( ) Donnie and Dez make their way through the rift between time and space, allowing the two of them to enter the Castle of The All Father. This is the meeting group for The Council of Magic to meet up and discuss mystic threats that are plaguing the universe or threats that are soon to be occurring. . At this castle the mages all meet in a plane that is not known to the physical world. It exists in a plane where time is non-existent and the theory of relativity is completely thrown out of the window. It is the perfect place for mages to come together and discuss the governing products of Magic and Wizardry. The two heroes appear before the great gates that guard the outer rim and the two are instantly met with an image of something not settling right with Donnie. The gates that are usually guarded are now empty with one of the doors forced open. The two slowly make their way in and see that the castle looks beat to all hell. Pieces of cobblestone are shot out as if something from within the walls exploded outwards in the form of a beam of energy. Dez and Donnie both get their guards up now, realizing that something is very wrong here. Once the two get inside, Donnie’s eyes widen under the mask as the image of spears, swords and a plethora of other weapons are scattered all over the place. One of the Atlantean style tridents as gashed into the wall, a weapon used by the Bishop of this council. Donnie places his left hand out, scanning for any magical signatures of the members of this council. Dez: What happened here, Donnie?

Donnie: We are about to find out, Boy. I am afraid you are going to be tested a lot sooner than we have to prepare for.

_The two turn the corner towards the conference room and there the two heroes are greeted with multiple dead bodies that scatter the ground around them. Donnie can feel the pain that flows through this castle and he looks on the ground to see the genie’s lamp of one of his closest friends, Zanti El.

The light blue colored Genie appears on the floor with blood gushing out of her stomach. Sparkling blue eyes lift to see Donnie walking into the room and her right hand slowly reaches out for him as the magical power that keeps her alive slowly fades away into the Mystic Force. Because she is not a physical being of completion, her entire being is lost in the death given to her by the culprit who attacked this castle. On his knees with a long Masamune sword in hand is the very person The Mystic Force warned the two heroes about just prior to coming here. Nimbus Kinkade, The Dark Mage of this universe. He rests on his knees with blood covering his body coming from each member of this council. Having killed these members, Nimbus looks up towards Donnie with eyes completely white; lacking of a color iris.

Nimbus lifts himself up to stand on his feet, extending the sword he wields in his left hand outwards. The blood of his brothers and sisters drip down onto the carpet fabric below and Donnie begins to reach a boiling point that no one has ever seen before. Lengthy platinum hair falls from his forehead, covered in the blood of mystics and Nimbus has the nerve to curl a sick smile on his face.

Throughout the years that I have known Donnie Yun he has never seemed to be the angry type. Now I know what you are thinking. “Of Course the Yun is the angry temper tantrum having kind of guy” that’s who they are. Which might be true for the Yuns that don’t bear the responsibility he has. To always have to sit out and keep calm on threats that could potentially ruin the world…He lives and dies by the world of magic. But seeing him like this now…I can already feel what is coming out of him. I may not have the ability to scan magic yet but it doesn’t take a genius to feel the rage and hate that is currently overtaking him. Everyone here was more than just a teammate or councilmember. They were his family and now he is forced to witness their slaughter at the hands of another mystic who only seeks to destroy this universe.

Nimbus: I have the pieces kept hidden by each Councilmember…All I need left is yours, Donnie and I can be on my way to achieving my goal. Around your neck, am I correct? So cliché of you to keep such an important item on yourself…

Donnie’s eyes underneath the mask begin to glow with a bright red hue.

Donnie: You have killed my friends…You will not kill me…

Nimbus: Let’s see about that.

Dez: Awww shit we are about to fight aren’t we?

( ) As fast as Dez’s systems can keep up with, Nimbus’ speed is damn near almost instantaneous as uses a form of smoke manipulation to devolve and reform swinging his blade downward to try and cut the Sorcerer Supreme in half. But as the legends would show to be true, Donnie Yun is no slouch. In that same amount of time, Donnie is able to use one of his sealing spells to call upon the use of one of his most trusted weapons. Just as the blade is swung downward, Donnie’s left hand extends outwards to meet the blade and an explosion of energy erupts once the two limbs meet! A blinding white light charges through the room and once the sight becomes clear it reveals that Donnie is holding a large broadsword in his hand that keeps Nimbus’ Masamune from hitting him. The large sword looks ancient in years with a dark black outer layering of metal with an inner blue glow of energy.

Donnie: NO….

