Chapter 9: Mission Report

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_The Mission did *NOT* go as it should have. Cho’s superior chief officer made sure to let him know that he was very upset with his progress and his performance. Cho got a massive earful inside of the interrogation room from the chief. He was called everything but a child of god, and yet he sat there contempt. He was okay. He simply looked at the older man yell at him. He didn’t pay attention to the words the came from his mouth. Only watching an old man move his mouth. But cho knew. Cho knew what he was saying because he could read lips. He yawned once, wiping his mouth and his eyes before the chief slammed his hand on the table. This forced Cho’s senses back to the real world as the chief pointed at Cho and THIS time it was auidible._


Cho: No not really.

_The Chief gritted his teeth and threw his hat down on the ground stomping angrily until the door opened up. About 4 men stepped in, all of them Russian secret service. They urged the chief out of the room. He looked puzzled until he’d seen Colt walk in with the KGB agent Cho called “KG” and behind him would’ve been….Naomi? Naomi and her father? Cho shrunk in his seat a little bit, not wanting to look at her father. Not only were he and Naomi not on good terms but…well let’s just say with Kin being the Alpha of the Order of the Moon, any association with Kin personally makes you a target. Ever since that fight with Ruji in front of the elders, Cho has never been a fan favorite of the order OR logan for that matter. When they all walked in Cho folded his arms and waited. There were three chairs on both sides of the long metal table, an open chair to the left and right of Cho, and three infront of them. Colt, and the KGB agent sat in the ones across from Cho. Cho looked at Nao, her father, colt, and KG and he sat up slowly and put his hands on the table._

Cho: So we going to address the fact that I saved a lot of lives and that I got the information we needed –clucks tongue- or nah.

Colt: It was a complete shit fest Cho. But we did get the information and the proof we were looking for to send someone in undercover. We now know that Mother Bear is using Supernatural creatures to manifest cyborg based machinery. Weather it be for war or terrorism purposes, it’s wrong either way it goes. Interestingly enough you ran into the daughter of the clan whom Mother Bear was doing business with.

Cho: Hey come on she was kidnapped. I wasn’t there to rescue her per say but I did assit in getting her out of there. She’s a friend of mine, barely, but she wasn’t apart of this I’m sure…were you?

KG: Mr.Edwards we’re not here to incarcerate you. Truth be told we don’t have evidence to do so even if we did. Mother bear keeps all of their records under top lock and key, there’s virtually no way I’d be able to connect you to their deeds. But I will ask you as one man to another, spiritually not physically, what is your association with mother bear and how long did this so called “partnership” last. It’s one thing to want to kidnap your daughter but it’s another thing she’s alive. Mother Bear is ruthless Mr.Edwards, they don’t value life. Your daughter shouldn’t be sitting here today, and I’ve been trained far to well to buy the whole “married off’ excuse.

_Cho furrowed his brow at this and it hit him…why was Naomi alive? What did they want? This was a marriage proposal to bond families sure but there was…something off. If they wanted to punish Logan they’d have killer her. If they wanted to experiment on her they’d have put her in a cage…so why?_

Through the car ride with her father, Naomi was silent. They had brielfy discussed the situation and what went down but initially what needed to be done was settled...Naomi was returned safely (somewhat), Mother bears intentions were made clear and the family name wouldn't be squandered with the likes of the russian mafia. Of course that didn't come without police interference as the KPD were now involved, simply doing their jobs at getting to the bottom of this fiasco. When the town car pulled up to the KPD HQ, Naomi now dressed in a simple black skirt and a red long sleeve shirt that fell below her shoulders, slid out of the car with sandals lightly hitting the pavement. Logan stood soon behind her, placing strong hands on his daughters exposed neck, a sort of habit wolfbloods do when placing dominance over what was theirs (I.e mates and offsprings) "You seem on edge, Nao. Is seeing him again making you react like this?" It wasn't just what her father said, but the tone he used that made Naomis eyebrow twitch. "I don't know what you mean, father." A deep chuckle that Naomi could practically feel against her back only made her more ticked off as she huffed and quickly walked on ahead, leaving Logan behind who took his time following.

Both the Edwards found themselves inside a room with Cho already sitting down with a fuming chief cursing up a storm. Both daughter and father held a rather intimidating air to them, standing beside one another only heightened it as Naomis facial expression turned stoned cold, eyes slanting now surrounded by cops. Logan took a seat, urging his daughter to do the same as he's asked what their association was with Mother bear. "We're in the industrial business, gentlemen. Special metals...automail if you will so we were going in to a joint company and needed workers. All was going accordingly but my business partner started to raise some red flags...simply rumors but none the less something to look in to. It isn't uncommon for families of our status to marry off our children to further the bond, call it tradition if you will." Naomi doesn't make any facial twitches to what her father is saying, having a rather impressive poker face as she sits with one leg crossed over the other, arms crossed and letting her father speak respectfully. "After the incident with the metahuman fights...I knew somehow Mother bear was certainly involved with something and it turns out my suspicions were correct. Human and wolfblood trafficking along with supernatural experiments."

Logan rubbed the stubble on his chin, not having shaved this morning as he continued on explaining what he was willing to share with the fine officers of the KPD though it wasn't much, he figured it was just enough to give his family the clearance needed to put this behind them...for now anyway. "Naomi is alive because she is....special. I'd rather not get in to detail as it is personal but to put it would not be in the best interest of Mother bear to end my daughters life lest there be dire consequences." Leaning against the rather lame chair they provide, he looked to Colt. "This is as much information as I am going to provide so if we're done here I'd like to take my daughter back home so we can....reflect on this as a family."

_Colt put his elbows on the table and nodded looking at Logan and Naomi back to back. he thought about what was going on over the course of events that took place in the mission and when Logan had spoken that this was all of the information he could and was willing to give, Colt simply nodded at this notion._

Colt: I see…much understood. Thank you logan, Naomi. We’ll be done with the both of you here.

