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It had been several hours since the attack occurred and the school had went into a frenzy when the young man's body had been found. The Police arrived but when they got there... the body had been gone. Taken or so it seems. The young man's body had indeed been snatched from his place of death; by the same person whom always cleans up the messes of the Supernatural of this city and always has. The Lunar Witches. Within the purity of the elements and the order of the wilds lingers a power beyond the marvels of civilization. Furtive yet undeniable, these primal magics are guarded over by servants of philosophical balance known as druids. Allies to beasts and manipulators of nature, these often misunderstood protectors of the wild strive to shield their lands from all who would threaten them and prove the might of the wilds to those who lock themselves behind city walls. Rewarded for their devotion with incredible powers, druids gain unparalleled shape-shifting abilities, the companionship of mighty beasts, and the power to call upon nature's wrath. The mightiest temper powers akin to storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes with primeval wisdom long abandoned and forgotten by civilization."Druid” in Gaelic means “Wise Oak”.Within the DOW Universe Druids / Lunar Witches act as advisors, emissaries, to the werewolf packs. The connection is unknown but as long as the wolfbloods have coexisted on earth, so have they. The Head witch had been the one in charge of this particular ordeal. And it was quite rare that she ever got her hands dirty... so it must have been extreme. Kenji's dead form had been taken away and now as night drifts his whereabouts are finally found. The Lunar Witch known as 'Luna' would have created a symbol on the cold grounds of the rooftop building her and the Other Alpha's of Kasaihana city would be standing firmly around its circumference. She hadn't spoke a word... with her arm stretched over Kenji's dead body she would began to speak a chant. Her eyes glowing a bright red as she began to draw in power... She needed to do this just right. Right before the sun-settled, and right before the moon rose again. The Yellow lights of the sky casted its glow over the group on the roof. Using a black blade she sliced her arm and allowed the blood to drip over and on top of Kenji's body. The Blood would have seeped and dripped over on the black ritual markings on the ground before it all began to light up! And soon all of the lights would have rushed back into Kenji... causing his heart to beat once more the large fires around Kenji would have all blasted up from their holding cauldrons only to all soar back into the center of Kenji's chest creating a Triangle tattoo in the middle of his torso

" Its done... he best take life seriously next time. Your kind can only be brought back this way once. This will be his last chance. May I remind you fools. This also takes my life energy as well. " Luna said speaking firmly in her priestess attire. " He won't remember his killers. Not right now, it should take weeks for his memory to recover. But he lives. However you all have bigger problems. Warlocks plague these cities and I will take no allegiance in sides. But i will help those whom need it. After today, each of your families will be Issued a Lunar Witch to assist your families but I will not openly assist any one of you again. Consider it a gift that doesn't mean to be repaid. I'll have them sent you all in a days time. " She said picking up her staff and walking to the edge of the building to leave the WolfBloods to there discussions. They needed a plan. Asap.
[1/10/2016 8:30:58 PM] Gri Gri: The alphas had gathered the moment news of a murdered wolfblood youngling hit the streets...and by the hands of a warlock no less. Talk of warlocks within the city walls were just Until now. The lunar witches were called upon to handle the deceased Kenji and bring him back from the after life while the Alphas watched on, Logan in particular gave out a none too friendly scowl as the boy takes his first breaths. Listening to Luna speak her piece about the entire situation and just how much help she would or would not be did not put him at ease in the slightest...this was war and they knew it.

Logan Edwards was only one of the five Alphas in Kasaihana City and on top of that a dangerous Kaicho of the Mangetsu Clan, a yakuza group made entirely up of wolfbloods. Now here he stood before the other Alphas of the city, piercing golden eyes gazing at the men with that same scowl still plastered on aged features. "This is going to get out of hand quickly, I can tell. They are in our childrens schools! Something MUST be done and efficiently...theres a plague in our city and if we allow this to continue they're going to multiply like disgusting roaches and soon they will out number us. Extermination is needed..." The older gentleman wore an expensive grey suit with a black and white stripped shirt underneath, grey dress slacks covering his legs and black gucci shoes on. Faded locks of hair were pinned up in a messy unkept bun, strands falling along scruffy cheeks and mild scars. Scratching the side of his face, he had spoken first to kick off the conversation, curious to see if anyone else agreed with him or if he was alone on this though he highly doubted it.

"One wolfblood died, he was sloppy that's all it was." A voice spoke up from behind the Alphas from the shadows, said shadows morphing itself and shifting over to the group only to rise up and change in to a brunette female, one known as Naomi Edwards, Logans daughter. (kind of) "They got lucky and they went after a pup. It won't happen again, I've already come up with a plan..." At seeing his daughter here of all places it made Logan frown and urge her over to him which she cheerfully did so, standing beside her father proudly. "You sound so confident, Nao. What are you up to?" He asked the girl knowing full well this was an important meeting and he didn't have time to humor her but he did not underistimate his daughter when it came to strategy. "Do not worry father, I've taken in to account the warlocks that could be posing as students and I've created a begins in an hour." She flashes the other Alphas a sickly sweet smile that didnt reach hazel eyes, standing ever confidently by her father.
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With the news of his son’s death Khan was in the least, agitated. Matter of fact he was boiling with rage. Khan Tanaka, was one of the five Alpha’s that occupied Kasaihana City. He was also one of the most prideful amongst the other alphas giving himself above the rest of the alphas. Khan’s jet black hair flowed in the wind as he awaited for the ritual of the Lunar Witch to be finish. His ears perked a bit when he heard the breath of his son and seeing his red eye’s opening up.

" Its done... he best take life seriously next time. Your kind can only be brought back this way once. This will be his last chance. May I remind you fools. This also takes my life energy as well. " Khan gave a subtly glare at the witch literally giving off the look of someone wanting to kill. He didn’t like being called a fool and he damn sure didn’t enjoy it coming from someone he knew he couldn’t take on. The idea of Warlocks in Kasaihana intrigued Khan, he knew that sooner or later their master was going to come out of hiding and when he did, Khan would be right there waiting him…patiently.

Lee stood there with his arms folded across his chest and an evenly firm look on his face the same as his father. Lee and Khan didn’t exactly see eye to eye when it came to family matters but he’d had to be here regardless of his relationship with his father. Lee wore his large leather coat that hung off his shoulder and blew in the wind. “Get up Kenji.” Lee’s voice rang out to his younger brother. Lee’s tone of voice was far from his normal comedic and humorous pitch. This tone was a lot more darker, serious, and downright mature for which was a rarity for Lee. He knew of the dangers that was before him for the warlocks were not only a danger to his brother but his own family. Lee knew that he’d have to ally himself with his father in order to stop the warlocks within the city. This even so angered the young alpha.

Kenji heard his brother’s words and dusted himself off getting up from the ground. He looked at his chest seeing his new tattoo. Kenji took a moment to see the rest of the alphas. He was surprised to see so many powerful wolfbloods in one area, meaning something happened to him while he was asleep. “Well, what’s the occasion?” Kenji casually said as he walked up to his father and brother. Before he knew it Kenji was coughing up blood as Khan sent a knee digging into Kenji’s gut. His body levitated in the air due to the sheer force of the knee then brought back to the ground after a vicious elbow from his father.

“You shameful mutt…” Khan’s dark and seldom voice rung in Kenji’s ear as he laid on the ground holding his stomach from the sheer pain of his father. Lee watched in silence as he remembered the days when his father used to treat him the same growing up. He knew that this was something his brother was going to have to endear. "This is going to get out of hand quickly, I can tell. They are in our childrens schools! Something MUST be done and efficiently...theres a plague in our city and if we allow this to continue they're going to multiply like disgusting roaches and soon they will outnumber us. Extermination is needed..." Lee’s head turned towards Logan. “And how exactly do you suppose we go about this Edwards?” Lee questioned his fellow alpha with a raised eyebrow. Khan stepped in after dealing with his son. “A trap must be set…” Khan brushed his chin slightly. “We must continue letting our kids attend school in order to draw out the leader.”

Khan turned his head to see Logan’s daughter coming into the scene and downplaying his own son. Khan softly growled. “Logan…” Khan tone of voice drastically got darker. “I suggest you tell your daughter to know her place amongst alphas…” He said almost challenging the alpha.

Kenji slowly picked himself off the ground and glared at Naomi with a growl ready to attack her. Lee grabbed his brother’s shoulder squeezing it while looking down to him. “No…” He calmly stated which was enough for the wolfblood to seize his rage.
[1/10/2016 10:35:34 PM] Ruji Aka "That Nigga" Yamato: ( )Toshiro would have stood there amongst the other Alphas on the rooftops of a building , Toshiro he'd been dressed in a neatly creased black suit with a white dress shirt on and white dress shoes, Toshiro would have had a cigarette in his mouth letting the smoke escape his lips while the Druid began to perform some type of ritual dragging the young Wolfblood known as Kenji back from the hands of death bring the boy back to the world of the living a odd triangular tattoo appearing in the boys chest "This is going to get out of hand quickly, I can tell. They are in our childrens schools! Something MUST be done and efficiently...theres a plague in our city and if we allow this to continue they're going to multiply like disgusting roaches and soon they will out number us. Extermination is needed..." Toshiro would have heard Logan beginning to Speak and then another presence appeared before them a young woman who seemed to lack manners in a situation like this calling Khan's youngest son sloppy and treating his death as a simple causality and not a big deal. They got lucky and they went after a pup. It won't happen again, I've already come up with a plan..." "You sound so confident, Nao. What are you up to?" Logan said in response to the girl  "Do not worry father, I've taken in to account the warlocks that could be posing as students and I've created a begins in an hour." The young girl responded and flashed a sickening smile. Toshiro then shifted his attention over to Lee who instructed his brother to get up and Kenji would have stood only for his father Khan to Beat the kid calling him a shameful mutt and after dealing with His son he'd comment on what was said by Logan and his I'll mannered Daughter. Toshiro then shifted his attention to Khan as he growled. “I suggest you tell your daughter to know her place amongst alphas…” Toshiro then looked at the Son's of Khan one of which seemed ready to attack but the older one stopping him. Toshiro would then close his eyes and smile taking a drag of his cigarette blowing the smoke out into the night sky "I agree with Khan taking out the Warlock inside the school won't do much if we want to stop the problem we need the mastermind otherwise they'll just send in replacements and the problem remains so setting a trap is ideal" he'd say looking towards Khan "Enough of that Khan we have bigger problems at hand then your pride right now" he'd trying to calm Khan his voice was strong and deep and boomed outwards before turning towards Logan "Though I must say your daughter does seem to lack sufficient manners Logan not that I'm really one to talk Ruji's not to far from your daughter either " Toshiro would say laughing out loud trying to keep the atmosphere as light as possible they could all go at each other another time Toshiro didn't come here to listen to Adult bicker "Toshiro then looked at the young woman glaring down at her "You say you have a plan right you should be sure it'll work this isn't a game and lives of everyone here will be effected as well as my own son Ruji, I'm willing to trust this matter to you however keep in mind should something go wrong you will be held accountable in my eyes" Toshiro's face frowning up a bit looking the young girl in the eyes-
[1/10/2016 11:07:57 PM] Gri Gri: Logan stood between the Alphas but said nothing, merely watching his daughter to see how she'd handle all of the tension but it seemed Toshiro had a go at defusing the situation with some mild humor. There was nothing more annoying than dealing with prideful Alphas and being in one spot with so many never ended well so they tried to keep these meetings short and to the point. "Toshiro is right. We do have bigger problems at hand..." He looked to Naomi once more only to raise a smooth brow much like his daughter was known to do. "Just because I am your father does not mean you can say as you please Nao, if they wish to teach you manners I'll merely look the other way..."

To this Naomi scoffed lightly at how her father treated her before placing her gaze on the once deceased boy. "Sorry..." She apologized with a cluck of her tongue soon after before looking to Toshiro and hearing him talk. "You say you have a plan right you should be sure it'll work this isn't a game and lives of everyone here will be effected as well as my own son Ruji, I'm willing to trust this matter to you however keep in mind should something go wrong you will be held accountable in my eyes" To this Naomi merely let her smile return, shrugging her shoulders happily. "Ruji and I grew up together, I wouldn't dream of letting anything happen to him. In regards to setting up a just leave that to me." Bowing her head respectfully, she paused long enough to look at Kenji and turned from the Alphas to continue on with tonight....

Logan hadn't said much of anything else even after Naomi vanished into the shadows, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Let us allow her to try whatever it is she has planned. Naomi, as head strong and mouthy as she is I do trust her ability to get things done. If she says she has a plan to set up a trap...I believe she can do it. In the meantime we have bigger matters to attend to with this infestation...she'll deal with the school roaches and we find out what we can..."

[1/10/2016 11:16:14 PM] Micheal Allen: Soon... the moon would set into full view for all to see 8pm. In a warehouse on the docks. Teenagers from Kasaihana high had been flooding in. A party to raise voters? Or perhaps for others reasons not specified. Naomi had been on the right track. A male whom seemed a bit older had stood in all black combat gear as he stared the warehouse down from 3 blocks away on a roof top. Using his Warlock senses to scope the area. Master Conan had been his name. Snowy white hair had been tied up zolo style with a black bandana. Armies with weapons to the T. The moon had been full... and the winds were cold and ominous.

[1/10/2016 11:47:44 PM] Jeremy: -How Takara had gotten invited to a party like this, he'd never know, but hey, he wasn't complaining. He stood in front of the mirror in his bathroom, holding up Polo shirts to his frame and frowning slightly. He finally decided on a red one and pulled it on, then walked out into his room and surveyed himself. Shirt, check. Blue jeans, check. White Air Jordans, check. He considered wearing a watch, but decided against it. He left his room and went out into the living room. His mom was sitting on the sofa watching the news, which was still covering the story of the dead student at the school, but now they were talking about the body going missing.- "Mom, I'm heading out." -He said. His mother, Mizuki "Morrigan" Sosuzubanagi, rose and turned to her son.- "I don't exactly agree with this and if Sam wasn't going with you, I'd forbid it." -She said with a frown. Takara turned his head to hide the fact that he was rolling his eyes. Since the death of the student hit the news, his mother had been adamant about him not going to the party. He'd only been able to get her to let him go by agreeing to let his trainer, Samtara Karambit, accompany him. Takara nodded- "I know, but we'll be safe Mom. Honest." -He headed for the door and his mother called after him- "If you're not back by midnight, I will come looking for you!" -That made Takara shudder. There was a reason why Mizuki was called "Morrigan" within certain circles. He opened the front door, flashed his mom a smile, nodded, then left their apartment. He took the stairs down to the sidewalk, then began walking out of the apartment complex. The walk to the front of the complex was uneventful and Takara began to relax. The sign to the front of the complex was a big one and Takara was able to duck behind it. He raised his arms and called upon the forces of the wind, exerting his will. A slight breeze picked up, then elevated to a howling gale as Takara was surrounded with wind. He squat down, tensed up, then leapt into the air, the wind propelling him higher. He flew up and up until he passed the clouds. From this view, a large section of the city, including the docks, was visible. He spread his arms and propelled toward the docks. Although he wasn't capable of flight yet, he got around it by leaping as high as he could using wind magic, then glided to his destination using the same wind magic. The feeling never got old either, he loved the rush of sailing through the air, although he did have a close call with a plane once. As he descended toward the docks, about four blocks away, he heard a voice speak directly into his ear- "You idiot, he's gonna see you." -Suddenly, he felt a yank on the back of his shirt and yelped loudly as something pulled him backward, hard, which was impressive seeing as how the wind was carrying him at almost 50 mph. The same force that yanked him held him up and suddenly, Takara found himself staring into the cold, blue eyes of Sam Karambit. Sam shook his head as Takara gasped for breath.- "Dock's already crawling with you kids, but one of 'em isn't like the other ones." -Sam turned his head to look at the individual (Conan)with the bandana and weapons. Although Sam and Takara were very high up in the air, they were relatively close to the individual. Sam had a suspicion that if the man turned his gaze upwards, he'd see them. Takara, finally regaining his composure, resisted the urge to curse Sam out in Latin and instead asked.- "So, what are we gonna do about him?" -Sam uttered a short chuckle- "We" aren't doing anything. You are going to the party like normal and socialize and talk about the sex you don't have like the rest of those kids. I will keep watch on this guy. Obviously, something here has caught his attention. I want to know what it is. Maybe he's the guy that killed that kid at your school." -Sam descended with Takara, careful to keep within the armed stranger's blind spot. They touched down behind a building, where Sam let go of Takara.- "You can walk from here. I wouldn't think you'd be stupid enough to use your magic in front of non-users, but just in case you are, *don't*" -Takara became indignant at that- "Hey! You know, just because you're a user too doesn't make you King Kong Bundy, you jacka-" -He cut off as he realized that Sam had disappeared, most likely through Shadow Walking. Takara muttered under his breath- "Asswipe" -then headed for the docks. Like Sam said, the docks were indeed already pretty crowded, but Takara didn't see anyone he knew yet. Still, that didn't keep him from looking around.-
[1/10/2016 11:56:09 PM] Darth Savagus: Khan’s eyes shifted towards Toshiro as he tried to play peacemaker in the situation which tickled Khan a bit turning his once deathly look into a weak smirk. He pulled back his claws and folded his arms nodding his head to his friend Toshiro. "Enough of that Khan we have bigger problems at hand then your pride right now" Khan let out a slight chuckle. “Fine then.” Khan remained silent as the girl apologized to Kenji.

Kenji shook his head a bit which was followed by a simple shrug. Kenji didn’t know exactly how he died but he knew that he was trained better than that. He hated the fact that he have to be brought back in front of the alphas and other wolfbloods, it was some he didn’t want to make a repeat of. As the young girl went to leave he wasn’t done with her yet. He wanted answers and seeing the current situation with the alphas he knew they had more pressing matters on their hands than to deal with the likes of him. He’d scuff at them softly before hearing his phone go off. Reaching in his pants pocket he pulled out his phone and to his surprise it was a tweet from one of the students at school who was sending a mass direct message to all his followers telling them to come to the party at the docks. Kenji smirked a bit before making his exit from the rooftop. “Seems I know how I’m spending my night…”

Lee watched as his brother trailed off towards the party. “Damn kid is gonna get himself killed again…” Khan looked at his first born narrowing his eyes to him. “Watch over the boy, Lee.” Lee’s eyes widen a bit then got back into a serious state. “Understood father.” Lee then quickly dashed off behind his brother. He’d be the one to oversee the whole party, from a distance at least. With all the warlocks coming into town someone had to look over the young kids especially at a party hosted by a wolfblood, what better place to catch one.

Khan stayed with the last three alphas. “It’s been a long time since we’ve been in one place like this. Almost feels like a family reunion of some sorts.” Khan smirked spitefully. “These warlocks have risen back up again, this time their targeting our younglings. They seem to have gotten smarter over the years…” “I happen to think that the master might be operating from within the school, possibly the principle I hear he is an odd fellow.”