With a simple word and a fissure of his power the blade releases a powerful shockwave of energy that sends Nimbus flying back into the wall of the conference room! His back crashing into the cobblestone creates a loud destructive impact before he begins to descend downward to the ground. Before his body hits the floor, he turns into the form of a shadow and disappears for the moment. The two heroes keep their guards up and Donnie pulls his arm down while looking around trying to sense any magical force in the area. Nimbus’s upper portion of his body reappears from out of the ground, this time in front of Dez. His eyes can only widen as Nimbus thrusts his palm onto Dez’s face and blasts him with a powerful bolt of dark magic! This energy comes out in the form of a black lightning bolt, impacting his face and becoming a black fire on the helmet! The impact sends Dez flying through the wall behind him and back into the front room of the castle.

Donnie: DEZ!

His yells go unnoticed however as Nimbus tries to take advantage of the uneducated Dez Wilson. Dez quickly rolls up to his feet and is instantly met with a flurry of swipes from the sword that Nimbus has! The masamune metal slashes into the Dynamium armor, able to create small cuts in the design of the suit before Nimbus places his hand on Dez’s chest once more and hits him with another bolt of energy that sends him flying through the house like a ragdoll!

Donnie: Defend yourself, Dez! What the hell are you doing!

Donnie quickly jumps into the fray of battle and the two trade sword swings back and forth. Both show their talent in the ability to fight with blades, even though both swords are in two different class groups all-together. Nimbus moves with a flurry of speed that puts Donnie on the defense for a bit before he slides to his right to maneuver himself away from a slash that Nimbus attempts. After doing this, Donnie is able to thrust his open hand forward and completely takes a strong grip of his face in the metallic gauntlet that Donnie wears. With his demigod level strength, Donnie slams Nimbus onto the floor, creating small crater that breaks through the cobblestone ground that the castle is built upon.

Donnie: Let’s see how you like!

A bright purple charge of energy appears through the gauntlet and making Nimbus’ face disappear before Donnie fires his own bolt of mystic power at a point blank range on Nimbus’ face! The explosion that comes after the eruption of power creates a large purple smoke and flame that keeps Donnie’s body hidden away from sight. Nimbus’ body seems to have disappeared once again and Donnie wastes no time in walking out of the smoke. As he does this Dez reappears to the scene looking out to see the godlike form that Donnie takes with his eyes glowing bright red like a Demon awakened.

Donnie: Why aren’t you fighting? You just let him hit you like that…You chould have been killed! Dynamium is not unbreakable, Boy!

Dez: You are absolutely right…

Underneath his helmet Dez has a slight smirk on his face. On the HUD it shows a downloading bar that is showing a seventy five percent completion rate.

Dez: I needed him to attack me with his magic.

Donnie: And why is that?

Dez: Because my brain has the capacity to be able to create calculated algorithms and new sensory systems based on data that my suit collects.

Donnie: Meaning?

As Donnie says this, the download meter shows that the created system has been completed and ready for field use. Within the blink of an eye, Nimbus reappears with his sword swinging at a parallel level to the ground, aiming to slice Dez’s head off from behind! Donnie begins to lift his hand up to stop Dez from being hit, not thinking that he would actually be able to react. But little do both of them know, Dez uses his inhuman reflexes to turn around and his left arm actually catches the sword just before it hits its mark! Donnie looks in shock along with Nimbus as Dez’s fingers curl around the edge of the blade to hold it still. With a smile under the helmet Dez gives his chest node a quick charge that begins to glow with a higher rate of blue energy. Without anytime to stop it, Dez fires out a unibeam strength chest blast that unleashes his plasma energy through the center node of his armor to impact Nimbus dead center on his chest! The blue energy takes the form of an energy beam as thick as the node itself because of the quick charge that Dez put into the blast. Nimbus is hit with the force of a blast over three thousand degrees Celsius and goes flying through the castle to be thrown out of the building! He groans out in pain before being launched out and Dez stands with a powerful attitude about him after now being able to finally stand up to these kinds of people. After blasting Nimbus out of the building, Dez turns to face Donnie once again to answer his previous question.

Dez: Meaning I can scan for magic now…


( ) Nimbus: Looks like your red and yellow attack dog has learned some new tricks…Do you honestly think he can survive in our universe, Donnie.

