Just as Daniel is mid-air between two tree branches, the hunter comes out of seemingly nowhere to spear him right out of the sky. The two of them fly through the air for Daniel to land right on the center of one of the larger trees to rip the trunk in half and come stumbling down with a loud crashing force. The hunter easily uses his reflexes to jump from the tree to get back into the shadows of the environment while Daniel has to flip back onto his feet with his boots sliding against the soft damp dirt.

( )

Daniel, being the prideful guy that he is, slowly begins to place his pistols down into their holsters. His fingers then slowly begin to ball into fists as he looks around to try and find the hunter once more. His hearing can pick up on the sound of leaves whistling as he runs by them which brings Daniel to turn and try to predict where the hunter will come from next. Daniel spins his body and throws a strong right hook at where he thinks he can hear the hunter attacking from but he swiftly meets nothing but air on the other side. Just as he attacks, the hunter springs from the brush while slashing his claws into Daniel’s back. The claws slice through the jacket only to meet the vibranium armor underneath. The claws rip through the fabric to leave five long slash marks, completely ruining the leather jacket.

The hunter leaps back into the grass after completing his slash as Daniel grunts with anger. “You should not have placed your guns in their holsters, Hero…Humans can never come to kill predators with their bare hands…”

Daniel smirks underneath the mask as Jayleen begins to use her calculations of the last attack to time how fast the hunter is moving through the air. “Good thing I ain’t just some normal human.”

“We shall see…” The hunter says just before leaping back out to attack Daniel!

That is when The Super Soldier takes the calculations and spins his body to meet the hunter as he tries to get another sneak attack on him! Daniel’s left fist swings around and clocks the hunter right in jaw with a thunderous impact that causes one of his sharp canine teeth to fly out of his mouth followed by a line of blood. With his amazing reflexes, the hunter swings his right leg forward and this is where he activates a toe blade to spring out from his boot to slice deep into Daniel’s leg before the strength of the punch launches him back about five feet.

Daniel grunts in pain a bit as his right thigh begins to drip with blood from the toe blade digging a few inches deep into the muscle of the Super Soldier’s body. The hunter begins to get up to his feet while he releases a cynical laugh and wiping away the blood from his mouth with his right hand.

“Something funny, guy?” Daniel asks with a sarcastic tone while his leg bleeds out to where Daniel has to place his right hand down on the wound to try and slow down the bleeding.

The Hunter begins to leap into the trees while saying, “Yes…They can smell you now…”

And as he says this, the groans and snarls of the other beings inside of this jungle begin to get louder. At that moment Trevor asks if Daniel has any fragmentation grenades on him that he could use for an idea of his. Daniel reaches down to his utility belt where he grabs one of his explosive spheres, which is the closest thing to a frag grenade that the guy has. The explosive sphere is a small explosive device that is essentially a grenade, just with more kick to it.

“You might wanna rush that idea…” He says while he can hear the trees in the area begin to get pushes by whatever is coming to get Daniel. “I feel like Super Soldier is something these monsters haven’t eaten but really want to try…So…What do you need me to do with this thing?” He asks Trevor while the explosive sphere begins to blink with a bright red light.

[2:36:37 AM] OG Trevor Lockhart: “You might wanna rush that idea…I feel like Super Soldier is something these monsters haven’t eaten but really want to try…So…What do you need me to do with this thing?” Trevor would’ve let his eyes take on a brand new coloration. The irises of his eyes became completely encased in a golden color, and as this commenced, he’d have stood straight up. His hands emanating a glowing yellow dragon chi, as he let his hands open, palms facing outwards. “On my say toss as many as you can into the air. You and I will shoot the fuck out of them with our hardest ammunition then duck for cover. It’s simple we just have to be faster than the bullet itself to do this…my chi plus your ammo will result in a hailstorm of bullet storm. We’d have to shield ourselves though so get ready for that. I can make an explosive things happen only if you can handle the heat. “ Trevor laughed a bit before his eyes then went completely gold, a black design engraving itself inside of his iris. His eyes opening up a bit wider as he looked into the darkness of the forrest without even blinking.

A new technique unlocked straight from the pages of the dragon’s chronicle! Dragon Monk Technique #98: Dragon Opticals: Dragon Monks can see Chi, giving it color in order to distinguish it by its composition and source via an advanced form of A Chi Principle. It can see Chi through some (but not all) obstructions and detect irregularities in a person's Chi flow, such as those caused by illusions. Dragon Monks are granted incredible clarity of perception, enabling them to read lips or mimic something like pencil movements. In combat, this allows them to see fast-moving objects and, once fully developed, offers some amount of predictive capabilities: they can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and act accordingly to dodge or intercept. Although a they can see these things, they also need the physical ability to actually act on the visual information. Dragon Monks are able to copy almost any physical ability they see, memorizing movements, actions, and motions with near-perfect accuracy. They can then either perform marital techniques that require no chi or modify it to suit their needs. Again, The Dragon Monk needs the prerequisite abilities before they can mimic such a thing they have seen, and for that reason they cannot reproduce chi techniques. Dragon Monks are particularly infamous for using this ability on Oni’s Demon’s and Mythical beings, and in fact can enter their subconscious to more precisely control the beings Chi. Multiple targets can be taken control of in this way, though the more divided Dragon Monks’ attention is, the easier it is for targets to escape this control.

Trevor could see the girl’s movements a lot clearer but not only see them. He began to accelerate his body along the path she was taking across the tree tops! His body perfectly mimicking her movements to dart, jumps, slip, and slide across the surface of the night branches! Hear head whipped backwards as she looked back to see him gaining on her! “Gotcha!” Trevor tackled her by her hip off of the tall 40 foot branch! Holding her tightly he’d grip her with his biceps, holding her by her waist and spinning them around in spiral circle until BOOM!!!!! They both collided and hit the ground! Huntresses head went straight into the round! Trevor leap up and off of her landing on the ground in a squat. She wasn’t down for the count now…just had her head stuck in the ground and a bit of a concussion to boot.

“TOSS EM UP NOW!!!!” Trevor clapped his yellow chi cladded hands together and as he spread them apart again he’d reveal to have made a large line of golden chi that spanned at least 3 feet. Turning his hands horizontally he’d grab the center of the long line of chi using fortification and an draw it back. All the way until his right hand held something similar to a bow in his hand while his left hand pulled the drawstring back as far as it would’ve gone!

If Daniel took the hint to do just as he asked, the tip of the yellow arrow would’ve been glowing red showing the destruction chi coating the tip of the blade before Trevor shot the arrow using his new ocular ability at the explosive spheres tossed up! If Daniel shot at the same time with his own explosive ammunition, the grenades would’ve exploded on impact! The shards of the spheres coated in fortification chi and destruction chi, including the shards of Daniel’s RIP rounds. The shards would pierce, rip, and shred any animal in the forest, any tree in its way and any Hunter in the vicinity. The result would’ve also started a massive line of spot fires around the forest adding a natural lighting to the area. Trevor immediately after firing his arrow would’ve used it to form a dragon shroud and shield his body form the shards and protect himself properly. Hopefully Daniel did the same as the forest now hand multiple fires swirling around it.