[1/11/2016 12:34:15 AM] Ruji Aka "That Nigga" Yamato: "Just because I am your father does not mean you can say as you please Nao, if they wish to teach you manners I'll merely look the other way..." Toshiro smiled a bit before taking another long drag of his cigarette and blowing the smoke into the air while Naomi spoke once again addressing what Toshiro had mentioned moments ago "Ruji and I grew up together, I wouldn't dream of letting anything happen to him. In regards to setting up a just leave that to me." Toshiro eyes then moved onto Logan who began speaking"Let us allow her to try whatever it is she has planned. Naomi, as head strong and mouthy as she is I do trust her ability to get things done. If she says she has a plan to set up a trap...I believe she can do it. In the meantime we have bigger matters to attend to with this infestation...she'll deal with the school roaches and we find out what we can..." "I have no objection to this we all have fine young one and it is the young who will shape the future best for us old folk to but out from time to time right" he'd say laughing again almost dropping his cigarette out his mouth but managing to catch it again before it fell. Toshiro was going to speak though was interrupted by the sound of a cellphone going off shifting his eyes to Kenji who said it seems like he knew what he was doing for the night before running off. “Damn kid is gonna get himself killed again…” Toshiro looked at Lee Khan eldest son“Watch over the boy, Lee.” Toshiro heard Khan say and Lee responded with a simple "understood father" before leaving after his brother. “It’s been a long time since we’ve been in one place like this. Almost feels like a family reunion of some sorts.” Khan would have said Toshiro turning his head towards him "Like old times Huh Khan haha " Toshiro would say “These warlocks have risen back up again, this time their targeting our younglings. They seem to have gotten smarter over the years… I happen to think that the master might be operating from within the school, possibly the principle I hear he is an odd fellow.” Toshiro heard Khan say and his face would have gotten serious "it is true their tactics are getting more and more cunning and if the warlocks are in the school with the Children it's a good chance that they would be in the school as well of course as you say Khan the principle would be the primary option but we can't rule out teachers as they probably have more contact with them over the principle the fact is it could be anyone of the staff members within the building the mastermind could even be posing as one of the students" Toshiro would say taking the last drag of his cigarette before tossing it off the rooftops "either way their bound to slip up while their methods are good far as sneaky they don't seem to care much about where they kill the target or how they kill them we just have to make sure we're ready when they do slip and hope that Logan's daughter plan falls through" Toshiro would say placing his hands in his pockets//Meanwhile// Ruji would have been walking down the street with Moena on his back making his way through the streets of District one. Ruji could see people looking at him a little odd wondering why he was carring the girl on his back and others saying how cute it was that he was giving her a piggy back ride while she slept , Ruji could hear a) of it and it was kinda fucking with him and his face would turn slightly red and he'd turn his head glancing back at her before facing foward again , after a while of walking Ruji eventually reached his place after passing it multiple times to make sure no one was following him and once he was sure he'd walk up the stairs of his apartment building reaching his apartment and pushing his hand into his pocket he'd pull out his keys and unlock the door pushing it open with his leg and once inside closing the door with his leg as well and tossing his keys on the kitchen table as he passed it and turned left down the hallway and turning into is room opening the door and flipping her from off his back and into his arms before placing her down on the bed and kneeling down and placing his head on her chest hearing her heartbeat sounding normal he'd move and was about to toss a cover over her body but noticed her clothes was pretty dirty from the black smoke cloud so he walked out and into his father bed room and pulled out some of his mother clothing and walked back into the room and removed the shirt off of her and tossed the clothes on the bed as well before doing the same with her shorts though he didn't remove any undergarments from her just her gym uniform and walked out of the room closing the door behind him and went back and locked his front door and tossed her clothes inside a washer before he laid himself out on the couch in his living room tucking his arms behind his head and closed his eyes relaxing while waiting for her to wake up, while in his head he began to replay the series of events in his head though his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his cellphone going off with a invite to a party "interesting" he'd say to himself while he went back to his train of thought-
[1/11/2016 12:35:03 AM] OG bottom bitch: Through the entire ordeal Moena remained asleep on Ruji's back for the entirety of their trip. She only moved a few times to adjust herself for more comfort. She was even Oblivious to Ruji removing her clothes and changing them into something cleaner. After Ruji left the room Moena slept for a few more hours, cuddling the blanket over her as she would in her own house. Eventually the girl came to as the gas wore off. "Mmmph..." She muttered as she pushed herself up. Her sugar strawberry hair disheveled, falling into her face and down her back pooling on the bed. Rubbing her unfocused crystal eyes she yawned and stretched. Rubbing the back of her head, she looked around the room wasn't hers. She went to bolt out of the bed and the blanket became tangled around her legs and she fell landing face first on the floor, quickly she pushed herself out and began to panic. "OH MY GOD WHERE AM I? THIS ISN'T MY HOUSE DAD WILL BE SO PISSED!" She paced back and forth talking to herself as she tugged on her hair nervously. Looking down she stopped and her eyes widened further as she looked down at her body. These weren't her clothes, that only made her panic more. Walking around in a circle she began ranting at the top of her lungs. "IM NOT HOME THESE AREN'T MY CLOTHES, IVE BEEN KIDNAPPED!" She raved quickly her words soon becoming incoherent, then a jolt of pain shot up her leg that caused her to stumble to her knees. "Ow...." she glanced at her leg and saw the angry bruise that was still there and darker than ever. She sat and studied her leg, before she hadn't noticed the pain but now it was back. She went to touch it, and it was still extremely sore, even touching the area around it hurt. She pulled her legs to her chest and winced as the pain shot up her leg again. "Stupid school...stupid people at school..." she whispered to herself "Can't even go to school without something weird happening...stupid city...." She continued on to herself "I hate it here..." She spoke angrily to herself sulking in the middle of the floor.

[1/11/2016 12:40:47 AM] Suzume Tasanagi: Looking at himself in the mirror he shook his head. (( )) “Isn't this all a bit much Daria, I know it's a party. But why the hell do we have to match?” Daria giggled Damian had an awkward expression as he looked down at the outfit she'd thrown together for the party they'd been invited to. Well not that it was something special everyone in the school had been invited but it was the first party they'd every been invited to. It had taken allot of begging and pleading to convince Damian to go, but either way she didn't want him to miss out on it. If she had gone by herself it wouldn't have been the same, and he would be there to help her cope with all the people. “It doesn't look that bad Damian really, you actually look pretty handsome and you'll stand out looking like there. Lot's of guys there are gonna look like a bunch of slobs but you, you'll look like you actually care about what you look like.” Damian's eyebrow rose, “Or I'll look like a complete idiot cause everyone else looks normal and didn't ever occur to you Daria that I don't want to stand out? Girls usually think I'm kind of creepy anyway.”

Daria gave a heavy sigh getting up from his bed where she had been sitting and stood next to him in the mirror. (( ))“Well they're never going to think anything else if you don't try. Do you plan on being single your whole life?” A slight blush crossed his cheeks at the question “No... but you know it's hard to find a girl that likes a guy who goes into weird trances and draws weird pictures that make no sense.” Daria laughed and nudged him “Well you don't have to tell them that right when you meet them geez bro. You don't just walk up to a girl and say “Hi, I'm Damian and I'm psychic. Want to go out? Just give it some time, find a girl you like and.... ease into all of that.” Damian looked at her reflection next to his in the mirror, she looked great compared to him, but now there was no time to turn back now. “Well I guess we should get going, don't want to miss out on all this fun.” he said sarcastically.

Their mother had spotted them some money to get to the party and they decided to take the subway. Damian tried to not make eye contact with the people that kept giving them weird looks on the train. It was driving him crazy he was sure that they would both look stupid at the party. He only hoped that he could find a corner somewhere and hide for the night. Looking over at Daria he could feel the excitement just oozing off her, he imagined this was going to be really fun for her. She was always the more social of the pair he just hoped that he didn't have step in between her and some guy. But then again she could probably handle some sleaze ball better than he could. The party was at the docks something that the twins thought was kind of odd, but they did go to a big school so allot of room was needed to hold such an event. Daria gasped as they walked in “Oh my god! Damian look at all of this!” she squealed with joy. Damian just sighed heavily “Yeeeeah looks great Daria.” the place was crawling with people so he just tried to stick as close to his sister as possible. However while he was looking at all the people she had managed to run off somewhere. “Daria, where the hell are you?!”


[1/11/2016 4:35:36 AM] OG Trevor Lockhart: (  )  Cho would’ve been laying inside of the darkness of his room. Laying in a pair of white Hanes boxers, that hung loosely off of his waist. Underneath his toy story comforter he’d had for years he let his eye lids fold closed as he let the humming melodies of his sleep playlist meld with the rotating fan in his room in order to create a soothing harmony to put him to sleep. It was eight and while that seemed petty early for a boy his age he’d been worn out from a lot of the training he’d been doing lately. Mr.Connor was working him like a slave ever since the incident that happened at the gym. Cho didn’t remember anything that happened once the lights had gone dark in the gym. That being said Cho just chalked up to one of those events he was glad to not have been analy penetrated during. As he was beginning to drift past the stages of rem sleep, he felt his phone vibrate. Opening one eye to pick up the smart phone and look at the screen he’d see a text message.

“Hey cutie, come to the party going on tonight at Naomi’s place. Attached directions, hope to see you there <3” – Elizabeth Cho rolled his eyes and put the phone down. That was the last person he wanted to hear from by any means as he turned himself over and away from the phone while it was on the charger.  “I don’t wanna hear that bullshit Lizzy.” Cho said to himself before trying to go back to bed. “Who’s Lizzy?” Connor spoke. Cho shuffled in bed a bit before replying. “Just some chick I used to date…” Cho sat there in silence before his eyes shot open realizing just who the fuck he was talking to. He shot up, standing on his bed and pressing himself against the wall only to see Connor sitting in a fold out chair in front of his bed in a badge business suit. “WHOA-WHOA-WHOAAAAAA THIS IS A NEW LOW EVEN FOR YOU!” Connor pointed his gun at the light switch, pulling the trigger and flipping it up so the light was now on. “Ahhh hush. Your mom gave me an extra key.” Cho leaned forward, raising a brow up. “She…she gave you a key to our house?” “Yup. I think she likes me. I mean I won’t lie.” Connor tilted his head up biting his lip. “If I was single I could see you needing a father in your life Cho.” “Get the hell outta my house Mr.Connor.” Connor laughed aloud before grabbing the backpack he pulled out from behind him and tossing it at him. “Here. I brought you some party clothes “ Cho caught the bag and opened it up. It was a pair of black jeans with a graphic design thermal with a blazer jacket to wear over it. “Wow…geez thanks. These look expensive how’d you afford these?” Connor folded his arms and leaned back in the chair. “Weeeeeell I’m glad you asked. That falls into the reason why I wanted to let you know why I want you to go to that party.


Connor would’ve been watching the dodgeball game unfold before his eyes as the tides appeared as if they were changing. Until the janitor came in. Connor didn’t pay it much attention as the game was much more interesting until the janitor came by his direction of course.

A duffle bag, fell from the bottom of the trash can - Tobi, lightly kicking a duffel bag stuffed in about 10k of Yen, towards Connors feet taped with a note stating. “10k Money's all yours, all you have to do is Leave and don’t look back.”

Connor snatched the whistle off his neck, tossed it on the floor, and picked up the bag, turning away from the gymnasium floor without so much as a single word and walking out towards the door to the outside as quickly as he could. “Don’t know what for, won’t question it, money is MONEY.” Connor would’ve walked a few feet to the right and sat down against the brickwall opening up the bag and taking out the money. Holding it up to the light he could see it was legit as he began to slowly start counting the money aloud having nothing else to do. That’s when he saw a red headed kid run right outside of the gym after him not to long with a girl on his back at the same time. Connor blinked for a moment before actually groaning in frustration. “The hell?” Connor sniffed the air a bit. “What is that odor? Gaah god dammit.” Connor stood up, flexing his muscles and wrapping his body in layer of destruction chi holding his breath. Walking in and walking back out, he’d carried every unconscious child out of there and laid them on the ground outside, specifically with Cho over his shoulder. “Hmmm. Wonder what happened in there…”

///Flashback over///
[1/11/2016 4:35:38 AM] OG Trevor Lockhart: “Sooo you saved everyone?” Connor shrugged. “For the most part. Couldn’t find the janitor that gave me all that money but oh well. Still though that Ruji kid struck me as odd. I think he kidnaped period having girl. You should go to that party and kick his ass.” Cho blinked while freshening up in his bedroom bathroom washing up and putting in eyedrops. “You want me to go to a party JUST to fight the guy?” “Well considering I’m paying your light bill and the ever looming threat of me plowing your mom is a thing now yes, yes I do.” “Mrs. Yumi would kill you.” “Pft Mrs.Yumi can-“ Connor and Cho both looked around. Looking under his bed and out of the window. Yumi had a bad habbit of popping on them and their conversations before Connor finished talking. “Mrs.Yumi can suck my left nut. I wear the pants in this marriage.” Cho shivered. “In any case I’ll go to OBSERVE him. Cause I THINK you actually mean that you don’t know if he had something to do with what happened. To which neither of us know if he did or didn’t. you just want to know, to know right?” “Look it’s either that or you can go do those five fights you’ve been putting off. I put you in the god damn sumo circuit for a reason.” Cho finished putting his clothes on. “OKAY okay.”

They made their way down the stairs and Cho’s mom was watching Sci-Fi. “I’m gone for the night mom. I got my key, I’ll see you when I’m back.” She looked over and smiled at Connor. “Bye boys, come back soon.” She blinked her lashes at Connor and he nodded raising his brows and walking out of the door with Cho behind him. When they got outside Connor would’ve started walking in a separate direction and as he did Cho would’ve seen a motorcycle outside on the sidewalk parked. “This all you Mr.Connor?”

Connor without turning around to look at Cho reached into his pocket and tossed him the keys. Cho raised his hand in absolute disbelief catching the keys in his right hand and looking back at the bike. “You’re kidding!?!?” “Learn how to drive it quick and keep it. Don’t say I don’t do shit for you. Now go on and kick some ass.” Cho smiled hopping on the bike. He’d never driven one before so to be told to just learn was a bit of a chore. He figured it wasn’t much different than a bike and when cranking it he’d put out both of his legs on the solid ground before lightly revving it so it could sloooowly travel forward letting him put his legs up before letting it go at a moderate speed. He’d do this for a while before holding the handles tigthter and letting it have a bit of lax this time around. He started following the directions he was given and smiling the entire time he was driving! His blazer fluttering in the wind as he’d had his first vehicle and was actually going to show up to a party in some what of a style this time around.

Mike would have been standing in front of a mirror as he checked himself out.

( )

Tilting his head to the left and then to the right he'd pull his hair over his right ear before crossing his arms. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans. With black sneakers a black blazer and white shirt underneath. " Mike' are you really going to this party tonight? "

( )

His grandmother said sitting at the coffee table smoking her E-cig while she watched her grandson from a distance. Michael grew up with his mother in New Cali for 10 years until she had gotten addicted to drugs and sold her son to some drug dealer for her next session. Michael was brought up in a broken drug house, where he was forced to see things that children shouldn't had. But he kept his spirits up and never let things he saw break him. When he was 12 he moved to foster care and was then sent to Kasaihana city where he lives with his foster parents the Janners. He currently attends Kasaihana high and is hoping of working his way up to become a DJ and hopefully get a girlfriend this year as he moves into his sophomore year of highschool! He keeps his past a secret afraid of others judging him. Despite what his mother did to him, he still loves her. After a bit of time she moved back into his life, but is unfit to take care of him. He see's her often but he doesn't live with her. He currently lives with his grandmother whom moved to Kasaihana after finding out that the foster programs had moved him to Kasaihana after years of searching for him. She's been taking care of him ever since. And she's extremely protective over him. She has gray foxy like hair and despite her age she still looks quite beautiful.

" Yeah, I'm going to try to see if Naomi will let me Back-Up DJ. " " Naomi? Is that a girl? " His grandmother said with a grin on her face. " Mhm! I met her earlier today. We'll I've always known her. But yeah. Were... 'Friends' " Mike said this rubbing his throat as he got flash backs of Naomi slamming him into the Locker before he'd shudder. ' I still can't believe she's a Yakuza. I wonder if this party is gonna be Yakuza hosted. I don't wanna get shot or stabbed... or cut in half. Or whatever psychotic killing method there doing these days.  But maybe she could get me some cool points so I could become one myself! Ha! That'd be awesome. Me and Cho' the big Yakuza's of Kasaihana high! ' He said to himself within the depths of his mind before he looked over to his cell-phone. It was a Notification about the party and what time to be there. " Alright granny. I'm heading out. " He said picking up his backpack. " You be safe! I heard one of the students at your school got hurt today! " " it's all good granny. They said that but when they went to search for the body there wasn't anything there. The Girl Accelia got suspended for giving false information to the principal. " Mike said before he'd close the door. His grandmother sighed, blowing the smoke out of her nose. " Just... Extra Careful... I don't know what i'd do if i lost you..." She said to herself as she looked back at a picture of him and his mother back in New California before she was lost to her drug addiction...

( Mike and his mother. )

" I can't lose you too..."

[1/11/2016 5:04:15 PM | Edited 5:13:12 PM] Micheal Allen: Meanwhile...

( )

As Mike stepped out of the small apartment of him and his grandmothers apartment... his heart would thump once really hard. It would have made his whole body jolt with some form of unknown energy before he turned his head up to the moon. " Wha..." He said tilting his head to the right before he shook his head and shook off the strange... feeling. He felt energized for some-reason. " Alright! Lets hope I don't run into Blo'Ro... My grandma spent 35 bucks on this bike. " He said to himself as he propped the bike up and began to pedal off.

( )

It seemed normal at first... the flow of his legs moved slowly until he would have felt that surge of energy flow through him again. His heart began to pound... "...Ok... Maybe just a bit faster. " He said to himself as he clicked it up into the highest gear and he'd begin to peddle even faster.

( )

The Clicking that chimed after the gear shift followed up with the sparks that soared from the back axel of the bike as he began to go a bit faster! As he sped by, he would have soared past some girl whom had been talking on her phone causing her skirt to flow up in the process. " Woo! Watch it asshole!" She said hiding her undergarments from being seen. " Sorry!!!" Mike said looking back before he began to pull around the curve of the road going even faster then he had been before!

( )

The Speed had been increasing! He knew it was dangerous... but the sensation was driving him insane. His body darted around the corner curve of the road before he kicked off the 23 feet drop! " Heh..." He said as his eyes slanted and they shifted into a bright gold before they burned back down to there original green. Pulling the top half of the bike up so it'd flip over the railing and he'd make his fall to the ground.

( )
( )
( How he landed )

His body would have falling to a halt before he looked back at the drop and had been gasping for air. " Did I just.... Did I just do that? " He said staring at the massive fall. A teenage boy with a skull on his shirt had been watching while holding his soda, allowing it to soon drop due to astonishment alone. " Heh... must be the uhh.. energy drinks! Man... they just get you going right? Hey you look around my age. Naomi Edwards having a party. You prob know her. The girl with like 6000 friends of Tweetbook. She goes to my school. Heh-HehKBYEEEEEE" Mike said awkwardly before he'd ride off into the distance shaking his head. " I should be dead... " He said as he'd finally ride up to the party slowly, pulling up to a rail and chaining the bike down with thick chained cords and a padlock.

" Alright... Let's do this thing. How hard is to to do the party thing right? "


[1/11/2016 8:24:14 PM] Darth Savagus: (
The young wolfblood continued jumping rooftop to rooftop throughout the city until he came upon the docks. There was lights and a lot of music. A lot of the kids from the school who were old enough to drive were parking their cars outside the party. Kenji stood at the top of the roof looking down at the party smirking to himself before he jumped down and walked towards the place. Kenji finally made it to the party walking in through the back door. Kenji saw that the party was pretty thick. It was impressive to see actually how many people showed up. “I guess that girl is pretty popular.” He chuckled to himself as he started to walk into the crowd of people. He knew to keep himself aware however he didn’t want a repeat of what happened that day prior. As he walked through the party he felt that he was slowly drawing eyes towards himself. Faint whispers could be heard even through the loud music. “Isn’t that the kid that died?” Kenji’s ears perked a bit as he heard the kids talk about. “Nah you idiot he was in critical condition. At least that what the teachers said.” “Dumbass they said he didn’t even make it!” “Well I mean his right there isn’t he?” A small smile would creep along his mouth as he heard the people talk about his death at school. “Guess I’ve reached a social class.”

The white haired delinquent walked towards a table that held large amount of alcohol and different amount of drugs. Picking up a pre-rolled blunt Kenji decided why not indulge himself in the activities of the kids. Picking up the brown cigar choke full of the green miracle plant known as weed. Standing against the wall Kenji’s eyes were trained on his surroundings. Thinking it might be smart to keep a low profile he threw on his hood covering majority of his face only showing the nose down and a few bangs showing. Kenji continued to enjoy his weed.

Lee wasn’t too far behind Kenji as he was also travaling via rooftop. Lee however didn’t go into the party he decided he’d play chaperon to the party.  Lee knew that the warlocks would be at this party so if anything got too out of hand he could assist the kids. Lee sat on the side of the rooftop using his enhanced senses to scan over the area. Most of the area was pretty normal except for one person however. A couple blocks away Lee could see a shadowy figure that looked like it was watching the kids. Lee’s eyes narrowed followed by a growl. He was about to rush over to the figure before remembering. “If things get hectic I can’t have the kids seeing me wolf out…” He’d remember he was wearing his Blood Wolf suit under his civilian clothes. Ripping his clothes off Lee smirked as he threw on his mask and let his twin katana’s breathe a bit on his back.

Lee circled around the block appearing behind the white haired man. “I don’t suppose you’re on the guest list…” Lee said with his arms folded looking at the man standing on the opposite side of the roof which was about twenty feet from the man. His deep voice was easily heard by the other man. “Mind telling me what you’re doing here?”

