About the Shop

Syl is the Owner of this shop and specialized in various plant life. However, Syl also uses her spider to gather information, and spy on various people, thus also passing herself off as a Fortune-Teller and an Information broker. This place also works as a residence to Syl. People residing the shop include: Syl, and her Various Plant Familiars


The shop located in Kasaihana, District Two.

What it Sells

It is an Occult/Herb shop, that deals in All-Natural Medicine, Beauty Products, Vegetables/Fruit. Also using the silk from her spiders she makes kimonos very rarely. On the Occult side, she sells Crystals, Spell books, and Various other things used in the Occult. Also, Incense, Scented oils, and flowers. Anyone wishing to purchase more illicit materials must contact Syl privately via, coming in to the shop at night or leaving a note.

Conditions of Entering/Being Inside

The Shop is protected by Security set in pace by Syl. If you want to enter the store you must agree on:

1. Syl's plants are all over the store giving off her spores. So you are subject to Syl's control while in the store. (See, Spores on Syl's Page.)

2. Submitting to wear a spider on the back of your neck. If it thinks you are going to steal or attack Syl or anyone in the store it will immediately bite you on the back of your neck and inject venom that is 100x more powerful than the Brown Recluse Spider, the most venomous spider in the world. However if you try to kill the spider, it's abdomen is filled with a acid that will explode all over your hand and back of your neck. Seriously injuring anyone. The Acid can melt through steel in seconds.

3. The Shop is filled with Hidden Deadly plants that release a toxin when burned (Lookup Manchineel Tree). Burning these plants will most likely kill anyone that inhales the tainted air, for about a mile around the shop.