KG: Actully.

_KG stands up and pushes his chair in, putting his hands on the table and leaning over slightly._

KG: We need the girl. Cho from this moment on your moving up in the ranks. You’re now going to be a CIA operative from this day forward.

Cho: Whoa awesome! I don’t think anyone’s moved up in the ranks this fast sense Tetsu Ryoji! Haha this is awesome!-wait. Why does Naomi need to stay here?

KG: Because in the next 24 hours you’ll need her more than you ever thought you would in your entire life. Mr.Logan I know you wanted to go but if you could stick around for a little bit longer I’d love to discuss the terms and conditions of what’s going to be going on here…Cho.

Cho: -salutes- sir?

KG: Take Naomi and go and say your good byes. In the next 22 hours you’ll be briefed and shipped off to Russia.

Cho: R-russia? I mean I’m honored but how long is this going to last?

KG: it’s an undetermined amount of time, but expect to be over there until the job is done.

Cho: Oh…oh kay! Right!

_Cho would’ve gotten up and started walking outside. He’d wait for Naomi to follow him and if she came outside finally, Cho would’ve sat on the bike with his hands in his lap looking at the young brunette wolfblood._

Cho: Hey, about yesterday…did you mean all that stuff you said? Like do you really not like me or something?

*In the office*

_Had Logan agreed to stay KG would’ve stood up straight with his hands behind his back_

KG: Mr.Edwards I know how you might feel about sending your daughter to a strange place she’s not familiar with. But the truth of the matter is that you know and I know she’s Cho’s mate. The things we’re about to do to him. Implant in him. He’ll need an anchor. Someone who can pull him back from the darkness he worked so hard to escape from. Will you be alright with this? The operation has to go through with or without her, but Cho has a better chance of survival with someone like her around.

Naomi watched her father for a moment before being told they could leave. About to rise from her spot along with her father, one of the older men stops them and tells them of their need for the brunette. Brows raise in surprise as she tilts her head to the side, waiting for an explanation while staying in her seat. "Hm?" Cho is brought up to CIA ranks and Naomi merely rolls her eyes at his reaction, leaning back against the seat and crossing her arms once more, impatiently waiting to see what this had to do with her. She wanted to put this whole fiasco behind her and get on with her life...away from Cho.

 When the older gentlemen spoke seemed like she wasn't going to get to do that any time soon and the more words came out the more her eyes widened in disbelief. "Wh-what? Why should that be my job--" "Nao. Enough." Logan silenced his youngest easily as he allowed the man to finish what he was saying. Naomi huffs and stands right up, flipping her hair over her shoulder and with a confident stride, steps outside with Cho to leave her father to once more discuss her future with people she wanted nothing to do with. The duties of a yakuza princess were never finished it the door shut and the two were left back outside she merely smoothes out her skirt while in deep thought but Chos words interrupted that and with lowered chocolate eyes staring into his own she just watched him. "Hm." Stepping up to him, she got close to where she was almost pressed against him for a kiss but instead she picked some lint from his hair and blew it off her fingers before locking gaze with him. "We'd better get going. My father is probably going to agree with this whole thing so we might as well do as your boss says...I don't have anyone to say goodbye too, my father will do that for me in regards to my mother." Her tone was soft considering their lack of distance from one another, in fact Cho could probably feel the vibrations of her words. She'd ignored his question on purpose, moving away and easily straddling the back of the hover bike, her skirt rising as she leaned back to grab hold of the edge to keep herself from wobbling over.

Meanwhile Logan began to stand, giving out an unsettling smile as he really did have other matters to attend to--he was a busy man after all, running business' and what not. "It isn't up to me at this point since you asked this with Naomi that she knows Cho in some form of way needs her, it doesn't matter how I feel. She will do what she can for her mate...even if they are at odds with one another but wolfblood traditions are hard to break and they won't be able to ignore their urges for much longer. I much don't approve of Cho as my daughters mate but then wifes father didn't like me either. Funny how life if youll pardon me gentlemen I really have to take my leave." Beginning to walk out, he pauses long enough to look over his shoulder with a calm expression. "If anything should happen to her...I was not putting it lightly when I mentioned dire consequences." One of his men open the door for him and leads him back outside. With a sigh, he murmurs almost tiredly. "Her mother isn't going to be very happy with me but...who am I to get in the way of true love." He said with an amused and slightly mocking tone.

_Cho watched as she got up close to him and began speaking against his lips once again. This mating thing was beginning to urk him. They didn’t like one another and she was dodging his question, simply saying that her father was going to give her permission to go with him anyway and that it didn’t matter whether she wanted him to or not. Cho simply stared down at her his lip twitching slightly as he closed his eyes and looked away. That took a lot of effort believe it or not. He exhales and waits for her to get on the bike first and he follows suit, cranking it up and taking off towards… his mom’s house._

_In the office KG heard Logan out and nodded to his answer._

KG: Thank you. Like I said you’ve got 22 hours so if there is anything you wanted to say to her…now would be the time. I can’t say whether she’ll come back or not.

_As the drive continued on, Cho would’ve finally arrived at his house._

Cho: Welcome to my house, unh. Love that song.

_Cho stepped off of the bike and made his way up the steps. He made it up to the small stone porch and started feeling around for his keys…but he couldn’t find them._

Cho: Ah shit…lost my keys. Well I hope the girls are home.

_Cho raised a hand to knock on the door. At that moment it hit him…Naomi was about to meet the twins. Oh god she was going to smell him all over them and them all over him. Still Cho didn’t mind much, she was pretty hell bent on hating him anyway right? Cho stuffs his hands into his jacket pockets and waits at the door for someone to answer. He prayed it was his mom. He praaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayed it was his mother who answered the door._

*In Russia.*

_In the cold mist of Russia inside of a strong hold built in the snow it resembled a modern day castle. It’s towers were tall with various domes that represented various areas. These areas were scattered out over hundreds of acres, and forest grass lands._

_A man with cloud grey hair would’ve been standing on his balcony, with a scarf around his neck and a black jacket on. He adjusted his glasses before scratching his beard. _

???: -sniffs the air- the smell of change stinks…

_A man comes up to him from behind with a fur jacket on. The same insignia tattoo on his neck, a bear with a start in it’s mouth, he salutes the leader and starts to speak._

Goon 1: Sir, the technorganic is almost complete. We cant complete the final piece of it’s construction without the “item’ you keep in the safe.