[1/11/2016 9:09:31 PM] Ruji Aka "That Nigga" Yamato: Ruji would have sat upright on the couch when he heard a commotion from his bedroom "guess she's up now and here I was hoping I'd at least get a bit of a nap in" he'd say to himself yawning shortly after and standing up to his feet and walking towards his bedroom door but realized he had to take a piss so he turned right and went to the bathroom while the when time he'd hear her in his room freaking out and making unnecessary noise after he was down he'd flush the toilet and wash his hands and walk out of the bathroom and would go stand in the door way of his room. "IM NOT HOME THESE AREN'T MY CLOTHES, IVE BEEN KIDNAPPED!" Ruji almost bust out laughing but was enjoying the show so he held it in so she wouldn't notice him though suddenly she seem to be in some sort of pain and looked down at her leg and Ruji saw a giant bruise on her legs which really seemed to bother her even the area around it seemed to hurt her. She pulled her legs to her chest and once again Ruji watched her grimace in pain and shook his head "Stupid school...stupid people at school...Can't even go to school without something weird happening ...stupid city....I hate it here..." She'd say in a rather Angry tone of voice. Ruji would have then turned back around and went into his bathroom and looked around in his medicine cabinet for something that might help her leg and would have grabbed a small bottle and a bottle of achol and two soft cloth towel before walking out and walking into the kitchen grabbing a bowl out of his dishwasher and would have made his way into his bed room walking right by Moena not even bothering to say anything to her setting the bowl on top of his dress and twisting the top off of the little bottle he grabbed out the bathroom and emptying it inside the bowl and tossing the towel into it and grabbing it and setting it down on the floor before flopping himself down as well and reaching out grabbing onto Moena's injured leg and stretching it over his lap looking at the bruise "Mann your fragile" Ruji would say before he bags to build up the Chi in his body and his body would have a slight golden glow to it for a moment and he'd press his hand down on top of her bruised leg firmly pushing down which would hurt of course though Ruji would have then lighted up and gently rubbed his fingertips around the outer part of the bruise and his other hand would have massaged her calf muscle , Ruji wasn't trying to be weird or anything but when people hurt themselves the first thing they do is rub or grab it seemingly out of instinct and once reason why is to reduce the amount of pain by causing your body to focus on other parts of the body other that the inflicted area so in reality Ruji would have just been trying to massage skme of the pain out. Ruji would have then pulled her legs upwards (assuming she let him do all this without kicking and flailing and what not which if she did he'd just hold her down and do it anyway) Ruji would have then began to slowly and lightly drag his tongue up and down her bruised leg and after doing this a couple of times the pain in her leg would have slowly began to disappear and the dark colored bruise on her leg would have began to become lighter in color, he'd then begin to suck on her leg before removing his mouth from her leaving her leg glistening from all the saliva he just put on her leg and he'd then make his way up her leg and to her inner thigh before stop and moving his head away, he'd then stand up and strech his arms up his tightly packed muscles bulging out as he did, he'd then move over to his closet and started pulling out clothes throwing a Black leather jacket with a plain dark grey shirt and some black jeans onto his bed " Sorry bout the clothing it was the only thing of my mom's that looks like it'd fit you" Ruji would have said walking towards his bed removing the black tank top off his body tossing it into his dirty clothes hamper and sliding the dark grey shirt on and then kicking off his basketball shorts into the hamper as well standing there in his black boxer briefs , Ruji legs would have been the most defined thing on his body and one could tell he ran a lot. Ruji would have then slip on his jeans and looped his belt through buckling them up and sitting down on his bed facing Moena reaching into his nightstand draw grabbing a pair of black socks and slipping them on along with a pair of black and grey Jordans which he had customized  ( ) "So you feeling alright I'm pretty sure your okay but not sure what all effects that smoke had" Ruji would say scratching his head waiting to see her response "I'm going to a party so either you can come with me or go home" Ruji would say standing up and slinging his leather jacket over his body and walking out the door and made his way back toward the school to go get his car from the parking lot and once inside he'd head over to the docks rather or not The girl came with him-

[1/11/2016 10:07:44 PM] OG bottom bitch:  She looked up with wide eyes as Ruji entered the room and walked past her. she was kinda surprised but what else did she expect from the person who was harassing her all day. She yelped as he pulled her leg over his lap, "Mann your fragile" Moena, looked up and saw Ruji. She stared at him and blinked a few times "Fragile? DID YOU NOT SEE THE CRATER LEFT BEHIND US AFTER SOMEONE THREW THE BALL?!" she yelled at him. He grabbed her legs and pressed his hands on her bruise, causing her to flinch harshly. Rubbing his hands around the outer edges of her bruise she flinched every so often when he hit a sore spot. "Stop it..." Moena attempted to push his hands away. "What are you doin- HEY!" She yelled as he pulled her leg upwards, and began to drag his tongue over her bruise. Moena's face turned  deep red as she bit her lower lip, and turned her face away from it. Then his tongue began to move higher and her blush deepened to rival a tomato, she pressed her face over her hands and kept her eyes closed. Moena was going to yell out but she stopped and pulled away from her. She kept her hands pressed over her eyes, and remained silent. Peeking out from between her fingers she saw Ruji literally just changing in front of her. "DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME??" She stood up and yelled at him as he finished getting dressed. "It's weird don't do that anymore." She whispered. "I'm going to a party so either you can come with me or go home" Came from Ruji. Moena thought for a second. "Uh...sure...?" she said. She didn't really wanna go, but she didn't wanna go home either. "Okay." She said as she followed him to his car looking at it she looked at Ruji. "You drive?" She asked him sliding into the car with him.

[1/12/2016 11:38:08 AM] Gri Gri: Naomi watched from the catwalk above the party, close to the cieling as it hung up by beams. Calm hazel hues stayed close to the entrances as students from Kasaihana high came pouring in, drawn by the loud beats and promises of alcohol and drugs. Naomi was dressed in tight black leather pants and a thinly loose white shirt that exposed slender shoulders, cutting off at her middrift. Brunette locks were done up in a long pony tail that swung lightly as she tilted her head, a predatory gaze scoping out the prey to be...

"A sheep brought in to the slaughter." She murmured softly, pressing into her ear. "Check the perimeter." "Yes Ma'm." Replied one of the wolfblood members of the Mangetsu clan...courtesy of her father, he'd lent her about a dozen of his men to stay close to the warehouse in case things got too out of hand...aside from being able to shift into half lycan forms, these men carried heat on them holding on to scorpion sub machine guns tightly to their forms. They walked leisurely through the perimeter grounds, a handful of them on the warehouse roof for good measure, about 4 of them to be exact.

Stepping down from the stairs to join the party, people would greet her happily, complimenting just how incredible the party was bumping. She flashed those who approached her a smile, calling out cheerfully. "Vote for Naomi Edwards! Your next class pres!! Thanks for coming out everybody!!" The Dj on the far side would speak into the mic, giving out a shout out to the host of the party before playing the next hot song, the crowd cheering and dancing along. There were large cases of beer and alcohol being brought in and laid out on long tables for the teenagers to enjoy all the while Naomi kept an ear out for anything out of the ordinary....spotting Kenji soon afterwards she made her way over to him and eyed him a bit before flashing him a toothy grin. "No hard feelings right? Considering you're enjoying the goodies I brought in...." Taking a beer she pops it open and takes a slow sip. "I'm just as upset as you are for what they did to you. We're from different families but we have each others can count on me, Kenji. Can I expect the same from you?" She'd ask with that same friendly grin on her face, taking another couple sips of her beer.

[1/12/2016 4:30:31 PM | Edited 4:31:47 PM] Suzume Tasanagi: She was having the time of her life, dancing around in the middle of a group of other teenagers. It was so crowded there that it made it difficult not to bump into somebody, at that point however nobody really cared. Daria had absolutely no rhythm and was all over the place, arms flailing around, legs making awkward gyrations. When Damian finally picked her out of the mass of bodies, he honestly felt like sneaking away and going home out of embarrassment. Neither one of them was used to a social situation like this, and if was all to obvious watching his sister make a fool of herself. Damian started to push through the crowded dance floor, to try to save Daria from herself. When he got close enough to her he grabbed her wrist as she flailed out one of her arms. “Come on you look like an idiot out here!” The moment Damian grabbed her she stopped and looked at him, aggravated she yanked her arm away from him. “I don't look like an idiot I'm dancing!” her voice rose so he could hear her over the loud music. Damian sighed “No, you're not you're just moving around in the middle of everything!” he said. Daria's eyebrows knitted together “No one else is complaining about my dancing but you!” she put her hands on her hips. “Just go sit in a corner somewhere that's what you want to do anyway. Let me have fun and then we'll go home!”

Damian stood there blinking surprised by her reaction, he looked around at the other people. The sibling argument hadn't really caught their attention and for the most part she was right. No one had said anything about her dancing... realizing that it was all his own insecurities he sighed. “Fine.... I'll find somewhere to sit.” He stuck his hands in his pockets to find a piece of wall to hold up. Daria's her flipped as she turned around and went back to dancing. She felt bad, for her brother and guilty for talking to him that way she groaned internally and started to follow him. Before Damian could manage to get all the way through the crowd he felt someone grab his hand. He looked back to see his sister smiling at him. “Come on don't be such a let down!” she started to pull him through the crowd back to where she had been dancing before. Damian stood in front of her with an awkward expression on his face. “Just dance Damian damn, have fun for once in your life.” She took his other hand in hers and began to swing his arms around in rhythm to the music.

[1/12/2016 6:39:34 PM] Micheal Allen: ( ) As Mike stepped in he would have seen the lights flashing all over and the others inside had been grooving to the music moving in unison with one another. His heart thumped again like it had did before due to the sheer excitement flooding into the air. " Haaaaa look its that asshole Mike.." Said one of Blo'Ro's goons pointing at the young man from a distance. " Shouldn't he be out making money for our shoes? " Said the goon. The young Blo'Ro pulled his cup to his lips as he scowled at Mike from a distance. " Your right... Keep an eye on him. "

( )
( )

As Mike stepped in he would have passed through the crowd a bit before he walked to the middle of the dance floor. Pulling his hood on his head one of the Kasaihana high dancers would have bumped into him causing him to stagger to the right. " Dancers on the floor only Allen Get your punk ass off the floor. " Said the shirtless boy with his shirt off. Mike would have turned his head to the male his face shrouded by his hood shadow as his eyes began to glow a bright gold again before they'd simmer down. " Yeah? Then what the are you doing on the floor? " A loud


-Could have been heard as Mike insulted the Dancer known as Loose foot Ron. ( )" You talking shit Allen? You get up here and then. So I can embarrass the hell out of you bitch. Just like when you pissed yourself... 8th grade year. " Ron said pulling his baseball cap backwards before he rolled his shoulders staring Mike down from a distance. With his hood still on Mike smirked and tilted his head up to eye Ron with an evil grin. *'I Don't know what came over me here. I hadn't danced a day in my life. But it was the energy... i felt. Free for the first time. All my insecurities? I couldn't feel them. I felt like Super-man Prime. Or... World War Hulk i felt... powerful and that's all i needed.*'

" Alright Ron... show me something cool then alright?" Michael said tossing the Jacket to the right wearing his white shirt only as he crossed his arms watching Ron size him up from a distance. Ron would have smirked before he gave Mike a scowl and began to roll his muscles around a bit as a crowd of kids began to circle the duo.

Ron would have began to throw his hands up and down into the air in hopes of cranking the crowd up to his hype level. " Yeaaaaaaaaahhh gimmie that baby! " He said to crowd before he darted into the dance floor and began to preform the dance moves! His body spinning with rapid speeds showing his skill and practice of a brank dancer quite easily.

Finally ending his flow of movements and landing on one arm. he looked back at Mike whom would have closed his eyes. And those with trained eyes would have seen that his canines were sharp and extended a bit. Not super noticeable, but noticeable enough!

As Mike lunged forward into the middle of the dance floor he would have began to move with... Inhuman speeds sure enough! The Very blast of his legs in the windmill would caused hats to fly into the air along with people in general!

( )
( )

The Crowd's eyes would have lit up to the loser Michael Allen dancing with inhuman skills that he had never shown before! Hell... even he couldn't explain it. And he didn't care. He just felt free. And that's all that mattered to him!

( )

The Crowd would have shouted at the top of there lungs as Mike pulled himself into the hand stand like position before he pulled back up to his feet. Ron stood with a scowl on his face as Mike stood in front of him with a smirk on his face. He looked sinister yet confident. " Maybe next time yeah? " Mike said turning his back on Ron. But the Prized Dancer of Kasaihana high. Wasn't gonna just sit down while this LOSER Showed him up in his own game! " Its not over Allen! " He said rushing forward attempting to slam his fist into Mike's head from the back! However the very hairs on the back of his neck would have went into a frenzy!!! Causing him to slip under the strike and perform a level acrobat's he hadn't shown!!

( )

However it hadn't been over. As Mike Landed, Ron would have attempted to Kick him right after! But Mike had been ready for this as well as he dived under the blow with ease with his own kicking maneuver!

( )

Mike would have turned his head to Ron whom would have fallen on his back hard. " Aaaaghh.. Fuck!" He said holding onto his lower back in pain. Mike would turned his head picking up his jacket. " Relax Ron.. Your moves are so tense. " He said pulling his jacket back on and leaving Ron to his humiliation.


[1/13/2016 2:05:04 PM] OG Trevor Lockhart: Cho would’ve arrived at the werehouse the party was supposed to be located at. As he pulled up, he’d have stopped his new motorcycle letting he engine roar for just a tid bit longer before he’d push the parking mechanisim and let the bike lean on it’s side a bit. Stepping off of it, he’d roll his shoulders and look at the pending location. “I am…not all that good at these kinds of things…” Cho sighed, looking at some of the looming party people hanging around outside and doing all sorts of drugs, and talking with a bunch of slang Cho was nowhere near used to hearing. At least not speaking with it anyway. Cho pushed past the doors and heard the loud party music blaring in his ears along with the chatter of a bunch of teenager his age blarring in his ears.

Cho pushed through the crowd a bit, and made his way over to a cooler. “Hmm.” He squatted down and looked through the ice and it was a bunch of beer and alcoholic beverages. “Oh come on THIS ISN’T EVEN LEGAL.” Cho shouted out to the people who clearly couldn’t hear and didn’t give a damn. He’d shake his head simply and reach inside to grab a coke drink standing up and popping it over before using his foot to kick the cooler shut and siting on it. He didn’t much care it had drinks in it that people may have wanted but there were rarely any god damn chairs in here whatsoever. Cho watched the events of the party from afar even catching a glimpse of his best friend mike….dancing? Cho blinked and shook his head for a moment when he saw Mike tearing up the dance floor! He was dancing circles around the other guy and Cho couldn’t help but stand up with a look of amazement in his eyes! “Holy hell!”

When it was all said and done Cho would’ve slipped through the crowd, swinging his arm around Mike’s shoulders and pulling him out of the crowd. “Okay so like now is the time to tell me weather you were some dance dance revolution champion back in your day cause your moves are SICK! Like sicker than AIDS sick! Where all that come from?!?”
[1/13/2016 8:49:02 PM | Edited 8:50:01 PM] Zαnє: ( )

The night was young as Zane made her way towards the front of the warehouse. The stars began to burn in flickering white flames across the sky. Looking up at the aged building and smoothing over the dark fabric of her tightly fitted jeans. They hugged tightly to the thick of her thighs as she walked. The thin fabric of her bright red blouse smoothed over the petite curves of her figure. It was unbuttoned at the top and showed a partial dip in her cleavage. She would remember her elder's warning. Mr. Conan had told her and her peers not to go near the party. He had told them to steer clear at all costs and stay away on all accounts. That's what he had told them. And the others obeyed. Zane ? She took it as a " friendly suggestion ". Her long ivory hair swayed at the rim of her waist as she walked up to the doors. Sucking in a sharp breath, she proceeded to enter inside of the warehouse doors. " Here goes to being a rebel, " Zane opened the doors of the warehouse and walked inside.

( )

When she opened the doors, Zane saw a horde of teenagers. As she walked further and further in Zane's ears were assaulted with music. Base thumped and vibrated the foundations of the building. Her helium eyes scanned over the room curiously. She saw many familiar faces. Some of them were from class and some she saw who walked the halls of the school. It looked as if a few others were from different schools as well. Zane blinked vaguely at them all.  It looked like the party was really going. She wandered over to a crowd of guests who were congregated off in a corner. It appeared to be a spectacle of some sort taking place. " Huh, " Zane walked over to see what was going on.

It was Michael ! Zane's line of vision honed in on him. What is he doing ? She thought to herself curiously. Then she saw it. Mike was dancing. Really well, at that. Her eyes stared at him intently, it was freaking amazing ! He was usually so shy and a bit of a geek. Not that there was anything wrong with that, Zane thought it was kind of cute, in fact. But now. Now it was different. He was totally different. Zane was watching him and it was like she was watching a completely different person. Suddenly, Mike was yanked away from the battle by some random kid. She sort of remembered him, from homeroom maybe ? She wasn't sure. Zane didn't care. She walked over to the only familiar face she cared for and would have tapped Mike on his shoulder lightly. She stood behind him and smiled hoping he would speak to her, " So, you can dance ? Those were some sick moves. " Zane placed a hand on her hip as her plum colored lips curved upwards into a bright alluring smile. The party had really gotten interesting.

[1/13/2016 9:11:48 PM] Ana: ( )

Yuki was flustered. She'd been to parties before but not this type. There was probably loud music and drugs and weed and sex and stench and PEOPLE. She visibly trembled and tensed when a hand touched her shoulder and she turned her head to see her Aunt Usagi standing behind her with a smile on her face.

"Ease up, Snow. You'll be fine. Just don't wander into the wrong crowd."

Usagi was dressed in a deep, white V-Neck, with ripped skinny blue jeans and mid-calf combat boots. Her shoulder length hair was put up into a pony tail with a few white locks that framed her face, a black bandana to hold any others behind. Her bright blue eyes shone in the coming darkness. To top off her look, she pulled on a red leather jacket with the Sangokushi insignia on her left breast, just above her heart.

[ ]

"Gomenasai, Aunty.. I'm just.. Should I really be wearing this?!"

Yuki turned around to look at herself in the mirror. She had on an army green long coat that topped off a black, string bikini top that barely covered her breasts, along with light blue ripped skinny jeans and combat boots that matched Usagi's.

[ ]

Usagi did a once over on her niece and scoffed. "Honey, you look fine, now let's go! Your mom and Aunt Kana, and cousins are waiting. They've already arrived."

With a yank and much further arguing, Usagi and Yuki managed to arrive without another incident. The music could be heard a block away. Again Yuki whined about not wanting to come in and she was forced out when Usagi pulled the girl's ear and dragged her inside. In the far off corner by the entrance were the Other Sangokushi leaders.

Yin Sato, Yuki's mother, was in her uniform. On nights like these, Yin was usually tasked with large gatherings for the KPD. Her and a few others, along with allied yakuza.

[ I'm too lazy to describe it ]

Shizukana Yoru and her three daughters, Katsumi, Alex, and Shizu, sat across from Yin, her legs crossed and a cup of tea up to her lips as she took small sips.

[ Kana ]

[ Katsumi ]

[ Alex ]

[ Shizu ]

Usagi stalked up to Kana from behind and smacked her hand on her back, causing the woman to choke on the drink and cough violently.

"Ooooooi oooooooi, Yoru-Sama! It's a party! You're not supposed to be drinking tea!" Usagi exclaimed and let out a hearty laugh.

Kana eased and calmed down before turning to glare at the white haired maiden. "You know, if you weren't the reincarnation of my Goddess, I'd beat you senseless into the ground.. Lucky son of a bitch..." Kana muttered that last part and Yin just shook her head while her daughter's just laughed.

Yuki sighed heavily and sat down besides her mother who just took the liberty to ruffle her hair. Yuki whined and the was suddenly dragged out of the chair and pushed into the sea of people. "Stop being a stick and go enjoy yourself!" Usagi screamed and waved at Yuki who was just trying to get out of the crowd when she landed on the other side of the dance floor and landed onto Cho and Mike with a yelp and whine from contact.

"I-Itai.. Gomen... Are you- Cho-Kun?!" She  turned her head to Mike. "A-and Mike-Kun..." Yuki's eyes went wide and her face turned completely red. She saw the girl standing in front of them and blinked. "Zane-Chan too?.." Talk about DejaVu.

( )

In other news, Usagi sighed and sat herself down on the couch besides Yin, and placed her feet up on the table.  "So, ladies. Let's talk business..." Usagi's demeanor had changed from its usual bubbly self to a more serious and dark embodiment.

Kana smirked and Yin just raised her brow as if she challenged the white maiden. The Sisters sat quietly around their mother, faces void of any show of interest, but their eyes said it all with the amusement coursing through their grey irises.

Kana tilted her head. "Business? Like that death of the school boy in Yuki's class? How's that any of our business?"

Usagi slammed her hand down on the table hard enough to make the glass crack. "That school boy... Is my brother-in-law... If it's my business, it's your business. Our code is Kinsmen of our Three Kingdoms shall rule for eons than the Three Kings themselves. Our body rules. Not just us three, fool." Usagi glared at the woman in front of her and flexed her fingers, shaking the glass off of her hand. She bled but she felt nothing. The bitch was stoic. All of them were. Female powerhouses in their own domain, but all equal when out of their boundaries.

"...My deepest apologies... Mrs. Tanaka... Please. Let us continue this talk of business..." Kana leaned back further in her chair and flicked her wrist. All three of her daughters stepped back and sheathed their blades.

"Continuing... His death was not one of normal circumstances. As you know, my husband is a Gifted, as was his father, and his younger brother. From what my husband had said, he was taken and quiet possibly revived. I can't tell much but I know that Lee is watching over the little trouble maker."

Yin had finally spoken up. "And what does this have to do with us?"

"There's a force out there that can take out the extremities. One of them include your daughter, Sato-Sama! They're not just taking out random children! It may not even be the children first and second generation fighters... But we don't know that... All we know is that something is going to happen, and I'd like to stop it before any others get hurt... Even more so, killed.

Yin and Kana stared at Usagi and pondered on her words. And so the party went on.

