Change of events?

Alex Iyazawa: ( )Alex looked at the path of bloodied and dismantled corpse that lay behind him, when in a fight Alex’s entire person changed more than a person’s fighting spirit but a natural born killing machine, in his right hand his bloodied cleaver sword while in his right, he looked around knowing that his work was not done, Alex had killed an initial seventy-five people though in just the few minutes they had been there that number had escalated to more than two-hundred or deaths, he and the woman named Homura fought together as they still had plenty as they only touched up on a few waves, they still had many more to deal with. “Come on you pussies, this is all I get!” Alex exclaimed with a joyous laugh, his domineer had changed from calm and collective to that of a happy go lucky child who was bent on killing everything before him. Bullets flew overhead, past him and every once in a while he would get hit, a hole in his clothing would show from that, not to mention a singe marks from where the blast had hit, revealing the smell of cooked flesh. “You bastards are really ticking me off.” Alex said in a calm tone, though it was interrupted by the crash landing of the helicarrier as the entire ship crashed and slide on the ground off in the distance though from the loud crash it made it caused the ground before them all to shake, from within the prison anyone could hear a loud thunderous thud of something large crashing to the earth, part of the haul was cracked open, and helicarrier looked like it was air worthy more a less if it took off it looked like it would crack down the middle till it split in half, fire and smoke escaped from most places where they were hit from as they made their advance on the penitentiary and you could still hear off in the distance from how far it was, the warning siren to abandon the plane. “Make ya wonder… Just how exactly would we get back?” Alex thought about this for a moment before he raised his right arm to cleaver off another guards head, though when he brought his sword down in a horizontal thrust like a hammer, he saw that most of the sword was missing, the only letters remaining on the sword were ‘Ma’ as the rest of the sword had been shattered. Alex’s eyes grew wide as wrath, anger, and rage flew throughout his entire body, his teeth gritted tightly and his eyes looked around in a blind fury as he wanted to know who did it. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Alex screamed as his aura started to show, it was a bright red color along with a color of black, growing jagged and intense, very threatening to some as it felt like the air was knocked out of most as he stood before all. “That sword….. That sword to me…. was PRICELESS!” Alex roared as the Carnage cells began to take route and control now. Alex released the sword as there was nothing that could be done now, sword and shards of the sword lay on the ground and from that a new blade sprouted out from the right sleeve of Alex’s jacket from the wrist section. “Time to feast.” His voice said in a more heavy and darker tone, his eyes became fully encased in black shells as the whites and reds that made up his eyes were no more and with this new found rage Alex grew something new, his two canines that were located in his mouth grew slight and changed becoming not only hollow but sharp to pierce through human flesh. From his snake-like eyes to his teeth was Alex changing into something like that of a snake, when he took off after the person that blew up his sword his speed increased as he was in front of the person quicker than he was in the training room, the males head was already decapitated, his head held in Alex’s left hand as it dangled over his face, blood dripping down into Alex’s now opened mouth as he fed on the delicious red liquid, he licked his lips and grinned. “I’m hungry.” His eyes widened and his teeth showed when he smiled so maliciously that of an insane psycho. “Sad, no challenge?” He said as he slaughtered through twenty more men that now added to his bloodied road of destruction with no real challanger to fight him The Carnage cells host. 'Hope when we get back, we get to spar with someone.... Interesting.' Alex though as he was still under the influence of the cells.

Waking up after a bad hang over

Takeo would be soundly asleep as the sudden eruption of a exlposion would toss him out of his bed on the helicarrier and straight into a wall. Slamming against the wall Takeo's eyes popped open as he saw that his room was going up in flames. Looking to the ground he saw his Bokuto sliding towards him. Quickly picking it up Takeo stood up straight in his outfit yawning a bit. "The hell is going on." Said Oto from inside of Takeo's mind. "Looks like we're being attacked by someone. Which would be proven as a shot would come straight towards Takeo as a bullet just barely missed Takeo. Takeo looked and saw a squad of men coming towards him with guns and other melee weapons. "I think they're trying to kill us." Takeo nodded as he quickly took off from his position and ran along the walls as his body moved in a electrical blur to the soldiers. Making to the first man Takeo would slam his Bokuto dead into the temple of the soldier sending him crashing through the ground killing him instantly. Quickly turning his head to another man he would extend his hand and a stream of electricity would flash out of his finger tips allowing it be conducted into the bodies of five other soldiers. Each soldier would be getting over a thousand volts of electricity coursing through bodies. The electricity would stop their hearts instantly letting them all drop to the ground with steam coming from their body. 

