He listened to a woman rambled on about a prison by the name of Black rock and after she had finished her speech he watched as Jericho and two others leave off somewhere and as they did he took his leave and walked in the direction of what was called the Closet. He began to speak to himself. “What an odd name for an armory.” Alex opened the door and his eyes widened as he saw wall upon wall of weapons, it looked like he had entered weapons nirvana. Though his main objective was to find his weaponry, he found his prized cleaver sword, which he had a named engraved into the both sides of the sword by the name of 'Malice.', he then equipped his hidden wrist-blade and most of his hidden weaponry to his person before he left the armory, though he could not help but look at the extra weapons and whatnot, he took a few clips of ammo and a sidearm pistol and holstered it to his hip before leaving the closet. He returned to find to find out who his team was and his instructions as he protested. “So let me get this straight, were going in through the medical bay of Black rock penitently, to our target….. Which is exactly or whom I should say? Will I get to fight or better yet let my appetite have an exploration of the guards I am awfully hungry.” He said with crazed eyes of hunger as he looked to Jericho and the others after all the virus did change him in many ways and upped his ante for being a bit of a bat-shit crazy cannibal who seems to try and act as normal as possible while around people, he may look it though most of the time he talks about death or killing you know he is not all too well in the sane department. Alex was not grateful for his new found appetite or for the fact that he had been given new power thanks to the injection of the Carnage cell, though everything about Alex had changed in over the time he had been injected with it to the time he showed his loyalty to Jericho by doing this little experiment for him, he now stood before them and waited for the area on which they would land and begin their assault upon the prison, following whomever into battle or whatever it was they were going to do.

Blood spewed and splattered between the opening of his lips and onto the paleness of the walls. The walls in which cracks formulated unto the creases beneath his feet. Gasping and coughing and coughing and gasping followed by a tremendous repeat, Only to have it been done in a different order; His body remained in a enduring embodiment of pain. His hazel green eyes glazed over his; hair fell like black curtains over his face. His arms rendered useless; Under the restraints of his strait jacket, A non comprehensible flourish of blows and kicks aimed for wherever seemed fit. Rob Creed felt the wrath as well the rage behind every blow. Each guard took turns laying a beating upon him, He crawled at their feet. But, with the inability to use his arms he merely slithered. Right eye swollen from the constant abuse, His sight at a blur.” You’re not so talkative anymore or you ?! “ One guard said dressed in all white , and held a specific Arnold Schwarzenegger structure that seemed oddly keen to Creed. There was no denying his role as the terminator. “BUZZZZZ” The room suddenly vibrated to the noise, Thus following the opening of the cell doors. A man in a suit entered, His hands in his pockets his shoes tapping softly across the black as night marble floor.He stood at the doorway allowing the guards to pass, some bumped shoulders with the male as others simply gave him an unwelcoming glare. They bumped shoulders as they deliberately passed by him. The man simply smiled in the process. Suddenly, they all finally had left allowing the man to take a seat before the beaten Eden Creed. “ So Rob Creed is it ?” The young delinquent simply shuffled his feet back onto his bed, “ Whos asking ?” His voice remained mellow and antagonizing, blood still fell from his lips. “ I’d like think I'm you’re liberator, you’re a piece of shit that buried himself in a hell of a mess. You live in shit hole and you’re food is no cleaner than the public bathrooms.- But.. Mr.Creed What if I told you that I can change..Infact I can change that...depending on your cooperation.”  The man asked in a devious tone, His face barely seen beneath the comfort of the shadows. “ I’d say you’re on crack old man..I'm on death row.. ain’t no getting out of that. “ The man simply stood up from his chair to Edens response. “ It’s not like you haven’t died before.” He softly said, Rob shot at gaze at the persistent fellow. He eased in closer, placing a card on his lap, The letter “7” printed in bold letters.” My numbers on the back let me know if you’re ready to live or not. “ The man smiled; “ Oh.” He softly said and with a snap of his fingers, Rob Creeds restraints began to loosen. The man gently kneeled forward and laid a dagger at Rob feet. “ Just a little gift to ease your mind towards the right direction. “ He said before clapping his hands which was soon followed by a loud buzz and the opening of the