[10/29/2015 1:45:54 PM] Jamal: ( ) It’s about 2 in the afternoon on a Monday in District 2 of Kasaiahana City. One of the business districts in the entire city, cars abroad, children playing in the park and just getting out of school, and most adults either getting out or going into work. Today like many others, a man known as Connor Ryoji would’ve been taking to the streets. Wearing a badge business suit, blazer and pants, with a light blue dress shirt and blue converses to complement it, he walked down the street with his hands in his pockets, and his facial expression as bored as ever.  He walked at a relatively calm pace, but you could see his mind as a bit clustered. Washi appeared beside him in the same attire he always has. “So, you’re going to meet Syl and see what you can find out about this demon brother of yours? I thought the debt collecting was more important?” “It is but don’t worry. I’ve got that covered, and I’m glad you reminded me. Gonna call a friend of mine. I think it’s about time I stopped putting the man down and gave him his deserved shot.” Connor would’ve pulled out his smartphone and scrolled through his contacts for a number. Hitting call, he’d put the phone to his ear and proceed to let it ring. He was calling an old buddy of his Jackie Serizawa.  Calling his phone if he answered, Connor would speak. “Yo, it’s Connor, your Kaicho. I need you to meet me here in this area of District 2. It’s close to the center by the square, you should be able to pick up on my chi. I need a favor.  As my Aniki I’m going to put you work today. Thanks.” Connor would’ve put his phone up, and sitting on a near by bench, he’d plop down and lean forward, putting his hands together and resting his elbows on his knees. “You’re going to get Jackie to go after which clan?” Connor burped before answering. “The Tenshimaru Clan. The sick fuckers of the Hellfire Conglomerate. Harsh I know, but I figure to avoid blowing my gasket and letting my power explode in a place like that it’d rather put someone else on it.” Washi sat beside him. “Smart and beneficial…for you. You could get him killed you know.” Connor shrugged. “I’ve almost gotten myself offed plenty of times for the cause. Besides, I have to find the guy who took out a prime business of mine…and good friends. “ Connor exhaled through his nostrils and shook his head. “We wait for the call. Then we head into that flower shop and see what’s up with my “brother.”

( ) “tap tap tap tap tap” the sound of a pencil eraser being tapped against a flat loose leaf sheet of notebook paper is what was heard as Cho sat at his desk in the center of the classroom looking down at a math test. Ah his worst subject, and one he was never fond of. Then again who actually LIKES math.  Cho looked up at the clock and counted the seconds, until that bell rang. Finally it happened and “RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING” The bell rung and Cho would’ve hopped up and out of his seat, taking the piece of unfinished work and turning it in for a grade. He didn’t much give a damn about his grade in math at this point and he made that every clear every single day he was there. Walking out of the class and tucking his backpack on his back, he’d dust off his black tee and blue jeans, before he and his black air forces made their way down the hall and towards the outside. Heading to the bus ramp he’d wait for the bus, proceed to ride it and then head on back to his rinky dinky apartment with his mom. Walking inside the lobby of the complex he’d over hear the dirty tenat talking to someone in his office. He was about to walk up the stairs when he’d heard “BANG!” (stop music.) Cho pretty much lived in the hood…he knew what a gunshot sounded like and his first instinct was to turn towards it and see just what the hell happened. There was….blood on the tenats window door. Cho’s eyes widned.  He’d been around death a few times but never directly near it! Someone…began to clean the blood off of the window, and from the sounds of it they were looking for something….through papers or files. Cho couldn’t take his eyes off of the door until it opened. He saw the man’s face only for a second.

Cho stared for a moment before the man’s face turned towards him! His first instinct was to duck down and hide! Cho’s heart was racing as one could practically feel the murderous intent in the air….it was so thick. So heated. One could only imagine how such evil managed to pass by us humans day by day. Cho waited until he heard the squeaky creaking of the front door shut. Cho stood back up and looked at the room door…..he wanted to go in. see just what exactly happened in there. As such he took careful and slow steps…towards the tenets office. When he opened the door with haste there was no one there. Cho blinked for a moment. He was almost certain he saw blood hit the door but there wasn’t a body in here. Not a single one. It doesn’t even look like anything had been remotely touched…..Cho furrowed his brow and held his head. “I….I have to be seeing things. I have to be.” He turned around and shut the door, opting to rush up the stairs, shocked at what he’d seen. As he ran up those stairs…the man from before would’ve been standing at the base of the stairs watching him go up. “…..” He said nothing before he vanished once again.

[10/29/2015 3:32:34 PM] Calamari': Previously at seven am. Lucian had arrived for his first day of work at the flower shop he'd visited the evening before. Parking his chopper outside the shop and placing the protective eye gear on the seat he brushed himself off incase some stray dirt or whatever may have clung to his clothing before making his way through the door. His face which was usually void of emotion was surprisingly found with a smile, not because he was in a good mood or anything of the sort but simply to make a good impression for the first day of the job. Unaware of what he'd be asked to do Lucian stood at the front of the store's interior awaiting instruction from his new employer. Standing without anything to do till he'd received instruction he placed his hands in his pockets while he looked about enjoying the beauty of the plants; thinking to himself "what a pleasure to work in such a wonderful environment".

-A bit of a jump to 2pm.-

Having received his orders to perform trivial tasks hours ago, he'd already organized plants and moved them about accordingly with Syl's wishes so he'd basically be doing similar work to his duties at the Furean house. Accustomed to a usual routine once finishing the task of the plants movement and organization he proceeded by force of habit to sweeping the shop of any dead leaves, petals, and dirt that could be found on the floor. In doing so he was making his way around the shop leaving piles of aforementioned stuff throughout the shop so that he could easily go get the dust pan and pick up the piles; it was simply the way he did things. Doing the usual duties of cleaning and so on gave him purpose so in a sense it gave him a bit of happiness at the end of the day; once he'd gone back through his previous route of sweeping gathering all the dirt via dustpan and broom with a bag to place it in he'd make his way back to Syl holding the broom and dustpan in his left hand while his right had the bag. "Where would you like me to dispose of this Miss?"

-Future event-

It was a long trip back to the house for Karu after having slept in the training facility Suno was giving his brother a helping hand with getting back. Having gotten home after some time Karu nodded to Suno before going his own way to attend to business in the Zodiac room; something was off normally his cousin Nova texted him locations to which they'd meet for Zodiac assignments but today was different he had only gotten a text reading as so "Meet me in the Zodiac Room". The last time they'd met in the Zodiac room was a serious assignment involving killing the senator of New Nexus so he made his way to the room unsure what to expect, but it would appear he was there before his cousin so he'd take a seat waiting to receive his mission.

[10/29/2015 3:38:49 PM] Germy: -Danchou stood outside of the Yun Corp headquarters, back in his suit, hands in his pockets. To go in now and reveal himself would undermine his entire plan. As much as he desired to, he couldn't risk stepping out of the shadows just yet. However, the building did contain some tech that he needed to run diagnostics on his body and configure it. One of his eyes was glimmering red slightly. His optics were fitted with x-ray, infrared, and telescopic sight as well as containing photographic properties that linked directly to his supercomputer of a brain. He was taking schematics of the building, scanning it. Danchou stood there for perhaps another minute, then turned on his heel and moved on. As he was walking, he heard a woman scream and turned his head. He saw a truck bearing down on a child, no more than 5 years old, who'd fallen in the middle of the street. The android wasted no time; with a blur of movement, he cleared the street, scooped the child up in his arms, and carried him to safety on the other side, where his hysterical mother was waiting. He set the kid into her arms and she hugged him frantically. Danchou smiled for a brief second, then left; when the woman looked up to thank the kid's savior, he was gone. He walked past an alleyway, where a voice called out to him- "That was cute. Gonna buy him ice cream next?" -Danchou scowled, looked around him, then ducked down into the alleyway. Waiting for him was a hooded figure partially obscured in shadow. Danchou nodded to the mysterious man- "What have you got for me?" -The man shrugged- "Someone's been pokin' around, asking about ya. Doesn't know who ya are yet, but he's lookin'. Apparently your stunt at Voti's tattoo shop garnered some attention. I don't have a name, not yet, s'all I got. By the way, Voti gets out on bail today, I took the liberty of wirin' the money from your untraceable account. Ya want him to return to the shop?" -Danchou shook his head- "Have him meet me on the rooftop adjacent to Yun Corp tonight at precisely 12:01 am. Give him these" -He reached into the folds of his suit and withdrew a folder, then handed it to the unknown man. The man nodded and Danchou nodded back- "I need something else. Records of every KasaiHana police employee from the precinct. Meet our mole within the department about it. I expect nothing less than flawless execution. Understood?" -The hooded man chuckled slighty-  "You got it boss" -Danchou turned away and left from the alleyway then, the hooded man looking at him as he did so. Back at the safehouse, things had taken an unexpected turn. Synthesizing the serum with the toxic plants was easier than Drago had anticipated, but he hadn't known the effects it would have on their prisoner. Before him, chained up and heavily drugged, was the prisoner, twice as big and almost twice as tall as before. His skin had taken a black hue and his words came out in grunts. The kitchen was a wreck, broken objects everywhere. The TV was smashed, a gun rested on the floor, bullets spent. Drago bore several gashes on his chest on one on his face. He raised a tape recorder to his mouth and spoke- "Experiment was an astonishing success. Subject's strength and speed have increased exponentially; however, there were some side effects. The subject appears to be clinically brain dead with minor functionality in the brain stem. Subject also displays violent tendencies, but also to be easily suggestible, which suggests some hypnotic properties in the new synthesized serum. Subject seems to have gained the ability to sprout sharp growths from its body to use as weapons. Essentially, it is a child, easily controlled if done properly, but highly dangerous." -He clicked the STOP button, then dropped it and slumped to the floor, sighing as he did so.-

[12:04:48 AM] Jackass: *Beep* Beeb* Beeb* " Who the hell is calling me.." Picking up his phone Jackie would hear his old friend Connor on the other end of the phone “Yo, it’s Connor, your Kaicho. I need you to meet me here in this area of District 2. It’s close to the center by the square, you should be able to pick up on my chi. I need a favor.  As my Aniki I’m going to put you work today. Thanks.” *Click* Just looking at his phone Jackie would chuckle man things never change were always ending up in some type of trouble. " I guess I better take off..*Crash*" Jackie would turn to see his son playing in the other room that was an issue who was going to watch em.. : Eh... : Jackie would quickly pick up his son before knocking next door to his neighbor Valentine, as she opened the door Jackie would give her an cheeky smile before saying " Mind watching him for a bit something came up and I really have to go.." : Heh.. Jackie your going to have to start paying me this is like the third time this week : " Fine I'll start paying you I promise but let us talk when I get back!" Jackie would shout before racing off downstairs pulling out his car keys Jackie would hop inside his 1967 Pontiac GTO turning the key's Jackie pulled out of his apartment and on to the road, while driving Jackie would just glance at the mirror and he jumped to see the reflection of Anubis after the sector games Jackie had seen that fucking Jackal everywhere but he didn't know what it meant. Being lost in the drive he would soon pull up in D2 parking his car he would soon walk the streets of D2 sensing Connor Jackie would walk inside the building to where Connor was held up in aiming to give Connor some dap due to him not seeing his old friend in ages. " Yo Connor.. How is it going? Tell me what's going on I've been itching for a fight since the Sector games."

[12:43:43 AM] Jamal: Connor still sitting on that same bench, seemingly lost in thought would’ve opened his eyes hearing the foot steps of someone coming close to him. It was just the person he wanted to see. Standing up he’d greet his old friend returning the dap he offered and dapping him back. “Ayyye Jackie Boy. It’s been alright. Still running this business as usual, nothing new. And Yeah we are due for a rematch. But it’s not about that right now. Right now we have more important matters.” Connor would’ve folded his arms. “About 2 days ago, someone hit up one of my tattoo shops. You’re in this Yakuza now so you should know this is important. Especially when it was a tattoo parlor of tanks. You know those big metahuman freakishly stronger bikers?” Connor nodded and clicked his tongue. “Yeah, those guys. One man killed at least…a good many of them. then set up one of our guys to take the fall for killing the principal of the damned high school of all things. All the attention was turned towards the fire flower syndicate…to which the blame will automatically go to me since I’m the youngest kaichio.” Connor put his arms behind his head. “It’s frustrating but I’m working on it now…I might have a lead. I dunno. Right now I’m just checking on something some old guy told me about. But I do have a deal going on with an info guy I got. Says if I collect 3 important debt payments he’s owed, he’ll get me some iron clad information on this guy. I’ve got one out the way. There’s another I need you to handle. Dwindle my work load a bit. You up for it? I know you’ve been looking for a chance to come up in my organization. Do this right and I’ll make you mine and Yumi’s official Aniki. My second head. You’ll get your own part of District 1 should you obtain it the right way.” Connor would wait for a reply before nodding. “Good. The clan you’re going after is in the hellfire syndicate…I won’t go into detail but you should know it’s a bunch of super badass motherfuckers who are all high tier power people that are somewhere between us and my parent’s levels.” Connor shrugged. “It pissed me off to but eh. Anyway, you’re going after the Tenshimaru Clan. I’ll be as brief as I can here.” Connor cleared his throat.

“The Tenshimaru clan, crafted and made from the Kagemaru clan during Keyome Tasanagi's Regin. They are a moderately large clan. Just like there leader, Angel Dust. There psychotic ways make most other Yakuza clans fear them. There methods, are beyond normal standards. To call them brutal would be an understatement. Angel Dust likes for his men to believe that through death, one will seek the highest victory. And by giving others death, then they will be serving god's will by sending everyone to there freedoms, or better yet there salvations. Promising that through the most gruesome deaths, make the most promising and beautiful heavens once they arrive. The clan was formed when Keyome met Daichi when they both were around 32. Fighting with Keyome in a hand to hand brawl after Daichi said that if he won, that Keyome would help him start a clan. Well Daichi's blood lust kicked in, and he eventually tried to Kill Keyome Tasanagi. Keyome retaliated, putting him down but Daichi did win the fight technically because Daichi passed out due to blood loss, 3 seconds after keyome who had fell due to blood loss as well. Daichi was then made Aniki to Keyome after while, even though he tried to kill him at every turn. Keyome respected his lust for death, noting that even though his methods were corrupt. His passion had been pure, and he had always stayed true to himself. Eventually, the clan had been formed, and under the Kagemaru name the Tenshimaru became a branch, a brother clan.” Connor shrugged. “At least that’s how the local origin goes around. I hear a lot of shit from King and mouths around Yakuza taverns. “ Connor would’ve turned and looked towards the opposite side of the both of them. “They -c-

[12:43:46 AM] Jamal: own the largest catholic church in district 1. A piece of property I can’t even get my hands on right now…if I had it, I’d turn it into another homeless shelter but alas I’m powerless. I can’t cause a syndicate vs syndicate war just cause. Under the church, is a underground cellar where the clan does there work of god. Murdering everyone and anyone in his name. Mostly taking women and children, saying that they are the most pure of them all. And need to be cleansed as son as possible. Due to this heinous ackt, most people who want someone dead within the city, turn to this clan. They are literally and truly the embodiment of death. This church is accompanied by many within the city, and none know of what happens below after every Sunday. I’ve had a few run in’s with them my damn self. Strong guys, even for grunts. Simply because all their tactics are brutal and dirty. Go there and ask the Kaicho if he’ll pay up on the debt.”

Connor looked back to Jackie. “You and me both know…he’s not just gonna up that cash. Due to the Jingi code we can’t out right kill him. Especially since it’s another syndicate…however. Kaicho’s are prideful. More than likely if you establish yourself as a force not to be fucked with, he wont want to tell anyone he lost, especially to my little underdog Yakuza.  Get that money and bring it back to the Shinpaku building. Hell if you could get in there and steal it without being seen, that’d be even better. The less conflict the better. Take care of this and that promotion is yours.” Connor would wait for an answer and if Jackie agreed Connor would pat him on the shoulder. “Thanks pal. Here.” Connor would pull out a piece of paper and pencil, and begin barring down on a street sign, literally sketching out a mini map of the area. Connor had one of the greatest memories thanks to his Oni’s intelligent nature and had the map of Kasaihana city memorized for the most part. “That’s the location. Call me when you’re done. If I don’t get a call by the end of the day I’m pretty sure you kicked the bucket.” Connor would turn around and begin walking towards the planet shop waving at Jackie as he took off. “See ya.”

Connor would’ve made his way to the shop. “Tainted Rose.” Looking at the front door….didn’t really see an open sign. Connor’s Akuma No Honshintsu was going off but he knew he had to go in there to get this whole demon brother rumor out of the way. Connor shrugged and put his hand on the door, pushing it open and walking in, looking left and right a bit curious at the atmosphere. Plants. Plants everywhere. That is an understatement. “Knock, knock. Anybody home?”

[9:47:08 AM] Jackass: After getting the brief Jackie would nod towards Connor before walking off heading outside he would pull out his smartphone and began to dial Valentine he wanted to check up on his son. *Dials* He stepped in his car still with his phone on his left cheek as he started the car he noticed the call went to voicemail, Instead of thinking the worst he would toss his phone on the passager side and drove off. He looked at the map Connor gave him before turning on the radio ( <-- Song that started) Beating his head to the song he tried to distract himself as he pulled to an red light he turned his head slightly to see an dark figure sitting next to him, catching him off guard Jackie would jump but as he looked closey the figure would just vanish. " Fuck! What's wrong with me.." Jackie would say to himself as he noticed the light changing again pressing the gas he would slowly pull off before whispering to himself " Get it together Serizawa..." He soon pull towards the area Connor had drawn for him he made sure to pull into an alley way a few blocks away from the building he needed to prepare himself, quickly shutting off his car Jackie would soon get out before popping his truck seeing his weapons since his battle with Anbuis Jackie hasn't really been able to control his powers so he's forced to handle things the old fashion way something he didn't mind, He remembered what Connor said about he could either do this loud or silent, Jackie wanted to get this done so he thought of the silent approach grabbing an spas shotgun with an silencer attached to it with two pistoles which also held an silencer noticing an grappling hook he would take that placing it in a bag with a few C4's. Placing the shotgun inside his jacket he would began to pace around the block looking at what he was up against.

