( )”And so Cho Kiriyu, it is with great honor and praise that we, the disciplinary division of Kasaihana High School accept you into our ranks. “ Cho stood in a grey zipped up hoodie, with some jeans and converses on. He saluted the head of he committee and lowered his hand in a military fashion. The man awarded Cho with a gold Sash/Belt combination, and gave him his “Beat Cop.” Level rookie badge to attach to it. “You passed every physical with flying colors. Very flying colors….actually. a lot of the higher ups were wondering how you managed to bench 800 with no background of weight lifting.” Cho looked to the side with a shy smile. “Hehehehe. Eat your green vegetables captain. That’s what mom always says.” Cho nodded and smiled, and the captain nodded. “Well in any case welcome to the team. You’ll report to school an hour earlier than usual to patrol the grounds, during your free periods you’ll be on patrol, and an hour after school. You’ll find your scheduled route, situation book and pen in the packet we gave you. At ease son.” Cho stood straight up, giving the man a salute once more before turning and leaving his office.

As he left, shutting the door behind him Cho would let out a long breathe, slouching over  a bit before blinking himself back to informality. “ Gah I hate having to act all white collar. Still Connor always did say I needed a hobby. Besides the Karate Club, I definitely think this is for me.” He stuffed his hands into his pockets and began making his way down the hallway, book bag strapped on one shoulder and talking to himself. “Besides after that whole mess with the War…I think. I think I want to protect people a bit more with these wolf powers.  Better than being like some of those other savages.” Cho shrugged it off and decided to make his way towards the stairwell, to head out of the building.


There was another prescience stalking him in the hallway, but he wouldn’t know this. Simply because this presence was so damned good at concealing itself, Cho wouldn’t have known anyone was there to begin with. The English teacher Mr.Ratlaw aka Walter the “Lupus Dominus.” Would’ve also been walking down the same hallway all be it at a snails pace. In doing so he’d have been staring Cho down with bloody red eyes. Ever since cutting his bond from Tahira he was free to hunt down the other essences of Okami for himself, and not have her bumbling and meddling talk of love and turning the other cheek. Rubbish, absolute garbage. Walter was now free to continue his mission to consume enough hearts to become strong enough to take down Okami and become the first Wolf Deity to rise to the occasion by nothing but pure blood sweat and hard work. Cho because of his being turned by Mike, had a very miniscule piece of Okami’s essence within him…but it WAS within him. Knowing this, Walter had a feeling he’d be the easiest to pick off. Last time Tahira saved the boy’s life…

But not this time.

Walter stood at the top of the stair case, watching as Cho began to make his way down the hall towards the exit. A sinister smile crossed his face as he opened his mouth to take in a breathe before letting out a moderately loud wolfblood roar! Cho had a smile on his face while walking but the moment the roar grazd his eardrums, Cho turned around, arms spread, with claws and fangs barred! His yellow eyes scanning the hallway to see and detect where the sound came from…but no one was there. Cho blinked a couple of times, huffing and puffing before standing straight up. “Someone’s trying to mess with me…you’d think this whole wolfblood against wolfblood stuff would be over by now….dammit. I want to turn and run away but I guess Mike’s stupid need of bravery is rubbing off on me…” Cho would’ve strapped both straps of his book bag on and began sniffing he air. “I’ve got a scent!” He began lightly jogging down the hall quietly. It was after hours at the high school, about 5 in the afternoon but it gets dark around 6 so the sun was starting to set to it’s lowest point before it gave way to night time. If anyone was still in the school, they’d be making their way or have made their way out by now, but the school is pretty much empty…for the most part.

Naomi finished changing out of her uniform from soccer practice...she'd taken her sweet time in the girls locker room, throwing on some shorts and a white tanktop as she finished drying off her hair with a towel sort of absent mindedly. She didn't bother with her school uniform since it was the end of the day and no one would say anything for not wearing one should be here in all honesty. After the war was over she was a bit spaced at times sort of trying to adjust back to her regular life of being the popular one at school, doing all sorts of school activities and trying to focus on her academics but it was becoming....increasingly difficult. She had something on her mind....or someone rather. Cho, the boy she'd fought beside during the war...she made sure not to get too close to him especially when it was all over, having left the battle field when things died down so he didn't get a chance to really speak to her.

Slaming her locker door closed she turned and threw the towel into the hamper, thinking it was for the best wasn't it? She couldn't get close to him...she had to keep her distance other wise. Blushing lightly at the intimate thoughts rushing through her mind, her wolf hormones nudged her imagination into picturing Cho placing himself all over her for the simple fact he was just "No! RESIST!" She screamed at herself trying her best to fight off horrible urges....wolves mate and traditions aside she COULDNT fall for a guy she barely spoke to especially a cursed wolf...he wasn't a pure blood and on top of that he was....he was Cho. Just a wolf named Cho, her family was picky in regards to who she could spend her time with and if they ever found out she was fawning over him they'd murder her....

