Serizawa: " Haha... Hahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! " Mad Dog said as he slowly stood back up to his feet slowly in a zombie like fashion. " You hit hard. I applaud you. " Mad Dog said before popping his jaw back into place. " But Brawn... " he said limping over to the sledgehammer in the room. Lifting it high just a few centimeters from the ground before he walk towards the struggling Zach. The sledgehammer being longer then Zach's attacking legs range as he blasted the hammer horizontally across the Warlocks Skull with an intense force knocking him out cold. " isn't enough..." 15 Minutes later. The bell Rang and the kids were all screaming and rushing out of the school On a crucifix cross had been Zach beaten bloody but alive... barely. Mike stood with his mouth wide open in horror as he stared at the Young boy whom had been nailed to the cross being the only person in the hallway at the moment. With the letters carved into his chest 'D-L'   " Dear... God..."*Flashback over*  It's been a few hours since Katon ordered his son Zach to watch the "Wolf God" Kin, and during that time Zach and Kin had been getting to know each other much more. Kin would've still be chained together jn front of him would've held a mirror to the side of him had been Zach holding out his assault riffle. "I wonder how long you can hold out without dying "His eyes now looking at Kin who wouldve had nasty ticks roaming around his body bitting down on his skin, till the sensation of wanting to scratch came into play. With Kin held down Zach watched these small creatures attack for Kin's blood causing blood lumps to appear against his body as they fed.

Warlock 1: Sir is everything okay in there?

Zach: Everything is fine,

During these moments Zach did not feel like himself he felt more like his father Katon at this very moment, the urges seemed to always take over him the urg of power and control. It started when he was growing up now almost a man Zach is slowly allowing the beast within him to be set free. His morals slowly dying as he watched Kin struggle he was holding everything from him from blowing Kin head off in the private quarters the drawback would be his father and brother. They trusted him with this mission and deep down with all his mistakes in the past he had to make it all up tonight. Tonight he shall not fail.

Ryoji: ( )

Gunning it was an understatement as Cho was moving at top speeds! The wind pushing his black locks back against the wind, his cheeks flapping a tad bit as he accelerated at arguably five miles above his max speed! Knowing he had a job to do he wasn’t intent on letting anyone stand in his way! One hand after one foot, and so on and so forth, Cho’s hands and feet barely made a noise thanks to the suit and he was able to move like a speeding shadow through the night lit tunnels, small huffs and grunts between each pace of his run.

Coming to the sewer line, Cho’s yellow eye slit up as he lunged up at the cover! His fingers digging into the metal on the side of his as his body swung forward a bit with momentum but he held himself in place. Effortlessly lifting himself up to dig his claws into the wide body of the pipe while rearing his free hand back and digging his claws into the thick metal cover only to tear it from place and send it to the ground! He’d then swing his legs forward, and into the hole, before straightening his body out and letting his slender built frame shoot up wards through the pipe! He then came up into the small unmanned compartment where the wooden turning wheel was!

Cho: You can tell this is older than dirt. Still I’ve made it just in time.

Cho lunged and took hold of the wooden handles. He began to turn it but it was stuck in place! Probably the wear and tear of being such an old entry. However he wasn’t about to let that stop as one loud wolfish grunt later, Cho slung the wheel forward! The wheel spun around and around counter clockwise until it popped off of it’s hinge! The resulting force causing the door Mike and Zane needed to be open to be slammed upwards, the door jamming itself in place so it couldn’t be shut afterwards! Cho took a small moment to celebrate before he turned towards the bars that lead further down the manhole like entrance. Cho closed his eyes for a moment. He possess a very rare trait amongst most youth today which in some ways is considered a disability: Panmisia. Cho can remember and recall everything that he has ever experienced, encountered or learned in his lifetime. He needs only to read, hear or see something once and he will never forget it. He can continue to learn for the rest of his life and his brain will simply compress neural synapses to contain it all, allowing memory of every event, experience or bit of knowledge from birth to the present. This ability became more present in Cho when he became a Wolfblood, but it was bound to manifest and he was glad it did. He’d step to the bars, and pull them apart effortlessly with the adrenaline running through his veins. Slipping through them he’d begin taking off once again down the tunnels underground in Zanzibar. Memorizing exactly where the generator for the City’s power was he’d make his way there at break neck speeds.

Underneath the main power station in Zanzibar there would’ve been a couple of security guards resting in their station inside the power station. One of them had their feet up watching t.v. and the other one was patrolling the outside of the area. All was quiet on the monitors, but there was one warlock heading down the hallway into the bathroom. When he stepped inside he was whistling a tune and about to enter one of the stalls and just as he turned around and began unzipping his pants, the toilet would’ve shot up form it’s spot! It hit the ceiling and fell down atop of the Warlocks head! He was tough and fell to one knee only for Cho to surprise him from behind! When he turned around, Cho leap up, and put the Warlock in a headlock! Cho’s body airborne, with the warlocks head poking out of the back of his underarm space! Cho tucked the lock in place and with him being in the air, what goes up must come down. Cho allowed his body weight to fall back, and DDT’d the Warlock into lala land!

Cho kicked himself up, as the Warlock had a gash at the top of his head and was bleeding profusely. After what he saw in the Warlock/Wolfblood war…he knew he’d be fine. Cho took off out of the bathroom but a couple of Warlocks had already heard the commotion, as two white haired males in what looked like black  body suits began to run at Cho! As they did they withdrew their guns, and began shooting their rifles at Cho! Cho pulled up the collar of the mask, enacting  a filter to keep the angry bloom laced bullets from affecting him. Atop of that, Cho began to bounce wall from wall to keep them from getting a solid hit on them and as he did, he’d arrive at the Warlocks, darting past them rather than confronting them head on!

Cho: First the mission…then the distraction.

Cho sped past them and parkour crashed through the security window, rolling into the room and standing up straight only to come into contact with the control panel. Cho raised his right arm up in a balled fist before dropping it against the surface! His hand sunk into the metallic sheet metal, controls, AND wires, before it hit the circuit breaker. Sparks began flying and just like that….the power in Zanzibar stone began to shut down. One building, after another, after another until all of Zanzibar…went dark.

Cho would’ve then stood up. A slew of Warlocks gathering up behind him. They were pouring in by the number now that Cho made himself known the city. He turned around, and looked at them. A slew of glowing yellow mutated eyes staring at Cho. He looked into the darkness but he didn’t blink. His yellow hues staring back at them as he spread his arms outwards, and tilted his head up.

Cho: Come at me bros.

Keyo: ( )

A Warlock solider would have been smoking a cigarette before he turned his head towards the distant horizon. His eyes slanting so he could focus in on what looked like a speeding dot. He turned his attention over to the other Warlock at the checkpoint that had been in the middle of the desert

Warlock Solider 1: What the hell is that?

Warlock Solider 2: Huh?

Both of them would have stood up from there seats before picking up a pair of binoculars , staring down at the dark spec in the distance

Warlock Solider 1: Is someone on the roof?

Meanwhile... On the roof of the spec in the distance

Mike: Get me in a little closer Zane!

Mike said in his Night-Guy attire as he'd been crouched down with his mask flowing in the wind as he'd ready himself. His backpack on his back would shift a bit as it readied itself for deployment. Zane would have been in the drivers seat, steering the NG-Mobile!

Warlock Solider 2: I think... I think it is a kid.

Knocking on the roof of the car

Mike: Alright, on me with the breaks!

Mike Declared as he'd get into a sprinters stance once they were a good 70 feet away the Warlock grunts

Mike: Now!

He'd shout as loud as he could. Once and if Zane had done as Mike instructed, he'd have blasted off of the roof of the car due to her hitting the breaks. Soaring right off the top as his body blasted forward, he'd pull both of his arms forward in a superman styled glide as he flew towards the warlocks. His gliders from his backpack would spring forward as he soared through the sky. Allowing Michael to fly right into the first Warlock grunt, both of his fists slamming into the Supernatural killers jaw at the speed of 130MPH, and the GeForce levels of a car crash. The punch would have embedded the Warlock into the wall with a hard crash. This was followed up as Mike landed on one knee, turning his attention to the other Warlock whom charged forward with a blade in hand. Mike weaved, ducking left to right only for him to pull both of his BBB's from there sheaths. Swinging them to match the blade blow for blow. The clash would end once Mike saw an opening, slamming the Baton into the throat of the Warlock, and then kneeing him in the crotch forcing him to his knees, only to then head-butt him to the ground knocking him out cold.

Mike: Awesome! That should be the last checkpoint. The cities just a few minutes away now.

Mike said destroying the communications and then using his AU to hack the security terminals to replay a continuous loop of desert sands, this would be so they wouldn't have footage on his NG Mobile or Zane. Rushing back over to the car he'd hit the hood of it, so Zane would slide over to the passenger side, and Mike would take to the wheel himself

Mike: Lets go!

As Mike hit the gas, they'd take off past the checkpoint, As the car continued to rush forward towards Zanzibar Stone, Mike and Zane would both be able to see the lights flickering off all around the city!

Mike: Cho's Shut the power down! That's what I'm talking about!

Mike and Zane would have rushed right through the path-way that Cho had left them turning the lights off of his Van. Mike would step out of the car first before turning his attention back over to Zane, sirens could be heard all around the city blaring loudly for all to hear and see. Every Warlock in the city would surely be on high alert right about now. After stepping out of the car, he'd flip a switch that would lead to a very surprising reaction, depending on if anyone attempted to hi-jack the car during there mission. Or even so much as touched it

Mike: Watch yourself out there! Remember, you have to get that Database tower! 12th floor! And Zane... be careful. If me and Cho don't make it out of here. You have to get that Data from that flash drive to someone who can stop those cultist!

Mike would have rushed forward, Pulling up the All-Use so he could view the Map Data he had downloaded on their way there

Mike: East Wing... Ea-Ahh!

Leaping forward he'd duck behind a trash-can as a platoon of Warlocks came rushing where Cho had been, guns in hand along with Swords. Mike hid with his head down as his eyes shifted from Green to Gold

Mike: Be careful Cho...

He said to himself, thankful that Zane had cooked up a Concoction that would Hide him and Cho's scent from the hunters. Mike Began to scale the building before he began to rush towards the East-Wing area where Kin had been held


Kin would have had his eyes closed while the childish Zach continued his torture procedures. He hadn't made a sound, or shown a single sign of discomfort while the insects continued to bite at him. His eyes would open however once the power had shut down and the black-out sirens were blaring all throughout Zanzibar Stone.

Kin: Heh... about time...

Kin said to himself smirking

Meanwhile with Katon and Tobi

Katon's eyes slanted the moment the power shut down throughout the city of Supernatural killers. His eyes shot down to where the Database tower had been

Katon: Reinforcements for the mutt. They've come here for one thing, and one thing only. The Flash-Drive that Tahira died for in attempts of trying to get out of the city. Go down to the Generator area, and find out who's responsible for this. And Kill them.

Katon presses his finger tips to his head, sending a telepathic message to his son Zach

Katon: If Anyone steps foot in that room, and they aren't warlock. Kill them. No if's and's or buts. Do you understand?

Katon's Orders were stern, and Zach would sense the anger in his voice sure enough. The Battle has begun

Uub: (

An unsettling silence fell vibrant to the tension in the breeze; one accompanied by the obstruct of every energy source - catering to the night of the city. One by one, every flaring luminous spike of light that spanned the city rendering it of life was all diluted into one of emptiness and total darkness. The brink of the faired skin warlocks - pompous lips while cascading along his chin furcated into a grin. Softly, he began to rise to his feet carrying his belongings with him. Prompting his sword against the loop of his belt. His flaring blood red eyes - began to gleam, adding to its majestic scenery bleeding of an obligated lust._”Hm, they took longer than I expected.”_ Tobi softly queried, a smile plastered against his face the moment he met the unease in his father's eyes

”These Dogs - they run in packs, they’re like insects.You fail to kill one you’ll only attract more, Brother Conan had to learn the hard way. The cavalry was bound to show up sooner or later. Heh, like leading a herd of sheeps to their slaughter. ”

The moment Tobi turned, the flakes of his ashen hair bending to the emptiness that formulated around him - he’d make contact with a disorientation of the view before him. It would seem as if everything had bended - but all that would simply come from the infringed scenery was a swift split that gradually began to expand like the slit of a virgin Mary at the intrusion of a majestic fetus. Only, this time the fetus wasn’t at all majestic - In fact, it was all that countered the phrase. As the split began to expand it would produce a fog of black, soon conceiving into a black portal - that soon began to draw Tobi in. He started making settled steps towards it  before quickly turning to look at his father.

