School Night, 8 PM - It's all for the count, Blood, Pain and Pride


-  Tobi 

An exquisite emptiness featured by a mellow body; - fluid at it’s discretion but quite tampered in it’s overall appearance. A shallow fog of black eating at it’s naked halls, lamps coexisting onguard but yet unmanned. Walls - diminished of their muck and century old imprints, failing wood and scattered claw marks nodding at protruding stray nails - which flailed of rust and bit’s of it’s body confirming it’s far from young age.

However, despite the century old intimidating sight of these halls the overall state had been altered to man the presence of Warlocks. The Base, hadn’t been busy - well, at least till after the young Warlock, Tobi Mercury made his appearance. His ashened white hair, sharing it’s unkemptness with a flurry of midnight black pushing at the tips - creating a more obscure but visually appealing outlook to the eyes of those who deemed worthy to lay sight upon it.

A bundle of rage emitting through his fist, as it been clenched hard enough to which a group of hardened pebbles would certainly have no choice but to elude in a bash of pixie dust if caught in its midst. - A heaven's runway egg shell white tank top suited firmly upon his built; protruding muscles - added a bit of a “ring” to the overall appearance of his tank as if it been blessed with heavens light. Shoulders, built like canyons at the approach of an erosion - flooded at it’s gapes by the mediterranean sea. “ Damn coward..” His voice had been timid and soft - but without the lack of frustration.

“ I had him ! “ He added; but this time his voice varied he shouted - his vocals carrying a brief set of weight - but in a sense a keen precision with a hypered sharpness; so sharp - a display of Tobi’s voice and the winds acted in battle, like a pair of blades in mid air sounds of retraction and rebounds off the sole interior of silver quickly followed. Tobi, was never the one to take failure lightly; he was aware of it’s possibilities - but never one to accept it as his decider, especially when it came to missions.

Tobi, leaned towards retrieving the key to success - a key can only be lost and better yet forgotten but its exstence fails to fatler. That's how he seen things - or more so, that's how he wanted to see it; though not everything comes out in black and white as he hoped, Marble floors - riddled with papers which contained faces of creatures marked by bold red X’s. However, Ruiji’s picture consisted of none but a silver edged dagger that held it pinned against a red wood auburn round table. which lacked mobility as it shook to the echoes of Tobi’s infuriated feet alone.

“ Interesting, everything was timed accordingly.” - his fingers traced a map which consisted of elementary school level drawing. “ However, Zach wasn’t - but despite his late approach no way should he have been that fist. Cursed, being able to utilize two bases of Chi will be bothersome. Fuck it ! “ Tobi shouted once more before pushing the drawing of the table. Tense fingers planted to the ends of his shirt as bits of sweat drenched his neck. “10k for nothing ! - perhaps I underestimated my opponent. “ A lifting of the eyebrow would quickly concluded with a sigh. “ No - no, overestimated sounds better - despite being able to utilize two chi bases he was quite cowardly. Not as big and bold as he displayed in class, running with his tail caught between his legs,Tch.” A soft and silent scoff cleared his vocals; as his ice cold hues fled of an cool breeze softly stretching his shoulders Tobi softly planted his feet against the matt trailing his steps back and forth reanalyzing his methods for taking down the cursed with a more successful outcome. 

- Alice

The sweet a shy haired princess leaned against a book shelf, one long fair leg across the other and she had her head in a book. Rocking a short black A-lined skirt, along with a tight long sleeved v-neck allowing her cleavage to somewhat breathe, her white thigh highs perfectly aligned for once, tightly around her plump thighs. Her black nails followed a trail in the book to keep her pace. The book she read had many recipes for potions she was interested in trying out for herself. Alice was hidden in the shadows as the base was empty until she heard a presence. She didn’t move her face from her book, but she knew who came in. Her red eyes trailed along the book following her black nail. Turning the page now she glanced up from her place. 

Tobi walked in, clearly a sight of sheer anger in his appearance. Alice raised a brow, never seeing him in such rage. She closed her book for this. Her snowy white hair fell over her large innocently devious eye. She snickered as pebbles flew around now turned into small grits of dust. It blew Alice’s short hair back, she placed her book back in the shelf now. She stood there silently for now she folded her arms noticing he didn’t bother to acknowledge her for a second. She knew their plan hadn’t worked out as well as planned but she still couldn’t understand how he responded so quickly to them. Alice kept her grin, her eyes stern looking and sharp along with her now red painted lips. She blinked her long eyelashes in amusement. She kept her arms folded as she pulled up from the bookcase and walked towards the angered man. She tapped his shoulder from behind him. “Heya there buddy.” She teased now pacing around him. “You alright big guy?” She asked as she finally stopped as she stood right in front of him with her hands behind her back curiously analyzing him. She turned to look at the pictures of his targets on the wall, with a picture of Ruiji, a dagger right on his picture. She pulled the dagger from the picture and replaced it with the same dagger but yet another one right next to it. “Next time, maybe I should come help you guys out.” She teased with a raised grin now poking at his chest. She waited for a reaction, which is all she really wanted to get out of him. A reaction that would amuse her. It was what she was best at anyways.

