"They are Rejects.. No-one wanted them.. They were exiled.. banished.. Therefore.. we kill from our pain... We are The Devils Rejects" - Phoenix 


This gang.. is nothing but blood thirsty savages.. People who don't care about killing,raping..nor helping citizens... They go on for the kill..Due to the leader.. they follow...The leader decides there fates.. whether its death...nor a on death mission...Though keep on your toys when you join this gang... as your corpse will never be found.. an into the mouths of bloody thirsty killers... The great Whites..Thus the leader of the group is indeed a cannibal... and will eat the victims mostly.


District Location

District 3

Clan trait

  • All Rejcts are typically wild or hot headed.
  • The attire is up to them, though higher ranking members ( Hit man and above.) Must wear suits.
  • Each carry a signature weapon.
  • Clown Mask is given by ranking, mask design is entierly up to you.

Enemies/ rival clans or gangs


Main Businesses

Sex Trafficking - The Devil reject main bussiness is sex trafficking  a growing scourge of humanity and its watchdog, the law. Coercion is the criminal motor behind sex trafficking and may take a variety of forms such as a promised marriage, prospective care of the victims' family members, and even the immigration of the victim to another country.

Ice Lounge is the main hub within Kasaihanan where the rejects girls in training gather to become sex slaves and in a time of Danger. The lounge has a built underground basement like bunker, where the girls are stored and  it basically keeps those within Kasaiha sex trade safe and in one place out of sight of the public. Aswell Ice Lounge is the business office and home to Phoneix As it was the first place estamblished within city. It is the only building modernized to fit the ever growing "outside world."

Tea shop - Another business within the Devil's rejects is the famous tea house that is highly spoken of in all districts. Many have and still travel for her legendary tea, food and preservation of the japanese culture in its ancient days. But what people dont know the waiters which are all females are taken into sex trafficking and then experimented on to where they forget that they were ever taken given new names and social security numbers. 

  • Street Thug ( Tōri Kyōaku-han) -
  • Red Fighter(Akamaru Sentō-ki)  -
  • Courier ( Kūrie) -
  • Hitman ( Koroshi-ya) - Shade
  • Little Boss AKA Aniki (Sukoshi Bosu)- Vendetta

Boss AKA Oyabun Kaine

  • Secretary -

Chairman (Kaichō)  Ezekiel Stone