” Try not to worry old man.”

Those were Tobi’s final words before departure, the portal quickly sealing behind him. Tobi found himself on the outskirts of the Generator room itself. Quickly he spotted the culprit in the midst of a number of Warlocks - a good number of them. However, not enough - if the man had been able to make it this far into the city than he was sure their was nothing anyone of their ranking can do. They’d softly turn spotting Tobi elegantly swaying himself within the ashen haired crowd; a drink in hand. He’d pay them no mind before taking a seat against the wall planting his back firmly against it’s rigid edge. Quickly, he began to pat his pockets - and upon it's conclusion He’d softly sigh in discomfort. ” Hey you there give me that.” He’d say pointing at one of the Warlocks walkie talkie taking notice to all the speakers they stood around. The Warlock quickly gave Tobi his walkie talkie without hesitation._” Bring me the Butcher.”_  Tobi commanded The Warlock quickly nodded before taking a group of men to go along with him.

” And so we wait..”

Tobi softly sighed, crossing his arms against his chest waiting to see how things would play out.

Serizawa: " If Anyone steps foot in that room, and they aren't warlock. Kill them. No if's and's or buts. Do you understand? "

Zachariah: Yes Sir.

The white haired Prince raised his head to the sirens the power had went out and everything had begun to get out of order, Zach looked over to his mirror eyeing Kin as they both knew what was happening. It seems his little pack had came to save their Alpha what a shame that Mike and Cho where going to fail in doing what they believe was right. As the building had went dark There were loud pounding on the door, Out of reflex Zach raised his Tavor assault rifle towards the door his finger on the trigger his head tilted with his left eye closed.

Warlock Solider~ My Prince is everything okay in there? The powers out within the city what should we do?
Hearing the voice of his Warlock peer the white haired prince motioned his way to the door quickly opening Zach would've grabbed on to the walkie talkie attached to the mans hip before pushing him out of the room shutting the door behind him. He looked over to the other side of the room seeing his gear had been held but at this moment the Warlocks where in war and it was time for Zach to start acting like it.

Zach: This is Prince Zach speaking, Whatever Warlocks can hear me turn on our backup Generators within the manor once you get the lights on whoever even smell like they have fur, kill them!
Attaching his walkie on to his hip Zach made his way over to his gear grabbing on to his utility belt, the first pocket held 3 lined up grenades, with enough force and gun powder to cause a 8 foot eruption. The second pocket contains 3 flash bangs. They emit a pricing light within a 5 foot radius, and can blind anything in it’s pathway for a 10 second period of time.  Next was the high-tension wire,Two grappling hooks, and a medpacks.

Clicking the belt around his waist Zach would've kick his mirror to the other side of the room reloading his weapon as the manor lights would've flick back on due to the back up Generators which are usually located within buildings incase of black outs. The manor would've been the only building with lights that shinned in the darkness around it this was showing how powerful the Warlocks where, and as Zach waited his eyes would've turned to Kin before saying.
"Well lets see how your pack do against me!"
~Fades to black~

Keyo: ( + - Play them together )

Mike would have rushed roof top to roof top as quickly as his body would allow him to. Both of his arms pulled back in a Shinboi styled sprint. His hair flowed in the wind along with the bagginess of his attire. His legs swiftly guiding him over to where the East-Wing had been located.

Mike: I can smell him... He's close.

Mike said in terms of Kin, turning his attention up he'd dock down to the right to dodge a helicopter that soared above his head. It had been going towards the general direction of where Cho had been, but instead it would have veered off to where Zane's path had been sure enough.

( )

Mike: Oh no Zane! No! I-I Can't turn back now! I have to... Focus... focus on the job!


Langston had been driving through the desert area before he'd finally stop to see Zanzibar stone in full alert. The whole city had been glowing bright red due to the intruder lock down, helicopters soared over head, and tanks were rolling into the city. It looked like a War Zone

Langston: Zane's in there...

Langston said to himself before pulling his sleeves up and removing his jacket. He'd kick the kick-stand on the motorcycle before rushing right into Zanzibar stone blindly

Langston: I'm coming for you Zane!

The Blue haired teen said as he rushed right into the mists of danger for the ashen haired vixen

Back with Kin and Zach

Kin: ...

Kin's eyes shot forward at the Mirror that Zach would have thrown. Using that mental chi he had been channeling early, he'd finally expel the rest from his body in a mist of some sort across the room that had been in the form of his Akuma no hinshitsu. So not only would Zach not be able to sense it, but he wouldn't be able to see it all. This in itself would have been all of the Chi that Kin had left within his body. This simple act would have exhausted him completely, causing his head to drop a bit from fatigue alone

Mike: Alright...

Mike said picking the lock to the East Wing building. He'd see a group of 10 Warlocks all guarding one door

Mike: That must be where there holding Kin. Has to be.

He said matter-factly. Taking out one of his home-made weapons. He'd ready it for deployment known as Baseball grenades. Baseball grenades are hollowed out baseballs filled with oil and fertilizer which act as an improvised explosive mix. Low tech and easy to make, the baseball grenade deals moderate ballistic damage to nearby enemies. Although it has lower damage, this grenade stand out from the rest as throwing the grenade doesn't attract enemies attention. The explosion still does though. But he'd thrown a smoke one as well, to accompany the base explosive one. Just like the explosion kinds, these are made to release a dense smoke that shrouds mike from peoples eyes. The Warlocks hadn't known what hit them due to Mikes silent shoes, making him undetectable alone. The Explosion would have not only confused the warlock before denotation. But blown the door right off where Kin and Zach had been. The Door that blasted itself off the hinges would have landed right on top of Zach's Mirror along with a good bit of Debris

Mike: Heh! Don't worry Kin! I'm here now!

( )

Mike said pulling both of his arms to his hips in a heroic like stance while a strange tune began to play in the background as he spoke his triumph words that would inspire anyone whom heard his courageous speech

Mike: It is I! The Night Guy and I am here to save the day! I spit in the face of Injustice, i have sex with crudity, and create a child of chivalry and all things light and beautiful! I am the hope of the Omnieverse! I am the lightbulb in the darkness! I am the bacon in the fridge for all the living things that cry out in hunger! I am the Alpha and the Omeega! I am the  terror that flaps in the night! I am vengeance. I am the knight. I. AM. BATMAN! I mean -er Night Guy!

Kin's eyes would have slanted a bit out of faustration before he shook his head

Kin: Im going to die here... why didn't they send Cho...

( )


He said pulling his hands up towards Zach and Kin both giving them a thumbs up!


Zane/Kaiuri: ( )

Mike: " Watch yourself out there! Remember, you have to get that Database tower! 12th floor! And Zane... be careful. If me and Cho don't make it out of here. You have to get that Data from that flash drive to someone who can stop those cultist! "

Zane: " Right. Database tower, 12th floor. Got it. " She looked at Mike before nodding. " You be careful too. Don't do anything stupid. "

And with those last words, the two parted ways and went on to fulfil their part of the mission. Zane proceeded down the corridor, the silent huntress sprinted with ease towards the towering stairwell. Alarms blared and search lights flailed, their beams bluntly penetrating the all consuming darkness above in the black night sky. Fortunately for her, the floor had been deserted and all warlocks who had been on patrol were elsewhere dealing with Cho. Zane rushed up the stacking stone steps making haste with every moment. There was no time to lose, everything was at stake. After the first couple of flights she pounced on the metal railings and sprung straight upwards catapulting herself into the air. She shifted her weight and used her body grappling herself from floor to floor. She managed to get herself up to the eighth floor and landed perched perfectly on the railing. But came across a few rogue warlocks who were scouting for intruders.

Warlock 1: " What the -- !? "

Warlock 2: " Who's there ? "

Warlock 3: " !! "

The warlocks were caught off guard and confused. Zane seized the moment, reaching in her tool belt for two small silver spheres. These weapons were similar to a mini tazer with a huge kick to it. When a perimeter is set with them, whoever is between the spheres at the time will be exposed to excessive wattage of electricity. Throwing them on either side of the nameless goons, the spheres would split open simultaneously and emit a shockwave of enough voltage to paralyze and render them unconscious for the time being. The ashen haired beauty quickly bolted forwards and ran into five more warlocks.

Zane: " Here we go. " She said with a somber salt on her tongue. The traitor warlock pulled out her duel bladed daggers and assaulted unafraid.

She set her sights on the first one. She used her weight by flipping forwards off the ground and launching her feet dead at the center of his chest. Her body resembled that of a child's kickball, ricocheting off of him.

( )

He would lose his balance leaving an opening for Zane to retaliate and slice her pray with the shearing edges of her deadly daggers. However, there were two more enemies running up the stairs behind her. Zane crouched while spinning on her heels and with uncanny accuracy, the blades in her hands flew across the room aimed at them. The cold metal steel glided through the young men's thighs like butter, her blade tore through their skin, ripped clean past their muscles, and lodged themselves there. Both fell backwards and hit the ground motionlessly. The wounds weren't fatal, but they would keep them down for a while. Two down. Zane zipped past the bodies and went on to her previously intended victim.

( )

The next enemy shot an incoherent amount of bullets her way. Zane used her enhanced speed and agility to dance her way through the onslaught. Darting through the fray Zane rushed and disarmed him. As she swiftly ran to him a few of the bullets would hit her, but due to the stealth armor they were deflected. She took up the gun. Turning to the enemy attacker she would fire shots at him without mercy. Then turning to anther she dealt the same fate to him. Bullets ripped and riddled through both of their right knees and right shoulders. She only meant to slow these warlocks down. They were still her brethren after all. And they both tumbled down all the stairwell with blood pooling from them.

Another warlock managed to rush her. He grabbed her hand and the gun. It was launched down the stairwell. Zane grit her teeth. The young warrior then proceeded to attack in an attempts to subdue him with her fists. The attacker came at her fists flailing. He had power, but she had speed. In no time Zane was able to take him down as well.

( )

After that, Zane ran to the two men she had stabbed and yanked the duel blades from their pierced flesh. They groaned in pain, but lay there too hurt to move. She was just about to keep going when another warlock came. However, this face she recognized. An underling in fact who was ranks below her, Nedd. He wasn't as experienced yet and still had much to learn.

Nedd: " Zane, is that you ?! But wh-- ! "

But Zane kept walking and whipped out a canister. She shook it up before painting the spray on the poor guy's face. He screamed from the pain as the pepper spray burned his eyes.

( )

Zane: " Go home, Nedd. You'll die if you stay here. " She said. By this point Nedd was on the floor rubbing his eyes and wallowing in pain. Zane hadn't wanted to mess him p like she did the others. He hadn't been on their level.

Poor guy.

When all was said and done, the young girl collected herself and her thoughts before continuing. Zane traveled upwards until she made her way to the twelfth floor and got off at the door.

Zane: " Alright, Master Katon . . . "

She prepared for war.

Serizawa: ( <-Soundtrack)

"Oh look we have a guest."