- Tobi

He hadn’t noticed her presence there; his mind corrupted by the thought of failure. His hands rummaged through sheets of paper; a hint of cool air danced across his neck and swayed swiftly through his hair which remained unkempt. A heavy shoulder - seated firmly beneath his prompt neck that erupted of bulges and internal lines - representing sights of branches upon a nurtured tree.

He’d jump the moment she spoke - Tobi's eyes widened and quickly he lunged his legs forward hauling his shoulders downwards he quickly attempted a mid roll over the wooden table. It shook- cries of agony with sounds that can easily come off as thunder fled from it’s wood legs. Tobi, stood across from her - his cool hues meeting her feline cherry reds.

“ Oh, Alice.” He said - his brows now furrowed as he’d been alarmed for no reason. “ Don’t - don’t do that again. “ He added - his voice calming tone became evident through the loosening of his shoulders. He eyed her as she removed his dagger and replaced it with one of her own. However, he didn't eye her actions - but instead eyed her; her every position her every turns her every sway; it wasn’t like he didn’t trust her - it’s just, the way they took down Kenji it just alarmed him on just how destructive pleasure is and exactly where it could get you.

He leaned his head to the side - his hair followed; as she moved towards him he words approaching as well, which moved him into a soft chuckle as her two feline fingers met his chest. “ Tch.” A soft scoff fell from the softness of his lips which bled of a luxurious faded pink and a hint of red. Quickly, he pulled his hands from his pockets his eyes stalemated with hers as he forced a hand onto her’s softly clenching it in the midst of his, he then softly extended his arm while reeling her finger back to her - before quickly pulling back in attempt of avoiding her chest. “ And in exactly what way would you be of use to me ? Hm. “

He softly teased; before plunging his hand forward attempted to lay the weight of her chin at the aggression of his right thumb; which bended at the embrace of her skin - it’s pelican shade flooded in with his naked olives. “ How? - by giving him, an Angry Bloom induced Handjob? hm; I'm sure he’d love that, heh. 

I mean who wouldn’t want a handjob to hell, - I mean, I tell ya - you folks give these wrenches so much more than their absurd lives can ever give them that it makes killing them completely irrelevant. “ He exclaimed, his voice deepened - you can hear the annoyance rolling from his tongue, perhaps it was anger ? or Maybe Jealousy he couldn’t quite get a finger on it but he knew it was more than he can handle at the moment.

He lost a kill - and all they can do is celebrate in his defeat. “ I’m sorry. But, I don’t need your kind of help, I like making them suffer - I want them to understand their sins. I want them to think back on every one of them, speak on them their very last words should be them apologizing for their sins, I want them to murmur it with cheeks full of blood - and at the end of it all they’ll say - Thank you, Tobi. “ His eyes sealed shut as he began to fall deep into a trance; his head danced at the delight - he’d been dreaming again before softly adding “ All hail Tobi, All Hail Tobi.” He’d whisper before slowly opening his eyes again. His eyes met hers once more “ I question your ability to fight. Not all targets would have a male hormone to tend to; surely you understand that - correct ? “ Tobi softly questioned the girl his thumb still rested beneath her chin. “ If someone threw a punch - would you hit back ? “ His lips softly curled into one of a cheshire grin “ or will you simply blow them a kiss ? “ he teased. 


- Alice

Alice chuckled at his shocked expression, her fiery red eyes watched him carefully keeping her hair out of her eyes she placed her bangs behind her ear. “Woops, startled you huh?” She joked with her arms now folded once again. She stared him down, almost as if she was judging him harshly with each eyeballing stare. Although it wasn’t that, she was most definitely just analyzing him more efficiently now that she had a chance to. He had so much potential and it alarmed her, her senses were on high alert near him especially since he just showed his anger just not too long ago but it did show her his weakness. Failure. Which without a doubt is many people’s weakness and didn’t surprise her. What did surprise her was that he had that much rage building up inside him. Her voice casual yet softly sensual. He peeled her hand off his chest, his hands rough especially when grabbing her hand and tossing it off himself. Alice giggled at his comment. “I know more about those drooling mutts than you’ll ever know. Especially since you’re not one to control your anger after such a sad display of your actions.” She mocked him with a desire to crawl under his skin. Her blood red lips curved into a sneaky grin, but before she’d get a reaction she felt his hand on her soft skin, his thumb on her chin. 