Trevor clapped his hands together; his eyes still a funny coloration as he sighed. “Phew!...shit. New abilities are tiring as hell…” Trevor started to rub his right temple with his right hand closing his eyes for a moment. However the moment he did, he’d end up side stepping to his right side, leaning with it as the Huntress would’ve attempted to come in with a knife hand attempting to pierce Trevor’s neck! Trevor would’ve gripped her thrusting arm and over the shoulder tossed her onto the ground!  A fierce “SNAP” emitting from her broken shoulder blade! She screamed and snarled like any other animal would when wounded. “Stay down! I don’t want to hurt you any more than I have to…Daniel get hunter over here!” If Daniel apprehended him Trevor would’ve stepped back with his arms by his sides looking down at the both of them. “You said earlier something about staying in here for protection…meaning you know something about what’s going on in here.” The Hunter refused to talk. Trevor spoke with an agitated tone. “Daniel…shoots him in the knee cap.  If he complied the Hunter would’ve taken a bullet to the knee snarling out loud, with Huntress holding him in her arms! “Wait, wait stop! Please! No more!...we’ll tell you everything…” She spoke with a thick African accent and started to talk. “Everyone here was made aware of what’s going on. The faceless man is a mystery. He was a recently captured villain by some second rate vigilante. We didn’t think much of him. No one would until patients began to feel funny. Medical reports turning up of more prisoners reporting insanity or hallucinations. “ She closed her eyes. “My husband began to feel the effects himself…we’re both chemist so we invent our own serums here using natural herbs to fight against whatever he’s using and fortify our neural inhibitors.” She stood up looking at the both of them. “That’s it. Me and my husband decided hiding here was our best bet for protection and keeping ourselves away from the other prisoners in here…” Trevor took a moment to look at the both of them…before he folded his arms. “You’re criminals. So I know you guys have a way to get out of here without running your precious habitat. Can you tell me from here how to get to the control room?” She looked off to the side putting her hands on her hips. “There’s a hatch in the far right side of the room. Open it up and climb the ladder. It takes you straight up to the main lobby where the control room is on the other side. We don’t use that hatch because that area is very guard heavy. In this instance however it should be as clear as day.” Trevor inhaled and exhaled. “Fine. Alright Daniel lets get out of here. We’ve done enough damage.” That’s when “BANG!” the sound of a gunshot was heard and looking around Trevor would’ve ducked and Daniel had best done the same. The Hunters flinched and Trevor used his fancy eye color’s again. “He’s clocked even Chi wise; I can’t get a read on him. Let’s get outta here. If he’s caught up that means kool and the gang are on their way to the party too!” Trevor would’ve darted for the hatch and the hunters would’ve disappeared into the forest. Trevor headed to the ladder and started climbing it. Bullets whizzing by and reflecting off of the metal bars of impact as Trevor kept climbing. The both of them now heading up towards the door of the hatch Trevor pushed his hand outwards and opened the hatch by force!

Pulling him up and turning around to see Daniel climbing to he’d slam the hatch shut and sit on the ground for a minute. He’d hold his chest and feel blood still leaking from the wound. “Damn…kinda thought I’d have more energy than this…Clones take a lot out of me.” Trevor’s eyes flourished back to blue before they looked around the room and saw 4 giant 70 inch monitors on the walls. The original door they’d seen in front of them and across the lobby sized tiled floor. The four screens began to light up with static one by one until the faceless man’s face popped up on each screen one by one. He said nothing. Simply the faceless face on the screen just…plastered there. You couldn’t even tell if he was breathing, alive or…dead.


( )

Once he receives the word from Trevor, Daniel thrusts his arm forward and tosses five explosive spheres into the air while lifting up his right arm to have the pistol aim straight towards one of the grenades.

“Let’s see how they like this!” He yells out as he fires a Fat R.I.P. round.

The new style of bullet comes out of Daniel’s barrel in the shape of an old style WW2 nuclear bomb and flies straight towards the grenades. The timing is damn near in perfect unison as the arrow and the warhead impact with the grenades to make one hell of an explosion all around them! The entire forest is deprived of all sound from the massive shockwave that is emitted from the initial blast! Daniel has to leap behind the cover of large boulders to escape the fiery explosion while sharps of Uranium and Trevor’s condensed energy fly past him like shrapnel from a grenade. The moans and groans of many of the other animals can be heard but Daniel can pay them no attention.

Just seconds after the explosion occurs, Daniel can hear the hunters voice from behind him yelling, “What have you done to my home!”

With a quick reaction, Daniel sidesteps the leap and thrusts his right foot forward the dig into the hip of the hunter. This forces his body to smash into the very boulders that helped protect Daniel from the explosion. The hunter lands with a loud crashing sound and begins to get back up to his feet to keep fighting Daniel. But as he begins to lift his body off the ground, he looks up to see the barrel of Daniel’s pistol placed firmly on his forehead.

“Don’t move…Or I turn your head into a canoe.” Just as this is said, Daniel can hear Trevor from the other side of the forest calling out for him to bring Hunter over to him. “Let’s go toothless.” He motions the direction with his pistol and the two of them would make their way over to Trevor.

Once they get to the interrogation, the hunter remains quiet with a stubborn silence to not help either of them. Because of that, Daniel doesn’t even hesitate and he pops a R.I.P. round into the hunter’s knee that practically shatters every part of the knee with shrapnel flying out of the front knee cap. His body would then fall into the huntress’ arms as his knee bleeds out profusely with bone and muscle being exposed from the gunshot wound.

She begins to sing like a canary about a way out of here and who this faceless guy is. Daniel tries to understand what this faceless guy could be gaining by getting himself locked in here only to release the prisoners when the two of them arrived. The Super Soldier has no history with this faceless man, which makes him more confused as to why he had been the one originally asked to come here to begin with.

Trevor gets everything he needs out of these two and that is when the gunshot is heard. Daniel does a similar ducking motion to avoid being shot while staring back up to where these shots were fired. He quickly unloads two rounds that impact into the ceiling of the forest area. The two bullets explode on impact and release a dark grey color smoke, Daniel’s own version of a smoke bullet. This would keep the two of them hidden a bit and help keep the people shooting at them from getting a clear shot.

Just before Daniel follows Trevor through the forest and up the ladder, he looks down to the huntress and with a sarcastic tone he says to her, “You should really get him looked at. Hopefully they don’t kill you animals like a race horse who gets hurt…”

His body then disappears into the forest to escape this hell hole and get into the control room. Once they both get inside and escape bullets once more in this very early night, Daniel leans against one of the walls in the control room to look down at his leg that is still bleeding pretty bad. Daniel sighs a bit to himself while keeping his right hand on his thigh to apply pressure. His eyes look up to see the screens beginning to show the faceless man.

“Dammit…” He says with his voice beginning to expose his heavier breathing with an accelerated heartrate. “What are we going to do, Partner? We got bad guys in front of us…Bad guys behind us…And to top it all off, this stimulating expression is controlling everything like a puppet master.” Daniel’s leg begins to drip blood onto the floor while he speaks. “This is the part where I usually come up with some master plan that gets us to the light at the end of the tunnel…But this...I’ve never had to come at something like this. You are the powers guy of our dynamic duo…I just shoot people and carry a dope ass blade. How do we even get past someone who can lock up in trances like this?” Daniel seems very out of place with all the questions he is asking.

It is not that he is afraid or even worried that they will not make it out of this prison. He is the type of person to not like when he doesn’t know something or how to do something. And now to go up against someone who has powers like these, he begins to feel like he is the useless one of the two of them. He uses a lot of cool gadgets and a lot of shooting to get him where he is; never needing to have some form of all powerful abilities to make him the best. Now it might seem as though just being a Super Soldier won’t be good enough in this case.


Trevor kept looking around for the both of them trying to figure out their next move. Daniel begins to ran and he has a damned good point. They’re stuck like chuck completely! This entire prison facility is filled to the brim with creatures they’ve fought and defeated countless times. People that were put in here were killers waiting to get a taste or a whiff of their flesh. Trevor felt at a loss because he honestly couldn’t get a grip on just what the hell he should be doing right now.  “This is the part where I usually come up with some master plan that gets us to the light at the end of the tunnel…But this...I’ve never had to come at something like this. You are the powers guy of our dynamic duo…I just shoot people and carry a dope ass blade. How do we even get past someone who can lock up in trances like this?” “Man I’d like to tell you this is my specialty but I can’t! He’s using something else! I can’t get a feel on any of the illusions he cast, I don’t sense any kind of chi or ambient energy. I don’t get this guys deal at all!” Trevor would’ve stood up straight up and pointed at the screen. “Why don’t you give us a hint tough guy?!?” Trevor walked more towards the center of the room letting his chest bleed a bit more. “You think you’re so tough why don’t you come out here! You’ve got us right where you want us right?! That’s what people like you usually throw in our faces!” the faceless man’s face simply remained there. “Is this…some kind of game or something?! HUH?” The faceless man nodded. A response. “It is huh…well what are we even playing? What are we playing for?!” the faceless man’s face disappeared and on the four screens one word of this phrase appeared on each side. “Play.” “For” “Your” “Lives.”