Prince Zachariah keen senses kicked in. Due to his training with the Warlocks his sensory alone are pushed at their highest limits of human perfection; Due to his job title his hearing must be on par with a Wolf-blood in order to hunt these beast. Small sounds was easy for Zach to hear, the moment Mike entered the hallway Zach turned over towards the door with his gun raised. Closing his left eye the Prince aimed with his right eye. Zach's eyes where very succinct he had a clear shot engrossed with shooting his weapon. Ironically enough his aim became obsolete, Mike's explosion had sent the door flying towards the Prince himself. The speed of the door headed for him was not greater than his reflexes, Zach's first move would of been to terminate the incoming door but lowering his guard for a second would not be the best thing to do at this very moment. So Zach simply bended his knee's shifting his body to the right a dip and slide Zach performed allowing the door to fly pass him until it crashed on to Zach's mirror, the sound of the glass breaking and hitting the ground echoed out but was not as loud as the explosion Mike caused.

//Ah Mike I been expecting you. I've see you see your Alpha here in this dilemma and decided to come break him out? Ha Well I'm sorry to be the one to demoralize your actions but I cant allow you to move any closer. This little game your playing your playing Mike is amoral this isnt the life you were given. Your Alpha has done a lot of things stealing you of a normal life something that is hard to have these days. But even with my father's animosity towards you I'll give you this chance to leave, Walk out that door and go home. I'm sorry but Im very adamant of my choice and if you do choose to continue I will have no choice old friend.//

Throughout his speech Zach kept his weapon raised at his amiable friend, but he be damed if Kin gets out, he'll die with his sins if he had to be the one to pull the trigger himself. As he gave Mike his chance to answer Zach still on his guard kneeled down to a piece of glass from his broken mirror raising back up and fitting it between his scope the shard would've gave off a light sparkle. Still with his aim on Mike Zach spoke.

"Well Mike? What is it going to be?"

Micheal Allen / Kin Tasanagi: ( )

Prince Zach: Ah Mike I've been expecting you. I've see your that your aware of the dilemma that your Alpha here is in, and your attempts to assist him. Ha Well I'm sorry to be the one to demoralize your actions but I cant allow you to move any closer. This little game your playing Mike is immoral, this isn't the life you were given. Your Alpha has done a lot of things stealing you of a normal life something that is hard to have these days. But even with my father's animosity towards you I'll give you this chance to leave, Walk out that door and go home. I'm sorry but Im very adamant of my choice and if you do choose to continue I will have no choice old friend.

Mike: I think, we both know. The Answer to that, Zach right? It's been awhile, hasn't it.

Mike said pulling his Night-Guy mask off of his face, seeing as the male would have known whom he had been anyways. His eyes glowing a bright gold as he stared over at Zach. Mike began to take note on Zach's attire, down to his armor and his rifle that he had been armed with. His eyes shifted from the gun, to the structure of the room and the good 8 feet they had been apart from each other. His eyes shot over to the light switches in the room and then back to Zach. Kin had been glaring at MIke, seeing as to how he'd react.

Mike: Guess I won't have a choice. Been wanting to use this for awhile. Last time I fought a Warlock it was Zane. And she kicked my ass... I know not to make that same mistake again!

Mike would have puffed his cheeks using that physical chi of his! His muscle mass increased significantly by doing so, causing his shirt to rip a bit ( but not completely ) After doing so. Physical Chi is the ability to use aura to increase the natural abilities of an object or one's own body. Therefore, Physical chi users are able to greatly increase their physical attack and defense and are best suited for close-ranged melee combat. Physical chi usage is the most balanced category, allowing users to spread themselves evenly between offense and defense and become very strong using only simple abilities. One of the examples of more complex Enhancement abilities include enhancing one's healing factor. (out of battle) By applying his physical chi throughout his body, he'd amplify his muscle mass, which ultimately increased his strength, even if it was just for a bit.

( )

Mike: Huaaa!!

After doing this, he'd pull his right hand back, before slamming it into the ground using all of his strength to do so, this act would have ultimately forced him to shift into his Half Wolf state in the process of slamming his fist into the ground! When Mike shift's not only his appearance changes but his personality. Because he was cursed by Kin Tasanagi himself. The cursed passed into him had a bit of Okami's power as well. Making Mike's wolf-form appear like Okami in appearance. His strength and speed double in this form along with his senses. Just like Kin he uses it to fight enemies whom are stronger then him or monsters or warlocks whom may be on pursuit. Able to lift 850lbs in this form he can also run up to 130mph on feet. However, using his physical chi allows mike to do something he likes to call ' Bulking up ' Where his muscle mass and strength increase significantly in his Half-Wolf form. Allowing him to be able to throw things with ease that weigh at least 1500lbs.

( His wolf form )

However to state once again, due to him using his physical chi while doing this, it would double that strength level of his times two. The impact of his fist would have been so immense, that it would have caused the ground underneath him and Zach to explode upwards before finally crumbling in on itself so they'd both fall into lower levels.

( )

This had not just ben for the sake of gaining ground, but to change the field of battle. The both of them would have fell down into the sewer areas. Where once and If Zach had hit the ground. Mike wouldn't be in sight at all. With his scent hidden, and his silent shoes. It be hard for Zach to detect Michael within the dark depths of the sewer that they'd landed in

( What they fell down into )

Kin: Tch! You idiot! He has a gun! His bullets can richoete down there!

Kin would scream out into dark hole of the room that led down into the sewer

Micheal Allen / Kin Tasanagi: ( )

???: Zane.

A voice spoke from behind her, it boomed with base and sternness. If she would have turned she'd seen none other then an Older man with slicked back white hair, both of his arms pulled behind his back and a smile on his face. It had been Master Katon, Master of The Crimson Dragon Style Kung Fu. And Master Warlock. The Hallway that Katon stood down had been a good 10 feet away from Zane. The White lights in the hall illuminating the old man. She'd see his aura flowing around his body, it moved ferociously, it moved fiercely like a beast, a raging animal. Despite his smile, she'd be able to sense nothing but a dreaded feel of anger, and detachment. Zane had been one of the students he'd trained personally. So this, was like spitting in his face. He'd tend to her personally

Katon: I see you've not slacked on your training. Its a shame that will all have to go to waste today. I'm sure that my Son put you up to this. Am I correct? He was always willing to do the smallest of things, to strike me in the biggest of ways. Sending you here, more then likely was a ploy to get back at me. To distract me. But surely he has misjudged me. I will not be distracted, even if my sun flower wishes to do battle with her old Master. Come now Sun flower. You did come to fight did you not? Because your here for this.

Katon revealed the flash-drive

Katon: I do not know why you all have come here for something so small as this. But i'm sure it has some kind of higher level of significance of some sort. Meaning its enemy priority intel. Which means I cannot let you have it. You'll have to take it from me.

Katon said tossing the flash-Drive up and down a few times before stashing it into his sash

Katon: Show me, just how much you've grown.

Katon said getting into his Crimson Dragon Style Stance. The Original bases of this style are from the original pretexts of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu (Chinese: 少林功夫; pinyin: shao lin gong fu), also called Shaolin Wushu (少林武术; shao lin wu shu) or simply Shaolin quan (少林拳), is believed to be the oldest institutionalized style of kung fu and is one of the most famous martial arts.[citation needed] Shaolin kung fu originated and was developed in the Buddhist Shaolin temple in Songshan mountain, Henan province, China. During the 1500 years of the development of Shaolin kung fu, it became one of the biggest schools of kung fu, and besides, numerous other styles were created or inspired on the base of Shaolin kung Fu. One Chinese saying is: "All martial arts under heaven arose out of Shaolin." Shaolin kung fu has various barehanded and weapon styles, every style with a few routines for health, and fighting. Besides the core style of Shaolin temple, the name Shaolin is used as a brand for the so-called external styles of kung fu. There are many such styles outside of Shaolin temple, mainly in southern and northern China, that use the name Shaolin. In order for someone to understand this style, they would need some level of super human strength, and then to accompany that a pretty prestige level in chi control. Typically those in the physical, and mental chi bases are masters of this style. Only Sei fighters can use it, and its perfect against Dou fighters as well. Based around those who use there brute force in battle it's able to topple some of the strongest opponents around. With his chi flaring he'd stare Zane down in his stance before he got down into his stance, still smiling from ear to ear

( )

Katon: Come now Sun-flower. I have a dog to exterminate.

Zane/Kaiuri: ( )

Zane stood silently. A sullen expression graced her porcelain features as she listened to the words that her former master spoke. His tone of voice was dark and misleading. " Sunflower ". That name he had bestowed upon her as a young fledgling still ignorant of the vigorous training ahead of her. Funny. The title yet dripped off his tongue the same way that it had all those years ago. It had been a while since she had heard it. However, instead of providing a false since of comfort the name now held contempt and invoked a cool rage that had long slipped away into the most forgotten portions of her heart. Zane felt a snap similar to the rhythm of the second hand on a slowly ticking clock.

Zane: " You know very well what information that flash drive conceals. It's vital that I walk out of her with it. There are innocent lives at play, too much is at stake for me to not succeed. If I have to fight you for it, I will. I am sorry, Master. I cannot fail this mission. It is not an option." Spoken like a true Warlock.

Zane's voice was cold and held no emotion. She needed that drive and she was going to do whatever she had to in order to get a hold of it. Whatever had to be done . . .

Katon: " Come now Sun-flower. I have a dog to exterminate. "

As her former Master bore his stance, Zane took action. The young warrior inhaled sharply and focused as she channeled her inner energy. A blue violet glare bloomed around her body with an intense brilliance. The aura blared vividly and bright. Zane exhaled and with the flow of her breath her chi followed, spreading over the span of her body. She used it to set up sturdy barrier. Not only was it durable shield of protection, and an effective enhancements to the force of her attacks, but with the extra layer added an important shock effect. Now that it was combined with her liquid stealth armor, it enhanced the effects of the armor. This meant the absorption/exertion force of attacks inflicted upon her would increase over 20%. This came at a cost though. Every time she absorbed an enemy attack, her body itself would take a minor portion of the damage as well. It was a lose to gain situation. Zane knew the risks, but came to terms with what may be the outcome.

She charged at him with viciously enhanced speed. Her ivory hair flew  behind of her in a whipping flash of white. Her feet carried her swiftly across the distance spanning between them. When she got within radius of him, Zane went in for her attack. Rearing her right leg back and winding it forwards, Zane attempted to kick him in his leg. Her foot was aimed for his mid thigh. While exerting ground breaking force and flash form momentum. Zane would do the same with her left foot as well. Both attempts aimed at their mirrored sides. She'd then attempt also in a similar fashion to swung brute punches. Her left and right hooks would have been bluntly aimed at either sides of his chests. If connected, the two kicks would send violent shockwaves through his legs and shatter the bones in both of his thighs -- The two punches would all, but crush his ribs on both sides. The bones would shatter and crumble while puncturing his lungs and cause blood to flood them from the inside and make him drown poetically in pools of his own blood.

This was not another spar, no bout of training between comrades. No lesson to be taught from master to student. No. This was the real deal.

Micheal Allen / Kin Tasanagi: ( )

Katon: Yes, yes. Come now child.

Katon stayed stern and solid, like a boulder within the swift winds of a hurricane. As he stood he'd watch Zane rush towards him almost in slow-motion. Her first strike was sent, it had been a kick with her right leg. He'd simply raise his leg that she'd been attempting to attack just barely so the kick would miss its target. Only to the send that same leg forward, in attempts to smash down into her knee. Doing this while she had already been in the motions of her next Kicking attack. This time taking a step backwards he'd allow this kick to slide right past him as he stepped out of its range. But the ferocious young Warrior wouldn't stop there, she'd send two punches a right and left hook.

Katon: Your going to need to be faster then that.