  • Near the front door, the black smoke begins to appear and reform Nimbus’ body. Dez and Donnie both look towards the front foor watching Nimbus reform and they are ready to continue battle. Dez’s suit releases some sparks around the forearm area from being slashed by the Masamune blade, Donnie looks to see this and begins to ball his left hand into a fist. Nimbus’ comes to fully reform and he looks out towards Donnie with his eyes beginning to glow with a bright emerald hue._

Nimbus: This kind of living only brings one outcome for people who want to play hero…And that is death…

In a flash of light, Nimbus launches himself forward and his blade pierces into Dez’s armor around the abdomen area! Even the scanner that Dez has developed mid-fight isn’t fast enough to catch this new level of magic use as the masamune blade slices across his gut to tear through the Dynamium metal! Continuing his path, Nimbus keeps the slicing motion and now tries to swing at an upward diagonal left motion to catch Donnie off-guard. But the Sorcerer Supreme simply swings his own sword in a downward fashion to lock the Masamune between Donnie’s blade and the floor below. What Donnie doesn’t realize is that left his body exposed to Nimbus’ open hand. With a push of his energy Nimbus utilizes his telekinetic magic to hit Donnie right in his chest and it sends him flying through the castle; breaking through wall after wall before finally rolling on the floor a few times. His blade spins out of his hand and gets impaled in the final wall and Donnie remains on his chest with a huge pain in his chest. After taking Donnie out of the game for a short period of time, Nimbus slowly turns to face Dez once more and now the Scientist Supreme has to face the Dark Mage alone!_

Nimbus: Did they even warn you about what you were getting yourself into?

Dez smirks underneath his mask as he stands to full height, showing the sparks that fly out of his suit from the abdomen injury. The dynamium already begins to take a liquid form to heal Dez’s skin so that he can continue fighting.

Dez: They didn’t have too…I know I can take you…

Nimbus: You will die with the mind of a fool!

Nimbus once again charges towards Dez, swinging his blade in multiple directions trying to slice Dez into pieces. But one of the best traits that Dez has is that his mind and suit adapt throughout combat to better get him into a position where he can overcome the weaknesses that he has against specific people. Having recorded and even experienced the swordplay that Nimbus has, Dez is using calculative thinking to predict Nimbus’ next movements before he even makes them. And the more he actually tries to strike him, the easier it gets for Dez to be able to calculate where the next move is coming from. Just as Nimbus tries to hit him with another slice across his chest, Dez ducks down as a boxer would duck underneath a swinging hook punch and readies himself for an attack of his own. Using his jet thrusters he launches himself up and hits Nimbus with a thunderous uppercut that shatters the walls all around them! Nimbus’ body is lifted up through the first floor ceiling and is actually launched out of the roof of the building! Able to fly after him, Dez follows Nimbus up into the air and begins to unload a flurry of punches on Nimbus’ body that cause him to continue to be lifted high into the air. As Nimbus tries to gather himself he is hit yet again with punch after punch. Dez’s right hand smashes into the jawline of Nimbus’ face, causing his head to whiplash back and spew his blood out of his mouth! After being lifted about a thousand feet into the air, Dez raises both hands over his head as he prepares to hit Nimbus with the force of everything his suit can dish out with the added energy of Plasma. Just as his hands come to be over his head, his hands glow with a bright blue aura, showing the charged energy inside of the palms of each hand.

Dez: Time to die!

And just as he goes to thrust his arms down to hit Nimbus with a double axe handle attack, the Dark Mage thrusts his right arm up and he grabs Dez by the throat with the kind of strength that is beyond even calling it inhuman. The Dynamium metal holds out to protect Dez but he can feel the pressure building up to the point that the armor is trying to absorb it for energy! Dez’s eyes look at Nimbus’ face, blooded with broken bones from being punched and the anger that fill the brightly glowing emerald eyes now. Down in the castle Donnie gets back to his feet and looks around to see where the two of them went. He can sense a surge in magical power and when he looks up at where he is sensing this surge, all he can do is look.

Donnie: NO!

Using his magical powers to mimic flight, Donnie launches himself up into the air; bursting through the castle roof to try and stop Nimbus from hurting Dez. Nimbus can feel Donnie’s approach and he quickly strikes his hand down on Dez.