An image of a grinning Cho shirtless and sweating (for some reason) popped into her head and she finds herself sliding down a wall and groaning in pure agony. "Why....Junsei why is this happening to me....I'm a dog in must be laughing at me right now aren't you.....this is all just a joke at my expense...." Suddenly a loud roar catches her attention and she jumps up, red eyes flashing and narrowing into slits while getting on high alert. Running out of the locker rooms and back out into the hallways with her shoes in one hand she sees a quick blur. "Cho....?" She recognized the scent immediately and frowned, wondering what the hell he was doing here at this hour?? And whats more...who was roaring like that in the hallway? Dammit one would think of after this whole war things could cool down but apparently not...placing her bag over her shoulder she slides her school shoes on and keeps a safe distance, lifting her head up to keep track of Chos addicting smell but the more she followed the more troublesome she realized this was going to be....


Cho would’ve tracked the scent all the way down the hallway looking left and right until he’d sniffed the air a few more times. He caught another scent but he was much to focused on the one that had a malicious even spiteful odor to it. Seeing the double doors Cho growled and busted through them! Shoving his hands out in front of him and nearly pushing the big metal doors off of their handles, before he looked around. All he’d seen was the school pool. The water giving off a light blue and ever moving glow. “Hm.” Cho kept note of the pool…hell he couldn’t swim. That being said the scent was strongest right here and right now so he knew whoever he’d been looking for was close. “Come on out! I’ve caught your scent so you know you can’t just up and get away from me!!!” Cho kept turning his head form side to side with the scent of paranoia escaping his pours.

“Of course I can’t get away from you. I allowed you to find me. That logic would be incredibly backwards had that have been my intention.” Cho turned his head behind him to see a man now standing in much darker and distinct clothing than the previous “Mr.Ratlaw.” Walter wore a black dress shirt, with black slacks, matching shoes, and a black trench coat. His hands rested idoly by his sides, as his claws were out in full and plain view, even so much as giving off a slight sparkle to them. “It’s nice to see you again Cho. We meet like this to often do we not?” Cho put his guard up. “No fancy tricks this time Walter! There’s no way you’re gonna get the jump on me. I’ll never let you eat my heart…or anyone elses! I’m gonna do the Warlocks a favor and take you down here and now!” Walter tilted his head up giving Cho a playful smile and chuckling aloud. “So Tenacious aren’t you Wapaweat.” “STOP CALLING ME THAT!” Cho growled.  “What’s the matter? Don’t like being called by your true identity? Tired of being looked at as an empty vessel for a past life?” Cho roared and dashed at Walter with alarming speeds! As he did, he’d being throwing punch after punch toward his head! His fist turning into fleshy whips as he mimicked his sensei’s methods and tried to knock the smirk of Walter’s face.

However the wolfblood was to skilled, as he weaved each of Cho’s punches like clockwork.

“Oh ho hoooo someone’s been practicing their skills a little bit huh? Your punches are a lot more precise than last time. You’re actually trying to kill me today huh?” Walter taunted the boy before he lifted a hand to catch one of Cho’s punches by the wrist. Walter then slowly lifted his opposite hand, and pressed it against the back of cho’s elbow…and effortlessly pressed his fist into cho’s bone, to snap the forearm clean in two, breaking it as easy as breaking a twig.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!” Cho shouted out loud feeling the bits of bone released, lodging themselves into his muscle. Cho’s eyes winded in pain as he felt his right hand go completely limp, the nerves being shot and leaving the hand as dead as a doornail. Cho only however took that pain and channeled it into sheer rage as he lifted his opposite hand up, thrusting it towards the base of Walter’s chin in a fearsome uppercut! The young wolfblood accomplished the goal  of landing a hit on the Lupus Dominus!

Walter with raised brows would’ve nodded, giving Cho a light little. “Not bad.” Before his body contorted, and turned to the left, in order to strike Cho with a spinning roundhouse kick using his right foot! Bashing it against the base of his skull and sending his body soaring into the Water beside them!

Cho’s blood splashed against the Water’s surface and seconds after, Cho himself was now descending into the dephs of the deep end of the pool. Bloody mist leaking from his jaw as it was broken and swollen, narrow  yellow hues looking up towards the surface. Walter’s hit not only accurate but deadly, paralyzing the young wolfblood and rendering him unable to even attempt to swim. Making matters worse he COULDN’T SWIM. Cho let out the rest of his air through gritted teeth cursing his fate under his breathe…

Walter looked down at the water. “Hmph. I’ve known you couldn’t swim for the longest time now. Don’t worry. After you drown, you won’t feel a thing.” Walter stood there, rubbing his chin a bit…he felt it swelling up. “Damn kid.” Walter growled. “He’s got an arm on em, I’ll give em that.”