He said while he'd continue to smile, using hand principal's within the Crimson Dragon style to counter these strikes. The first hook that had been thrown he'd defend against it using the Heun Sau method, and the second strike he'd counter with the Gan Sau, this method within its formation would leave his left hand leveled, with an open palm, facing down to the earth. Simply redirecting the attacks elsewhere. They did strike his flesh upon his hands though, leaving light bruises due to her brute strength but they hadn't made there mark. Her second strike had been blocked with his right hand, while his left hand ( That had been open palmed and facing down ) Would extend forward, doing so literal 1.01 seconds after her strike had been thrown. It would have been within a one inch-punch formation. The impact, if and when it connected, would have blasted her across the room like a pebble against a water surface, blasting her through 6 different office buildings in the Database tower until she'd finally land in one of the Libraries within the tower. The success of the counter-attack would more then likely be high, due to him counter right after her strikes had been made, meaning she'd still be within mid-motion of said strike. The impact from the knee stomp would have caused her knee to buckle in a bit, but not break. He had no intentions to break her down completely yet. But the punch to the chest would have surely caused her to vomit 1 gallon of blood, and this was without the actual powers being used within the style.

Katon: Hm... I see Conan hasn't kept up your practices. Come now, lets try that again Sunflower.

Katon said with both of his arms pulled behind his back, and a large smile on his face.

( references for the hand motions / Counters )

Ryoji: Cho stood there in the room full of Warlocks. Listening to their heartbeats and hearing out their breathing patterns. They were trying to keep their distance due to the fact they’d seen first-hand what he did to their friends. The Warlocks slowly began closing in, drawing out silver daggers, and silver swords. Cho’s eyes scanned the area, they could see in the dark just as well as he could. Cho had a trick up the sleeve, as he’d been working on different ways to use his fortification Chi anyway. His nose picked up a new scent in the room however. It was different. Smelled like the rest of the Warlocks but a tad different in stench. There was an overbearing presence in the room and out of all of the warlocks he’d swear he’d seen a tinge of red in the crowd of yellow eyes…and he did. He didn’t know who this stranger was, but Cho’s instincts as prey and predator can always give him a sense of when something is and isn’t going his way. As such Cho took a step back and went to work! The Warlocks began to mobilize towards him and Cho would’ve taken in a deep breath, arguably the deepest breath he’d ever taken! He’d then cup his hands in front of his mouth and roar! However the roar itself had no sound to it. This is because Cho was applying something a little more special this time around. Cho would’ve used his fortification Chi to create a ‘ball’ with an open space, and as the roar left his throat, he’d shape and craft the ball around the physical soundwaves of the roar itself, only to create a ball, the size of a baseball in the palm of his hand. When one of the Warlocks, tried to slash at Cho’s neck, Cho would’ve leaned back like a limbo player, letting his arms spread apart! As he came back up however Cho would’ve brought both of his hands together, at the speed of a clap! His hands crushing the ball of sound and the clap causing the sound to spread out even faster than it would’ve thanks to the accelerated force of the wind from his physical actions. In short Cho converted powerful roar into a deadly thunderclap.


A loud clap noise would’ve echoed through the security room and not only did it pop and rupture the ear drums of the surrounding Warlocks, but it’d attempt to do the same to Tobi’s ears. He was in the vicinity of the soundwave’s 20ft radius, and the only reason Cho himself wasn’t effected, is because the domino mask wrapped around his ears as well deafening the sound for this specific moment. If this sound entered Tobi’s ears he’d find himself permanently deaf, with blood leaking from his ears, and his body sent hurtling into the wall. However even if this didn’t affect him, he’d have the bodies of Warlocks flying at him from almost every direction, as the Warlocks bodies would’ve begun hitting the walls like flies to stick paper. Had one of these Warlocks crashed into his body, he’d be sent to be pinned against the wall along with them. However had he avoided the bodies, he and Cho would’ve been the only standing ones in the security room right now. The Red hues meeting with the bright vivid gold ones as Cho stood there with his hands still together. Had Tobi dealt with this combo attack attempt Cho would’ve begun dusting his hands off and growling under his breath. He’d began walking towards Tobi slowly and menacingly with speech leaving his lips. Each step seemingly longer than the last as he approached with caution but brimmed with confidence.

Cho: You supposed to be the tough one? Sure don’t look it. Let’s see those fancy Warlock tricks I’ve heard so much about.

Zane/Kaiuri: ( )

Zane hadn't been fast enough in her previous attacks. Instead of landing the first kick to Katon's leg --  using his speed -- He'd simply lifted his leg. She was still in motion when his kick landed it's heavy blow to her right knee ! Due to her chi enhancement Zane took some damage. His kick inflicted a grim grey bruise onto her skin and her knee stung with mild pain. She bit her lower lip in response. It was not enough to break her bones or immobilize her, though do to the high tolerance she had built for it over the years. Zane could feel the minor pain, but she had the ability to simply ignore it all together. The bruise was there now. However because her master had inflicted damage to her, he automatically would be dealt some as well. At the point of contact, Katon would begin to feel a subtle aching in his foot. As for her punches, he was able to redirect her fists and the force of her attacks from their intended aim. In the process of changing the direction of her previous punches, Katon had attempted to strike a hit to her chest. Due to the possibility of Zane not being able to react quickly enough the hit would be successful. Because of this, the hand Katon used to send her flying would begin to hum with a mild pain combined with the bruise he attained previously as well. The young warlock grit her teeth as she was sent crashing through the walls of the offices as intended, but only went through two of the offices. Zane's body was slung through the air with an insane recklessness. However, in order to prevent a more violent landing, she abruptly spoke the word " Oshi " !

The so-called Sign of Oshi, it’s a very simple technique belonging to the family of psychokinetic sign which is based on thrusting energy in the required direction. The force of the thrust depends on how the will of the person throwing it is focused and on the expelled force. It can be considerable. The Warlocks adapted the Ninpo, making use of the fact that it does not require knowledge of a Ninpo formula — concentration and the hand gesture are enough. That's why they call it a Sign. It’s hard to find an easier psychokinetic spell that doesn’t require a high level of chi. Warlocks favor this spell often.

Zane: " Faster, you say ? Right. Got it. " She mumbled in a grunted half ass retort.

Extending her hand behind of her, she aimed the blast at the third wall. She used it as a shock absorbing cushion to lessen the damage done, but also bounce her off the wall like a rubber dodgeball. In that flahpoint moment, Zane quickly brushed the bottom soles of her feet. This reinforced the surface she was on while with on of her one of her tags while enhancing the effectiveness of her feet before taking off.

Using the same force Katon exerted at her, it manipulated her. And her body simply bounced forwards. She let herself ride with intense momentum the blast and he had provided. Her form was like a blazing bullet flying towards him. With speeds so blindingly bold, she bolted back his way with the insatiable quickness of a lightning bolt spanning the distance. One would barely be able to blink before she'd be across the room.

She'd zoom at the master warlock feet first with both feet aimed at his face in attempts to make contact with his skull. The success of this hit's combined force brutality and vigorous acceleration would cause her feet to collide with his head in such a haste bluntness, it would crumble his cranium, nose, and jaws. The skin would bruise beneath her soles, muscles would twist and contort, bones become brittle. Not only that, but the force would be so dastardly damaging that he would be knocked back in the same fashion that he himself had try to send her flying. His form would be sent down the corridor and crash through the window at the end of the hall. He'd land outside on a large deck like platform made of stone concrete. And if successful, Katon would skid over it's surface like a flat pebble skipping over water.

When Zane would land on the ground a few seconds within landing the young warlock's body lurched over. Due to the immense force of Katon's blow, her body forced up a mixture of blood and bile. She coughed haggardly while still remaining to stand on her feet. Her body was trying to compensate and cope, but it would take more than this to shake her.

Serizawa: //~Data Analysis~// Hm. His muscles just increased massively, okay Mike I see someone had been training since we last fought. Zach had been taking inner notes his facial expression covered by his helmet that begun to analyze Mike as a threat, scanning his muscle mass as the A.I was trying to get an estimate on Mike's strength. " I reckon he could lift about 1200lbs" Zach said within his head as he stood his ground his right eye never took his eyes off Mike even during his transformation. Zach kept his gun raised with his finger on the trigger he didn't fire but once Mike slammed his fist into the ground Zach went on to the offensive field of this battle.

The moment the ground slowly rose due to the strength of Mike simultaneously the Prince would've taken his hand off the trigger reaching down into his second pocket within his utility belt acquiring one of his flashbangs. Before the ground would've collapse Prince Zach attempted to chuck his flash towards Mike with his fist still connected onto the ground below them. The flash would emit a pricing light within a 5 foot radius, and can blind anything in it’s pathway for a 10 second period of time. Due to Zach's gear he wouldn't have been affected by this light. Kin as well would have been affected. The chances of this flash landing would be pretty high due to the closed space around Zach and Mike not only with the ground breaking apart it would be rather hard to move or even defend.

If this had worked Zach would've leaped high in the air his body moving so swiftly due to his super suit he felt as if he was wearing nothing, as the suit helped his flexibility along with other enhancements. While in the air Zach would've let go of his gun as he now reached in his third pocket. What came next was the high-tension wire he first attempted to shoot his wire into the side of Mike, if so the wire would've attached through Mike's hoodie and into his flesh. While in the air Zach would've hooked the other wire into the lights above. Due to him being in mid-air this would've taken seconds to performed if this had happened Mike entire body would've received a high voltage of 900 volts.

What made this even worse was not only would Mike be blinded he would be hanging sideways in mid air receiving this voltage due to high tension cables are the wires that connect a distributor, ignition coil, or magneto to each of the spark plugs in some types of internal combustion engine. The volts from the lights would've raced towards the other end where Mike insides would began to boil along with his equipment being to damaged. But this wasn't all the Prince had in store it only been 6 seconds, with the ground gone and gravity now taking it's corse Zach body would've began to free fall down he pulled back his right hand and the moment he came down he attempted to give Mike a vicious blow in the back of the head. This punch alone would've felt as if Mike had taken a full on swing from a pro baseball player metal baseball bat, if hit Mike would've crashed hard down into the sewer.

Once he would've came to Zach would've been out of sight and Mike would've been smelling like a fried computer hard drive, the scent Zach would remember. As everything from the top floor would of finally dropped the remains of Zach broken shards would've sunk into the water. A voice would've been heard echoing throughout the Sewer.
"Up here.."
If Mike would've turned his head to the voice he would've seen Zach standing high on one of the pipes before leaping down in front of him about ten feet away, he got into his fighting stance glaring at Mike. "You know maybe they should have sent Cho."

Micheal Allen / Kin Tasanagi: ( )

Katon watched as Zane came soaring back towards him, both of his hands behind his back. He watched with that intense smile. Allowing his mind to concentrate while he continued to formulate the signs behind his back, from Zanes view, ( Which he'd been doing since he placed his hands behind his back. )

Katon: That's my girl. Your doing well. However... my hands are aching. It must be due to your attire.

_Katon said as she continued to rush towards him. He only knew this because of his mental cognition. The user can gather and assimilate any kind of knowledge and understand it fully and instantaneously, this can happen in two ways: Passively: when the user reads, sees or hears any concept they will understand it completely, whether it is natural or supernatural. If the user comes into contact with any piece of “information” that is wrong, they intuitively know this and can discern what is correct and what is wrong. Actively: when the user wants information/knowledge they acquire it instantly and use it perfectly, e.g. the user can gain the skills and knowledge of a doctor to heal someone or gain the experience and skills of a master martial artist for fighting.

Katon: I'll just have to do something about that...

The moment she went to strike him however, he'd lean his body back just enough so that when he ducked backwards, her feet would strike his chin, causing blood to burst from his flesh but she'd flow right past his head due to him dodging it while he leaned backwards. ( In a Matrix Neo like fashion. ) While he'd been leaning back his hands continued to move with blinding speeds before he'd shout out the words

Katon: Solar Sash...

Binds enemies with a Chi rope to stop their movement. Generating a crackling yellow energy rope within his/her hand(s), the practitioner throws it toward the opponent. The energy winds around the opponent's arms and body, immobilizing them. As he been leaned back, and Zane's body continued to fly over his head he'd conjure this sign so that he'd be able to blast the chi rope into her back, wrapping itself around her, due to the fact that her back would be facing him now ( Because she's still be gliding through the air due to her bounce back kick you made her do. ) With this technique he'd use the Chi-Rope with both of his hands once and if it connected, pulling himself back up onto his feet with an inhuman fashion, as he began to rapidly spin her around the building with the rope, her body violently getting blasted through room after room as she'd get smashed into room after room once and if this all connected!