[1/13/2016 10:04:48 PM] Darth Savagus: "No hard feelings right? Considering you're enjoying the goodies I brought in...." Kenji looked up to the lady of the hour, Naomi. Raising his eye brow a bit he started off giving a rather smug look but then transition into a warm smile to the girl. “Oh that whole thing? I call it a tremble among gifted.” He’d notice her taking the beer and start to drink from it. This caused Kenji to smirk a little as he continued to take a drag from his weed. "I'm just as upset as you are for what they did to you. We're from different families but we have each others can count on me, Kenji. Can I expect the same from you?" Kenji stopped and contemplated her words for a moment then pushed himself off the wall and walked up to the girl slowly giving off a sinister grin.
“Of course, I mean we’re all we got.” Kenji laughed a bit as he threw the little bit of bud off to the side. Kenji sniffed the air as he smelled a familiar scent. It was the smell of his sister-in-law, Usagi. “If she’s here Lee can’t be too far behind. I swear those two are tied together…” He shook his head as he spoke to himself in a volume that couldn’t be heard over the loud music. Kenji then looked over and saw a huge crowd of people egging something on which looked somewhat fun but he didn’t really care for it. Kenji then turned his eyes back towards Naomi. “So, Nao, humor me.” He gave her a curious look. “What happened to me? I can’t remember a damn thing after homeroom.” He shook his head in shame a bit.

[1/13/2016 10:05:30 PM | Edited 10:06:29 PM] Ruji Aka "That Nigga" Yamato: Ruji glanced over to Moena When she asked him if he drives" Obviously haha" Ruji would reply. Adjusting his mirrors and what not putting his seatbelt on. Ruji would have then started the car, its engine roaring to life. The outside of the car still needed some work but internally the car was almost top class though make no mistake it wasnt some overly fast car that goes mach 6 with a bunch technological advancements partly cause Ruji couldnt afford it but the other being the fact that Ruji simply preferred it that way he liked the classic muscle cars over the newer complicated toys they make now. Ruji would have then pulled out of the schools parking lot driving down the streets of District one and grabbing a CD out and putting it inside the radio ( ) Ruji would have Suddenly floored the petal his camaro tires spinning out before the car jerked foward and Ruji would have smiled ",Hope your not scared to go fast" he'd yell out while he weaved in and out of traffic  cars beepingna him as he cut them off and switched lanes even driving in the opposite lane to go around people , that is until his saw the cops coming up to a light aead of him and Ruji would have then Began to decrease in speed coming to a hard stop and quickly hitting side streets getting out the area just in case the cops happened to see him speeding before hand. After a while when Ruji was sure that they hadnt tried to follow him he'd easy off the gas and began to drive normally again "well guess thats wat happens when you try to show off hhaha oh and sorry bout earlier some stuff went down at the school and you passed out so I brought you back to my place since I didn't know where you lived and what not" he'd say and was about lick her face again though restrained himself he figured he probably tortured has enough as it is"Anyeay you can turn pn something on the radio if you want long as it is gay or some soft as music" hed say turning left at the light rather or not she did didnt really matter to Ruji but he thought hed be nice. Eventually they'd reach the docks where the party was absolute bumping and cars were piled up everywhere Ruji parking his in the mix before stepping out of his car and immediately turningnto his left seeing a football flying his way and he'd catch it at the last second and look to see who threw it and of course it had Been Ryan would would have been yelling across the sea of cars for him to come over there Ruji throwing the football across to Ryan and close his door, Jogging over to his friends and leaping into the air shoulder bumping each other all of them laughing and talking about the party and shit for a moment before Ruji said he'd catch up with them later snd went inside the building the lights and music punching him in his face as he made his way through the crowd looking back to see if Rainbows had followed him or not ethier way hed walk over to get himself a drink and would have spotted Naomi and some other dude from Class talking and Ruji would have made his way over to them and would have drawn his arm back and smacked Naomi on the ass Hard as fuck the impact making a loud Pow! noise and Ruji would have slung his arm over her shoulder before attempting to grab the beer out her hand and takingna few sips "leave it to you to get drinks and shit haha gotta admit though im surprised if I didnt know any better I'd actually think you were a girl dressed like this" hed say joking around before moving off her and looking at the other guy sticking his arm out to shake up with him "Sup Names Ruji"-..

[1/13/2016 10:43:35 PM] OG bottom bitch: Moena rolled her eyes as he answered her smartly. "Obviously haha." She flopped down in the seat and bucked herself in, "Haha I mean legally ass." She snapped back at him.As Ruji pulled out into the street and floored the car. As the tires screeched to life and the car flew into the street Moena smirked as Ruji spoke "Hope your not scared to go fast." She shook her head and answered him like a smart ass. "Hope you aren't scared to drive fast." She was mildly amused as they almost became the 8 o'clock high speed chase but Ruji lost them fairly quickly. "Well guess that's what happens when you try to show off hhaha oh and sorry bout earlier some stuff went down at the school and you passed out so I brought you back to my place since I didn't know where you lived and what not" Moena giggled and looked at him. "Dan and here I thought it was because I was pretty." She teased him. He put on music, and turned it up Moena leaned back in her seat and gazed out the window, her blue eyes watching as the city flickered past them in flashes of lights as Ruji bobbed and weaved through traffic. "Anyway you can turn on something on the radio if you want long as it is gay or some soft as music" Moena left the radio alone she rather enjoyed the music on now. As they reached the docks Ruji parked and Moena got out, he started to mingle with his friends catching footballs and talking, Moena wandered off to find her friends. Moena looked down at her outfit and realzied Ruji actually had done a pretty good job of picking out an outfit. ( ) She found her friends inside, towards the back as she huddled up with them like usual. To Meona, sounds and lights didn't bother her, the deafening noise was normal for her. She was giggling with her friends. As they talked a few guys made their way over to the group, and they began hitting on the girls of the group. One of them came over and slung his arm over Moena's shoulder. "Hey cutie, I like your hair." Moena ran her hands through her hair and blushed. It was currently out and hung lose around her shoulders, like pink sugar. She looked up at him and smiled. "Thanks." He smiled down at Moena and grabbed her hand lightly and began to pull her across the floor to where the beer was. "Let's get a drink" he said to her, she nodded and followed him. As they reached it he grabbed two beers for them Moena shook her head no. "I dont drink..." she mumbled, "Shame he replied as he opened his beer and took a long drink from it. "So you only here with some friends?" Moena looked away and rubbed the back of her neck. "Yeah I guess.." she trailed off.


[1/14/2016 10:31:40 AM] Gri Gri: Naomi watched Kenji closely to examine his reactions to her words...he seemed genuine about it but you never knew with wolves after all. “Of course, I mean we’re all we got.” To this she nodded slowly, eyeing him a bit before letting a smile return to those pretty features. "Uh-huh. Couldn't have said it better myself..." She took another leisure sip of her beer, not much of a drinker to be honest but it was all for the sake of relating to these other kids...plan or not she still had an election that needed winning so killing two birds with one stone didn't hurt at all. "So Nao humor me..." Turning her attention back on the young wolfblood she rose a brow in interest. "Hm?"

“What happened to me? I can’t remember a damn thing after homeroom.” To this, Naomi started clicking her fangs together in thought, sort of a habit she does. "Ah...they said your memory wouldn't return for a bit thats to be suffered a traumatic experience. Far as I know...two warlock chicks got the jump on you. I don't know the exact details cause I wasn't there at the time they found your body. Theres rumors going around it was two females but as far as WHO...well your shit out of luck their buddy. You just gotta wait for it to come back to you, if it ever does." Suddenly a large smack assaults her ass to which she squealed, jumping slightly before elbowing the jerk who did it only to see it was Ruji. "Ooohh you're so lucky it wasn't anyone else. You'd find your head on a god damn pike!" Her beer is taken but she allows it to be, crossing her arms while the other young wolfblood places an arm around her to pull her close. "If I didnt know any better I'd actually think you were a girl dressed like this"

At the insult/compliment Naomi merely smirks and grabs him by the shirt to tug him down to her eye level. "Careful there Ruji. You keep talkin like that you're gonna get yourself in trouble..." Squeezing his face playfully she gives it a shake before letting him go and snatching her beer back. "I'm happy you're here though. Tonight isn't just about trying to get your dick wet much to your dismay...we're here for a lil revenge for Kenjis sake. If we don't do something bout those warlocks they'll think they can do as they please while we lay on our backs." Downing the rest of the beer she tosses the bottle aside. "It's time to bare fangs, boys." Suddenly a familiar scent picks up and she blinks, gazing about only to spot Cho not too far off. She makes an annoyed scoff, shaking her head. "Dammit of course hes here..." She had other things she needed to worry about, the boy was not one of them.

[1/14/2016 11:17:00 PM] Ruji Aka "That Nigga" Yamato: Ruji grunted a bit when she elbowed him in the gut before she turned around "Ooohh you're so lucky it wasn't anyone else. You'd find your head on a god damn pike!"  Ruji laughed a bit and after he threw his little joke at her he found himself being tugged by his shirt to her eye level Careful there Ruji. You keep talkin like that you're gonna get yourself in trouble..." she'd say before squeezing Ruji's face and shaking it a little bit and she'd then snatch the beer back from Ruji I'm happy you're here though. Tonight isn't just about trying to get your dick wet much to your dismay...we're here for a lil revenge for Kenjis sake. If we don't do something bout those warlocks they'll think they can do as they please while we lay on our backs." He'd hear her say before she downed the rest of the beer  "It's time to bare fangs, boys." Ruji then laughed a bit before moving directly behind her and wrapping one arm over her chest and the other one resting on the waist line of her leather black pants"True enough but Nomi you gotta admit it's not exactly a bad idea , you know getting a little wet" he'd whisper into her ear before nipping on it a bit playfully before letting go and turning her head to then left and happened to spot Moena across the room and his eye would twitch a bit and his face would suddenly get serious "I'll be right back" he'd say before walking off from Naomi and the other guy. He would have pushed and shoved his way through the crowd  of people straight over to the guy who was Talking to Moena and Ruji would grab his shoulder turning the guy around and punched him in the face dropping the guy in one punch Ruji would have then reached out and grabbed Moena by the back of her collar and started walking away literally dragging her off rather she like it or not, Ruji would have moved his hand from the back of her collar and would have simply slung her over his shoulder not even caring if she was fighting him Ruji would have walked through the crowd and up the stairs carring her over his shoulder and onto the rafters above them before setting her down onto her feet and would have simply began to walk towards and bumped her till either she fell over if she happened to fall over Ruji would have grabbed her leg and pulled it upward lifting her body off the rafters till she was dangling in the air upside down Ruji would have then lifted her up higher till her inner thigh was by his face and he'd open his mouth and bite into her leg only a few inches from in between her legs before letting her go to fall back down on to the rafter and he'd then reach down and grabbed the front of her jacket collar and pulled her close to his face and wiuld have stared her in the eyes for a moment clearly pissed off though suddenly a cocky and devious smile would have stretched across his face and his hand moved to the side on her face and he'd then plant his lips onto her kissing her rather roughly.-

[1/15/2016 12:27:08 AM] OG bottom bitch: Moena giggled as he told a joke and looked away from him to see Ruji coming over to them. "Hey Ruj-" she started until Ruji hit the boy with a punch, and grabbed her by the back of her collar and began to drag her off. Moena began flailing and thrashing trying to loosen his grip on the black of her collar, to no avail. "Hey, STOP! LET GO." She yelled. He must've gotten tired of dragging her because he flung her over his shoulder. Moena began kicking and hitting his back. "Can you stop?" She yelled as he walked up the stairs and plopped her on her feet. Moena dusted herself off and stared at him crossing her arms, she stood straight, and stepped to him. "What the fuck do you think you're doin-" she was cut off as he kept walking. She stumbled back as she put her hands on his chest and attempted to shove him. "Stop it." she said her voice shaking a bit. Moena tripping over something on the floor fell backwards and landed on her butt. Wasting no time Ruji grabbed her ankle and pulled her leg up. She yelped in suprise. "What are you doing?!?!" She yelled flailing again until his face was too close for her liking. She tried to reach up and stop him but she couldn't pull her self up. He bit into her leg and Moena screeched in pain. Whimpering as he dropped her she touched her leg, a clearly visible bite mark displayed on the normally smooth flesh. He reached down and pulled her up by her collar and she paled as she saw his face, it had fury written all over it. Then it shifted into a cocky grin and he roughly pressed his lips to hers, her small hands pushing against his chest as Moena kept her lips shut tight as she clamped her eyes shut. Moena remained stiff until he backed off, then she'd look at him confused. "Wha..." If and when he pulled away her face would be red like before. Her hands reached up to touch her lips softly as she stared at him. "D-did you just...?" she stammered out, her mind not quite comprehending what just happened.

[1/15/2016 12:30:25 AM] Darth Savagus: "Ah...they said your memory wouldn't return for a bit thats to be suffered a traumatic experience. Far as I know...two warlock chicks got the jump on you. I don't know the exact details cause I wasn't there at the time they found your body. Theres rumors going around it was two females but as far as WHO...well your shit out of luck their buddy. You just gotta wait for it to come back to you, if it ever does." Kenji took note of what Naomi was saying smirking to himself a bit. He was mad at the fact that he didn’t know how he died and that he died altogether it was something he knew he’d have to redeem himself from. Shaking his head then replying back to Naomi. “Two hunter girls huh? I’ll be sure to return the favor whenever I remember.”
Suddenly he noticed a male walk up to the two wolfbloods. It was Ruji from homeroom. Kenji didn’t know this kid besides that he was Toshiro’s son. Kenji smirked at him smacking Naomi right on the ass then speaking to him. "Sup Names Ruji" Kenji gave a weak wave then replied to him stating his own name. “Kenji.” Kenji listened in on their little conversation until Naomi brought up the true reason for this party. He gave a smug smirk as Naomi said it was a party to lure the warlocks in after killing Kenji. “I am itching for a little fun.” Kenji said in a low snarl tone of voice. His eyes followed Ruji as he went behind the young wolfblood doing some suggestive body touching that didn’t exactly go along with the song. He chuckled a bit as he looked at the two friends. Then at that moment Ruji would leave the two and trail off to a group of boys hitting on some girl from school. “Hm?” Kenji’s eyes stared at the situation and how it quickly escalated to Ruji beating up the poor bastard. As all the kids would start looking at the scene some even pulling out their phones and yelling different things. “Beat his ass nigga!!” “Yo my nigga Ruji got this!” “Woooorldstarrr!” Kenji simply laughed at all the chaos and brutality.

Turning his head to Naomi who had the beer in her hand he would smirk. “The guy is a character huh?” Kenji laughed a bit before looking at the beer can. He walked up to Naomi slowly standing a little bit too close in her personal space. His lips hovered over her ear as she could feel the warmth of his breath. A small smirk would crack on his face. Then with a tone of voice that was so sinister but also calm Kenji would say. “Way to sell the scene, obviously we can’t get drunk.” He’d give out a crazed laugh before moving away and leaning back on the wall and eyeing the festivities of the young.

[1/15/2016 2:19:02 AM] Ruji Aka "That Nigga" Yamato: As Ruji brought her up the stairs as he already suspected she fought and and squirmed around though Ruji kept a tight grip on her and when he sat her dowm she looked as if she was gonna talk shit though stopped when she saw Ruji approaching her and she'd begin walking back only ti fall dead on her ass and when he kissed her she kept her mouth close and whem Ruji woud have moved away from her a bit her face all red and hed watch her brng her hands onto her lips and she just stare at him "D-did you just...?" she stammered out and Ruji would have placed his hand in his hair "yeah I did" he'd say turning his face away from her his face turning a little red as well ( though he'd suddenly growl "though it seems like you still dont understand so I'll do it as many times as it take to get itnthrough that empty skull of yours" he'd say grabbing onto her arms and biting down and sucking on her neck leaving a dark mark on her soft skin, Ruji would have then grabbed onto the bruise on her leg firmly attempting to make it hurt a bit so that she'd yell out and when and if she did before she had the chance to close her mouth again Ruji would have pressed his mouth onto her kissing her again though a little more gentle than the first one and he'd wrap his arms around her back and push her tightly into his body yet his grasp would have been gentle and if she didnt resist him a second time he'd deepen the kiss all while controlling the urge to use his tongue while his upper hand moved to the back of her head and his other hand moved to her lower back , Ruji lifting her up completely off the rafter ( <-- it'd look something like that maybe a little less erotic) the whole time keeping the kiss going. Ruji deciding this time to allow her the the option this time as he'd move his hand from the back of her head if she wanted to break the kiss all she'd have to do is pull her head away from him and he'd simply set her down and walk away saying sorry and disappearing back into the party without a second thought but if she didnt break the kiss Ruji would have walked foward and pressed her back against the wall on the other end of the rafer on arm still around her waist while the other one slowly caressed the smooth soft skin on her thigh moving his hands up and down her leg and after awhile Ruji would have stopped holding back and would have stuck his tongue inside her mouth massaging her tongue with his own ( ). Though eventually Ruji would break the kiss and let her down on to her feet and would have placed his hands on the wall on both sides of her" Your Mine and nobody else is allowed to have you got it Moena" he'd say staring her in the eyes while his forehead rested against her own-

[1/15/2016 9:12:53 PM] OG Trevor Lockhart: As the party was going on events outside were also taking significant place amongst the world. For instance the fact that master conan had decided to scope the party out before hand apparently as stated in the plan it was a kidnapping. A kidnapping of who was a mystery even to the young warlock as he was to the rest of his “team.” The young white haired warlock who spent the majority of his time reading books, and becoming well versed in the knowledge of what the beastiary had to offer would’ve been stalking the stalker of his sensei this time. Now about half a mile out from his masters and this…”wolfbloods’ location the young white haired warlock had shut his eyes only to focus his enhanced senses on the conversation that low key ensued, which was mainly the wolf approaching his head master and supposedly catching him in the act. Unfortunately for this pup he’d find that warlocks even when told other wise, never truly travel alone and he was about to find that out first hand!

With feet and chi silenced by the chi principle of Horyu, the young white haired warlock would’ve parkured across the rooftops that fell before him before he’d extend his right hand! He wanted to grunt and yell but it was too soon to do any of that! On his skin was a special powder that completely downed and made his scent vanish into thin air rendering him odorless to the savage beast of the night, this one in particular. As he finally made his way to the same rooftop the young white haired Warlock would’ve had a bright white flash appear in his hand, before a giant buster like blade appeared and he’d swing the blade over his head! “DIE YOU FLEA RIDDEN MUTT! SUNSHINE SLASH!!!”

The young white haired Warlock used his signature attack Sunshine Slash! The Sunshine Slash is Zack's signature sign spell he uses from what he learned from Alec in class. Zack wasn't very good with manipulating signs without the usage of a sword, which actually increases the potency of the spell if casted with an object. Zack as such is more comfortable shooting the attack from his sword like a beam slash. It has the same effects as the original spell, even though Zack calls it a completely different name. Master Coxin theorizes that somewhere down the line, Zack must've already had traces of the Mutagen in his body to even be able to abbreviate a sigil sign like that. This attack is very potent, and can be used with the special properties of Zack's sword to make for an even more devastating impact. Generating high-temperature light chi/dark chi, the practitioner discharges it from one or both hands. The practitioner generates and fires an orb the color of gold on his/her palm or finger. The orb can be small, medium, or large, depending on the level of power being used. The destructive power released by the blast can vary between a simple explosion to a pillar of energy, and in both instances, the spell causes concussive as well as burn damage.  It is one of the mid-level Sigil Sign spells as well as one of the common spells taught at the School of The Phoenix. It tends to be many Warlock’s default offensive spell, for both those well versed and not well versed in Sign. However, the spell does not necessarily have to be used for offensive purposes, and can be used as a source of light in dark places This is the highest and most basic spell a warlock can learn, often able to chain it in with other spells for variation effects.

The young warlock swung his blade from over head and shot out a giant yellow arch of energy from his blade! The singular arch split into three separate arches that would’ve all been 10 feet in height and 5 feet wide! If the energy would’ve connected with the wolfblood he would’ve found that the young warlock’s destructive chi was potent as he could’ve potentially been completely obliterated into nothing as the chi would’ve eaten away at his mandarins and matter in general! Completely wipping him from existence and unleashing a yellow pillar of energy in it’s aftermath! If it was dodged the result would’ve been it hitting the edge of the rooftop and Smokey like chalk substance filing the entirety of the rooftop! The young white haired Warlock landing on the ground in a squat before holding his sword out in front of him with both hands on it’s giant handle! The blade was silver in color and looked like it should’ve weighed a tone of weight but it did so the opposite! The young warlock stood there tightening his grip and glaring with silver eyes. Even had the wolfblood made move to run or hide, the young warlock dawning on a black leather jacket with two crosses, one on each arm, a white shirt underneath, white pants, and black timberland boots would’ve stayed vigilant. His spikey silver hair fluttering from the rushing wind of his attack as he looked left and right. “I tailed you as ordered head master! Proceed with the plan I’ll hold this fleabag off until otherwise!”