Naomi continued following Chos scent until a loud commotion made her rush faster to the scene!! It was coming from the school pool with the fighting echoing out into the halls. Hurrying now she makes it just in time to watch Chos body fall in to the water! Ruby eyes widen in surprise before narrowing in anger at seeing the boy hurt in any way and without hesitation shifted in to a dire wolf form completely without wasting another second. The clothes rip right off of her as the brunette fur grows out in large amounts, Naomi going on all fours as her bones extend and crack while a muzzle grows into fierce fangs dribbling with saliva and eyes glowing red with malicious intent. A loud roar bounces off the walls of the large pool room as Naomi charges for Walter with all purpose of devouring him or at least gutting him so he can see his own insides!!

Large wolf ears are bent back with a long fluffy tail all puffed out and extended to show the body language of a very angry on the attack wolf and within moments closes the distance between she and the older male, three times his size as she tackled into him roughly or attempts to with a large head butt crashing into his chest before lifting her head to smack into his chin and open her muzzle wide to expose the large row of sharp canines aimed for his upper half to sink in to and grab a large chunk!!

If at any time he'd moved out of the way she wouldn't wait to see what he'd do and simply continue on the rampage and even for the large size--Naomi was fast! Using all four paws to shift to where she needed to go if Walter decided to fight back her durability in this form was four times as strong including dense bones that thanks to her size also grew to be much more harder to fracture/break. 'Walter!! Get away from him!! Im going to eat YOUR HEART if you don't GET OUT NOW!!!' She screamed telephathically to the male through their scuffle all the while red eyes shifted to watch Cho hadn't so much as tried to get out of the pool, the ripples in the water having ceased since he'd fallen in and Naomi began to worry he was actually drowning...couldn't he swim??

Had Walter done something to him? She needed to end this quickly and help Cho! Placing her attention back on Walter the red maiden began to glow red to enhance her ferociousness, being the maiden of war gives her a boost of power to overwhelm enemies...even ones as powerful as Walter would be given a difficult time with the young maiden as she let out another window shattering bellow.

Walter would’ve stood there rubbing his Chin, until he’d smelled another scent enter the area. He opened one of his eyes to see…the Red Maiden?  Walter tilted his head and looked at her as he could see her body shifting and morphing into that of her dire wolf form. Walter narrowed his eyes at her thinking to himself. “So this is the presence of the Red Maiden. It’s overwhelming almost…still she is but a pup. What she has in power she lacks in experience. I’d be more intimidated by her elder brother than her herself.” Walter turned towards her and held his arms out in a cock fashion, tilting his head up at her. His red eyes began to fume with a red steam as he taunted her the entire time she took on her new form.

“Bring it princess.”

As she was now literally 3x his size, Walter would’ve stood there and used his partial transformative abilities to even the playing field! One thing that set Walter apart from various other Wolfbloods is his inert ability to control his shapeshifting to such an acute degree he could more only parts of himself at a time rather than himself as a whole. The user can partially transform their body, either by transforming certain parts of their body independently of the rest of it or into a "half-state" between two forms. In the case of those who can shapeshift and/or transform, this is largely due to increased control over the transformation.

As such when the head butt came in Walter would’ve forced his torso muscles to expand and become such a size that was much bigger and wider than before. Thus ripping his upper garments in the process but still allowing him to take the head butt and only be moved back a single inch! The soles of his dress shoes digging into the cement floor of the pool area as he tanked her head on assault! He was caught off guard when she raised her muzzle to collide with his chin but as she did it impacted him! Causing his head to tilt upwards just a bit, this played to his advantage. As this happened, Walter saw her with her jaws wide open and in response to this, Walter shifted his arms into their Lycan states, and when she attempted to clamp jaws down atop of his being Walter caught the top AND bottom of her mouth! His strength so incredibly, he literally wedged his hand between her two front teeth and two bottom teeth, forcing the cranium bones to part from one another and bleed through and the searing pain of having her teeth parted would strike nerves that would cause her entire head to erupt in a volcanic headache, and a complete numbing of her jaws thus weakening her jaw strength and handing literally control over to the man who’s claws were imbedded in her gums.

“You clearly are an amateur at this. Any fool knows the Dire Wolf form in a space like this is completely wasted. Your father or brother wouldn’t even need to transform to pose a threat to me. Not that it would matter…I nearly slaughtered them both and your pack decades ago.” Walter would’ve then attempt to throw his right arm to the right and his left arm to the left, trying to crack her jaws completely and loosen them off of her muzzled hinges! While he was aware wolves could extend and unhinge their jaws, this is because they still have a set meaty like groove that allows them to slide back in place. Walter attempted to rip that special tissue and in turn send Naomi’s body toppling backwards towards the very far off wall of the pool room!