Her eyes snapping up staring at his with a hard glare, her eye piercing into his like a knife stabbing into steel so hard, sparks fly off the steel. “How? - By giving him an Angry Bloom induced Hand job? hm; I'm sure he’d love that, heh. I mean who wouldn’t want a handjob to hell, - I mean, I tell ya - you folks give these wrenches so much more than their absurd lives can ever give them that it makes killing them completely irrelevant.” Alice’s teasing grin turned down into an angry frown. She swatted his hand from her chin immediately after. That definitely pissed her off but she’d then turned that frown into an interested soft smile. She continued to listen to him and allowed him to speak before she’d snap back. She stayed calm now, refusing to allow him to defeat her just now. Her hands curled up into fists as her arms stayed folded. “Aw. You must be jealous.” She shrugged. “Don’t worry next time I’ll make sure I have you on my mind.” She said as she leaned in close to his face. She continued to move in close to his face. “Don’t question my ability to understand the minds of a foolish beast. They’re all savages. I change my tactics according to the individual’s thoughts. I know what people want and I know how to always get my way. The right way. “She was now face to face with him, tippy toed her nose almost touching his nose. She pulled away now with a big grin. She pushed his hair out of his face. “Adorable aren’t you?... I too love to see them suffer, I either have the goal to shatter their hearts in two after I give them a little hope of having someone like me, then taking away their hopes along with their life.” She snickered acting as if she was a princess and he was under her. “And if you’re so curious to find out why don’t you have a taste of me as well?” She held her mocking smile, almost as if it never left her face.

 - Tobi

She was smart, brave and bold - the full package ? or parts of it. He listened to what she had to say - she fought back, he didn’t expect anything less - he was after her buttons pushing every inch of it. In attempts of getting out everything she had to offer “ You know more then me ? Heh, is that so ? “ Tobi, softly chuckled - dragging his masculine forearms into a cross before resting them at the hilt of his belt behind him.

She’d proceeded to where Tobi quietly listened his face burned a passionate but flaring red as she mentioned thinking of him in the process - it was as if a volcano had erupted and melted through his cheeks; the very thought was appealing itself. However, it was far from what Tobi was reaching for- at least for the moment. He stood in place as she leaned forward; their nose touched in the process but Tobi refused to flinch marking his territory announcing himself as king of these jungles. She explained her techniques towards savages - for the most part he agreed and it did seem like they had a lot in common.

However, something came off about her - she gave him this odd feeling and he couldn't quite touch on it yet. At Least not at the moment - “ A taste of you ? I’d choose my words wisely If I were you.” he’d chuckled before dragging the saliva filled tip of his tongue across the rims of his sharpened teeth. “Aw shucks, you’re so cute when you’re upset- look, I love your attitude. I really do. “ He’d say before prancing around her. “ But you mustn't be so foolish enough to ignore defeat when it’s staring you down in the face do you ? - tell you what, let's make a deal.” Tobi, removed himself from where he once stood - softly trailing his feet to the middle of the room. His arms still planted at his back - a soft smile peeling across his face as his eyes lit up at the occasion, broadened shoulders rolled back like rusty windmills as his hair fell into motion at swift movements.

“ You obviously think highly of yourself. But, I feel like you have room for improvements; Improvements that’ll you’ll only achieve under me. So, how about it ? - down for a little spar ? If I win, I’ll take you under my wing, you’ll call me Master or your highness or - whatever you feel fit that announces my rank over you. You do what I say when I say it how I say it - for a month. If I lose, welp - roles are turned, I’ll be your servant for a month, so what do you say ? Deal ?”

The cheesiest grin raced across his face; as he curled his toes and simulation dropped them across the cold metal floor he stood up upon - he’d await her answer curling his brows in the process. However, before she’d answer he’d drop his waist - hauling his knees forward arching them at an angle a bit. He’d then aligned his hips to the side both legs outward once forward one to the sides forcing a somewhat “L” with his legs with his heels weighed heavily on the surface. He’d prompt his chest out a bit with his arms jammed at his sides - quickly he’d lunge them out his arms buckled forward while his fist remained in a ball up position.