[3:21:50 PM] Bangarang: ( ) Syl watched Lucian moved about the shop throughout the day cleaning, organizing and basically keeping the shop tidy. She was still slow and sluggish from the poison she'd injected into herself last night. Rubbing her eyes, she decided to be simple today. Wearing ared Qipao with a golden dragon embroidered on it, (  she mostly stayed on her couch behind the curtain all day allowing Lucian to deal with the various customers that came in as she slept on and off. Syl herself only dealt with people who asked specifically for her and that was done in the back room in private. It was slowing down as it normally did during the middle of the day. Syl had started keeping her plant familiar wrapped around her neck allowing it to stay on her person all the time now. She hadn't decided on what she wanted yet so she didn't make one.  "Where would you like me to dispose of this Miss?" Syl blinked, then thought for a few seconds. She motioned him to follow her as she lead him to the back room that was filled with more dangerous plants. Syl looked at the familiar and it started to chirp. "Throw it in any empty pots, but be careful about touching the plants. They are highly toxic to the touch. Also, there are...spiders in here so please be careful." It chirped. Syl's face unintentionally slipped into a smirk, she turned her face slightly before leaving the room. ( Yuuko-ichihara.jpg ) She stopped in the middle of the shop as she heard the door open and someone call out of anyone was home. Syl moved to the door stopping in front of the person, the plant thing chirped out. "Welcome to the Tainted Rose, how may we help you?" Syl's eyes swept over the figure. Her snake-like pupil's narrowing into slits. She waited for his answer before she took any further action.

[4:44:14 PM] Calamari': Having received his instructions and been shown the way Lucian was to take heed of the Miss' warning regarding the inhabitants as well as plant life of the room. As such he searched about for an empty pot wondering as to why she'd wish for what he thought to be dead matter and dirt to be placed in a room with actual merchandise but it was neither his place or right as a first day employee to question the order; finding a pot with nothing in it he lowered the bag into said pot. Before leaving the back room he glanced over his person being extra careful of spiders that may have found their way onto himself seeing nothing he stepped out the room but one thing had crossed his mind which made every inch of his person cringe he immediately with the current thought break into a brisk walk looking for Syl which clearly wouldn't take long with what sounded like a male call out something along the lines of anybody home.

Well since he was previously in the back and apparently a customer had come to pay a visit it was a obvious conclusion that she'd be making her way to the customer so of course Lucian broke off toward the general direction of the vocalization. He let out a brief sigh looking for Syl "What if it's in my hair?!" here mumbled to himself, at this point he'd finally made his way to the front of the shop holding up some of his long luxurious red hair. "Miss would you check my hair for a spider it's a bit too long for me to search myself." Quickly going silent realizing he was perhaps interrupting an important business transaction being he had arrived on the scene later than them correcting his error he'd lower his head in an apologetic manner.

[5:04:29 PM] Jamal: Walking into the shop and letting the door shut behind him, Connor resumed to put his hands back into his pockets, continuing to let his eyes browse the various displays of plant life. At one point he’d thought he’d seen someone else in here but even he wasn’t completely sure. He knew who he was here for after all. A girl with jet black hair and red eyes. As he was looking around, Connor heard a greeting. "Welcome to the Tainted Rose, how may we help you?"  “Hm?” Connor looked at her for a second. “Red eyes…black hair…bingo. “ Connor thought to himself. “Ah yes, erm my name is.” Connor then caught sight of a male approaching the two of them, and holding what appeared to be an ASS of hair in his hand. “Man this guy makes my brother’s hair look like a joke…I wonder who uses better conditioner.” He thought of the days his brother Leon used to have long luxurious samurai black like hair. Though those days were long gone, Connor would often play pranks on him and put glue in his hair for shits and giggles. "Miss would you check my hair for a spider it's a bit too long for me to search myself." “I’m not interrupting am i?” Connor would scratch his jawline and if he was prompted to continue he would. “In any case the names Ryoji. Connor Ryoji. I’m not even gonna ask if you’ve heard of me cause this district isn’t my territory.” Connor stuffed his hand back into his pocket. “To avoid sounding weird as to why I’m asking about a customer you may have recently had, I’m a Yakuza. A Kaicho specifically. I don’t know if you’ve heard but a few days ago, an entire tattoo parlor and it’s workers were slaughtered and brutally killed.  They were some of my best guys and I relied very heavily on them. I got a tip that a person with eyes similar in color to yours and mine. “ Connor points to her eyes and his own to reference the red. “And a scar on his left cheek in the shape of a cross. “ Connor looked around while speaking. “I don’t know what kind of security system you do or don’t have. Hell it’d be convient if you had security cameras so I could get an image. But uuuuuuh yah. You see anybody that matches that description? “ Connor began to gesture with his finger. “And in which case you HAVE seen someone like that, and they did that thing they do in crime movies where they tell someone “Oh if you tell anyone im gonna kill you blah blah blah” then would you be interested in hearing me out?” Connor nodded a few times. “Trying to you know. Cover my bases here, so I can get the answer I’m hoping to get.” Connor stuffed his hands back into his pockets, switching his gaze between the man and the woman to see if he’d get a solid answer or not.

With Jackie

Jackie by this time made it to the church

Once there, since he parked blocks away, once he got closer he’d then  be able to see two twin men standing outside of the big catholic church doors. Each one of them holding a spray painted stainless steel pipe in their hand, and their blazer jacket’s open, letting their tattoo’s be barely seen. They were clearly Asian but much bigger and physically imposing than your average.

These men were guarding the front door at the top of the large stair case. There are two floors, one where the sanctuary is, and an upstairs old attic, where the bell is at the top. It’s only 2 or so in the afternoon so the church has no activity there at the moment but there are about 20 or so men inside, patrolling the sanctuary and the hallways in the same back and forth pattern. There’s a back door as well, but there are two men stationed there also. All of the windows are textured glass except for the ones located where the attic are, on the second level. There are two buildings in close proximity and of equal high on both sides of the church, and if one looked close enough they could actually see a hidden pair of double doors that had no a single guard there….

[10/30/2015 6:29:52 PM] Bangarang: Syl listened to the one called Connor Ryoji tell his story, she listened intently. Nodding when she needed to, and when he finished she looked thoughtfully at him. The wrod Yakuza kept ringing in her head though. She nodded as the plant thing on her neck piped up "I have, but you can understand my in my line of work Im not allowed to just give away my customers names." Syl turned to run her fingers through Lucian's hair, she knew there weren't any spiders in his hair because she would've sensed them but she'd look through his hair anyway. As Syl looked through his red hair, she sighed and turned her gaze back to Connor. Her familiar spoke up again, "I have seen someone like that...but like I said, my line of work I need to keep secrets." She dropped her hands from Lucian's hair and turned to face Connor.  "But...if you HAPPEN to hallucinate, of seeing him. Who am I to say no?" Syl may've been sworn to secrecy but she was an information broker too, she was NOT bound to keep her clients a secret at all, she signed no contracts with them, nor could any of the poisons be traced back to her. Syl motioned for Connor to come into the shop. "Lucian, close the shop for a bit." She walked into the shop by a small table and sat down and waited for Connor to sit across from her. As she sat down a small light, that was actually a spider floated down and landed on the table. This spider was the one whom was here when Daizen was in her shop. She cupped it in her hands. Looking down at it she watched it softly. The plant familiar dropped off of Syl's neck and landed on the table where it bounced around.

[10/30/2015 6:59:12 PM] Jamal: "I have, but you can understand my in my line of work I’m not allowed to just give away my customers names." Connor furrowed his brow. He figured he might get some kind of answer like that. He exhaled through his nostrils. Force wasn’t an option here. If anything he might be able to make her more of an ally than an enemy. Maybe with proper persuasion or something…Connor pondered his next method, but little did he know he wouldn’t have to. "I have seen someone like that...but like I said, my line of work I need to keep secrets…But...if you HAPPEN to hallucinate, of seeing him. Who am I to say no?" Connor folded his arms and nodded giving her a “Not bad” facial expression. “Well met.” When she signaled for him to follow, Connor did so patiently. Asking for the shop to be closed early, Connor was beginning to get the feeling this was going to be some pretty trippy shit.
When she sat down, Connor sat across from her, and watched a spider float down and land on the table. When she cupped it, Connor would’ve adjusted and sat Indian style, with his arms still folded, blinking a few times before he spoke again. “Alright so how exactly does this work, if you don’t mind me asking? Do I take a drug or something? Body doesn’t… do to well with those. Though I think I can turn it off, I honestly don’t know.” Connor patted his stomach, referring to his oni physique and how most poisons unless in super high dosages won’t do much. He can’t even get drunk off normal amounts of liquor. “Well whatever it takes if I can just get even the smallest mental image I’ll be set. I’ll help you in return if you wish.”

[10/30/2015 8:10:26 PM | Edited 8:12:58 PM] Keyo: The door creaked after she had knocked on the it. By the time Kaiuri had gotten there, one of the younger students whom lived there would have let her in. Rain followed behind her apperance, and the child felt sympathy for the red headed beauty, so the young boy allowed her entry into his home. " Tasanagi Sensei will be back soon. " The young boy said guiding her into one the rooms in the dojo/home. It had about 35 rooms in all. Most of the kids had room-mates. Keyth said he'd buy more space for more children if there numbers got to high in vacancy. The Dojo had been in the back, and a Gym had been right next to that. A large glass window/door spaced the dojo/gym from the beach deck. And soon after the deck stretched the sandy beach behind it. The water from the beach casted over the sandy grains over and over again like a dark blanket. The moon was full, and with it came the high tides. If Kaiuri looked out of the window from the room given to her she'd be able to see the beach. A young man had been on the beach... he had short black hair, and bright golden eyes. Shirtless with bandages wrapped around his hands and a pair of red sweat pants and no shoes. The rain coated his form over as he stood on the beach practicing some form of Kata, which meant the style he had been practicing was Karate based. He had rippling muscles but he had been slender in shape. Toned more so with veins that stretched throughout his frame. He sported an 8 pack, not a single inch of fat on his body. A large Dragon Yakuza styled tattoo had been on his back as well to show his rank and status as a Yakuza. His name... had been Sora Tasanagi. Son of Keyth Tasanagi and Michiko Akasawa. He was the youngest, currently at the age of 19 he runs the Kagemaru clan when keyth is way as his Aniki or better yet second in command. Known for his callous and sometimes cruel ways. Sora isnt unknown for conflict just like the rest of his family.

Kaiuri could wait for Keyth in the lobby, or go out and approach this young man. The Choice would be her own. However... someone had been watching her all the way here. And staying in her room alone may leave things off with an.... Edge. It'd be her choice, and her choice alone


Suzume gripped onto Nikuro's arm and he tensed. " Gah..." Looking back at his wife, and his beautiful stepdaugther. He allowed himself to ignore the Demon blood boiling underneathe his skin and stay calm as he watched one of the Police officers step up to the men in white. Leonardo Gonatolios, Aka Taco. " Sorry guys. She just left. But, im sure all of those weapons are unmarked which makes them illegal. You guys may end up spending the night here. " " YOU! " said the leader as he pointed his gun at Taco. " Our boss contacted you, and paid you to secure her here. How did she leave, talk, now. " " Well... you see. Unlike these cowards in here, im not afraid of some stupid thugs with a bunch of G-" Before Taco could finish he had been shot in the neck! The Bullet broke through his flesh and the other cops reached for there guns but all of the white suited men aimed there weapons up at them, and like the cowards they had been... they all resided backwards. " Anyone else... wanna be a smart ass? Let this be a lesson to all of you! The Devil 6 runs the police! Not the Fucking Sunflower Syndicate, Hellfire Conglomerate, OR even the Kagemaru Syndicate. Do you understand? Remember this man! The next time one of you wants to cross US! Oh and... we will find her. This was for nothing. " The leader said tossing a white rag down at Taco's bleeding form, Nik had rushed to his side, holding his head up but it was no use, Taco beld out in his arms... " Come on Taco, Come on man. Dont you fucking die on me. SOMEBODY HELP US ! YOU FUCKING COWARDS! YOUR COPS TOO! YOU DIDNT EVEN FIGHT FOR HIM, HE'S GOING TO DIE! AND YOUR ALL JUST STANDING THERE?! " Nik said as the cops turned there heads from the sight before them. Coughing a few more times... Taco's chest finnaly stopped moving and he slumped over... Dying within seconds. Soon the gang left... and the Cops had been silent. " Suzume... baby, cover Keiko's eyes baby. She doesnt... she doesnt need to see this." Nik said holding Taco's lifeless form.

[10/30/2015 9:18:10 PM] Calamari': Nodding to the Miss regaining his composure after the fact she'd checked his hair and said nothing regarding a spider. Receiving his next order to close up the shop he placed a hand over his chest lowering his head with faithful servitude proceeding to make his way to the store's entrance pulling the door toward himself gently enough to have it shut without much volume to the "click" of the door, it was only then that he'd lock the door. It was clear that this was an important matter since she had asked for the store to be closed mid day so he wasn't sure wether to stay near Syl or take his leave but in the event it was an unsafe business transaction he should at least stay less he be instructed otherwise; so he walked back to stand at her left side at a reasonable distance. He was quite tense as he was unaware of the man's intentions but knowing he was a yakuza.

Lucian's hands at this point were behind his back with his right clasping his left wrist where-as his feet were pressed together his general posture rather uptight his head held high. Remaining in this pose his eyes would close becoming like a statue his purpose for being there was obvious by his posture and body language he was untrusting of yakuza. Having taken note of what was a spider coming from above the table he was glad that he'd taken some space having a bit of an issue with bugs in general. Well being as the shop may very well be closed for the rest of the day he let his mind wander within reason of course making sure to be at least aware of what was being said. So he began thinking about the housework to be done back at the house such as mopping the floors, finally bringing the flowers back with him today and even checking as well as perhaps assisting in Karu's training.

[10/31/2015 12:20:16 AM | Edited 12:20:45 AM] Suzume Tasanagi: Suzume breathed an internal sigh of relief as Nik, calmed and didn't go rushing without a plan. However that didn't stop someone else from making a dumb move. She watched as Taco flippantly told the goons what they wanted to know. Unfortunately the truth wasn't what they wanted to hear. It was almost like slow motion for Suzume as the gang members gun aimed at Taco and shot him in the neck. A small yelp escaped her mouth and she instinctively covered her mouth when she realized she'd made the noise.

Keiko had been huddled behind her mother and step-father watching the exchange just peering around her mother's back side. When the gun went off Keiko flinched and buried her face into her mother's leg. She opened her eyes when she hear Nik begin to yell at the the other officers. She blinked, and watched in shock as the man held by Nik was bleeding. She looked up at her mother who's mouth was agape in shock.

Suzume froze, she had never been as good of friends with Taco as Kin had been. But she had never wanted to see him die right before her eyes. Regret began to flood her emotions as tears fell down her cheeks. She was still silent, thoughts rushing through her head. -What... why aren't they helping him? Should I had let Nik help?- She barely registered.             

" Suzume... baby, cover Keiko's eyes baby. She doesnt... she doesnt need to see this."

Suzume blinked and then looked down at her daughter who stood next to her looking shocked as well she knelt down in front of Keiko, and picked her up. Her daughter buried her face into her shoulder. "Mommy he's hurt... is he gonna die?" The question broke Suzume's heart, "Shhhh... sweetie don't worry about it." She could feel her daughter's tears begin to soak into her blouse.

[10/31/2015 3:46:28 PM] Wanderlust Syl: Syl watched as he sat down and she looked at Lucian for a second and then her plant familiar spoke up. "Lucian can you dim the lights and light a few Sandalwood incense sticks?" Syl's familiar asked. Syl looked back at Connor and grinned, it wasnt often she got to do this so she enjoyed when she got to. Without any asking or forewarning Syl's hands flew out from her lap where they were holding the spider and grabbed Connors hands tightly. Pushing his palms flat on the table the familiar rolled off the table and away into the depths of the shop. However, due the large amounts of spores released in Syl's shop she didn't need it to talk to Connor. Syl's body and any plant she grows are always secreting tiny spider like spore that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Anyone within a mile of Syl is breathing in these spores Syl can these use the spores to activate her other abilities, such as Illusion Generation, growing plants from inside the spores or making them explode. However she wasnt going to harm him. Taking in what he said about his body she quickly established a somewhat of a mental link between her Connor and the spiders via, the spores. Syl  quickly shifted through the spiders mind to find that day. She stopped once she found it, glancing up at Connor to make sure he was alright. She was letting him into HER mind, and thus into every spiders mind and eyes in Kasaihana city. The hive mind of Spiders and Syl were revealed to Connor and Syl wans't sure if he'd be able to handle the wave of thoughts, and information. Syl pushed onward anyway, and focused on the day that Danzai came in. It clearly showed his face and the entire conversation they had, about him wanting the plants for poison. Syl replayed the conversation as quickly as she could from beginning to end. Once it was over she broke the link between her and Connor and stood up as the small plant familiar rolled back up her neck. "Would you like anything before you go? My Mistress usually charges for such information but given your situation she decided she wont this time." Syl nodded to affirm the small plants claim as she brushed herself off and rubbed her eyes. Moving to a stray plant she pet the leaves sotly, the small spider that was to show Connor, stayed on the table.

[10/31/2015 4:27:28 PM] Jamal: Connor sat there for a second looking at her. He started to wonder if she was….even really doing anything.  He wasn’t completely sure, but he wasn’t about to question the process  itself. That’d be rude. If he was younger he’d probably think this was a bunch of psychic mumbo jumbo that couldn’t have been real. He does remember something similar like that in the sector games….huh. Connor furrowed his brow looking at her. Was she in the sector games??? Connor couldn’t accurately remember. Even if she was, he didn’t know her personally so he couldn’t gauge it and he wasn’t about to rattle his brain with it. That’s when it happened! Connor’s perception…began to shift. “Oh….uh…” Connor began to see things. Images, different locations of Kasaihana City, flashes of people, places and things! Connor blinked a few times, still a bit in disbelief…it was an illusion. He picked that up. But it looked so vivid…that’s when the flashing finally stopped and Connor saw it! The man’s face….wow. that’s one serious looking motherfucker. If his jaw was any stronger, it might keep his mouth shut tight. However that was him. The cross on the cheek, and those red eyes. Connor could see him talking and hear everything he said, as it sunk into his brain like a sponge.