The moment that was said the screens then began to show people in crowd cheering. Cheering? These people were….cheering? “The hell is this guy…what’s his deal!?” Trevor looked around and the lighting began to change. Two bight state lights would’ve cut on and started shining down on the center of the giant room, bright lights flashing. One other spot light pointed on Daniel and the other pointed at Trevor. Trevor looked over to his friend only to see more words coming onto the screen. “ROUND 1…..FIGHT”

Heavy techno music began to play in the room as the crowds cheering began to get aggressive and a thirty second timer appeared on the t.v’s. “Supposed to be some kind of death match?” Trevor clenched his fist. “No. I’m not playing this stupid game we’re gonna find a way out of here that doesn’t involve hurting one another.” Trevor would’ve attempted to run towards the door but as he did a large electric current would’ve caught him AND Daniel in their place! Volts surging through their bodies, even more so because of their open wounds. After a few moments of being electrocuted Trevor would’ve fallen to his hands and knees with steam coming off of him. “This can NOT get ANY worse!” another 30 seconds appeared on the clock.

*the Timer was an obvious ploy. Should the two men not engage in physical combat towards on another after 30 seconds they would be shocked on sight!  There was no other true option…but to fight!*

As Trevor begins to yell at the screens, he looks up just in time to see the Fight. For. Your. Lives. Placement. Danial presses the back of his head on the wall before sighing out of discontent with the situation.

“Great…Just what we needed…more games…” Daniel says with a very annoyed tone of voice to hear some of the cheers of the people who are observing the events that take place like fans at an arena.

Daniel begins to lift his right hand off of his injury, showing the blood clotting together to slow down the bleeding a bit. As Daniel pushes himself up to walk further into the room, he is quickly jolted with electricity because of Trevor trying to break them out of the deathmatch. Daniel staggers a bit but keeps himself standing as he huffs a little bit from the pain. The next thing he sees is the clock bringing up a thirty second countdown to show that they would be forced to fight each other or endure more physical pain as they have been through already.

“Trevor…” Daniel says with a tired tone of voice hoping to get his partners attention. “I hate this just as much as you do…And my pride is telling me we should say FUCK THIS GUY!” He yells out while continuing to speak. “But we can’t die here…These games are stupid and we should be strong enough to not be able to play in his world…But we have no idea what we are up against…We can’t die here because we refuse to participate.”

After saying this, Daniel uses the palm of his left hand to wipe the blood off of his right hand while also cracking his knuckles. With a slight limp in his step, Daniel begins to walk towards Trevor with fifteen seconds left on the clock now. At ten, the two would be standing off with one another, Trevor having to look at the red mask that Daniel wears and not the face beneath it. Seeing the two stand tall like titans of war brings the whole crowd to cheer wildly with anticipation of the fight that is about to start.

“If we fight, it buys us time to find a way out of here.” Daniel whispers to Trevor. “Besides…I know you’ve wondered who would win between the two of us…” He gives a sarcastic laugh after saying this, trying to find a positive in this situation. “I apologize in advance.”

( )

That is the last thing he says before his right hand is launched forward with a strong right straight punch! Daniel knows that he is fighting against someone who is much stronger than him on a powers and abilities level so there is no need to hold back! Using his Super Soldier capabilities he attempts to smash his entire fist into the front left quadrant of Trevor’s jawline. If the element of surprise helped enough to catch Trevor off guard, the impact of the punch could potentially cause the Dragon Monk to stagger back a few feet! The fans would also rage out with excitement at either outcome of hit or miss of the punch; just happy to see the fight actually starting!

After Daniel throws this right punch, he’d use his body’s momentum to keep spinning towards the left and attempt to hit Trevor in the head once more, this time with a spinning back kick. With the twist of his body, the ball of Daniel’s foot would attempt to smash right into the left temple of Trevor’s head with enough force that he could be launched onto the ground to his right! The hardened edge of Daniel’s foot would feel like Trevor is being bludgeoned with a mallet if he took this hit! If the attack were successful in putting Trevor down on the ground or stagger him at the least, Daniel would get back into his Muay Thai style stance with his hands up close to cover his face.

“You know I thought I’d never HATE fighting someone…” Daniel says while keeping his eyes on Trevor, using his HUD to begin his scans of Trevor’s body and his chi signature. “But I sure hate this one…”

“If we fight, it buys us time to find a way out of here.” Trevor had a frustrated look on his face but he knew the super solider was right. As usual common sense tends to beat out over thinking every single time and this case wasn’t acceptations either. “Besides…I know you’ve wondered who would win between the two of us…” He gives a sarcastic laugh after saying this, trying to find a positive in this situation. “I apologize in advance.” Trevor nodded lightly. “Apology accepted bro.” Trevor would’ve tried to put his guard up but his injuries were mentally wearing him out along with other pressing matters. When Daniel came in with the right punch, Trevor took that punch like a G, his body stumbling back a few feet. Trevor took this, and the accompanying kick that came right behind its stride! The kick hit him directly in the temple sending him spinning a few feet away and falling to the ground on his hands! Trevor shook his head a few times, attempting to compose himself before picking himself up finally. He shook his head and rolled his shoulders. “You know I thought I’d never HATE fighting someone…But I sure hate this one…” Trevor wiped his lip with his forearm and nodded. “Me too bro…Me to.”  Trevor put his guard up,  the fingertips of his hands curling to where the tips of his fingers touched his thumb as all of them conjoined together. His right foot extended forward a bit, and his left leg bent a bit to create a bit of a low standing stance. Trevor’s eyes winded as he pushed off of his left leg, spinning his body around, his head at Daniel’s abdomen level, as he attempted to sweep Daniel off of his feet with a fierce leg heeled sweep kick aimed at Daniel’s right heel. If it hit, Daniel would’ve found one of his feet buckling into the other one and sending his legs air born, putting his body in a horizontal position, to which Trevor would’ve woven his hands, with the quickness of a blink, putting his right arm bent and above his head while his left arm was raised as if raising a hammer. He’d attempt to bring the point of his crane beak shaped hand down into the curve of Daniel’s neck. Aware it was armored, the blow was more centered around using gravity to slam Daniels body back down onto the ground! If this worked, Trevor would’ve taken a few steps back, holding the same stance he’d taken earlier as the crowd cheered at both men’s actions!

If the sweep missed, Trevor would’ve just converted his motion into a second sweep attempt, with the right foot in a forward spinning motion, aiming to attempt the exact same combination, and if successful preforming the same steps of stepping back and taking his guard.

The faceless man all the while was a lot closer than the two heroes gave him credit for. He wasn’t sitting down this time however, instead he would’ve been standing straight up in a room of some kind…there were just walls and one 10 inch screen in the center of the wall he was looking at broadcasting the fight to him. The room was only lit with the light emitted from the small television, as he continued squeezing the stress ball watching the two men at hand fight each other. He hadn’t given a motive, nor had he given a purpose to his actions or why he was doing any of this in the first place….he just let it happen.

While the two men begin their fighting, the crowd roars with excitement to see Daniel throw the first connecting punch. But the Super Soldier knows that this is far from being concluded with how much the two of them can dish out. Trevor quickly strikes back with a swift and very technical sweeping takedown that brings Daniel’s legs to slam into one another. The Super Soldier reflexes that Daniel have seem slightly less than their top potential level, having already been sliced open on his leg Daniel has lost a lot of blood from the start of this whole trap.

Being lifted into the air he grunts in pain that is hidden by the protective layer of his mask his body is raised into the air only for it to be slammed back down into the ground with a powerful neck strike. It seems as though Trevor understands something about Daniel that perhaps the faceless man has yet to figure out with the placement of Trevor’s strike. Daniel hits the ground with a loud thud sound that brings the concrete floor below him to crack under the strength of Trevor’s blow. Daniel’s HUD begins to static a bit from the impact while bright emerald eyes stare up to see the mask that Trevor wears hanging over him.