door. The guards stood at the door way with more ammunition than before. “ Round 2 punk.” The leading guard said before aiming to apply an descending fist at Edens gut. The man simply tilted his fedora before walking off, Rob Creeds eyes burned of rage before he quickly tilted his head back and at a heightened velocity he headbutted the man's fist, The Guard fell back, Rob Creed simply stood up allowing his restraints to fall from it’s grasp around him. The dagger at his grasp, Its crimson and tip for blood. They attempted to advance all at once. This would prove ineffective as Eden swiftly jammed his dagger into the guards eye and at that exact moment with same momentum; Eden Creed pulled it from his eye and jammed it into the chest of the guard behind him. The Guard leaned over gasping for breath but he simply coughed blood as his friend cried in agony. Eden simply twisted the dagger into his chest, He could hear the organs in his chest just twisting and jamming onto each other. He enjoyed every second of it, he could go on for hours and his cheshire grin made that quite evident. But, ultimately Rob pulled the dagger out slitting the throats two guards before ramming it into the throat of the guard he had first assaulted. Soon more guards charged in only to have seen Rob seated in a river of blood, He gently tilted his head,” Yo.” The Guards eyes nearly popping out of their skull. “ I need to call my lawyer.” He said with the card at his grasp.

( Geonosis.jpg ) - Meanwhile - Inside Black Rock would be the head captain his head would raise once alarms ranged inside the Prison it was going into total lock down an unmarked Helicarrier was on it's way. " Ready the guards!" He shouted going inside the armory picking up his trusty rail gun, moving with an squad of four through the D wing they would over hear loud sounds from the cell block five rushing in they would come to see and bloody Eden Creed holding on to one of the gurads “ I need to call my lawyer.” He had said to them, In the back of the Captain head he knew this was bad Creed was on total lockdown how could this happen and without another second to waste he shouted " WASTE HIM !" And in that moment each one of the guards began shooting towards Eden thousands of  rail guns bullets firing at an insane pace each blast coming faster than the last. ( Bitwa_o_Killon.jpg <-- How the guards looked) If Eden was struck by any of these blast he would receive an large gash and a high degree burn on his flesh or wherever the blast had hit.// - Meanwhile in the Main fort of the Prison - // " We have permission from the CAPTAIN FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Just as one of the guards spoke large tanks, sentry guns, and RPGS began firing towards the Helicarrier causing larger explosions in each sections causing a major shift in the engine. Some of the workers went into panic others began firing back with their own weapons. And just before you know there was an war zone on Black rock Prison, Air crafts began to detach of the Helicarrier as it began to fly over the Prison dropping bombs. (,f_auto,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/rufebou6h5gyffe1hyv4.gif ) Noticing the battle Jericho would lead Akashi and Promethus out of his office, going inside a shuttle which was able to fit only three sitting in the back he would await for Akashi and Promethus once they would all be inside the Shuttle would blast them inside the building crashing through the bricks.  BOOOOOM Inside the Shuttle Jericho would began coughing due to the smoke that had appear inside the broken shuttle seeing the hatch had broke to open Jericho was forced to kick the door off sending it crashing into the ground before crawling out, dusting hismelf off he would look up on the ceiling before seeing they were near the cell block. Seconds later thoiusands of guards would rush inside the room surroudning them and pointing their rail guns out " GET DOWN ON THE GROUND NOW! OR WE WILL SHOOT." Looking around Jericho would shake his head before looking down at Promethus " Stay near me.. "// - Back to Homura and Alex - // Just as the Heli was taking it's toll Homura would look around for Jericho but he, Akashi or Promethus was around it angered her she was told to lead this mission but where was the rest of the team? " Alex! Follow me " Homura would race down to the opening of the Heli carrier about 1000 feet in the air  turning to Alex she would smirk " Meet you down there..." And Just as she spoke Homura would leap off the Helicarrier free falling down with high speed her hair flowing heavily with the wind. She saw millon of soilders firing towards her ( Envading all the shots in mid air Homura before hitting the ground closed her eyes contracting and right as she hit the ground she held her fist and once she punched the ground she actives her Telekinetic Push causing an large crater into the ground causing hundreds of solders to be flown back she would look up awaiting for Alex as they had an whole army to fight through.

