_Previously X had attempted to kidnap Syl and to her knowledge he’d planned to take her back to project ESPER to have her disposed at the mercy of the company. However things went astray when X discovered that he himself had been double crossed! It was thanks to the, all be it forced, help of Syl that they were able to tackle ERSPER’s latest invention.  They made their way back to the city, and X decided he needed a place to stay at until this entire mess had blown over like he’d wanted it to. He needed time to plan, time to think, and time to organize. In the basement of Syl’s shop however the activates between the two were different…or rather one could say adventurous. X and Syl weren’t exactly invested in each other emotionally, but physically the consummation between the two was ongoing, at times surprisingly so. X found himself at times stricken by how smooth the spider queens body really was at times. _

_It was on this early dawn of morning, X had constructed a rather clever contraption. He’d carried the young black haired beauty there previously and laid her down flat on her stomach. In doing so, He’d have forcibly taken her limbs and began securing them to what looked like different corners of the small table that corresponded what limb it was closes to. Her hands were now tapped and tied to rails that protruded vertically and above the table. Her legs bent at the knee, with her calves tied tight and secured with rope and tape to keep them confined to it’s cold still surface. _

_An echo of footsteps would’ve been heard coming down the stair way. X would’ve been dressed in the nude, his feet hitting the surface of the floor. He walked closer to the pale woman, rubbing the back of his neck, his finger tracing over the nail and bite marks left by his…well her. He wasn’t sure what to call her, nor was he sure what she was to him, but in any case she was ‘his’. He made his way over to the front of her. She’d have some what of neck room, but there wasn’t much she could do outside of turning her head and straightening it. She was flexible so he didn’t figure she’d be any kind of uncomfortable. Standing in front of her, with his limp meat only inches from her face, he’d place both hands on the top of the rails that held her arms and look down at her._

X: Sometimes I honestly think you do things to piss me off intentionally just to get to this part. You’re a real glutton for punishment aren’t you. –he shook his head- In any case, you know how this goes. You open wide, and suck it. You bite, I push harder. Get to it, we’ve got a plan to put in motion.

Syl lay on the cold surface her chest rising and dropping softly as she pupils dilated heavily until the slits were almost actual circles. She tested her binds by lightly tugging each of her limbs one at a time. Her hair spilled into the floor. As the footsteps echoed in the room she crained her neck to look at him, it could've only been him. The only one she would've ever allowed to restrain her like this. As his arms rested on the bar and she spoke she answered back smirking.

Syl: You make it so easy, and I dont see you complaining either are you? You enjoy this just as much as I do.

She shivered as she stared at him intently, she smirked as her forked tounge slithered out from her closed lips, and ghosted over his flesh opening her mouth she took him in her mouth, swirling his around. Looking up at him she eyes smirking as him as she bit down on him, not hard enough to hurt him but hard enough for him to know it was a bite. She looked up at him and a blush spread across her face. She wasnt sure of what exactly they were, but she was fond of him. A thing she'd been able to say to few other people.

X: Ahhh…I do. I resent it but I do enjoy it.

_When she let her forked tongue slip from her lips, to wrap around the once limp flesh, it began to harden up rather quickly as she’d take it into her mouth. He looked down at her for a moment only to close his eyes, and let his toes cruel a bit…only to have his moment of relaxation broken by a slight bite. It made him corner frown with his lips and look down at her again_

X: Not cute bitch. Not cute at all.

_X would’ve taken syl by the top of her head and pushed himself as deep as he could in the throat. He knew she could take it but that was the fun part. It was more or less just to shut her up for a while. As she pushed her teeth down upon his manhood, she’d as usually feel the unreally texture of the dragon scales she’d not be able to pierce had her life been on the line. The rough textured slab slipped past her uvula and to the middle of her throat, as he’d leave it there, twisting and turning her head a bit to get that lovely gagging sound effect from her throat. _

_Motioning to palce a hand on the back of her neck, he holds her head straight, while the back of his body begins to morph slightly. His tail begins to slither out of his lower back once again, wiggling free. The brown tufts of hair at the end of it as it slides down her back slowly. The tail slips down the crack of her ass and runs over her anus, and stops right at the base of her cunt. The tail shakes and shivers for a moment before splitting into two separate tails and prodding at the entry ways of both of her fuck holes. While this happens, X reaches over to the side of the table, pulling up a chain, and swirling it around his forearm, leaving a string of chain to hang from his wrist, his hand gripping it as he continued his bland glare_

X: Work your throat on it. If I don’t like it, you’ll know. –the chain rattles on the ground, as the morning savagery continues-

Syl smirked but her eyes widened as X gripped her head and forced himself deeper into her throat. As his rought skin penetrated her mouth she struggled to breathe around him. Looking up as him he forced her head straght. Staring up at him she shivered as his tail traced along her back, sliding between her ass and pishing at her entrance she tighened and wound her hips trying to push it in. It split and pushed at both entrances and she looked up at X. As she chain wound around his wrist she gyrated her hips slightly.

 As X commanded her to workher throat she set to work wrapping her tounge around him and gently sucking him, her throat working with her tounge to tighten and loosen around him. She  gasped around him as her body twitched softly as she became wet, moaning around him she clamped ehr eyes shut panting softly she felt a blush creep across her cheeks turning her face red.