Walter played smart as well. Knowing that if her giant dire wolf form crashed into the wall, she’d either barrel through it or leave a giant print, thus causing even further suspicion in the system of the school and putting things on high alert. However had she shifted into her normal form weather be from her own doing, or the intense pain Walter would’ve caused her she’d simply fly into the wall and hit it before falling down it with blood running from her mouth. “It’s almost over your highness. Soon the boy shall be dead…and I’ll also get to consume the heart of a maiden. It’s my lucky night tonight.” Walter snickered before removing the rest of the garments of his shirt of and letting them flutter into the water’s surface. His arms still in lycan form but his torso back to normal as he let his fangs bare! Cracking his neck left and right he rolled his shoulders before letting out his own hellish roar, shaking the halls, the room, and causing dust to fall from the celling! The shattered bits of glass Naomi previously caused rumbling against the cement surface as he waited for her next move.


( ) Cho would’ve finally sunken to the bottom of the pool. His back hitting the floor finally, allowing him to only look up. Seeing the skylight he saw the light of the half moon and while it did empower him it didn’t do much since he couldn’t move. Still as he looked up at the moon glowing his golden hues glowed a tiny bit. Cho was still conscious, feeling the water filling his lungs to the brim perhaps. Yet there was something…some odd force keeping him alive. While he couldn’t breathe he wasn’t quite dead. A small voice cried to him and told him “It’s all going to be okay.” Cho didn’t know where this voice came from or who it was, but rather than argue with it or object he just listened. Continuing to lay right there in this very spot, waiting for someone or something to save him if it was. Maybe mike was on his way or someone else in their pack.


Naomis jaws are held on to and kept from shutting tight on the males face, causing the wolf to narrow her eyes and let out an intimidating growl that blows in his face, her chest rumbling with murderous intent. She places her paws down hard and continued pushing forward to attempt at over powering him regardless of how he caught her canines in his hand she was still bigger than him, towering over his form and trying to push him down with her mouth. When her teeth are cracked and his claws sink into her gums to destroy her bones, she lets out pained snarl that soon turns into a pitiful whine, eyes widening and muscles tensing greatly as blood pours out all over him and on to her fur.

He throws her across the room and though Naomis mouth had gone completely numb, she wasn't going to be put down simply from a tooth ache. Rolling backwards, the brunette shifts into her lycan form, giving her the humanoid shape but retaining the wolf aspect as the fur stays on her body, slamming her back legs into the wall to catch herself as they sink, slamming her right front paw in to the concrete to hold herself up and narrow glowing red hues at him. She couldn't speak thanks to the immense pain of her mouth being fucked up but just as she keeps herself in that position and Walter is busy letting out a dominating roar, her healing factor starts to come in to play quickly thanks to being the red maiden, her teeth fixing themselves and jaw ligning back up to connect. Placing her claws to the blood in her mouth she shoots off the wall and goes soaring forward to Walter, extending her paw out while screaming. "RED IRON SLASH!"

By drenching her claws in her own blood, Naomi can use Red Iron Slash to charge the blood with chi and sling it like a barrage of crescent-shaped blades the size of giant scyth blades all spinning directly for the male! Bringing up her family wasn't exactly something that sat well with Naomi and now she was much angrier and as young as she was, she was a warrior trained since she could walk, even more so with the maiden reborn inside of her. If tactical is what it took with this cannibal crazed schizophrenic then so be it! Regardless if her attack made a hit or not didn't matter to the female as she used it as a methods of misdirection, Naomi shifting once more only this time in to the very shadows the lights above their heads that dimly illuminated the room gave off, using them to transport herself in different angles of Walter, jumping out from them to snap and claw at Walter only to vanish back in to the shadows to come at him from behind and try again over and over, going every which way to try and overwhelm him and keep him from moving away from her! She kept the movements unpredictable, coming in either low to snap at his legs or high enough to claw at his face and abdomen. That wasn't all though as her destruction chi coated large canines and sharp claws, not only did it feel like being bitten and slashed at but the impact from her hits also felt like blows to add on to the damage! Her speed was impressive, it seemed like there were more than just one of her as she continued trying to overwhelm and bring him down!

Walter stands there, after his roar watching her shift forms. She was very adept at the art, but not masterful. She still took some time…and need practice. “With some tutoring she could be come the stuff of legend. Hmph. To bad I seek to end that legacy here…” Walter would’ve glanced up at the moon, giving it a very nasty eye and tone. “Do you hear that Junsei?...I don’t need your power. I never have and I never will.” Walter returned his attention to the soaring girl, spreading her arms and shouting something out like something out of an anime. "RED IRON SLASH!" Walter’s eyes narrowed as he watched red blades of what looked like chi coming at him!  Walter’s red hues narrowed as he put his mental chi to work! Predicting the trajectory of every single red slash she’d thrown at him, and as they began to come his way, he’d begin following along the path of dodging them as best as he could muster! His tall built body swaying from side to side, as the tethers of clothing left on his body sway with him.