( )

Just as Trevor begins to take the first step back to get away from Daniel’s range of reach, The Super soldier would extend his right arm to face Trevor’s body. With the telepathic flick of a switch Daniel fires out his rope dart that is located within his forearm device underneath his wrist. The sharp vibranium blade flies out towards trevor’s ankle, not piercing into the body part, but rather it attempts to wrap around the ankle to get his foot caught in the clutch of the rope.

“Get back over here!” Daniel yells out as he thrusts both arms over his head to have the palms of his hands be pressed on the ground behind his head.

The movement of his arms would also pull on the rope to have Trevor stumble forward a bit to get off balance. This is all part of an attack that Daniel initiates once the rope is wrapped around the left ankle. Using his upper body strength, Daniel would then springboard himself up onto his feet. But while this is happening, the bottom of his right foot would shoot forward as Daniel’s body begins to be lifted in the air to return to a standing position. This foot would attempt to smash square into the nose of Trevor’s face as he stumbles forward from being pulled by the rope that is attached to Daniel’s arm.

The kick would occur as Daniel returns to a standing position, occurring more as a push kick than anything else.

The strength of the kick could have Trevor stumble back some more with a much more dazed feeling from taking so many impacts to the head. It would also stand out that as Daniel completes this kick and even gets back up to his feet, his body bounces a bit with a slight limp from the injured right leg that he has cut open still. Whether the kick was completed or not, Daniel would release the hold of the rope once he returned to his feet to force his body to get back in his Muay Thai style stance.

His right fist tightens a bit with blood slowly oozing out of the space between his fingers that had been placed on his palms from having applied pressure onto his injury. “You act like I don’t know what you’re a-game is…” Daniel begins to speak to Trevor about him clearly holding back in this with that chop to his armored neck. “At least make it seem believable.” As he says this, The Arvindr that is attached to his hip begins to glow with a slight brighter glow of a holy gold.

Trevor stood idle waiting for his brother to stand again. The numbing pain in his chest momentarily dulling his senses only for him to blink a few times to keep the blood loss form effecting him entirely. This became his downfall as he felt a sudden wrap around his ankle. Looking down he’d widen his eyes as he grunted trying to pull away but it was to late! Trevor would’ve found himself dragged forward a few feet, stumbling forward, leaving his arms failing a bit somewhat, only to then feel the force of Daniel’s right foot smash against his nose! Trevor felt a slight off setting feeling, he was pretty sure the damn thing was broken at this point. Trevor went stumbling backwards only to lose his balance and fall on his ass! Holding his nose, he’d now be a few ways apart form Daniel, a crimson flow making it’s way down his lips and chin. His bandaged hands getting bloodied from the constant usage of them.

“You act like I don’t know what you’re a-game is… At least make it seem believable.” Trevor stood himself back up, hunched over a bit and holding his knees tightly. Looking up at Daniel through his dirtied yellow mask he’d wipe his nose and mouth with his fore arm and sigh loud. “I’m trying…I guess I just need to rely on you to follow suit.” Trevor stood up inhaling loudly through his broken nose forcing the air ways in it to expand so he could breathe.  “No hard feelings right.” Trevor nodded to this before closing his eyes. A seemingly stupid thing to do, but his next actions would’ve more so warded one to NOT go near him. The area immidately around Trevor began to increase in density…he was charging chi and thanks to Daniels’ blade he’d more than be able to feel the weight of it taking over the area. Trevor’s body began to emit a bright golden chi, like his foe had seen many times before only this time Trevor moved the aura around his body to his hands and feet. He’d spread his legs, his arms out stretched, open palms and spread fingers as he moved them in swift strong circular motions as if churning the wind itself. His stance got wider as his right side lead towards Daniel’s area and the glowing on the ends of his limbs seemed to get brighter.

The Dragon Monk By summoning their chi, drawing form the specialties of all four spirits and focusing it into his hand, he can draw upon the superhuman energy derived from the heart of the four divine beast  and make his fist inhumanly powerful and super humanly resistant to injury and pain on a superhuman scale. This "Dragon Fist" technique does not involve a physical transformation of any kind, simply a psychic channeling of concentrated chi energy and chi bases. With his fist in this state, the Dragon Monk combines the four properties into a mannor as such: using physical chi he strengthens his arm 10x the muscle mass of a peak human's strength, but condenses the muscle tissue as much as he can causing no physical change to the apperence of his hand. Fortification Chi not only helps in the condensing process but it completely encompasses the arm/hand in a thick layer of forified chi, rendering it virtually indestructible. Added to this is the other property of fortification which gives his arm a blade like edge, thouasands of tiny Madarins all resonated at a high frequency allowing his arm to virtually pierce anything it comes into contact with similar to a high frequency blade in principle. The Mental Chi aspect allows the Dragon Monk to use his accelerated mental function in a way that essentially gives him the ability to multitask the obsticles infront of him. He can not only one and sustain this energy, but his mind races at such a speed that allows him to process all possible outcomes he can think of, and see all variable moves his opponent could potentially make to counter him IF he knows his opponent well enough at this point. If not, there is a bonus as it increase his awarness to a superhuman state, all of his sense working in conjunction to give him a psuedo danger sense and react to any changes in his opponent or the enviornment infront of him. Finally the Destructive Chi aspect, which speaks for itself, causes the Mandarins resonating around his fist to gain the properties to destroy various if not any form of matter as long as they abide by the four states of matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma). This includes spirits or non coporeal forms as to be seen they must cross into this dimensonal plane, added to the fact that all Dragon Monks because of their unique Spirutal Pressure can attack these things at will. This move however is VERY powerful, and such a concentratio of chi requires time to focus and use. The effects varry depending on how long one charges the Dragon Fist but depending on the tier of charge, will determine it's output. (At base it is required to be charged for at least one post. The move itself can only be used an overall total of five times and depending on the tier the number of uses decreases.)

As this happened he’d quickly straighten up his stance, both feet now shoulder width apart and his hands in tight fist, down by his sides and infront of his waistline slightly. His eyes brimmed a bright gold before he leapt into the air, spinning his body horizontally clockwise and landing on the ground, sweeping his left arm out and sending what looked to be a large 10 foot wide slash of Chi towards Daniel!

The wave itself traveled like a bullet from a gun, right towards Daniel’s waistline! The wave fused with chi and fortification chi to enable it to cut through anything almost, and if it connected it’d have very lethal effects, such as almost being cut in half. Though the intention was not to kill, Trevor had to make it look good. The blast was a lot slower than what it could’ve been due to Trevor’s blood loss but he’d have to do whatever it took to get the hell out of dodge. He didn’t stop there however as he began to spin his body around, before ducking and lashing out another wave of chi in similar arch like fashion.

Following this up in what seemed like blinks of the eye, he’d stand and thrust both of his hands forward, using the dragon wave technique to emit three more short basketball sized blast of Chi towards Daniel!

Each one of these projectiles traveled one behind the other, and that being the case even if one was blocked or dodged the next one was gunning for him directly afterward. Trevor however refused to stay stationary as the very moment he fired the last blast from that position, he’d take off in a yellow flash and attempt to close the distance between he and Daniel by using the Dragon Shroud to accelerate his speed and appear 5 feet behind him now! Trevor would’ve moved so fast he’d actually have outrun his own projectiles, to appear behind Daniel’s body with his hands extended, the basses of his palms clapped together with a large golden orb in the center of them. “HUAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Trevor would’ve attempted to unleash a dragon wave behind Daniel at the same time the blast he’d shot prior would’ve been making their way to him as well!


If this connected with the incoming blast a giant bright explosion of chi would’ve emitted from their place of origin! Engulfing the both of them and sending Daniel’s body steaming from the remnants of the golden flares and all the way to the other side of the arena! If nothing else Trevor would’ve kept himself in the right mind state. The  one with the will to overcome this adversity, but with every movement he felt more blood leaking from the now red soaked stain on his chest. They had to do something and do something quick.