_X saw the blush appear on her cheeks and it made him sneer slightly. For someone who acts so confident, she was quick to have a flustered expression on her face whenever it came to doing something lewd but was used to talking so much trash it’s a wonder she doesn’t have a mouth full of shit figuratively speaking. The extra appendages prodding and poking at her holes would’ve finally made their entry ways! Both ends of his tail penetrating both her cunt and her anus, pushing themselves as deep into the crevasse that they’d allow for! Like engine pistons, one would shoot in after the other one pulled itself out! X himself would’ve tilted his head back, feeling her tongue tighten and loosen up but even then it wasn’t enough…no she wasn’t putting enough effort into it. X would’ve reared his hand up with the chain being airborne and whipped it down, the cold steel lashing across her back leaving a blood red whelp across the surface of it that burned with a cold sting._

X: Don’t tell me your jaw’s tired, put your back into it.

_Holding her head still, he started pumping him self inside of her throat this time around, taking the reins of the operation and expecting her to follow suit. His hand pushing up and tilting her head back so her vision had no other focal point but his face, as he’d plunge any and all bits of moisture inside of her mouth out from the corners of her lips. _

_He grunted a bit and started to lash the chain across her back even more this time with a slight pause between each lash. Whether or not she was doing things to his liking he got off causing her pain and her masochistic nature only enforced this fetish between the both of them. He wanted to hear those feint pathetic whimpers of pain that ended with a long drawn out hue of pleasure behind them. They had a long day ahead of them so it might as well have started out right this time around._


She gasped as his tails slipped into her body and began working in unison, in and out. Syl closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling but she was interrupted as the chain came crashing down onto her abck causing her to screech out in pain, around him. Clenching her eyes shut as the welt across her back throbbed. He grabbed her head and forced himself into her mouth rougher and deeper causing her throat to tighten around him, and she had to change the pace of her tongue to keep up and he tilted ehr face up so she had to look at him, her red eyes staring up at his face.  As the chain came crashing down on her back again she yelped around him, her body jerking away from the chain but she was tied in place so her hands grasped the poles tightly. As the chain kept crashing down on her back her grip on the poles tightened until her knuckles turned white. Her whimpers rose up from her throat, muffled by him. Her eyes half lidded as she gazed up at him, stray black hairs falling into her face as her lower body writhed and squirmed as his tails plunged inside her. Her eyes gazed up at them with a strange mix of lust and some other emotion she wasn’t sure what it was but she couldn’t think straight from the pleasure.

_X could feel himself hitting a sexual peak, and it would’ve become all the more obvious as his cock would’ve started to throb inside of the walls of her throat. It became apparent as he stopped whipping her back violently and let the chain fall to the floor. His upper body leaning back slightly as he now held on to the base of her chin with one hand and the top of her head with the other. Literally hanging his body weight off of her neck joint alone, he’d start cocking his hips back and fucking her face with that trademark savage groan he’s used to making during these endeavors._

_The table starting to rock against his force, as she’d feel the tightness in the muscles of her neck. Any harder and he’d damn near snap the flesh in two, as his cock began to hit the dividing point of her throat right above where the esophagus and larynx are located! His precum drizzling down into her stomach,  the pulsing beat in the veins of his flesh starting to thump against the roof of her mouth, and through all of this excitement his tails began their own form of foolery. The tails literally shivered and shuttered for a second before they stretched in mass and girth! The tendril like tails wriggling around in her insides, becoming so thick as to give her lower half a painfully filling sensation! Her cunt juices leaking about over the table’s edge, and his mouth opening slightly with beads of sweat hanging form the letdown blonde locks. He thrusted a good many number of times later before on the last go he pushed himself inside of her for what seemed to be permanently. He never announced when he was cumming verbally. It usually just happened, just like now. The warm viscus fluid continuously leaking inside of her throat and her mouth. He let it sit there, the area above his cock pushed slam into her nose as he’d wait for her to wriggle for breath before he’d pull himself out of her finally._

_A long gruff sigh, followed by a small snarl escaped his lips as he patted the top of Syl’s head before walking off and heading back up the steps._

X: Get cleaned up it’s time to go. The day is young and if this is going to work the sooner we leave the better.

_X would’ve made his way up to the room she, or rather they, slept in. He wasn’t allowed in here the first few nights but he quickly changed that with his trademark style of persuasion.  He opted to hop in the shower, and still nude he’d cut on the hot water and begin letting it run over his being assuming Syl would go ahead and get ready to depart as well._

she breathed a slight of relief as the chain stopped crashing down on her back, his hand grasped the base of her chin and the other was placed on the top of ehr head as he savagely slammed into her throat his hips slamming into her lips. He grunted and groaned deeply, sending chills down ehr body. As he pushed further she began to whimper, the increasing force of his thriats was starting to hurt her now. His juices dripping down her throat she'd have no choice but to swallow it. As he neared his climax his tails suddenly grew bigger inside her causing a sharp jolt of pain. She screamed around him as her body tensed up from the sudden growth.  As he began to spurt into her mouth she swalloed it as her own body came, her lower regions tightneing around his split tails. He pulled out as he pat her head and walked away. She watched his as he spoke and walked away. She lay there for a few minutes composing herselfbefore she broke the binds. They werent anythign special she just allowed them to restrain her. As she pushed herself off the table she made her way up stairs after him.

