" The Apex Predator. "

The Start of the Order was created during the early years of Kasaihana city.  An Assassin from a slave group called the Malfunae clan, hired by Kagemaru in there revolt was the one behind the trigger. Once the shot was made slaves  emerged and began to murder and kill there way through everyone that was there for the opening of the new district. Soon they began breaking out the rest of the slaves all over.  They began to revolt full throttle... fighting back the Army of police and killing off most of the forces until they had won the battle. Slowly but surely, they made there way in. The KPD Had been powerless at the time to stop them and simply fell back into district 3. Soon after a year or two the Yakuza went into forming there lives within the civilization of Kasaihana city. About 2 years later the slave groups then broke apart into different parts of the city and began to call it there own. Forcing the residents of Kasaihana to live with them even though they didn't want to. Even the city Police had no say to what had occured. The Slaves soon began to form there own groups within the city at first out of respect of the old cause that they had fought so hard for in the past. So old Yakuza traditions that there parents had passed down to them, would soon be passed furhter on to the next generation. Kagemaru had been killed in the battle for the hard fought freedom, a large blow to the yakuza revolters.   Out of respect for the leaders and those that had fallen a few clans had been created. The Kagemaru Clan, Malfune clan, Akumamaru clan, Soratakiyo, Hoshimaru clan, Tenshimaru, Wakahisa, Chitori, Monosumei clan, Tsukyo Clan and many more. But... another group had been formed seperatley from the others. They had been called

The Order of the moon

The Pack that Kagemaru Tasanagi

had formed would soon later on become this said group. All of the Alpha's in the city came together to create the Order after Kagemaru's death. Where they all work in unison to protect there small race population of supernatural creatures. Oni's dont fall into this categorey however, they are actually banned from the order and all of there resources. The current families that consist of the order are The Edwards Family, The Tanaka family, and others like , The Taju family and finally The Maxon's. Each of these families are head by an Alpha. And these Alpha's are also the head core memebers of the Order of Moon. Making it an Alpha pack in a sense.


Kin Tasanagi

Kin Tasanagi, The Alpha of his small pack consiting of Cho and Mike both. Tahira used to be in his pack but after leaving on her own they disconeected. Kin once he arrived back into the city, he'd jump right into his postion as highest ranking wolfblood in the order due to Okami being his Oni. The rest of the Wolfbloods respect him enough not to test his strength, but Kin doesn't quite trust them. Whispears of over throwing him have been drifting throughout the Order Hideout.

Logan Edwards

The Alpha of his pack, he is a father to two dire wolf children and a fierce leader to the Mangetsu Clan. He is also known as the Kaicho or Chairman of the clan. After losing an eye in a turf war long ago, he wears an eyepatch and it gives him a distinguished feature. A powerful warrior and deadly Kaicho, the Dire wolf is business first and blood thirst second, knowing the difference of what makes a man...and what makes a beast. To the order he is one of the heading wolfbloods, due to him having the highest Yakuza influecne in the group.

Lee Tanaka

The young Ex-Heroes for hire Agent gone Yakuza Kaicho Lee Tanaka is now the head of the Tanaka family after his father passed due to mysterious circumstances. He is wet behind the ears in terms of being an Alpha and due to him rising due to sucession and not power he hasn't quite gained the powers of an Alpha yet. He's a firece fighter and due to his H4H experince he is a deadily foe in combat. And that's not counting his Tanaka blood line power.

Lucas Maxon

Lucas is from the Maxon family, this family is the family that Kagemaru Tasanagi changed first. And therefore are technically the only remnants of his pack from when he first started the liberation of Kasaihana city. Lucas is the current head of the family. The Eldest son, the father grew to old in age to continue to be head of there Gun company ' The Maxon Package' they create the power armours for the District 3 KPD and there weaponry. However behind the family is a secret which involves the fact that they are wolfbloods. Keeping to themselves its rare you see any of them, along with ever seeing Maxon as well. Perfering intellect over brawns. He also has a high disqust to all cursed wolfbloods despite even there rank.

Toshiro Yamato

Toshiro is The Current head of the Yamato family. Toshiro is a strong leader and a fearless one. He has a way with words able to encourage and speak so that others can understand him. He's been an Alpha for quite some time now and has a lot of vaulable experince and wisdom on the supernatural word from his time. The Yamato Family is a Direct Decendant From Okami's Son Fenrir so his name hold a good amount of weight within the order.