"Well met, Syl. My intentions for these dangerous plants is obviously to poison someone. More specifically, the chief of police. He's gunning for my son for crimes you don't need to know about. I intend to poison him and make him promise to drop the case. If he does, I will cure him. No need to inform me of the curatives for hemlock, jequirity, pinyang, or aconite. I know how to make them, I just need the plants. Seeds, in the jequirity's case. You may refuse of course and I will leave like this conversation never happened"

Connor shook his head before rubbing his temple a bit. He’d then stand up rapidly realizing just what the man had said. “Poison the chief of police?!?! What kind of….” Connor caught himself over reacting. “Whoa…that was trippy. Trippy as hell.”  "Would you like anything before you go? My Mistress usually charges for such information but given your situation she decided she wont this time." Connor blinked for a moment at the talking plant…just realizing that it was a talking plant. “Erm no…no I’m good. Danzai huh. I’ve got his face buried in my mind. Still….thank you. I’m still not sure if this connects to my own ordeal, but it might definitely if I keep putting my clues together. You have my gratitude. “ Connor would bow. “Now then, I know how this whole information thing works. More than likely…by now the streets have talked. He might or might not know I’m looking for him. I can’t say. What I can do is make sure you’re protected. Just give me five minutes to put in a call….and here.” Connor would’ve pulled out a small card with his name, and a private number on it. “This is a line to one of my burner lines. Even if it’s traced the signal thingy is disposable so no worries. Call me if you need me. Good day to you m’am” Connor would’ve begun walking out of the shop. If the red headed assistant was there, connor would’ve waved at him before stepping outside and pulling out his smartphone, only to dial a number. Letting it ring a few times, he’d look at his watch before a voice on the other end answered. “Hello? Ayyyye Claymore what’s poppin pimpin?.....right right. Check it. Need a huuuuuuuuuge favor. If you don’t mind……yeah I know I owe you like 10 grand but add another 10 to that. I think it’s about time we invested in that monument I wanted built in my honor if you catch my drift…” Connor would’ve begun walking down the street, heading towards the last clan he knew he was supposed to go talk to. He had information to process. He wasn’t going to get involved with the cops…but depending on just how deep this thing went, he might be able to make some allies out of this entire situation if he played his cards right. While Connor wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, he was surrounded by bright bulbs, he could come to for aid, which is EXACTLY what he was going to do. Next stop: The Kenrock Clan………..yikes.

[10/31/2015 8:25:48 PM] Jamal: Connor took steps towards the area where he knew…an area he knew all to well but couldn’t speak of like that on a regular. More so he chose not to. As he made his way down the side walk to the more down town area of district 2….he began to pass a series of town houses. Still wrapped and warped in with other tall buildings since this is still a luxourious part of the city. He was officially in Kenrock Clan territory. Connor looked to his left and looked to his right before stopping his walk and looking down. His hair shadowed his eyes for a second, and as it did, images began to flash through his mind…of another.


( )The hospital room was filled with the sounds of a baby crying. 3 doctors in the room, gathering cleaning materials and sterilization tools. Yumi had been laying in a hospital bed, her luscious red hair frazzled, and a bit of it sticking to her forehead as she was covered in sweat. She panted, her stomach huffing up and down, with a hospital gown on. Connor beside her holding her hand. Well she had his hand in a death grip more so. Then there…in the doctor’s arms was a small child. “Congradulations Mr & Mrs. Ryoji. It’s a girl.” The small baby had tufts of pink hair on her head, and the doctor handed the child to Yumi. Yumi made grabby hands and embraced the child in her arms. Connor leaned over beside her, his red eyes narrowed…softly. He gazed upon the child and reached a hand to touch her but was hesitant. “Don’t…don’t be shy silly. This is us…a creation of me and you.” Yumi cried tears of happiness as she held the child. “We did it Connor. This is the start of a family…our family.” Connor rubbed the head of the crying baby, looking at her with such emotion. “She’s so small…I’ve never been this close to a baby. Let alone one I would’ve made.” Yumi smiled wipping her tears, seeing Connor’s fascination. “Hold her Connor.” “What? Oh no, i-I might drop her or some shit.” Connor looked off to the side, trying to look away from the two most important women in his life. That’s when the baby stopped crying all of a sudden.  Connor furrowed his brow when he turned around and saw Yumi holding the newborn girl up and her hands were making grabby motions at Connor. Connor blinked a couple of times…he reached his hands out. He was scared. This was the first woman in his life he’d been scared of besides his mom. He…he didn’t want to hurt the child. His hands were stained with scars, bruises and blood. But when Connor took the little girl in his hands, and held her to his chest…he felt warm. Not the battle lusted kind of warm that comes in a fight, but…a connection. The child’s red eyes reflected in his own…he ran a hand down the side of her face, and he couldn’t help but smile. A gentler side of Connor, not seen by the public eye made itself known as he cooed at the small child. The little girl grabbed onto Connor’s finger and held it there. “Xina.” Yumi uttered. Connor looked up at her. “Let’s name her…Xina.” She leaned back on the bed, exhausted from the long 12 hour birth. “Xina…” Connor spoke. “I fucks with it.” He’d use his shoulder to wipe a tear from his eye and hand the little girl back to yumi.

Flashback & Music end.::

Connor inhaled through his nostrils and exhaled. His fist were clenched tight. So tight, blood trickled down the cracks of his fingers. “London…Kenrock.” The symbol on Connor’s back glowed for a split second, before he calmed himself down. Flipping his hair and head up, and straightening it out, Washi appeared beside him. “Connor…are you sure you can do this? If you want to get Jackie on this one, no one will blame you.” Connor shook his head no, shaking the blood off of his hands. “No. I’m just here to collect a debt and nothing more. I have…I have to find the Danzai guy. This being in the way is just a bonus. I’ll…control myself.” Connor would’ve turned into an Eagle, and began to fly into the sky, deciding to disguise himself so he wouldn’t be spotted or recognized. That’s when he landed on the top of a building, on the tiled roof, and landed in his human form squatted down. Connor stood up as the wind blew around him, fluttering his badge colored jacket up. Looking upon the rebuilt Kenrock Building. The tall 5 stories building loomed in the distance.  Connor remembered that day…the smell of fire, smoke and brimstone…the smell of blood so strong it burned his nostrils. Connor’s eyes flared red before he hopped off of the building and began to approach the front door of the Kenrock building….

[11/1/2015 5:22:50 PM] Kohaipuuuuu~: She waited. As she stood there at the door a gurgling thunder broke through the night's silence. She lifted her chin upwards and when she looked above she saw that the stars had been over shadowed with dreadful clouds. The overcast was blocking out what little nightime light that she had to stand beneath. And there it was. A spec of water, then a drop of damp. The rain came pouring down. Oh, how fitting. Kaiuri thought to herself, sarcastically. Here she was, a stranger to the house, standing in the thick of night in the cold and rain. A quick shiver run through her body and she was chilled from head to toe, the cool autumn air wasn't any help in the slightest. It had only been a few minutes before a young boy finally opened the door for her, but honestly it felt longer. Kaiuri kept running the events of this night through her mind like your favorite song on repeat. The men in white and red, the firey onslaught of arms and guns, bullets zipping from on side of the room to the other, screams, cries, pain . . . And blood. Her mother, the crew. What happened to them ? Where are they now, where are they going ? When will she get to see her mother again ? The sulking red head had become damp and discouraged in those few minutes of waiting. " Tasanagi Sensei will be back soon. " He said. She simply nodded and the young boy stepped off to the side to let her pass, Kaiuri looked at her feet. She stared at the high heels with a frown cuving her lips. Reaching down, she slipped them off and then proceeded inside of the dojo. The place looked  enormous. Big, wide, and spread far.
Kaiuri sat down for a moment, but she then realized that she didn't have much of a desire to just sit still or anything. So as a result, she went exploring around the vastness of the Tasanagi Dojo. Besides, it didn't seem like Mr. Tasanagi was in a hurry to see her yet. He sounded like a busy man. As she wandered around the dojo, she saw that it had many rooms and housed a multitude of students and kids. Everyone's ages ranged all over the place it seemed. Her feet padded across the hard wooden floors, the cool surface of the floors seeped easily through her sheer pantyhose. She was still unfortunately in her same attire, still dressed to impress. She looked better than she was feeling, that's for sure. And as she quickly glided down the hallways of the building and allowed herself to just explore around, a peculiar sight showed itself out the window. She paused in her steps. The vivacious honey had come across a man standing outside, he stood by the rough waves of the ocean. Kaiuri peered through the clarifying glass with her purple hues. The man looked young. He was just motionless as the water both on the ground and overflowing the skies threatened to consume him whole. She couldn't help her eyes from staring a moment. Sooner rather than later however, her curiousity got the best of her. She found a big clear sliding glass door that led to the outside. Kaiuri slid the door back and exited the dojo. The petite red haired woman then walked quietly, but cautiously out to observe the man a bit closer. As she approached the young man he seemed to not have noticed her. She couldn't help, but wonder who he is and why someone would willingly let themseslve  soak in the rain. Personally, this had really been a not so fun night and Kaiuri just wanted to find something to do before she declared it to an end completely.

[11/1/2015 10:03:30 PM] Germy: -Unbeknownst to Connor, he was being tailed. The moment that Connor set out for the Twisted Rose, a hooded man followed silently behind him. Stealth was his specialty, it was no surprise that he wasn't detected. His footfalls didn't even make a sound. He watched Connor enter the shop, then ventured forth and stood about 6 feet from the entrance. He lowered his hood, revealing  face marred with dozens of tiny scars, a shaved scalp with a shock of white hair falling to just above his shoulder, and pointed ears. Those ears twitched; he heard everything that was said inside, even through the walls of the shop. He smirked as he heard Syl speak of Connor "hallucinating" the man he was looking for; the man had heard enough after that. Before Connor left the shop, the man had already slipped his hood back up and crept away… Voti walked out of the front doors of the precinct, papers in hand. He was surprised he was able to get a bond set for his case at all, much less have it paid. As the guy with the mask had said, he was out in no time at all. He noticed a hooded man leaning against a street lamp several feet away; Voti scowled as the hood turned to him. He walked up to the hood, who pushed himself off of the post and started to walk down the sidewalk. Voti followed. He still didn't know if the masked guy had kept his word and left his family alone, but he intended to find out- "You must be the mask's guy. Ain't no way anyone I know would care enough to pay that bail. Fuck you want now? I ain't snitch." -The hood jerked his head- "You are to meet my employer tonight. Rooftop next to Yun Corp. I think ya know what'll happen if ya don't show. 1 minute after midnight exactly. Don't be late." -The hood turned down an alley. Voti followed, but when he turned the corner, the hood was gone. The (former) Tank member grit his teeth- "I'll play along fer now, but I'm gonna kill you and your fucking boss. No one fucks with Jon Voti." -Meanwhile, Danchou had arrived back at his safehouse, surveying the results of Drago's experimentation- "The physical augmentations aren't enough to stand up to the heavy hitters in this city. Dumbfucks screwing around with my original formula, giving themselves ridiculous powers, now the city is riddled with freaks. Freaks that don't even know the toils I went through to create my original formula, who don't even have the brain cells to even begin to understand the mathematics required, nor the spine to sacrifice what I did!" -Drago listened to his father's ranting. He knew Danchou wasn't really upset with him, but with the state of KasaiHana in general. While Drago had ventured out into the city and knew what it was like, Danchou had remained secluded, fooling everyone who had ever known he existed into believing he was dead. He wasn't surprised at Danchou's reaction, but his father had planned amazingly for it with this android body he now had. He knew that Danchou could stand against any "freak" that dared test him, the question was, what exactly was he capable of? They knew some things, but they had never combined science and chi before. They would find out soon, provided this heist at Yun Corp went well. Danchou shook his head and went on- "However, they will make for perfect shock troops." -He turned his head slightly and smirked- "So, Razor, is it done?" -The hooded man emerged from the shadows of the apartment, making Drago jump. The hood, Razor, nodded- "Yep. Voti is to meet with you tonight. I have obtained files of every KasaiHana police department employee." -He produced twelve thick files from the folds of his heavy jacket and extended them to Danchou, who took them- "Somethin' else too. The guy who's lookin' for ya, name's Connor Ryoji. I did some digging. A kaicho  within the yakuza. Seems to fancy hisself quite the bruiser. Oh, and the flower lady gave ya up. Syl, I think? She was in the shop with some chucklefuck named Lucian when Connor strolled his happy ass inside. He knows all about your venture into Voti's shop, what happened there, when you went to the Twisted Rose, hell, even what ya bought and the lame ass cover story you fed the flower lady. If ya want, I can mobilize a force, take her out." -Danchou listened to all of this pensively. He was quiet for a moment, then spoke, his voice level- "No. Her shop is well guarded, I took the liberty of scoping the place when I went there. No one has that many arachnids scurrying about if they weren't used for something. Besides that, this "Connor" fellow has probably placed more protections around it. No, we will come for the flower bitch, but we will do so when I am certain that her shop can be razed to the ground and her head sitting at my feet. As for Connor… well, he can wait. He is not my priority. Razor, spread a rumor through the underworld that the "Oni Dragon" will make an appearance at the KasaiHana police precinct. The masked man has hatched a plot to assassinate the chief of police. Make sure that the plot is in line with what I told Syl. Next, I need for you to carry out that plan." -Razor raised an eyebrow- "Sure about that boss? It'll raise some heads and I might need muscle" -Danchou turned to face Razor fully, his red, robotic eyes boring into the hood's- "Do not presume to question me. You are highly skilled, one of my best agents, but you are not above refrain." -Razor swallowed hard as Danchou turned to the mutated Fire Flower Syndicate prisoner- "As for muscle… you will have all you need when the time comes." -Razor bowed his head and stepped back into the shadows. Drago stared at his father- "Even after all of this time, Dad, you scare the hell out of me." -Danchou chuckled as he squatted next to the mutated prisoner, drawing out a small knife from his boot as he did so- "Nothing stands against me and lives, Drago…" -He grasped the prisoner by the hair and tilted his head, lowering the knife towards his left eye- "Nothing".

[11/1/2015 10:16:54 PM] Keyo: ( )

" I wouldnt... " Said a hand touching down on her right shoulder gripping tightly. The hand was scarred and tattered with a rough texture even down to the tips of its digits. "My son Sora tends to strike out at those... whom interrupt his training. " The man whom stopped the red headed beauty had been none other then Keyth Tasanagi. His hair drenched down this neck due to the heavy pick up of the rain. He had been a Hakama but he wore no top, he sported a pair of bandages around his waist and around his shoulder but thats all he had on. His physique was large and his body was a perfect exhibit of muscular potential pushed to its peaks. His dark skin and slanted eyes made him appear exotic and almost seductive in its nature despite his gruff apperance. A chinstrap of facial hair that ran acrossed his chin, was flowing down as a thick beard. " Come inside, then we can talk, sound good? Then you can tell me about what's going on and why your here." ( In your next post Kai, go ahead and have her explaining her situation to Keyth. Have them in a room setting with a TV and a sofa with a glass window door that leads outside and onto the beach. )" Lets go. " Keyth said guiding her inside. Once and when Keyth had guided her back in. Sora would have stopped suddenly and turned to watch the red headed beauty walk back inside with his father. Tilting his head up with a scowl as his golden orbs shifted into red ones for a brief moment. "...Who was she..." Sora said staring at her figure as she walked forward inside allowing sora the time to reflect.

As Kin guided The Poison Assassian over to his motorcycle his perception would have slowed for a few moments before his shot over to the right and pushed the assassian to the right and kicked forward off his feet to the right! " MOVE! " Kin said as he kicked forward and rolled, his body drenched in rain as he quickly pulled his pistol up in the crouched stance.  A bullet sliding past his cheek the moment he did and blood trickling down in a red flow. "... You dodged my bullet. " The sniper said as she pulled her gun up and stood up to her full height. She had thick flowing gold hair and bright blue eyes and doll like skin. Her beauty inhuman almost, pulling the sniper rifle up to her right shoulder. Kin's eyes focused on her for a moment before he finally stood to his full height. " Pippa..." " Thats... not my name anymore. " She retorted back. " Its Scorpian now. " She said aiming her gun down at Kin again. " You have enemies back over in Utopia, you thought you'd be able to just leave, leave the warlocks and hits wouldnt be placed out on your head?! You killed the King.... you bastard. Kin Tasanagi The Kingslayer. That's what they call you now... " She said looking at Kin through her scope again. " So... After I arrest you, 5 years later they let you out for good behavior or something? You did embezzle your own company and then release a lethal poison throughout District 1 killing hundreds of people. Using it a fool-gold form a pharmacetual drug. That seems like a terrorist charge at its finest, with about 50 years to life. So... how the hell are you doing out here. " " I broke out. " SHe said with a simple response. " It wasnt hard. Ive been out for 4 years. Pippa died back in that prison. I am only Scoprion. " " So your THE Scorpion. Bullshit, he died back in the day. Densuke's father killed him. " " Or so he thought. " She said back with her gun at the ready. " He lived, and I was his a one out of a few of his last students on this earth. Im the only one who truly lives his legacy. And Tasanagi's are worthy of a big Kill according to my Sensei. He got set for life after he put your pussy father in a coma. " Kin's calm expression shifted into a scowl as he lowered his gun.

[11/1/2015 10:17:10 PM] Keyo:

The Poisoner looked back and forth between sniper and cop. " H-HEY NOW! COME ON. DONT LET ME GET CAUGHT IN THE CROSS FIRREEE! " He said in attempts to stand before he slipped due to the rain coating itself over the surface of the grass. " This is your final warning Pippa. Stand down. Or I will Put you down..." He said clenching tightly to his pistol. " I wonder how that pretty wolf pelt would look on my wall. What do you think Kin? I mean... Kingslayer. " She said with a devilish smirk getting down on one knee as she took aim at him. Kin shifted into his half wolf form and growled before he ran towards her line of fire. The Battle had begun.