He’d surface both his fist together before slowly allowing his shoulders to ascend while his neck descended - he’d sway his head side to side before curling his gaze forward his nostril danced at the tip of his fingers as it shadowed his fist. His frozen cool blues - processed hers before allowing his body to sway with his head as he remained in a boxing position his knees jolting up and down. “ Alright Cupcake try not to kiss me too much - I tend to blush “ Sent on: 1/17

- Alice

She stood her ground, the short female with the perky body compared to the tall bulky guy standing before her. It almost looked comedic seeing her stand up to him with such an eager hope to beat down his hopes and dreams with her sly words. She noticed he found this quite funny and it pissed her off. Still keeping her cool, her smile never leaving her face for now. Pleased that she noticed him being reeled into her trickery. ‘The best way to grab a man’s pride, wiggle it right in their face and hang it over their head where they can’t reach it.’ She snickered to herself in her head. She noticed him blush which took her back a bit, she raised a brow a bit confused but not so surprised anymore. She was only kidding after all but it made her think a bit. ‘Hm….’ She did realize they thought very alike, it spiked her interests in him but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to know more about this guy.  

But before she’d stroke her own ego even more she noticed his tongue glide over his teeth at her comment, again something he did pissed her off. It was almost like he was mocking her… or maybe she had met her match. She balled up her hands in fists, cracking her fingers all in one aligned sound. His words amused her even more. “I’m not upset.” She hissed with a sharp smile. Clearly upset. She folded her small frail arms across each other under her busty chest. She glanced away from him now annoyed with the words coming from his mouth. She looked a bit like a bratty little girl who didn’t get her way as she stood there with pouty lips as he walked around her. “I wasn’t the one who was /defeated/ remember?” She brought it up once again, as she was looking away her smile came back after her sneaky comment. Her glossy red hues peered over at him again. “A deal huh?” Again, her interest was piqued. “Please, do enlighten me.” She spoked up now, in a soft spoken tone. The held her head up high as he mentioned her ‘thinking highly of yourself’. She smirked and didn’t argue. She then paused, her sharp pearly white teeth appeared, her lip raised in almost a snarl, her eyes glared up at him, but she enjoyed the idea. She chuckled now unraveling her arms and placed one hand on her curved hip. She tapped her pouty lip with her other finger, her black nail tapping her red lower lip. “Fine, if you really wanna cry about getting beaten by a girl. So be it.” She snickered as she grabbed his chin and stared at him. “I hope you’re good with calculus ‘cause you’re gonna be doing all my homework.” She let go of his face and stepped back. She noticed him all ready and positioned, she poked at her cheek acting as if she was so innocent. “Don’t worry sweetie, no kissies for you today. Maybe another day. Promise.” She snickered as she turned around, her back towards him she began to walk forward. Then spoke again “but you’ll soon be blushing from something else…” but before he could probably see her turn her small curvaceous body around quickly, her leg swung up well over her head and aimed for his fore arm, full force attempting to test out his strength at first before pulling any of her bows out to play with her new ‘toy.’ Sent on

- Tobi

Petite strides - sunk to dainty footsteps; the marble black floor - swallowed the dim and shallow echoes her steps discharged onto its vibrant exterior. Tobi, softly sighed - before anchoring his head to the side a bit. She’d been walking away from him - a fascinate sway in her prolonged movements. The sight was engaging he admitted to this, however; he was offended by how lightly she took him. She turned his back to him - and though captivating he couldn’t let it go unpunished.

“ Tch, why you ! “ Tobi’s voice fled of aggravation- shards of heat emitted through the quickness of his tongue. However, he’d quickly been caught off guard the moment she decided to alternate her movements and quickly attempt to launch a kick in his direction. “ Devil in a red dress.” Tobi softly chanted to himself; his arms had already been in position to defend against the attack, quickly ducking his head within the midst of both his arms - he’d allow her legs to connect with his forearms - his leading foot quickly forced to abide forward following the supremacy of his right knee which remained pointed outwards at a bit of an angel. His body sunk beneath the sheer weight of her leg - his upper body sinking into the depths of his waist however he stood firmly in position due to his power stance.

“Alright, beautiful - my turn. “ Tobi’s voice had been one of affirmity and sheer aggression as he quickly retracted his arms - pulling them back with intense speed breaking his defense allowing Alice leg to fall through; as it been in the midst of falling from where it was once held An attempt would have been made from Tobi, his frozen hues meeting her opposite leg which remained singular as it stood as it own acting as her sole mobility.

Tobi quickly attempted to ram the face of hands at the posterior end of her thigh - a firm grasp planted on the soft pelican tinge of her skin which melted like snow on his naked olives - resembling the scene of an post apocalyptic ice age as what looked to had been snow had been sweat exhilarating from her cushioned filled thighs and firm grasp.

If this had been successful, Tobi - would have followed this attempt by quickly tightening his grasp and lunging his arms pack brushing his elbows past his waist, If this had been successful, as her other leg had been broken from Tobi’s defense in that same instant he’d have pull her other leg forward which if successful would have knocked her bluntly on her back - Tobi would have quickly attempted to launch a firm palm into her gut as she’d been in the midst of falling, if this were successful - following a cramp within her lower abandonment Alice would have found herself on her back with the ceilings lights acting as her calling to heaven.