More men would come towards Takeo as he started to back up a bit. "I think it's time to abandon ship Oto." Takeo smirked as the men would begin to surround him. "Here we go." Oto said aggrivatedly then with that Takeo jumped out of the Helicarrier via window to  the scene below. Takeo gripped his wooden Bokuto in his hand as the wind hit his face dropping down. Seeing a group of solider below Takeo smirked as he went into a ball and dropped into the ground mixing his thunder manipulation Takeo made a shockwave on the ground that popped the soldiers up off the feet about twenty feet high making them fall back to the ground on their heads. Takeo got up off the ground dusting himself off as he looked off to the distance to see Himura along with Alex who Takeo fought in an earlier meeting. Takeo walked up the two with his Bokuto resting on his shoulders. "Yo!"

"Well, what’re you waiting for who’s first?!” Just as Rob spoke towards him and Akashi Jericho would raise his sword it seemed he was about to attack and seconds later he would race off towards Rob and as he reached his radius Jericho body would simple vanish before appearing 15 feet away from Rob slashing his sword towards the Chief who held his gun raised behind Rob. Jericho sword would easily cut through the male like butter blood spurting out on the marble floor, " Were not here to kill you Creed.. Where actually here believe it or not to save you.." - Meanwhile - Just as Takeo made it with Alex and Homura the Empress smiled she used her Psychic barrier to push herself and the others inside, the Prison was empty it had seemed the guards were all racing towards the cell blocks but why?! Homura wondered not even trying to get in deep thought she raced the other way towards the A- Wing if Takeo and Alex would follow behind they would come across an science lab, " Well this wasn't on the briefing room? " Homura would speak out looking around the room gave her the creeps mostly because she spent her whole life in an lab being tested, Walking closer towards an Pod inside would be an female of average height floating inside green water filled the pod. " Takeo, Alex I think this is her lets bust her out of here and get on our merry way..."// Back to Jericho, Akashi, and Rob // " How many years... Have this place been your home?" Jericho would speak towards Rob as he began to walk his way towards him sheathing his sword, " I've came to give you a new home.. To show you what's outside these walls.. You see Rob, im seeking something special someone with your skill set came help this become reality but only if you allow it to."// - Back to Takeo - // Once Alex and Takeo would free the female Homura would began walking out of the lab with ALex and Takeo behind her as she carried the female over her shoulders. It was dead in the Prison too dead how could this be? It was just blazing a few seconds ago and now everyone gone? Just then the female that was over her shoulders began to scream out loud her voice echoing throughout the whole cell block! It was so loud Homura was force to drop her on the ground her body began to twitch and just seconds later spikes would shoot out of the females body her size growing by the second " MOVE NOW!" Homura shouted racing for the door but just as she reached it it would seal off locking them inside with what seemed to be an 15 feet monster ( <-- How it would look) The size was so great that it was barely able to move in the room each move it made caused the walls, cellings and lights to come crashing down before giving off an vicous roar towards them.

Alex Iyazawa: Alex looked around, he saw himself leaving the area somehow, and he did not like this. He saw he was now inside the prison and looked at the female because he thought and figured it was her doing, after so much bloodshed and so many bodies that lay behind his waking path Alex had somewhat calmed down to a point where he could start to speak once again, his glaring red hues looking at Homura and was going to speak until he saw her walking off in god knows where until he followed her into some laboratory, he looked at all the vials of chemicals, bacterial viruses and electronic equipment that laid the rooms counters and workspaces. “Just what kind of prison is this place?” Alex looked the room over in amazement upon seeing all these things. ( <---How Alex saw it)“Homura how did you not know this was in here?” This was Alex’s first mission so as far as briefings and mission data; he was still all too new to it. “Well why is she in a fuckin pod?” Alex asked as he watched he being dragged out though he was not much going to care, what he did while they were taking care of the girl and leaving Alex was opening a metal compartment container with eight holding slots which is when he grabbed some stains of mutated blood, test tubes that contained volatile poisons and bacteria strains and placed them into the eight slots and hid them on his person. “These shall help me, in some way.” He said in a soft tone as he was the last one to leave the room, when he left he heard the halls were silent like the dead, he walked behind both Takeo and Homura along with the unconscious girl who began to yell and scream which drove him kinda nuts from hearing, he chuckled as she was dropped and with a loud thud to the ground, though his laughter stopped when his eyes shot wide open to see massive spikes shooting from the girl. “FUCK THIS!” Alex said as he began to run, though when he did he moved more faster than the other two as they were only a foot behind him, he skid along the floor and heard another thud as when he turned his head to the creature he saw a door being closed off, only hearing the loud thudding of the creature pounding on the metal door, that was when the ear-piercing roar could be heard throughout the facility. “The fuck in the entire world was that?” He looked at Homura. “Was that in the briefing too, was she supposed to turn into some weirdo experiment that would try and kill us?” Alex wanted answers because from all the shit he had seen in the few days of working for Jericho this by far was certainly the craziest shit he has seen.