( )

The onslaught would continue until he'd thrown Zane into another library data area, here body getting caved into the wall! And almost instantly he'd appear in front of her as he'd begin to savagely pound his fists into her own and over again. Punching her 400 times within 2 seconds.  before he finally gripped her by her hair and then slammed his right fist into her nose, knocking her through a row of books with his fist alone! The impact would cause the Warlock warrior to go blasting through the books as her nose would burst forward with blood! Using fortication chi with each strike he'd attempt to rip the seams up within the suit with his bare hands. His fists creating a heating like friction from each punch thrown reaching up to 700 degrees with his fists alone, the punches would begin to literally rip her attire to shreds due to Katon's immense strength! Once and if it all connected. However if the attacks were interrupted at any point, then Katon would have readied himself to be on the defensive, he wouldn't underestimate Zane.

( )

Micheal Allen / Kin Tasanagi: ( )

Mike: AAAAAAAAH!!! My Eyes!

Kin: Mike Look out!

But it had been to late, as the flash-bang went off, Mike had been blinded and he gripped onto his face as he began to fall down into the sewer. But the Prince Zach, with his superior intelligence would have surely been ready for what came next. Zach attempted to use his instrument that fired the Wire towards Mike! ( Which im going to assume was a gun since you yourself did not state it. ) As Mike continued to fall down, he'd shift himself over to the right just a bit in mid air, so instead of the wires hooking into MIke, they'd accidentally hook into his backpack. And cause the wings to extend outward on contact. The back is good for storing items, but it also harness a featured detachable jet-powered glider which is made of lightweight carbon nanotubes, and silk like ribbing that uses special fabric that uses a magnetic frequency that allows him to glide for long periods of time. The Jet on the bottom of the backpack allows him to gain bursts of speed in the air just long enough that he could shoot forward. The Jet boosters are covered with wafer-thin solar power receptors that convert the manderins in the air into electricity to power miniature high-speed electric turbine fans in his backpack. But due to the electricity it would super charge the backpack and cause the jet on the back of it to boost itself forward blasting right off of mikes back, breaking the backpack connects that would allow him to wear it in the first place. As the backpack took off, and the wires were still connected. Zach would have been in the midst of doing his punch, which indeed connected

Mike: HNGH!

Mike grunted in pain as the blow connected and he lie on the ground.

Zach: "You know maybe they should have sent Ch-"

Before Zach could even finish his sentence. ( Since you never stated getting rid of the wire, im going to assume its still connected to your body. ) The Backpack would have soar right into the water, along with the electrifying wire, the wire being a conductor it'd travel right back to Zach's Maru Jeitai suit with its 900 volts! The Maru Jieitai exo-skeleton has an electrical current from anyone outside of the Maru-Jietai army. a Built in sensory that connects to the helmet, whenever someone is identified as a threat and touches the suit, they will get a lethal dead to the touch 60,000 volts of pure concentrated electricity. The higher voltage can damage the heart and/or other organs and cause death instantly. If touched on full contact it could cause all organs to combust at the same time. On the new Maru Jeitai suits, they have shielding to all E.M.P. Devices. The Electrify that traveled back to the suit, would cause a reversing effect to occur to Zach. Due to the suit having its on base of electrify being 60,000 volts. And the electrify that Zach had made that consisted of 900 volts, would have multiplied itself. Neurons and protons would have collided causing the MJ suit to malfunction, and the electricity would reach for the nearest conductor, due to science alone. The suit would introvert on itself and all 60,900 volts of electrify would fire back onto Zach. Causing it to literally liquefy him from the inside of the suit itself. And due to the fact that Zach had been in Mid-Sentence, he wouldn't be aware of the backpack falling into the water to cause this. ALSO because Zach himself did not enter the Sewer, he wouldn't have the visual advantage to see all of this as well.

Mike: Jesus!

Once and if this connected Mike would have Watched as Zach quite literally, and completely, killed himself. He'd see the suit literally fry him into a molded black mesh with the suit. As his liquefied skin would have seeped out of the crevices and seams of the exoskeleton suit.


Zane/Kaiuri: ( )

Zane had missed her intended target, but she would have to settle for a little less. The aged warlock had barely dodged her hit and her feet had made contact with his chin. She had still been in the motions of her own previous attack. Her body zipped overhead of his and while doing so Katon managed to lasso her in with some sort of chi fueled rope. Huh !? She thought in that split second. Zane couldn't move. She couldn't move ! The young student struggled, but it was to no avail. Her glass green eyes widened in surprise as she was abruptly yanked out of her motion. The next thing she knew was her body being whipped through the air like a tether ball on a grade school playground.

Zane: " Shit, Shit, Shit ! " She cursed at herself. What was she going to do ?

The force of the rope swung her mercilessly through the walls and shelves of several rooms. She couldn't escape. Zane grit her teeth. Her barrier of fortification chi encasing her body could only do so much. She could feel the impacts of the attack as she was hurled around the building floor in circles. When Katon finally let her go, she was sent flying into a wall. It crumbled upon her impact. Her body began to ache with a low hum of pain. Uhn . . . Maybe this had been a bad idea.

Zane would barely  have been able to stand up and brush herself off, before Katon stood right in front of her once again. She gasped with fully opened eyes in astonishment. He's fast as hell ! She thought bitterly. If she was going to beat him, Zane would need to either quicker or smarter. No big deal, right? His heavy fists began to pumble her slender form ferociously and without remorse. His hands were literally flying at her over and over. The young huntress inhaled sharply. However, by the 20th or so punch she had managed to bring both her arms up and begin blocking his blows.

She'd then exhale the same into her hands while they covered her face. The warm flooded the entirety of both her arms. Each time his fists would be landing themselves into her arms they would pick up that same warmth with each blow. By the 50th punch Zane would implement a furious quickness in her palms and catch both of Katon's fists in the locked clamps of her hands. She grasped hold of them, stunting his flow of punches, and pushed them apart to force an opening. In the opening Zane bum rushed her palms into his midsection while conducting the radiating warmth from her palms and arms into the entirety of his torso. Since Katon would be in the middle of his own attack, the likely hood of him dodging would be insanely slim.

Zane would then push off of him in an attempts to gain some ground between them. The Master Warlock would now feel a warmth surging all around the entirety of his midsection/ torso. The same feeling would appear in both of his hands as well and his bleeding chin. Katon would also have visibly darker and larger bruises on the stated areas of contact. The mild hum of pain in his hands (stated in the previous posts ) would now increase immensely since they have made contact with her enhanced suit multiple times already for a more noticeably hindering handicap.

When she finally backed away from him Zane noticed that the old man managed to slice up her suit. Parts of her body now lay exposed to the open, small slices had been inflicted all over her. Zane breathed heavily as her bust rose and fell. Since she had been exerting energy her layer of chi had weakened slightly. So not only had he busted up her suit a bit, but the output of her chi had diminished as well. Her defenses were dimmed. She needed her distance to think of what to do next.

The time for errors had long passed.

Katon's attacks would have been a continous onslaught against Zane, and it seemed like the young warrior had truly been in for a world of hurt. However, she'd surprise even this old man as the counter strike she'd attempt turned out to be a success. The Impact knocking the both the old man back a great amount of distance as the blow embedded itself deeply. Knocking him a good 5 feet away

Katon: I see... So your showing growth. Intresting suit sunflower, its has some strange defensive mechanisms that i have yet to see during my time here on earth. I'll have to look into it. And study it with the research and development teams here, after i remove it from your corpse!

Katon said as he pulled both of his hands together and fired a massive surge of chi, condensed into a raw form! Something that only true chi master practioners of the art could actually do! The original version of the Demon Wave, it involves many arm sweeping movements before cupping the hands together and releasing a powerful burst of pure hadou! So pure in its energy form however, that it takes the literal form of Plasma based energy.  Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid, and gas. A plasma has properties unlike those of the other states. A plasma can be created by heating a gas or subjecting it to a strong electromagnetic field, applied with a laser or microwave generator. This decreases or increases the number of electrons, creating positive or negative charged particles called ions,[2] and is accompanied by the dissociation of molecular bonds, if present. The presence of a significant number of charge carriers makes plasma electrically conductive so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. Like gas, plasma does not have a definite shape or a definite volume unless enclosed in a container. Unlike gas, under the influence of a magnetic field, it may form structures such as filaments, beams and double layers. Plasma is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the Universe (of the forms proven to exist; the more abundant dark matter is hypothetical and may or may not be explained by ordinary matter), most of which is in the rarefied intergalactic regions, particularly the intracluster medium, and in stars, including the Sun. A common form of plasma on Earth is produced in neon signs. Much of the understanding of plasma has come from the pursuit of controlled nuclear fusion and fusion power, for which plasma physics provides the scientific foundation.

( )

Due to him doing so, at point blank range, the blast would quite literally blast Zane right out of the building and into the Streets of Zanzibar stone, falling 12 stories from the sky and onto the ground. Once and if the blast connected, then the fearless Master Katon would whip the blood from his chin and use his mental ability to push the pain he had been suffering from into the back of subconcious, ignoring it all together as he literally stepped out of the massive hole in the wall, the building catching fire because of him. As he stepped out of the building, he'd literally begin walking on air as he floated down to the ground to continue his battle with Zane

Katon: You've suprised me Sunflower, I didn't know you were this strong. I think seeing you and Tobi fight in the near future will be quite interesting.

He said as chi aura began to flow around his body violently

Uub: ”Boom !”

Tobi of Zanzibar quickly converted his blush red hues towards the course of the sudden eruption  that weighed violently through the gloom-filled breeze. A Heap of debris came rushing from where his father's office resided so he could only assume this was the work of his father, he could almost taste the sovereign within the blast that had been enough to shake even him. Finally, refocusing his gaze upon the ravaging assailant - The ashen haired prince, softly ran the tenderness of his fingers that vibrantly punctured through the five bases of his dim onyx midnight gloves upon the hilt of his blade.

”I’ll assume this guy won’t die easy, huh ? - Well that's fine ! It’s always far more amusing when they struggle.”

Tobi softly said as the base of his left arm began to jolt under the elation of the event. A silver-lined brow lifted, the moment Cho sprouted his arms back. This was almost way too sudden, and timed too accordingly. ” Everyone dow - “ Tobi shouted well at least attempted too before a large array of his men came skimming through the violent passage of destruction - comparable to the Big Bad Wolf himself doing his deed in blowing the pigs away excluding the huffing and the puffing. While, Tobi was in the midst of this attack, he would not have gone about it so easily. Because, the moment the intruder allowed the the opposite ends of his grasp to connect and produce such a violent wave - the grasp Tobi rested upon the hilt of his blade “Bloody - reign” quickly liberated from the loop of his belt. Tobi’s knee’s bent at the sound of the ear piercing sound - but with - slow breaths, and focused sights - Tobi, allowed his Bloody- reign to unfasted at the conclusion of him hacking it at against the opposing winds at an immediate pace. 0.01 seconds, to be exact. The Intruders, eyes would have met the flaps of a Maroon Umbrella with a large black skull at its base.

((Tobi’s bloody reign is a double-edged, thin sword resembling a jian or a shikomizue, which he keeps concealed inside an umbrella.  The umbrella itself is maroon, with a black skull painted on it. Aside from concealing Feitan's sword, the umbrella has other uses in battle: it can be opened to briefly distract the opponent and create an opening, or to stab him using its tip.


The Umbrella; itself - is not short of being as alarming as the sword concealed inside of it. The Fabric itself is coated with a rare fabric Crafted by the molten substance of a rare metal concealed in the Dark Zone. Praised for its rare abilities - it’s not so much what it can do but more so how much it can take He’d call them Dark Steel Plates. Dark Steel Plates - are coated with an enhancement that allows it to act as a shield or an offensive object. The more this plates struck - the stronger it grows; conserving its own intake of kinetic energy including physical and elemental, back at the enemy, but with much greater power; therefore, the stronger the opponent's attacks against the Umbrella are, the stronger the Dark Steel Plates contained in its fabric becomes.