Heading into 'thier room' she grabbed a towel and leaned on the wall beside the bathroom door. She'dejoyed their encountered immesely, but lately after words she began to feel empty afterwards. Staring down at her hand she curled it into a fist. She was going to slam it into the wall but decided not to. Opening the towel she pressed it to her body, leaning on the wall she sighed and made her way away from the bathroom to her courtyard. Waiting for him to finish in the shower would waste time, she also didnt want to be near him right now. She wasnt sure why she felt like this but she didnt want to. Moving to the small pond she slipped into it, and sighed as the cool water hit her hot skin. She pushed off the side of the pond and slowly swam across the lenght of it, loosening ehr stuff body. Her hair floated behind her like oil on the crystal water. Soon se came to the other side, and she rested her arms on the banks of the river and soon her head on her arms. Closing her eyes, Heba soon appeareed to Syl infront of her the snake oni looking directly at Syl.

Heba: "Been busy?" the snake looked Syl over and smiled softly. Syl returned ehr gaze but then looked away.

Syl: "Yes. Although, he makes me- I dont know Heba I dont like it." she said as she closed her eyes again and pushed off from the pond banks again but instead of swimmign acorss she floated on her back. "I dont like these wierd feelings..." Syl continued. Heba floated after her and continued.

Heba: "You dont need them. Get rid of them. They will noly distract you. You are Gaia." She said fianlly as Syl eyes Heba and sighed, looking up at the morning sun she closed her eyes again and remained flaoting on ehr back in the middle of the pond for a while longer.

_X would’ve finished up his shower, turning the water off and stepping out of he shower. Like he anmal he was he’d shake his head back and forth splashing the water off of his being as a whole and sighing. He made his way out to their bedroom and reached underneath the broken bed to find his suitcase. He’d opted to put on a simple black t-shirt, and a pair of jeans with combat boots. He pulled out his trade mark leather black gloves securing them tightly to his hands. Walking over to the closet he’d remove another suitcase from it and throw it on the surface of the bed. Opening it up it was revealed to be a walking armory! There were all sorts of guns, grenades, and explosives inside of it. X began loading up the rifle inside, followed by the shot gun, and the pistols that accompanied it. He was out for blood today…the plan to take down Esper was about to go into full effect and the plan he and Syl had conducted was sure to work as long as they both played the part they were meant to. After he finished packing he’d grab the suitcase and walk out of the shop tossing it into the trunk of that same dinky hovercar he’d had when he’d first arrived there.  he’d look at his watch and realize operation “Zero Hour” was upon them. _

_He’d made his way to the large pond like area she’d been swimming so casually inside of. He stood at the edge and with raised brows started to speak. A lot of the times when he wasn’t giving the world a death stare he more or less gave Syl genuine looks of concern and asking, even though she was quick to retort with a smart ass comment or some kind of jest or joke. It was odd, X since gathering some of his memories back was actually becoming more…sentimental._

X: Syl are you done lolly gagging? We have to get ready to depart. Make sure you bring the special nerve deteriorating herbs I had you brew. This operation could span days…so we’ll need every resource we can get our hands on. Might not be coming back if you catch my drift. –he’d look away for a second taking hold of his hair and putting it in a ponytail. Blonde bangs hanging over his forehead as he exhaled through  his nostrils- I’ll be waiting by the car and I’ll go over the plan again step by step. When you’re ready come on out.

She swam over to the edge of the pond as he spoke and nodded; pushing herself out of the pond she nodded and walked past him, her hair leaving massive puddles of water behind. Syl sighed and sat on her bed and ran her hand through her hair, she leaned over and picked up a towel and quickly dried her hair before tying her hair is tied into a ponytail with a panda ornament sitting on top that contained the toxin X asked for, with a yin-yang hair accessory at the end of the ponytail (also filled with the toxin). She also wears an unbuttoned white vest that shows her white bra and breasts with separate red sleeves, a long white skirt, white thong and red shoes which are in a Chinese sort of style. (  )

Sighing she slowly walked out of the store and shut the door, as plants grew across it from the inside barring anyone whom may've entered. As she approached the car she looked up at X and sighed.

Syl: "After this, there will be no need for you to stay here." She said, she was trying to be mean but she found she trailed off at the end of her statement as if she was upset. She reached up and slid into the passenger seat and looked out the window. "Explain while you drive. I wanna get this over with." She said as she rested her shin in her hands in such a way that her palm was pressed over her mouth. Leaning her forehead on the window she contemplated weather they were going to really come back from this or not. She'd just come back; born of a plant but him, her eyes slid to look at X. She was pretty sure he'd remain dead, and the thought of that left a feeling in her stomach. She shook it off. She did not need him. She did not even like him.

"After this, there will be no need for you to stay here."

X: Understood.

_He’d heard her trail off as she made that statement but he opted to ignore it for the time being. Even if he was to object was now really the time to enact such emotions? Emotions that for all intents and purposes SHOULDN’T be possible for someone like him who’s had his mind jumbled, fuzzled, and fucked with in more ways than one. He started the car sliding into the front seat and the new white hover van began to hover in the air before he drove it, keeping it low to the ground, they were heading towards the coast of District 2 where the land meets the sea. As she exclaims that she wants to hear the plan while they drive X nods and begins to fill her in._

X: Well it’s not going to be easy or simple. To get us in we’ll need to use you as bait. I’d opt to use myself but by the tone of Tanaban’s voice, he was much more interested in you as a whole rather than myself. While we’re labeled as faliures, they’ll take you back. Your body contains genes that could be used to create a mass amount of new and improved ESPER’s…I don’t want anyone else to go through that anymore. I’m not even set on the idea of those bastards putting their hands on y-

_X caught himself clearing his throat, and turning a corner. He didn’t want that to come off as sentimental but…well it had to be said one way or another so he just adjusted his words._

X: So yes. You’ll be dropped off anonymously at the front door. They will try to fight you, but don’t put up to much of one. Kill a few and fake a go down. They’ll take you deep into parts of the base that even I don’t know of…which is one reason why you’re going to swallow this.