“Now, now white chocolate - wouldn’t want you to melt.” Tobi mocked her as he stood over her; his shadow acted as her guardian angel against the heat the lights emitted. He softly, patted his head back - removing the hair from his face while slowly rolling his cool blue hues. “ Come on, get up. Or, did I break a nail ? “ He softly chuckled - adding a bit of humor to his tease hoping to get into her head as he’d been successfully doing before. Hey, she did it too by mocking him on failure on completing the mission he insisted on returning the favor by aiming at whatever buttons she had containing them.


- Alice 

The tainted pale princess would have her leg swung right at his forearm, it felt as if she had kicked into a steel wall, he completely avoided her attack, ever so swiftly and she just grinned, she made sure her leg didn’t hit too hard otherwise her leg would have probably shattered, bones all crumpled into small pieces. She needed to test his strength before pushing forward and of course, she thought correctly. Her leg still held up. She could hear the aggravation in his voice and it only made her crave more of his anger. “Hmm, you’re adorable when you’re angry--- Oh wait that was already used wasn’t it?” She teased with a sharp eye, she watched his every movement refusing to unlock her hard cherry red eyes off him. Her kick did take him a back but she wasn’t going to let that fool her, she wasn’t going to underestimate him just yet. As he mentioned it being his turn she felt a wave of nervousness. “Hm..?” Her head tilted slightly with curiosity. Her snowy white hair fell to the side along with her tilted head. Before she knew it she felt a firm grasp on her leg, her eyes widened at the tight grip. ‘Fuck.’ Was all she thought to herself? She felt a tug on her leg which pulled her forward and forced her onto her back. But before she could fall on her back she caught a glimpse of his palm moving towards her gut, she squinted her eyes and grabbed his wrist mid-palm, his hand was just a tad bit close to her abdomen, thankfully she somehow caught it but she’d still fall onto her back in agony. She’d have gasped in utter shock, the cold floor hitting against her back as she used almost all her strength on just holding his wrist and keeping his hand from winding her and causing a horrible pain in her abdomen. 

She stared up quietly at the ceiling, the lights flickered just a bit as she hit the floor. She swallowed hard but even though in pain she let a grin peel upon her soft pale face. She’d let go of his wrist as he got up hovering over her now blocking the ceiling lights. She stared up at him still speechless but she just laid there until she got feeling back into her body again. Finally her eyes went from sheer pain to determination. She jumped up from her spot and jumped up in front of him, leaning in close she whispered sweetly. “I’m not done yet.” She hissed now into his ear as she pulled away quickly so he couldn’t touch her then and there. She stepped back and stretched herself cracking her back a bit back into feeling. She jetted towards him reeling back a long waited punch arching her back but as she aimed the punch towards his jaw she pulled her knee up in an attempt to knee him right under his abdomen, trying to catch him off guard, already preparing her limbs for the impact she’ll feel but her anger only numbed the pain this moment. She’d never gotten this mad over some guy before but he had really grinded her gears… and no one should live to see the day. She couldn’t hold back anymore. If either attack hit it would fling him backwards right into the bookshelf, the books falling onto him all at once. If not she’d still skid backwards, rubbing her knuckles for whatever it hit along with her knee. Even if both missed she’d still chuckle knowing that it still shouldn’t be too easy on him because it sure wasn’t easy on her frail body. Ignoring the pain that came along with attacking him she’d still giggle and throw one last attack, by pulling her hands back, her palms building up the pressure to push at his shoulders, attempting to push them back hard against the wall behind them trying to keep him in place for a little while longer, whether it be he was still against the bookshelf or not yet. A harsh impact either way on him. 


- Tobi

He felt the weight of her body drag him forward - he’d gasp as she’d been tugging on his wrist. However, it would take more then that to stop him from teasing the plump princess. She quickly stood up, allowing her grasp around Tobi’s wrist to loosen - then ultimately letting him free of her grip. “Well, why don’t you look at that - you can take a hit !” He’d tease tracing his steps back and away from her - she’d been doing the same but opposite of him. His cool blues questioned her a bit; but he learned prior due to her first attack - not to let his guard down on her, not again. He remained in boxing stance - awaiting for her next sequence of events, and so she did just as expected she came charging at him with another attack. 

Tobi, clicked his teeth - “ Come at me !” He shouted swiftly riling his arms back as she raced towards him. He counted each of her steps concluding it by catching her knee “ Nope ! “ He shouted - brushing both his arms slightly below his chest and an inch above his belly button, her knee would have connected with his forearm once more in which he concluded w ith a mocking grin; up until they’ve been rocked from his teeth at the impact of a sickening punch.