He kept his eyes on the female only to see her body suddenly vanish in what looked like a translucent black flash of some sort. “The shadow manipulation…I was wondering when she’d resort to such tactics.” Walter couldn’t hear her, see her, or smell her. The Shadow manipulation from that branch is very potent and lacks any form of detection…Walter was snagged on the back of his leg once, and he growled at the impact of it. He could feel the destruction chi tearing at his muscle and it aggravated him, feeling his leg bleed. Walter turned in the direction of the first slash only to receive another one to the back of his neck. Reaching back out of agitation he missed her again and ended up taking another slash across the surface of his right thigh! Walter snarled once more before eventually detecting her pattern.

She tactically attacked his upper and lower regions one after another. The pain might distract some, but even then, Walter was much too smart to fall for something so trivial. When she emerged from the shadows to attempt to attack his face once more Walter waited until her claw was but a baby’s breath away from his face before he reached his hand up, gripping her wrist and in a counter attempt to snap it clean into! The bone compound fracturing and protruding from her wrist, while his other hand shot and attempted to grab the bulk of her neck! As the initial pain would’ve not only shocked her, but his movements at this range were far to close to combat with such a wild dodge or block. Had his grip her neck come to fruition, Walter would’ve tilted his head up slightly, narrowing his eyes at her one good time, before his grip changed. His hand transformed into that of his Lycan hand and in only a quarter of a second, Naomi would’ve found her neck completely snapped. Though she wasn’t exactly dead per say, she’d be incapacitated and begin bleeding from her throat. If this was successful, Walter would’ve dropped her body, raising his hand once again about to strike her down! His fangs barred as he was ready to feast up two divine hearts here and now!

And then an image flashed into his brain. Rather a set of images…Walter began to see images of Tahira, mouthing the word “don’t” from different angles and positions. The flash was brief, very brief…but it was effective as it made Walter stop in his tracks. His face went slightly pale for a moment before he snarled and turned away from the red maiden as she healed. He barely turned his head over towards her to look at her with completely crimson hues. “Another night…I’ve got a witch to kill.” Walter regardless of whether or not she attempted to intervene with him or not, would’ve quickly shifted to an all fours run and began darting off towards the wall! Leaping and approaching it diagonally he hooked his claws into the tiled wall and made his way up to one of the broken windows! Looping himself through the window and flipping out of it. In doing so he began to run off towards the bulk of he beginning city night life. Leaving Naomi there to heal, but not for long.

Cho was still in a form of underwater stasis. Sitting there looking at the moon but he didn’t have much time. He could feel that warm feeling beginning to fade and soon it would have if Naomi didn’t act fast to save him!

Naomi continued her assault on Walter violenty with high hopes of chopping him to pieces so she could devour him once and for all. Bits of clothing were coming off and even flesh, blood splattering every which way that belonged now to both of them. With another thrash of her paws, Walter catches on and just as quickly grabs hold of her wrist! A loud snap echoes through the room and the brunette howls out in pain though it was cut short thanks to Walter grabbing hold of her neck to make quick work of ending this. Red eyes stare into his very soul (or lack of) with a ferocious low rumbling growl that vibrated until another snap happens and--darkness.

Naomis body falls limp to the floor, laid out on her back as blood slowly gushes out from the neck wound and her senses shut down for the moment only to reboot in a sense and eyes making out a blurred image of Walter hovering over her to steal her heart and kill her completely but it never happens...there was hesitation on his part and as Naomi was drowning in her own blood, Walter shifts away and just like that--he's gone....Naomi weakly reaches up to her neck, pressing into the broken bones and wind pipe, trying to stay alive long enough for the healing factor to come back in to play. The broken wrist begins to attach itself, the tendons and tissues, the bones cracking back into place. It was not a pleasant process but Naomi was use to it by now, the same thing being done to her neck as she gurgles for air....

It took another couple of seconds but Naomi forced herself to sit up, coughing harshly to get the bits of blood out from her lungs before realizing Cho was STILL under water!! Crawling up on to her knees and wincing towards the edge of the pool, she stares down to see where he was exactly. Her form shifted back in to her human form and she sighs in relief when the healing process finally finishes and she can move better. "Risking my life for an idiot who can't fucking swim....unbelievable." Taking in a giant gulp of breath Naomi throws herself into the water. A loud splash echos through the damaged walls and the brunette swims down to the deep end, spotting Cho laying there and kicking her feet faster to reach him hopefully before his brain implodes.