Soon enough, Nik would have been walking down the street with a sleeping Keiko on his back, her little arms wrapped around his neck. Suzumes hand would have been tightly hooked in Nik's grip as they walked to there home. It hadnt started to rain on this part of town just yet. Thick red had been sloushed over Nikuro's shirt, Taco's blood. " They didnt... even call an Ambulance yet. " Nik said turning his head swiftly to the right. " Those... Cowards. " He said with clenched teeth. About 15 minutes later, and a 10 minute subway ride they would have arrived to there home. Walking to the front door. " Hey... I do have some good news though. Despite all the crap thats happened today. I got you something..." He said walking her inside and clicking a light on in the house so it showed the large Thunderman and Lightning Girl Wonder stand up dolls and a flood of other toys. " Christmas is here earrrlyyyyy. " He said putting Keiko down on the couch. " Now this will be fun for her to wake up too. I shouldnt spoil her like i do... but eh. " He said walking to the window that showed the front of the apartment complex. " But thats not even all. You see with that last job, i finally got enough to get you this... I think its a little tough for a chick. But your a tough girl, i bet you could make it work. What do you think huh? " He said showing her the Keys a HoverCar/Road Car Red Camaro of the 2012 make. It had two bright large lights on the side that glowed blood red. " I bought it with cash. Hahahah Its all for you babe. " He said pulling her into him by her waist and putting the Keys in his mouth as if they were a rose for her to take.

[11/2/2015 4:06:02 AM] Jamal: Connor opened the doors, and when he stepped inside….he saw nothing. Connor furrowed his brows at this, as he found it rather odd that there was no one or nothing in sight. All the chairs had been pushed off to the sides, and the tables laid flat against the walls. Connor shut the doors behind him, and keeping his senses open, he’d pull out his phone deciding to multi task his options. He pulled up his messenger on his smart phone and pulled up Kin’s cellphone number. Granted this wasn’t something he WANTED to have, but Keyth suggested he keep it. He always tried to keep the two of them bonded together figuring they were better off as allies than enemies. That being said Connor would’ve used both of his hands to hold the phone and begin sending a text message to kin.
“Aye uh…fgt. Just wanted to you know I found some interesting shit. Some guy named “Danzai” I think, has gathered some pretty serious supplies, plant based from the tainted rose. He plans to assassinate the chief of police. You’re a cop and all that good shit so….yeah. get on that . if you don’t I don’t give a fuck, but it’s not something I wanna run into later down the road. Oh yeah, my daughter wants to know when Keiko can come over for another play date. So yeah. Wet dog ass fgt.-Connor.
Connor was about to put the phone up when he got a picture message form claymore. His brows raised at this and he opened it and looked at the picture. He nodded a few times before texting back. “Now THAT’S definitely worth owing you more money. I’mma give you the address so have it ready. I’ll you in 30.” Connor then finally put up his phone, stuffing it into his pocket. “Are you done being a teenager for the day?” Connor’s eyes shot up towards the end of the room. A single light cut on, hanging by a thin metallic cord, and in the chair below sat a man with slicked back hair, a scar across his face, and a lit cigar hanging from his lips.”I thought I smelled a cigar when I came in. thought it was just a lingering scent…what’s up Kenrock.” London Kenrock, the Kaicho of the Kenrock Clan.

This clan is an unknown family, which originated from an unknown area. The members of this clan possess the innate ability to absorb natural energy (???????, shizen enerugi) from their surroundings due to their unique bodies, however, the adverse effects of this energy results in sudden and uncontrollable surges of madness, causing them to sporadically go berserk. Their unique bodies also secrete special fluids that allow them to undergo various drastic physical alterations. This is a clan of 250 currently. There leader London Kenrock is a powerful fighter in all of the terms of the words. He takes heed to his enemies weaknesses and uses it against them. This clan makes there momey from real-estate and robbery. Using there power to take whatever they want with little to no consequences. He lost his hand during the Kenrock Massacre, and has replaced it with a cannon that switches from a 5 foot blade, and cannon that fires sheer energy from its wrist that can vaporize most people. The clan has since rebuilt itself since that terrible day..

He sat in a single chair with his legs folded, and his golden hook claw gleaming in the light. ‘How’s that hand? Tragic you lost it, I bet that was the hand you fapped with yeah?” Kenrock took another hit of his cigar before grabbing it and tossing it on the ground. “I got a call about you Ryoji. That plant shop you went to is on the very border of my territory. I had eyes on you the whole walk here, just about. You and your hooded friend. What is he your side kick or something?” Connor furrowed his brow. “hooded friend?” Connor thought. “I was the only one…if someone was following me I wouldn’t picked up on that.” He thought. Kenrock unintentionally helped him out, but Connor decided to play it off. “Yeah you like that? He’s new. He follows me around and makes sure scrubs like you  aren’t in my air to breathe. I didn’t come here for a fight. I came here cause you owe Slick Rick some money and he sent me to collect the due. “ “I know. I paid him off not even a few hours ago. He told me you’d be coming here for it.” Connor tilted his head up. “So you got me here just to see me? How do I figure I stepped into a trap.” Kenrock stood up. Wearing his pinstripe suit with a  brown fur coat on his shoulders.  “You very well could’ve have Ryoji. Wouldn’t be hard to say the walls…have ears.”

Which was no bluff. Inside of these hallow walls were piles of Kenrock clan members stacked atop of one another, ready to burst out of the wall with their guns in hand and light Connor up like a chirstmas tree! Connor scoffed, and folded his arms. “You’re a clever bastard. Well here’s what I’m going to do. I’m about to turn around…and walk out of that door. You’re going to let me do that. We’re going to pretend this converstion didn’t happen and you get to…live. Another day Kenrock.” Connor would’ve turned around and began walking back towards the door. “Don’t you dare…turn your back on me Ryoji.” That’s when it happened! 50 men bursted from the walls! Crashing through with their AK’s, pistols, and Semi automatics aimed all at connor’s location and position!  They were all leaping from the air, and as they were Connor would’ve already put his Eagle eyes to work. -c-

[11/2/2015 4:06:34 AM] Jamal: This is a breif period of time Connor's natural physiology radiates in harmony as his Koikonjitto brain works in conjunction with Washi's natrual form as a griffin, a bird wing legs. Eagles have eye sight 8x better than a human, this is because they have to swoop in and dive to catch their prey which is usually fish or incredibly small and quick animals. They also have a hightened fight or flight instinct, as during their freefall dives their reaction time amps up for the kill. as such when using this ability Connor can sense all the variables of any situation, predict the outcomes and what choices one should make to reach the conclusion they want. When utilizing this ability, they sense paths projected in front of them, illuminating possible courses of action, they can then foresee the best tactic, and accelerate themselves along that path. The user's mind and senses process information at such speeds that time appears to have slowed down, allowing them to perceive what would normally be moving too fast to see and respond accordingly. but the true gift of this is the ability to see vibrations in the air. During his study Ochigi concluded that Connor's skin during this lapse becomes hypersensitive. This allows his skin to rapidly pick up on changes in air pressure/vibrations in the air from a 360 degree radious, and snuff out which source of the vibrations are the strongest. This is used defensively as in case of a fast attack or a blindside, Connor's sense of  touch would conjoin with his sight, allowing him to make a mental image of his opponents posistioning, posture, and sense of speed via the rapidness of the vibrations. This works majority of the time, as even a simiple motion such as breating sends out feint vibrations through the air.

It was also at this moment Connor’s hand would’ve touched the door knob, and when it did his eyes would’ve flashed red, a bright crimson blood red, before suddenly a large energetic pressure began to weigh down every single man in that room, including kenrock himself! That’s when Kenrock’s eyes winded a bit…before long he didn’t see Connor standing there. He could see….a fire. A raging roaring fire…and a black shadowy figure standing in the middle of that fire. As connor turned around from the door to look at Kenrock, Kenrock would’ve seen a sight he hadn’t seen in years. Two glowing red eyes, with no irises. Only the blood colored red filled in the sockets where the eyes should be. Every man in the room saw the exact same thing and they stopped in there tracks. Kenrock began to sweat and in only a matter of seconds….it was over. “That’s a trick I learned as being an Oni. I thought of something random this time to scare you shitless…don’t make me make it a reality.”

Connor used a trick known as fear inducement, which is a passive trait of most mature oni’s. Fear Inducement- The user can make people unwillingly very frightened. The user psychically provokes the target’s brain to release fear-inducing chemicals.The victim’s perception is altered, they may see their environment as ominous and the user as dark and foreboding, or even seen as a monster. Can augment the effect to make others go near insane. The effect expires within one to several hours, unless maintained by the user of the power. The user can also paralyze a person in fear or kill them by giving them a heart attack.Some users may be able to sense fear, or gain strength from fear of others. Others might be able to enhance the effect by using it on a sleeping victim rather than an aware one. After this Connor had finally made his way out of the building and began the long trek down the side walk. His hands stuffed in his jacket pockets, he’d left Kenrock standing there speechless with an irritated scowl on his face. “…It was him….all those years ago. There’s no one else…who could look at me like that. DAMMIT!” he shouted! Kenrock clenched his fist, and looked at the ground. “I will have his head on a pike! The rebuilding I’ve had to do because of him…it’s all his fault! I refuse to let him walk on this earth another damned day! It’s time….time to up my pay grade.” Kenrock turned his back to his men and as his fur coat fluttered in the motion of it he’d disappear behind a door and be gone just as quick as he came. Meanwhile, Connor would’ve kept walking down the side walk, but this time opting to hold his hand out for a taxi. A driver stopped by and Connor hopped into the car. “Take me back to the edge of District 1 west side. I’ll walk from there.” The driver nodded and began to take Connor back where he requested. Connor stared out of the window collecting his thoughts and trying to get a grip on his next move…doing his best to push old surfacing feelings to the back of his mind. “I wanted to kill him Washi. I wanted to tear his head from his fucking shoulders…” Washi replied to the mental conversation. “I know. I felt you suppressing your power while we were in there. It’s a wonder you chose to just induce fear and not physically harm them.” Connor shrugged. “I know the Yakuza business. It’d be an internal syndicate conflict. One I don’t need on my ass at this time, not while I’m looking for this Danzai guy. What Kenrock said. Were we being tailed?” “I”ve no way to know. Your akuma no honshintsu only goes so far. I know your senses are acute as well. Whoever it was, they’re clearly on your brothers level of stealth. Might need to watch your back more often.” Connor nodded, reaching over into his coat pocket, and pulling out a piece of paper. He’d grab a pen from the back seat, and using his almost perfect memeory he’d begin sketching out a sketch of Danzai’s face, so he’d be able to ask around a bit more. Having a picture made things a bit easier on his part. “Next stop Slick Ricks place. Then we’ll head to claymore and see how that things going for me. After that, we’ll keep up the search. I don’t know what this Danzai guy’s planning…but if he’s the same bastard that killed my men and set one of them up for a fall I have to wonder…why a high school principal…and a police chief…what’s the connection here….”Connor pondered this on the ride home as he tapped his chin with the pen the entire way home. -e-

[11/2/2015 2:16:41 PM] Jamal: Closer to the evening this time around, Connor would’ve been back in District one. Still opting to walk rather than to fly, he’d have his hands in his blazer pockets, and continue down the side walk. Nodding to the passerby’s and dapping up the people how knew him very well. Connor was somewhat of a home town hero, opting to put the helpless and unfortunate above his own personal wealth. Having been in that lifestyle longer than he wanted to, he only felt it fitting to bring his hood up before anything else here. Her cared not for the rest of the city or the other districts. Just the one that raised him and made him what he is today. Back on his way to Club Lahana, Connor would’ve walked inside. ( ) Same as usual the theme night of the club changes. However they’ve been playing a lot of dance music lately. It’s a tad odd considering this kind of music appealed more to teenagers, but then again you have the young adults that don’t quite know what phase their going through in life. The club was PACKED today, as such he had to shove his way through the dance floor. Wasn’t hard, not many normal folks could’ve actually held Connor back for shit. Scooting through and heading to the back just like he did last time, he’d knock on the door this time, opting to ignore the bouncers completely. One of them went to open their mouth, until Connor interrupted him. “I’m not paying you this time.  Touch me or this suit, and I’ll pull your asshole inside out.” “…..”

The bouncer opened the door and Connor stepped inside, looking to see slick rick sitting in his chair, leaning back. He opened his arms, and spoke loudly. “Connor Ryoji! You’ve made it b-“ “Cut the bullshit. I know Kenrock paid his debt to you. You sent me to a clan you know I have no business being in. I could’ve been killed or worse.” “Oh come on Ryoji. We both know that wasn’t going to happen. If anything you could’ve had a heyday buuuuut since I’ve head nothing destructive about them I’m guessing you let them go easy huh.” Connor would’ve pulled out his wallet and began counting out the money out he was going to pay for Tadashi. “Aren’t you missing a clan?” “Do you want to be missing a limb?” “ooooh so you’re using force now?” “Cause I’m tired of running around here on a wild goose chase to get some simple words that lead me to another clue. Now tell me the info on this Danzai guy or I’ll blow this club to smithereens.” Rick waved his hands back and forth. “Alright alright…fine. Well you got one part right, the name. Guy has been going by Danzai, but that’s not his only allias. Guy uses different names for different things so you can never just have one alternate allias. I couldn’t get much on the guy but a name…he keep his business under wraps. But I have heard that name tossed around in some circles at the police precinct. Nothing major.” Connor snapped his fingers and folded his arms. “Dammit….guys good if you couldn’t get a lock on him.” Slick sighed and shrugged. “I don’t know why you didn’t just hire a private investigator or something. This is some top level shit, I don’t know many people with the skill to just find someone.” Connor pulled out the picture he’d sketched of Danzai and as he looked at it his eyes widened. “Wait a minute….I KNOW SOME PEOPLE WITH THAT KIND OF SKILL!”

With that Connor would’ve ran out of the room, out of the club and into the street! He’d then make another call on his smart phone, putting the phone to his ear, and letting it ring. Not wanting to be tailed again he’d pop the phone between his teeth and morph his body into that of an eagle again and begin flying into the sky! His wings flapping high above the buildings and out of listening ears, leagues above the ground. A voice picked up  on the other end. “This is Leon Ryoji speaking.” “Bro! it’s Connor. You busy!?!” Leon would’ve been standing at his wooden desk in his law firm office. While he wasn’t quite finished with law school yet, he already owned the law firm and he only really needed a few more classes before he’d be all done and dandy with his degree. Leon packed his briefcase and began to walk out of his office door. “No I just got off of work. I’m probably going to head to bed for the night. I’m exhausted. And no I don’t have any money.” “I don’t need money! I need your help! I need you to do that Superhero stuff you do?!” “….” Leon looked left and right, before speaking again. “I’ve told you not to let that kind of thing out loud.” “Well in any case listen! I’ve been getting tailed for the most part and to avoid that I need you to meet me…at the cave.” Leon walked outside, hopping into his car, and sighing. “When do you want to meet? Now?” “If possible.” “Can you get there without being tailed?” “I’m flying above the sky as a bird with a phone in his mouth OF COURSE I CAN GET THERE WITHOUT BEING TAILED!” “Don’t yell Connor. Meet me at the beach in District 2. We’ll take things from there. I hope you’ve got something solid…anyone who’d tail you knows you either know something or know to much.”

[11/2/2015 4:58:46 PM] Germy: -If Razor was going to put this plan into motion, he had to move fast. If this Connor fellow knew about the false plan, he might take steps to stop it. Still, he had to wait. A diversionary tactic would be no good if enacted before the main event started. Razor would have preferred to keep tailing the guy, but he also had to admire the fact that Danchou was willing to go to such lengths just to create a diversion. Though, knowing his boss, this would tie into his plans at some point. How, Razor could not fathom, but he wasn't paid to think, just do. The safehouse was directly across the street from the precinct; he didn't have far to go. Indeed, he was perched on the rooftops of the apartment complex, awaiting the muscle that Danchou had promised. His eyes, keener than a hawk's, flicked to the streets below, where he spotted Danchou leaving the complex and walking down the street, sporting a thick hooded jacket of his own. He caught the glimpse of blue metal hanging from his neck. Ah, so the boss was working. Excellent, he might have his muscle sooner than he thought. Danchou didn't walk far. Several blocks down from the complex was an abandoned boarding house that was deemed condemned, but actually owned by a Mr. Iago Dopachai, one of his many aliases around the city. He didn't enter through the front, that would be stupid and it was boarded up anyway; rather, he ducked around the side of the building into an alleyway, raising his mask onto his face as he did so. There were two men huddled around a barrel that spewed flame for warmth, but they were Danchou's men, planted there to avoid suspicion and keep people away. They didn't acknowledge each other, Danchou merely turned to the building and entered through a side door partially hidden by a dumpster behind the men. He found himself in a lobby, with three dozen men inside, talking, cracking jokes. All fell silent when they saw him. He motioned with a jerk of his head, then walked up a flight of stairs. They followed him, up and up, until he'd reached the eighth floor. On the eight floor was what looked like used to be a kitchen. More men were stationed here, maybe 30 in all. Danchou walked to the front of the room while the rest of his followers packed themselves inside. Of course, this wasn't all of his men in total. No, Danchou had been busy; he now had "agents" spread throughout the city, perhaps just under 200 in all. The masked man spoke once he'd saw the last man enter- "Gentlemen, thank you for coming. I will make this brief, as there is much to do. Phase 1 goes into effect tonight, at 12:05 a.m. Beltin" -He nodded at one of the men, who raised his hand slightly- "Trucks are retrieved boss, transportation's ready." -Danchou nodded, then turned to another man- "Charles" -The man called Charles spoke up- "Weapons accounted for and timer is set for 12:04. Once detonated, we'll have fifteen minutes before the cameras and security systems go back online." -Danchou nodded, then he spoke- "We will also need a diversion should the police be tipped off for any reason. I will need twelve volunteers for a special mission. These twelve will create a diversion at the police precinct. They will do what they do best. I need not elaborate. Now…" -He reached into the folds of his jacket and pulled out a medium-sized box. He opened it, revealing twelve vials of luminescent, greenish-purple fluid. The men started murmuring and one spoke up- "Is that what I think it is? My grandfather showed me pictures of that stuff! Looks a bit different though" -Danchou nodded and closed the box- "The Z-Human serum, albeit with a few modifications. My volunteers will take it, I should think that cops would give them significantly less trouble then." -As the android predicted, men began raising their hands and pushing themselves forward. Danchou reached into his jacket quickly and drew his silver katana, which made the men fall silent once more. All that were present had seen the masked man in action before. Danchou pointed his katana at twelve random men, who stepped forward to him. He gave them all one vial each, instructing them as he did so- "Do NOT, under any circumstances, take the contents of these until five minutes til midnight. Once eleven of you have consumed the serum and start feeling its effects, head for the precinct as fast as you can." -One of the "men" who volunteered was actually a woman, a pretty but rough looking girl named Halia. Danchou pulled her aside and spoke softly.- "You, my dear, have a different role. A very important role….." -Danchou explained to her what he wanted done and she nodded. He smiled behind his mask and patted her shoulder, then turned to face the rest of his followers.- "The rest of you will assume the positions I previously gave to you. 12:01, all of you need to be ready. Dismissed." -None of his followers knew it, but Danchou had placed canisters in the vents of the room that pumped odorless, invisible gas. All that were present had breathed in the same nano machines that ran through Danchou's body. They were programmed to attach themselves to the cerebral cortex of the brain and all emitted transmissions directly to Danchou's brain; if they decided to even begin to talk about any of the plans that Danchou had discussed, he would know and would shut down their minds with a thought. Silence and secrecy was his best weapon for the moment and he trusted absolutely none of them. He left the abandoned building after returning his crew to the ground floor and revealing a hidden grate that led to the sewers so that they could slip out unnoticed. Before he emerged out onto the street, he removed his mask and tucked it into his jacket. He then started walking toward the Twisted Rose.- >Believe I'll 'ring the doorbell', let the flower bitch know the price of revealing me.< -He thought to himself. He began whistling as he walked, then pulled the sleeve of his jacket back, revealing a watch, which he looked at. 10:52-

[11/2/2015 7:48:42 PM] Jamal: 10:00 at night and it would've only been getting later. Connor stood present waiting on the edge of the beach in district 2. The moon was full tonight. bright, big, and downrigbt beautiful. on this beach Connor stood there with hands in pockets overlooking the moonlit ocean. ".....This brooding thing just doesnt work for me. fuck I'm BORED!" Connor shouted almost making it sound like a whine. Connor's smart phone buzzed and he answred. 'Yo Connor its claymore. Got the pacakae ready but uh....what did you want to do with this thing?" "Send it to a place called the "Tainted Rose " in district 2. I promised the owner protection from the guy I'm looking for. if shit pops off or it's destroyed ill be notified right? " "Yeeeeah you'll get it on your phone. its not exactly-" "Its just a diversion. just in case. thaks C dog." "Alright Connor. it'll be over there by 10:50".