_X pulled a small marble shaped object from his pocket. On the inside one could see circuits, and a light flashing and glowing inside of it._

X: It’s a tracking device. I shaped it up from the watch they gave me. I’ll be able to follow you deeper into the base until a certain amount of distance under the ground.  For that, I want you to emit a certain pheromone that only a nose like mine could pick up on. I’ll track you by scent for the remainder. While I’ve never been there the lowest level of Khaki Island is said to house the most dangerous of the ESPERs in creation. It’s the only unknown factor in all of this…but I think we can overcome it.

_The van arrived at the beach where X ran it through the cement barricade! The hover system beneath the van kicking up sand and dirt as he proceeded to drive it past the beach goers, men and women alike. The van began hovering over the water and X continued his explanation._

X: This could take days, or weeks. There’s no telling what they’ll do to you when they have you but I need you to endure while I plant the explosives in the electrical room on each floor. Depending on how long my own observation takes this could speed along or slow down significantly. All in all thank you for…well. Doing this with me. I know it started out completely terrible but I’ve come to find a valuable asset in you Syl.  

_X kept his eyes focused on the sea at head. The hover engines kicking up water to the sides of the vehicle as it traversed the vast blue ocean. They were headed to pretty much parts unknown and they only had each other to rely on. Similar to how they did last time but this time the stakes are much, MUCH higher than before._


She kept her gaze out the window, as the drove past the sea the sun reflected off the water. She drifted in and out as he spoke about the plan, as he cut himself off her eyes slid to the rearview Mirror and she looked at him for a few seconds before she waved her hand dismissively. He continued on to say how she'd fake a go down and be taken into the base. She turned her body to lay on her side facing him. She took the tracking device out of his hands and held it in hers and wothout looking at him.

Syl: Im not too keen on being taken in to parts unknown. Wouldnt the pheromone be easier to find anyway? What if they find it and cut it out of me first? You... Might not wanna watch this part.

Her volley of questions she needed an answers too. She sighed and tilted her head back and opened her mouth before her snake tounge darted out and wrapped around the tracker and pulled it into her mouth, and her throat 'walked' it down, much like an actual snakedoes when it eats things larger than itself. She grimaced as she worked it down and looked ahead out the windshield and ran her hands through her hair.

As X drove the car through the cement barricade and onto the beach as they hovered over the water Syl looked at him as he spoke fo the final time before she went into the Base.

X: This could take days, or weeks. There’s no telling what they’ll do to you when they have you but I need you to endure while I plant the explosives in the electrical room on each floor. Depending on how long my own observation takes this could speed along or slow down significantly. All in all thank you for…well. Doing this with me. I know it started out completely terrible but I’ve come to find a valuable asset in you Syl.

She nodded and opened the door and jumped out of it into the water, crashing into it with a splash she quickly made her way to shore and as she emerged from the water she took off flying on wings of iridesence and quickly disappeared in the direction of the base. Closing her eyes as she slew she braced herself for going back again. She looked back at X as her hands clutched into fists. Heba's voice sounded in her head.

Heba: "You know this could be a trick, a plan to have him gain your trust and lead you to an ambush or death."

Syl: I know, and if it's true I'll just have to kill everyone like I did last time.

Syl's face was a dark smirk for a second before she composed herself landing infront of the base, and quite literally walking towards the door with her hands on her hips.

X: It would be easier but it’s just a gaurentee. If they do discover the tracking device within you, by the time that happens you’ll already be in the facility they want to keep you in. That will more than likely be the area of importance that I’ll need to place the explosives at… that and the security around your area will decrease since they’ll send people to come looking for me. Don’t worry I’ve got-

_X watched her tongue slither out and gulp down the device. His hand lingered there for a moment realizing there was nothing in it_

X: Still not quite used to that.

_He shook his head and laughed and when they arrived she’d taken off on her own. She began flying towards the island and X watched her go. Apart of him wished there was another way but…he had answers he needed. And taking down ESPER was apart of that. Yes there was another portion of this mission that Syl didn’t know about. X wasn’t sure how to tell her he was also doing this to find out and discover the key’s to his past. These images, these flashbacks that rung in his head during the deepest darkest parts of the night. If anything this place would have the information he needed. His long forgotten identity. X would’ve taken hold of the bag in his hands that contained the bombs and he hopped out of the vehicile, diving into the water! The bag strapped to his back and his cheeks puffed out he began to swim down deeper, and deeper  looking to make his way to the other side of the facility they were looking at. The island they were on Khaki Island: A solitary island which served as the site of one of Taniban’s private residence and palace after he purchased the land and drove the villagers out. It also housed an "inescapable" prison camp, a Military Training Center for the SK Security Service Unit (including a lab used to create BW's and train the men against them), and an airport. The Island contained a research facility that housed a community of researchers that worked on the mass production of the Grade B series of Bio-War Weapons. It included the small city and suburban research centers. Khaki Island became a site of another Z-Virus outbreak that infected the residing city and the SK owned facilities. Khaki Island's were often cruel, with foreign prisoners taken for biological experimentation. _