If Cho was still somewhat still awake and not seeing black, he'd feel hands taking hold of him and just moments after, lips slamming on to his to push air into his lungs. Wrapping arms around him she pushes off the pool floor and comes shooting out, Cho tossed out of the water and Naomi following right after and pulling herself out. " many times have I saved you now? Why you? Out of all the wolf bloods it coulda been...." Pushing him on to his back and opening his mouth she leans down and starts giving him cpr, plugging up his nose and then pumping his chest to get the water out of his lungs. "It had to be you...." Leaning back down she captures his lips once more to continue...


Cho was beginning to see his vision blur rapidly….the water begin to move in even more waves that it was previously. Cho could feel that extradimensional energy leaving his body that had been keeping him alive.  He began to close his eyes slowly…his fist beginning to ungrasp and his skin about to fade into a pale blue as he was going to give in to death. However that’s when he felt a grip take hold upon his wrist. Something pulling him…up to the surface. His eyes began to flutter and shimmer as he felt his body hit the cold surface that brought air back to the surface of his skin. It was  cold but it was at least letting him know he was alive! Cho felt himself being laid out onto the ground. He couldn’t move…water to full of lungs for him to process anything. He was panciking on the inside but unable to do anything about it and that was killing him more than the fluid in his airways was.

"Risking my life for an idiot who can't fucking swim....unbelievable." Cho heard these words but couldn’t even speak to respond to them. He simply allowed what was happening to happen. " many times have I saved you now? Why you? Out of all the wolf bloods it coulda been...." Cho felt her lips slam into his own and as they did, all form of color began to return to his skin! His pale demeanor changing to the lively peach tone it previously was as his eyes shot open! Yellow hues looking into her closed ones! Cho would’ve then literally SWALLOWED all of the water in his lungs, preventing it from coming up as vomit. He didn’t actually MEAN to do this but something about Naomi being around prompted his physical actions to be a tad…different. As he’d finally been able to breathe again rather than lifting up and pushing her off his right hand came to place itself on the back of her neck gently, tilting his head all the while, and his left hand parked itself on her lower back, pushing their bodies together at this angle, while his lips went to work embracing hers into a passionate kiss. A sudden and surprise one at that, as she’d be able to feel his cold tongue sliding between her lips and lodging around into her mouth with haste.

If she pulled away or broke it Cho would’ve laid there dumbfounded, blinking his eyes a couple of times and remaining there in complete and total silence. However had she also…embraced the moment because of the heated “mate” bond between them, to which Cho had no idea OF, Cho would’ve kept kissing her with such emotion. Emotion he’d never actually felt on this scale before. He’d had a girlfriend once so this wasn’t his first kiss but there was something so chemical about this one, it just…felt so GOOD. So RIGHT. Cho’s hand moving to cup her asscheek violently as he felt the member in his pants harden, harder than it ever had before! What was going on here?!?! And why HER? This chick almost let him drown! TWICE! What’s so special about her?!?!?

She hadn't seen any water coming out from his lungs yet and began to grow a bit worried, wondering if she needed to punch his chest into submission to get it out but her worry soon subsides into shock when Cho moves on his own and holds on to her, moving so she was practically ontop of him! "Mmff!!" He kisses her roughly, turning the CPR into a make out session as the cool tongue forces its way past the lips that were trying to save him! The fiesty brunette would normally pull away and give the boy an earful for doing something like that!! But the moment her tongue meets with his, she grows weak against him and moans into the kiss, returning it with a fierce need for more. Perky breasts barely contained by the soaked tanktop press into his chest, her own hands finding their way to pull and tug on his shirt as she started taking control of the situation and going at HER pace. That sweet pink tongue Cho took advantage of was now fighting back, swirling against him in a complex pattern as if trying to devour it whole.

The droplets of water slide over exposed skin, the top sliding up with every inch she slides closer ontop of him, shorts riding up as well over plump thighs which moments later were soon assaulted on, her ass gripped tightly it brought Naomi back to her senses as she squealed in surprise, breaking away from him! Realizing what was happening she comes back to her senses and takes in some much needed air, gazing down at him before her eyes narrow and she starts to scream. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOURE TOUCHING, PERVERT!?" Slamming her hand on to his cheek to mush his face down she uses it to push herself up into a sitting position on his waist and grow sharp nails with her free hand. "Why are you kissing me for while I'm trying to give you CPR?! Who the hell do you think you ARE?!?!?!?!" Bits of brown hair sticks to her face and though she tried to look rather scary (which lets be honest when she wanted to she could be) it was more comical to see, she was like a wet dog with a tint of red flushed on her face trying to threaten him!

