A pic to symbolize or represent your clan



Places your club owns, does business with, or makes money from (fight clubs, markets, etc)

Clan Perks

3-5 perks/skills you gain as being a clan member (peak human athelete, fight knowledge, business and law wit, etc, etc)

Clan Traits

Advantages/Disadvatages someone in your clan would have in public. Ex. the Kasaihana Police would hate them, but the people on the street would rever and cheer for them. 3-5

Honor Code

5 rules your yakuza follow to the tee


  • Street Thug ( Tōri Kyōaku-han)
  • Red Fighter:
  • Courier ( Kūrie)
  • Hitman ( Koroshi-ya)
  • Op's Expert:
  • Little Boss AKA Aniki:
  • Advisers:
  • Boss AKA Oyabun:
  • Chairman (Kaichō):

District Location

One of the 5 avalible districts.


self explanitory