Pallas: ( )

The sight of Trevor beginning to charge his chi is something that never gets old when watching it explode in person. The wind around Daniel gusts past him with a strong force that could knock any other man down onto his back. Droplets of blood begin to drip from his leg but because of the wind the droplets actually fly backwards towards the wall behind Daniel. Underneath the helmet Daniel smirks as the HUD calculated the range of power that Trevor is emitting from his body. The counter on his HUD begins to skyrocket from the hundreds into the thousands in just a few short seconds. With the smirk growing across his lips, Daniel looks at Jayleen’s digital body and she can already see what he is thinking.

“You better not do it, Daniel. You made the challenge to fight him at his best, why would you do this to make it even worse!?” She yells out to him with a stern tone.

Without even responding Daniel uses his telepathic link to his equipment to lower the helmet down to where his full face is revealed to everyone in the crowd. With blood dried across his upper lip and his nose, bright hazel-green eyes glare down towards his partner. Just before Trevor begins to really open up his gate of offense, Daniel takes a long breath out from his lips as he can feel the adrenaline and the nervous gut feeling beginning to fill his body.

“Let’s see where this gets us…” He thinks to himself just as Trevor moves to attack.

Daniel’s eyes widen as he looks down to see his Arvindr blade glowing brightly at the incoming danger of Trevor’s attack of chi coming towards him. Speaking to Daniel in the ancient language that so far only Daniel has been able to understand, the super soldier heeds the blade’s warning and leaps into the air a few feet to have his body twist parallel to the ground to have the range of energy to pass directly below him. While in the air his arms remain close to his chest while his legs intertwine at the ankles so that he can spin like a top while in the air.

His body quickly falls back down to the ground while he lands with his right leg extended outwards and his left leg bent. Both palms are placed onto the ground as he takes a very limber stance, similar to a web crawler that the city has come to love. With his right leg extended out, Daniel winces at the pain of the motion he has to make to get his leg out there. With that pain blocking his mind for the quick moment he cannot react to the second warning of The Arvindr trying to alert Daniel of a second wave attack that Trevor unleashes.

With his body lower to the ground, the wave of energy impacts Daniel’s chest with a thunderous force! The chest armor absorbs much of the energy but unable to stop the impact from flowing down exposed places of his body. Upon impact, the energy flows like a wave across his body to actually bring him to be launched a few feet back with his feet stumbling to keep him vertical. The wave of energy flows to dig deeper into the gash that is already present on Daniel’s right leg.

There is zero time to react to anything else before Trevor releases another quick flurry of three orbs of his chi aimed to take Daniel out. Moving with the motion from the second wave, Daniel staggers back while also using his boxing capabilities to slip under one of the orbs. There is a quick moment of relief to see that even without the aid of his technology he may be able to fight Trevor. With his inner feelings of feeling weaker than his partner because of his lack of powers motivating him for this fight, Daniel looks to prove something to not only himself but every person who watches in the stands.

The moment of glee is short lived as the second orb that Trevor unleashed hits Daniel dead center on his Blood Knight logo on his chest. The second and third blasts impact into his chest that creates large blinding lights like a flash grenade with each hit. Daniel is lifted off the ground just a few inches from the impact, leaving him further exposed for attack as he grunts out in pain.

As this is happening, The Super Soldier doesn’t even notice that Trevor has used his amazing speed to actually get behind him. Even for a super soldier mind like Daniel’s, testing himself with a very injured body without any equipment seems to be showing the stubborn side of him with how much of a beating he is taking. His pain is only further induced when he can only hear Trevor’s grunt as the final attack of his combination comes to fruition.

The entire arena is blinded by a bright powerful light of chi as Trevor releases his attack to full impact on Daniel’s back. The scream of Daniel’s pain is the last thing that is heard before a thunderous explosion of energy erupts and sends The Super Soldier flying straight into the wall of the arena back first. His body impacts into the concrete, creating large cracks that race across the entire arena. He lingers on the wall for a few seconds before he falls to the ground with a soft thud as if he is already defeated. His cheek rests on the ground of the arena with blood dripping from a new gash that appears across his right eye. Trevor can breathe easy knowing Daniel is still alive because a slow heartbeat is still present and his back slowly lifts up and down in the passing seconds after the attack. Black powder begins to rain down from the sky, a compound mixture of crushed rubble from the arena floor from the explosion. The fans all roar with excitement from seeing what they believe is the end of this bout. But Daniel has the heart of a lion and doesn’t know when to say no.

Using the palms of his hands to lift himself up to rest on his right knee, he doesn’t make a sound. Blood spills out from his mouth, splattering on the ground. Trevor would be able to see that his attack completely burned away Daniel’s jacket; leaving behind the armor that he wears exposed. Portions of his pants are also ripped with his right leg actually losing all fabric from his knee down to his ankle.

“Well…I guess you were right…” He says out loud, which would make Trevor think he is talking to him.

His words are meant for someone else to hear as he forces himself to stand up on his own two feet. While doing this, he motions his right hand towards his hip where The Arvindr glows with a bright golden aura that still shines through all the black rubble that flows in the air. Once the tips of his fingers take hold of the handle of The Arvindr, everything about the fight begins to change.


( )

As Daniel stands tall in front of Trevor, the ground beneath Daniel’s feet begins to glow with the same golden flow of The Arvindr. Daniel’s feet begin to widen out as the entire arena begins to shake tremendously! Daniel’s eyes transform into a stunning gold color that matches the aura that the ground below him is releasing. Trevor would begin to feel the ground beneath him cracking and lifting in random areas of the ground as if plates underneath them were shifting similar to how tectonic plates move to create Earthquakes.

“I can see why you enjoy this so much…” Daniel says just before a release of his own power erupts around the arena.

With a mighty roar, Daniel lifts his mouth towards the heavens as the power of The Arvindr enters into the essence of his soul to grant him capabilities that he could never even fathom to use. As he releases this roar, the ground below up explodes like a volcano with a bright golden aura that reaches up into the sky of the arena! Electrical surges of energy fire out from his body, piercing into the ground around him. His body tightens as his muscles begin to absorb the energy that The Arvindr grants him. Underneath the armor the tribal markings of the sun begin to appear, causing the tribal lines to crawl up his body to slowly breach through to his neck and continue its motion before creating the insignia of The Arvindr across his face.

Upon the release of this power, Trevor would feel the power that emits from Daniel’s body. From the time that he had first found it he would be able to feel the change in Daniel’s energy. Unlike how it was in The Dragon Kang Daniel is no longer lost with the power or unable to control what it grants him. The Super Soldier has become one with the capabilities and becomes the warrior that The Arvindr has been seeking for thousands of years. Once the power becomes stable and suitable for Daniel, the dagger slowly begins to take shape across both of his fists into the form of his Brass Knuckles. The weapons wrap around his hands tightly in the form of knuckle gloves with the tips having two inch spikes protruding out over each knuckle on his fists.

“Now that the playing field is more suitable to a fair fight…Let’s start this again…” Daniel says as he begins to walk forward towards where Trevor is standing.

( )

While taking a step forward, he dips into the power of The Arvindr to quickly burst into a frame of speed that Trevor has never seen Daniel reach before. His body moves like a flash through the arena, leaving a blurred image of his body as he attempts to strike Trevor with an attack sequence of his own. Hoping to use his power to create a surprise attack, Daniel attempts to smash his right fist into Trevor’s left cheek! Daniel’s body appears in front of Trevor’s body in the mid-motion of the punch as he looks to try and send Trevor flying the way that he did him.

If Trevor is caught off guard by the punch, he would feel his jaw practically shatter from the powerful force of The Arvindr! If Trevor looked down to see Daniel’s face he would see how calm and composed he actually is even after taking the attack he took from Trevor just minutes before this moment. After the impact is released the amount of strength that Daniel now works with could have Trevor fly back into the wall of the arena behind him like a bullet into a target point!