Tobi, felt his head rock to the side - all that looked so clear before came off as a blur; the punch was powerful but he’d expect nothing less from a warlock. Tobi, slightly stumbled on his feet before his body rocketed back - his body flew before blantaly crashing into the bookshelf. It’s wooden material - mocked his collision, as it began to echo before dumping- covers of different letterings and colorings came pouring down on him, books of all different sizes and shapes- crashing into his nose and noggin; in which he simply left slight grunts of agony.

Unfortunately, the torture wouldn't stop there as she came racing towards him once more,the intense pain coursing through her palms would have been implanted and weighed heavily upon his shoulders - his eyes dilated his frozen icicle hues would have soon melted into a sheet of ice at the intrusion of the peer pressure and it’s toll it had on his body which force his knee to buckle beneath her weight.” Heh..”

He softly chuckled, as his head fell forward - slowly lifting his head up he darter his cool blues into her fiery reds. “ Alright, how about we stop with the warm up’s, eh ? “ He’d tease as he punted his tongue out before lunging his weight off the wall on punting his body forward in attempt of crashing into her paltry scale. If, this had been successful the weight of his body would have been left to her palms alone - but he didn’t question her strength. He understood that this would come off as no problem to her, however; it took attention off his legs - which he’d quickly attempt to have it skip below her - breaking the barriers between her feet,

if this had been successfully executed he’d quickly launch his legs back but at an angle which if successful would allow her body to stumble - her positioning falling inferior to his - if connected, he’d attempt to lunge an elbow into her abdomen backed which sheer pressure enough pressure to emphasize on a light head and slight nausea. If successful, while the attacked punted her back he’d quickly jump in place swaying his body from side to side still in boxing stance. Tobi, quickly ducked at the weight of his right shoulder - pulling his right arm back but stopping it in mid attack; if this had been successful, it would have solely acted as a distraction while he used that fist to perform a quick turn - breaking it from a fist and instead stiffening it while widened and attempted to backhand her while breaking the barriers of air velocity, his right foot dancing alone his left as he’d been performing the spin - his waist dragged along for the rise as his left knee remained in position If, this had been successful - she’d feel her jaw rock to the side as she’d been forced to stumble a bit. Tobi, would have then followed up with a quick punch to the gut which if successful would have rocked her back into the cold stale wall - which flailed of century -old paint/

However, if this had been not successfully executed - Tobi would have punted his steps back and quickly eyed her for her next movements. No matter the outcome; Tobi - would have still teased her eyeing her feline sized waist. “ Heh, Master Mercury or Master Tobi ? - I’d start thinking about it now - both do have a nice ring to it.” He lightly teased.

- Alice

Pleased as she watched his rugged body actually make contact with her hits, her knee still a bit sore from hitting once again into his forearm made of fucking steel, still not surprised but she did hide the pain very well as she pinned him against the wall to make sure to keep him down. She’d be breathing a bit heavily now but she was enjoying herself for the most part. She stared at him as his head hang low then sprung back up. Their eyes met, her eyes set on fire with a burning passion to bring him down... And his eyes enjoying himself, watching her struggle. Another thing that angered her. How much more could she carry on with this? Clearly he took her hits like a ten-year-old was punching his chest, it made her feel like a big fool. She raised her brow as he spoke, and she chuckled. “Oh yeah?” She asked mockingly, but before she knew it he had gone right back into position and pushed himself off the wall and crashed into her soft frail body, she huffed at his weight and pushed back against him though her feet couldn’t stay placed on the floor. Her black combat boots skidded against the floor as she tried to keep them in place they just wouldn’t stay in one place until she glared up at him and stood still pushing his weight away from her, she got her feet to stick to the ground and her body to stiffen. Although she kept her eyes on him she felt a sudden movement of his hips which automatically caused her to grip the top of his shoulders for help and jumped up completely swerving his attack. She snickered and let go of his shoulders backing away a bit from him. “Thanks for the help babe.”

She squinted her red eyes at him, noticing he followed his attack with his elbow towards her abdomen, she leaned forward as this did throw her off balance. She felt dizzy now… almost like she needed to throw up. The pain really got to her. She began to think, is losing to him really all that bad? He is a worthy opponent after all. She shook her head out of it. ‘Don’t be a fucking loser.’ She thought as she knocked herself back into it. She took a breath as she was hunched over holding her stomach but as she looked up she saw a huge force of energy pushed at her coming off his hand, her eyes widened as she quickly pulled both her arms up to block the hit, although it did still cause her to almost trip over herself and stumble but before she could react again she felt a punch to her gut, she flew back to the wall, pieces of it falling from above her as she actually ended up making a bit of a dent. She scoffed looking down at the floor as she was now sitting on the floor. Her eyes rolled up to look at him, her head tilted. A small cut at the edge of her lip, she licked the blood off. 