[1/15/2016 9:47:13 PM] OG bottom bitch: "Yeah I did" he said as Moena kept her fingers on her lips as she backed up him slightly. She tried not to laugh at him as he blushed, although way less so than she was at the moment. Moena jumped as he growled at her, "Though it seems like you still dont understand so I'll do it as many times as it take to get it through that empty skull of yours." Her crystal blue eyes clouded with confusion as she tilted her head slightly "Wha-" she was cut off by him grabbing her arms and biting into her neck yelping Moena's hands grabbed his shirt tightly "Stop..." she whimpered as he pulled his mouth away from her neck and left a large bruise and a bite mark. Moena looked up at him and rubbed her neck. "That hurt..." she blushed panting softly she looked up at him softly. She felt his hand on her leg as she tightened her grip on his shirt. Suddenly she felt a pain in her leg that cause her to yelp in pain, and before she knew what was going on Ruji's mouth was on her again but this time it was softer than before. She gave in and wrapped her arms around his neck tangling her hands in his hair, as his arms slid around her small frame pulling her close to him. She pulled away for a seconf to look up at him and mutter his name "Ruji..." before he began backing her up to the wall. As her back hit the hard wall she gasped and bit his lip light as his hand caressed her upper thigh. After a few mintues, or hours....Moena lost track of time Ruji pushed his tounge into her mouth and she allowed him in. Becoming bold Moena shyly bit his lip again harder this time. As he pulled away Moena looked up at him slightly panting and her face flushed, "Your Mine and nobody else is allowed to have you got it Moena." She nodded softly, her chest rising and falling quickly as their foreheads touched, she leaned up and bit his lower lip again lightly. "Alright." She breathed into his ear before smiling softly.


[1/16/2016 7:31:33 PM] Ruji Aka "That Nigga" Yamato: Ruji would have felt her arms around his neck, feeling her tiny little hands threading through his hair and when he lifted her up into the air she pulled away briefly and mutter his name out and as he continues to kiss her, he could feel her biting down on his lower lip a few times which got him going and when he pulled away and told her that she was his she'd lean forward and bite his lips again before simply saying "Alright" into his ear and Ruji's grip on her body would have got tighter and he'd slid his tongue up and down the side of her neck while lowering her down to the rafter his hands grabbing onto the jacket she was wearing and though he just randomly gave her some clothes he had admit to himself he did a good as job in picking them out he thought as he began sliding the jacket down and off her body , his lips finding her once again while his hands caressed the smooth soft skin on her hips and he'd kiss her a little more roughly leaning into the kiss more while attempting to put her onto her his lap ( ) while he kissed her his tongue moving around inside of her mouth amd his hands started to explore her body his left hand sliding up her waist and up the curves of her body till his hand stopped right under her breast pushing it upwards a little bit and his right hand sliding down from her waist and onto her outter thigh squeezing firmly onto it though not enough to where I'd hurt but more like a massage, his right hand then moving to her inner thigh gently massaging her leg moving closer and closer to her more...well uhm her more sensitive spot in between her legs stopping just short Ruji breaking the kiss of for a quick second and then kissing her some more as if he didnt want to stop but did anyway a long strand of salvia forming from his tongue and her mouth before breaking off ( )" If you want  me to stop just punch me in the face hard as you can alright" he'd say pressing his thumb onto his jawline." Make sure its a good shot otherwise I wont believe you really want me to stop" he'd say not even waiting for her to give answer and just went back to kissing her while his hand moved to the underside of her shirt and began to pull it upwards Which if she let him Ruji would break the kiss again and slid the black top off of her body tossing it behind him the shirt barely landing on the rafter instead of falling onto the floor below Ruji sucking and lightly biting on her shoulder while his hands worked to undo her bra which he'd remove from her as well before kissing her somemore his hands gripping onto the soft mounds of flesh his hands squeezing and moving them around a bit while he moved his thumbs over her nipples-

[1/16/2016 8:06:17 PM] Darth Savagus: (

“DIE YOU FLEA RIDDEN MUTT! SUNSHINE SLASH!!!” Lee’s ears perked the second he heard someone yell from overhead, this caused his eyes and head to instantly turn towards the source of the knows. His eyes stared at the Warlock with the giant sword in his hand. Lee knew it was go time at that moment and seeing the sword he was right in his element. The yellow energy attack was coming straight for the Alpha wolf and fast! Lee quickly got into his stance then once he saw that the arc broke into he knew exactly what he was going to do.

Quickly putting his chi into lower body Lee contracted his knees then when the arcs were about ten feet away from him he’d quickly extend his knees and his feet pushing himself off the ground leaping in between the arcs just barely dodging them. The force of his jump was strong enough to leave cracks upon the surface of the rooftop. As Lee spiraled between the arcs of death he’d pull out both of his katanas from his back letting the metallic sound of the blade exiting the sheaths echo throughout the night. Lee came back landing on his feet as he looked at the boy talking to what appeared to be the warlock master.

“I tailed you as ordered head master! Proceed with the plan I’ll hold this fleabag off until otherwise!” Lee’s right eye started to twitch a bit from the name calling which showed through his skin tight mask. “That’s big talk coming from someone who dyes their hair in cum!” Lee came back with the roast of the year right before he got into his stance placing one katana forward and the other above head. “Right…” Lee said to himself in a low tone. “Let’s handle this warlock thing right here…” Lee would then release his chi throughout his body then go off into a full sprint towards the warlock kid. Lee was moving at blinding speed which would be impossible to see by those with untrained eyes. Lee would stop about five feet from the kid before he would send his right arm downwards for a vertical slash ranging from the warlock’s head which was designated to stop down to his waist. If the slash was indeed blocked or deflected Lee would bring his left arm underhand and bring his blade towards the warlock’s mid-section attempting to dissect the kid just like a frog in science class. Lee’s eyes were trained on the boy and his movements would react accordingly.
[1/16/2016 8:40:35 PM] Zack Rogers: ( ) As Zack watched the wolfblood slip through the golden archs of energy he’d shot Zack simply narrowed his eyes as the ground was struck and the area became rather chalky in nature.  “That’s big talk coming from someone who dyes their hair in cum!” Zack’s right eye twitched a bit as he looked at the costumed wearing freak. “Son of a…THIS HAIR TAKES TIME TO MAINTAIN DAMN YOU!!” Zack shouted in a retort as he watched the wolfblood move! Zack narrowed his eyes watching him dart directly towards him at a high  speed! Zack’s Warlock senses allowed him to combine all five of them to create a pusedo sixth sense that let him perceive a lot of things some people might not be able to. That and this wasn’t the first wolf blood he’d tangoed with. When the wolfblood came into vicinity to deielver an attempted downwards vertical slash with his right arm Zack would’ve held his giant blade horizontal and parried! Pushing the bulky blade forward to deflect the first strike letting it trail out and when the second slice was thrown with the wolfblood’s left arm Zack would’ve kept his eyes on his opponent only using the moonlight reflecting off of his opponents blade to take direction of the slash. Zack would’ve shuffled his feet, pushing his right foot back and kicking back about 4 feet from  the wolfbloods incoming slash, letting the blade travel up its full arch!

That’s when Zack only took the half second he’d had to attempt to spin his giant sword around over his head in a helicopter like fashion. At this point he was now 4 feet away from the wolfblood but his sword was 6 feet long and he’d be spinning the sword at the speed of a metal blade fan on high! Aiming to cleave the wolf bloods head in two like splitting a grapefruit! If this connected the top half of his head would’ve fallen straight to the ground! However knowing swordsmanship goals, if this was deflected or dodged, Zack would’ve immediately gone into a frenzy! Raising his sword over his head, the wolfblood would’ve been able to see the blade morphing into a different form and in only another single half second, Zack would’ve had this new blade appearance overhead and have been attempting to repeatedly raise the blade over his head and slam it down vertically attempting to repeatedly cleave the wolfblood in half right down the middle.


This would’ve been the pure physical chi form of the blade. The blade on its own weigh s 800 lbs to a normal person, a weight that nears a peak humans lifting capacity and makes it difficult to swing around proficiently for anyone without training. When mimicking physical chi the blade can multiply its weight by two. So when struck with the blade instead of being hit with 800lbs of force, one is hit with 1600lbs of force. Since the blade can only be used with this method twice it can only be doubled up to 2,400lbs which completely exceeds peak human strength and would not only increase his cutting power but his striking force to that of a ton. Even if strikes from the sword are blocked damage will be done whether it be kinetic or exterior. Zack applying the physical chi buff only once to double the blades weight to 1600lbs! Meaning if the wolfblood did block these repeated vertical slashes he’d begin to feel his body, feet mainly, sink into the tile of the roof they were on! His entire body would’ve shaken underneath the sheer weight and velocity of Zack’s blade! Zack wielding the blade as if it weighed nothing, he’d attempt this overhead slam over and over, delivering each slash with a 0.15 second interval! If the wolfblood dodged and let this attack hit the ground even once, a large shockwave would’ve emitted the moment the blade touched the ground, sending him and the wolfblood backwards from one another by 10 feet! The blade shining as it impacted whatever zack aimed to hit.

Of course if the wolfblood countered correctly Zack himself would have to go on the defensive during this time. He was outmatched and outclassed far beyond his knowledge but he wouldn’t let that stop him from trying to kill another creature of the night. Zack being aware of his own openings would wait to see how the fiend would react.

[1/16/2016 9:14:20 PM] Darth Savagus: Lee watched as the young warlock was able to block his first strike downwards and which prompted Lee for his second attack the horizontal slash to his mid-section which was evaded as well. Lee using the momentum of his left swing to do a 360 spin with his knees contracted bringing him down a bit lowering his head that would send him facing back again towards the warlock. Lee was able to dodge the cleave to his head once he ducked and was now left of the warlock. Once he was clear Lee saw the boy was going into a frenzy swinging his blade at him sporadically. “…”

Lee brought both of his blades underneath the great buster sword in mid-swing. Lee with his enhanced strength was more than capable of holding the blade in place. Lee allowed both of his blades to grind underneath buster sword as he ran towards the warlock youngling. The moment Lee was close enough to the boy he would pull his swords from under the huge blade and whip his right leg upwards, head level, to the boy in an attempt to slam the front of his boot into the temple of the white haired wolf hunter. With the speed Lee was going and considering the warlock’s momentum of his swing Lee’s kick was almost sure fired. Lee however did have a plan if the boy did happen to deflect or block the attack. At that moment depending on what the was the kid’s plan of defense Lee would shoot out two chi tentacles from his back using his Twilight chi to wrap around a light post on the roof which in turn would pull his body back like a rubber band.

[1/16/2016 10:02:06 PM] Zack Rogers: ( ) As he threw his wild repetitive hits he took note that he wolfblood was literally withstanding every single blow! “Looks like I’ll have to double up on the weight after all! He’s a tough one I can’t afford to slip up here!” that’s when the wolf blood blocked a strike and proceeded to lean down and travel underneath it to Zack’s location! When he whipped his right leg upwards, his foot would’ve connected dead onto Zack’s temple! Zack felt an immense amount of pain noting that taking hits from Wolflbloods was never something you should actually WANT to do and to avoid it at all cost if you could help it!

The kick rocked the hell out of him, and made him let his sword go back up into the air with both of his hands on it! However this kick wasn’t enough to keep Zack down, in fact it wasn’t enough to daze him for to long, as Zack’s silver hues would’ve shot right back to the wolfbloods location. “Gotcha.” Zack spoke softly with almost dead look in his eyes. The eyes of a killer as he’d grip the handle of his blade! In doing so it would’ve began to have glowed yellow and swinging it with all of his might and power he’d attempt to slam the blade down using the Sunshine Slash at point blank range!!!


Weather lee had taken his defensive action to attempt to sling shot himself backwards or not, the positioning would matter since the slash was thrown in the period his opponents leg would’ve been lowering, as the speed of this yellow tinted wave of energy would’ve been tripled due to the blade’s physical form and force! The moment the blade was swung a large golden horizontal arch almost in the shape of a triangle with broad lower ends and a point, spanning 10 feet wide and 15 feet tall would’ve came right for the wolfblood! Had this giant arch impacted him he’d find it’s lacing with destruction chi rather painful as it would’ve not only hit and engulfed his being, but sent him skyrocketing 50 feet backwards in a straight bee line into the neighboring office building! The impact feeling as if he’d been hit by a bullet train head on leaving massive bruises on his frontal side and scaring internally to the muscles that rest on the frontal side of the body. Crashing through the cubicles, office chairs, and decorations! Zack made specifically sure to fire this arch at the wolfblood during his motion to lower his leg after kicking to increase it’s critical hit effectiveness! To dodge would require a very wide arching motion to clear the distance in such a short amount of time at something moving the speed of a desert eagle bullet.

Had it connected properly Zack would’ve had a bruise on his face, wincing a bit. “I forgot how hard you mutts actually hit! I knew I should’ve wore my Warlock outfit! Never the less…I will kill you on this night beast. Count on it.” Zack’s grip on the blade tightened as he held it carefully.


[1/16/2016 11:21:28 PM] Micheal Allen: He would have shaken his head when Cho approached him. " I drink alot of water, i watch a lot of music videos, dance dance revolutionary is good to annnnnnd its a great way to stay in shape. " He would have said joking back, before he turned his head over...( ) her voice would have chimed out all of the other noise in the room for a brief second as he zoned in to her words. The sweet tinder frequency gave a light tickling humm to her overly acute sense of hearing. " So, you can dance ? Those were some sick moves. " Swallowing his spit he would have turned his head back over to Cho and then over to Zane. Say something stupid! And not about your grandmother this time! " H-Hi Zane. " Good... Your doing good " Haha, thanks. I don't know where it came from honestly. I've never really... danced a day in my life. " Keep it up! " You look really nice... Zane. " He said nodding his head. " Oh! Uh, yeah you guys didn't meet earlier did you? Zane, this is uh... my Best-Friend Cho Kiryu. He's gonna be the future captain of the Karate Club. " He said looking at Cho out of the corner of his eye before he'd rub the back of his head smiling from ear to ear. You did good dick face. You did good...Maybe she doesn't even remember the whole Grandma tucks in thing Mike said to himself from within the depths of his mind. By this time Yuki had shown face. He would have blinked a few times before he nodded his head as well. Suddenly... he felt a shift in the air and he'd side step, pulling his arms over to Catch Yuki before she'd fall to the ground. Showing inhuman reflexes. Blinking a few times not realizing what he had done until it had been over and done. ( Hopefully Kenji doesn't see Mike holding Yuki sure enough! ) Blinking a few times he'd smile before putting her down." Oh, Hey Yuki. " He thought she was pretty, but she seemed a little to spacey headed for his taste. She was a nice girl over-all though. " Try to chill on those Dance Moves. You might hurt someone falling over small balcony setups and stuff! " he said grinning from ear to ear before giving her a thumbs up.

( )


( ) " Damn it! " Conan said as he watched Zach from afar. "... You better not Die! " He said back to Zachary. "I'll continue on with the mission. " He said leaping over the building and slipping into the shadows of the Party. " Ninpo! Remove scent!" He said to himself as he did the hand signs needed and his scent was eradicated. He'd then press the cloaking device on his belt that cloaked him over as he began to walk around the beam of the party, looking for the only wolfblood that mattered tonight. 'The Red maiden...' He'd have found her, with the boy Tobi was tasked to Kill. Crafty dog that one was. But every dog has it's day. He'd begin to look around the perimeter of the club before he walked into the ventilation system. Slipping through the metal corridors.
[1/17/2016 3:31:37 AM] Ana: ( )

Yuki blinked and stared at Mike. He... Caught her. A look of confusion plastered her face just for a second before she became flustered again as he set her down. She gave him a small nod and waved at the group of three before she took off in another direction. Yuki couldn't help but shake off the feeling if uneasiness that she got from the inhabitants of this party.

Her sakura hair swayed as she walked, following the motion from her hips going slowly from side to side as she danced a bit to the beat of the music. When she sang, her voice was soft but at the same time powerful and well emitted over the boisterous sounds of her peers. Even the three Kings heard her from across the room.

All she cares about is money and the city where she’s from
I'm a sip until I feel it; I'm a smoke until it's done
I don't really give a fuck; my excuse is that I'm young
And I'm only getting older,somebody should've told her

Cause I'm on one
Fuck it I'm on one,
Oh yeah...
Cause I'm on one
Fuck it I'm on one,
Oh yeah...

Girl I'm lying, I'm on a few
Don't you worry this ain't new
Can we take this to your spot I'm on eviction number 2
Cause I popped one

Her glowing eyes fell onto Kenji, who he himself watched the crowd of adolescents do as they pleased. She didn't know why but she felt overwhelmed in his presence. Her mouth went dry and she found it hard to speak. It was as if something was holding her back from calling out to him; to beckon him to her. Though her mind said one thing, her soul said another.

Yuki knew well enough that they were from two different worlds. She didn't know what wolf bloods were, nor anything else so supernatural. Whatever she heads were things limited by her own mother. She got snippets here and there from her two aunts and three cousins. She knew soon enough that the truth of this world and what was to become of her life.

With a heavy sigh, she brushed her hair back behind her ear and did her best to rush past the living dead known as Kenji Tanaka.

In Other News

( )

The Three Kings have just finished their fall of business. For the rest of the time, they lounges in their corner of the party until Usagi felt a heavy pulse in the center of her chest and pulled her blazer and top to the side, catching sight of her mate's lifeline glowing brightly, leaving a burning feeling in her chest.

"Excuse me, ladies..."

Usagi took a quick whiff of the scent into the air and immediately found her husbands and along with.. Was that Kenji's and Yuki's close by each other? She shook her head and sighed. There wasn't enough time for that. It wasn't until she heard a crash and instantly found Lee's source of light, using her Shirei-Kan emblem and light warped to his area, only to find a strange young man pointing a rather large butter knife towards her husband.

Usagi tilted her head a bit and stood in front of her husband, her hands spread out from her sides. Her words fell from her lips like poison as she spoke towards the white haired boy. "Chotto matte, eh.." She stared daggers and Zachary and frowned before stealing a glance at Lee. "Ladies. You're both pretty, but before another hand is thrown, let's say we take this to a much less populated area.." As she spoke, it was as if Usagi's voice dropped down an octave each time. 

"We don't need any unnecessary casualties... Do we?.."

[1/17/2016 10:23:46 AM] Micheal Allen: GM: The DJ would have hit the record with a shift before he'd turn his head down. Grinning from ear to ear Alright everyone. Grab a dance partner and ready up for the quiet storm mix its all about to slow downnn He'd say before as he allowed everyone a few seconds to find there dance partners as all the teenagers rushed around frantically

[1/17/2016 12:35:21 PM | Edited 12:38:33 PM] Zack Rogers: " I drink alot of water, i watch a lot of music videos, dance dance revolutionary is good to annnnnnd its a great way to stay in shape. " Cho gave him a narrow eyes look. Cho knew damn well this man didn’t play DDR and he’d never set foot on anything that required any sort of physical movement or something similar. “…you taking drugs mike?” Mike didn’t pay him any attention however as he was now zoned out staring at a woman that had came his way. Cho looked over to her then back to mike, then back to her, then back to mike. Doing this double triple take a good few times before he was formally introuduced to the woman.

" Oh! Uh, yeah you guys didn't meet earlier did you? Zane, this is uh... my Best-Friend Cho Kiryu. He's gonna be the future captain of the Karate Club. " Cho laughed  bit rubbing the back of his neck. “hahaha I wouldn’t say all that! I still can’t beat Chun to save my life…” Cho would’ve been referring to the captain of the karate team currently Chun. He was the best there was in the entire club and even with Connor’s training Cho still hasn’t been able to best him. What was odd was that Cho only limited himself to Karate usage in the club so he could understand his own disadvantage but to be able to counter all of his moves? Cho at this point might barely be able to dodge a bullet on a good day but he couldn’t dodge one of Chuns punches to save his life! That’s when Cho saw a familiar flare of pink hair pass his way watching his friend Yuki make the scene only to fall! “Whoa!” Cho went to catch her but Mike had caught her first….

“…” Cho narrowed his eyes. “You got some…hands mike what the hell.” Cho stood up helping Yuki up and watching her go off. “Don’t’ forget my lunch tomorroooooooow” he’d cup his hands together yelling out to her. Cho then heard the song tune change as the DJ made the music playing a little bit slower this time around. Cho frowned with the corner of his mouth at the choice of song. Seeing everyone around him start to clique up and dance Cho didn’t really want to be  a big part of this process. As such he’d linger around one more time pushing through the crowd twords the opposite wall. Surprisingly enough he would’ve passed by two people that stood out to him. One of them because they’d had snow white hair, and the other looked like that one girl he’d had class with. He didn’t catch her name but as he brushed by them, his shoulder would’ve hit Namoi’s a bit. “Scuse me.” Cho only knew her by the scowl she had which reminded him of his sensei but still didn’t know her name. Either way he’d have made his way back to the other side, opening the cool and squatting down in front of it to start looking for a soda hopefully. He didn’t want a beer, Connor told him to perfect his body he wasn’t allowed to take in toxins. He didn’t have any special immunities and as such he couldn’t afford to taint his innards.

Regrdless of what had happened with the wolfblood when this white haired woman entered the fray Zack blinked a few times. "Ladies. You're both pretty, but before another hand is thrown, let's say we take this to a much less populated area.."  He shook his head to get some of the hair form his eyes, his sword starting to glow a bright yellow once again. it returned to the form it was when the battle started and Zack gave her a scowl. "Look lady I don't know who you are, but you should very much so be moving. I'm trying to kill a supernatural creature here. Shoo woman." Zack's grip on his blade tightened. "Or i'll move you myself."