(  )

If Trevor were to make impact into the wall, Daniel would look down at his palms while saying, “After training with The Arvindr, I was able to find out there are a lot of things about the weapon that neither of us originally thought was possible…Here…See what I have learned…” He says with a smirk before two bright golden orbs of energy begin to appear in his palms.

Using the energy that he gathers from The Arvindr, he is able to actually create concentrated forms of the energy. This had been deduced when Daniel realized why he had been able to release a wave of energy when the weapon is in the form of a sword. Depending on the style of weapon the Arvindr undertakes, he has an arsenal of abilities that he could actually use with each style. Using the knuckle gloves in this instance allows him to create these orbs of energy that he can throw similar to Trevor’s own energy capabilities.

Without wasting any more time, Daniel begins to swing his arms over and over towards the area where Trevor had been launched after the punch, if it impacted. Within seconds Daniel comes to release a large volley of energy blasts that are created from the palms of the knuckle gloves!

Daniel’s eyes never leave Trevor as he throws dozens of orbs at Trevor’s body. With the volley style attack, the accuracy of the attack is lessened by the fact that he is moreso throwing them in the general direction of where Trevor’s body had impacted into the wall. This allows the area to become blanketed by the volley attack, almost taking out the entire wall of the arena with golden explosions! Daniel doesn’t mind the accuracy because the special thing about the volley is that it leaves behind a massive damage rate from the explosions and also leaves the area covered in the golden fire that the energy releases that brings temperatures of the flames up to 2,000 degrees Kelvin.

If Trevor stayed in the area of the volley for longer than the first few impacts, he would feel the immense heat melting everything away around him from how hot the energy of The Arvindr is. The fans in the stands would both scream in fear and excitement now as the arena comes to take a very destructive turn for the worst now. From what started as a simple punch has now erupted into what seems to be nothing more than a battle of will and energy capabilities! Daniel would keep this up for about thirty seconds before he comes to stop with one last orb growing and glowing in his right hand.

This orb is a few inches larger in diameter than the others and with one quick motion he launches the orb out like a fastball right down the middle of the area he just practically napalmed!

(  )

The orb would travel through the sky with a tight blur before it impacts into what is left of the arena wall to create a massive explosion that engulfs that entire wing of the arena in a release of bright golden energy as hot as all hell! Daniel doesn’t aim to kill Trevor with that attack, having a small inkling that Trevor would be able to have some maneuver left over to find a way to escape. If the attack were to hit though, the energy alone would cause a great deal of pain and anguish towards his physical body but also the heat playing a large part in how effective the energy is. Even with his experience with dragons, Daniel would definitely be able to be on par is not higher with the amount of heat The Arvindr releases.

While a whole third of the arena is covered in the blazing hot flame, Daniel stands in the center of the battleground waiting to see how Trevor retaliates from this attack. Like a warmonger, Daniel can feel how The Arvindr is bringing him to start enjoying the heated battle he is having with his partner.


( ) Trevor watched as Daniel handled relatively most of the attacks but the final shot is what hit him the hardest! His body went soaring and Trevor stood there with steaming palms open palms as he really wasn’t entirely comfortable doing this with Daniel. He didn’t want to hurt him and it wasn’t so much as having pitty more so Trevor always held himself back on this plane of existence. The earth arguably couldn’t handle the same things he dishes out in the other realms but alas that is just how the motion goes. He stood there  only to see Daniel standing up seemingly unphased. Trevor picked up on the energy of the blade he had and could tell that was the source of his growing power. “He’s been practicing huh…” Trevor jogged in place for a  bit, making sure he was still physically fresh. He could tell where this fight was going and he wanted to take it there, asap and as soon as possible. That being said he watched…as Daniel began to from a unison with the blade as they shared their inner powers with one another. Trevor let Daniel form his new weapon and begin to test out his new abilities….which were nothing to shake a stick at.

Daniel takes off and Trevor takes off in response! Reading his body movement with surprising clarity as he darted towards Daniel evenly in attempts to hit him before he could be hit! This failed however as he underestimated that Daniels chi had equaled his for just enough to land a killer haymaker to the side of Trevor’s face! His bandanna being ripped to shreds by the impact as he was sent flying back across the area! His body imbedding itself into the wall like a pancake! Blood spewed from the blondes Nostrils and mouth before he’d fallen to the ground on his knees panting. He coughed a bit, the mark on his chest literally singed shut which did more harm than good but good none the less. He looked back up, snatching the bandanna off of his face not caring who saw it as he had no one to protect even if his identity was discovered.

He watched Daniel form balls of chi into the palms of his hands and Trevor’s face looked hilariously surprised. “Whoa you didn’t tell me you were doing THAT kind of stuff now?!? That’s my gig…”  Trevor spread his own hands out beside him…aiming to meet Daniels volley and the moment it happened Trevor’s vision began to slow…slow dramatically. He could see each invidvidual blast and tied in with his mental chi it’s almost as if he could predict the raidial area of each blast and it’s area of effect based off of it’s size and velocity. Trevor began to fire back! He took about 2 of the blast that came his way, one singing the front of his outfit revealing a toned and blackened body with burns! He ate these metaphorically speaking and began firing his own blast volley out!

Shooting out multiple dragon waves with Laces of destruction chi causing the blast each time they collided to explode! A thousand balls of light bursting on the field all at once, over and over again, without a warning of stopping! Trevor shouted between each blast, matching Daniel’s assault and trying to fire his own amount of slick shots in-between! He kept this up for as long as he did, and when Daniel finally came to stop and charge what looked like a charge shot in the clear,  Trevor grunted. “Oh no you don’t!” Running at a high speed towards Daniel so that when he went to project the ball from his hand, Trevor would’ve appeared infront of him with a glowing right hand, and shooting out his own dragon wave towards Daniels ball of energy the two energies would’ve collided pushing both of them back, but if their will be strong enough they would’ve both sustained the mods of the blast infront of them entering a collision of energy! The energy meeting in the center and forming a giant oval orb of repelling forces!!!

The two would’ve been close enough that a strong enough push from either side would’ve possibly caved this place in! “HUAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Trevor pushed much harder than before the sparks flying off of his arm and destroying the montiors around his backside even corroding the ground in streaks of gold lightning! However Daniel would’ve then heard a voice ringing in his head! “Wait for my signal!...” Daniel might wonder what was going on until Trevor nodded to his behind area. The door would’ve been idol until ‘BOOM!” the door was kicked down….by a Trevor clone!

Trevor played smart and while one of his clones perished, the other one survived and via orders of Trevor stayed behind in the chaos only to escape and begin attempting to pint point the location of the faceless man! A few interogations later, this would’ve become a reality as Trevor’s clone busrted in, holding a chi molded hutner’s bow in his left hand, and drawing back the string with his right! This also explains why Trevor seemed signifigantly weaker throughout this entire second half of their venture!!! The clone took aim at the wall and fired a single chi arrow! Trevor’s chi waining the clone disappeared after this but the wall would’ve blown clean to kingdom come! Seeing this the faceless man stood up in his chair, only to watch as his hidden room wall crumbled infront of him! If Daniel caught sight of this Trevor knew he’d instinctively know what they were bot to do…


( )

The moment Trevor comes in with a charged blast of Chi to meet Daniel’s charged orb, both energies collide to create the bright golden dome of power that surrounds the two of them. Daniel’s strong will power is shown here as he forces himself to remain steady in his position with his right throwing arm still extended outwards towards Trevor, placing all pressure and energy output in that one arm. His left arm remains steady at his hip, The Super Soldier showing the strength that his new found capabilities can dish out with just one appendage. A slight smirk appears on his face as golden eyes stare towards his partner as he can feel the power they are both emitting, it seems unreal. Without even realizing it, they are tearing this place apart and Daniel can feel that this is just the tip of what both of them could do if they actually were forced to go all out one hundred percent.