The Ashen’d hair brute full of muscles clenched his teeth while grinding his fist at sight of the two intruders.” Ok, Who the fuck are you two ?! - Feeling froggy ? Then jump ! “ He would have said while keeping a firm handle of his fist which tightened in frustration. He didn’t know who these men were and quite frankly he didn’t give a damn. But, ultimately - he had to do his best to remain in his brash and compulsive nature. He’d notice the figure getting closer - he’d swiftly limp his left leg before attempting to launch an abrasive knuckle forward but before successfully advancing in these prominent series of events, Jericho would have teleported behind him “ What the - the fuck are you a magician ?”  Robb would have said struck by a sudden ricochet of disbelief. //" Were not here to kill you Creed.. We're actually here believe it or not to save you.." - " How many years... Have this place been your home?, " I've came to give you a new home.. To show you what's outside these walls.. You see Rob, i'm seeking something special someone with your skill set came help this become reality but only if you allow it to."// There was some truths to what he said - Robb has been here all his life and quite frankly he wasn’t quite sure of the outside world. While lifting his brow - Robb snickered “ Alright - you got my attention.”

Akashi would have simply listened to the two males talk while he sat down on the rubble from the wall being blown apart when they crashed into it and when Jericho launched forward Akashi watched as the male known as Robb shifted as if he was going in to attack though stopped when Jericho appeared behind him and they continued there conversation the male agreeing rather easily "well that was easy guess I won't have to fight after all" he'd say looking over towards the hole in the wall as if he was looking at something and suddenly two figures would come flying through it "oh you two got here faster than I expected" "jackass made us follow you all the way here on foot when you flew in a helicarrier" the blonde hair woman would say before walking next to to him standing on his left side "your so mean Akashi my feet hurt really bad now and I'm all sweaty" the other blue hair girl would say walking towards him standing on his right side  ( Maxresdefault_%281%29.jpg ) Akashi would have then simply smiled and the blond haired woman would have began to speak "what are you doing all the way out here any way" " Ah Jericho dragged me along on another one of his mission's here , that guy over there will be joining us" he said pointing at Robb , the blue haired girl getting excited and would trot over to the. Male and began circling him and looking him over and squeezing his biceps and shoulder then moving onto his legs "OOOO HE LOOKS REALLY STRONG AKASHI-SAMA!" she'd say overly excited "can I fight him please please please" "Nope maybe another time we just recruited the guy we can have him go fighting you already" "AAWww you never let me have any fun Akashi-sama" she'd say pouting and trotting back over towards him and he'd rub the top of her head "Sorry bout that she gets really excited when she meets someone strong she likes fighting so much she gets too excited " Akashi would say to the male "Anyway Akashi it would seem as Your brother has awakened Finally" the blonde haired girl would say before the blue one chimed in" yeah he woke up and he punched this one guy in the face lie boom and then they started fighting and he yelled out" the blue haired girl would make her voice all deep"Dont Fuck With Me AKASHIII! and then he got all fired up and burned like the whole area down and then the other guy like seriously injured him off like one attack and I thought he was gonna die again but then he got up and then like did some bright light thing and then and then he used lighting and was all like BOOM buzz buzzzzrreezzzz and the whole place got engulfed in lightning though the other guy got up and ran off it was awesome" she'd say she was talking so fast that most of her words seemed to jumble up together "well now seems I'll have to pay him a visit huh the other guy must have been really strong to I'm glad you were able to control yourself and not interfere " he'd say though the blonde woman jumped in " yeah right if I hadn't been there to hold her down she would have jumped in and probably would have killed them both on accident" Akashi would have then looked toward tell blue hard girl who immediately looked saddened " I tired really hard to control myself I really did but he was so awesome that I couldn't hold back I mean he was able to fight with even you Akashi-sama" "It's okay but it looks like I'll have to punish you later for that" the blue haired girl eye was have turned all huge and teary "okay" Akashi would have then looked over towards Jericho " Oh yeah let me introduce you these two this is Jessica" he said pointing to the blonde haired woman " the this one here is Eve" and she'd wave to Jericho "I heard Akashi say your really strong too though you look pretty weak to me or you injured or something" "Eve" "Yes" "Stop talking" Jessica would say and she'd finally stop talking meanwhile Akashi would have stood up and looked outwards toward the others in the group and the whatever the fuck you call that thing they we're fighting "So Was that thing part of your Plan as Well Jeri or was that unexpected"-