Connor wwould've hung up the phone and he'd have begun to hear the crunch of sand under feet that weren't his own. looking to his left he'd seen none other than his very own brother Leon Ryoji.Leon has a very distant stare and a blank expression on his face a majority of the time, as if he was in constant wonder of a subject or a thought. His emerald green eyes are a domiant gene, and make themselves known with a sublte glow. He recently cut his long flowing black hair off for a more clean cut appearence, opting that the things he needs to do and get done for professional reasons requires more of a profesional look one could say. He's well dressed, favoring hoddies and long sleeve shirts over most wears. He keeps realatively clean in his appearance, and is mighty built. He has a very dominant body type, and is quite lean and muscular. Tonight he sported a dress shirt and Khakis walking towards his brother. "Let's go. we cant afford to be seen where we're we are going. I made sure I wasn't. tailed. come on."

The two of them would've made their way into the dim moonlit woods near the beach. traveling about a mile into them they'd come to a rather large rock. Leon stood infront of it and put a hand to it. the rock glowed where his hand was and the a retinal scan was performed. that's when a steam arose and the rock opened up inhalf revealing a platform. the two of them stepped onto it and proceeded to head on down to the ryoji cave.

The Ryoji home base has been five years in the making created by Ochigi Ryoji. More so if you count  the years prior to Tetsu's mother's death, before he began his training. With blood, sweat, and Helper Bots he built himself, he devoted his life to taking the techonolgies he stole from the government and converting them into brand new technologies meant to aid in the battle between good and evil. Granted this was meant to combat Yakuza, but recent years have shown that there's more than Yakuza to worry aobut. This is a detailed and indeph list containing the spefic detailings of the lab as a whole and what lies within.

The lab itself (as shown in the picture with the Link) is roughly around the size of 4 football feilds put together, for each of the 3 floors that lay within. This isn't counting however the assortment of tunnels that lead to different area's of the cave and it's contaiments, such as other various testing labs, eletric generators, back up generators, computer mainframes, etc, etc. Starting with the basics, the lab has a very well placed layout, being 50 stories below ground level, enough to still have supplies of oxygen come through (even though Ochigi sought to have an incoming supply via air ducts). It's also underground, right next to the ocean, and has massively built in purifeirs, that disperse and rid the water coming in of any forigen toxins. Making it as good and pure as any spring water, and keeps outsiders from polluting the water supply there. On top of this Ochigi is constantly building and making improvements to the base and it's facilities. The place has an emergency bunker an extra 5 stories below in case of attack and utter incineration. It has food and supplies via ochigi sending his cydriods shoping and what not. The funding still comes form the U.S government treasurey withouth their knowing, and thanks to Ochigi being an ex-employeee there he knows the system like the back of his hand. In short it's a place where he  and Densuke's family can stay and never worry about an ounce of harm. The best feature about the place is it's in deph features.-c-

[11/2/2015 7:49:36 PM] Jamal: "I can never get over how big this place really is." Connor shook his head. "It is astounding.  Now that we're here talk to me about what's going on." Connor nodded as they stepped out of the elevator and began walking towards rhe main lab. "Well it all started with that massacreate of men at the tattoo parlor. those guys were Tanks, people in my gang. Good men with good cause. That's when one who survived, Voting, suddenly turns himself in, for the murder of a principal at Kasaihana high. Then I got a name though I think its an allias. Danzai. Got ot from a girl at the tainted rose. Found out from there he plans to poison the cheif of police with some plant stuff.hers a pic pf him.  I sketched it from the images she showed me. " Connor gave Leon the pic and Leon looked at it. "Hm. never seen him. Maybe the computer can run some things on facial recognition. " When they got to the main room with the giant 90inch monitor surrounded by other 70inch monitors. "Grandfather. got a face I need you to scan distrct 2 traffic cams and the personal cameras I myself hooked up some years back." Ochigis face would've appeared on the screen and he'd wave. "Hey Leon. Connor. good to see you both back in action and not at each others throats." Connoe shrugged. "Dont get comfortable. I just nred a name on this face." Connor put the drawing in the sscanner area of the dashboard. "I gotta say grampz its kind of hard to believe turning yourself into an a.I worked. Can you like....feel?" The imagr of Ochigi drunk his coffee on screen. "No but I still "feel" alive so that's a plus. il be putting myself in a Android body soon when I perfect it....hmmm." the drawinig appeared on screen and numbers and worday began to scroll by. "This...isn't good." "What happened?" Leon asked. "This man "Danzai" has way to many allias. Hundereds. Even with his face I cant match it to a name. No surefire way to know wwhich is correct." Connor snapped his fingers "Dammnit." he signed. "A dead end..." "Try Danchou." Another voicr echoes from the dephs of the cave and as the footsteps got closer the man came into view. Leon knew who he was and so did Ochigi but Connor never met this man. he looked JUST like Densuke. Connor spoke. "Danchou? what makes you so sure. " the man came into view and they could see him clearly.

This man was none other than the legendary supercop and now agent for the president,  Tetsu Ryoji. ( ) Tetsu reyoji, is like other members of his family, built to the perfect muscular and chistled human being, but more so because he was the first Ryoji or Koikonjitto in years to ever reach this kind of peak perfection. Tetsu' has short dark brown hair, with prominant emergald green eyes, and very strong chin. He is fairly tall, and also has some scars and what not on his chest, and back. He has a very calm face, which is always wondering, and looking at things for what they are not nessecicarily what they could be. He wore a pair of white Karate Gi pants and. towel arpund his neck. "Mhm. Danchou. I remember his face shape and those dead eyes. I was in training back then when he was around so I never met the man face to face. I only know what records the old KPD kept on him which weren't many. he had those guys under his thumb." Ochigi ran the name Danchou. "Well I have a last name. multiplies...but which one stands out to you?" "It was Zetsubou. I only know than because of the clan he used to run, the Soramaru." Connor tilted his head. "Soramaru? Never heard of em." Leon interjected. "This was years before our time Connor "

"Okay so Danchou Zetsubou. doesn't do much cause there's literaally nothing on this guy! if these dates are right he should be a fossil!" Tetsu rubbed his chin. "Indeed...Danchou. You know...When. i first joined the KPD they would bring him up and that one major fiasco that happened during a parade or something. Look that up, it was a memorial service and he got held at gunpoint by somebody." Ochigi searched up keywords and Kasaihana news footage until sometimg came up. " it this?" a video played on screen. As they all watched it they'd see the scene play out as such. Danchou standing on a podium and somebody screaming like a mad man, sliding down a powerline from the top of a building. "Keyome of course!" Tetsu slammed his right fist into his left palm. "That's keyome tasanagi. He was the one who he beef wit Danchou all those Years ago. This is after a set of events that happend and I think Keyome was almost blown up in an explosion. Records don't really aaccount for Danchous behavior th world saw him as a hero. " Ochigi began to pull up news clippings and newspapers of Danchou Zetsubour and his efforts with the Soramaru. "I know Keyome would definitly know Danchou alot better than myself. if you want to get into his head that's the man you need to see." Connor folded his arms. "Keyome huh. I know who to go to next. he'll know all the behind the scenes action that the media couldn't cover. That leaves me with one thing though..." Leon and Tetsu looked at Connor. "From the dates the Kagemaru and Soramar clearly co-exsisted at one time. where's the Soramaru now?" Tetsu went up to the dashboard. "its the biggest stick in the mud of Kasaihana. the tallest tower here." he punched in some keys and a picture of Yun Corp tower appeared. "When I was kpd." tetsu started. "I was there when Donnie Yun took over the soramaru and made it into what it is. This was also when myself and Ochigi cut all ties between the kpd and that clan. Donnie probably knows the most about Danchou but well...he's long been dead. so they say." Connor scoffed. 'You cant kill a Yun once. That being said I need to talk to keyome asap. and Donnie for that matter." Tetsu intervined. "Ill help you with that. Fist go find Keyome. thats...easier said than done." "Nah. the Osoremaru Clan lease Ginsei has ties to him. he shoule be able to point me in the right direcrtion. I'm going to head there for a nightly visit! Thanks guys! I really appriciate it! Leon! make sure you get in contact with kin! if their really going to attack the cheif of police this could get serious." "Ill handle that " Leon spoke, heading down a dark corridor and disspearing. Connor would've headed back towards the elevator.

Tetsu would've folded his arms and looked at the screen.  "How did you survive...ams not look a day older than you did....mechanics maybe. Even then...what are you trying to acomplish...and what does Yun Corp have to do with it.."-c-
[11/2/2015 7:50:16 PM] Jamal: Current time of 10:53 and "Connor" would've also been approaching the Tainted Rose shop at the same time Danzai would've been. "So!" Connor spoke. "Your Danzai huh? I knew your ass would've come back here." Connor sporting a gray dress suit with an open balzer and red dress shirt underneath and gray converses. Getting his attention Connor would grip his right fist with his left hand cracking his knuckles. howeher as he did Danzai would be able to hear more of a metallic crackling rather than a bone crackling. that's because as one was sure he could tell this Connor was actually a Life Duplicate Decoy.
designed robot that takes the form of a A Life Duplicate Decoy or LDD is an Android coy od a living person, thus making a recreation of that person. The owner can see through, speak through, and control everything the LDD does in the field.  These LDD's come equipped as being made of tri-layer titanium alloy for skin with an additonal layer of kevlar beneath the synthetic skin. They have organs but this is only fake material designed to look and feel lime the real deal. They have a cybernetic core in their skull which dictates communications to the person overseeinig its controls and come equiped with survailence gear and am Android body in a state of enhanced conditonig. this conditioning is not standard but Connor wanted a duplicate that could pull off his moves with a similar all be it sub par of his true potential. Connor smiled at Danzai. "Care to share this dance with me in the moonlight?!" he let a fang balred grin emerge on his face as he clenched his fist.-e-

[11/2/2015 8:28:20 PM] Germy:
-Danchou went to the Twisted Rose and looked it up and down. His attention snapped to the left, where he saw a figure approaching. As soon as he heard the alias "Danzai" called, his right eye lit up like a Christmas light. It scanned the man from head to toe with almost all of its forms of sight; x-ray, infrared. He determined that the man was robotic, but had different specs than himself. Inferior, he might say. Hardly worth his time. Calmly, Danchou then reached into a pocket and withdrew a cell phone.- "Excuse me for a moment" -He pressed some numbers and held it up to his ear. When the other party picked up, he spoke softly- "Send it now. Yes, to my location." -He hung up and shoved the phone in his pocket, then waited. Ten minutes later, a black van pulled up. A second later, the back of the van burst open and the prisoner from the apartment, transformed into a mammoth, black mutant, emerged. One of its eyes was missing, replaced with a bulging, fleshy growth. Danchou and Drago had done some heavy experimentation on it, it seemed. It's mouth was stitched shut and its skin seemed to rippled and crawl. The skin's density had been toughed to roughly 12x what it was; the thing could shrug off bullets just as easily as Danchou could. In addition to this, its genetic structure had been reshuffled to become fluid; it could metamorphose parts of its body, which it did now by growing a pair of hideous, fleshy wings from its back. It bore four arms, each ending with claws that were curved quite wickedly. These claws were designed to rip through metals such as chromium, titanium, even substances like carbyne, the strongest material on earth. There was a scar that ran along its head; within it was a transmitter that linked directly to  Danchou's supercomputer of a brain. Everything the beast saw, Danchou could see and, more importantly, anticipate.- "I'm afraid I'm too busy for you, boy." -Danchou said as he entered the passenger side of the van- "I was going to use my pet for an old friend of mine. You'll do nicely for a trial run of its capabilities." -With that, he shut the door and the van sped away. If the duplicate attempted to run at Danchou while he got into the van or after it drove off, the beast would block its path and swipe at the duplicate with those devastatingly sharp claws. Danchou reached to turn the station to the classical music station, but found that it was already there- "Ah, Moonlight Sonata. You do know me well, Drago." -His son, the driver, spoke up, sweating bullets- "Was that your stalker?" -Danchou shook his head- "An ill-made copy. The real thing is most likely trying to dig up whatever information he can on me, which means he'll be visiting my old friend Keyome soon. Him or Donnie, but last I heard, Donnie was dead.  Take me to District 1, Drago. Go back to the safehouse and take my mask. You will lead tonight's mission, that has not changed. I will go and find this "Connor". The real one. And I will paint the streets with his blood."

[11/2/2015 9:19:47 PM] Jamal: Connor saw him pull out a cellphone and he tilted his head. "Calling for back up? bring a whole army while your it!" Connor toon a fighting stance until a black van pulled up and Connor raises a brow. only for a giant black and rather grotesque looking monster to emerge from it. Connor's crimson hues looked it over and frowned. "Ahhhh your one of those types of baddies. Always got some thing to fight for you!"  "I'm afraid I'm too busy for you, boy." -Danchou said as he entered the passenger side of the van- "I was going to use my pet for an old friend of mine. You'll do nicely for a trial run of its capabilities." Connors nostrils flared as he watched the van begin to drive away! "Oh no you don't!" Connor went to make chase, using his assortment of senses to see, listen, and smell the carbon monoxide from the van. he'd heard talking but the giant black beast attempted to intercept. him!
the beast tried to swipe his large claws ar Connor but surely this beast didn't think that would be ebough to subdue an andriod who, while possibly inferior in design, has an uplaod of Connor's overall physically skillset. that being said, Connor would watch for the sweep of the claws, and with his enhanced reflexes he'd sqaut and and lean to his right side, only to dive benathe the claw sweeps in ome motion!  the enhanced strength in connors legs allowed him to kick off of the wall of a building infront of the tainted rose and propell himself 30 feet into the air in an arch! Connors push clocking him I at 70mph as his body propelled through th air and with his enhanced speed he'd begin running along the sides of buildings at a speed pushing 95mph tailing the black van and aiming to catch up to it smd capture this Danzai character while also trying to outrun and avoid th giant monster like creature he'd just encountered. if it was still tailing him which is most likely, Connor would combine all of his senses to keep track of it while also keeping a close eye on the van, its passengers,  and its path. "GONNA TAKE MORE THAN THAT ASSWIPE!!!" Connor wouldn't tuant as every step he made left a footprint dent in the wall.

Paralell to these events the real Connor would've been in eagle form arriving closer to the Osoremaru Clan building. Once there he'd circle th building a bit poking to see if there were any gaurds or obsticles that would make this more difficult. "Hmmm...I know Ginsei is pretty full of himself. real classy type of guy. its getting late and I need to use every minute ive got to the fullest. " Connor thought. he then landed infront of the building where a line of Yakuza all in black suits would've been lined up with swords at their hips and ear pieces. Connor stood straight up and walked up to the men, smiling ans nodding. "Evening fellas! my name is pablo estabar and I am here to assassinate your kaicho! the air fell silent for a moment before the men looked at one another, drew their baldes and charged Connor! Connor took in a deep breathe and exhaled it, closing his eyes and taking the slashing that was coming his way.