[1/17/2016 3:48:54 PM] Darth Savagus: “Gotcha.” Lee’s eyes looked at the giant sword glowing yet again but this time the attack looked like it was going to be on a bigger scale than before. “Shit.” Lee pressed his belt buckle which was his own insignia as his outfit’s colors started to change instantly into a silver and black color scheme. This was the suit’s X Mode, this is the suits powerful form. In this mode Lee is able to move extremely faster and his attacks held more power along with his suit being able to take on more damage (Able to withstand high caliber bullets). His eye lens turn red allowing him to pinpoint key parts on a person's body that are weak and open also allowing him to have a faster reaction time.

Lee didn’t have much time for evasive maneuverers so he had to take on the blast. Moving his arms in front of him in an X format he felt the entire force of the blast which was enough to send him skyrocketing through an office building! Lee tumbled through the brick wall and rolled over desk and chairs until coming to a stop on top of a water cooler where men were sitting around telling jokes. Each men looked at Lee shocked and surprised. “Hey! I know you, you’re Blood Wolf. You’re the guy who taught Web-Strider, it’s a shame you got STDs though…” Lee’s eyes twitched as he thought twice about cutting the man’s head off his body. “I DON’T GOT NO DAMN STDS!” Lee growled loudly before taking his cup of water and dowing it through his mask then crushing the cup. “Fuckin Kevin…” He mumbled before sprinting off back through the entrance he came from jumping through the hole in the wall and back to the roof top where his wife Usagi was standing there.

“Usagi” Lee said as he walked up to his other half. “Got damn it WHERE ARE THE KIDS!” Lee glared at his wife through his mask as he lifted his index finger at the warlock. “Hold on one second buddy.” “Damn it, see that’s why the house is always a fucking mess, you always leave the kids alone knowing damn well they gone fuck up everything.”  Lee was talking in a low tone only the two of them could hear. “Besides, what do you think you’re doing putting yourself in danger like that? This isn’t no laughing matter these guys are serious.” Lee sighed depending on what his wife told responded with he’d turn his attention back on the Warlock. “Alright where were we?”

Lee got into his fighting stance as he would take off directly at the boy moving at blinding speeds once again. This time he’d be moving in a zig-zag formation making it hard to keep up with his movements. Finally appearing above the boy with both his knees bent and his katanas raised above his head aiming to send both of them down with a ferocious amount of power. With the added speed of Lee’s X Mode he was moving at deadly speeds making him all the more dangerous for the young warlock. If the kid did however block Lee would shoot out a chi tentacle from his back using his twilight chi in this time aiming to send the tentacle to the boy’s rib cage with great force. If he was hit by this it would feel like a hammer ramming into his ribs.


Kenji watched the party continue on as he slowly began to grow bored of the place. “Where are these damn warlocks?” Kenji sighed as he slumped on the wall and crossed his arms only to see that girl Yuki from homeroom walk by him. She looked like she was moving to actually avoid him more than to get from point A to point B. Kenji licked his lips a bit sinisterly before he used his enhanced speeds to quickly grab Yuki’s arm the moment she passed him only to pull her back to him. “Hey there.” Kenji gave her a devilish grin. “Aren’t you that girl from homeroom? Mr.Conan class. Uh, Yuki right?” Kenji gave her a warm smile before letting her arm go. “What’re you doing in a bad place like this? Surely someone like you don’t fit in this type of environment…” He took a minute to look at her clothes which were a bit revealing. “Nice get up…” He winked at her a bit. His tone of voice was both seductive and intimidating all at the same time.

[1/17/2016 5:31:22 PM] Ana: Usagi kept a poker face while Zach spoke to her with such disregard. The sword of his intrigued her to say the least. "Pretty rude of you to threaten my husband like that, and in front of me no less." She was about to take another step forward when Lee's voice rang through her ears, calling her name. She groaned as he started lecturing her about their two children for the millionth time since the kids could walk.

"First of all, don't yell at me! If you weren't my husband, I'd rip out your lungs.." She huffed and crossed her arms underneath her breasts and pouted. "The kids are fine.. They're with my parents."

Scene Change to the Tanaka Estate

Blake and Rin stared down at their grandchildren who sat on the couch and stared right back at them. It'd been a good hour of staying in this position until Rin broke from her hard exterior and tackled Nicholas and Aoki before smother the life out of them.

"My grandchildren are absolutely adorable!" Rin squealed and Blake still watched. Following his wife only a few minutes later to do a group huddle, Nicky hating the smothering while Aoki on the other hand fell asleep in her grandparents arms.


"I'll kill that Tanaka for violating my princess."


"Blake, shut the hell up. It's been ten years. You know damn well our daughter won't leave Lee."


"I'll kill him..."


Back to the Party

"Besides. I'm not an idiot; I know it's dangerous.. But what kind of wife would I be if I left my husband to fight alone if I know he's in a bit of trouble?" Her tone wasn't laced with anything playful, but with complete sincerity. This man was her life line as much as she was his. If he died, then so would she, and vice versa. The mating mark was nothing to be trifled with, and it burned on her chest. 

She could only watch with a frown as Lee stepped away with a sigh and went head on with the young warlock. For now, as would sit back and wait. Unless otherwise.

With Yuki and Kenji

Yuki squealed when she felt a hand grasp at her arm with a strong hold. She blushed softly as Kenji pulled we towards him and she gave him a nod to his questions. "H-hello. Yes, I'm Yuki." Both his devilish grin and warm smile made her heart stop in fear and fluster.

"What are you doing in a bad place like this? Surely someone like you don't fit in this type of environment..."

Blood rushed up to her cheeks and she swallowed hard as she caught sight of his eyes examining her apparel and figure, then complimenting her. His tone didn't go unnoticed.

"I'm here as a +1.. My mother is... Watching over... this party, but she's elsewhere talking business with partners who're on the same note as her." She gave him a wry smile and thanked him for his... Compliment. "Ah.. Thank you, Kenji-Kun..."

The sudden announcement from the DJ made her pout before doing a once over on Kenji and offering her hand. "Are you up for it? Or do you have something else in mind, Kenji-Kun?" Yuki decided to play  but with him, her tone becoming playful and teasing with him.

[1/17/2016 5:45:26 PM] Gri Gri: "True enough but Nomi you gotta admit it's not exactly a bad idea , you know getting a little wet" The brunette feld hands all over her and she couldn't help the grin and roll of her eyes. "Boy if you don't focus--" her ears nipped at and he turns her head. She gives him a raised brow, half expecting him to keep messing around until he says he'll be right back...and that was that. She watches after him curiously only to see him going to handle some douche who had his eye on one of the girls from homeroom she recognized. "Heh perfect. We're going to die because no one wants to pay attention on the task at hand. Awesome. Well I aint going down without a fight..." Grabbing for another beer she looks to Kenji who makes his way over a little too close for comfort but Naomi wasn't the type to be intimidated by her own kind. “Way to sell the scene, obviously we can’t get drunk.” His voice was rather deep for a boy his age but she merely laughed softly and turned her head in time to stare into his eyes. "Try to stay focused yeah? I need someone to watch my back at least..."

The party continued on and Naomi was starting to grow a bit suspicious...something was a bit off wasn't it? "Report." She began to speak in to her ear but before anything else Cho bumped in to her and the smell of him was so strong Naomi gritted her teeth and actually stopped what she was doing to watch after him. This guy was so god damn annoying and they barely said a word to one another!! Turning her head to say something to Kenji, she stops to see him talking with a girl from homeroom....hanging her head, she rubs her forehead and sighs. "For the love I the only one who is worried about their well being?!" She began to shout before stomping over to Cho who she merely saw as a huge distraction, tossing the beer carelessly aside. "OI! Do you NOT take a shower??!" Attempting to grab the back of his head the moment the cooler opened she dunked his head into the ice water, uncaring of drowning him or not. "Do you know how much pressure I'm under it'd be so helpful if you didn't just BUMP into me!!!"

Okay so it was a bit drastic to do but unfortunately the very scent of him was enough to drive the female insane and he wasn't even a WOLFBLOOD. What sort of backwards thing was this? She didn't have TIME for distractions like this she needed to get to the bottom of this but with this asshole just walking around the poor guy just ended up being Naomis punching bag for the time being...Realizing he was still under the water she released the tight grip on the back of his neck and pulled his head out with a smooth expression. "Oh right you probably can't hold your breath all that long..." Grabbing for a soda she pops it open and watches him with narrowed eyes as if waiting for him to snap at her.

[1/17/2016 6:02:17 PM] Serizawa:  ( )  "We don't need any unnecessary casualties... Do we?.." " Just one! " Said a voice standing high on the saltie dish on the rooftop his white hair flowing in the steady wind, wearing a long black and red coat with The Warlock insignia sewn into both shoulders. Underneath the Jacket he wore a red zip-up hoodie/vest, He held his hand together forming the the Moyasu Sign,  Just as he opened his mouth he unleashed wave of his inferno flame in between Usagi path towardS Lee and Zach. The flames would soon raise in an attempt to block her view from there fight but as the figure was still on tree trunk he would look over to Zach nodding his head towards him. It turned out this was Zachariah one of the Warlocks on his back would be his brother Tobi  double-edged, thin sword resembling a jian or a shikomizue, his sights were on Usagi and without a second later Zachariah leaped off the dish and once he landed he raced after Usagi once he reached her radius Zach attempted to send an vicous kick towards her chest with enough force to send her crashing off the rooftop and into a studio store. Following her he would crack his neck from side to side " How you doing?"
[1/17/2016 6:33:39 PM] Yung Lean Doer: “Oh snap ! This is getting goooood.” Zippy, hair resembled the holy books bush as it been victim to a wild fire. Only difference is that held a keen sheet of snow hue - his emerald gaze set firmly on the battle before him, as they’d been sealed beneath a pair of ocular lens.  "Pretty rude of you to threaten my husband like that, and in front of me no less.".

"First of all, don't yell at me! If you weren't my husband, I'd rip out your lungs..The kids are fine.They're with my parents."

Zippy would have had it all recorded. A devious smile crossed his lips; he smiled before allowing his camera to slyly hang from his neck. “ A Milf huh ? Master will surely give me a promotion for this.”


[1/17/2016 10:12:16 PM] Zack Rogers: Zack sighed putting his sword on the ground and tapping his foot on the ground waiting patiently for the wolfblood to finish. “Damn it, see that’s why the house is always a fucking mess, you always leave the kids alone knowing damn well they gone fuck up everything.”  The wolfblood was trying to talk low but Zack was a Warlock and pretty much had supernatural sensory beyond reasoning. Able to combine them effortlessly to detect things around his immediate vicinity. He continued listening in as the conversation began to get even more…interesting. “Besides, what do you think you’re doing putting yourself in danger like that? This isn’t no laughing matter these guys are serious.” Zack knew now everything he needed t know. He knew that this wolf blood not only had a thick wife but kids as well? Might be something to keep in mind for later.

The wolfblood reproached Zack asking him where they were. “Yeah…lets get back to that!” When the wolfblood began to rush at him, moving from side to side Zack’s eyes were moving as fast as they could in conjunction with his other senses to at least keep SOME kind of read on him! He had to do something to keep from being taken by complete surprise! Lucky for him the rooftop they’d been standing on was very VERY old as such every step the wolfblood made left a trail of dust behind it that proofed into the air and on the final leap that Zack had seen was rather close to his position his eyes immediately shot upwards to look and see the now white suited wolfblood above him with both of his katana’s raised above his head! “Nice Try!” Zack held the giant sword in front of  him, his hands on the handle and the base of the blade being towards zack’s right while the end was in the direction of his left! His blades clashing with lees as he was in the air! It was in this instant the other discount Zach of the group had come in attempting to make an attack on the wife of the wolf blood! “Good shot!” he thought, weather this worked or not, Zack would’ve then felt something connect with his rib cage! His eye winced as he felt the pain hit him dead on! His ribs made a cracking noise, fracturing slightly while not completely breaking! Zack felt this pain but he did have the advantage wielding such a giant blade!

Since Lee was indeed still airborne and hadn’t quite come down yet form their clash of swords, Zack would’ve maneuvered his master swordsman like hands, to tilt his body towards his right side, sliding the sword and bloodwolf himself to the right in attempts to not only smack the wolf bloods back on the cement roofing like a fly swatter to a fly but if this counter connected via the quick second timing of using the block and momentum as a go to, the spot beneath Zack AND the wolf blood would’ve crumbled in completely! The both of them falling inside of an apartment building! Luckily no one was home in this establishment as Zack would’ve landed about 10 feet away from the wolf blood being in the kitchen while the wolf blood would’ve been in the living room! Zack would’ve with drawn his sword letting it disappear before he’d take an MMA martial arts stance remaining in the kitchen. As he did this his fist would’ve emitted a bright neon green glow at first. “Come on you filthy dog! You’re little wife there can handle her own for a few minutes right?” Zack jested at the raging wolf. He had to admit he was in a pickle but boy oh boy would this be a story to tell if he made it out of this alive.

///Inside however///

"OI! Do you NOT take a shower??!" Cho furrowed his brow for a second turing his head to look up at the woman he’d just passed by looking exactly like his sensei for a moment with his eyes squinted. He’d look at the reader again with a glance before looking back at her. His voice then turned negro-esque rather quickly. “Girl if you don’t-“ Cho would’ve found his head dunked underwater! He didn’t even get to take a single breath to prepare himself as he struggled against her but she was strong! REALLY really strong! He was getting tired and starting to lose air quickly! This sucked seeing as how he already couldn’t swim but to be drowned at a party with high school kids in a cooler full of beer is not the way anyone would rightfully like to go out! That’s when Cho officially blacked out but the woman persisted in talking.

"Do you know how much pressure I'm under it'd be so helpful if you didn't just BUMP into me!!!” Cho had stopped moving. “Oh right you probably can't hold your breath all that long..." Cho had again stopped moving as his head floated lifelessly in the water of the cooler, his arms hanging over the edges and bubbles brimming up from the water all though they stopped shortly after. He was dead. Very, very, very much so dead.

Dead as fuck.

Hilariously dead.

Can’t get much deader.

There is no air in his lungs right now

This nigga is legit dead.

Unless medical attention is applied immediately

[1/17/2016 11:15:22 PM] Gri Gri: After her tantrum, she cooled down with a long sigh. "Okay look I'm sorry I didn't mean to be a bitch it's just been a pretty stressful week and I shouldn't be taking it out on's not your fault you smell like you do...Cho? Cho..." He hadn't moved since she let him go and thats when she realized...this idiot actually took in water in the short amount his head had been submerged. He was out cold! He ACTUALLY drowned from a very small body of water full of drinks....

Naomi took a sip of her soda, watching the now lifeless body of Cho, merely staring down at it...she honestly had better things to do than to deal with this but having a teenage boy die at one of her parties just wasn't a good look. Placing the soda on a table she took hold of black locks of hair, tugging his head out as water splashed about all the while dropping him on his back. Some people had started to take notice but she merely brushed it off and laughed. "Someones had too much to drink!!" They laughed with her before moving on to the dance floor with the DJ calling everyone over with the next song playing.

The brunette kneeled down and hovered over the unconscience boy eyeing him silently. "Damn you are pretty cute...for a normal guy. If only you were a little bit wolf..." Brushing some of his hair out from his face she leans down and places soft glossy lips to his very dead and wet ones only to blow in air, giving him CPR. Making sure to plug his nose before her hands find their way to his chest to give it powerful pumps to push the water out from his lungs, breaking lip contact just long enough to do a couple more pushes only to lean back down and kiss him--erm perform more CPR. After what seemed like too long if she'd done it correctly the water would find its way out and she watched it spill from his mouth but he was still unmoving. "Hey...hey you alive? Don't be a punk and die from a fucking cooler. So uncool." If he hadn't moved still she kissed him again to give him more CPR just in case there was any water left in his lungs.

[1/18/2016 1:27:50 AM] Zαnє: Zane grinned at Mike as he spoke to her. He seemed a bit more casual and laid back. She rememebered the first time he had spoken to her, it hadn't been so long ago in fact. The young man that stood before her seemed like he had changed. Her liquid helium eyes held bright smiles in them as she stood next to him. Her alibastar strands shone palely beneath the flaring party lights. She couldn't help, but see his subtle changes in personality and manurisms. He spoke to her again, " You look nice... Zane. " She heard him speak. Zane paused at those words. She batted her eyelashes and looked away. " uhm, thank you. Mike. " Zane laughed quietly as she combed her hair behind her ear. She tried to hide the glowing blush that sat on the smooth skin of her cheeks. She was failing miserably. Mike spoke again, " Oh! Uh, yeah you guys didn't meet ealier did you? Zane, this is uh... my Best-Friend Cho Kiryu. He's gonna be the furture captain of the Karate Club. " She looked over at Mike's friend. She nodded and tossed a smile his way. " Nice to officially meet you, Cho. " Zane tossed a friendly wave his way.

GM: The DJ would have hit the record with a shift before he'd turn his head down. Grinning from ear to ear Alright everyone. Grab a dance partner and ready up for the quiet storm mix its all about to slow downnn He'd say before as he allowed everyone a few seconds to find there dance partners as all the teenagers rushed around frantically.

(  )

The DJs voice boomed all over in every direction. No sooner had he made the announcement, everyone and their mother scattered all over the dancefloor like cockroaches suddenly being threatened by light. The song lulled into the room and filled the air with budding feelings of romance. Zane blinked curiously at the lot of them. She looked left. She looked right. Everyone was suddenly paired off in twos. Everyone. Zane stood awkwardly and held her arms close to her. She folded them under her chest and tehy cradled the curve of her breasts. She sorely felt like the odd one out. Being a new girl in a sea of old faces had its ups and downs. No one really wanted to pair up with the foreign transfer student. Zane did another once over of the room and saw that she wasn't the only odd one out. Next to her, Mike still stood. She hadn't noticed that he was stull there with all the movement and bustle that had taken place in the room not too long before. Zane giggled nervously, the sound bubbled like bells from the back of her throat. Her celtic speak weaved its way through her words, " Usually I'd let the guy does this sort of thing, but " She slid her fingers in the palm of Mike's hand. She was surprised at how his hand felt on her own. It was . . . nice. She hoped the dark haired male wouldn't have rejected her offer. " For you, I'll make an exception. " The corners of her lips curved upwards into a smile. It was genuine and sweet. Different than before. Something not many people were able to witness. And as the song played it's mellow time, the delicate beauty with hair shaded ash placed her empty hand on Mike's shoulder. Her ivory cheeks foolishly burned a vibrant rose.

[1/18/2016 2:07:20 PM] Zack Rogers: Cho would’ve been completely unconscious unware of any and everything that was going on at this very moment in time. He was out like a light. However as he lay there not breathing in any kind of way. However he began to see a light and his consciousness was beginning to flow back in slowly but surely. “Ngh.” He said to himself in his mind. He’d heard people laughing at him…why were they laughing at him? Why were they…”TH-THUMP” Cho heard his heart beat one good time. “TH-THUMP.” He heard it beat another time. “I’m not dead?” He spoke in his mind. After which he felt something soft against his lips…brushing against them. It felt…nice. Soothing. Something so soft like a rose pedal. The feeling disappeared for a moment.

"Hey...hey you alive? Don't be a punk and die from a fucking cooler. So uncool."

The soft feeling came back and Cho began to feel air in his lungs. His eyes busted open only to see the girl who’d drowned him giving him CPR?! Cho furrowed his brows and when she’d have pulled away form him again he’d spit the water from his lungs directly on her face. Cho would’ve then sat himself up on his hands, shouting with an agitated anger. “Next time you drown someone don’t’ save them afterwards you fucking dick!.” Cho stood himself up, brushing himself off continuing to yell at her. “I could’ve died! Cause I stink? You fucking lunatic what the hell is your problem?!” Cho would’ve shaken his head, rubbing the back of his neck. “Fuck outta here and fuck this party. Stupid –“ Cho would’ve walked off grumbling under his breathe. The bitch almost got him KILLED! He was legally dead for a few minutes who the hell just does that! Cho decided to go and look for mike somewhere to get away form the woman who almost took his life for goodness sakes.
[1/18/2016 9:59:00 PM] Ana: ( )

Usagi blinked and basked in the warmth of the flames that cut across her path from Lee and the other male. Looking up, she'd have pinpointed where the voice came from and so her eyes fell upon a man with hair as white as her own... Weeeeell maybe a little dirtier. Her eyes had switched into the type for Aura reading. She grimaced at the sight of bile green mixed with a grungy shade of brown. And his scent.. Eh. She smelled better.

Usagi had pulled her pair of Shirei Kan armored gloves and spread her feet far enough apart to where she was in a squatting position and lifted herself up onto the balls of her feet and held her arms out in front of her and to the side.

Come on...

The impact of his foot against her chest made her grit her teeth and frown, but fortunately, it didn't send her flying into the studio store like the bastard had wished. Instead she took its full on impact while digging the balls of her feet into the ground to keep up, only being pushed back two inches into the ground. Though, the moment his foot had even became within a centimeter of touching her chest, she wrapped her arms around him in a tight viselike grip and smiled at him, her finger digging into his calves without any sign of letting him move or go anywhere. Her right hand had moved down to his ankle, index finger and thumb positioned over the Achilles' tendon, her gloved hand's metal claws piercing WHATEVER THE FUCK he was wearing due to her surging chi into her gloves, the light emitting enough heat to do so, but she stopped the moment the tip of her claws on both sides touched skin. Should Zach decide to move, not only would she claw him, but she'd attempt to pierce the tendon and tear it.