“Hm...” Her cherry red eyes glaring up at Tobi, piercing right into his soul. Her lips now curving into a smile. Her body aching with immense pain but still she got up, ignoring any pain she felt. “You cut… my lip…” She spoke softly as she walked closer and closer to him. “Your turn.” She jumped up and pulled her leg up aiming to kick him square in the face following along with her other foot as well aiming towards his jaw, in a double kick. If evaded she’d pull away quickly enough so he wouldn’t gain control of her body again. She grabbed his shoulders again and quickly jumped up over his head still clawing into his shoulders and pulled her legs up in a handstand and back around him face his back now and now bunched up her knees to knee his back to see if she could knock him down once more for her to breathe. If not she’d release his shoulders and fall back into another handstand on the floor and stood up straight now. If both her attacks missed she’d still be behind and she’d grin with her tongue sliding over her pearly white teeth. “Over my dead body…” She managed to say as she took deep breaths.


- Tobi

He felt his jaw nearly fall from his face due to utter disbelief. How was it possible she’d been so quick - He’d find comfort in the rest of his attacks executing. However, this hadn't been as Easy as he thought it would be. Tobi, folded his fist and centered his gaze on the female who made a collision with the wall at his successful execution of his series of attacks.

He stood over her - a cheshire like grin grimace across his pelican tanned skin - that presented itself in a somewhat creamy mocha felt wave. His cool hues- fell upon her petite shape. Quickly, she’d be in motion quickly lunging from where she once seated herself - his gaze caught sight of her boot; swiftly, he placed his fingers within the midst of his unkempt pockets slowly allowing his body to evade her kick.

The upper half of his weight, flailing to the right a swift breeze backed by the frontal gents of a foot acted as a pressurized wind pushing his snow pluff hair into motion. His cool blues dilated as he yearned to reach for her left which uplifted before him, he fell forward at the sudden tug of his shoulder.

“ What the ? “ He’d exclaimed as she revealed her acrobatic skills by performing a proficient hand stand and concluding it with a knee to his mid back. His body, rocketed back a bit then quickly struggled forward. He bit long and hard on his teeth; no matter how tough he was - he in no way was ready to compete with that. Tobi, swiftly turned but before he can do so , she repeated the hand stand over his shoulders; the burning tinge of nightingale black nail polishing digging into a brink of stone buried to it’s kneecaps in coal. “

Tch, If you wanted to leave claw marks, this is the wrong place and wrong situation to do it.” He’s tease, only to dim down on the pain a bit as he hunched forward. Tobi, turned his cool slithering ice beams feel upon her built as she landed behind him. “

It's about time I end this! “ Tobi shouted, his body would have elevated as he swung his arm to the right forcing his body to follow in a heated path, a hint of white followed by a distant black began to emit through the pores of his skin. 

This, had been the acts of Twilight Chi, pearly - vulgar sharp teeth bled through his fiery lips - as his cool hues whispered something sinister as they’d awakened amongst her feline-like figure. “ Please don’t take this to heart. Well, actually - nevermind I said that, this can prove to be quite fun. “ Tobi, softly said before charging forward but with haste. Tobi, then punted his waist at an inferior length hauling his shoulders up he’d attempt to be at his sides facing Alice the head of his shoulder slightly beneath her chin.

“ Pucker up. “ Had been the last thing he said before attempting to rush the heels of his feet up - his body followed attempting to have his shoulder connect with the hilt of her jaw. If this were successfully executed - Alice, head would have been forcibly knocked back allowing Tobi to quickly grab a full hand of hair which if successful would keep her head from rocking back in place. Reeling his arm back - he’d attempt to launch a second blow mid chest; with a sickening force backed by his twilight chi. If this had been successful, her body would have rocketed back to where she once pushed him - only with a far more sickening collision. Tobi, teased the girl as she’d been flying through vacant but artificial winds. Whether this was successful or not, Tobi’s next sequence of events would remain the same he’d quickly bestow his body back, followed by the releasing of his hands which he forced to circum and perform a series of signals and signs.

”Seek out the target, spears of despair!” Tobi, would have shouted in his conclusion. At the sound of Tobi’s voice, he’d be in the midst of generating a burst of crackling yellow energy in his palm, the practitioner uses this energy to draw an inverted yellow triangle, which generates solidified energy in the shape of smaller triangles from its three points. The smaller triangles fire and hit the intended target, pinning him/her against a nearby surface by slamming into his/her body in three places in the shape of a perfect triangle and immobilizing them if their connected. If this were successful, each point would have chosen it’s spot. One, on each of her wrist and the peak lunged at her forehead. If, this were successful - she’d find herself pinned to a wall. “ Not sure if you’re into this type of stuff - but hey, worth a shot ! “ Tobi, teased before gently flickering her nose as they’d been face to face now.