_As Syl Made her way towards the front of the island she’d be greeted by the sounds of feet marching. In the horizon over the distance would’ve been what looked like an entire row of militia coming her way. Each of these men dressed from head to toe in black militaristic style armor. Covered in bulletproof vest with rifles hanging from their torsos. These hundreds of soldiers were commonly referred to as The Knightz. Shining Knight owned and utilized several paramilitary units to ensure the stability of the company during their viral experimentation known as "Knightz". The U.S government required that SK conglomerate enable a task force to deal with "loose" threats that may post a inside terrorist threat on the U.S government. These men train with and against Bio-War threats and in militaristic fashions to combat not only their own threats, but threats worldwide. They are a special operations force tasked with five primary missions concerning their parent organization and their usage under The Armada joint cooperation: unconventional warfare (the original and most important mission of Knightz), foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism. The first two emphasize language, cultural, and training skills in working with foreign troops. Other duties include combat search and rescue (CSAR), counter-narcotics, counter-proliferation, hostage rescue, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian demining, information operations, peacekeeping, psychological operations, security assistance, and manhunts. The Knights exist with numbers in the millions and only continue to grow and weed their way in society unknown to the general public._

_These men would’ve all began aiming their rifles at the flying Syl! They said no words as every soldier there could communicate via the Nanomachines implanted in their bodies! The began firing Uranium rounds at Syl, over 100 bullets firing up at her by the second! The sound of bullets litering against the cement walkway could be heard as they attempted to shoot her out of the sky! A bout 100 of them strifed off to the side with rocket launchers mounted on their shoulders and they also aimed at Syl. Weather or not she had dodged the bullets before hand, they would’ve begun firing high powered rockets in her direction! 50 from her left side and 50 from her right side, each one with enough force to level a city block! The  sky would’ve become littered with explosions galore, similar to a sight from the fourth of july!_

As the bullets started wizzing throught the air she easily dodged them and quickly surveyed the soilders watchign as some of them straifed off to fire rockets at her. As they flew towards her Syl only avoided the ones that were a certian hit against her. Once they were sfafely past her using vines that sprouted from her wists she'd began snatching rockets out of the air  and flinging them into the crowd of soilders. She wasnt trying too kill any just scatter them. As the chaos ensues witht he rockets Syl landed admist them and a swarm of bugs began coming from under her clothes and swarming around her in a violent buzzing circle. Syl suddenly leaped infront of one of the soilders and using the vines from her wrists she wrapped them around his waist and picked him up and began swinging him around outside the shield of bugs she had around her, knocking him into other soilders. 

Syl: "This is it? Come on now." She said as she swung the probably now dead soilder into more of them. As she fought she thought about what Heba said. X didnt seem like he wanted to do this at all but, she wasnt sure. Discarding the soilders body she sendt her bugs out furthers from her as the tore apart any soilder caught in it. "Mmm..." she said as she decided to start 'loosing'. Syl retraced ehr big shield closer to her and began fake panting like she was tired, looking around she waited to see who would make the first move torward the 'tired' Spider Queen.

_The army watched as Syl began handling their obsticles as if they were childs play but they continued pressing the offense. In a short while the sound of machines whirring and rolling could be heard from the far left and far right sides of the island itself. Suddenly she’d begin to see two massive Tanks coming right or her!_

_The IAV Stryker is a family of eight-wheeled, all-wheel-drive, armored combat vehicles produced by General Dynamics Land Systems, in use by the United States Army. Based on the Canadian LAV III light-armored vehicle, which in turn is based on the Swiss MOWAG Piranha III 8x8, the Stryker is the U.S. Army's first new armored vehicle since the M2/M3 Bradley Infantry/Calvary Fighting Vehicle in the 1980s. The Stryker was designed for rapid deployment into virtually any combat zone; it is equipped with various features such as a modular engine design for easier maintenance, periscopes that allow the driver and gunner to see outside without having to expose themselves, and adjustable tires for various rough terrain. These tanks are made of the same Reverbium/Carbodainium material as the Iron Cogs. The Rounds and missles it emits are tank piercers, soo they can dominate tank warfare if need be. Pneumatic or hydraulic systems drive almost all of the vehicle's mechanical features; for example, a pneumatic system switches between 8x4 and 8x8 drive. The vehicle comes in several variants with a common engine, transmission, hydraulics, wheels, tires, differentials and transfer case. They also have an air conditioning unit mounted on the back. The medical vehicle also has a higher-capacity generator. A recent upgrade program provided a field retrofit kit to add air conditioning units to all variants. Armored personnel carrier that can carry nine troops. It can be armed with an M2HB .50-caliber machine gun, Mk.19 40 mm grenade launcher, or a M240 7.62 mm machine gun. The Tanks began to aim their giant muzzles up towards Syl’s general location and as they did they’d begin firing giant tank rounds towards her but these rounds were a bit more special than the others. The moment the missiles got within 5 feet of her they’d instantly begin spinning , before splitting apart! They’d all fly past her immediate direction seemingly doing nothing to her but what she’d possibly catch onto to late would’ve been the special metallic wiring that was trailing from the base of each individual piece that flew past her. These pieces would’ve latched onto her body and the moment they did they’d begin to emit a mechanical parasite that would’ve forced Syl’s neurons in her body to completely shut down, putting her body into instant stasis and causing her to fall from her elevated height slam and smack down onto the beach! A large explosion of sand erupted from where she’d fall and should she fall (just take the hit so we can move on) it would’ve been a few minutes before some of the soldiers began to approach her ready to apprehend her and take her in…_

As Syl woke up her limbs felt heavy, she attempted to raise her arm to rub her eyes but found she could not. blinking a few times to clear her vision she looked around and saw scientists walking around with masks on. That's when Syl realized it was freezing in the room, that she was stark naked and her breath was rising in a puff of smoke in front of her. Hearing a door open somewhere foot steps approached her and looking up she saw purple eyes and red hair. He also had a mask, and was wearing a suit, so he defintely was not a scientist. Syl stared up at him menacingly, her own red eyes unwavering.