The Umbrella’s flaps  also - coated with particles; keen to an eagle eye chips that acts as a security camera thus allowing Tobi to scout his surroundings huddle behind the umbrella allowing him to see the field before him while using the umbrella as a shield.))_

Uub: Tobi, buried his feet within the ground hurling his form beneath the umbrella as it’s base began to resonate at the impact of the force sent by the man. Trying his best to avoid the bodies that came hurling forward while some hit the umbrella, The ashen haired belligerent, turned his gaze to the base of the Umbrella once more seeing the man clear as day as his hands remained set forth and centered. “ Light that binds, Solar slash ! “  Tobi shouted from behind the Umbrella, using his right hand to summon a flaring spark of energy that resented into a chrome hue rope. He’d make an attempt at launching it towards the enemy mid attack - which if successful would bind him by his wrist, keeping him at his Thunderclap form. The success rate of this though, was highly in Tobi’s favor since this was not only mid attack but also the target did not make any sudden movements after clapping his hands together.

Therefore, Tobi launched the rope from the base of his free hand towards  the man's wrist. However, Tobi wouldn’t allow seconds to pass by before turning towards his men who followed Tobi and took base behind the umbrella as well all pushing at Tobi’s base so that he’d be able to keep his footing. Within the security room, the man would have found himself cornered between two steam pumps. Tobi quickly signaled the men to fire at them, which they quickly did upon Tobi’s order. If this were successful, both steam pumps would have erupted around him leaving him in a stream of water vapor. Tobi did this for three reasons:

One, he was unaware of the capabilities of the suit( which he assumed was great since he made it this far) nor its structure therefore what better way to destroy something other than giving it the properties you understand best. Two, buy time - Tobi’s a stealth fighter so he only hope that behind this ball of vapor - he’d be able to get his attack in. three, with his Wild hunt gauntlet the possibilities of what he can do with water vapor was nearly unbearable. If, the Steam pump were to successfully combust - Tobi, would allow his rope to contrast, within seconds Tobi came ziplining through the winds that opposed him, with heightened speed. He had been Roadrunner at glimpse of Wile E Coyote. Tobi, kept a firm grasp upon the hilt of his blade with the right upon the rope. Upon, reaching the perimeter of the steam Tobi’s Wild Haunt gauntlet caused the vapor around Cho to instantly freeze. If, this had been successful - Cho’s armor would have been coated with specs of Ice

” Here’s a Taste of your own medicine !”

( 1583748bd1711d7335c30c7860743c03b362dadf_hq.gif

Tobi quickly shouted before instantly forcing the blade forward; It was at vertical angle - one that opposes gravity and instead used it to its advantage. At the time of Tobi attempt at violently thrashing the blade forward aiming towards Cho - as he’d been face to face with his intruder. A large combustion came a float before Tobi - violently pushing Tobi back, as it exerted an one sided explosion. If this were successful, Cho would have met the force of his Thunderclap but more enhanced point blank. Also, if Tobi’s first method was successful where bits of the man's  armour grew accustomed to Tobi’s ice - he had hope that if this attack did not destroy the suit  it would at least do severe damage, destroying the parts that were at least coated with Ice including his mask. The explosion, if successful would have annihilated everything that faced Tobi, causing Cho to blast back an infuriating pace through a couple of walls.

Tobi quickly fell forward, executing a forward roll before lunging on to the base of his knee. A bit of red, began to overflow at the base of his ear, running against the tenderness of his cheek. ” Ah, screw you man.. This will take hours to heal. Well, I guess I can do without hearing Fathers and Zack's voice for a few moments.”

Zane/Kaiuri: ( )

Zane was barely able to step away before Katon summoned a massive amount of chi. She had no time to react at all. The trained master began to glow brighter than Sin City at night. The energy radiating from him was incredible. He blasted  her with pure raw energy. The blast was so immensely packed with force that it knocked Zane off her feet and sent her flying through the wall ! Next thing she knew, her body was flung out into the open night sky and she was falling. However not just falling. The blow dealt by Katon had so much power behind it that she was plummeting down to the surface like a dauntless shooting star. Like a stricken thunder bolt she birth a crater into the ground nearly fifty feet in circumference. Yikes. Anyone still inside of the building and all over Zanzibar Stone would have felt the ground beneath them shaking and heard the earth cry out. Zane's body had undergone some heavy duty damage. Even though her suit hadn't been completely intact and her chi enhancement had weakened in output, Zane was still able to avoid the totality of the damage that was to be inflicted on her.

Zane: " D . . . Dammit. You fucked up my suit. Now I'm going to have to create another one . . . You bastard. "

She groaned and struggled to stand up. It took a few staggering steps, but she was able to shift her weight enough to get one her feet. Zane felt blood dripping down the brim of her forehead. As she stood bruises and open cuts scattered the ivory curves of her body. She held her right side with her left arm. A large discolored bruise began to form. It's purple swollenness indicated some major internal bleeding. Clearly she was outmatched in both power and speed. Looking up at the twelfth floor catching fire, she witnessed the man himself step out from the gaping whole in the wall and onto the air. It was looking pretty grim.

Zane: " Oh well, building's already on fire. Now is as good a time as any . . . Hogo. "

The Hogo Sign is a simple Ninpo technique used by Warlock. When cast it forms a protective field around the casting Warlock. Hogo is a protective shield that lasts for a few minutes (2 posts) at the sign's basic level. It is a sign that one uses on himself that absorbs all incoming damage, up to a certain point - at which time it disperses and needs to be recast. It granting increased durability, damage absorption, and also causing it to reflect back enemy projectile attacks.

Zane had been incased in an protective shield. This was helpful to her and helped to not deplete her chi reserves any further. She stared up at him. A devilish smirk spread like wildfire over the blood crusted curve of her lips.

At that moment the tiles on the twelfth would have begun to glow a bright violet color similar to her own chi aura. Literally every step Zane had taken was traced and highlighted all over the upper level of the building. Every crash and impact zone that Katon had made her endure through would also do the same. This was because she had cleverly placed tags on the bottom soles of her feet.  ( Stated back in one of my previous posts. ) Not only had it reinforced them for the take off -- its duel purpose served to make her entire body a tag itself. Due to this simple but crucial fact, Zane was able to track tags all over the upper level. In the hallway. In the office spaces. In the library/data facility. And of course the final zone of impact . . . The crater. She waited until Katon stood on the ground with her and when he had, it was over.

And here he was walking on a stairway of air. The moment both of his feet hit the ground his hands, chin, and full upper body would glow at the very last second. Zane groaned as she spoke. Katon's words never had a chance to leave his tongue.

Zane: " M- Moyasu. "

The Moyasu Sign is a simple magical sign used by Warlocks. It is comprised of a pyrokinetic burst that can repel and ignite opponents, as well as start fires. It is based on the alchemical symbol for Fire. The Warlocks's skill with the sign is developed through the allocation of talents. At higher levels it can become a heavy inferno or flare, that comes in handy for the majority of threats since fire is a key essential.

Zane: " Surprise, you old bastard. " She spoke in a breathless whisper.

The twelfth floor exploded in a burning sea of flames. Every tag set had sprung to life with fire fire fire ! Hot boldly brightened blue, violet, and white flames consumed the entirety of that floor. The flames would have been so blistering that they erupted even more and submerge the entire building almost instantly. In the same moment blaze blunt azure flames would attempt to engulf  Katon as the whole crater burst into flames as well. If that had not been enough his chin, then his upper body, and his hands would burst in flames. She wanted him suffering the hellish scorn of the burning blue suns. But it wouldn't stop there. Zane would then muster the remaining reserves of her chi. You see, the entire time she hadn't been using the entirety of her energy. Only a portion had been exerted.


Her battle cry fueled helped to strengthen her cause. The moment she yelled she attempted to use the pressure fueled from her chi -- it was enough force to send Katon bowling back into the already burning building. The intense velocity and vitality would send him crashing through the first floor and due to the shaken foundation the building would cave in over him. The young warlock student would then fuel the fire both on the higher floor of the building and inflict harshly dealt damage onto Master Katon's body. The fire would be so hot that it would serve to scorch him alive. His skin would burn off and most of his muscles would been undergoing massive damage. The blue violet blaze would eat him alive ! If her attack had been successful, the man would have burned and the pain would have been too blatantly humbling to ignore.

Because of the Hogo sign, she had prepared herself with a strong layer of protection and was unaffected by her own attack. Zane stood still as  the blue ocean of fire burned everything to the ground. She'd hoped Katon had gone with it. Still though, if she knew to be cautious of anyone it would be her old Master. She stayed on guard and waited.


Ryoji: “Light that binds, Solar slash!“

Cho heard these words as he’d been about to release his hands in order to walk towards the white haired warrior and make a further advancement on him.   His hands which had just released the clap would’ve been tied together by an odd golden energy, which kept him utterly chained at the wrist.

Cho: !?

Cho stood there trying to free himself but it didn’t exactly come to fruition as his hands were blinded so incredibly tight! This must’ve been one of those ninpo spells the witch girls had previously told Cho they were capable of. Still even having some prior knowledge about something doesn’t guarantee you can stop it or do anything about it anyway. That being said as Cho was being bound, he’d then see the man behind the umbrella begin to signal something. He looked from left to right and saw two men aiming guns at the steam boilers on either side of him. In response to this Cho simply squatted down to one knee, leaving his hands up and still bound but his head was buried in between his biceps. The steam and water vapor began to hit Cho like a bat out of hell and it was hot at first, even bringing sweat to trickle down the skin of his forehead. He didn’t move, didn’t so much as break formation or his stride. He simply stood there squatting down with his hands tied waiting to see how events played out. Waiting…and listening.

Most Wolfboods rely on their noses more than anything. It was arguable that Kin in Cho’s eyes had the best nose he’d ever seen put to use. Cho idolized the usage of senses but he wanted to branch out and find his own thing. So he did which is why out of all of Cho’s senses he trust his ears as much as his nose. He sat there listening to everything…literally. The sound of the steam pouring out of the cylinders beside him. The heart rates of the unconscious warlocks and the conscious ones. He could even pick up on Tobi’s hearbeat. Cho based on the little he’d seen from his man could see the killers intent in his eyes and he’d deduced from his intuition as a detective that battle like others excites him, thus affecting his heart rate. Cho uses this as a key factor to determine which “hearbeat’ and breathing rate belongs to Tobi, which would be the fastest of the bunch of course. As he sat there a multitude of things began to happen. For one Cho could feel the air around him getting colder, and he could feel the frost emiinating from his breath.

Cho: Temperature manipulation of some form. He’s using the water vapor as a base. Well played.

Cho deduced from the sudden feeling oncoming feeling of it had to be a result from his opponent. This also played into Cho’s other favorite sense. Touch.

(( Thanks to his invention of the Five Style Fist, Cho has exceptionally good sense of touch, allowing him to detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track with nothing but the tip of his fingers. He can even detect the thinnest crack on anything that is invisible to the naked eye. This sense surpasses his sense of smell by far, allowing him to sense vibrations through solid substances, liquids or even the air-pressure changes. That's right, more than anything Cho can sense air currents, thus enabling him to detect changes and disturbances in the air. This can enables him to sense incoming attacks and respond accordingly, even if he cannot see them. This plays well into his defenses, as most average fighters can determine weather someone can see good, hear good, or smell good, but to be able to "feel" in an advanced mannor is a different trick all in it's own. _))

Cho could feel the cold, but he could also feel the movements around him. Even with closed eyes with only two senses, Cho was able to become perfectly aware of his surroundings. So when the next series of events took place Cho would wait to take action. As it happened, Cho felt a yanking sensation on his wrist. His body jerked forward slightly, as he kept himself anchored by forcing his weight down. Cho would’ve then lifted his head finally and opened his eyes. He had perfect clairity at this very moment, as where his opponent would’ve hoped that the fog would cloud his location, with his ability to feel air currents shifting towards him rapidly and  hear tobi’s crescendo heartbeat, he’d be right in his guss Tobi was coming at him with a  straight forward a ttack. As the lax on the rope increased, and even in this area, the shadow of Tobi’s body moving closer, a loud audible ” Here’s a Taste of your own medicine !” Cho would see Tobi above him coming down with some kind of vertical slash! Cho wasn’t about to take chances on the move’s success as Cho would’ve only ducked down slightly and just like Tobi’s sequence of offense, Cho had a sequence of defense.