???:…Ah yes. Right. Tell me has Viktor come home yet? With the girl?

Goon 1: Plans got interrupted…he returned with D’mitri but the girl was not with them.

???: Damn shame. Ah well. Let’s get this over with shall we?

Chapter 10: Catching Up With The Family

The ride over was a silent one, her hair whipping through the wind as Naomi tilted her head back, exposing her neck and letting out a long drawn out sigh that was drowned out by the city sounds. Brown eyes stared up at the city buildings that partialy covered the blue sky and puffy white clouds, cars and bikes hovering over them and further askewing the view. It didn't matter though, her eyes lowered and she started spacing off while taking in Chos scent from how close they were sitting. Earthy....soil...leafs again...that was his scent....a scent she could get lost in. Suddenly a different scent corrupted it and she adjusted her neck, staring ahead with a frown. The scent of other women again...Leaning in close, her lips right at the back of his neck, her fangs began to come out even as they slowed at a light...the urge to clamp down on him was growing stronger but she just grimaced and stopped herself, turning her head away. Before long they stopped outside the home and Naomi just followed behind him, smoothing out her skirt again from the ride.

Waiting for him to open the door, he knocked instead and she just placed her hands behind her back and stared at her shoes. The silence this far was unberable and she tried to maybe try and talk to him. "Cho wait I want to tell you something--" There was a loud commotion at the door and what sounded like a struggle with an even louder thud. A faint 'I wanna get it!' could be heard behind the closed door and seconds after it swings open violently, exposing two similar females with strange hair colors and lewd clothing of girl briefs and tube tops--it looked more like inside wear one used to go to sleep. "Puppy!! You're home!" Candys sweet voice chimmed in while Cotton pushed her sister out of the way and flipped her pixie cut hair, a new style she was rocking before smirking at him. "We were wondering if you'd died on that mission of yours. You must be tired come on inside and let us kiss your boo boos..." Her head turned slightly and she spotted Naomi. Both girls blink in surprise and say in unison. "A girl." Candy peeked over her sisters shoulder and smiled cheerfully, practically yelling in her sisters ear. "Oooohhh shes a puppy like Cho too! Can we keep her? Is she a stray? Come here puppy!!"

Naomi had just stood there, her eyes wide and it wasn't very subtle the shocked expression on her face. Their smell, it was EVERYWHERE....not only that...CHOs smell was all over THEM! She looked between them and Cho and it clicked instantly. "Ah...." Her eye twitched and her fangs were showing as her mouth was slightly ajar and though it looked like she was going to talk nothing came out. What was worse? Their scent wasn't even the one she'd been smelling on Cho to begin with these were OTHERS!! How many had he---why did he even NEED this many women?!?! Were they LIVING here?!?! It became appearant exactly what made Cho so busy that she never saw him much after the war....lowering her head so her bangs shadowed her eyes, fists clenched tightly and it seemed like the female was going to let all hell on earth loose but instead....she spoke softly. "I'll wait by the hover bike. It was.....nice to meet you." Turning away she walks back over to the bike and stays there, crossing her arms and keeping her back to the three.

Cotton watches after the girl with a calm expression before a knowing smile replaces it and she moves over so Cho can come inside if he wanted to. "Your moms inside making dinner. I take it you won't be staying long?" Candy pouted at this news and looked to Cho, hoping she was wrong. "Aahhhh is that true?? But you were gone for so long already!!!" Throwing herself on the wolfboy she hugged his neck and whined adorably. "It's no fun without you here!!" Naomi could obviously hear them and her hair was practically rising like a dogs fur would when tense. Cotton called out, ignoring her sisters complains. "Neh Chos mom made some pretty good dinner if you're hungry! You should come in!" Naomi closed her eyes and murmured. "As if..." "Naaahh Chooooo" Hearing Candys shrilling voice practically drooling all over Cho only made Naomis hair stand up higher and finally like a lightning trail she found herself practically flying back over and inside the house, Cotton moving out of the way in time as Candy blinked cutely, still hugging up on the boy. "Oh your friend came back..." Naomi could be seen sitting on the couch stiffly, her arms crossed and her eyes closed with her brows furrowed in obvious annoyance as her jaw clenched. "Cho." She said rather strictly. "Aren't you going to"

"Puppy!! You're home!"

"We were wondering if you'd died on that mission of yours. You must be tired come on inside and let us kiss your boo boos..."

_Cho closed his eyes and rolled his eyes before opening them completely. He waved at the ladies, waving them off at the same time with a nervous giggle._

Cho: heh heh…ah Cotton. Candy.

_Cho stepped inside and he made his way towards the Kitchen. He’d seen his mom standing in the kitchen with what looked like an old lady housecoat. She was standing over a pot stirring noodles, boiling them for her spaghetti. She would’ve then leaned over grabbing some garlic salt and pouring a bit into the now browning meat and sauce. She’d been humming a tune to herself, sweating up a storm from the hot flashes she was having while still putting in work to cook in this kitchen._

Cho: Mom hey.

Victoria: -turns around- CHO! –walks over and hugs him.-

Cho: Hey mom –hugs her back and pats her back- how’re you today?

_She was about to answer when Naomi chimed in, asking Cho to introduce them. Cho swallowed hard and pointed at Cotton_

Cho: This is cotton. –moves to point to candy- and this is candy. They’re witches and they’ve helped me a lot fighting off demons and batbloods. They didn’t have anywhere to go so I took them in.

Victoria: Oh? Who’s this pretty girl!