" Alright - you got my attention.” Hearing Rob words caused Jericho to form a smile it was only getting better and better he thought to himself now having the last member he could now go on to search for the staff... Oh that's right he isn't suppose to be thinking about that right now.. Deep inside Jericho laid a beast sleeping this beast was known as the Uroboros an wicked dragon from the age of dawn this was the same dragon who deem Anubis making him the ruler of the Underworld only he could choose who was worthy and that was Jericho whole plan to become ruler. Getting sidetracked on his thoughts Jericho would turn to the girl who seemed to know Akashi speaking about Akashi's brother fighting someone who went by the name Jackie Serizawa it caused Jericho to stop in his tracks his brother?! The last time they seen each other was back when they first came into the city together.. There last battle caused them to go their spreate ways Jericho choosing power while his brother choose everyone else but his own flesh in blood. Just as Jericho was lost in thought he heard the Uroboros wicked voice whispering in his ear.. : Oh.. The other Serizawa boy..Heh The one who actaully beat Anubis.. Maybe I picked the wrong Serizawa huh?: " Shut up you over age piece of shit, If I was there I would of done the same my brother is nothing comprad to me.. He's weak " : So if the time came where you fought your brother..: " I'll Kill him.. " Jericho bluntly spoke in his head towards the dragon. Jericho would turn his head towards the other group who where fighting the beast he had heard Akashi ask him was this all apart of his plan and Jericho nodded " Why of course... I need to see if there ready Akashi what other way than put their life on the line, That's where you see the real person behind all the fake smiles and appearance when there life is on the line they will always show there true colors..." Jericho said coldy before turning towards Rob " Why dont you follow me... I'll rather us talk out of this element.." If Rob would agree Jericho would begun walking outside the Prison where a new Helicarrier would be landing their old one ruined in the gunfire, As the pad had landed Jericho uncle would be awaiting for him outside looking towards Rob and Akashi ( B3afc79507db312b6781f2dac41318c5.jpg <-- ) " Akashi.." He would say nodding his head as they would walk passed them he would then look towards Rob " Ah.. The new blood he will fit perfectly.." Still leading the two Jericho would arrive inside Jericho new office ( <-- How it looked) Jericho would take a seat leaning his back on the chair before saying " Please sit Rob.."// - Back to Homura, Alex, and Takeo) The beast would roar towards the group he at first threw his head back before shooting out a beam of fire from the pits of his mouth the blazing heat melting the paint off the ways just seconds from being realsed. The beast tail would swing destroying anything it's path aiming to send an vicious Swipe from his paw towards Takeo aiming to send the male crashing through five of the lab walls which were created from steel, If this had  happened or not the beast would then leap towards Alex aiming to press his whole paw on top of him aiming to smash his whole body into the ground which would send him flying through the floor till he had reached the basement. " AGH!!" The beast giving out an vicious roar awaiting for them to attack,=.