( skip to 2:08 )

Should this attempt go through, Zach would feel nothing but searing hot pain shooting through his body with enough of an impact to make him pass out, but he prolly a sturdy nigga. Along with the pain would come the inability to feel or put any pressure in said leg, I'm going to say the right leg since it wasn't stated in your post, and should any pressure be put on it, would also cause immeasurable pain with the chance of passing out.

Should it not, Usagi would've dug her claws into his calf to keep him in front of her to continue to the next step.

Alright, alright...

"I'm doing pretty good. Can't say the same for you though after this." I timed myself on saying this shit. 2.46 Seconds in total. Moving on

Alright, alright...

Within a half-second of having finished her proclamation, Usagi had shifted from her normal state into that of the immediate sixth gate. Nine years. It took nine years to get to where she was now with the gates, unlocking them without puncturing her body, audibly speaking their names, and so much more. Within the release of Keimon, her light affinity would kick in during the time she unlocked the gate, unleashing a light bright enough to cause permanent OR temporary blindness that would last up to ten seconds on her opponent and three for herself. Why the gap? Within the nine years, Usagi had trained herself with Absolute Light. She had enough energy to generate her own light but being immune to her own move was not enough. She managed to cut off nearly 85% of the chance of self-blinding with the move while enhancing the strength of the light to where it cause her opponent to become blinded longer than before. Not only can the user can create a field of absolute light that blinds the targets either temporarily or permanently, but the user is also able dull or even completely negate the other senses. They are potentially able to generate light so intense it can completely obliterate objects in its path without heat.

Once more, this Absolute light move would happen within the millisecond in which she released Keimon -which took three seconds for complete transformation - and would last five seconds, in which Usagi would have attempted to blind and negate the senses - permanent or temporary - of her opponent for a full ten seconds, and three for herself.

Should he choose to move or not, which would be a BIT hard within the millisecond to dodge and the five second period of A.L., Usagi would continue to dig her claws in deeper into his calf. She had three seconds. During those three seconds, Usagi would've shifted into a position (1) where she would attempt to tuck his leg underneath her left armpit (2) and slide over to where her body would be parallel with his (3) giving another three second delay before following with an attempt to send twelve powerful chi concentrated kicks to his face within six seconds, having only sent two every half second. Basically break neck speed.

Simultaneously with her kicks, she'd have attempted to further wrap her left arm around the leg she held prisoner while releasing her right arm to follow up her attempted kicks with Tai Chi and Chi Blocking. Six areas were what she targeted.

Curling her hand into a fist, she popped a few fingers before ramming her knuckles in the six areas, in order, in attempt to stop the flow of chi: the great sciatic nerve, followed by the quadricep tendon, and both the internal and external saphenous nerve, the tarsal bone, and finally the peroneal nerve. Damage to the peroneal nerve results in a foot drop, where the dorsiflexion of the foot is compromised and the foot drags during walking and sensory loss to the dorsal surface of the foot and portions of the anterior, lower-lateral leg.

Of course the first six hits went in sync to the first six kicks, again BOTH are attempted. The following four strikes, in order, are: the femur, the patella, the tibia, and the fibula, each having been attempted with the extra boost of 25% Chi, the total impact being of five thousand pounds each hit. That's a full grown rhino making impact. These attempts also in sync with her attempted kicks.

The last two remaining kicks were when she attempted at another death grip on his leg and attempting to hook her left leg around his left leg, OVER IT, knee positioned on his knee while her calf wrapped around his. Get it? Got it? Good.


After the last kick to the face was delivered, the sole of her foot would have been placed under his chin. Following two seconds after the final kick, she threw her body forward while at the same time, pulling her upper body back with her arms in attempt to pull his right leg out of commission, while having attempted to break his left leg to where his knee would be bending in instead of out. Yeesh that picture does NOT look pretty. Should this all be allowed, Usagi would've been in a full split, looking down at Zach with amusement.



[1/19/2016 1:35:20 PM] Micheal Allen: ( )Mike would have blinked as she pulled him over to the dance floor. His shady brown hair would have shifted back and forth as they pulled into the middle of the dance floor. Other couples had been shifting back and forth along with the music. " I've uh. Never done this before... " He said with a low tone as he follwed her lead. His eyes trained themselves onto her own as brown eyes met brighter orbs. His breathing slowed... as he took a deep breathe inhaling her scent fully. It caused his eyes to slant, closing his eyes for a minute before he'd open them again. The strange energy had been fueling him once again, this time in another way however. " So... Zane. Odd name; Not as in 'Ugly' or anything. Just.. different. And your accent... kinda just flows with all of that. " He said pulling both of his hands onto her hips as he moved left to right with the music. His right arm pulled around her waist as he pulled her into him, taking the lead himself as a rush of confidence flowed over him suddenly. His heart began to pound a bit faster just from the very sight of her. Stilled hands trailed up her waist and up to the ample width of the lower half of her hips before he'd cup them in firm grip. "... "

A Loud ThunderClap would have echoed throughout the area. The thunderous blast was soon followed by the flow of rain. The Protected DJ Booth would have contnued to play the music while the party-goers continued there dancing through the fall of rain through the roof tops.

( Added Rain sounds to go with the music )

Mike would have looked up to see the rain falling from above his head, his breathing slowed, but he'd continue to speak. " Well... rain. " He said with a smirk his head turning upwards allowing the rush of water to drench him over. However... when he opened his eyes he would have seen the moon in full view as it glowed down over him and Zane both... "You really do look really gorgeous tonight." He says pulling his right hand over her hair to the left. Pulling it behind her ear so he could see the rest of her face in full view. " Sorry about earlier today with the whole grandma thing. I tend to freeze up sometimes when I meet someone... who just kinda takes my breathe away. " Wait what Tilting his head to the right he'd pull his head to the right as that strong scent hit him again. it was... enticing... like a Drug even. " You know... this is strange to say. And maybe even a bit to soon to be saying. But... When I saw you today. I thought you were the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever laid eyes on. And for me to be dancing with you right now. It's like... It's like im dreaming. I just... I just have to see if its real or not.." Mike, yo. What the fuck are you doing His left hand pulled to the middle of her throat as he took grasp firmly. His head tilting to the right as his eyes shifted into a bright gold glowing from his sockets almost as he pulled his lips to her neck, sucking lightly on the tender flesh before he perched his full lips into a suction. Sucking lightly on her flesh in attempts to leave his mark. Unintentionally marking territory... with sharp teeth opening his maw getting ready to take a chunk out of her throat... and kill her.


His heart would beat harshly causing him to grip his chest, cringing in pain as he tore himself away from her. Taking a step back. " Ungh...! " He said coughing and then picking up some random jacket on the floor pulling the hood over his head. " Get back.. I-I have to go..." Somethings happening to me... what's wrong, I cant breathe... it feels like my bodies on fire "I-I-I'm sorry Zane I have to go. " Mike said hiding his face under the hood of the coat, rushing out of the party he'd begin to run through the wooden portion of the area. Blo'Ro had been watching as Mike rushed out of the party, him and his gang followed behind him soon after which Cho would have taken notice of sure enough, but they'd have a head-start of course. Mike hadn't stopped running though, gripping tightly to his chest as he began to run as fast as he could. His heart pounding, losing himself in the dark depths of the woods.


( )

Pressing a button on his watch, the sound of Sirens rushing out towards the area could be heard by all. " THE COPS!" Said one of the Kids as they all began to rush out of the area as 5 'KPF' vechiles drove up to the front of the Warhouse, the kids began to pour out of the party laughing due to the excitment of running from the cops. But this had been all apart of the plan. Once all the Kids had been gone... Conan would have waited for this moment before he leaped down to the wet dance floor. His black combat gear coated in the rain water, pulling his blade over his shoulder. " Naomi Edwards. "He said pointing his blade at her, a gun in his other hand. " Your coming with me. " Conan said with the Ski-Mask and voice modifer. His voice sounded deep and shourded, hellish even. He stood 10 feet from Naomi with his weapon in hand as he eyed her from a distance. Placing his right hand to the ear piece he'd tilt his head to the right. " Zippy, fire them now. " " Roger that!" And before long all of the police cars would have began to drive around the warhouse dumping out this black substance on the ground from there exhaust pipes. Creating a full circle of the black powder all around! It was called Shadow Shade It blocked out all supernatural creatures from entering or leaving, so this ultimately would prevent her from leaving. Or for any additonal backup to enter as well. "Bare your fangz, dog. " He said pointing his large blade towards her. Gripping tightly to the weapon before his aura began to expand around his body.

[1/19/2016 1:47:02 PM] Zack Rogers: ( ) Cho couldn’t find mike ANYWHERE in the werehouse. Maybe he’d went somewhere else? Somewhere secluded? It’s not like he actually had a means of tracking the guy. After which a loud thunderclap had hit the ground around them outside, rumbling the entirety of the werehouse itself literally shaking the place up. Cho looked around a tad frightened. He was a bit scared of thunder. Some supernatural forces like the weather you cant just physically confront and call it a day…you have to face them at some point just like everything else important in life. “Mike?” Cho stepped outside looking around. “Where the hell-hm? Hey!” Cho thought he saw Mike running towards the woods near the werehouse. He’d recognize that figure anywhere even though it looked….different. Mike arguably looked a bit taller than what he was just a few minutes ago.

“MIKE!!!” Another thunderclap sounded as the blue lit flash spread across the area for a moment before disappearing. “Something upset him for sure.” Cho ran down to the area where he parked his bike, using the towel he brought in case of rain to wipe the seat down and put over it. Hopping on top of it he’d grip handle bars, starting the bike and revving it a few times before pulling the throttle and taking off! The bike zooming across the ground, tires cutting through the watery surface as he squinted his eyes doing his best to see through this torrential downpour! “Never drove in the rain before!...let’s just hope this is an off road bike!” Cho screamed loud as he cut the bright head light on to follow mike into the woods checking on his friend to make sure everything was okay! “Man I don’t see him anywhere…I’m doing at least 60, I should’ve caught up to him by now…he’s definitely doing drugs.” Cho revved the bike once more accelerating his speed even further and darting forth!

[1/19/2016 2:46:39 PM] Micheal Allen: ( + )

As Cho rushed through the woods, a car would have been ahead of them in hot pursuit of Mike. It had been Blo'Ro and his gang! " There he is Blo!" Said one of his goons as they pulled up to the crouched over Mike. He had been on his knees, with the hood casting over his face, breathing harshly before he clenched his fist.

"Mikey Mikeeeee.." Blo'ro said as he stepped out of the vehicle with the other 5 of his goons. He had a pair of brass knuckles on his right hand. patting the metal against his left hand palm over and over again with a grin on his face. " So, me and the boys were wondering. Just what the hell were you doing at the party... when you were supposed to be making money for our shoes? And on top of that. What the hell were you doing with Zane. She'd never go for a loser like you. " Mike remained silent as he turned his head up a bit. " Get away from me... Something's wrong with me..."

" Oh were all aware of your mental issues retard. " Blo'Ro retorted back as he began to walk over to Mike, towering over him with the rest of his goons. " Gotta say, your pretty fast. Should have used that speed this mourning. When we chased your pussy ass for two blocks. Get up you fucking lame, and take your next beating like a man. " Mike would have gripped tightly to the wet grass before he shook his head again. "  I said... GET...AWAY...FROM...ME! "  Mike said, But Blo'Ro would have busted out laughing with his goons. " So, your grandma? She's like... 80 right? pretty fucking hot for an old Bitch Once we get done beating your ass... me and the boys are gonna pay her a little visit. And give her the best fucking dick she's ever taken in her whore life.( ) " Mike's eyes would have lighten up as he looked up at Blo'Ro from his hoodie. " Don' about my GRANDMOTHER!" Pulling his right 'hand' across blo'Ro's stomach! But what happened next would have seemed like a blurr as Mike sliced open his stomach completely! The slice would have caused Blo'Ro's intentions to flush out of his body and onto the ground in a red pile. " Wha-.." Before he could even finish his sentence, blood would begin to pour from his lips. Mike would have then uppercuted his left claw into his chin, raising Blo'Ro back up into the air, as the hood portion of the coat had fallen back to reveal silverish white hair and a pair of two ears perking up from the top of his head. He looked feral in expression, and his eyes glowed a bright gold. "BLO!" Said one of his goons as they rushed over in attempts to try to assist there friend but it wouldn't matter as Mike slung Blo'Ro to the right, leaving him good as dead. His eyes had went into a frenzy as he rushed the remaining 5! They would have attempted to run but he'd slaughter them, one by one...

Blood flew, body parts were ripped off, throats slashed, heads broken. The blood lusted Mike murdered all of his bullies in a blind range. One of the thugs had attempted to climb up a tree but Mike would have leaped to the limb above his head. So when the bully looked up... all he'd see were a pair of bright glowing gold eyes, and a shadowy figure standing on the top of the limb before Mike finally lunged down. Pulling both of his claws into the bullies eyes and killing him after he ripped the top of his head off. The rest were just as easy to Kill... Mike would have gotten the last one, mounting over his body as he began to choke the life out of him. " AGGGGGGGGGGH!!" Growling in the bullies face as he let out a monstrous roar. Fueled with sheer animal instinct, he would have bit into the bullies face as he pleaded for his life! Teeth munching into his facial features. Strong jaws breaking his skull with ease. Crushing the entirety of his face with utter ease as he killed him with the ferocity of a blood lusted beast. Doing this last Kill had his face coated in blood as he tilted his head up and sent out a hellish growl towards the moon.

[1/19/2016 6:34:43 PM] Jay Solo: (

Lee felt the force of the huge blade collide with his own as small yellow sparks shot off the point of impact between both metals. Lee was indeed impressed that a kid so young could keep up with an alpha for this long but he knew his time was coming to an end pretty soon. Lee’s chi tentacle had made an impact into the boy’s rib cage but that was before the two of them were brought crashing through the roof into the apartment building itself! Lee’s suit absorbed most of the damage taken from the impact of the sword swatting him and the fall through the roof. Lee, however, did land on his feet as he found himself inside a kitchen, while the white haired warrior was in the living room. “Got damn it last time I crashed through a building I had to pay expenses. DO YOU KNOW JUST HOW MUCH IT COST TO FIX BROKEN BUILDING?!?!?” He growled as he shook his fist at the boy just before he noticed him putting his blade away and putting up his hands getting into a fighting position.

“Come on you filthy dog! You’re little wife there can handle her own for a few minutes right?” Lee slowly started to sheath his katanas while he groaned at the name calling once again. “I took a bath today thank you very much!” He said as he watched as his fist glowed a strange color which Lee took into consideration. “Looks like he getting ready for something…I’ll have to be careful.” Lee’s red lenses moved around in quick succession as he studied the boy’s body and his fighting stance looking for different points to where he should hit him at. “Alright…” Lee spoke to himself again before putting his fist up ready to brawl. “Let’s finish this.” Lee took off in a burst of speed which rocked the ground beneath the two. The second he took off he would also form two chi tentacles on both sides of his body utilizing his twilight chi. From there the tips of the tendrils would turn to clenched fist just as big as Lee’s. It wouldn’t take much time for Lee to get close to Zach, shaving off five feet between them. At first glance it would seem as if Lee was teleporting but that was just how fast he was moving. Once he was five feet from Zach he’d drop on the ground swinging his right leg around attempt a leg sweep towards the boy hoping to knock him on his ass. However as he did this the two chi tentacles from before would be aiming at his first sending two quick consecutive jabs about 0.15 seconds behind each other. The first jab would be strong enough to rattle his brain making him dizzy while the second one would cause his eye sight to go blurry and knock him out, depending on how strong his resistance once. Regardless of the fact he’d feel a great amount of force behind each punch. Meanwhile if the boy was to dodge the leg sweep, Lee would push himself off the ground almost like a spring bringing his right fist up for a destructive uppercut to the boy’s chin which would immediately cause his head to snap backwards. From there using the momentum of his upper cut he’d find himself in the air bringing vicious round house kick to the boy’s chin sending the heel of his boot into his skull with tremendous force enough to send him crashing through several walls. If he was to block even one of these attacks Lee would prepare himself to go on the defensive and go to block any counter Zach could throw at him.

[1/20/2016 3:17:16 AM] Zack Rogers: Cho would’ve pulled up at the scene but everything would’ve happened so fast he wouldn’t have been able to even…process it. Cho pulled up on his bike turning it to the side to come to a complete stop! He’d almost fell off of the bike itself. The brakes were okay…that’d have to be something to get fixed later on in time. Connor must’ve bought the damn thing used, even though he swore up and down it was brand new. Stopping the bike he’d step off of it slowly…just in time to see the last bit of the carnage going on in the middle of this dark and rainy field. Cho saw mike munching on…the skull of a human being? It scared him…sacred him pretty bad as he listened to his friend howl up at the moon like some kind of werewolf! Cho held up his hands slowly approaching mike. “…Mike. Hey man…calm down…caaaaaalm down okay buddy?” Cho took cautious steps towards his friend, twigs breaking beneath his feet and leaves crunching under his weight as he licked his lips and swallowed some spit from the nervous breakdown he felt he was about to have. The smell of blood was so strong even the rain couldn’t wash it out. He’d even see the entrails hanging from blow’s stomach and the feint smell of stomach acid was near unbearable. “Mike I don’t know what the hell you’ve been drinking or frankly what you are or aren’t for that matter…but we need to get you to a hospital or an animal clinic.” Cho knew this wasn’t the time to make jokes but I was honestly one of the only defense mechanisms he’d had right now at this point. He’d heard of werewolves before…Connor once told him about a squabble he’d had with a pack of them a while ago…the last names of them were on the tip of his tongue but he couldn’t quite remember. “…Are you in that wolf yakuza or something? Sensei mentioned it once or twice...can you…can you talk? Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth???”


“I took a bath today thank you very much!” Zack almost wanted to laugh. This one was a jokester, probably the court jester type. From what he’d been showing he was more reliant on his other power as opposed to his wolf abilities. In most cases they identify these as pseudo-wolfbloods or wolves who rely on other sources besides their latent abilities in this case what ever that color changing suit was doing and the tentacles he kept creating. Zack’s eyes squinted. Knowing he was out matched, knowing he had to fend this guy off for as long as he possibly could at least until Master Conan finished the mission like he was supposed to. Zack kept his eyes and senses focused on the wolfblood. He was taking his time and not rushing in as opposed to his earlier strategy.  That’s when he moved at those fast speeds again! “Getting used to that pal..” Warlocks specialize in adaptability in battle situations and so far the wolfblood he was facing showed he was very reliant on his speed and swordplay. His hands were a different story however as he came towards Zack with the intent of sweeping him off of his feet with a sweep kick! The kick connected and Zack went landing flat on his ass!

As he did, remembering his MMA trainng which the basis was to always protect the face, on his way down Zack folded his arms over his face in an “X” like fashion and curled his legs up to his chest, hitting the ground and letting out a cough, a tinge of blood leaking from the side of his lip now. The force was beginning to get more lethal here. When the tentacles came out again, Zack realized his call to protect his face was right as the tentacles connected with his forearms! Each impact itself hurt and brused the arms of the warlock, but the wolf blood would’ve taken notice that the tenticles themselves would’ve exploded at the ends that connected with Zack’s forearms! His destruction chi destroying them and rendering them simple useless stems with no ends which allowed Zack time to intercept! His legs unfolded, straightening out and now between the wolfbloods legs he’d attempt to spread them out and pulling his hand above his head in a hand spring like motion he’d spin off of his back, attemting to use a capoeira like maneuver to use his legs as leverage to this time sweep the wolfblood off of his feet instead! If this connected Zack would’ve pulled himself up in a kick up motion after completing his spin.

The very moment the wolfblood’s back hit the ground, Zack would’ve attempted to captilize! Cartwheeling over the downed opponent had his counter worked, and gripping him by the collar of his outfit, only to land his cartwheel and attempt an over the shoulder toss with the wolfblood’s body propelling him into the bathroom which was only about 3 feet form where they were! This would’ve caused him to be pinned against the thick glass shower door, cracking it and letting the pieces shatter to the foor! Zack tailing the wolfblood ravenously, would’ve stepped into the bathroom with him, his guard up as he’d attempt to throw a right haymaker towards the left side of the wolfbloods head, and knock his skull into the tiled wall! The impact plus the destruction chi would’ve torn the fabric off the side of his head and cuased his head to sink into the tiles slightly! If this was successful or not, Zack would’ve then attempted to grab the wolfblood by both the upper left side of his skull and the left side of his neck and repeatedly slam his head into the tile wall! Each slam harder than the last, eventually causing the top of the head to have a laceration and begin to bleed as zack would’ve kept up the slam until countered or the wolf went out cold!

Of course if the initial cartwheel to even lure the wolf into the bathroom area failed, Zack would’ve just landed on his feet, bobbing and weaving in place like a boxer with his hands up in a loose boxing guard but with open palms as opposed to closed fist .