[11/2/2015 9:41:25 PM | Edited 9:41:49 PM] Germy: -Drago looked in his right side-mirror- "Seems the copy is following us, Dad" -Danchou looked out of the window at the copy, who was keeping speed with the van. However, the creature had caught up as well. To make its body faster, its mass had decreased, it was roughly human sized now, albeit with larger wings. Danchou smiled.- "Yes, well, I hope it doesn't think itself capable of simply running from my pet." -The beast might have been mindless, but with its implant, it was under the control of Danchou, who was both a tactical and combat genius. The thing gained on the copy of Connor, speeding like a bullet train. It pushed well past 100mph, speeding past Connor and the van. The beast doubled back and flew straight toward the Connor copy, its yellow eye fixated on the inferior android. Danchou raised a fist, then punched the passenger side door. The door gave way easily under the strike and flew outwards just as the creature flew past. The beast grabbed the door as it flew and barreled toward the robotic copy, holding the door out in front of it as if it were a shield, aiming for a full on collision with the thing. Danchou motioned, his long hair now flapping in the wind- "Turn here." -The van turned a sharp left, drifting clear across traffic, avoiding all types of cars as it did so. It sped along down that street. Danchou took out his cell phone and started texting. A moment later, Razor received a message on his phone and took it out. He looked at it, shook his head, and pocketed the phone. From there, he began to move. Razor was easily Danchou's fastest, stealthiest agent and physical speed had nothing to do with it. The man had the ability to utilize chi into manipulating shadow, either to use it to travel, mask his steps, scent, or to obscure his form. He could also use them to listen into any place that bore any type of shadows, which was how he'd heard the conversation inside of the Twisted Rose. He used this ability now, slipping down behind a restaurant that he was walking past and melting into the shadows within.-

[11/3/2015 1:26:12 AM] Jamal: ( )As connor ran along the wall, Connor’s eyes picked up the giant black beast zooming past him with a wide wingspan! “Eh?!” Connor raised a brow, but he made very well sure to keep on the vans trail the entire time! Still honing his hearing and sight towards there area, but keeping himself open for surprises! When Connor saw the beast do a u turn out of no where, now armed with a giant van door in his hand, Connor furrowed his brow in irritation. “The fuck….WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I AM!?!?” Connor would’ve put his right foot down, on the wall, stopping his run and squatting, pushing all of his weight on that right foot. Using two of his enhancements, i.e his reflexes and agility.
Connor has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to. Adding to that, LDD Connor can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort. Agility is "the ability to rapidly respond or change by adapting its initial stable configuration", the ability to change the body's position efficiently, and requires the integration of isolated movement skills using a combination of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance.
When the beast came close enough, Connor would’ve pushed off of the wall, cutting a front flip all the while. Using his physique, he’d stretch his two legs out during this front flip, so by the time he had completed it, not only would he have dodged the giant behemoths shield like charge, but he’d land on the back of his upper back area, which lead into the neck. Because of the beast rapid momentum and speed, changing it’s position so suddenly would’ve been next to impossible especially traveling in a straight line and him having no outside force at this moment to cause a change in motion. Once Connor landed, he’d only be there a fifth of a second before he used his enhanced strength to add momentum to the giant, by pushing off of him with his legs! Since the beast was already traveling at 100mph, Connor’s pushing legs would’ve added an additional 70mph, which would’ve sent the giant behemoth through the cement, support columns, and rooms of the building behind them at 170mph! guessing by it’s size and solid physique, It’d probably travel about a good mile or two, before it finally changed it’s actions or recovered from it’s failed attempt! Valiant, but a miss no doubt.
Connor however would’ve propelled himself towards the ground which would’ve given him great momentum, allowing him to continue and pick back up at a speed of 90mph. his enhanced hearing and ability to hone it in, would’ve easily been able to pick up the “Turn left” that came form Danzai’s lips. That and he basically opened the door and allowed any and every sound to escape, more so than what Connor could hear before, but now even clearer. Connor would’ve leapt up, kicking off of a building wall again with his enhanced legs, and made his way towards the back of the van pushing 120mph in a quick burst of accelerated momentum! Arriving at the base of their van in seconds, Connor would’ve lunged his hand through the back of the van! His right hand! His left hand would’ve reached right for the tire axel ,and if the driver continued to push the gas, Connor’s enhanced strength would’ve made moving the van impossible as you’d only be able to hear the engine revving and Connor’s grunts! “HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Connor would then literally lift the van over his head and attempt to slam it on it’s roof with enough strength to literally crush the hood and top of the car completely! If Danzai and his cronies hadn’t decided to jump ship at any time during this process, they’d probably all be smashed like ants, in a slippery and gooey bloody mess of red and organs. Even should they try the simple tactic of shooting Connor, the titanium and Kevlar would do it’s job of holding up, not to mention one bullet wouldn’t slow Connor down if anything his momentum would actually crush the bullet instead of it being a successful shot.  However assuming they made it out, their get away vehicle would’ve been completely totaled at this point. Thanks mostly to Connor’s quick reaction to the beast attack and his movements, the van wouldn’t have made it that far to begin with. If they did escape and were around Connor’s area, Connor would’ve shouted. “FIGHT ME LIKE A FUCKING MAN, YOU COWARDESS SON OF A BITCH!” Connor beat his chest a couple of times. Unlike the real connor, this LDD wasn’t very compassionate or caring of human life. It WOULD kill if it wasn’t stopped.  Connor would huff and puff waiting for Danzai’s next move with haste!-c-
[11/3/2015 1:26:22 AM] Jamal: Elsewhere

( ) A man sat in a room, that was lit with a red light bulb. This man sat there with a black blazer on his person, but his bare chest revealed beneath it. His hands resting on the arms of the chair and his body slumped a bit. He had long luscious raven black locks that rested on the sides of his face. His hair was a bit all over the place but you could still see one shimmering narrowed purple hue…looking at the ground. A sword rested beside the chair. That’s when this rooms doors opened and two of the men from outside would’ve dragged a shirtless Connor into the room and tossed him on his face. “Sir this one came here declaring death your head. We’ve cut him to near shreds but he continues to live.  We await your orders or your want to kill him yourself.” The man that sat in the chair was none other than Ginsei…Geinsei Yanazuka. Ginsei is a very ambitious and determined guy who never lets his fighting abilities get the best of him or cause him to become “Big headed”. He’s always been the type who will argue his case if he truly believes what he is saying is right though he won’t let something get way out of hand if it’s with someone he respects or has friendly ties with. Despite his fierce ambition and determination he is rather chilled and isn’t too fond of big headed, loud mouthed idiots who jump head first into things. He isn’t the type who cares about getting into a relationship due to his desire to reach his goals and beyond though he is somewhat capable of carrying one.  He stands up gripping the handle of the sword and looking down at Connor. Ginsei speaks…it’s loud but soft. “Baka…..” the men looked questioned. “Can’t you see it. Ginsei points to Connor’s bleeding wounds. “These wounds are shallow…he used fortification chi on his body enough to make it seem like your cuts were doing something…but left just enough skin for blood to spill. There is nothing wrong with this bafoon, he merely used this as a rouse to gain access. If his intentions were foul he could’ve killed us all by surprise.” Connor giggled a bit. ( ) He stood himself up, and looked at Ginsei, stretching his arms out and above his head. “Glad you caught on to that. Sorry to come so late…but time isn’t on my side. Well it is, but I’m making haste because I don’t know how soon this guy will do what he needs to do.” “Cut the crap. I don’t care what you’re doing….what do I have to do with it.” Connor furrowed his brow. “Fucking grouch…anyway, I know you’re closer to keyome Tasanagi than anyone. I need to speak to him.” Ginsei turned his back to Connor and scoffed. “Keyome isn’t seeing anybody at this time. Take your worthless carcass out of my building and leave me be before I cut you down.” Connor inhaled and exhaled. “I think it’s something only he’d know about. I know he’s shared his secrets with you…so I know the name
Danchou Zetsubou will ring a name to you.” Ginsei remained silent for a second. He turned to look at Connor. “…..what kind of joke is this? Are you trying to piss me off?” “No. I’m trying to tell you..” Connor pulled out his sketch of him and past pictures of him printed off. “He’s alive. The tattoo shop murder in my district. The murder of the Kasaihana high school principle. He’s behind that. He’s doing things in the shadows…things I don’t know about. He offed very important people to me and I’m trying to track him down.” Ginsei looked at these pictures. “I remember the stories Keyome told me. He hated this man.” Ginsei handed Connor the pictures back. “…If what you say is true then you’re right. Keyome is one of the few men who’ll be able to tell you what you want to know about him. Let me…make a call.”
A few minutes passed. Not more than five before Ginsei returned. “He says he is tired from the days events. Meet him tomorrow at the crack of dawn, in the park in down town district 2, at exactly 6:00 a.m. “ Connor nodded. “Thanks Ginsei. I’ll get out of your hair.” Connor would’ve made his way out of the building and stood in the street at night. “God I have to wake up early tomorrow….dammit. I guess I should make my way own home then. Get some rest for the day ahead of me.” Connor would turn into an Eagle once again, flying off into the night sky towards the moon, heading back to his home in District 1.
[11/3/2015 1:26:24 AM] Jamal: With Leon

Leon would’ve been in his car, driving down the streets of district 2, heading back to his law firm slash home. Arriving there in only 10 minutes, he’d park the car in his reserved parking spot, and begin jogging towards the door. He’d walk inside of his law firm, reactivating the security before making his way to his office on the second floor. Once there, he’d speak. “Activate Phantom Vision.” As soon as he said this ,the wall behind his office chair would’ve converted into a series of over 70 small monitors. Each of them with at least 4 sections of footage being showed. Before the sector games, and right after the attack of the four horsemen, Leon would’ve went around district 2 himself, setting up specifically placed cameras in various areas, meant to track and capture suspicious or selective activity. “If what Connor said was true about this supposed attack on the police chief, none of us know when this will take place…I’d better get a black bird over there, just to be safe.” Leon would’ve activated the holographic interface on his watch, and began punching keys to access his Black Byrd jet wirelessly. That’s when 2 miles out from the law firm, in a wide cul-de-sac alleyway, the ground would’ve split into two, and opened up. Up from that, a jet black plane would’ve begun emerging from the space, and floating into the sky. This plane was known as the black bird, but for Leon it was called the Phantom Byrd.
Taking advantage of the resources of Ryoji Tech's various divisions, notably Ochigi's studies in Aerospace, he was able to design modified versions of commercial products for use in his crime-fighting assist career. Over the course of several years, there have been numerous drawn out versions of the Black Bird model. Black Bird is equipped with a fully-functioning crime lab, and magnesium flares encased inside of the cone. The current Black Bird is a modified Ryoji Aviation SlipStream ($46 million sans "extras". Alot of material for these things come from black market buyers and annoyoumus sellers, from the far conrenrs of the earth.). It's detailed to resemble a standard mid-size corporate jet during take-offs and landings. Some of its features and capabilities are as. At cruising altitude (35,000-45,0000 ft.), telescoping wings retract. Exterior sections of tail and nose-cone envelop cockpit and cabin fuselage for higher altitude pressurization. Gaining further altitude (45,000-55,000 ft.) delta fins in the tail and snub winglets elongate to increase efficiency and stability as speeds approach supersonic.  At ceiling altitudes (55,000-60,000 ft.) "smart" paint on exterior radar-shielding ceramics responds to dropping air pressure and temperature, thus camouflaging the Dawn plane's exterior to stealthy black.  Avionics include ergonomic "at-a-glance" viewing levels for all electronics and multifunction displays. The breakaway canopy allows for pilot/co-pilot emergency ejection. The reinforced acrylic glass canopy windows polarize at stealth altitude. The plane would’ve taken off towards the main police precinct in district 2, where the main chief of police did reside and did business. Even at this time of night there was still activity in the office, but Leon didn’t want any surprises. As such the plane would’ve flown towards said office, and instead of flying in sight, it would’ve engaged in stealth mode, and flew at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Using a combination of the Ryoji Tech Satellite and high tech cameras, Leon could get a literal birds eye view of the area, and he still had the various cameras located around the surrounding area to aid in the watch over he’d have to be on alert for. After doing this, Leon would’ve begun to remove his dress shirt, folding it up and laying it on his desk, before placing his hands on it and leaning forward. “Okay. With this in place I can keep an eye on that. I hope someone notified kin. He should be the one on the look out for this. Heaven knows Connor doesn’t care…but alas my job is never done that it isn’t.” Leon would watch the monitors for a  moment before going around the desk to sit in his chair, and lean back a bit. Kicking his feet up on a stool, and closing his eyes, resting them and trying to catch a bit of sleep, hoping the night would be peaceful enough to allow this. The alarms would let him know if they weren’t.

[11/3/2015 1:41:23 AM] Keyo: As Pippa readied herself again with her rifle in hand. Her aim postioned just where she'd wanted it to be. After all... she rarely ever missed. With her eyes focused down at the scope of the sniper rifle. Her eyes swiftly turning to sprinting Kin. " Got you dog. " She said under her breathe before she took hold of the gun again in attempts to regain composure.

( )

Before long she would have swiftly pulled the weapon back over, finally taking her shot. BAM! The bullet soared through the air before finally making its marker. It was a dead on, a headshot clean and simple. Kin's body slumped over to the right hitting the ground with a light thud. " Hmph... " She said sliding her hands through her bright blonde locks of hair. " I was hoping he'd be more of a fight. " She said attempting to stand up but instead she'd take a clean right hook to the jaw knocking her out with hellish force.

( )

The Stunning punch would have caused the blonde beauty to slump over hitting the ground with a light thud as Kin wrapped her hands into some cuffs as well. His eyes simmering back down from there glowing red as the bullet hole in his head slowly closed over. The large hole in his head sealing itself up as he turned his head up towards the large glowing moon shining down on Kin. Exhaling he'd whipp the blood off his head and fix his clothing before dragging down her down the sides of the building. " Yeah... Me too... " He says soon hauling Pippa and the Poisoner onto his tripod bike before driving back off to the Precient. Once he had gotten there however he would have pulled his phone out to see the information that connor had sent his way not that much earlier on within the night. " .... How does he know that im..." Stopping himself within the midst of his sentence he'd place his phone back into his pocket. " Alright... so attack on the cheif huh. " Calling Yukashi and giving him the run down on the information he had just gotten from connor prior. Telling his partner to be to get back to the Pricent as quickly as he could.

It wasnt long before Kin busted into the priecent only to find it....empty. Only a few had been left. " Where is everyone... Where is the chief, I need to speak with her asap. " " There all gone man. " Said one of the officers whom had been smoking a cigeratte at his desk. " Everyone dipped out after Taco got shot. A few went with him, while others clocked out for tonight. " " Wait what... Taco got shot. Just... I gotta focus right now. Im sure Taco will be fine, he's tough. Where's The Cheif? " " She's up in her office. " " Thanks. " Kin said looking back Pippa and the Poisoner that her had handcuffed to a metal bench so they wouldnt rush off. Soon bursting into the cheifs room shouting at the top of his lungs. " The Poisoner and an Assassian I caught in one night! But Listen, we have to get out of here. Someones been sent to Kill you. And we have to get you out of here... NOW!"

[11/3/2015 2:07:34 AM] Druggie: (
Deep within the KPD district precinct was a door. Behind this door was a hole made for the growing insanity of one man. This man was Yukashi Sanada. Yukashi had been staying over time at the precinct going over his ongoing investigation about the Church of Jashin. So many cases have been piling up with the symbol showing up in various parts of the city. It was starting to rattle Yukashi’s mind. How the hell can all these murders go unsolved, no traces no nothing. Yukashi himself would have been dead to the world as his head planted on his ebony desk with a cup of hard liquor in hand and a burning cigarette in the other. On the edge of the desk was a pill bottle with pills scattered across the table. Suddenly a vibration could be felt across his desk then a ringtone sounding loudly in his ear. “Huh?!” He mumbled slightly as the ringing continued. Finally sitting up straight Yukashi looked at his cell phone ringing cocking his head to the side his vision was a bit blurry. “Who the fuck?” He let go of the cup and grabbed his phone bringing it to his face as his vision got clearer it read “Kin”. Picking the phone up with a slight groan. “Damn it Tasanagi what the hell do you want?” He listened as Kin gave him the run down on the current situation and how serious the matter was. “Alright meet you at the station.” He ended the call and placed his phone in his pocket then taking the cup and finishing it in one gulp. “Ahhh” He groaned at the burning sensation in his throat then took a drag from his cigarette and putting the rest in his ashtray. Pulling a draw in his desk he grabbed his fully loaded Jericho 941 pistol making sure it was loaded then putting a bullet in the chamber he holstered the pistol then got up from his seat. Opening the door to his office Yukashi walked out to the main room.

Yukashi looked at the officer at the main desk. “You wouldn’t happen to see Kin here by any chance?” “Yeah he just went to the Chief’s office.” Yukashi would nod. “Thanks and uh, make sure you’re armed and double check anyone who comes through those main doors.” Yukashi would smirk then jog up to the chief’s office. Finally making it up to the room Yukashi would hear Kin yelling and looking at the Chief. “Yo Tasanagi this better be important.”

[11/3/2015 2:29:15 AM] Germy: -Danchou felt the car jerk forward with a huge jolt. With quick reflexes of his own, he grabbed his son by the arm and pulled himself and him out of the open passenger side. His legs bunched and he leapt clear of the car just before the copy could slam it down. He landed about twenty feet away in a crouch. He looked to his son.- "You alright Dr…" -He trailed off as he saw blood dripping from Drago's scalp. It must have happened when the car was forced to a stop. This bastard had hurt his son. He laid down Drago gently on the sidewalk, then began to rise. As he did so, a purple and red aura began to surround him, thick enough to be visibly seen. One could practically feel the killing intent rolling off of him in waves now. Danchou straightened, his eyes gleaming white, his teeth elongated into fangs and clenched. Now, as far as Danchou knew, his body was capable of moving at supersonic speed, which was 767 mph. His body absorbed kinetic energy, which was energy accumulated through motion, meaning he could fight for extended periods of time, if not virtually forever. His skin was made of a new compound of mixed carbyne, carbon alloy, and titanium alloy, capable of stopping 600,000 tons of pressure. His strength was enough to move mountains, he was calculated to be strong enough to move 113 trillion tons (the calculated weight of Mt. Everest). Adding to this was the fact that his arms could detach at will at the forearms and launch themselves at foes. Once detached, the arms bore the gripping strength of a fourth of Danchou's calculated strength, which was 28.25 trillion.  He also bore the power of flight. Using emitters built into the backs of his legs and neck, they emitted electromagnetic repulsers that acted reverse magnets to the planet's natural magnetic pull. These could be switched on or off at will. Swimming throughout the android's physiology were billions of nanomachines. These nanobots acted as "red blood" cells to Danchou's system. Any injury he sustained, provided it wasn't heavy injury to the head, could be healed in a matter of minutes by these nanomachines. Likewise, he could expel some of these nanobots into the bodies of any biological creature should they breathe them in, or mechanical body should they find a crevice to sneak into. Once inside of a human or otherwise biological body, Danchou can use these to shut down the cerebral cortex of the creature. Once inside of a machine, the nanobots can integrate with the host machine and from there, Danchou can control it directly. Danchou bore the Satsui No Hadou, which increased his physical capabilities by at least threefold . While in this state, Danchou could implement the Shun Goku Satsu, which he'd mastered long ago. The Satsui No Hado was active now, Danchou's form almost obscured by the aura that blossomed from him like a fire. He crouched and lauched himself at the Connor fake, raising his legs up and flailing them in a bicycle kick in a series of twelve strikes, all aiming for the fake's chest and head. Upon the twelfth strike, Danchou would bring his leg down in an axe-kick, intending to break through any defense the fake might put up should it decide to block him.-
-The worst had happened, in Razor's case. Someone had gotten here before he did. Well, he would not be the one to tell Danchou he'd failed a mission. He had materialized from the shadows to the precinct's vents. Over his face was a plastic mask with tiny vents built into it. In both hands were four black canisters, each containing cyanide gas, which was odorless and looked like air freshner. No one would know until it was too late. He placed one canister at the vent in the common room, where he saw several cops meeting, including the one attempting to warn the others. He slunk away and placed another at the vent leading out to the bathrooms. He then placed a third at the vent leading to the lobby of the precinct. Finally, he crept to the vent leading to the chief's office and left a canister there. This job done, he closed his eyes and melded back into the shadows of the vents. Before he departed, however, he produced a small detonator from the sleeve of his jacket and pressed it. The canisters began to seep the deadly gas through the ventilation system and through the openings they were strategically placed at.-

[11/3/2015 6:44:35 AM] Jackass:  Looking at his options Jackie decided to go through the pair of hidden double door's staying hidden Jackie would be in an crotched postion as he walked holding on to his shotgun that was hidden inside his jacket. Once reaching this door's Jackie had a plan he would pull out one of the C4's in his pocket and pull it out and start digging up towards an gas pipe once he got enough space he would place the C4 inside the hole before covering it back up this right here what Jackie was doing was plan B. He would set the charge that would become active if Jackie pressed the remote. Once that was done Jackie would lean against the wall before going through the double door's. Pulling out his Hand gun just in case, he would began to look around wondering what was next leaning against the wall holding his gun he would began to move trying to invade any patrolling officers. Seeing he was inside he could see out the window due to the textured glass he would began to check on the people standing outside as well he wanted to make sure no one got the jump on him. Once he started moving he would noticed one of the guards who were alone patrolling Jackie would await to make sure no one was awating his return and once the guy would come back on his third round Jackie would attempt to come from behind covering his mouth before sending a bullet into his head thanks to his gun silencer it would alert no one. He would quickly aim to drag the male into the closet before aiming to switch clothes with him looking at his ID for he could have an identity, once changed he would step out the closet and began to wonder his next move.