Cho: That’s Naomi Edwards…

Victoria: Oh is that the girl you wrote all those letters to but never sent?

_Cho swallowed hard as his hair fell over his face and beads of sweat began to rain from his face to his neck. He didn’t anticipate this…this wasn’t supposed to happen. Connor rule number one you don’t let your hoes interact…….he’d broken that rule._

Cho: I’MMMMMMM GONNA JUST GET TO THE POINT OF THIS!!! –cough- sorry….but Mom I’m um. Well here.

_Cho reaches into his back pack and pulls out an envelop._

Cho: This is my life insurance policy, the key to my safe savings, and some money. I got an advance on my money because I’m going away for a while…to Russia. The good news is I’m officially a CIA agent. The bad news is…I don’t know how long I’ll be gone.

_Victoria grew silent, folding her arms and looking down. She shook her head, a somber expression on her porcelain face._

Victoria: You’re gone for hours of the night, and the day, only to come home for the first time in weeks to tell me your leaving for a time you don’t know how long for…

Cho: Mom…I have to do this.

Victoria: -shakes her had- you don’t have to do anything. You can stay here as long as you want, even leave this stupid life behind. All this wolf and magic business doesn’t replace the fact I only have one son.

_Cho looks down realizing she was right. He knew she was. He put his hands behind his back. for the girls it’d be odd to see a kid so head strong yield to someone other than his alpha, but the power of a mother is something no supernatural force could compare to. She’d turn back towards the stove._

Victoria: How long until you leave?

Cho: about 20 hours…wait you’re okay with it?

Victoria: Hell no. But if you don’t call me at least once a day I’m going to be super pissed. –she’d scoop some sauce into a spoon and stuff it in Cho’s mouth- is it good?

Cho: -chews it up and smiles, pulling the spoon out of his mouth- it’s good mom thank you. Thank you so much.

Victoria: Ahhh stop. You’re my son don’t you get soft on me. Stay here for a few hours with me and I won’t be as mad I promise. Tell you what why don’t you uh. –looks away- invite Mr.Connor over here for dinner.

Cho:…He’s married.

Victoria: I didn’t ask you all that I said invite him and his ‘wife’ over here.

_Cho and Victoria laughed, before Cho hugged his mom. She was taller than him and she wrapped his arms around him. Victoria then pushed away before she started clapping her hands._

Victoria: Alright cotton candy you nonpaying rent ass heathens, get your asses in there and set up the table while I have a talk with this young lady. Cotton pull out the sides to, you pick. Cho, call Connor.

_If the ladies did as told Victoria would’ve sat down in front of Naomi and crossed her legs. She’d look at the women in the kitchen setting up before she’d look back to Naomi._

Victoria: Please tell me you’re worth a whole years’ worth of Drake songs and unsent letters.  No offense to the lovely ladies living here but –whispers- I don’t want him being with hoochies don’t want him

Naomi listened to their introduction but said nothing, though her eyebrows continued to burrow when he mentions how they had nowhere else to this was a shelter than for the unwanted? More like a brothel by the stink of it. Turning her head away, she didn't want to be bothered by it anymore and simply ignored how Cho left to the kitchen to go and greet his mother. Gazing up when she felt eyes on her however, Naomi seemed to be taking up the interest of the purple haired female with a choppy crop cut and at first she felt slightly threatened but the twin only smiled her way before going with Cho. With a sigh, the brunette leaned against the sofa and tried blocking out the conversation she could easily pick up but it wasn't much use at this point....Just as could be expected, Cho mentioned how he was leaving and his mom didn't take too kidnly to it but then again what mother would? She could only picture the displeased look on her own mothers face once Logan told her about where Naomi was and why she wasn't there safely at home after everything thats happened.

"Oh is that the girl you wrote all those letters to but never sent?" At this particular sentence, her ears perked up and she tilted her head, making sure she heard right. "Hm?" Letters huh? Cho didn't seem to want to speak on it and changed the subject, making Naomi huff in annoyance but she wasn't about to be the one to push it further. "Yes miss Victoria." The wolfblood heard the twins chime in and it broke her out of un-needed thoughts, watching the sisters ready the dinning table...they were going to have guests over....Connor? As in Connor Ryoji? Oh great...If that's who Cho had been spending all his time with it'd make sense why he was like this now. Rolling her eyes she doesn't stand up though turns politely to face Victoria when she takes a seat beside her. The words out of her mouth actually surprise Naomi and she couldn't help but give an almost sympathetic expression to the woman...she felt sort of bad, wondering what this mother of his must have gone through and even more bad that she was now kind of talking for Chos behalf if only to find out the kind of girl Naomi was but that was just something parents did after all....

"To be honest...I don't know if I am anymore..." She looked over to Cho (whom was possibly on the phone calling Connor) and there was a look of longing but also of uncertainty. "He's really changed hasn't he? I remember when I first met him in class...hah he had such a stupid look on his face. But it was one of nothing could get to him, not even my insults. I'd say something mean and he'd just smile and brush it off...feels like such a long time ago." 'I'm gonna marry you one day!' His excited tone rung in her head and she placed her hands on the fabric of the skirt, smoothing it out of habit. "That idiot proposed to me only a couple of minutes after I saved him from drowning...just...made such a passionate declaration. Made me so furious the same time happy." She sighed and smiled, looking to Victoria. "Sorry I didn't mean to ramble especially not to his own mother, your son is a very nice boy...I'll be going with him on his mission and we'll keep each other safe, you have my word."

_Victoria sighed in response to Naomi’s words. Placing her elbow on her thigh and her head in her hand she looked down at the living room table._

Victoria: He has changed. More than I’ve wanted him to. He’s to old for me to try and parent him now. Everything he’s learning or ever will learn will be on his own. Still I can’t help but worry some times. He’s been into some nasty things I don’t want him to get into again…I just want him set straight. –looks at Naomi- thank you for watching over him. Just make sure he comes home. Please.