Syl: :Your newest ESPER? It was so easy to kill, so weak you guys are slipping." she said looking away at him and up at the celing. "You could never control me, and harness my genes?" She let you a laugh and kept her gaze up at the celing. "Good luck with that."

As the two scientists approached Syl she winced as two needles were pushed into her temples and blood ran down onto the table. She felt numb and closed her eyes, just calm. Her breathing slowed as she felt her body relax and she flexed and attempted to stiffen up, but as he interrogated her she found herself just blurting answers you.

Syl: "I-I dont know..." she asnwered softly as she bit ehr lip and added in a cold edge to her voice not willing to make this any easier for him. "Why you jealous?" she looked at Tanaban and smirked her red eyes narrowing at him as a small smile spread across her face.

_Tanaban began jotting down her physical mannerisms and quirks in order to keep a case study on her and her new mental state as he’d refer to it. When he was done writing he’d look back up at her, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pair of glasses. He flung them open before putting them on his chiseled face and speaking once again._

Tanaban: Hmm I’m very jealous. Can you hear it pouring out of my very being? –taps the pen to the pad- Let’s go back shall we, let’s go back…to you’re firs day out of ESPER. You were free, free as a bird being let out of it’s cage. What did you do with this freedom Syl? How did it feel to have a mind of your own so to speak? Did you feel…liberated, at peace, like you had a purpose in life? Were you still a cold blooded killer or did you take to settling down in the lighter side of life I wonder.

_As the interview was going on X would’ve finally made his way inside of the base! Swimming up the submarine deployment bay, he’ d killed a guard, taken his outfit, and placed it upon himself. Planting C4 in all of the nooks and cranny’s he could hit. Especially here which would ruin all of their chances of escaping via a submarine. As he ascended floors he abused the usage of the Keycard he’d swiped from the guard. He continued walking down the hallway looking for other areas to place explosives in when he came across the armory. X looked to the left and right and he walked into the double doors. Looking around he’d seen the various assorted weaponry, rifles, guns missiles, and schematics for war vehicles._

X: They’ve got enough material here to take on an entire army…what could ESPER want with all of this…and what the hell is Deadman Corps.

_X continued his romp until he stumbled upon a glass case. He didn’t think this glass case was all that special until a spot light shined down upon the figure inside. X looked at it for a moment looking over its frame. It was, or at least was giving off the appearance of a blonde haired young woman. _

X:…D…D-100 MK II. Code Name: Saya. Hm.

_X began to play around with the schematics to look at this machine and see what made it tick. He might be able to use it to his advantage…_

Looking at Tanaban then turning her head away from Tanaban as he fired another arounds of questions at her. She kept her head turned away from him as she inlahed a deep breath of cool air and exhaled. Closing her eyes she stared at the scientists milling about the room.

Tanaban: "Let’s go back shall we, let’s go back…to you’re firs day out of ESPER. You were free, free as a bird being let out of it’s cage. What did you do with this freedom Syl?"

Syl: "I killed people."

Tanaban: "How did it feel to have a mind of your own so to speak?"

Syl: "I dont have my own mind."

Tanaban: "Did you feel…liberated, at peace, like you had a purpose in life? Were you still a cold blooded killer or did you take to settling down in the lighter side of life I wonder."

Syl: "No I didn't. I had no pourpose. I still don't have one."

Syl sighed and looked back at Tanaban, and sighed. Looking at him for a a fee beats she turned ehr head toawrds the celing and asked him questions.

Syl: "Can I have a blanket...? It's cold..." she asked, then continued. "Why are you even bothering with this? Your going to either kill me and harvest my blood and other body parts or keep me contained and experiment on me until I die, bring me back so you can do it again." she said not looking at Tanaban. Her red eyes sparkled softly as she refused to look at Tanaban. "I dont wanna answer anymore questions..." she breathed softly closing ehr eyes as if she was going to sleep but was jsut bracking herself for in inevitable.

_Tanaban recorded all of the answers to his questions upon the pad and paper. In doing so he then put the pad down in order to retort to her statement about her being experimented on just to be brought back again. To which Tanaban himself replied._

Tanaban: this is very true, but to understand a creature such as yourself I need to do a psychiatric evaluation. It’s the only way I could say make a perfect copy or try to emulate your feelings. Believe it or not I DO have a sense of…Apathy I believe they call it.

_Tanaban would’ve snapped his fingers and a small blanket would’ve been placed over her body. He then tapped the end of the pen to the clipboard before chewing on the clip of it for a moment only to break the silence of his furrowed brow once again in order to ask another question._

Tanaban: Alright last question and then we’ll get to the good part. Tell me. Are you capable of experiencing “love’ or “compassion” in any way shape or form. Not just for the side of you that talks and hugs trees. But for someone other than yourself?