[11/3/2015 11:32:07 AM] Keyo: ( )The Cheif had been sitting in her office going over her paper work before she watched Kin burst into the officer and then Yukashi right after him. " Hm? Tasanagi I already got the report from Yukashi. You dont need my praise I knew you'd finish the test with flying colors. Your on the force if thats what your in here for. " " No Cheif. Something else. I got a tip from a friend of mine that an assassnation has been sent out on you. I called Yukashi to help out. We need to get you out of here n-" Before Kin could finish his sentence. His Akuma no hinshitsu flared! And his perception had slowed down for a haulting three seconnds around him. Akuma no honshitsu' Or Demons essences allows an Onihoruda to utilize a multitude of things that help them dramatically within a combat situation. Akuma no honshitsu is the release of their demon energy within himself. The demon energy follows into their  Onihoruda physiology. This is his more than chi, its more so the oni's inner hadou. So all and all, it's his Dark Hadou. When using this ability the user is able to rapidly heat the air in a large area and generate hot air from around their body. The air is significantly hotter, making it able to blister, dehydrate, and damage away targets. Using this will allows him to destroy any potential threats that may linger in the air, or around his his body within the 2 foot length and 7 foot tall aura that continuously radiates around his body. and will allow also the onihoruda to detect anything around their aura for a further disturbance if the human eye cant detect it. This aura can hurt those within it with a scorching hot effect. No one will be able to see it ever unless they too are Onihoruda. Hadou Masters can SENSE the presence, of the aura, but no physically see it. This aura radiates around his body at all times it is apart of them. It's with them ALL THE TIME. When they die, so will this aura. If put in an illusion. they may be able to detect it with the essences. ( So if they ever died within an illusion, or if someone attempted to kill them during the illusion they'd snap out of it which would allow them to retaliate.) With this aura it unintentionally/intentionally make them immune to sensory attack abilities. Once in a hostile situation, weather they are aware of it or not. Due to their Hadou feeling the disturbance rather than themselves. And react automatically which will then alert them of upcoming dangers.The user can sense nearing dangers and sense unwanted or hectic threats to their wellbeing. The user has anxiety just before a hazard (such as being ambushed). The intuition usually regards themselves at low level, then regarding their surroundings (a distant car-wreck) at middle level, then dangers regarding loved ones at high level. With the Akuma no Honshitsu, the user has a constant ever lasting aura once someone enters said aura, it makes the users time perception faster by three seconds to reaction time. Meaning the opponents attacks TO THE USER, are slowed down enough for him to react to them properly.

' Somethings in the air... I can't smell it. But its there... ' His eyes swiftly turned to the other police in the air, he couldnt see the gas but he could smell the corruption it was seaping into the small group of 12 cops in the building. Within the three seconds of slowed down time. He could see the cops in the front puking and coughing harshly! ' Cynaide...' Kin said to himself within the slowed down thought process. ' After exposure, cyanide quickly enters the bloodstream. The body handles small amounts of cyanide differently than large amounts. In small doses, cyanide in the body can be changed into thiocyanate, which is less harmful and is excreted in urine. In the body, cyanide in small amounts can also combine with another chemical to form vitamin B12, which helps maintain healthy nerve and red blood cells. In large doses, the body’s ability to change cyanide into thiocyanate is overwhelmed. Large doses of cyanide prevent cells from using oxygen and eventually these cells die. The heart, respiratory system and central nervous system are most susceptible to cyanide poisoning. I have to get those out that I can, for most of them... its too late. But the fact my Akuma no hinshitsu is reacting means that its already effecting this room. If Exposed for too much longer the Cheif, and Yukashi will die. ' Kin said to himself. Using that intellect of his to break down the compounds of Cynaide. ' A ww1 tactic for killing. And someone who's come with an objection. I must have triggered this by warning the cheif somehow. A back up plan maybe. There are several chemical forms of cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide is a pale blue or colorless liquid at room temperature and is a colorless gas at higher temperatures. It has a bitter almond odor. Sodium cyanide and potassium cyanide are white powders which may have a bitter almond-like odor. Other chemicals called cyanogens can generate cyanides. Cyanogen chloride is a colorless liquefied gas that is heavier than air and has a pungent odor. While some cyanide compounds have a characteristic odor, odor is not a good way to tell if cyanide is present. Some people are unable to smell cyanide. Other people can smell it at first, but then get used to the odor. However whom evers using this form of gas is using the orginal form other wise I would have smelled upon entry even before they were set off. Clever...'

Over the years, Kin has had various amounts of Training to assist in him being the best Detective he could be and it'd show now. Kin can analyze and pick up on patterns in one's environment. This ability comes in two parts: the analysis and the perception. First, Kin can looks at a subject, or otherwise, comes into contact with it, which triggers the willful psionic analysis of a subject's properties and features (shape, density, texture, etc.). After the analysis, He can pick up on any subject of the same molecular/chemical/genetic, or otherwise, structural makeup, and track them accordingly.Kin has amazing deductive and information processing ability of anything they've seen. If he see's someone moving their hands to draw something he can create an image of what they are drawing in his head without being able to see the canvas.With his dog like sene's and abilities Kin can track others down easily via various means, ranging from scents to footprints. With enough analization he can follow tracks that are days or even weeks old. Kin has even been able to reconstruct what has happened by sniffing around the area they are searching. The Warlock Training had Kin take the Mutagen upon completion and it boosted his already enhanced Sensory to Supernatural levels. Kin's senses of sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more acute than their race. He can see kilometers away, see the faintest distinctions/track things too fast for the natural eye, hear through dense walls perfectly, listen to a sweat drop from someones face in another room, smell anything over vast distances, able to smell individual molecules/atoms, conceptual forces and even immaterial beings/entities, taste the smallest details; to the extent of molecular distinguishment, and feel the slightest vibration in the air and ground.

[11/3/2015 11:32:22 AM] Keyo: The Three Second slow down time would have reverted back orginal speeds before Kin shook his head. " We have to get out of here. NOW! " Kin said looking over to the right of the priecent and with one powerful punch he'd blow a hole in the right side of the Cheifs office that lead outside. " JESUS CHRIST TASANAGI! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!??!?! " " Cyanide! Look outside! Look at the other cops! " Kin protested as he watched some of them keel over, while others struggled to breathe in general. " Yukashi! Get the Cheif out of here. I have to try and save the other 12 before its too late!" The Cheif shut up once she saw the gas fuming down in the lobby of the priecent. Kin wrapped his face around in a cloth that covered his nose and mouth ( even though he didnt need to. ) " Thank you... Kin. Please, save the others. " She said guiding Yukashi out of the building from the hole Kin had made just moments ago.

( )

Kin would have bursted through the doors of the Cheifs office with the scraff wrapped tightly around his face. " EVERYONE! STOP BREATHING!! " Kin said leaping down into the middle of the lobby, tossing one of the Cops over his shoulder, and then another, and another! One by one stacking them up and over his body! " T-Tasanagi? " " Shut up... Hold your breathe or your going to die. " A fire had sparked ( From one of the cops cigs ) And soon enough smoke had been fuming out of the priecent causing citizens to rush down to the area to see for themselves. And one by one Kin would have guided everyone out of the building and out to safety, some of them would have been in poison indeuced comas while two of them were straight out dead. However... the others had survived in all. Taking a deep breathe he'd turn his head back to the somewhat burning building. " Not today..." Kin said opening the doors of the building up and taking a deep breathe before he blew out a large spew of ice from his lungs that froze the interior of the building over completing over!

( )
( )
( )

Kin Dropped down to one knee exhausted but before he could take a breather the Citizens outside began to cheer and chant! The Cheif guiding herself over to her men with Yukashi in her grip. " You did it... you... you saved my life. " The Citzens were roaring too loudly before they all rushed Kin and Yukashi. The Hero Cops.

[11/3/2015 12:10:29 PM] Kohaipuuuuu~: Kaiuri gazed out at the young man who stood by the ocean. Her feet seemed to progress forwards with a mind of their own, like a force was pulling at her. " I wouldn't... " Said a low and booming voice behind her. And before she could continue, there was a hand cupping her shoulder. The small cherry haired woman nearly jumped out of her skin. Spinning around, Kaiuri was greeted with the sight of the grand and powerful Keyth Tasanagi. He was a larger man, built and buff. He stood tall, his form towered over her own, but then again who DIDN'T tower over Kaiuri. He continued to speak, " My son Sora tends to strike out at those...whom interrupt his training. " Her lavender irises lingered on his form for a mere moment. He seemed like a rugged and fearsome man, a barbaric soldier who had been polished to perfection. Kaiuri stood silently where she was, unmoving beneath the man's palm. She noticed his fingers, they were large, rough, and callous. He had the hands of someone who had seen many years of fighting. It's texture felt course and hard against the smoothness of her own skin. She looked back over to see his son, Sora. Training ? She thought questionably to herself. What kinda of training is he doing ? It seemed sorta odd to say the least. He was still standing idly in the rain. Still. He was still. Kaiuri looked up at the man standing next to her, then focused back to herself. Her clothes that were now on the verge of being sopping wet, they clung like a second sin to her body. Her dress hugging to her curves. Her feet were cold as well. She was chilled to the bone. The rain began to pick up even more and she let Keyth guide her back into the building. It was time to rehash everything that has happened this night. Everything.
As they walked back to practically the way Kaiuri had come from the entrance, Keyth guided her into a room. She looked around curiously, just to scope the place out. The room was rather spacious, a large television flat screen hung on the wall, then she noticed the comfy looking sofa after that, and she shifted her focus to a sliding glass doorway after that. When you looked through the glass you were able to see the wet and sandy beach. She looked over to Keyth with big round purple eyes. As he sat down he gestured for her to do so a well. So, she did. " So, " Began Keyth. " Start from the beginning. " And that is just what she did. Kaiuri started to describe the events that had only happened mere hours ago. How she worked for her mother's club, how she was due to perform on stage, how everything went as normal. And then there was gunfire. Bullets blazing and ripping through the air, men in white suits and red ties plundering their way through the establishment and charging guns first to the stage where Kaiuri had been standing. She told him of how her mother had protected her, how she bought her time enough to run away and go find help elsewhere. Her lips were unraveling and her tongue continued to tell the story and how she encountered Taco. She told him of how the young detective had informed her to come to this dojo and to speak to Mr. Tasanagi in particular.
" And then, Taco gave me his bike, he keys, and your whereabouts. " She looked up at him and then her gaze fell back down again to rest in her lap. " And here I am . . . " Kaiuri sat up. She had summarized the story as best she could. Her fingers found their way into thick of her lofty red tangles and she wondered . . . Is Momma okay ? . . .
[11/3/2015 12:47:08 PM] Germy: -Razor watched the aftermath of his failed trap from an alley looking out toward the precinct, but he wasn't done just yet. This could be worked to his advantage. He recognized Kin Tasanagi from the files he'd stolen. Grandson of Keyome, hm, the boss would be interested in that. That cop must've been the reason why his poison was detected. No matter. Razor had one final trump card. He reached into the folds of his jacket and produced five needles, all tipped with a black substance. The needles had been dipped in poison, phenol, to be exact. This poison caused unconsciousness and death in a matter of a couple of minutes. Razor waited until the ensuing crowd began to become rowdy and rush at the "hero cops" then wrapped his body completely in shadow to mask his scent, noise, and presence completely. He emerged just behind the police chief, who was close to four other cops, just as he'd predicted. She must've thought herself safe now that the immediate threat was over. Razor darted forth to prick the chief in the back of the neck with a needle, then moved to do the same with the four men at her sides. Thank God all of them had their backs to him. If successful, all five of them would drop in two minutes, dead. Razor would've then slid back into the shadows with the intent to meet up with the crew at Yun Corp.-

-Drago opened his eyes, his vision blurry. He saw the silhouette of what must've been his father, cloaked in a red and purple fiery aura…. Drao's eyes opened fully. His Satsui No Hado was active! From the feel of it, it was growing as well, Drago felt as if his skin might melt from his bones just from its sheer presence. He heard the flapping of wings and looked up to see the mutated beast land next to him with a loud THUD. Danchou would be busy here, it was up to Drago to oversee the mission at Yun Corp. Drago whistled sharply and gestured to himself. The beast grunted and picked him up, putting the neurosurgeon on his back. The beast then took off with Drago aboard. He looked back at his father for a second, then turned to face forward. Their first stop needed to be the safehouse, though Drago couldn't go there directly while riding a huge fucking monster. He checked his watch. 11:50. It was almost time.-

[11/3/2015 5:35:54 PM] Calamari': Karu who'd been waiting on his cousin Nova for hours had finally gotten fed up, deciding to leave. It was in the process of leaving that he received a second text reading as thus "Eliminate Suno he knows too much and doesn't intend to get into our line of work." it was an order that he didn't wish to follow but he knew all too well that he must. Karu determined if it must be so then doing it where they first met would be a good place to put his brother's soul to rest. Walking out the door making his way to the very basketball court they bumped into each other by chance a sigh passing parted lips; it was clear that this job wouldn't be like the others it would haunt him for the rest of his days. Calling his brother Suno on the phone a few rings in it was answered "Hey what's up bro? Oh sure I can meet you there for a game see you in a bit" Karu hung up wiping tears from his eyes.

A while later Suno arrived and was looking for Karu who stepped out of the shadows "I'm sorry..." that was all he'd have to say to his brother. Suno who knew something was up stepped closer to his brother asking "why are you-" Karu rushed his brother catching him off guard with a savage straight right to the nose. Letting out a loud cry of frustration and sorrow Karu unleashed a fury of blows onto his brother who desperately fought back going so far as to release flames to try to fend off Karu who was devoted to killing his brother. Time came to pass and at the end of the fight Karu was on his knees leaning over a bloody mess that was once his brother, Karu's dominant right arm was burnt quite badly as it was used to strike Suno repeatedly during the conflict through the flames. The knuckles of his right hand were swollen and split open from repeated blows to the skull of Suno; although his clothes and body were scorched his mind was in a much more destroyed state. Inside his mind the voice of Suno kept repeating one word "Betrayal" over and over the single word was driving him mad but in an instant the voice was silenced. Karu unable to bear the strain of his actions stared blankly his body moving on its own was making its way back home.

This would be the last time Karu ever would think of basketball let alone play, as when he would wake in the morning the memories of his brother were gone. The latent abilities he couldn't obtain previously were now seemingly easy to use as if he always knew how, the gem's in his arms  that were once red had become black. Like nothing had happened Karu resumed his usual activities excluding basketball but every so often in the future he'd see the mental image of a familiar person but couldn't recall who it would be. With these changes Karu now had alot of spare time which he'd fill by practicing his kickboxing each afternoon.

[11/3/2015 6:22:36 PM] Calamari': <X> That evening at the Tainted rose <X>

Lucian's first day at work went on a mostly normal course it was now ten in the evening so the night was still young and he had little to do. He was still at the Tainted Rose since not much was going on at the present he'd twirl his index finger clockwise just casting a very weak visual illusion created by his spirit energy which took form of a small twister of pulsating coloration between blue to white and back. At ease with confidence he simply stood around waiting for dismissal; at this point surely Miss Syl had moved from the room where she assisted Connor and so Lucian followed at a respectable distance of three feet back to her left still twirling his finger. Expanding his energy with the opening of his right hand slowly bringing it out to his side while his left did the same as if parting the air itself, as the energy spread throughout the shop the strength of the illusion grew as well. It wasn't targeting the Miss nor anyone in particular this was just a means to practice his craft in his spare time. The walls of the room appeared to breathe expanding and contracting like lungs, the floor faded to a sea of black and the plants all seemed to be spreading their roots throughout the empty spaces of the room intertwining with one another like a web of roots and vines. The petals of flowers doubled in size creating the form of giant flowers decorating the web of roots and vines, treading atop the sea of darkness defying one's normal sense of gravity and logic.

A smile crept its way onto Lucian's face small crimson and black orbs swirling in opposite directions forming in both left and right hand. Bringing his hands together before his chest looking like he were to pray the energy clashed grinding against the opposing rotational forces the sound meant to invade the ears of anyone nearby including himself. Should the grinding sound invade the ears of those nearby the sounds of a piano playing seemed to eminate from the depths of the darkness which was the floor.