Ryoji: First Tobi would’ve been able to notice the yellow rope that bound Cho’s wrist would’ve not only began to dissipate away into ash, but the frosting on Cho’s suit was only as thick as thin sheets of ice that form over newly frozen ice trays. Why? Well the properties of the suit of course.

((Suit description: When Nik is around, he typically wears a suit issues to him by The Order , when inside of it. He's immune to all forms of Oni killers. From metals, to even the angry bloom. As it attacks the Anti-oni properties disperse on contact. It's an Anti-manderin (Chi) suit. Dispersing all attacks that come his way. Nik's suit is insulated with weather and temperature control. Meaning under certain visual spectrums of vision like X-ray, gamma-ray, etc. He becomes invisible on all forms of the technological spectrum. With the suit however it doesn’t enhance Nik/Kin's abilites, but it does allow him to negate all form of Manderin Techniques. Allowing Nik to become a physical TANK of death and destruction. Along the clawed finger tips of the suit, is Negametal. Negametal has thus far been found in nature only in the isolated region of Antarctica known as the Bleak Jungle. It is also known as Void-Metal due to its effects. Whereas Dynainium absorbs vibratory energy into its molecular bonds, Nega-metal, through a means that is not yet understood, emanates vibrations which cause the atomic and molecular bonds in nearby metals of other kinds to weaken. The result is to cause nearby solid metals to liquefy. If huge quantities of Nega-metal were gathered together, at some unknown point the accumulated mass would increase logarithmically as more Vibranium was added. With it, Nik can slice and decimate through almost ANYTHING. The suit even compliments and allows easy access for all of Kin's lycan forms. When he shifts into the half wolf state, it keeps it form bulking just slightly, within the lycan state, it grows a great size, shifting down into a pair of pants and boots on his massive lycan size. And within his dire wolf form, it becomes a dog collar. When he's not suited up, it sports itself in the size of a watch that he can activate on voice command.))

It was thanks to both of these properties of the suit not only did the frost not slow Cho down, and the ropes no longer bound him but it also gave way to the reverse element of surprise. As Tobi would’ve been coming down with his vertical slash, the blade would’ve been descending closer and closer to Cho. as it was however, Tobi might’ve thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, or maybe it’d been the effects of his own attack or speed, but he would see Cho’s body not only with arms spread wide and free but he’d see Cho’s body “flickering’. In fact he’d see Cho’s body flickering in multiple instances, as if he was fading away form existence but this was simply an after effect of cho playing on his opponents eyes with his incredible combat speed.

Cho doesn’t much focus on movement or distance speed but rather speed in short distances or bust. Having enhanced speed means nothing if you don’t use it effectively. In this world people are prepared for speed so it must be applied precisely as such like Cho, who can  effortlessly change motions in the literal blink of an eye. A real blink of an eye takes 300 to 400 milliseconds. Since there's 1000 milliseconds in each second, a blink of an eye takes around 1/3 of a second, which is exactly how fast Cho moved to disappear from Tobi’s original line of sight, and allow his blade to hit the ground! This would’ve had multiple outcomes as the blast would’ve arguably still had the same effect of sending the room in front of Tobi through the wall, but Cho would not have been one of these things. One could note that by the time Tobi hit the ground, wouldn’t be long after his sword collided with it, and that’s when Cho would use this opportunity to strike! The moment Tobi hit the ground with his feet, Cho would’ve appeared beside him on his left! A simultaneous venture that would happen as soon as tobi was ground bound again, Cho having the advantage of having a potion in his system that deafened his scent, and since Tobi was still audible to the effects of the clap somewhat, his hearing may have paid a slight price which would’ve made Cho’s approach even more silent than it could’ve been on it’s own! As Cho threw his chambered right hand from his right side towards Tobi’s stomach he’d grunt with power!

Cho: HUAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Cho would’ve attempted to drive his right hand into Tobi’s solar plexus with enough raw physical force and speed to drive Tobi’s back into the wall on his right which wasn’t destroyed! The punch itself would’ve bruised the solar plexus, which would’ve not only caused Tobi’s diaphragm to spasm and force his breathing rate to become a stutter, but the nerve cluster being damaged would’ve also caused Tobi’s body to break out into a cold sweat, attempting to wear down his breathing and the effectiveness of his attacks. This was also meant as a stun, and since it’d been an interruption, with a silent approach to boot it h ad a high success rate but shit happens. If it WAS successful, Cho would’ve begun to change his tactics the moment Tobi’s back hit the wall as he’d then Cho would’ve begun to break out in a series of heymakers!
[7/15/2016 5:12:50 PM] Ryoji: Haymakers, in the form of shoulder punches, are frequently used from a mounted position in mixed martial arts as part of the "ground and pound" method, as the legs cannot be used to generate power.  These punches are considered taboo and ineffective but this style seeks to defeat that notion. The user can throw any style of punch at the speed of a jab (including launching and retracting the arm) and user makes sure to involve their entire body into the punch as opposed to just lashing the arm out. The goal is to control these wild punches, because while wild, if thrown with precision and ferocity the repetitive impacts can be cringe worthy. Capable of loosening or downright destroying an opponent’s jaw/limbs in this case damaging his solar plexus further. It's thanks to the fact that this punch is so powerful each strike can be compared to a person punching with above peak human strength, but rapidly. As taught by Muay Thai practitioners, the goal of a powerful game ending strike is to punch your opponent as if you were trying to send your limb straight through their body. Each punch would’ve been at the same movement speed Cho preformed earlier which would arguably make his punches appear like fleshy whips of lightning figuratively speaking. Each punch would’ve been aimed at both Tobi’s nose and solar plexus, alternating between his left and his right. Over and over again, each punch seemingly increasing and speed, the more his fist collided with Tobi’s face the dizzier he’d become and the more punches impacted his solar plexus the more difficult he’d find it to breath, and Cho would continue until he was nearly out of breath and could no longer stand from sheer lack of oxygen to the brain. Had Cho been interrupted during this chain of punches by Tobi or one of the other men, with Cho’s hightentened awareness he’d be more than capable of handling himself if he need to. He was aware of even subtle details like the sword in Tobi’s hand still, the room still being muggy somewhat form the dust specks mixing with the left over water vapor and Cho taking such a heavy offense he was attempting to shift the odds in his favor with this attack and counter strategy._-e-


Uub: ( )


As The young ashen hair phenom remained in mid attack; he noticed the figure before him instantly vanish - in a blink of an eye, brief and utter stares  emptied the discretion on Tobi’s pasty cheeks although Tobi quickly caught on to this as - he was deaf not blind. However, the timing of this motion had not been in his favor. Due, to his body halfway from its connection with the empty space before him, that now stood absent without a target to connect with. Tobi, allowed his attack to desonate the spaces provided. However, what his opponent didn’t count on was the fact that Tobi was no fool and was not to be underestimated due to the fact that he was no stranger to an opponent who relied on speed and  had the tools to counter it. First, there was the fact that his mental chi focuses perception and senses dictating thoughts process - while in other words collecting things such as taste, sound, perception, hearing and feeling more differently than others due to his ability to manipulate the ones of his own. Therefore, what what would seem like the blink of an eye to others would be a bit longer to him. Not only was his mental chi - a force not to be reckon with - but also, the fact that he was a mutant with enhanced senses already.

As, children they’re taught to adapt to any trouble that may come their way. Whether, it’s the fact they can’t see, smell, physically touch or hear an opponent. There was always a way - Tobi’s  slit-like flaring red pupils dilated at the absence of the intruder as he’d still been less than a second away from allowing his umbrella to connect with the ground before him. Like, Cat - Eyes, Tobi allowed his eyes to narrow and close therefore improving his depth of field. Thus, followed the effects of Tobi’s mental chi, - enhancing the strength of his vision. The moment, Tobi’s blade connected the effects of the explosion would have blown him back. ( As stated in the post prior the explosion blasted Tobi back).

Uub: Therefore, he’d get a better view of the space before him as he had been airborne and with his mental chi enhancements along side of his enhanced sense. Tobi, was able to see the sound waves resonating off the destruction. He used this to pinpoint his enemy location since he could not smell nor hear him. Though, Tobi still had an advantage he sought to improvise on. They were still in the steam he provided and a bit of his ice did make it’s way upon his suit. Tobi’s explosion exerted an outwards force - the moment Tobi peeped waves come from any direction that wasn’t outwards he’d quickly react. In this case, it’d be coming from the left. Tobi, using his enhanced reflexes and speed to react to the punch - unknowingly, he hadn’t been fast enough to avoid the enemies so he did his best to at least minimize its effect. In other words, dilute the momentum of the attack. Using what was left of the steam - Tobi, constructed a thick wall of ice that rushed between the two figures- sealing their gap, knowing that it would not have been strong nor fast enough from stopping the culprits punch from connecting.

The term momentum is a physics concept. Any object with momentum is going to be hard to stop. To stop such an object, it is necessary to apply a force against its motion for a given period of time. The more momentum that an object has, the harder that it is to stop. Thus, it would require a greater amount of force or a longer amount of time or both to bring such an object to a halt. Therefore, The moment The man's fist came crashing through the wall of ice - like the kool - aid man in the midst of breaking into the words of “ Oh yeah.” The young ashen haired assailant Tobi of Zanzibar would have quickly attempted to counter with his free hand that once held the rope. Luckily, this had been the wild hunt gauntlet - the moment The man connected with Tobi’s stomach the young ashen haired warrior gasped it in undeniable pain - however, it had been at that moment his Wild hunt gauntlet converted into a whip somewhat, he’d attempt to have his arm sprawl like a snake and correlate around the man's neck then fastening it’s place there. If this were successful, this would have interlocked Tobi in mid air as he groaned in pain - as the man's punch rested at the base of Tobi stomach.

Uub: ” Go-t-cha.. Heh.”  

Tobi wouldn’t allow seconds to pass, as this had been mid attack and seeing the man’s speed before he wouldn't allow a second to waste. Tobi, didn’t intend to choke this man only to hold him in place long enough for Tobi’s following attack. The moment - Cho’s punch connected, Tobi’s hand upon his blade quickly fastened - before he redirected the end of it silver rigid end and made an attempt at ramming it through the only opening in the suit he seen, the eye. If this were to successfully connect - The ashen haired phenom would catch glimpse of an overflowing sea of red - burst into a dance before Tobi erupting from the man's right eye the same side he threw his punch with, attempting to make it harder on him to evade or defend against, as Cho already been in this position of punching him.

Depending, on how good Cho’s healing factor was This could either kill or wound him, due to Tobi not being able to stab him as deep as he wanted too. Whether, this was successful or not - Tobi quickly followed this attack with another set of movements. With, his grasp still locked upon Cho’s neck, Tobi would have followed this with dashing speed - Tobi curled his shoulder to an angle that required a downwards force. Therefore, Tobi depended on the art of gravity now more than he ever did. Tobi would have done what looked like a mid way flip attempting to drag Cho down along with him, brief seconds before Tobi’s rear faced the faded amber textile of the floor. Tobi attempted to quickly contract his gauntlet and quickly allow it to explode  mid way with Cho at his grasp. If this were successful, Cho would have been slung outwards like a slingshot forced in clattering through the ceilings to where debris and several other obstructions came plunging down forcing Tobi to quickly evade while a firm grasp rested upon his stomach. If this had been successful, Tobi pulling himself to his feet would have followed Cho to where he landed outside - exactly where he need him.