_Victoria tries to cover up wiping a tear from her eye but it isn’t as easy as she’d thought it would be. She swipes a finger over the base of her eye and waves it around in the air only to stand up and shout._

Victoria: Cho are they coming over?!

Cho: -hangs up the phone- Yea they’re on their way. They’re not taking their car so they should be over here pretty shortly. The tables set and stuff so let’s get this dinner on the road! –rubs his hands together and licks his lips-

_Cho would’ve started making his way over to the table when there was a knock at the door. Cho blinked before walking over to answer it._

Cho: that was fast.-opens the door-

Connor: You said free food, why wouldn’t I get here fast? Plus Yumi didn’t feel like cooking anyway. –rolls his eyes- Women am I right? I flew here pretty fast so hopefully I beat her here but man was she lazy toni-

Cho: -waves nervously- h-hey Mrs. Yumi.

Connor:…shit. She totally heard me.

_Cho would’ve laughed at whatever drama ensued from this little event before inviting the both of them in. Cotton and Candy still setting up the plates everyone at this time would’ve been seated. Weather or not Connor had a few lumps he’d have to deal with, he sat down and Yumi beside him. Cho sat beside his mother, and everyone else was free to sit wherever. Victoria would’ve started fixing up her hair a bit only for Connor to nod, taking off his badge blazer._

Connor: Mrs.Kiriyu, nice to see you again on such short notice. Why’re here again? –looks over at cotton and candy- you hire strippers or something? –looks at Naomi and tilts his head- You got a familiar aura about you. I feel like  know you…or have seen you somewhere. Yumi you know her? She smells like Cho but cleaner and less musky.

Cho: You chicken livere’d son of a-

Victoria: Cho!

Cho: Mom!

Connor: Cho!

Cho: Chicken head!

Victoria: Can we not?

Cho & Connor: You right.

Cho: anyway I’ve called you all here because less than 17 hours I’ll be leaving for a while. I’m going to Russia.

Connor: Russia? On vacation?

Cho: No actually I got promoted to a CIA agent today!

Connor:…no way. For real? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn  you all official and shit now! What’s the pay grade?

Victoria:-begins fixing her plate and passing the food around- It better be big! This is government money you know. You’ve got health care, insurance, weapons

Connor: Heeey. The Federation has health care.

Cho: If by healthcare you mean making Serena heal me every time you kick my ass then yeah sure. Let’s go with that. Speaking of which where are the little buggers?




Connor: Yumi where are the kids?

Chapter 11: A Not So Good Family Dinner

Naomi wanted to reach over and comfort Victoria but paused when Cho hung up the phone and declared that Connor would be coming over very soon. Dinner was ready and everyone stood up, piling over to the table as Naomi gave a glance to the wolfboy with a thoughtful gaze but said nothing. A knock on the door grabs his attention while Naomi takes a seat, sighing gently. Meanwhile Yumi was making her way up to the house behind Connor, in time to catch his snark comment. "Lazy mm? Better enjoy this meal cause you aint getting one for a week now." She said calmly but not before shoving his head into the doorframe so she could get past him. "Hello Cho, thank you for the invitation." The family made their way inside and sat down, Yumi nodding politely to Victoria....even with knowing the crush the brown haired female had on Connor. If only she knew what a hassle it was to be married to him maybe she wouldn't be so quick to flirt with him but there wasn't much harm in it. The twins are reffered to as strippers and Candy giggles, plopping down beside her sister and whispering something most likely inappropriate in her ear that only made Cotton snicker towards it. Probably about Connor....probably sexual...and illegal.

Naomi merely nodded in hello but Connor looks to her and talks...his tone alone made the female snort. "I'm Naomi Edwards, my father is Logan Edwards. We're of the Mangetsu Clan..." But both Cho and Connor had begun bickering so she just kept the rest to herself, looking lamely to the side. Ugh, he was picking up some of Connors mannerisms?? Wonderful.....Yumi kept a close eye on the girl, having heard where she was known from but said nothing, letting the two male argue before Cho got right down to it, explaining the reason for this dinner party. Taking a plate and piling on the food, she waits for the kids to be mentioned and once they are she simply takes a bite of her meal before replying. "You probably left them  in the park after your phone call with Cho inviting us over here. That is if you even got to the park to begin with...for all we know they're wandering around the city beating up the neighborhood punks to pass the time." Yumi didn't even seem angry--she was more passive now at this point after everything that happened and by now the children honestly could handle themselves.

Naomi couldnt stay to herself much longer and she placed her fork down, giving Connor a smooth expression. "Shenpaku Federation...that explains a lot. You're the one whos taken Cho in and taught him a thing or two. It figures why he's kept the company he does..." Her eyes scan over to the twins before locking back with Connor.  "My fathers told me a lot about your group." Giving out a mocking smile, she taps her nails against the table and continues. "What a cute organization your members sure do like to make a big ruckus and an even bigger mess where ever you go..." "Mangetsu Clan, right?" Yumi chimmed in, Naomi nodding calmly. "Ahh your father is part of the order of the moon." Yumi could sense the tension coming from the wolfgirl, only trying to deter the situation from turning into something it did not need to though with Connor, unless you were experienced in all things Ryoji it was difficult to do so and even then...

“You probably left them  in the park after your phone call with Cho inviting us over here. That is if you even got to the park to begin with...for all we know they're wandering around the city beating up the neighborhood punks to pass the time."

Connor: Ah shit they are at the park. They know the way home, not like anyone can kill em. –eats his spaghetti and slurps it up-

Cho: Well tell them I’ll miss them to Mr.Connor. I wish they could’ve seen me off one more time before I had to go.

Naomi: "Shenpaku Federation...that explains a lot. You're the one whos taken Cho in and taught him a thing or two. It figures why he's kept the company he does..."

_Connor looks up from his plate with noodles hanging from his lip and sauce smeered on his cheeks. He laughs with a mouthful and nods before eating the rest of the noodles on his plate_

Connor; mmhm! He’s a good kid, practically raised him as my own.