_Meanwhile X would’ve finished looking over the specs of the weird cyborg looking machine in the glass case. He saw a button that would’ve initiated it’s activation and he hesntiantly looked over it._

X: If I did this there’s no guarantee it’d be on my side. –turns and looks at the door- Maybe…maybe I can system restart it. Like  a computer. Get it to work for me instead of against me. Then again there’s no guarantee I can even pull that much off. Ah well, I guess it’s worth the shot. Maybe I can kill it quickly if things don’t’ go my way.

_His finger hesitates over the red button…before X pushes it. He pushed the button and stands there for a few minutes to wait and see what happens. A few minutes pass and well…nothing. Nothing happens. Nothing takes place at all for any reason. X waits for a few more minutes but he just sighs to himself and shrugs his shoulders for a moment. _

X: it must be busted.

_He then looks around and from the duffle bag strapped to his back he begins placing more sets of C4 around the armory room. Setting things up to go boom after the climax of this mission had been reached as even he wasn’t aware of how long this would take. His mind often shot to Syl and weather she was okay or not. He’d promised he’d come back for her and he was intent on doing that…but the kind of woman she was, he was worried she might not even believe him. It always seemed like there was another voice in her head telling her other wise…still. He had to hold on to something, even if it was something as insipid as hope._

Syl: "No. I cant feel love. Let's jsut get this over with ok?"

Syl said as she she watched them place a blanket over her and he finished his round of questions. Tilted her head back she cloased her eyes shut and clamped her fists shut her mind racing. She affirmed to herself he wasn't coming, it was too good to be true. She had allowed herself to be tricked- no not tricked, she allowed her feelings, to get in her way. Feelings that probably arent returned. She bit ehr lip in anger. Why did she let herself-? Why-? questions flashed through her mind as she made up answers for them, most probably werent right but she agreed to this, agreed to return to buy him time. That he probably wasnt even using, it was an elborate plan to get her back. She cursed in her mind as Heba who usually spoke her mind remined silent also.

Meanwhile in the Armory

The D-100 model reamined unresponsive  for a few minutes as the machine woke up her brain. Her blue eyes flew open as they darted around the room and the glass holding her opened. Wires were pulled from her back as she collasped forward onto the floor with a heavy thudding noise. She lay on the floor for a few mintues as her body readjusted to being off suspension. Staring at X as he left the room she blinked a few times as her body's HUD system came up. A few simple things such as targeting, the time, and other simple information came up as her body slowly began to rework her systems. Outside of  combat, her outfit is mostly white and blue with a very elaborate and  advanced design, featuring lights, thigh-high toeless socks, and blue nail polish on her hands and feet. She wears an armored headplate featuring long horns. ( )

Saya: "Identify yourself. Faliure to do so will result in termination."

She said in a monotone voice, she was out of a combat stance so she just looked like a small blonde girl. However her outfit was fluttering around her as her body lfited off the floor only a few inches as her nanomachines began rushing throught her body finally got itself together and was fully working. She awaited an answer from X as she floated there blue ribbons of energy surrounding her as her blank stare remained fixed on X.

_X turned around to stop planting bombs to turn around after hearing the monotone voice approach him about identifying himself or facing termination. X stood up slowly to turn around and look at the blonde haired woman who’d suddenly decided to wake up it looked like it. X put his hands up and tilted his head at her slightly only to speak and reply to her in order to avoid starting a fight with this thing._

X: I don’t have an official name. You can identify me as X. State your name and model. I just woke you up accidentally but I read your files. You seem to have a program of some kind to comply with the first person you see and identify with. So for the sake of not killing me lets just say that guy is me for a second.

_X would’ve lowered his hands and waited for her to state who she was and her model maker to which X would reply._

X: Do you have a sense of will or are you good at following orders. If so, I need you to follow my imminent instructions…or I’ll say the safe word and initiate your self destruct. Hate to do that to you, but I did read your file…ESPER put something in you, something that I can take out if you help me blow this place sky high. Someone I care about…god that’s a strong word. Someone I care about could be getting hurt at this very moment in time. I need you to help me save them and reduce the pain she might be going through. Are you ready to comply?

_At the same time all of this was taking place, Tanaban would’ve put down the pen he was using to write his answers only to stand up. He removed his glasses and sighed._

Tanaban: You’ve got quite the mouth on you. Let’s fix that.

_Syl’s body would’ve suddenly been restrained even more so. A metal clamp around her neck, waist, arms, legs, and feet would’ve secured her in place on the table she lay. The table would’ve begun rising up to a vertical position and as it did the scientist began moving tables and computers around for a more suitable research rearrangement. Now in an upstanding position, a device would’ve begun to lower itself down towards Syl’s head. A circlet placed upon her head, it had metallic arms that contained a saw, a needle, a drill, and a scalpel. Tanaban put his arms behind his back and while walking away from the lab he spoke._

Tanaban: Start extracting brain cell tissue. Make an insertion through  the eye. Sow her mouth shut, she’s nothing valuable to say.