- Alice 

The small curvy snow white beauty stood there, exhausted of course but determined. She could feel her body numbing already, her legs aching in severe pain. Her body throbbing but she ignored it all, she felt a sigh of relief come out of her soft red lips. She shut her eyes tightly and swallowed hard as she continued to tell herself she was going to be okay. Her lips curled up. “Mh, you like it rough don’t you?” She teased with a seductive tone in her voice. Her long black nail tapped her lip she batted her eyelashes innocently. “Oh? My bad, I’ll make sure to remember that next time doll.” She snapped at his clawing comment. Everything he said was a joke to her, it bothered her of course but she refused to show it. She did, however, notice he underestimated her strength but little did she know she underestimated him even more than she thought she had. Standing behind the built man, her eyes almost as if they were set on fire. “It’s about time I end this!” He’d shout, but she’d just raise a confused brow at him. She noticed a strange aura around him now, her eyes went from sinister to sheer fright. “Oh, you fucking---“Before she finished her sentence her head fell back.

The girl stood no chance against him, he had a spurt of energy boost right out of him that confused the girl. ‘What is this…’ She’d ask herself as her head fell back, the pain was more than she could usually handle, soon enough she felt a tug on her soft snow white hair. Her eyes teared up from the rough grip he had on her. She couldn’t look him in the eyes anymore, she shut them tightly. As she opened her eyes a feeling of intense pain pressed right under her chest. She was winded unable to speak for a few seconds. She gasped for air as she fell back to his last spot but she quickly caught herself and planted her feet hard against the floor, leaving skid marks as she slid backwards with her hand on the floor as well to slow her body down. Sadly it didn’t do much damage but still didn’t do as much as it would have. Her hand was burning from the floor burn. She stared at the ground unable to speak. For once in her life she had nothing to say. Alice was burning was anger, she felt a slight burst of energy in her body but she couldn’t touch on it. She couldn’t quite find where it was coming from. As she was glancing down at the floor beneath her, her short silky hair fell over her face. Alice glanced up quickly waking up now, she noticed a spear of energy jetting towards her forehead she could barely see how fast it was going but surprisingly her hand reached up and swatted one of them away like a fly, she wasn't sure how she did that but her hand glowed a slight reddish aura around it but it softly dissappeared. Even she was shocked she caught that as it was going almost in the speed of light, but she acted as if she wasn’t surprised, but the other two balls off energy aimed for her wrists, she tried to move her hands out of the way but she only had time to move them an inch where they’d stab the sleeve of her long sleeved shirt. Her wrists hung up like a rag doll. Her body pinned to the wall almost like she was a magnet on a frigde. An eye twitched in anger. She couldn’t move, almost as if she was paralyzed. “What the fuck… was that...” She whispered to herself. There was so much more she didn’t read or learn but she’d hoped she knew at least a little bit of this power. Alice wasn’t even angry anymore, she just smirked and huffed as she hanged her head low a bit, refusing to look at him. “Pathetic.” She hissed. “You could have used this power with that mutt, instead you use it on little ‘ol me.” She looked up at him and smirked, her lip cut up a bit and a small scratch on her cheek bone along with a few bruises on her soft pale collar bones. She mocked him with her last breath of energy. “I’m honored.” Her grin was like she just threw salt into an open wound. She already knew she’d have lost but she wasn’t going to let him keep his pride. 

- Tobi

It astonished him; It had been astonishing to him that despite the predicament she had been in. She, was still able to spew vulgarity that contradicted him and his theories as a man, and furthermore a Warlock. How dare she spew such vanity ? - who did she think she was. Tobi, eyes sliced at her rose reds which now bled at the inquiries of his nightly thoughts. He’d grimace, before allowing his tongue to slither in a somewhat shape of a snake. “Say what you like M’lady.” He’d say as he’d wheel in close to the women; his hands at his back as he chucked at the female. A soft whistle - fell from his tongues as his eyes glistened at the women who’d been pinned to the wall, the spurs of energy that kept her pinned slowly began to disappear. He’d lean in closer - to where they’d almost kiss if their nose hadn’t been in place to hold the two back. “ As, long as you say Master Tobi at the end of it.” He softly chuckled before pulling himself back teasing her a bit. Swiftly, he kicked the wooden base of a broom at her feet to where it left a shallow thump upon the marble floor before her. “ I’d start cleaning up If I was you, you know how Sensei gets. “ Tobi, softly said an aggravated ridden tone - followed by a slow and slurred whistle. Turning, his back to the maiden he scurried back leaving her to do as she was told.