Victoria: I wish…

Cho: Moooooooooom….

Naomi: "My fathers told me a lot about your group."

Connor: Father? Who is your father? What did you say your last name was again?

_Cho stopped eating for a moment to connect the dots in his head. Logan Edwards. I.e the same Logan Edwards from the order of the moon, Naomi’s father. The same man who’s pack ambushed Connor in the skylands and nearly killed him…and a man Cho wasn’t afraid to admit he wasn’t the most fond of…_


Logan: -folds his arms onto the tables edge- You. You fight like someone I know. Who is your teacher young Wolfling?

Cho: -turned and looked at Logan- Connor Ryoji. What’s it to ya?

Logan: -spoken with a condescending tone- Ahhh. “That one” He was a rather strong opponent in the past. If he is your teacher it explains the lack of discipline and training.

Cho: -Snarls- Hey! You leave Mr.Connor outta this! He’s a good teacher, and he doesn’t need an organization of flea bags to tell him how to run things! You know what’s messed up?? The Order of the moon is nothing but another race card. We look after our own and that’s fine, but there are other people like us! Not just Wolfbloods but supernatural creatures in general who face the same struggles with secrery we do, maybe even worse! Instead of these stupid ideaologies you hold onto with your grey ass hairs, you should get with the program! Say what you want about Mr.Connor but at least he isn’t afraid to change his view for a better outcome unlike you jerks!

*Flashback over*

_Cho knew the tension in the air was coming. Connor wasn’t the type to harm a female at such a young was he? Ah cripes Cho knew better, if Connor wanted to he could but maybe he and Yumi could defuse the situation…and that’s even IF Yumi wanted to diffuse it._

Naomi: "What a cute organization your members sure do like to make a big ruckus and an even bigger mess where ever you go..."

Yumi:"Mangetsu Clan, right..Ahh your father is part of the order of the moon."

Cho:….-swallows hard-

Victoria: -looks left and right-

Connor: -finishes his food and wipes his face with his napkin and closing his eyes- Mmmmm now I remember. Yes I know your clan and your father very well. –puts the napkin down and opens is eyes with a  forced smile-  doesn’t Kin lead that? Man that’s gotta suck. As long as your father’s been around and they have to sit and listen to someone half their age. Such a wise old man taking orders from some in the same generation as me? –shakes his head and picks up his glass of water- Damn shame when your alpha isn’t even an alpha.–sips his water-

_There’d be plenty of time for Naomi to rebuttal and Yumi as well but along the way Cho would stand up and interrupt them both right now.

Cho: I’d like to say something. –stands up- Cotton, candy clean the plates please.-waits for them- Look whatever beef  you guys clans might have I don’t think this is the right time for it.if anything I’ll probably never see any of you people ever again. So if Naomi would get some Chill and Mr.Connor to that’d be great. Cause I do have to leave soon…

_Connor grumbled and leaned back in his seat. He started undoing his tie and as he did he’d sigh._

Connor: Sorry…but you still a brat.

Victoria: I’m going to start these dishes…Cho sweetie. –puts her hands on his shoulders- You’re a big boy now. I want you to do big boy things. Grown man things. Go out there and show the world your something. You’ll always have a home to come back to, and don’t ever think for a second you wont.

Cho: -smiles and hugs her- Thanks mom. I’m gonna…go outside and get some fresh air okay? I’ll say good bye before I go.

_Cho would’ve walked outside and Victoria, Cotton and Candy would’ve begun to start doing the dishes and cleaning. Connor would’ve looked over at Yumi and frowned with the corner of his mouth_

Connor: Am I wrong? You saw her throw shade at me first right? Right? Like I know I’m not blind here.

Naomi wasn't intimidated by the likes of this man, showing her more fierce side with narrowed hues and a distasteful frown, her nails tapping against the table harder as he spoke about her father. Before she could snap back, Cho stopped them and stood up, grabbing her attention as she just gave him a lame expression...out of all the people Cho could've spent his time with, it had to be a damn Ryoji. He didn't want them to fight right now and the mission was a more pressing matter than anything else so she merely leaned against the chair and crossed her arms, ignoring the food in front of her entirely now as she huffs. "Whatever." Cotton and Candy happily get up and start collecting the dishes as they were told, cleaning up the dinning area as they snicker at the tension, they were after all ones who enjoyed things like this! Juicy drama was just so much fun after all! Yumi took a sip of water, watching Cho a moment before placing her attention back on her husband. "Mmm?" He asks her if he was in the wrong for defending himself and to this she merely laughs softly, leaning over to steal a kiss. "I can't wait to see how you handle Serena when shes 17. Don't worry about it, baby."

Standing up, she gestured over to Naomi. "Come. Walk with me." Naomi, surprised the wife of Connor of all people would want to have a chat with her, doesn't want to be all out disrespectful and stands, pardoning herself from the table as the two women head out the back door, opposite of where Cho went. "I...apologize for my comments. My father would be cross with me had he heard me speak to an adult as I did." The brunette began as the two walked through the yard together. Yumi walked along calmly, shaking her head and speaking in a rather relaxed tone. "Dont apologize, my husband isn't going to take it to heart for long, he'll forget all about it. I wanted to speak with you not on that but about're going along with him on this mission, yes? Because I can tell potential mates when I see them...we dragoons have similar traditions though not as tight bonded as wolfbloods. It must be difficult..." "Difficult?" Naomi repeated softly as if pretending not to know what she was saying. "Seeing someone you care about so close yet so far away. Physical distance is one thing emotional one hurts the most." Naomi looked curiously to this red headed woman, feeling as though she was speaking from experience. They both stopped by a flower bush, Yumi taking the time to examine them as she continued. "He is young, Miss Edwards. Heaven knows boys at that age make plenty of mistakes...they're figuring things and trying out everything to see what sticks. It's a crazy time for them...My husband was like that when he was that age. Finding his purpose, making a mess of things, trying only to get knocked down and then try again and the end of the day what you can of the only things you really can is there." "But he--" "And he'll continue to do something you will dislike. He will do things that make you insane and want to just call it quits and say 'youre on your own.' I'm not saying allow him to get away with everything there are things you just can not turn a blind eye too but if you plan on getting upset at him for every little thing, it will never work."