There was no one around at this time and by now the sun was now almost completely gone, the moon making its debut with stars following soon after...the pool room was somewhat messy with the windows at the very top of the walls all broken and glass pieces sprawled all about, a damaged wall from Naomi earlier and just broken pool items scattered looked more like a natural disaster than a fight broke out here. Naomi was ready to just get out of here and pretend it never happened but not before tearing this idiots throat out from his neck! Suddenly, shifting her hips she felt....something. Blinking, she pauses in her threatening pose to raise a brow and shift once more, feeling something rub against her ass. Turning a brighter red she realizes just what IT is and blabbers in surprise. "Wh-wh-wh-what are you ha-hard for?!?! You really are a pervert!!" It couldn't have been his dick could it? It felt like a rock was poking her and just sitting there was making her uncomfortable. "Stop touching me with it!!" Trying to get away from it she bends forward, her breasts stuffing themselves in his face if only to move her hips AWAY from his hard on.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOURE TOUCHING, PERVERT!?" Cho felt his face mushed even after such a passionate kiss, one he was FAR from done enjoying one might add, and he’d groan. “Hey chill out!” "Why are you kissing me for while I'm trying to give you CPR?! Who the hell do you think you ARE?!?!?!?!” Cho sat up a bit to look at her, pointing a finger but stopping. His mouth opened but more so to drop rather than speak…he couldn’t. Looking at her it’d become a tad…odd. He was in awe of how she looked. His heart thumped, repeatedly. Over, and over and over again. The water dripping off of her skin made his pupils dilate, as all bits of focus on his surroundings went straight out of the window. "Wh-wh-wh-what are you ha-hard for?!?! You really are a pervert!!" Cho heard her loud and clear but his eyes only narrowed for a second. His hand sitting itself back down as he did indeed feel the…hard on in his pants. He never much thought anything significant of his size though he did note it was much…thicker in size since he’d became a Wolfblood.

"Stop touching me with it!!" when she leaned forward her breast were right in Cho’s face. He felt his face being buried into her bust, her ass poking up into the air as the water dripped from the length of his cock bulging from his shorts. Cho sat himself up this time as well, his arms taking hold of her waist. As he sat up, she’d be a good bit higher up than he was, to look down on him. He’d look up from her bust and give her a shimmery golden gaze. A gaze so powerful the only thing that could match it would be the tone of his voice as he spoke to her. “You have got to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life…” Cho let a hand reach up and using his thumb he’d brush it across her bottom lip, before looking down from her lips to her neck and her bust again. “You did try to kill me twice…but I can easily let that go for a while…” Cho would’ve leaned in, pushing his lips against her cleavage, and running his tongue between the spaces of the soft mounds. His cock resting again between her thighs, the back side of his shaft resting right against the lining of her womb as he made subtle hip movements against her. He was in heat and she’d be able to smell the chemicals brimming off of his being in a loud and bursting stench.

Cho hadn't said much to her yelling at him but of course she was barely listening to him, trying to figure out the situation and just throw herself off of him and go home! But she never got the chance to as arms wrap themselves to her waist, grabbing the females attention as she blinks and gazes quickly down at the boy who sits up and presses closer in to her. Naomi blushes deeply with the way he’s so intently staring at her it makes the female freeze in her place. "Wh-what...??" She'd ask trying to be rude but the word barely came out and it was so soft she wasn't even sure she'd said anything at all. “You have got to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life…”

Those words made Naomi huff as her eyes narrowed, sticking her nose up at him. "Well obviously I mean you don't look the type that sees much culture after all..." That attitude soon leaves though when Cho lightly touches her lips, making the wolf blood grow weak at just a gentle gesture. "Stop it..." She warned half-heartedly but the boy wasn't much for listening and took it upon himself to start molesting her! The moment that tongue came peeking out to have itself a taste of wet cleavage, Naomi shivered violently at the welcoming warmth against cold skin from the water, unknowingly arching her bust into his mouth for more sensual stimulation as a soft whine escaped past plump lips.

Suddenly the feeling of his hips gently urging themselves into her own made that whine turn into an all out moan, her senses being over-run by such a carnal desire and powerful aroma of...musk. It smelt delightful, alluring and it was making Naomi drunk as her eyes darkened and a pleasured smile appear on her features. "Oh...that feels....nice...." Shoulders slumping as she begins to give in she'd almost forgotten why she was so angry about in the first place. Crashing her weight against his, she leaned into him, pushing him back down as her tank top starts slipping down from the friction, bouncy breasts laid out on a much harder chest as Naomi sticks her tongue out, licking the side of Chos mouth before slipping it back inside to kiss him feverishly all the while her well-developed thighs would be gliding and slipping all over his bottom half, her knee rubbing against the still covered hardening dick.