His scream hits Dez with high level soundwaves that practically rip through the fabric of magic that holds this castle together! Using a trinket that is lodged in his throat to create this power, Nimbus hits Dez with a powerful form of Acoustikinesis. Sound is a periodic disturbance of the medium air, ground, water, etc. Sound radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. The effect these waves produce upon the ear is perceived as sound. From the point of view of physics, sound is considered to be the waves of vibratory motion themselves, whether or not they are heard by the human ear. A person with Acoustikinesis can intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and high-speed movement. At low frequencies, sound is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage, while high frequencies cannot be heard by normal humans but can be used for sonar-like effects. Since sound vibrations can travel through the air, ground, water and any form of medium, defense by using physical barriers is difficult. The vibrations can also affect at a molecular level.

Dez: GYAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

IN SLOW MOTION Donnie tries to get up there as fast as he can but the scream had already been launched and Dez is forced to take it head on at the epicenter of Nimbus’ power! The Dynamium metal is designed to absorb frequencies and any form of energy but the armor is hit with vibrations at a frequency well above what the armor can handle! This scream actually begins to tear the magical power that holds the castle, creating large black rifts in the sky above them. At the same time tremors shock the ground around them, bringing the entire castle down onto the ground! Under the hood, Dez’s HUD statics and practically explodes as the screen setting of the suit shatters under the frequency that this scream is hitting him at. The armor on the outside liquefies to the point that it looks like it is about to slip right off of his skin! By sheer willpower Dez tries to fight against it, using his suit to try and increase the Dynamiums frequency to re-solidify but it comes to be useless as the scream actually pulls the suit off of him! Blood begins to drip out of his ears and his nose as the sound begins to break through the protection of the helmet and actually start to effect his physical body. Within the span of a few seconds the suit actually falls to the floor and the scream renders Dez in an unconscious state with his mind being spun through a blender. Nimbus looks at the man underneath the suit as he continues to hold him in his hand.

Nimbus: You are nothing but a mortal man…What can you do to ever defeat me?

Donnie is right about to get to where the two of them are and Nimbus releases his hold of an unconscious Dez. His body freefalls through the air, spinning and twisting as the atmosphere allows. This forces Donnie to fly to where Dez is and quickly catch him before he hits the floor. Once in his arms, Donnie looks down to see the young warrior practically lifeless and with blood dripping from him, completely taken apart by Nimbus’ magic. Donnie looks up at him and Nimbus looks down at the two of them with a bright smile on his face at his handy work.

Nimbus: You should really keep your eyes on the prize, Donnie…If you keep watching over the little man in a tin can, you won’t be able to see what you missed…

Donnie: I’ll kill you for this, Nimbus…

The dark mage begins to float towards one of the rifts in the sky. He places his hand through this rift and it reveals that he can travel through it and before leaving he turns around to look at Donnie.

Nimbus: No…You won’t…

He then plunges himself into this rift and his entire being leaves this plane of reality to get to wherever it is he is trying to go too. Donnie gets Dez back down to the ground and he sees pieces of Dez’s suit completely liquefied all across the rubble of the castle. It takes him a few seconds but then it finally clicks to him what Nimbus meant with his words before leaving. Donnie places his hand on his chest to try and feel the final piece that Nimbus’ needs to awaken Dommaru. His soul practically shatters as he feels an emptiness on his chest with the piece being stolen. He thinks back onto the events that unfolded in the fight and he goes back to when he landed that point blank hit on Nimbus’ face when he slammed him into the ground. Just as he landed that hit, Nimbus was able to reach under the robes and rip the piece from Donnie’s neck while he was focused on protecting Dez. Donnie looks down and balls his hands into fists as he is the only one left conscious in this world that he and the Council of Magic created.

Donnie: We are all doomed….


( )

It takes Dez a few minutes to come too and when he does, his right arm reaches up to his head with such a splitting headache that no hangover in the world could compare to it. He can feel the blood that dripped out of his nose and he slowly gets up into a seated position on the grass. His vision is blurred at the moment but he can still make out the body of Donnie Yun on his knee with his head hung down low and his mask in his left hand. It is obvious that the loss is hitting Donnie pretty hard. There is no wind anymore from the space located between time and space breaking; creating the dark rifts up in the skies above them.

Dez: What’s the matter with you? I’m still alive…

He tries to get Donnie uplifted with the use of his sarcasm but Donnie is unmoved by this.

Donnie: We are yet living in a realm that will die because of these battles it housed here today…and yet even with its death in the near future, it will still outlive us.

Dez’s right eyebrow lifts up and he wonders why Donnie is so ready to throw in the towel. Both of them are still alive, both still have a fight in them; why give up now?