To Lucian something as miniscule as this was childsplay so he continued to release a larger amount of spirit energy, majority of the time he kept his massive spirit energy suppressed but at the moment he was to let it run wild. The illusion growing more complex with flickering ruby flecks appearing throughout the shop during the manifestation of these ruby twinkling lights in the shop Lucian's hair was splayed across his back. The full force of his spirit energy brought the illusion to the next level the breathing walls becoming still once again the darkness of the floor creeping up the walls lining them with black doors. The ceiling was lost in a sea of white and red roses; the ruby flecks grew larger taking on a definitive shape of rose petals swirling through the air. The illusion's full strength in effect transcended his expectations from previous training with his craft as the entirety of the illusion flipped like a mirror, what was once the ceiling was now the floor and vice versa. Keeping the illusion in full effect till he'd receive command to cease from Syl. Lucian who was usually uptight became like this while cutting loose so to say he displayed the force he contained with great confidence and it made him happy simply to have an audience to entertain with his talents with the illusionary arts. They could even go up another stage but that wasn't to be used 'less he were in actual combat, the gloves he wore which were made from threads of spirit energy broke apart before weaving into the vest he was currently extending the length at the back giving it coattails.

[11/4/2015 4:37:21 PM] Jamal: ( )The Connor LLD would’ve watched as the men in the car piled themselves out and connor stood present. That’s when he saw Danzai step out as well, and regardless of his situation, that man was the only one he was more focused on than anyone else in that vicinity. Connor’s crimson robotic eyes flashed, mimicking the actions the real Connor’s eyes took as well whenever he was in the heat of combat.  That’s when he came at him, leaping into the air and seeming to flail his legs in an odd erratic pattern. With his reflexes Connor could see it but the man’s attack was faster than even he anticipated as he took the eleven kicks that came from this bicycle kick like attack! A loud metallic clang being heard as each kick connected, denting the chest plates of Connor’s robotic chest, and tearing skin off of his face as well! Ah but even while enhanced durability has it’s limitations, the internal core of the LDD was holding strong as when his opponent attempted the final downward axe kick, robo Connor’s eyes lit up, as he refused to let this attack go down! In only a fifth of a single second, Connor would’ve spread his right foot back and out, letting it slide along the gravel of the ground, which would’ve lowered his body and moved it to the right of the coming down axe kick, but by this time the leg would only be halfway towards the ground i.e due to connor’s speed. In that exact same fifth of a second Connor would’ve twisted his body to the left side, literally using his opponents leg as a mount, looping the leg underneath his left arm, twisting off of it using his back, and attempting  deadly counter kick using his right leg!


Because the leg was airborne, moving out of the way of this maneuver would’ve been utterly impossible, and if the kick connected, which is more than likely, the titainium bone structure and skin would slam against Danzai’s left jaw, enough to rocket his head to the right side, almost as if his neck was about to be snapped right out of it’s socket! The kick had enough psi to dent the bed of a semi truck with Connor’s strength, as it would’ve drawn blood or whatever liquid was inside of Danzai to begin with and stun him for only a single second. Connor’s momentum didn’t just “stop” however, as once the kick was completed, he’d now be within Danzai’s range, and attempt to lash his right hand up and out towards danzai’s face! This time moving at the speed of a third of a second, to beat the time fran Danzai would’ve been stunned, Attempting to grab it as a whole, and using his strength and momentum to push forward and slam the back of Dazai’s head on the ground! The force enough to send his entire body denting into the cement! A body print left behind by this massive attack and pebbles flying at the speed of bullets as a fierce wind erupted form it alone! If this was sucesssful, Connor would’ve taken a full mount of Danzai the moment his head went to the ground.

Similar to a ufc fighter’s tactics, The mount, or mounted position, is a dominant ground grappling position, where one combatant sits on the other combatants torso with the face pointing towards the opponent's head. This is very favorable for the top combatant in several ways. The top combatant can generate considerable momentum for strikes such as punches or elbows to the head of the opponent, while the bottom combatant is restricted by the ground and by the combatant on top. Another advantage are various chokeholds and joint locks which can be applied from the top, while such holds are not feasible from the bottom. The top priority for the bottom combatant is to sweep the opponent or transition into a better position such as the guard. In this instance, Connor would’ve begun literally “throwing blows” fericoius heymakers, left and right, alternating and aiming to bash his metallic fist into the facial bones, and temples of danzai! However before one would think these were regular punches, these punches contained yet another marital principle of a style known a Kaiju Karate, a style taught to Connor by Kin Tasanagi. This style was also called the Stance Of Overpowering Annihilation, it is a highly offensive stance. This was Kin's sensei's signature stance before he took on His sensei and lost, taking his suggestion. Connor and Kin met up during the two years for a reunion, and exchanged martial tips like -c-

[11/4/2015 4:37:25 PM | Edited 5:03:16 PM] Jamal: they'd originally meant to. Kin commented on a more effective way to throw his flurry of punches and as such taught Connor this karate stance.  In this stance, Connor's speed doubles with his hand strikes by that of 60 percent. His  hands move so quickly that it appears that he never moves them at all to those who aren’t martially aware, they move at 0.001 of a second. Using his hand in the knife hand positioning to deliver strikes of devastating proportions.  Connor would’ve aimed to throw not a set number of punches, but a continuous stream of punches at the stated speed until Dazani’s head was brain matter and pink go, or his fist had finally busted through his opponents skull, his hands moving like blurs, almost appearing as if Connor’s arms had disappeared. If even one of these punches hit, with the momentum and power behind them, they would indeed hurt. Assuming Connor got this far, if his initial facial grab maneuver was interrupted then Connor himself would’ve kept his senses aware and his body ready for what may come.

At the Law Firm, Leon would’ve been staring at the screen intensively, looking for any suspicious activity. The plane scanning as well,  the police precent. That’s when Leon got some activity on the feed. He sat up and leaned forward as Ochigi’s A.I voice brimmed through to his feed. “Leon, got some odd activity here. Looking at the precint, I see there’s some activity going on. Take a look.” Leon was able to see the live video feed of an explosion going off out of seemingly nowhere! Two men and some cops being rushed outside of the building to safety it seemed. “Zoom in for facial recognition.” Leon spoke, and the camera’s did just that. “Kin hm? He is a cop, sometimes I forget.  That’s the chief of police. It seems they were all okay for the time being that is. Leon stared at the screen intensely, but he saw something funny….something funny looking where the police chief and some men were standing. “Ochigi did you get that?” “Get what?” “Where the police chief and some other men were…I thought I saw a blurr. Something…moved. Couldn’t read it to good. In any case keep filming the events. I get the feeling Connor put us on to something here.” Leon folded his legs and continued watching events unfold at the precinct in his chair.

Well into his flight by this time, Connor in his eagle form would’ve been flying back towards district one at this time. He was on the border until his cellphone began to beep a bit. An alert. Connor landed on a building morphing into regular form before checking his phone. The text alert said “LDD received damage. Critical.” Connor furrowed his brow before sighing and pouting. “I was almost home too….shit.” Connor turned backaround, and morphed back into bird form, flapping his wings as fast as he could to try and make it back to the area near the tainted rose, using the phone to track the location of his LDD.

with Jackie

Jackie was successful in his infiltration and his C4 was placed. As he killed one guard, the other one didn’t notice, and he’d now be in disguise. The other gaurds he’d walk past wouldn’t notice a thing, as the prize money he was looking for was hidden in a bit of plain sight, i.e the baptizing pool right behind the podium in the sanctuary. However inside of the sanctuary there are 2 gaurds beside the podium and 2 gaurds right outside of the glass barrier that seperates the podium area from the baptize pool. He’d have to either lure the guards away from that area and find the churches funds stashed in a cabinet beneath the pool, or find a way to take them all out systematically and get the prize he came here for. He should also note, that 2 more guards enter the sanctuary every 2 minutes, so the number of heads go from 4 to 6 every two minutes which should be noted if he is to be not be caught or seem suspicious.

[11/5/2015 12:20:29 PM] Jackass: ( " Alright it's show time..." As Guards passed him Jackie would hold an small smirk on his face he was one with the crowd, he soon over heard about the Baptizing pool and decided to head towards that area. He stopped seeing the two guards before he even had time to think his phone buzzed in his pocket pulling it out he looked and noticed the number was private in a sisuation like this Jackie wouldn't pick up but maybe it was Valentine so he pulled out his phone and picked up. " Hello?.." Jackie would first hear breathing through the other line before hearing a voice he hadn't heard in months. : Jackie.. it's Seto your father im calling in regards of your health the family back home heard what happened in the Sector games.. It's not*Shutters*...*Click*: As the phone hung up Jackie stood shocked not the fact that his father called but the fact he knew about the Sector games had he been watching him his whole time in the city? " Fuck.. Come on Jackie you got a mission no time for this.." Jackie said to himself before now seeing four guards at the door he needed to do this now he would reach in his pocket and feel on his remote that held the charge to the C4 he would walk towards the men before pressing the button *BOOM* The charge would set off before blowing half of the hidden exit into nothing the powerful wind was enough to knock Jackie back if not the men who was with him.  " WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!" Jackie said playing along hoping for them to run towards the explosion " Im going to check on the BOSS! " He yelled if they would go for the bait and leave Jackie would rush inside the pool area closing the door behind him before placing the charge  below the door if this would happen Jackie would now search the room for the money he noticed an cabinet as he opened he saw the bag of money Connor was talking about... " JackPOT.." Jackie would say to himself as he would wrap the bag over his shoulders Jackie would then recivce a large ring in his head a loud pinch enough to cause him to drop to one knee " AGH.. What is going on with me...." He cried out before standing he would look at the textured glass of the pool house before pulling out his shotgun.. he aimed to send a quick shot to bust the window wide open if this would happen Jackie would began to make his escape trying to get back to his car, so far so good right? Jackie held on to his shot gun if anyone would try to shoot at him he would fire back removing his sliencer now seeing it would be now point as he would began to pop shots into the guards. *POP* BOOM* Loud gun fire would be in the air if this was happening aiming to reach the alley if this was so Jackie would leap into his car before placing the money to the side, starting his own car before trying to pull off into the street as he would drive Jackie would turn on the radio allowing music to start playing ( <-- Theme) Jackie would soon pull up his phone again before dialing Connor if Connor would answer Jackie would begun to be on his sight for anyone that aimed to follow him " Yo C Note I got the money! But I dont think this night is over just was filling you in that I got it see you see soon * Click*

[11/5/2015 1:16:31 PM | Edited 1:40:42 PM] Germy: -In the 5th of a second it took for Connor to swing his leg up to kick Danchou in the face, Danchou brought his right hand up to his face to block and catch the copy's foot. Since the kick had followed all the way through, the android would have blocked it and attempt to wrap his hand around the copy's foot, gripping it tight with the crushing strength of 28.25 trillon pounds of pressure. Since the kick was flung at the force it was striking at and due to its trajectory, it would've been nigh-impossible to even anticipate the grab, much less move the foot out of the way . Danchou saw Connor's hand fly up toward his face and in that instant, brought the leg that wasn't extended into an axe kick up to his chest. He allowed the copy to slam him to the ground, but his leg was tucked so that his knee was up to his chest. The instant Connor jumped on him full mount, Danchou's leg was waiting to receive him, foot poised just at the copy's chest, hand still gripping the fake's foot. Just as Danchou saw the fist start flying, his leg would've extended with all its might while activating the electromagnetic repulsars within it in an attempt to fling Connor off of him. At the same time, Danchou's gripping hand would clamp down and pull in an attempt to rip the leg clean off of the copy while Danchou threw the Connor fake off of him.
Drago arrived at Yun Corp with a minute to spare. He'd stopped to grab the oni mask from the safehouse and wore it over his face now. He was shorter than Danchou, more stooped, but with that beast backing him up, no one of the followers at the meeting point questioned him. As soon as Drago arrived, Phase one was in full swing. Every man knew their job and it was executed to perfection. With the security and cameras of Yun Corp taken out, Drago's team had proceeded to bring in trucks to the back entrance. Bodies of the Yun Corp security team were strewn about and the back doors were ajar. Drago's team moved quickly, all sorts of tech, blueprints, and documents in their hands. All of it were loaded up in the vans. Several members stayed on lookout, certain that police would come, but none did. One guy heard a whistle and turned. He saw Drago motioning as he got into a van- "Guys, lets go! We're done here!" -The lookout crew jumped into the vans that were full of equipment and information, then the vans sped off. Everything had gone according to plan. Only once Drago and his crew's vans were on the street did the surgeon dare check his watch. They'd done it. He wondered if his father had destroyed the android yet. Overhead the vans, above the clouds, the mutated beast flew, following the vans' progress.-

[11/5/2015 7:34:13 PM] Jackass: ( " Alright it's show time..." As Guards passed him Jackie would hold an small smirk on his face he was one with the crowd, he soon over heard about the Baptizing pool and decided to head towards that area. He stopped seeing the two guards before he even had time to think his phone buzzed in his pocket pulling it out he looked and noticed the number was private in a sisuation like this Jackie wouldn't pick up but maybe it was Valentine so he pulled out his phone and picked up. " Hello?.." Jackie would first hear breathing through the other line before hearing a voice he hadn't heard in months. : Jackie.. it's Seto your father im calling in regards of your health the family back home heard what happened in the Sector games.. It's not*Shutters*...*Click*: As the phone hung up Jackie stood shocked not the fact that his father called but the fact he knew about the Sector games had he been watching him his whole time in the city? " Fuck.. Come on Jackie you got a mission no time for this.." Jackie said to himself before now seeing four guards at the door he needed to do this now he would reach in his pocket and feel on his remote that held the charge to the C4 he would walk towards the men before pressing the button *BOOM* The charge would set off before blowing half of the hidden exit into nothing the powerful wind was enough to knock Jackie back if not the men who was with him.  " WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!" Jackie said playing along hoping for them to run towards the explosion " Im going to check on the BOSS! " He yelled if they would go for the bait and leave Jackie would rush inside the pool area closing the door behind him before placing the charge  below the door if this would happen Jackie would now search the room for the money he noticed an cabinet as he opened he saw the bag of money Connor was talking about... " JackPOT.." Jackie would say to himself as he would wrap the bag over his shoulders Jackie would then recivce a large ring in his head a loud pinch enough to cause him to drop to one knee " AGH.. What is going on with me...." He cried out before standing he would look at the textured glass of the pool house before pulling out his shotgun.. he aimed to send a quick shot to bust the window wide open if this would happen Jackie would began to make his escape trying to get back to his car, so far so good right? Jackie held on to his shot gun if anyone would try to shoot at him he would fire back removing his sliencer now seeing it would be now point as he would began to pop shots into the guards. *POP* BOOM* Loud gun fire would be in the air if this was happening aiming to reach the alley if this was so Jackie would leap into his car before placing the money to the side, starting his own car before trying to pull off into the street as he would drive Jackie would turn on the radio allowing music to start playing ( <-- Theme) Jackie would soon pull up his phone again before dialing Connor if Connor would answer Jackie would begun to be on his sight for anyone that aimed to follow him " Yo C Note I got the money! But I dont think this night is over just was filling you in that I got it see you see soon * Click*

[11/5/2015 10:30:13 PM] Jamal: As Connor would've thrown his reverse counter kick he'd watch as it was coutnered as quick as he threw it! Connor didn't flinch though, as the rest of his combination went through somewhat. he did manage to get Danzai down onto the ground and onto his back, however with the grip on his leg begin applied, and Danzai managing to have a foot buried in Connor's chest, not only was Connor boot kicked from his mount posistion, but Danzai's grip on his metallic leg caused the limb to be ripped clean off! Connor's robitic body being sent flying about 20 feet back as he bounced and skiddeded on the ground!Connor pulled hismelf up, hopping around on one leg for a second before squating back down on his one leg and holding himself up with his hands and grunt. "Damn you...neat trick! one things for sure you bucket of bolts your not human! Real recognizes real, and steel recognizes steel! The hell are you and who built you?!? Why'd you kill my friends huh?!?" The robot Connor clenched his fist and slammed it down on the ground, denting it.

Meanwhile, the REAL Connor would have been flying high in the sky in the form of an eagle, heading towards where the LDD bot was being damaged. However as Connor came about 5 miles out from it he’d have employed a basic chi manipulation technique to mask his presence: Horryu. While Horyu allows a user to keep Chi from leaking away from their body, Kakusu (Hide) stops the flow of Chi from their body altogether. By closing all of their Chi nodes, the user is able to stop almost all outflow of their Chi like water from a valve. Since the user is no longer surrounded by their own Chi, they are more sensitive to the Chi of others. This can be useful when tracking another person and it will also prevent other users of Chi from noticing them.  Kakusu can also be used to relieve fatigue, since it forces the body's external layer of Chi to be fully contained within.  However, since Kakusu involves shutting off one's Chi, it can be dangerous due to it leaving the body defenseless against any Chi attack. Even a weak attack enhanced with Chi could do massive damage.  In essence this is what Keyth Tasanagi and Zetsui Ryukiri base their Stealth chi off of. Connor was now on top of a building's air conditioner unit and looking down at his robot decoy. he'd also see him in the flesh...Danchou. Connor would never forget that face. He sat perched, his chi masked and hidden to all sensory and his appearance no different than any other Eagle in the world so he'd be officially un noticed.

[11/6/2015 8:13:29 PM] Keyo: Kin would have panted as he watched the crowd surround him and Yukashi. However... as his eyes parted over to the right he saw it, this... creature made to have the apperance of man. It seeped from the very shadows and it struck down at the four cops, however one of them would have bent down to tie his shoe so he'd been missed but the killer was swift. Along with killing the three cops, the chief was struck as well. Her eyes shallowed black as the poison content slited into her body and she fell victim to its sting. Slowly hitting the ground... she had been dead before she planted into the cement. Kin watched with distasteful horror as the cheif had been struck down right before his very eyes. Reaching out to her, the crowd would have submerged him in there praise until they finally realized just what had happened. And all went silent... The KPF had taken two losses in one day. With the death of Taco, and now the cheif within the time frame of one night. It'd be one that'd never be forgotten. With The ongoing battle whom will win in this bout between Connor and this mysterious and powerful warrior