The Family That Possesses Tentacles, Semen Mimicry and Much More...

The Gokkun Family Are The Jesters Throughout there legacy.. in what people say, Being flirtatious.. Seductive.. people throughout the past mistaken them fo Incubus's an Succusbus's.. While Being a Rather Wealthy Family.. Though They're is a story based on how the Gokkun Family Was Created..

Priestess Gokkun an The Unknown Settlers..

There was a tribe that possessed white haired and were all tanned within a uncharted island.. it had been long ago... A Priestess stood there... Her golden deep eyes wondered about.. seeing her allies... splash in the water.having the time of there lives in the clear blue ocean.... stretching out there tentacles from inbetween there legs.They entwined to opposite pulling there host back an forth in a happy demeanor.. . Each woman possessed a tentacle monster.. They were only violent if provoked.. after all they were calm creatures... One of the Tribal WOmen stood forth to the priestes.. giving her hand jestures that they communicated with.."They're is a Boat coming toward the island, Should we be cautious?" The Priestess thought for a moment.. looking over to the seas's seeing a flock of boats.. gritting her teeth she walked over to her blade... pulling it out while her tribe came around her in a defensive matter.. There tentacles all amongst there surroundings.. As The boats anchored there ships , only to depart from it.. The Priestess eyes widened seeing a man with a straw hat... a rugged beard.. 6 feet tall..beefy ass muscles.. This caused her to flush , she never seen a man like this before... Her Tribe men were well physique but this.. was foreign.. biting her bottom lip..The Settlers surrounded the beautiful women... Who were eying them up an down.. being rather startled by there pussy tentacles..The man with the  straw hat spoke.."We are here to not harm you.. But to make a deal with you.. My Priestes... we are not here to cause trouble but to get along with your Tribe as well.." Understanding english.. she gave her collegues the hand gestures saying what he just said... Priestess Gokkun nodded aggreeing but still on guard not being rather trustful yet... They Settlers ( c)