Dez: Why are you acting like we already died? Aren’t you the Sorcerer Supreme or whatever? You act like the cards already been given and we are out of this fight all-together!

The Armored Warrior forces himself to get back up to his feet with his body shaking from the blast of sonic energy he received from Nimbus a few minutes prior to this. By sheer willpower he gets to his feet even though his body is telling him to stay down and rest.

Dez: You can’t just sit on your ass and call it quits because we are on the ropes…We aren’t knocked out yet, dammit! The Donnie Yun I know wouldn’t just give up. He’d find a way to beat this guy, no matter what the odds are!

Donnie slowly lifts himself up while his hood still creates a small shadow across his face to keep his appearance hidden. He extends his arm out and pulls Dez towards him just before his legs give out from under him. His arm snakes around the young man’s back and Dez looks up at him to see the soft glow of blood colored eyes hidden behind the hood Donnie wears.

Donnie: You’re right kid…As long as we have life we have a fighting chance to comeback. What do you have in mind for a plan?

Dez: You said there is seven pieces that complete the key to free this Domarru right?

Donnie: Correct.

Dez: I think I might just have a way to save the world…

( )

A few minutes later utilizing his magic Donnie is able to turn the castle into the form of Dez’s workshop so that he can build the idea that is in his head. Inside of a laboratory setting, Dez walks around the place like a madman on crack using his tools and gadgets to get him going. On one of the working tables, Dez uses a hammer to pound away on a base of metal while one of his drones works on using a laser cutter to make intricate pieces of other metals. Donnie floats in the air over him, making sure to not get in the way as he observes what Dez is doing. Dez practically zooms through the many work stations that surround him, Donnie counts a number of seven tables and one computer screen around Dez’s immediate area.

Donnie: What exactly are you building here, Dez?

As he asks that question, Dez uses his technopath physiology to create a thin layer of lenses that cover the light from his eyes so that the flame of a laser blowtorch doesn’t blind him. Using said blowtorch he begins to restructure some of the cut metal and the computer screen pops up to show an algorithm being tested over and over again for a success rate. Dez keeps his focus on the work utilizing his body to build and his mind to create the software of his idea. As a technopath Dez is able to keep his mind on the web and using his own computers on this mystical plane to create the tech needed for the mission.

Dez: The seven pieces that awaken Dommaru are designed out of ancient magic. A magic that you have both explained to me given me an example of. Now. Each piece holds a specific amount of magical power that is equal to one another…otherwise the trinkets wouldn’t work. The pieces take the form of a key that allows Domarru to be freed from his confinement from whatever realm or dimension he is in. What I am building are seven similar devices that are based around the same concept. These pillars that I design will work as an opposite to the trinkets that are awakening Dommaru. It’s seven because the idea behind the pillars is that we will use them to surround the entire area where we are going. Once the key is created and the magical power is released, the pillars will activate with their own level of plasma energy. You’ve shown me what magic is and what it can do, well I make a living for showing people where their shit is exposed for weakness. People aren’t born with “Magic” like they are with “Chi.” It is something that is learned to control because it comes from outer energies, for the most part. If my calculations are correct…which they always are…These pillars will actually be able to absorb the magical energies that are within the perimeter it creates.

Donnie: You plan on trapping Nimbus and Dommaru in this perimeter and containing them? This would be a good snare to catch them but it will not contain them forever. Dommaru’s power greatly outweighs my own, no mortal means can hold him.

Dez: Which is why I don’t plan on holding him.

Dez continues to work for about thirty more minutes and to Donnie’s astonished eye he sees Dez create these seven pillars in such a short time! The engineer is covered in oil and sweat and he lifts the final pillar up with his right hand before turning to face Donnie. The pillar is metallic in appearance with a powerful blue glowing Plasma Node in the center of each one. The device is about three feet in length. Donnie extends his metallic right hand out to take the pillar from Dez’s hand to examine it.

Donnie: You calibrated Dynamium Metal to have the capability to absorb magic with the power of the Plasma Node. A metal that can absorb any kind of mortal energy able to now absorb the energies of the magical realms…I guess The Mystic Force wasn’t wrong in choosing you as the Scientist Supreme after all.

Dez grabs a towel to wipe some of the gunk off of his hands.

Dez: Like anything made last minute, the pillars aren’t perfect. They all have to be activated at the same time otherwise they won’t be able to take in the perimeter energies. This means we need seven people to get things even going for us. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t just have seven friends going…where exactly are we going again?