( )Alex cocked his head, he grinned as he watched the female jump off the quickly descending helicarrier. ‘Oh look? Oh my Alex look a challenge has been presented to you… Take it, yes take it Alex. TAKE THE CHALLENGE ALEX!’ The many voices Alex had ignored came to life as they yelled with glee of excitement, the only thing keeping Alex from letting them all have their fun was that this was his body and he was at control of the helm, no way in hell they were going to take control of them. “If you all shut the fuck up, I will fulfill your request.” That was the last thing he ever heard from any of them, Alex grinned as this was the first time in a while that he actually got to have some real peace, how funny it had to be done through battle in order for them all to shut up. “Okay lady, let’s see what you got.” He said to himself as he was still very high up even after the fact he saw her jump to the ground, causing a force explosion as she landed fist first into the ground, Alex whistled as he was impressed. He jumped out of the carrier and kept his arms close to him as his feet were close together, he looked like a falling bullet racing to the ground like a cannon shell being fired from the barrel of a battleship for the first time, the impact would hopefully be great. He saw men firing what seemed to be bullets, though from Alex’s point of view it looked more like something out of a science fiction movie with the different colors of shots being fired at him, though Alex brought his attention back to the ground as he soon saw a rocket propelled grenade firing straight at him. “Rpgs, why do people think they will stop everything?” Alex as he fell to his decent, he faced the rocket face first as he unsheathed his large cleaver sword, he took one swipe to the dead center point of the rocket and sliced it down the middle, sparks flew as his sword cut through the metal like butter, after he fell through both cut halves, the exploded three feet behind him and engulfing him in a plume of smoke and fire though out from the smoke his descent speed increased as he fell to the ground and he shielded his face with both arms as the collision with the ground will be most harsh, though it was not all harsh as he landed within an army of guards to take the impact. Guards flew in the air screaming, others slide along the ground but near the center of the impact sight that Alex had landed into most of the bodies were deformed, bleeding or no longer recognized as humans. Alex stood with a bloody mess over his arms, his sword in his right hand which dangled to the ground as he stood. He looked over and glanced at the female who landed before him and then looked around to see guards surround him quickly, aiming rail guns at him. “Interesting toys you have gentlemen, I think I will take one for myself.” Though when he spoke to them all not a one of them flinched, blinked or made a sound, they watched this boy as he stared at them all with wicked eyes yet still keeping a calm tone to his voice, none of the guards seemed scared as they pointed projectile weapons to him, one of them however was caught under the pressure from the fear Alex had given off and with an itchy trigger finger saw a bolt of energy fire directly at him, Alex’s eyes widened and all he could do was act like a limbo champion and bend his back backwards, feeling the warmth of the energy as it passed over his head. When Alex rose up again he giggled and said. “Turns up, now…. It’s mine…” He said with a wide grin, almost creepy as it looked like a grin given to someone who had met the Cheshire cat from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Alex took off like a bullet, it all happened in a flash before the small armies eyes as Alex stood before the one who shot at him, Alex stood behind him with a raised arm above his head and holding the sword tightly as he brought it down swinging like a hammer, some of the guards tried to speak but it was all for not as The young man’s head was cut clean off from his shoulders, shortly after they all began to fire at him, most of the shots missed thanks to Alex’s quick dodging reflexes, most of the shots missed, some almost clipping him. Though a few actually hit Alex, they stung, they hurt yet in Alex’s mind he needed focus or he would lose control and he was not ready for it, least not yet of course as he liked keeping his crazy self for main events. Alex had caught a blast with his left hand and with the help of Carnage cells instead of his hand being completely obliterated, the smell of cooking flesh could be smelt as Alex’s left hand was being cooked and started looking like his right hand, he crushed the energy into his hand and watched as it made a small plume of smoke from the explosion “Great, now