Forgetting completely what was happening at this point, Naomi continued devouring the boys mouth happily, uncaring of how sloppy it was as dribbles of drool travelled down both their chins, simply enjoying this powerful need to be taken by him--until the sound of glass shattering grabs her attention, sitting up on him at full alert as large red eyes narrow from the sound...a piece of glass up from the destroyed windows give way and fell to the ground, not only breaking itself but Naomi from her trance as she came to her senses....erm somewhat. "Wai-wait....what..." Looking down at him she gives him an annoyed expression before trying to crawl off of him. "Ugh I don't have TIME for  this! I don't care how good you smell I am not GIVING IN!" Trying to fix her tank top and somewhat get control of herself she does her best to avoid eye contact and act angrier than she really all honesty she was so turned on any other type of touch from him would cause her to just break....

“Wai-wait....what…Ugh I don't have TIME for  this! I don't care how good you smell I am not GIVING IN!" Cho would’ve tilted his head slightly about to ask what she was talking about. Cho had been new to the feeling of heat, and not having sex before could also effect this. Seeing as how he wanted to ravish her right here and right now the reality did set in when he’d heard his mom’s voice in his head.

“You’d better be home before midnight or you can’t hang out with Mr.Connor anymore.”

Cho blinked a few times before scooting back out form beneath her legs from a few feet and standing himself up, breathing a tad hard. His jacket was soaked, and so was his shirt, the wet fabric sticking to his skin and outlining his defined wolfblood body as he looked around. “Erm…Sorry, sorry Naomi. I don’t know what that was, I have absolutely no idea what the hell any of that was supposed to be.”  Cho put his hands over his face and groaned with a muffled sound. He took his hands down before speaking out loud again. “You wanna get married?” Cho blinked and smiled with a happy demeanor but then shook his head and scratched through his black hair some more. “Look uh I think we should go. Like go, go. Like we should both be getting the hell out of dodge uhm.” Cho turned and looked around for a moment before waving at Naomi. “I’mma come find you though! We’ll do lunch and you can be my girlfriend and stuff okay?!?!?” Cho would’ve ran on all fours towards the wall, using his claws and acrobatics to dart up the side of it, hopping through the window in a similar fashion to how Walter had done earlier. The began to high tail it back to his house before he missed his curfew.

This night would’ve left him with some…confusing feelings. He could’ve finally had sex with a woman but the choice wasn’t exactly his. The entire run home he only thought about her face, and the feel of her lips against his. It made them tingle, and it put him in a cold sweat. After a few moments Cho would’ve been back at his house, now standing up right, pulling out his key and unlocking the door. “Damn….I need help. Maybe Mr.Connor will know what to do in a scenario like this. He’s pretty good with women.” Oh how wrong the boy was. He walked into his house and shut the door, opting to do the opposite of what most nightly creatures , and sleep. Sleep the night away, or at least whatever kept him at bay and kept him away form Naomi. She DID almost kill him on their first encounter and he hadn’t forgot…well he did for a moment. He needed help. It’s like being on drugs, but  not the fun kind.

Naomi could feel Cho scooting out from under her and she inwardly groan at feeling even more friction between their bodies but withheld the need to vividly shiver again for the sake of keeping control of herself. Watching him stand up while she bit her lip, red eyes drinking in the soaked muscular body she had to look away and catch her breath. He started apologizing and she shook her head, trying to wave him off and the smell. "Ju-just shut up....please just go..." "You wanna get married?" At that comment the brunette lifted her head up to give Cho a rather annoyed glare as she huffed. "What...." He continued on about how they needed to get out of here before someone found them but all she could do was just stare at him and consider killing him herself to just get it over with but the thought of hurting him placed a terrible tinge in her heart--not that she'd acknowledge thats what it was she was feeling.

Slowly standing up, she began ringing out her hair, trying to ignore his words but it was proving difficult because they became more and more outlandish. “I’mma come find you though! We’ll do lunch and you can be my girlfriend and stuff okay?!?!?” "Girlfriend? I'd rather drop--hey! Cho no wait come back I said I don't want to--" But he'd shifted forms and just Walter, vanished through the broken windows and into the night....Naomi sighed in frustration, running her fingers through wet locks and trying to make sense of everything...her body once on fire was now calming down thanks to their distance and she could think clearer now. It was becoming dangerous being so close to him, they had almost....ugh no she didn't want to admit who he was to her. Wolfblood culture or not...she wasn't going to shack up with a low life like him. She refused why did the image of him smiling at her so stupidly get burned into the back of her skull???

Why was it...with every step cho took further from Naomi...did she long for him to come closer? Gazing up at the moon, she gave it a scowl and a pout. "Junsei....why am I being punished?" Of course the moon would not answer back and Naomi found herself lightly trailing a finger where Chos tongue once was on her cleavage, thinking back on the way he looked at her...."Damnit..." The next time she saw him, if alone, it would be nearly impossible to not give in. But Naomi was a stubborn wolf and a rather fiesty one at that. She wasn't going to make it pleasant....