Alex had no time to react, his eyes widened as the only thing that could be heard was the floor under him vanished, Alex disappearing into the darkness at tremendous speeds as he was smashed through the floor, several floors down only a glimmer of light from the hole that shined upon his face, Alex lay on a pile of rubble from each floor he been sent flying through, he lay there almost going to fall into a dark unconsciousness, but that was until the voice in his head began to speak again or more so voices. ‘Let ussss help Alex…., Your too weak boy at this rate we are all going to die!..., Your a pathetic kid just let the profession handle this.’ “Shut up you bastards, I want no part in you taking over again!” Alex struggled to stand but only stumbled as his leg was sprained. “When I get back up there I am going to.” ‘Die…. You are going to die you weak child, were taking control….. Nothing more to it.’ ( )Alex placed both of his hands upon his head and struggled, rolling and he began to convulse. His body twitched on the rubble as his body began to pop bone back into its original places without having the help of a doctor to pop them back into place, his eyes were fully black and Alex was lost all over again as he was under the influence of the carnage cells, A large plume of aura could be felt gushing from the hole like a geyser, it filled the room with a intense warmth sensation like sitting in a hot tub followed by a horrific roar. The sounds of climbing could be heard from the hole in the floor, the climbing began to quicken until a few seconds later climbing stopped and a shadowy blur shot out from the darkness, when the blur faded it was Alex with a sinister grin upon his face, blood leaked from his mouth as he grinned, all his teeth except his two canines fell from his mouth and as he roared once again each one of his missing teeth were replaced entirely with canines, his mouth looked like it belonged to a demon. ( <---how his teeth looked now) Alex looked at the creature, no anger in his eyes no sadness or despair which is when he spoke it sounded as if two other voices were speaking in sync with Alex’s personal voice. “you hurt us, now it’s our time to hurt you!” Alex said as he landed to the floor he darted towards the creature, he pulled his entire right arm back, his fist clenched tightly, his right arm began to shake slightly from the pressure built up inside, Alex now within range of the creature shot his right arm out and aimed to slam his entire hand into the monsters gut, when connected the creature would feel the force of a speeding semi-truck slamming into it, it wouldn’t be enough but it be strong enough to knock it back a foot or two, that is when he charged at the creature again he lifted his left leg up and aimed to slam it in the same exact spot with the same exact force hoping to send it slamming into a wall since his legs are stronger than his arms in a fight, more so since his legs felt like thick layers of steel. Alex quickly jumped back to his commerades and looked at them all, not making a single sound and waited to see if the creature had died from his nearly forceful attacks, if they did not kill him the attacks would have hurt the beast internally.

Jumping out the way of the fiery beam Takeo stood there with squinted eyes as he gripped on his bokuto staring at the behemoth. “Get ready Takeo it’s coming your way.” Oto yelled in Takeo’s head as he witnessed the big monster charging up something in its mouth. Takeo smirked as his grip on his bokuto got tighter by the second. At that moment Oto’s fighting spirit began to overcome Takeo. His muscles would bulk up making him appear much more buff and burly from his normal skinny appearance. “Heh.” At that moment before the paw was even in Takeo’s space, the silver haired samurai would jump up in the air just above the paw made contact with him. Contracting his legs bringing his knees up a bit Takeo was a good distance in the air. Once the paw was underneath where Takeo would initially be Takeo would extend his feet down slamming him down to the ground on top of the paw. Normally this wouldn’t be nothing to a beast of this size but Takeo was a normal person. With the added strength of Oto Takeo’s strength was great enhanced to supernatural levels. His strength could only be rivaled to those of equally supernatural strength and that of a god.  If he’s plan did go right Takeo would crush the beast paw under the weight of his feet. Depending on the beast own durability Takeo would completely destroy the beast hand leaving a bloody mess on the ground. If however the paw was still intact or functional Takeo would look at his wooden Bokuto then run his hand over it watching it morph into a Bo-staff. From that point on moving at an extremely fast pace, Takeo would sprint off running on the wall as electricity would shoot off his body in small streams. Takeo was able to do this due to his ability to Electrical Wall Crawl. He’d be able to crawl, walk, and run up walls using static electricity. From that point on Takeo would jump off the wall into the air twirling his bo-staff in his hand above his head. “Strike at the temple Takeo!” Takeo would do just that! Bringing the staff down onto the head of the creature with a ferocious fury. The wind could be heard breaking apart from the sheer force of it coming down. Not to mention the electricity surrounding the bo-staff. If Takeo was to land a hit then the monster’s head would certainly crash down into the floor and feel the volt of electricity shocking his body violently, not to mention the dent of the staff in his head. “Take that!” “Don’t get too cocky Takeo!”