Naomi pursed her lips together, gazing down stubbornly and trying to understand her words, her experiences but it was difficult...just being around Cho was difficult and hurtful. Suddenly she felt the womans fingers brushing out her bangs, running them through long locks of chestnut. "You are worth his time and he does see that, Miss Edwards...but he is also a boy turning into a man trying to figure himself out. Your job is to be there as he does...and when he sees you've been there through the transition he'll fully come to terms with what really important. That’s just how men handle at a time. They aren't very good at multi-tasking like us intelligent beings." Yumi joked, giving her a wink as Naomi couldn't help the small smile that followed. "I....Thank you, Mrs. Ryoji for your words. I appreciate them...." "That's all I ask. Besides you both are so young, enjoy the time you have at this age before you know it youll have two kids, be married and constantly wondering why you even bothered in the first place." She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes and smiling. She was right...if any advice should be listened to it's the wife of Connor Ryoji....she could barely stand the man, she couldn't even imagine being married to the guy! The two would joke some more about the dense ways boys are a little longer as they make their way back inside.

Cotton and Candy were finished with cleaning the dishes and found themselves sitting beside Connor, one on each of his arms as they giggle and gave the male little to no space as they cooed over him. "We can see where Cho gets his swagger from..." Cotton murmured flirtaciously while Candy giggled and massaged the mans arm. "Mmm we haven't been with an older guy must be really good at being a kaicho." "Big boss..." "Neehh can we join your federation? Pretty pretty please big boss??? We can be useful...." Naomi stood there, her eye twitching at the blatant disrespect these females had for other peoples mates. "Those....damn....skanks..." Yumi ruffled Naomis hair playfully, urging her to go find Cho. "Put the claws away, you're better than that." Naomi huffed and walked by but not before glaring at Connor evilly before stepping out the front where Cho would be...

Yumi meanwhile was left with watching her husband basically being molested and let out a sigh, shaking her head and placing two fingers to her forehead. Placing her form behind her husband she gently placed her fingers to the back of his head. "Connor..." She began almost a little too calmly before slamming his forehead into the table hard enough the thing snapped in two. "We're going home." Cotton and Candy both jumped slightly and blinked at the male bent forward in such an uncomfy position. "Awww already?" They both said in unison. Naomi, ignoring the commotion outside, shook her head and stepped off the porch in hopes of finding Cho and if she did, she'd walk up to him silently before speaking in a soft tone. "What are you thinking about...??"

_Connor closed his eyes when she came in for a kiss and smiled when he got it only to go back to frowning._

Connor: Serena aint gone be shit when she seventeen.

_He stood up and started to stretch his limbs out a bit more to stretch them out entirely and as he did he’d be making his way over to pick up his jacket. He decided he’d help out a bit, picking a few things up and adding some dishes to the sink. Picking up a broom and sweeping up the crumbs and what not. He kept this up for a little while and started to look around before he started casually scratching his balls. Only then did he feel a presence come up behind him and begin to feel on his arm. He looked over and saw one of the bright colored haired girls start to feel on his arm. Connor furrowed his brow looking her up and down wondering how old this little thing was._

"We can see where Cho gets his swagger from..."

"Mmm we haven't been with an older guy must be really good at being a kaicho."

"Big boss..."

"Neehh can we join your federation? Pretty please big boss??? We can be useful...."

Connor: Heh heh heh. Ahhh ladies, ladies, ladies. Please contain yourselves. I’m unfortunately not looking for any members at the moment. But you are witches right? I could start up a witch division an-

Yumi: "Connor..."

Connor: Yes hun?

_Connor then found his face slammed down into the center of Victorias table. His feet twitching in the air as his head was now smashed inside of the wood. He laid there for a moment thinking about his actions and how this really wasn’t his fault, but alas Yumi did this kind of thing very often. He was deeeeeeefintely going to tear that ass up later on tonight. He’d pull himself up after a while, spitting up saw dust from his mouth and coughing._

Connor: Yeah its…it’s time to go.


_Cho would’ve been sitting on his hoverbike again. He looked up at the crescent moon and kicked his feet back and forth rocking them a bit. A good tid bit of things on his mind. He wasn’t sure how to feel. Telling all of his loved ones he was going away for an unprecedented amount of time. He rubbed his arm repeatedly. His mom packed him some clothes and the bag was hanging on the back of his bike. He somewhat didn’t want to go…maybe hand the job over to kip or something. Someone who was willing to take this job more seriously than himself. Cho began to question weather or not he even was the right man for the job. So much growth…so much at stake. He closed his eyes and basked in the small amount of lunar rays hitting his body. His mom supported him and so did Connor and Yumi. He was determined to come back to them but that meant being serious this time. No more jokes, no more lolly gagging. He was to do this mission, get it done, and come home. There was just one more issue here…._

Naomi: What are you thinking about...??