The ground around them shakes so violently that the stands begin to fall apart, ripping the arena into pieces while the two men stand like Gods of the Arena without so much as budging an inch. Daniel hears the words that Trevor tells him, giving him the idea of what his partner might have planned in this situation. At that moment the door is broken down by a clone of Trevor’s that finally comes to expose the faceless man in his hiding place. Daniel’s smirk expands from a smirk to a full on smile with teeth exposed with joy to finally see the man who has been pulling their strings this entire time.

“Follow my lead!” Daniel yells out as he quickly pushes himself into the right side of Trevor’s body. “When I say fire, you put everything you have into an energy beam!”

Their bodies would be pressed close against one another while both of their hands would be extended outwards to face the faceless man. Trevor’s arms would make the signature vertical hand formation that he has always used while Daniel takes on his own form which has a horizontal hand formation. Both of the legs would be planted down into the ground for strong bases and Daniel slowly moves his eyes to look towards Trevor.

(  )

“You tell no one that we resorted to this!” he yells out to Trevor before they attack. “Give him hell NOW, Monk!”

( )

After giving the order to fire everything they have at the Faceless man, their energies would come to mix together in the center of their palms. A bright golden orb forms with a light so bright that it can only be compared to the light of the center of a supernova in the cosmos of space. Surrounding the orb are electrical outputs that show each definitive color between both represented energy signatures. Daniel gives a powerful roar as both men fire out their energy that is released in the form of one singular energy beam!

( )

A bright energy is fired with enough power that the ground below the beam shatters and is actually lifted around the beam, warping the concrete as if it were like ocean water taking the form of a powerful tsunami! Gusts of wind shatter ear drums of people are bearing witness to this display of power, knocking people off their feet with ease! The energy has enough recoil drawback that both men are actually shocked backwards to the point that their feet actually dig into the concrete, similar to how artillery pod legs have to be nailed into the ground otherwise the power of the weapon would knock the body over! Their hairs both lift from the wind, forcing both of them to stand their ground with the will that has to be unbreakable!

As the energy beam makes its way over towards the faceless man, it would come as a surprise to see that the energy beam is not the only part of this attack. Flames are created on the ground around the beam from the sheer heat that the energy is giving off. Metal is melted within seconds, completely destroying everything in its path like a wave of pure destruction. Daniel begins to release a loud grunt as he continues to funnel the energy that he has into this attack!

Before the energy beam comes to reach the faceless man, the energy beam has yet to even begin to show what its true power is! About half way between them, the energy beam begins to reshape. Out of the end of the beam, the head of a powerful dragon is released and soars across the flight path with a powerful roar that completely deafens every sound that is present in the arena! The head of the dragon begins to grow until it is almost two stories tall! If the faceless man remained in position, the Dragon would open its mouth and completely shatter its body through the faceless man and destroy everything in its path that lies beyond his body!

(218206-dbm2_super.png )

The energy of The Dragon Monk and The Arvindr create something beyond normal energy blasts, creating a construct of a powerful dragon from sheer energy and willpower! Upon impact, the energy would explode in a fiery destructive wave that takes out the remaining half of the arena! Golden flames are thrust across the entire arena, creating a powerful wild fire that has no real historic occurrence to even compare its destructiveness too.

( )

After the energy blast tears apart the target area, both Trevor and Daniel would be able to place their hands down and stand to their normal height. Surrounding them is nothing more than fire and debris falling from the sky. Smoke blocks their vision of where The Faceless man had been standing, Daniel slowly turns to look down towards his partner.

“You think we got him?” He asks in a sarcastic tone of voice before turning back to stare at the giant hole in the arena now.

(Keeping the music flow xD   )“Follow my lead!” “You got it!” Trevor didn’t oppose when Daniel slide to the right side of his body. Their hands formed an almost cross like shape as Trevor made his palms connect with his own between Daniels doing the same. He made sure to push everything he had into this blast! His clone coming back into his body and giving trevor  a much needed boost to imput even more energy into the tag team attempt made by his brother in battle! “When I say fire, you put everything you have into an energy beam!”  “You got it!!!” “You tell no one that we resorted to this!” Trevor closed his eyes with a goofy grin on his face, chuckling a bit as he and Daniel prepared to fire the beam! “No promises bro!!” he yelled. “Give him hell NOW, Monk!”  


Trevor did just as instructed and the blast ensued! The beam forming into a dragon itself and shooting straight towards the faceless man! It shot dead at him, overbearing and engulfing him into it’s golden glow!!! The explosion destroyed the walls and brought them down around, including the walls in the hidden room!


( ) “You think we got him?” Trevor fell to his knees panting and exhausted. Ripping off the rest of the top half of his outfit and sighing. “I hope so. I’m about to pull a Mr.StealYoGirl on the Hunter. Did you see the ass his wife had? I been wanting to slide into some chocolate draws for a minute now.” Trevor looked as the smoke cleared and saw everything destroyed and torn to bits…and a note. “Hm?” Trevor pulled himself up and walked over slowly towards it and picked it up to read it, before walking back over to Daniel. “I don’t think we got em for good…but I think we got him for now. Listen to this.” Trevor read the note aloud:

“You have proven your resourcefulness and much more. As of this moment you two are my selected champions to battle the oncoming darkness that foreshadows your beloved home of Kasaihana City. This was merely a test. The moment you both finish reading this letter the prisoners will have been put back into their cells, and the heroes of the base will return to consciousness only remembering the were attacked in a raid and nothing after or before this moment. Relish in your victory for it will be short lived in the coming end of days.” Trevor balled up the note and tossed it behind him. In doing so, a multitude of Heroes Inc agents rushed into the destroyed room along with paramedics. “Are you two okay? We knew we’d had back up coming in the works but we didn’t expect the red knights. Did you catch glimpse of the faceless man?”

Trevor looked to Daniel. “Erm yeah. Yeah we drove him off ourselves.” There’d be a pause for Daniel to interject as well. He was more familiar with the people here so it’d make sense they’d listen to him. “Wow, well good job. Let the medics check you out an-“ “At ease solider.” Jade fierce would’ve made her way into the room, wearing her battle gear which consisted of a one piece suit, letting her long chistled green legs show and her arms as well. Even with all the muscle it didn’t over shadow her bodies curves. Her long green hair in her face before she flipped it out of the way.  The medics came and sat Daniel and Trevor down in chairs, and began tending to their wounds. As the female nurses rubbed anesthetic on their wounds Jade would’ve folded her arms under her breast and began speaking.

“I guess we owe it to you two. Don’t worry I won’t reveal anything about your faces underneath. Kind of a staple we don’t do.” Trevor rubbed the back of his neck and smiled. “Thanks for that.” She then had a table brought in to sit between her and the young men. She took a chair and sat her self down, letting her arms rest on the table. “When your both feeling up to it while that distress call was fake, it intercepted the real one I was attempting to make. It’s concerning the Omega Gene registration…and the key roles I would like for  you both to play in them.” Trevor frowned with a corner of his mouth and leaned back in the chair. The nurse who was cleaning his wounds would’ve had a large blush on her face, making scattered panting noises. “Trevor please stop messing with my medic.” Trevor raised his brows and pulled his hand from between her legs and from under her skirt. “Hm? No idea what  you’re talking about.” As she walked away Trevor would’ve slapped her ass and smirked. “Now then any questions before my special guest arrives to talk to you two?”

After everything is said and done, Daniel can’t help but laugh as he hears Trevor instantly be so ready to talk about stealing The Hunter’s wife just to catch himself some chocolate love. But what seems even funnier is that he can see how Trevor’s bad influence is rubbing off on him. This is made obvious when Daniel gives a sly smile to his partner while slightly raising his right eyebrow towards him.

“You know…I was thinking the same thing. We could have said whoever won that fight could have her.” He says while laughing, unaware that his body is still glowing with the bright golden glow of The Arvindr.

After the joking for a few seconds occurs, Trevor finds a note that had been left by the faceless man. While listening to his partner speak, Daniel reaches down to his pants to rub down the blood that has clotted together on his gash. With the help of The Arvindr’s energy his body has already begun to heal now that they are resting and getting their energies back into their bodies. The help comes a little bit too late to do anything, bringing Daniel to look at all of them with a very blank face.