[1/20/2016 7:36:13 AM] Gri Gri: Naomi would’ve blinked and tilted her head as the boy who’s life she just saved mind you, cursed her name and started to walk away form her. She looked at him with a scowl mixed with narrowed eyes, as if trying not to enjoy the way he smelled. “Tch…good riddance.” She spoke under here breath. That’s when her keen ears picked up on police sirens in the distance that seemed to surrounded the building but only for a moment. Her brow raised in curiosity until she caught wind of another scent in the room. Turning around to see  a tall white haired man pointing a sword at her face, with a gun in his other hand. The abrasive woman couldn’t help but bare her fangs a bit, as her eyes glinted a bit eyeing him down. He did ask for her to bare her fangs and that’s exactly what he was about to get. “I’m not going anywhere with you Warlock. You think you’re slick…I can smell the shadow shade in the air. You act like I’m going to need back up to rip your throat out…” she flicked her wrist out and claws extended form them. Each claw on every digit glowed with a blood red color as she roared out her next sentence. “BRING IT ON!!!”

Her canines in full view and her posture slightly hunched over as she started to run at the warlock glowing with an eerie aura to him. The only other odd occurrence was a metallic whirring noise, though she didn’t know where that was coming from and he probably wouldn’t either. When she arrived about 3 feet from the edge of his blade, a black flash befell her body momentarily before she disappeared! So one would think, when in actuality a black shadow would’ve appeared on the ground, looping behind the Warlock, only for Naomi to repeat behind him, out of the ground with shadow still connected to her body! User is made up of or can transform their body completely into shadows. Users transformed form can be either anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of shadow, in which case it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately user can transform into homogenous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other. The user can assume a 2D form, extend outward to become a larger shadow, blend into shadows completely, or even teleport through them. A snarl from her pink lips as she reared her right hand back attempting to claw the back of the warlocks neck, with four clean slashes enough to cut his brain stem and render him paralyzed and limp to the ground! If this didn’t work, which she didn’t expect it to be, she’d begin attacking him with relentless speed and power! Throwing a total of 6 hits his way: a left and right straight punch towards the abdomen, a left roundhouse, followed up by an attempted reverse right roundhouse towards his face, which connected to an attempted straight right kick towards his gut, and an follow up 360 spinning left roundhouse again, attempting to bash her calf against the side of his neck! Every one of these hits was devastating and enough to snap a bone clean in two, even with a proper block. Had he taken the last kick it’d be enough to send his body in a bone crushing tumble along the ground 10 feet, digging into the polished stone surface of the werehouse and knocking him into a few of the party tables while at it! In any case of a counter the red maiden would’ve been as prepared as possible…

[1/20/2016 7:53:55 AM] Serizawa: ) The moment Usagi clawed through Zach's boot and hit his skin the Warlock warrior had smiled as he pulled out his brother's sharp blade and pointed right at Usagi leg. If one was wondering why Zach wasn't hurt from the attack was because of his dramatically increased in strength, speed, reflexes and endurance, far beyond any normal or well-trained human. With his warlock training he's been trainned to endurance pain from all beast they hunt so he would still be able to use the said leg afterwards. But Usagi didn't know was Zach brother sword was also an umbrella, The umbrella itself is maroon, with a black skull painted on it. Aside from concealing Tobi's sword, the umbrella has other uses in battle: it can be opened to briefly distract the opponent and create an opening, or to stab him using its tip. In reality, the tip is a bullet that can be shot by pressing a button on the hilt. But Zach whole plan was for her to grab his leg seeing it was an opening for him to get her leg, anyway the moment her right hand had moved down to his ankle, Zach would pull the hatch unleashing  his 50 caliber bullet if this was to land  Usagi right leg would be blown clean off due to the fact he was so close in range the chances of this blow landing is pretty high due to the clean view Zach would have seeing Usagi was holding up his right leg allowing him to aim for her leg freely. So if this was true there would be blood lots of it filling the rooftop, " So lets try this again? " That very second her leg would of been blasted off he attempted to grab her thoart with his left hand with aiming to free his right leg the same time if this was true the female could feel compression of the carotid arteries and jugular veins which causes cerebral ischemia, and asphyxia. His grip was powerful enforcing his fingertips with his destruction chi to have his nails dig into her very neck which would cause blood to spill from her neck and with that second he attempted to snap Usagi neck. " Rest in peace you filthy animal "

[1/20/2016 5:26:20 PM] Zαnє: ( )

Zane noticed the shift in mike's personality. He was suddenly, different. Like before. She blinked at him as she felt hid hands rest on her hips. He was a bit bolder than before. Much bolder. She stared at him as he spoke to her and she smiled at him. " So... Zane. Odd name; Not as in 'Ugly' or anything. Just.. different. And your accent... kinda just flows with all of that. "  She nodded at him. He had taken notice to her accent, the way she spoke. Zane delighted in the compliments he was giving her. " Yes, well -- My family is from Ireland. My mother and father were natives and were originally born and raised there. Not me. I was born here in Kasaihana. I did go to Ireland for a long period of my life and live there. But recently, I came back into the city though. " She stared at him with gilded eyes and looked away briefly only to fall back into his grass green gaze once more. Then suddenly she heard thunder boom overhead and jumped in surprise. She hadn't expected that. And not to long after that, it began raining. The ivory haired beauty's laugh speckled between the two of them. She couldn't help noticing Mike's new found confidence. His arm tugged her close. Zane's milky cheeks flushed red. Her body smushed against his, her curves pressed flatly over his form. She looked at him curiously. The young woman could feel the pliant mounds of her bust cushion his chest. Her lips ran dry and she grew a little . . . embarrassed. Was he feeling her up ? She felt his fingers molding over the flesh of her widely spread hips through the fabric of her clothes. This wasn't expected. Not at all.

Mike continued to speak, "You really do look really gorgeous tonight." Zane looked at him blankly for a moment. To be showered with compliments was something that the foreign girl had not been used to. It was nice to have someone acknowledge her in this way for once. She looked down and closed her eyes for a brief moment before looking up again. All thoughts she had previously about Mike's current behavior dissolved. Her ears continued to listen as he spoke, " Sorry about earlier today with the whole grandma thing. I tend to freeze up sometimes when I meet someone... who just kinda takes my breathe away. " Zane stared at him. He was apologizing for being shy earlier ? Apologizing. She smiled sweetly at him and gave a small nod of her head. " I understand, " She said in a tiny voice. " You know... this is strange to say. And maybe even a bit to soon to be saying. But... When I saw you today. I thought you were the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever laid eyes on. And for me to be dancing with you right now. It's like... It's like im dreaming. I just... I just have to see if its real or not.." She stared at him silently. Her words muted on her tongue. As his fingers wrapped around the circumference of her neck, she looked at him. His breath was hot on her skin. It sent a shiver down her spine, " M . . . Mike ? " His name stumbled on her lips. She attempted to turn her head to look at him.

( )

Zane froze. Her line of vision caught of glimpse of him. The momentary gold glint had caught her eye. Wha -- ? She had seen it many times before. Those gold eyes. Zane was about to speak, but then his lips grazed the softness of her sugar white skin. Her body shivered with mild delight as he sucked on her flesh. Her blush intensified. What was happening. Something was wrong. Wrong. Not right. Definitely amiss. And that's when she smelled it. The scent. His aroma. It wreaked of wet dog.

Then suddenly,  Mike pulled away from her. He seemed frantic and confused. Zane blinked at him with wide eyes and tried to offer him a hand. He didn't seem to want any help.  Mike spoke in a frenzy, " Get back.. I-I have to go..." She shook her head puzzled at his actions. " Wait, Mike ? " Zane reached for him, but he wasn't having it. "I-I-I'm sorry Zane I have to go. " His voice was low and raspy. Zane watched as the young male jerked the hood over his chestnut brown hair and try to desprately put distance between the two of them. She stood there dumbfounded and started to piece everything together.  Mike . . . She thought to herself. And all of a sudden hell broke loose. " COPS " She heard someone yell. Zane looked from left to right as the high schoolers scattered all over in disorganization. " I guess I'd better peel out myself. " She murmured to herself and broke into a sprint. As she ran Zane tried to make sense out of Mike's actions tonight. Personality changes, his eyes, his scent . . . And as these facts became prominent in her mind her feet slowed. Teens were still running as if the devil was on their heels around her. Not Zane. She stared down at the ground with motionless steps. " Oh my goodness. " Her irises flickered from one spot on the ground to the next. " He's changing. " Zane had made a connection. Michael was turning into a werewolf. He was in a metamorphosis.

Zane shook her head and placed her hands on her hips, " Of all the creatures in the seven hells, " her Celtic accent bled harshly over her words. " Why this one ! " The young hunter made her escape from the party and fled into the cover of night.

[1/20/2016 7:35:53 PM] Micheal Allen: " Heh. " He said smirking before he'd nod his head. " Foolish girl. Shadow Shade is a barrier that keeps those of the Supernatural from getting IN Here. And Out. It's just me and you. " Conan said gripping tightly to the blade before his aura began to explode out from his physical form. Causing his eyes to light up from under his Ski-Mask that he had been wearing at the time with the rest of the black combat gear. " FACE ME Are you familiar... with Ninpo, Girl? Ninpo are the mystical arts a ninja will utilize in battle. To use a technique, the ninja will need to use their chi. To perform a technique, the ninja will bring out and release the two energies of Chi which are Yuki and Shoki. By forming hand seals, the ninja is able to manifest the desired technique. Because of the extensive number of hand seals and different combinations, there are thousands of potential techniques to be discovered. ONLY THOSE trained under certain circumstances can use Ninpo. " With his chi he'd pull a layer of lightning chi, using alteration chi. An affinity for Alteration means a person can change the properties of their chi to mimic something else. Similar to projecting ones chi, but different, things created via Alteration are pure chi. Alteration  is often mistaken with Conjuring things due to their similarities.

" I'll show you the true power of Warlock!"

( )
( ) A simple way of thinking about it would be that Alteration allows your chi to mimic properties of a substance, whereas conjuring something allows you to change your aura into actual substances. Alternators can copy the properties of REAL things.  instead of being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate the user's nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses to react faster, and to push physical prowess to the absolute limit, allowing for tremendous raw speed. The technique has different levels of activation. The level's activation is depicted by the users hair which stands up when the technique is activated to the fullest. The higher the level, the higher the speed the user can achieve. This mode, combined with already supernatural, allows the users to utilize nintaijutsu.

( ) When using the shored of chi at full power, it causes the tips of Conan's hair to spike up and his reflexes are said to be within the light-speeds. This mode also increases the user's defense's, drastically reducing, if not completely negating, damage from incoming attacks. Taking off on his right foot, he would pull his left arm back in attempts to blast his fist into her jaw! Before doing this however, he would have slammed his right hand into the ground! Causing a burst of chi to rip from the earth, charging towards her at 55MPH. With a shockwave rushing through the earth with the width of 14 feet, and height of 25. Making it hard to see him due to the mountain of ground rushing towards her! Once and if the second aimed strike would connect into her jaw or not. It'd feel like her body would have folded up like a lawn chair! All of her bones compressing and even liquefying as he showed off his supernatural strength! Only to flow with another set of five attacks. A right, a left, a right, a left, into her torso, and finally one more uppercut aimed into her chin in hopes of blasting her up and into the roof! Doing all of this within the time frame of 1.1 seconds!


[1/22/2016 8:50:26 PM] Keyo':
( )

Mike would have came to a halt as he turned his head over to eye Cho from a distance. His sights dead set focused on his best friend. All he could see was red, his vision was blurred. He could see the infered emitting from cho's body. He could see a strange flow of energy around him as well... He could hear his beating in chest. The sweat trickling off his forehead. And his lungs cringe and exhale due to the excitement all around the area. He blinked a few times before he looked down at the Dead Teenager beneath him. His face mauled off and broken, chewed into oblivion by the deadliest forms of teeth. This was Mike's doing, realizing this he'd stand. His eyes traveling from his hands and back to the carnage around him. "..I Don't know..." He said back to Cho, his face looked feral in appearance still but his glowing gold eyes would have shifted into the evergreen that they were originally. His hair and dog ears stayed on the top of his head but the hair on his head would have shifted back to there original golden brown. He coughed up a spew of blood as he fell to his knees and dropped over. " Cho! Weave CH-Cho! B-Bro I think I'm having an asthma attack! " He said gripping tightly to his throat, the pressure of it tightening to the point of cutting off his air supply left him in a frenzied state... this would continue until he'd finally pass out his body slumping into the green grass.


The Battle between Naomi and Conan was swift. The Wolfblood put up a fight but it hadn't been enough. The young wolfblood was beaten with a well aimed punch to her jaw, knocking her out with the single blow alone. Conan would have huffed his sword over his shoulder while scooping her up under his other arm. He'd toss his blade into the air catching it by the hilt with his teeth alone so that with his free hand he could do the Sigil signs to teleport himself to the roof of the establishment. " WARLOCKS!" He said to the others. " Lets Move... Mission complete. " He said doing the signs once more and teleporting elsewhere with Naomi Edwards in hand.

[1/22/2016 11:51:33 PM] Zack Rogers: ( )" Cho! Weave CH-Cho! B-Bro I think I'm having an asthma attack! " “Shit, you didn’t bring your inhaler? God dammit mike!” Cho would’ve still been a tad freaked out at his friends doggish features which were here not even five minutes ago…the look of blood lust in his eyes accompanied by the white hair just made it all the more dissatisfying to look at…but this was still his friend and he could not deny that fact even if he wanted to. “Don’t worry buddy, we’re gonna get you outta here I promise!” Cho walked over to mike lifting him up and tossing his arm over his shoulder. Walking him over and sitting him on the still running motorcycle cho straightened him up a tad. “Don’t fall asleep on me you here me? Stay with me damn you!” Cho buckled him in with the seat belt connected on the back. Cho hopped in the front and revved the bike a couple of times before taking off back down the forest ground. Passing over it’s muddy murky surface and back onto the grassy area of the warehouse before taking off down the road!

Cho had noticed some of the cop cars that had surrounded the building which only made him happy that he  got the hell out of dodge when he did or this could’ve been worse. The rain started pouring even heavier if that was even possible and it was getting hard to see! Cho was pushing 60 but at that speed, the way water over takes a windshield is a scary sight, so one can just imagine what Cho must’ve been doing , struggling to keep his eyes open through the massive downpour of water. “Shit, shit, shit!” Cho held up an arm over his forehead for a brief moment, only to keep one hand on the bike trying to stir it and keep it steady. He gripped both hands to avoid colliding with the back of a honda, and began driving the bike on the median of the road. A panicked expression on his face as he wasn’t sure how things were going to go here…he was scared. Could he even get mike to the hospital in time?? He fixed the both of them up with his atrocious first time motorbike skills getting them back into the right lane before sighing with relief, pushing the bike to 70 now! “Phew! We’re almost there Mike! Hang in there buddy!” Cho kept driving until he squinted his eyes thinking he saw something in the distance…in the middle of the road none the less. As they drew closer, cho cut the bright light on only to see a man standing in the rain with his eyes closed, green hair, with a fedora hat on and a matching suit. He had his hands behind his back, and his shoulders jumped almost as if he was…laughing. “WHOA,WHOA,WHOAAAA!!” Cho tried to pump on the brakes but the bike itself turned perpendicular to the road and began to drift on the wet sleek cement! Cho grunted, trying to keep control of the bike…but by the time he almost had it, two giant bright lights would’ve been in his face. He and mike had drifted into a four way intersection and an eighteen wheeler came right for the both of them.

Cho didn’t even get to make a witty remark. His senses deafened. He couldn’t even hear anything that was going on as the bright lights approached him only for everything to suddenly fade to a pitch black darkness in his eyes. The truck itself came to a stop a mile up the road, while other cars began to hit each other’s bumpers stopping to see the scene in the rainy middle intersection.  The bike itself had been totaled, the metal of the sleek frame bent and compressed to hell. The handles flew off god knows where and the parts of the bike were jammed into the front end of the truck itself. People rushed out of the cars only to see the two boys both Mike and Cho laying in the middle of the road. Both of their faces unrecognizable covered in red blue and black. Clothes tattered and various compound fractures in each limb imaginable. Their skin pale and their bodies quickly going limp…at least. Cho’s was. Mike unbeknownst to Cho had become something much more than  a mere mortal and would more than likely heal from this with time. Cho however for the second time to night was legally dead. The only thing keeping him alive was a pulse, that beat so slow he might as well have been dead on spot. Blood drenched his new clothing as his eyes swelled shut and gave way to the path of death’s embrace.

( ) On the other end of the spectrum, in district 2 there is always someone who is so full of life you wouldn’t believe half of the things he could do, has done and will ever do with his lively hood. These streets were patrolled by many but only one stands a cut above the rest. The web slinging, friendly neighborhood Web Strider swinging on his web lines in the rain, using his strider sense to guide him the entire time. His swing speed was peaking at about 90 as he felt something in his chest. Something telling him there was more danger going on with not just the area but his sister Usagi. The white orb glowing in his chest, as he made his way about 20 feet from the rooftop, and coming to the end of his swing arch, Kevin let go of the web, allowing his body to sky rocket forward like a torpedo! His arms close by his sides as he closed the distance of 20 feet in a fraction of a second thanks his velocity. In doing this he would’ve shot his right wrist forward…

Slow motion:: the webbing itself move at the speed of a bullet roughly and feels like one on impact. In his view was Usagi and some mysterious white haired child. She’d had his foot in her grasp but he could see her leg had been dismembered. Like a race against time as the white haired child’s hand went to grasp around Usagi’s pale neck, the webbing would’ve been a shy second faster, attaching itself to Usagi’s hand and wrist area. Kevin’s body soaring over the top of both of them, as the web line would grow tense and with Kevin’s forward motion caused two things: Usagi’s hand would’ve been pulled free and released the white haired assailants foot, causing her to be yanked into the air towards Kevin himself and cutting all ties with her. The second was that the white haired assailant would’ve gripped only air, Kevin so fast the man might have to double take to notice that Kevin was soaring through the air with the girl on a string. Kevin yanked his arm up, in turn yanking her up and caught her in his right arm by her waist, landing on the side of a building and looking at her with a raised brow. “I don’t know what’s going on here but you gotta chill this white light in my chest out yo. I can’t get a decent nights sex session without you being in some trouble. And why in the blue hell is your leg MISSING.  You look like something off an American Horror Story blooper. And who is watching the children?!?! See this is why I get on you and that damned husband of yours. I CAN baby sit you know, I promised lil nick I’d teach him boxing! You remember last time you left them alone? You were almost out of a house. That’s what happens when you get hitched with the guy who rapped you in a stall for Christ sakes. God I feel more like a parent than a brother!” Kevin facepalmed. “It’s a SCHOOL night Usagi COME ON!!” He frantically pointed at her. Let me guess he’s out and about fighting the good fight right? I bet you he’s somewhere on his ass drinking a beer and watching that stupid Blood Wolf Saturday morning cartoon they made. That’s why it only got one season…punk ass.” Kevin would’ve shot webbing at her nub of a leg to stop the bleeding. “Where ever he is bring him here, I’m taking you to a safer area. My danger senses are tingling like hell. Must be a lot of shit going on tonight. Glad your okay though.” Kevin would’ve slung another web with his right hand taking a different direction to avoid the white haired assailant and get Usagi to a safer position.

////With Zack//// " WARLOCKS!... Lets Move... Mission complete. " Upon hearing this Zack would’ve interrupted his actions (since it’s been like three days since a post too the fight was made) taking a few steps back towards the window of the apartment they were in. “Darn. I was having fun to. Guess the wolf pelt can wait til next time…family man.” Zack spoke ominously, pulling out a silver medallion from his pocket, and holding it up. It glowed with an eerie green color before suddenly Zack’s body would’ve vanished form the area just like that teleporting back to the roof of the Warlocks establishment without a scent or a trace to be followed.
[12:32:32 AM] Ana: Usagi was finished... Or so she thought. The pain of practically losing her right leg had her roaring at the top of her lungs while Zach had wanted to land a finishing blow, but something had laced around Usagi's hand and wrist in a tight vise and had ended up yanking her up, up, and away from Zach, only seconds from meeting her imminent death. Usagi had hissed and hated the feeling of flying through the air. It only frightened her whenever she would fall, but instead she was yanked up even higher, and when she fell, someone was there to catch her, and that someone being Kevin. Usagi brought her hand up to her chest at the burning sensation of light that flared Kevin's annoyance and exasperation.

Here we was, one leg less, and he was lecturing her. Typical older brother. She waited until all of his questions were laid out before answering them in perfect order.

"I got shot. Kids are at home with my parents. I do remember the last time we left them alone. And HEY. That guy is my husband and we happened to make two beautiful children who are your GOD KIDS, so don't complain."

Usagi gave a tired smile as Kevin reprimanded her Lee to her and shook her head. "Lee was busy with other matters. We managed to get separated in the fight, and that's where my leg came in... Or off..." She wiggled her nub and chuckled softly, but then her face fell. "Kevin... There's something big coming." Usagi had laced her arms around Kevin's neck as she clung to him and scrunched her nose. She had focused on Lee's light connected to her own and sent a pulse to where it was matching her heart beat to tell him she was fine.

"Nii-San... Trouble... Is afoot."

I had to.