I got twins.” Alex sighed within the cloud as everyone that surrounded Alex, the guards that still lived that was had stopped spraying energy blast after energy blast into the smoke and seconds later the first layer guards had been hit in the forehead with a large and yet thick black metal needle, they all fell. Next was the middle ring or second wave, being inside the plume of smoke gave him a slight advantage as to when he found one of the rail guns he began to wonder just exactly how the mechanism worked, it was until he pressed the firing trigger that it was all he needed to do. Alex shot in a circular ring and in that very instant the second wave fell, lastly was the outer ring or more known as the third wave that surrounded him which is when the last wave just opened fire upon the cloud that was slowly dissipating though not for long since the small explosions of rail gun blast blew more smoke into the air causing a slightly large smoke could to arise. “You people are foolish if you think firing blindly would help, I counted seventy-five of you bastards and now I will count….None.” Alex said with a chuckle as he ended the last wave with another round of blast from the Railgun. “I do say boys; the toy is truly fun… I think I will keep this.” Alex said as he holstered over his shoulder with the shoulder strap around the gun.

Prometheus followed Jericho into the shuttle and sat still locking himself the to shuttle walls with his tails as his eyes began to glow red. "I still don't know what we're doing here master." He was cut short of his sentence as the shuttle shot off into the prison block. His felt the shuttles rumble as it was fired through the sky at high velocity. He clenched his tails around the shuttle to make the impact less worriesome. He shot a flare from his tail out of the shuttle after it hit the and flew through the wall right after the shuttle followed by a intense bright flame before slamming into the ground, his eyes now released a black flame and his tails also as he looked up at Jericho and smiled before quickly disappearing from his spot and darting down the hall sending waves of blood flowing through the call block halls. He Approached every guard with high speed tearing them to absolute shreds with his tails, hands and teeth. His performance was super athletic faster than the human eyes he tore through the guards. He walked back to the Jericho and looked up at him, "Master are we going to keep playing around? This place stinks of weakness." He grinned as his flames became bright white almost UV. " I think we should pack some of this old meat for me and Alex to enjoy.. Yeah yeah lets do that". He said his voice sounding like it has 4 other voices behind it. Before licking the blood off of his lips.

Akashi would have sat there listening to Homura speak to the group appearently she was leading it this time around or at least she thought , Akashi would have followed behind Jericho who led him and the other male into a room and explained to them the real objective here and appearently they were after some guy named Eden , Eden Creed. Akashi simply nodded. As they approached it had seemed that there was some type of commotion in the Prison and quickly Akashi,  Jericho and pom pom would enter a shuttle and detach from the carrier flying directly into the Prison blasting through the walls the Shuttle all busted up , Jericho kicked the hatch down so they could get out and once they got out a shit ton of guards already blocked there path yelling get down now or we'll shoot Akashi would have just stepped out of the Shuttle sending next to Jericho and he'd hear him tell pom pom to stay near him though the male didn't seem to know what that ment as he took off down the hallway attacking all the men in his path and after his performance coming back and saying the place stinks of weakness and that they should pack up some of the old meat for him. The male was more like a beast no no Akashi had seen beast more tamed than him he was more like a monster with no control over himself and no other instinct besides to kill and appearently to please Jericho, even though he couldn't follow orders very well either that or he wanted to prove himself to his master either way , Akashi would have ran his fingers through his now black hair " well then now that's out of the way this Eden guy do you know where his is within the building or are we just hoping to run into him here"Akashi would have then held his hand outwards and his blade would have come flying towards him landing directly into his hand. Akashi would have then placed the sword on to his side and would have began walking foward stepping on the remains of the people pom pom slaughtered figuring grabbing the gear and examining it a bit while waiting for Jericho to lead the way assuming he knew where he was going-