_Cho heard her voice and his head turned to see her. He couldn’t not look at her, even though his body was screaming for him to look anywhere else but at her. He just…couldn’t turn away. He didn’t want to turn away…she was so dazzling, exquisite, ravishing…just about any synonym that could be used for the word ‘beautiful’. Cho answered quickly with a simple one word rebuttal._

Cho: You. –he paused- you know you never answered my question from earlier. The about weather or not you hate me. –he looked at the ground for a moment.- We’ve got a big task ahead of us. I say us cause we’re a team. We’re wolfbloods and we do things a unit…but I don’t want to force you to go. I can pull some strings, get you off of this thing. I know you’ve got a distaste for me so…-scratches his head- I’ve done enough to urk you today. I don’t want you to have to be stuck with me for a month or more when you don’t want to…

_Cho stands up off of the bike pulling out his cellphone._

Cho: Just give me a few and I’ll see what I can do to get you home…

Leaning against the hover bike beside Cho, she listened to what he might have to say. "You." Blushing lightly at the upfront answer, she looks away and snorts. "Sure you are." Realizing what she'd just said, she sighs softly and settles down on the attitude for once, hearing what he had to say to her...they didn't get to actually talk about anything since they met up last night on the was about the mission and getting out alive with the wolfbloods and then the whole KPD thing announcing him CIA and then the dinner farewell party...yeah everything was happening so fast, this was the first time they were all alone together wasn't it? The evening was helping her calm made her more relaxed around Cho and it was a good thing as she sometimes found herself to be too wound up. "You know you never answered my question..." Shrugging her shoulders and gazing back at him, she admits it was a question she didn't want to confront but they were going to be together on this mission for who knows how was hard to work with someone you hated but the truth was...

Letting him finish this time, she parts glossy lips to speak but he was already stepping off the bike and getting his cell phone ready to call. Without thinking, her reflexes take over and she takes his hand, intertwining their fingers with the phone now held in the middle of their hold, Naomi stepping in front of him and pressing him into the hover bike even with Cho being taller than her she had a very dominating aura. Her head tilted upwards now, big round hazelnut eyes once giving Cho those annoyed glances were wide and staring straight into his own. "Wait." The word came slower than her actions which had stopped him anyway as she realized just how sudden this was but she didn't dare step back, uncaring of personal space. "I don't..." She began but the radiant warmth that came from the wolfboy felt so welcoming she couldn't help herself as she broke eye contact and rested her forehead against his chest, taking in his scent before continuing. "I don't hate you. I want to do this with you...I want to be there for you. This mission it's going to be dangerous right? So you need someone who will watch your back and that's what I intend to do. They asked me specifically so there's nothing you can do to stop it now, Im going to do my job."

Pulling back just enough so she could gaze up at him again, she started leaning in slowly, murmuring softly. "And it's not a distaste...I have an acquired taste for you...Cho..." Closing her eyes she started to get on her tip toes to close the distance between them in a kiss--"CHO! Big boss is leaving!! Your mom wants you to come inside and say bye!! And also help fix the table Miss Big boss broke!!" The loud booming voice of Candy interrupted them and Naomi winced at the shrilly shrieking or at least that’s how she sounded to her as she quickly pulled away and huffed. "Ugh, you sure do know how to pick them." This time around...she didn't sound as angry...there was even a hint of subtle joking.

_Cho was about to make the call to the chief or to Colt or whoever he’d thought he’d have to call to get her out of her here. That’s when he felt a hand grasp into his own, fingers twining into his own. He didn’t think Naomi would’ve ever wanted to be this close to him but this thought along with many other thoughts concerning her leaving him out of the picture would’ve slowly faded out of existence when she moved as close as she did to him. Cho looked down at her, and his lips were parted slightly. He was about to become super speechless if he didn’t say or do something. Still he’d lean his head down a little bit more, to hear her voice. He wanted the sweet sounds of her voice to soothe his ear drums._

Naomi:"I don't hate you. I want to do this with you...I want to be there for you. This mission it's going to be dangerous right? So you need someone who will watch your back and that's what I intend to do. They asked me specifically so there's nothing you can do to stop it now, Im going to do my job."

Cho: Naomi…that’s….sweet. –small smile-

_Her head buried on his chest he wanted to kiss her forehead, but he’d settle for his arms wrapping around her toned waist and holding her in his arms. The air around them finally lightened up and he could breathe around her again. God it felt good, just like that one single time by the pool…she was as glorious back then as she is now. She looked up at him but he never took his eyes off of her…she started to lean in closer and Cho knew exactly what was coming. He started to lean in too…ready to taste those plump lips again…god he’d been waiting for this! He was internally so excited he couldn’t contain it! Pulling her in by her waist he was ready!!!_

Naomi: "And it's not a distaste...I have an acquired taste for you...Cho..."

Cho: Same Nao….

_Cho went into to kiss her until he’d heard one of the girls calling him in to clean things up. Cho growled from the base of his throat. When she’d jokingly said he knew how to pick them, Cho would’ve glared down at her in a comedic fashion._

Cho: Look like MrConnor says you gotta get it how you live. Still I don’t have to settle anymore. That being said.

_Cho moves in to steal a quick kiss from Naomi before pulling away and smiling, waving a finger at her._

Cho: As my future wife you need to help me clean up asap!

Ah well so they were interrupted this time but at least the air wasn't so thick with tension and dislike. Perhaps Mrs. Ryoji was right and Naomi just needed to lighten up and let Cho be...Cho. Not too much freedom though but it wasn't so bad the idea of stepping to the side just to let him explore what he was learning about himself and simply be there for him when he does figure it out. This mission, they were going in blind and who knew what they were going to get in to and what was most important is making sure...they got home safely. Together. Watching the males reaction at being cut off from their first kiss in a long time, she merely gives him an amused expression even with his stupid comments.

"Get you live? Huh maybe I'll take Mr. Ryojis advice..." She said teasingly, as if implying she should find some of her own 'friends' to mess with. As if...Cho moves in quickly on her and she tenses in surprise only to be kissed-or have it taken from her. Blinking, she was left slightly flustered before letting out a mock laugh. "Hah! Like I'd give myself to a mutt like you and even if I did, I'm not your maid!" Pushing past him playfully, she flips a mouthful of her hair into his face to smack him with and smirks, walking all high and mighty ahead of him. "I'll help you clean up your messes this once I guess..." 'And maybe plenty of times more from here on out...' She thought with a thoughtful smile though it soon turned back in to a grin as she shoved into him and rushed inside the house, laughing at the sight of Mr. Ryoji trying to spit out pieces of wood thanks to his wife.