” An eye for an ear. I think that's fair don’t you think ? - Tch, I can’t respect a man in a suit. But, I do recognize your concern. Even, if you do succeed in killing me, your chances in leaving here are slim to none. But, let's not jump to far - that is IF you succeeded in killing me - which I don’t intend in making easy for you. You have your shield - now I have mine.”

The Ashen haired phenom - celebrated the moment more white haired soldiers came rushing in from behind, all taking guard before him. They stood firm - however, they were in two rows. The first row quickly fell down onto one knee, ducking behind their shields while the second row quickly charged forward and planted their shield on top of the first row of soldiers shields, formulating some type of wall.

Uub: ( )

Tobi stood in the midst of it all - where they left an opening to where he kept his eye on his opponent. The clouds quickly began to formulate beneath the night of the sky; A dusk hue rendering upon their plumped edges, soon producing a drift of an endless downpour that fell hastily against the shields ending with splats before peeling off the shields and running against their sides. Tobi, softly grinned - a hint of blood paced itself against his cheek.

”It’s time.”

Ryoji: As Cho felt his first punch go through there were a few factors that rendered it’s success somewhat inert. A sheet of ice appeared in front of his fist and as it did, his intended impact did damage but not to the substantial amount he’d had hoped it would have! Cho then felt something lash up and wrap around his neck! A gripping force that was straggling his windpipe! Cho in reflexed reached up with his free right hand to try and pry it off of him but it was of no use! The only thing he could even think to do while trying to catch breath was to hold his own for as long as he could! His hand trying to pry the whip off but the sight of something shimmery had caught his eye! Soon enough Cho’s keen vision allowed him to see a thin line of silver coming his way! Right for his eye socket! The wolfblood keeping calm knew he couldn’t completely avoid this but he did have a way to lessen in. Cho quickly rose his hand up as the blade went straight for him, throwing the edge of his Dynainium gauntlet up near the eye he aimed for! The aim was diverted, but the blade cut the skin beside Cho’s eye, deep, and near the bone, forcing Cho to close his eye in shock of it!

Cho: GAH!!!!

Cho then began holding onto the whip with both hands! As he did, he’d still try to remove it from his neck’s grasp but Tobi would’ve made another successful move on his end! Preforming some kind of flip maneuver and next thing he knew he was soaring through the tiles of the room until he was outside in the dead of night! His body twirling in the air, but ever clever he was, Cho with a  twist in his stride planted his hands and feet down towards the ground, and let his claws drag along the dirt’s surface to dismount his fall. His head facing the gravel of the dirt they were on, now in the small area that’s surrounded by a few more buildings that lead towards the rest of the city. Cho keeps his eye closed. It wasn’t destroyed but blood filled the white space of it and he only had one eye for the time begin to go off of. He watched as Tobi followed suit, landing in front of him an estimated 10 feet away from him. Cho pulled himself up, his bad eye now closed, and his armor still intact. He shook his head from left to right.

” An eye for an ear. I think that's fair don’t you think ? - Tch, I can’t respect a man in a suit. But, I do recognize your concern. Even, if you do succeed in killing me, your chances in leaving here are slim to none. But, let's not jump to far - that is IF you succeeded in killing me - which I don’t intend in making easy for you. You have your shield - now I have mine.”

Cho would’ve laughed a little bit but it was barely audible. That being said as he began to stand himself up he’d laugh a bit more, and more before he laughed a little louder. A hand on his hip and a hand covering his bad eye.

Cho: An eye for ear oh that’s just rich. Don’t worry snow white I’ll heal just fine. –Cho puts his hands on his hips and paces in place looking at the ground and kicking up dirt._ You know I should be a bit more…serious. I’m surrounded  But YOU. –Cho points at Tobi- You are the one at a disadvantage. You can’t hurt me. Not much. But I? I’m the one with the tank here!...So surprise me. I get the feeling you and your Warlocks aren’t going to test me off of my hands.

Cho pops his claws and he crouches to low to the ground on one knee. As he does, his eye glowed a fearsome yellow as he was about to channel all of his anger into sheer killer intent, focused and sharp like a freshly sharpened samurai blade.  There would’ve been certain things Tobi would’ve been noticing by this point in time. Cho was once again menacingly walking towards him, a mask enveloping his lips after his speech. One thing he would’ve noticed was his blade. Had it still been in his sights he’d notice that its form would’ve literally started to…well melt. The metal of his sword and umbrella and any other metals he had on him minus his Wild Hunt gauntlet would’ve begun to melt. In fact, as Cho walked closer to the shield wall in front of him, the Warlocks would’ve begun to notice a few things. The metals that were inside of the shields would’ve begun to corrode and liquify. Become viscous and useless. Very quickly. Tobi’s weapons along with this effect, the shields would’ve soon fallen apart from lack of cohesion. Their swords would’ve begun to brown and brittle, and their guns would’ve become damn near unusable. The bullets turning into rusted pieces of metallic salt and the guns themselves beginning to fall apart in their holsters. All metallic weapons would’ve become completely useless at this point and Cho was only five feet away from them. But why was this? The properties of the suit’s negametal doesn’t just corrode metal that comes into contact with it, but as included in the description Negametal has thus far been found in nature only in the isolated region of Antarctica known as the Bleak Jungle. As the effects took place, he began to charge his chi and had been the entire walk over.  It is also known as Void-Metal due to its effects. Whereas Dynainium absorbs vibratory energy into its molecular bonds, Nega-metal, through a means that is not yet understood, emanates vibrations which cause the atomic and molecular bonds in nearby metals of other kinds to weaken. The result is to cause nearby solid metals to liquefy.

Cho stood there with claws out, a smile on his face as he didn’t have to say a single word. Only five feet from these assorted warriors, and their weapons were useless now. With the exception of Tobi’s Wild Hunt The Warlocks now had no useable weapons, their chi techniques were useless against him and for the time being Cho was immune to anything that could honestly kill him. As a mask began to form over Cho’s nose no sooner after he flashed a brief smile, Cho would’ve squatted on the ground, with his arms folded, eye open, and one hand resting underneath his chin. He and Tobi both would’ve heard the explosions in the background. The embers of the battle that had taken place were burning into the night sky. It was clear who’d won the war and Cho by his demeanor understood now that even should he lose his life here the fight that needed to be won had been won. Even still Cho had thoughts running through his head. It began to rain and even though he was well buffed he was still out numbered. Could the strangers ability to freeze water vapor come in handy? Either way it went Cho was more aware than what he wanted to be. It's a gamblers game.


( )

Mike would have watched in horror as Zach was burned to almost near death, however. Before the suit could melt the young man from the inside, Kin would have pulled the module out of the back from of the Maru Jetai exoskeleton. Sparing him his life, but it would knock him unconscious.

Kin: Poor Kid, he almost killed himself.

Mike: Kin! H-How did you break yourself free!?

Mike stood up from the sewer hole looking up towards his Alpha

Kin: That kid would have shot me if i even attempted to escape. When yo broke the flooring, i used that opportunity to use the chi i had been channeling to charge up my Artic winds technique, I then froze the locks, and broke myself free.

Mike: Y-You didn't need us at all!

Kin: No, that's not true. If not for you all... they'd have executed me in the next four hours. Come on, my power is already returning to me. I can hear them calling in reinforcement's from the other Skyland kingdoms. We have to get Cho and Zane out of here now.

He said as he'd close his eyes allowing his eyes to glow a bright red. Soon after he'd shift into his Lycan form. This is one of  Kin's most powerful and also uncontroable forms. In this form, Kin grows taller and develops grayish fur all over his body. His body becomes so large that most of his clothes are torn from his body. He also gains an increase in strength and an increase in speed. Kin uses this form when he has to fight Oni's or humans that his half-wolf form cannot overcome or if he has to chase others that are faster than his 2 previous forms. His body gets coated over in thick tufts of fur, his fists clenching tightly he'd lay Zach's body on the floor

( Wolfout1.gif )

( %5ECB2A6BF73BAAE89B26E538BEEB4CCF806EE1E26EC8E471AD4A%5Epimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg )

Kin: He must have been a solider for my grandfathers army judging by the Maru jetai power armour. Come on, lets move.

Mike: Right!

Within moments Mike would have been rushing behind Kin whom blasted through the walls of the building he'd been held captive. As He went soaring into the air he'd huff his chest up as hard as he could.

Okami: Alright Kin! Use the Akuma no hinshitsu, your chi still hasn't fully returned.

Okami stated. And Kin would listen, using the Akuma no hinshitsu to do a devastating attack. Kin can generate and manipulate the mystical demonic ice, which cannot be melted by mortal means, drawn straight from the darkest fears sentient mind has about winter, ice and arctic areas, including the fears of treacherous ice breaking, burying/devouring, damaging or tripping the victim in malicious awareness. This all draws from his akuma no hinshitsu aura. Demonic Ice can cause excruciating pain upon contact instead or cause instant death, possibly even for relatively beneficial purposes, such as summoning spirits of the deceased temporarily back to the world of living from hell. Some users can even use Reanimation or Resurrection via Summoning the damned and/or Demons. Kin can create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally in forms of snow, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, and cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, for various effects and combinations. As Kin blasted himself into the air, he'd freeze the city of Zanzibar stone over completely in a glaze of artic wind! But not before shifting into his Lucifer form, a power he'd been hiding for the entirety of this time.

( )

Teleporting to Cho, Zane, and Mike all within a second and shifting them 15 miles out of the city. By the time they'd all realize what occurred. It would seem as though things shifted within the blink of an eye!


The Warlock grunts ran inside, guiding women and children away from the artic waves. But the Elite warlock soliders would have all rushed to the highest buildings in Zanzibar stone all of them would clash against the wolf gods artic winds with fire! A clash of fire and ice appeared all throughout Zanzibar stone, causing a massive exlplosion to occur right above Zanzibar stone! The impact would have caused a snowy like glitter to fall over Zanzibar stone. The Wolfbloods... had escaped

Kin: Good work guys.

Zane: I got the flash drive. I managed to grab it off of Master Katon during my fight with him.

Kin: Wait... you fought Katon?

Zane: Yes...

Zane would have turned her attention to Zanzibar stone in the distance

Mike: Lets get out of here...

Mike said staring down at his hands

Zane: Are you alright?

Mike: Y-Yeah...

The image of Zach getting shocked to almost near death, haunted Mikes mind, just like when he saw him crucified. He felt like this had been his fault, just like it had been the wolfbloods fought why Zach got hurt the first time. He kept brining pain to everyone he came across, from Blo'Ro, to Zach. When would this end?

Mike: Lets go...


Langston would have rushed forward through the streets of Zanzibar stone. Running frantically as he searched high and low for Zane

Langston: ZANE!? ZANE!? Za-...

He'd stop in his tracks as he turned his attention upwards to the sky, noticing the immense wave of ice flush over him, the bladed glacier winds would slice right through him, ripping him to near shreds as he shouted in agonizing pain

Langston: AAAAAAAGH!!!

His eyes would have went white as he dropped down to his knees, however, unlike those whom were unfortunate enough to taste the wrath of the Wolf god... it altered him instead. His body morphed, it became... something else. And soon enough, the pain subsided. He crawled to a pool of water, staring back into the reflection of himself

Langston: NO! NO!

( )

Admir: It has begun. It was supposed to activate during a near death experience. But this? This is magnificent, your molecular structure has shifted completely. With you coming into direct contact with the blow, its pushed you into an evolved state. Ceaser will be pleased, most of the work is done now.

Langston: U-Uncle Admir... wha-what's happened to me?! I'm a monster!

Admir: Did I not tell you...? Your birthright. Now, rise, its time for us to meet with the others. The end is finally here.