Donnie places the pillar down on the table to be layed out with the other six pillars.

Donnie: Because Earth doesn’t have a strong magical presence, The Council of Magic thought it best that he be kept in an area like Earth. I was not there to go against this idea, but The Magus didn’t think there would ever be a time where Earth roamed heavily with metahuman beings. His embodiment is locked away in his own dimension where he is held as a prisoner…but the doorway that holds him locked away is located in Eastern Africa near modern day countries like Rolanda, Uganda, and Kenya. The Doorway is hidden deep in the African jungles, no man has ever been able to find it. But there is a way for us to find the people we need…

Dez: And who might those people be?

Donnie: I have a friend in one of these Eastern African countries; King Adewake of Rolanda. He is a kind man and a powerful leader, he will be able to aid us in our dire hour.

Dez: Sweet. Let’s head out!...OH WAIT!

( ) Dez claps his hands together and a hologram image of his Hot Rod armor appears in front of him. Dez begins to use his fingers to re-arrange some of the parts while his eyes begin to actually display code similar to the screensaver of Matrix fans. Donnie raises a brow underneath his mask.

Donnie: What are you doing now?

Dez: Just making some final adjustments. It feels like I am giving myself a present.

After a few seconds of tinkering, Dez grabs a small hologram image of what looks like another plasma node with his fingers.

He takes his hand and places the node in the center of the suit chest piece and with that, Dez slowly curls his lips into a bright smile. His free hand swips down on the hologram, causing the image to disappear. Dez turns to look up towards Donnie while now lifting his arms up into the air.

Dez: Merry Christmas to me.

After saying this, Donnie looks around to see the bright platinum colored liquid metal that was once scattered all across the area begin to flood the workshop. Donnie has to hover around the room a bit to avoid being hit with the liquid metal as it flies towards Dez. A piece of the liquid splatters across Dez’s chest, quickly wrapping around his back and connecting through the intricate workings of the S.U.I.T. design. Once it forms around his upper body, the metal dries and reveals a platinum paintjob. Mere moments after being struck with the first piece of the suit, Dez is quickly covered in the liquid metal. The symbiotic nature of the armor forms around him like a cocoon, hardening over his body. Instead of the standard red and gold design that Donnie is used to seeing; this armor looks very odd. The armor comes over his body in a platinum color but there is no glowing piece over his body. In all actuality it would look like Dez is just covered in a cocoon of Dynamium! This is all just a phase however as the suit begins to adapt and react to its new upgrades. Starting out of the shoulder blades of the armor, the suit shoots out sharp spikes a few inches in height! One by one these spikes appear from his shoulders all the way down to the center of his hand! Once at the hand, three smaller spikes appear at the edges of his knuckles like a pair of intense brass knuckles. More spikes appear on his legs, breaking through at his thighs and one by one rising up to his lat muscles. Just after the spikes start to form around the armor, the energy begins to overflow from within the suit. Instead of the standard blue glow that the plasma energy radiates, the suit begins to rip open at the plating’s to reveal lava like glow underneath the layer of Dynamium metal! The eye slits form over his face, keeping that same color scheme of lava burning through the armor. Following the linings, the blasts of his chest and palms melt through the metal cocoon and the new suit comes to full completion. Standing in the light, Donnie’s eyes widen to see the work of art standing in front of him.

Dez: Let’s go save the world…

Dez walks out of the workshop, leaving Donnie to stare as he exits and all he can do is shake his head in some slight envy before whispering to himself.

Donnie: Show off…

Once the two men exit the plane of reality that is The Castle of The All-Father, Donnie transports the two of them to the kingdom of Rolanda. Donnie’s friendship with Adewale has allowed him permission to enter into Rolanda as a trusted ally. Adewale is one of the few humans on Earth who know who Donnie truly is and because of that, both have trusted each other with much of their secrets throughout time. Having said that, Donnie creates their portal to bring them into the royal throne room where Adewale has been so many times in their years of knowing each other. Not knowing who or what is in the throne room now, Donnie and Dez seamlessly walk out of a portal that would appear as a rip in reality itself to enter the sacred home of the King. With Donnie expecting to have a warm welcome by Adewale, he is unaware of recent events that have shaken Rolanda on more than just a political level. The portal shuts behind them and the two men stand in the center of the throne room with Donnie holding seven pillars in the air with the use of his telekinetic abilities. What happens next will be a surprise to the both of them…Enter The King of Rolanda!