_As to command the scientist made another arm appear from the circlet, two in fact. One with a needle, and one with thread. The needle went to work quickly piercing the skin of her lip, and the threading of the needle would’ve further signaled the process. The arms began quickly and efficiently sowing her mouth shut by the skin of her lip. She was allowed to struggle and move at this point. If she did the stitching would’ve messed up, leaving a painful scar and sting sensation. After the sewing was done, the circlet around her head would’ve tightened up slightly to attempt to hold her head in place. The long needle began to slowly move straight towards the center of her eyeball. Had she stayed still it would’ve inserted itself inside of the tissue of her eye puncturing the cornea and averting straight through to begin piercing her brain. No anesthetic the pain she’d be feeling in her eye and her frontal lobe of her brain would be the equivalent to the worst migraine in history. The scientist controlling the needle purposely moved it slightly so it’d puncture her cornea causing the blood to turn the white of her eye a blood red and rendering vision in that eye completely useless. She’d begin feeling a mosquito bite sensation at her head, as the needle began plucking small amounts of brain tissue to be collected and absorbed. This was only the beginning of the dissimilation of the spider queen._

Saya: "Say I do comply with you what's in it for me? I mean becuase of my programming I am compelled to follow your orders but, what do ig et out of it? How do I know you will not use me and blow me up? X was it? This person you care about howdo you know she isnt already gone? You are willing to blow this place up for this special person but have you given thought to the rest of us?"

Saya stared at him, unable to kill him because of her programming but, the blue aura around her dissolved. Walking towards X she nodded I guess anything is better than going back into the sleep. She said stretching  as her bones popped and she yawned. 

Saya: "By the way I am D-100 MK II a doll, Doll Series 100 Mark 2. With acess to Stances Model D Model (Default), Model L (Leviathan), Model H (Harupina), Model F (Fernir), Model S (Sinraq), Model C (Copy),  Model P (Panzer)."

She finished and looked straight ahead waiting for her orders. While she didnt like the fact that he was unknown to her and didn't even have a name. She was forced to obey him. She didnt even know if he was going to blow her up after. She'd jsut have to take it as it went. Death wouldnt be the worst thing that could happen.

With Syl

Tanaban: "You’ve got quite the mouth on you. Let’s fix that."

Syl was expecting more in the way of reverting back to being mute in the way her mother had muted her, voice box removal. However, as the table moved she realized what was going to happen would be way more painful. As they moved tabels and other things out of the way she watched as a device began bearing down on her and settled on her forehead. A needle, drill and scalpel were mounted on it, Tanaban was saying something else after 'sow her mouth shut' but Syl's blood was pounding in her ears so she could barely hear him. Breaking out into a cold sweat another arm appeared and it had a needle and thread. Her fists clenched as the needle threaded itself and began to sow her lips shut. Syl's eyes widened as she mothed her mouth involuntarily to scream but, the needle quickly closed it as blood spilled from around the puncture areas driping down her chin. As her moth was sealed her was breathing heavily.

The mechnaism around ehr head tighened to keep her head in place. Syl braced for what was the single most painful momet of her life, and she's had a few. As the scalpel punctured into her eye she would've screaming but she could not becuase her mouth was sewn shut. The vision in her eye went from red to black as her vision disappeared. She was unabclose her eye becuase of the instruments in her eye as her only good eye closed. blood ran down her face like tears as she worked to her keep her mouth from opening; which would rip the seams of ehr lips open.

Syl's bosy was convulsing heavily in pain, trying to shrink away from the instruments in her eye, and the stinging sensation in her skull. Suddenly she felt dizzy weather from blood loss or literally having small parts of her brain torn from her she wasn’t sure her head lolled forward as her other eye went blurry and all she could see was a puddle of blood on the floor in front of her and faint heard Heba from the depts of her mind.

Heba: "I knew this was a set up..." she sounded from inside Syl's mind until Syl passed out.


_X folded his arms and looked at her with a stern look. He replies simply, having finished setting up all of the controlled explosives._

X: Well I could very well detonate you sky high when I finish using you. However that depends on whether you please me or not. If you are as meant for combat as your profile says you are, I could let you have freedom. Just let you blow this place sky high with me and all would be well.  You could do whatever you wanted to do and live for no one but yourself.

_When she mentioned Syl X had a bit of blush on his cheeks. Now having more of a personality having been with her for a while he starts to look off to the side and growls out of habit. He turns away and puts his hands on in his pants pockets for a second._

X: I have become rather smitten with her so I imagine she’s fine. She’s a strong person, power wise and emotionally. I’d like to think she trust me, but even if she doesn’t I’m taking her with me anyway. I’m not leaving this place without her. Now come. I shall free you and you can give me the layout to my next destination. I need to get to the engine room, where the main power source is located. Care to escort me there?

_X would nod, picking up the bag of bombs, and throwing it over his shoulder._

X: The quicker we are, the quicker we get you and her out of here. Let’s make the best of this. Maybe then I can also find out….actually…I’ve got some questions for you as we walk. If you can hack into their database I’ve got some questions about…well me.

D-100 rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest, cerulean orbs scanning the room as her brain brought up the floor plan of the base. As he threw the bag of bombs over his shoulder her eyes fixed the HUD and simulated a small map of the base in the corner of her vision. She began walking into the hallway and motioned him to follow her. As she walked she kept her eyes straight ahead. As they both walked he mentioned havign questions for her, and she kept silent indicating that he should go ahead and ask. As they walked she'd easily gotten into EPSER's databases becuase well, she was connected with it.

As she worked the began sorting files, research and security feed. D-100 began sorting thought the files that may be relevant to X, having a assumed what he was going to ask her. As the security feed filtered through D-100, stopped walking for a split second before she continued.

Saya: "Mmm one of the surgical wards in is use...there was no scheduled experimentation today, and by the looks of it..."

She trailed off as she dismissed the feed and kept walking. She was using the security feed to avoid any personel that may be in the base.  Looking at X then looking ahead. She contemplated asking him then decided not to.

Saya: "This person... actually never mind. Its not impoortant." she finshed as she contined forward.