Eden Creed: Rob would have watched as the guards came swarming in; he’d snicker as they’d began to shoot rounds at him in which they slowly retracted off his skin. “ Well fuck - isn’t that a damn shame.” Robb ran through the array of bullets - a sickening laugh spewing from his lips Robb endured a surgery Trans-X which was  to forcefully re-engineer the human body to being Weapons of WAR . It has a survival rate of less than 40% or 36%. However women appear to be more compatible with the surgery over men. If the surgery was a success, the individual had obtained a Mosaic Organ with the D.N.A of a compatible organism. Taking a type of drug will bring out the abilities gained through the Mosaic Organ to make the individual capable of facing against many powerful beings. The drug varies between an injection, biting a vial with a substance inside, consuming a type of tablet, or sniffing a type of powder.After receiving his Tran-X Operation, Robb gained the powers and abilities of the pachyrhynchus Infernalis Weevil, making him incredibly strong and durable, his enormous strength combined with the resistance of his entire body, his exoskeleton to even the eyes is incredibly harsh to damage, making him both coriaceous and a fearsome foe. He is stronger when fighting with a partner as he has someone to protect (although he doesn't like to admit it). The durability of his skin is such that direct hits from bullets, sniper cartilages, and even anti-tank rockets will do little damage to him. He can unleash a concussive shriek that can kill at close range and can also spit a hard object (such a piece of bone) out of his mouth with the penetrative ability greater than that of a bullet. Robb punched his way through the guards - the sickening sounds of bones breaking echoed through the hall. Robb, chuckled before latching the firm grasp of his massive hands around one of their necks and swiftly snapping it with little to no effort. “ How exactly did I let myself get caught in the first place ? “ Robb teased before pushing past the remaining guards. “ DIE FREAK ! “ One of them shouted from behind attempting to lodge a knife into the base of his neck. The knife swiftly clinked before snapping in half - “ OH ? Come on ! that the best you got ! “ he said before knocking him back with the force of his elbow alone. “ I'm tired of faking for you cats - I think it’s time I get out of here. It’s been fun I must admit. Robb, laughed before slamming his fist into one of the guards knee to which you seen one of their joints exiting the back of his knee - he groaned in pain now left with one simple leg. Robb, laughed before slamming his foot down on his head. Robb lifted his feet and flinched as brain matter fell from the sole of his shoes. Robbs eyes then met with the 3 random guys who didn’t look like guards yet equally intimidating. Robb, kept his stance and gave them a stern glare - “ Well, what’re you waiting for who’s first?!”

Just as Promethus began to slash away at the guards Jericho face would appear to be displeased the order he had told him went through one ear and out the other, it angered him not because of the order more so on the fact that Jericho was trying to see how Promethus handled himself on the outside and he still needed training. Just as he attempted to kill the last guard Jericho leaping from his last position would aim to send an vicious kick to the side of Promethus slide which would send him flying into an wall but not enough to do any serious damage Jericho was just upset if this would land he would land right next to the guard Promethus attempted to kill before staring him right in the eyes " Sorry about that Sir " Jericho would say chuckling dusting himself off he saw no point of the man dying if it wasn't an order he was just a pawn after all, " Now run.." Just as Jericho spoke the guard would run off passing Rob who now entered the room Jericho smiled this was just getting better and better if Promethus would crawl out the ground Jericho would turn to him before speaking " Homura and Alex need some help outside... Go help then you may even find some " Food" Leave this to me and Akashi.." Jericho would say looking towards Rob he had files about him he knew half of this man story but the other half he saved to learned from the main source, Aiming to grab on to his sword that Promethus held Jericho would feel the power surging through his veins he would only look to Akashi and that was enough it was time to test out Rob's power and more so to see if the hype that Jericho read on was true it was time to finishing paving the road of greatness and Rob was the final peace it was the Road of Glory after all.