“Leave it to Heroes Inc. to show up late to the party…” He thinks to himself while the medics come to help the two of them.

Jade makes her way into the fray of everything and that brings Daniel to slowly lean towards his partner and say, “You can have the chocolate…I was always told that you should eat your greens.” He speaks with a sarcastic tone as his Golden eyes ogle over the full bodied vixen that comes to talk to the two of them.

Jade takes her seat which brings Daniel to look slightly puzzled at the sight of her just basically setting up a make shift office here in the rubble of her own prison. That face of confusion is broken up to the expression of “really nigga” as he stares at Trevor who is pulling his fingers out of the medic and taking none of this seriously. That can be the only mode that Trevor really has outside of his fighting personality. When Jade asks if the two of them have any questions, Daniel takes a step forward to show that he does indeed have a question.

( )

“What makes you think we even want to help you after what we just saw? Maybe the two of us think its better not to get involved with Heroes Inc…Seeing is how it only takes a Faceless Man to get into their systems…” He says with a condescending tone to Jade as he flashes her a pretty boy smirk.

Just moments after he asks this question, the sound of a rocket flying down over their position blares through all of their ears. Within the blink of an eye, a giant metal armored suit smashes into the concrete floor ten feet in front of them. A cloud of white dust lifts around the impact point and covers the suit that had impacted into the ground from their vision. But they would all be able to see the bright blue lights that are scattered across the body of the metallic achievement just before it walks out of the smoke to reveal the bright red and yellow appearance of the one and only S.U.I.T.

“Because you owe us one, Daniel…” Dez says through the mechanical comm system within the suit technology. “That armor you are wearing has saved you more times than you can count…And I think that A.I. you can’t stop talking to at night is another reason why you still have a heart beat…So let’s not pretend like everything you have done has been on your own without any help.” His tone is strong and very confident as he brings up one of the things that Daniel had hoped to never have exposed.

This brings The Super Soldier to sigh a bit before turning to Trevor and saying, “It’s a long story…But he has a point…” He turns to face Dez with a smug expression on his face. “I do owe HIM one...” By sheer willpower and their connection of energy a few seconds ago, Daniel is able to telepathically talk to his partner. (Yeah…That happened now XD) “What do you think, Trevor?...I mean…I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Lady Green here to try and get that bitchy attitude in the sack…But…We can fight this if you want…” And from there everyone wants to hear what the two warriors are thinking.

Trevor watched as his friend and partner in heroism took a stand and went to talk to Jade his way saying that they really had no reason to help the inc. Trevor fully agreed, as after all of this why would he want to be involved with these lunatics in the first place? “Hell yeah! That and-“ Trevor would’ve been interrupted heavily by the sound of what he thought was a rocket coming in and crashing into the room…but rather it was a man. Cladded in a yellow and red suit. Trevor leaned back into his seat with a sigh. “I’m tired of surprises…”  When the man began to go into detail of how Daniel actually owed him this made Trevor raise his brows in curiosity. “Huh. Low key wondered how you got that stuff.” Trevor spoke aloud blinking a few times before he’d heard Daniels voice in his head.

“What do you think, Trevor?...I mean…I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Lady Green here to try and get that bitchy attitude in the sack…But…We can fight this if you want…” Trevor kept a stern expression while replying. Being able to talk at the speed of thought is indeed convenient and this established link might just come in handy. “I wouldn’t mind either…but they said they were just here to talk. I want to leave and fly the hell outta here but I’m spent and I’m honestly about to pass out here...besides. Looking at this green chick and this robo dude they don’t look like the type to appreciate people walking out on their speeches.”

Trevor cleared his throat and uplifted his head. “Okay you’ve got me. What did you want to discuss concerning the registration.” Jade would’ve nodded to him and glanced at Dez. “Welcome to the club. Now then let’s get down to business.” She sat up straighter before speaking again. “I’m sure you’re both aware of the ongoing “Civil War’ everyone’s calling it. Well it’s real. While you may not see the battles here in Kasaihana there are various hot spots all over the map these battles are taking place. Covert operations going on right under your noses. Territories being taken, the capture and escape of Omega’s…it’s utter chaos and it needs to stop. It is my hope that this is where you two will come in. You see men: people often mistake our intentions. We do not seek to force anyone to do anything. We’re offering omegas the choice to live normally under legal conditions or the choice to be fugitives and disobey the law.” She folded her arms. “The day of the modern vigilante is over. No more going outside and above the law. Everything must be monitored, recorded, and regulated for the betterment of the people and ourselves. “ Trevor would’ve been hard at work picking his nose and still being attentive…somewhat. “Mmmmkay. “ “We’ve seen what you two can do, and clearly Dez and yourself Daniel are familiar with one another. We strongly wish for the both of you to register and should you wish to continue your heroic duties, you can do so legally. That and receive proper payment for it.”

Trevor flicked a booger onto the floor and stuffed his hands into his suits pockets. “Money sounds good I guess. What about  you big guy? You look like the kind of guy who always has something to say.” Trevor would’ve blinked with curiosity wondering what this iron clad stranger had to say on the subject.

The entire group stopped and listened to Jade as she gave her speech about what good the registration is meant for. And though he felt strongly about the act, after hearing it from her own mouth, it sounds like the kind of speech a salesman would give when he is trying to make something sound better than it is. Having heard that, Daniel still feels like they are in a situation now where their options are pretty minimal. That had only been proven by Trevor when he had been the first to respond that they would be in on what Heroes Inc needed of them. The blonde had already spoken out about not wanting to be in this at all, let alone on Heroes Inc’s side. For him to be ready to jump ship now to work with Heroes Inc he must see something happening here.

When he looks at Dez and says he looks like the kind of person who always has something to say, The man under the mask smirks with a sense of distain towards the tone that Trevor uses. Dez begins to walk forward towards Daniel and Trevor, making the size of the suit very apparent to the two of them now. Daniel’s eyes remain unaverred but he knows what Dez is capable of and even after seeing what Trevor could do, he keeps his head on a swivel. 

“Be careful, Trev…There is a reason why you didn’t need to know where Jayleen and my armor came from.” Speaking through their mind link, Daniel continues speaking, “He is an extremely dangerous person…You don’t want to find out what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that armor.”

With the bright blue glow of the lights reflecting onto Trevor’s skin from Dez standing in front of the two of them, he begins to speak through the mechanical comm system from the SUIT. “You are right, Trevor…I do have something to say. Thank you…” He says with an optimistic tone. “You both are people who have come from very different backgrounds and can show the world that it just isn’t the government officials that see what good this registration can do. Like Jade said…The age of the Vigilante has lived and died…We live in the world of the Registered Hero.” He slowly turns to have the blue eye slits stare towards Daniel. “You both have never had trouble adapting to new situations before…” And that comment could be made obvious that it applied to something about Daniel’s past while still being able to seem to connect Trevor’s situation. “Heroes Inc is proud to see two powerful fighters…no… A powerful TEAM such as you two come to our side. Together, you two could be the very difference that shifts the weight of this war.” After speaking on the subject a bit, Dez slowly turns to face Jade now to address her. “I am glad you brought me on to see the two of them…We will be able to start our work very soon. Let’s let the two of them heal up a bit before we brief them on what we need of them. Sound good, Ms. Fierce?”

“Be careful, Trev…There is a reason why you didn’t need to know where Jayleen and my armor came from.” Trevor nodded, taking this to heart. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He mentally replied. Trevor listens to the iron cladded man comment on their team work and adaptability skills. He goes on to say that he wants such a powerful team to join the inc, become registered and fight the good fight under a legal name…Trevor heard all of this…but he wasn’t quite sure. His arms were folded and he gave the man that cheerful blue eyed optimistic look. “Hm. Well…” Trevor looked at Daniel before he stood up. "I'll need some more convincing." Trevor decided to give it actual thought and with that Jade also stood up and gestured the two young men to follow her. The four of them began to disapear behind the steel doors, the rest of their conversation continued in private. The results of that conversation that took place shall be reserved for another day at another time...