Alex held a grinned as he stood in front of his comrades his back to them both as he stood head on with the creature he was surprisingly strong in spite of his frail appearance, cracking his neck the skinny framed male darted towards the beast. “Please just die, you pathetic creature.” He leaped into the air and latched himself onto the creature’s neck, his arms and legs wrapped around its neck, his body looked like collar trying to be tied around a dog. The abomination began to squirm and pry Alex away from its neck, the claws slashed at his clothes and pierced his skin, he was bleeding yet his vice around its neck did not cease as his blackened eyes stared at the fur around the neck, he took a bite and hooked his teeth into what was mostly fur and then pure flesh. Foreign blood of a new kind was being sucked little by little into him as he wondered what it would like to taste something not human, though he was stopped as the beast flung him off for the first time with its paw, it was chocking on its breath but now was able to breath, blood dripped from the bite area that was where Alex drank from which so happened he spat up shortly “Disgusting, just like you are.”  Alex pulled out from under the back of his jacket a set of knuckle knives, blades pointed to the ground. Alex eyes locked with the monsters, blood dripping from his cuts and clawed areas, though he felt nothing in his state bliss of insanity, it could be felt that something dark was inside him when he was in this state, something tainted, something hungry for blood and murder. Alex charged back into the fight, he increased in speed as he charged, as with every quickened step he took he pulled his right arm back, his hand gripped around the handle as his fist was covered by thick brass knuckle plate. His fist slammed right into the bastards muzzled, it lost a row of teeth and was pushed back a few feet standing on its hind legs which gave Alex a perfect attack point, He took off again and jumped into the air with his feet aimed to its torso, trying to kick the beast on its back. When his foot slammed into the creatures torso it fell with a loud thud, Alex laughed as this was the opportune moment which is when he began stabbing it repeatedly in the chest, stomach, neck and over the heart area all the while the beast yelped in fear and agony as it began bleeding from vigorous attacks. The thing was a lively one as even with the many wounds it seized to stop. “Just die already!” Alex disliked the fact that this thing lived still, detested it which is when he pulled the rail gun that he stole off a dead guard aimed it at the creature who barely had any fight left in it and pulled the trigger, the last thing seen was blood exploding all over the room and a headless dog-like monstrosity laying on the floor. Alex grinned, not just grinned he began laughing like a madman holding onto his new prize and sitting on the crimson floor, his self a bloody mess like always and somehow retaining a child-like innocence even though he was bat-shit Looney. “So….. What’s next?” He said looking at them both with a smile.

Robb held a somewhat curious face; his blood red gaze followed the girl as she moved her hands around all of Robbs sensitive spots. It was oddly turning him on - to which he began to flex his muscles and pecs “ Heh, aye doll get in your birthday suit and we could fight any time of the day.” Robb would have responded as she spoke of fighting him; Robb nodded at Akashi’s remarks “ It's fine, understood I have that effects on ladies heh .. HUAH ! “ Clint would have stated before flexing his pecs once more. Robb snickered - “ Heh, my life on the line ? - I have nine lives my friend. So, I’d say you have some pretty high chances. But, as long as I get what I want in the end I’ll follow you to hell and back boss - shit” Robb stated before scratching his head scurrying his eyes at the pool of bodies. “ I kind of owe you that much, huh ? heh “ Robb turned his sights to the gang and listened to what Jericho had to say in which he swiftly noded. “ Very well.” Robb said, before falling over and dusting off his orange jumpsuit,” Lead the way. “ Robb would have added as he followed Jericho to the helicopter. The ride would have been swift and far from easy. Robb, wasn’t quite fond of heights as he entered the helicopter he would have quickly hid his gaze from any nearby windows. “ Lets get - lets get this show on the road shall we ? eh heh.”  Robbs’ gentle skin wouldn’t have faltered as his red glare bled through the flint  glass his ashen brows uplifted at the parade below him. Never, and I mean never hads he left the prison - so this would have been a new and quit fondful experience. He was highly excited to see the wonders outside had to offer

Homura watched as Alex destroyed the beast she could already see that the Carnage cells where growing within him, this is why he was the perfect host she thought to herself. But deep inside she was boiled in anger once reinforcements came within the section after informing her on Jericho's real mission, it made her look foolish. She was playing his game again, He could never trust her. Geeting lost in her thoughts she would turn to the squad members before speaking " Lets move back into the Helicarrier...!" If they agreed they would return back to base while Homura lingered around for a while alone.// Meanwhile after the meeting with Rob- Jericho would be inside his room in deep thought sitting Indian style as he tried to connect with the beast within him he stood perfectly still for six hours to hear a voice. 

                " The time has come Jericho.."